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Dr. John Rathbone Oliver 

















«J*1 • •• 





If « 

. C4 ' 


, J ^, r .|. ^,^ 

IV. . 





HAii.A.i.. c . :■■'. l::?'7y 

OR. J, 




.1 4 . 

OopjT%|il, IMS, ino. 181^ 1866. 1857. UBO. U6S, 1385. 1887, MBL 
1870, 1879, 1874, 1878, 1878, 1881, 1888, 1884, m4 1880^ 

Bf TlClLNOli « FIltLD^. riKLUd. OSGOOD A oa. JAMI8 B. OMOOD A OO.. 

AjiD JOHN u. wmrruuL 

All righu rturvtd. 


TO THE BDinOM OF 1857. 

Im these Tolume^, for the fint time, a complete collection of my poetical 
writings has been made. While it ^ satisfactory to know that these scat- 
tered children of my brain have found a home, I cannot bat regret that I 
have been anable, by reason of illness, to give that attention to their revis* 
ion and arrangement, which respect for the opinions of others and my own 
afterthought and experience demand. 

That there are pieces in this collection which I would ** willingly let die,"* 
I am free to confess. But it is now too late to disown them, and I must 
submit to the inevitable penalty of poetical as well as other sins. There 
are others, intimately connected with the author's life and times, which owe 
their tenacity of vitality to the circumstances under which they were writ- 
ten, and the events by which they were suggested. 

The long poem of Mogg Megone was in a great measure composed in 
early life ; and it is scarcely necessary to say that its subject is not such as 
the writer would have chosen at any subsequent period. 

J. O. W. 

.UlAMflM., 1167. 


T Lovp. the old melodious Uys 
Which iioftly rm*lt the a^^ through. 

The aongs of SiienAer's golden dajra, 

Arcadiiui Sidney's nilvery lOirase, 
Sprinkling our noon of time with fn^hest morning dew. 

Yet, Tainly in my quiet hours 
To breathe their marvellous notes I try ; 

I feel them, as the leaves and flowers 

In silence feel the dewy showers, 
And drink with gUul still li^w the blessing of the sky. 

The rigor of a frozen clime. 
The harshness of an untaught ear, 

The jarring words w one whose rhymo 

Boat often Labor's hurrietl time. 
Or Duty's rugged march through stonn and strife, are here. 

Of mystic beauty, dreamy grace. 
No rounded art the lack sup^ilies ; 

Unskilled the subtle lines to trace. 

Or softer shades of Nature's fat»e, 
I riew her common forms with unanointed eyes. 

Nor mine the seer-like power to show 
The secrets of the heart and mind ; 

To drop the plummet-line N'low 

Our common w orld of joy and woe, 
A more intense desjiair or brighter ho|ie to find. 

Yet here at least an earnest sense 
Of human right and weal is shown ; 

A hate of tyranny intens»\ 

And hearty in its vehemence. 
As if my brother s pain and som)w were my own. 

O Freedom ? if to me lielong 
Kor miffhty Milton's gift divine. 

Nor Manrells wit and graceful song. 

Still with a lore as deep and strong 
As theirs, I lay, like them, my best gifts on thy shrint I 


Sal WOK I 



t.vrtotefliftvUM AaaiT«fmr7orUMPInlorAiigwt,a»Mlllon,1BI6 . . . tt 

ruvwtU of ft TliflBia §lKf MoUwr to Imt Draghtm Mid lalo SoathOTB HwmIhi . 66 

TiM Motml Wwfttfv 67 

Tbft Worid'i CoowBtkm 67 

Hew Hanpahlr* 60 

Tilt N«w \mr : iildrMWil Id Uw Pfttww of Uw FmngyWanhi Fi immii ... 60 

Mwii rhmttu to Thftnift 

TlMR«Ue ..... 64 


TbruMoUlUU 67 

ToMMMchuMCli 67 


byftTliiltoliMCiC7orWMhlBct«BiatiMl2tli»OBtlioriM6 6S 

., ^ ft LHtor lo ft joonf CWrteftl Vrtmd 70 

ToriitovB 70 

iaUMBookorftrrinid 71 


To Um M caory of TbovM ShlpWy 74 

To ft SooUiftni HtfttfinnAn . . 74 

Ubm, oo Um AdoptfcHi of Plorluwj^f RaiohitkMM 76 

TbaCuffWcifUMCbftfter-Brmkrr* 76 

Tb* HUtw of MftrtlDk^tM 77 

TlMCikto 79 

TlMKnlfbtorPt. Joha 81 

Tbf ilfllj UDd .... 81 

PftkstlM 88 

mtkM 81 

TlMWIfcorMaiMifthtolMrHasbMd 86 

TbvC'talwortlMPIftm . 86 

TbvOorttxInn 88 

Tbr 8Uror BethkiMm 87 

Iljmiw •••••••...88 

TIm rmftW M ftitjT 80 

Tb* rrmt Cirfril 91 

Til* Tmndote T«ftrlMr 81 

Tb* Oftll oT tb« ObHrtkB 9i 

If; 9oial ftDd t 8S 

To ft rrinid. M bM> B«tm *«■ iBVpft 96 

Tbr An«>4 «r PfttiMM* 96 

Foli^Q ,•,••..•••96 

To ih«> HHtwmm ci iMflftad .•..• 99 

Tb#QiMk«TArtb«OklnTte» 98 

TbrKrfbnnrr 88 

Tbr pTiii«rr for IVbt 99 

LteM. wHttm tm rmAttg FtaiplilHi fiMUbak Vj Ckmgjmm aptoil tte AMWm af 

tbr(iftll«»«« MO 

Tbo llamfta IWriir* Mtt 

Iftftdolph «»f BaMMto KH 

DMMinftry ... 106 

ToRmm 108 





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. . Ill 

TW l^m hi^ 

1>Wl Ik* V«tn MM 


TbrP— rkta 


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. . ir 

Liw.-ri>M>«tautaai>(th.i>-th^aiiHWri|ihi<irN>«iotfc . . 

. . LB 


. . m 

M— >TI»<fMl 


. . 14t 




riMti 1 

II 7 

tlL IS 

iL or Fonucoei. •••• 16 

I. TteMmiaMek 18 

a. TlMBMhalw 18 

BL Th* Dui|(hl*r .90 

IT. TiMWcdillllff 21 

▼. TiM N«w Honw 8 

TI At PoUMTOOk • S8 

m. Th* Depvtara ••••••K 

TBL 8oi« orindtaa WoMM 91 


UniMck SB 

floathwkk SB 

fumlTrMortlMSokokb 81 



TiM fkBlIht*! Hjmn SB 

VouolalB ••••. 8B 

KsOet 87 

TlMK«wWUbuMltbeOld « 

ToMnInt LXHiwrtart 41 

TW SlftTe-nilpa 48 

Our GOttoferyvMB la ChalM 46 

OIri 46 

Tbir.L.ti 47 

SoafoTUMnw 47 

TiMBaltnof Mm 48 




.^._.UMlCMii^orQov«rBorEltMr.orP«iM3rhMk.l888 . . Kl 

PMIoffBlUttar 6S 
vrlttM te tte Miitl^ or tte lalWMwy Boel^f. at OmAtm 8cml Cb»p«). 

B. T.. Ml M 









TbiHuriJ-. i:«...Bii™ 

Tb>K*lk .... 

Udb. nmmii bj ■ TW u> Uh rit; o< Wuhh^M* la lb* Itih BciBth oC I»U 
Uh*. bvaaUtUr to ■}■>«« Ofrtnl rrtasd . 







TV IU4, UdJ . . . . 











Ii». »».» « niNBM ft-pUM vMkM bf Ck^T.. ipAM U. *MW..t 


IWCji— twi<<<W 


' ' 



TlH r<n fnmt 

. . lU 

. . lU 
. . 115 

. . lU 
. . UT 


. . 1U 

. . in 

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. I4t 



ntw^^tin-'Dv . 




. . . M 

. . . w 
. . . u» 

— ■"»"-'-*•>*-• 

. . . «» 



nirt-T i»«-. ute . . .'.■.'.*.■.'.' 


Cm • I-n... IL.A ' . ' 

. . . . Mt 

. . . M 


. . . «U 









. . K 




D. MoHdHk fn_ Wath 



A M«-U. M. A. C. 

Un ll»>nkw «f >i. Hrt— ■» lihma. ■■ 0. . 

. . M 

tB Tdt » nt Bum, u» mn 



. . «> 

TWKi«>>rAiUMk . 



ftlpofHiiptwII ..••• sot 


OAvwfort 812 

MAtamAL Lf un. 

IUatl«or8l.jQhaDillall» 814 

Btadtaid 816 

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A«tHU 817 

To tto Tlilrty4f latk OoagMB 817 


Oorlliniff 819 

TlwTMlihMt 8& 


1 M kto Blrtbd»7 

irtto OpnlBC or TkomM 8terr Kim's HoQM of Wonhip, 1864 




TiMClMrTWoa 881 

Tb* Dote o# Jul TboiteU 


Th> M w Hf 881 

Tl»A««tr 887 

O. L. ft. 

WrmAimi to MnA 

DMdo Ooipowlon 

Ltea* oa • Fly-LBof 

Hyma fcr tho Uoqi> of WowMp t O oo mto w 8M 

, A» oraim Poms. 

To frMtarfek A. P. BhimM 8C1 

Mlrtaa 8U 

lliHnuASMn Ponn. 

KoNBlMvi M7 

NaahMshi, tho DoMoa 848 

la 8rbool-Di|ya 860 

OarOAldl aOO 

Aftor Bh cH oa 861 

njTftmmfk a&i 

TlM Ulfo M Qo Uj rt wuf 
HovMil 01 Atteata 
To Lj«Ua Maria Child 

• poa rnuc Occi 


Prrinda $» 

TiMStBfv • 871 

ChleiiCo 8il| 

MjBlrUMkij Sn 

Tte BiwiBf of 8oBM 878 

AWonui 874 

UMrauuMOt 874 

TiMRobiD 876 

Tlw8lri«« 875 

Mufotrtto . . . . • 876 

KlacVolmrMidbSt 877 

Haul Biotvom. 

Bnaini 881 

Uamml Blmmmu. 

Tb* Pr»j«r at Agiuttm 888 

TlM rrWod't Burial 8M 

John UofkrliUl .806 

loQtMtft 887 

A Sm Draun .... 8W 

A M7«tei7 . . 99 

Cosdnrior Bmdtoj . . 8B0 

ChlM-CkNic* *^1 

TW Ooldn Waddloff of Logwood 8l'l 


Jmtm 801 


A ChrtotnM OwoMD 8W 

Ujmm 8M 

Tomn 91 WuuBtrm 11 Wi 

Tim Ihmmot Argyll a»4 

llnTt vrttlta *m tb» Dvputort of Jottph Staffi 8^6 

John Qvlnrj Adantf 8M 

Dr KAwlDralM ... 8M 

U47rrmttklln 8M 

iCiffht aod Dmih 8^ 

Tb« VMtlac V***!* *^ 

TiM Wwldloc Tfltt . SM 

CbftHly »• 

TBI TimHMff or BcsABDb avd omcm Pmdol 

T)m Vlakm of Erhard *^ 

TK^Witrh or Wcnhaa 401 

Bunwl on Um BMiramp ••••••• ^M 

Tbr (Wvktng «>f th« WAtrrfkll 404 

JuiM uQ tbc McrrlnuK: •.. 408 


Btb> ot lb* Dniilwn 



ntMli*— IblMc . - 


. . . . m 
. . . *» 

. . MS 
. . . ■ «» 

. . . . 410 

. . . . 410 


TWTvoABctli .... 

J^B^-« *|* 1 

. . . . 41* 

m Kim > MuxTi, in irrmni Poou 

. . . . m 

tl-Xi-B'. l-.ll 

. . . ■ m 



A ^»^" 

. . . 4)1 


TMliDC ArbKlu . . .... 

>7lWirW«t* .... 


. . ts 


OausTAL NAznit. 

Tb« iDwarlJudf* 48 

La> inK up Trruura ••.. 48i 

Conduct 48i 

TBI Ha? or 9sTt3i Iilawm 

To II. P. 8 4M 

Tb« Bftjr of ^Teo UUiwlt 486 

How tb« Wcnieo wYot from DoTrr 487 

A tfuminrr rilKiimaire 438 

Tb« Hork-Touib of Itmlora 440 

8lorai Ob Lmkv AAquam 441 

Thv HUliiDK BnU(e i41 

TlMMjPtic'ii'bmtiiiM 443 

Wluit tb« Trmveler mU mi 8aDM( 443 

A<irwtiDf 4a 

Wlboo 444 

Id Memory 444 

The Vitet ami III* ChUOrvn ... . . 446 

Rahbt I^hoMvl 446 

ValuACioii ... 448 

Winter IUmw 446 

ll}mn 448 

OodppMd 447 

AiLmi 447 

Our Country 448 

Th« »• Story of Idn »* 448 

An Autogimph 448 

Mint t; rtKitrj '■ Guctt 460 

lUTvUUon 461 

Adju'tmrtit 4fi3 

The WiPul «fuuit 4tit 

Th« llooi««t«»J 468 

BtirhbrtMik Mlil 4u4 

lluw th<p Hotiin raaie 466 

»«r«t Fvrn .... 466 

BMii«hi-<i tt\*m MaMArliuaettF 466 

Th»T»» Klimbvth* 457 

Thr Rruiiion 4&V 

llr«(uiul 4AI» 

Th« Ujiht that if frit 460 

Thr T«i> Iii>Tc» • 480 

An FjMt«-r rinwrr (Jifi 460 

Mitif-irl ..•...•••••.•> 460 

An «rti«t • f thr Drnultful 461 

Ihmntof th« BmhBo !JkMMO 461 

KoTH .•• •••••••••••• Vffi 

I^Ms 476 



"The I ndUn hftth opened his bknket** 3 

"CuUiiml field and peopled town" 27 

** Oil r fellow-countrymen in chains 1" 45 

••On Malts*!* rork" 67 

"The nishinR Northern blast" 91 

'* Bhine stream, by cattle old " 95 

** The fthip's white timbers show" 112 

••Now, lirot her*, f(»r the icebergs" 115 

" Make we hen* our camp of winter " 118 

" Uke of the Hills • 189 

" I saw her draggt^l along the aisle " 169 

*' Scottish maid and lover " 186 

"ItisMarvsself I we" 202 

" Mand Muller looke<l and sighed " 204 

" O'er went wheel and reel together " 20f» 

"And I who watch them through the frosty pane" . . 210 

"Skipper Imonstooii in the cart" 225 

" Went drearily singing the chore-girl small " 22^ 

"She l€ftns in the bloom of May" 233 

"The ▼ilhigabiiryiiig-groiuid'* 240 


" She leaned far out on tlie window-iUl " 

•«KeearntonUiehillAde'* S72 

*'81ie looks acroM the harbor Ur'* S74 

*' Snow Bound " SM 

•« We law the half.bnried oxen '* 298 

"The mad old witch-wife wailed and wept** 299 

*' And the cloud of her toal wai lifted " 805 

'*UponhU pitchfork leaning" 829 

"And, momently, the beacon's star*' 846 

"For near her stood the little boy*' 850 

" Touching with finger-tip an aloe *'•••••••• 800 

** A jewelled elm-tree arenne '*•••••••• 870 


f Fto nory of Mooa SI boowi hat btra coaakkrid br the author oolj •» » frtinewarlc Ibr nketcb^a 
«# cW >4^ru«nr of New KnidaiMl, and of lu early Inhabitaotii. Id portraying th« InUiao charart«r, 
^ !2a* fi»li«.«Ml. a« rluMrlv aa hto •t4»rY would admit, th« rouKh but natufiil drllu««itiiiiui of rhurcli. 
•Ia*iap«, <*tMUf>-v(4i, and itugwr WiUtamii: and in no dolDK h« ban DcreMarilv discarded murh of 
«rbkh poeOi and uofvlbU haw thrown around the Ul-bted red nian.J 

Who ttantU «^n that cliff, like a figure 

of "^tollf, 

l'nnitiviii}( 411*1 till in the light of the 

Whm* th»' «l»ray of the catanu^t sjwir- 

kle4 oil ai>;h, 
• Arfiely ainl Ntenily, sare Mugg Me- 

( U*^ ti> the viTRe of the rook in he. 
While U'tK-rfth him the Saco ita work 
in <hiiti^, 

Hunyiii;; «lowii to itx f^ve, the sea. 
And *>li»w through the rock it* |)ath- 
«uy hewing ! 

Far (I'lwti. thnvUi^h the niunt of the fall- 
ing rivfr, 

Whifh ri-u^ uii like an irnvn^ie ever, 

The »|ilinti*reU jMiiuts of the cragH are 

With watfr howling an<l rvx%t\ lietwe«*n. 
While th** M-iKiiiing mhirl of the im»o1 lie- 
neat h 
SenDH an u\ueQ throat, with its granite 

Rat Mugg Megooe nerer tmnbletl yet 
Wbrn-Vf-r hL« eye or hit foot wjw net. 
lie is watt hful : «>arh form in the moon- 
light dim. 
Of rt>rk or of tree, is neen of him : 
He listen* ; each sound from afar is 

The faintest adiirer of leaf ami limb : 
Rut be wes not the wmten, which foam 
and fret. 

Whose moonlit Hpray lias his inooruAin 

^et, — 
And the ruar of their rushing, he heant 

it not. 

The moonlight, through the o{N*n bough 
Of the gnarlM Ixvch, whose u:iked 

Coils like a .si-qient at bin foot, 
Falls, fherkeretl, on thi* 1 mlian'H brow. 
His head i> lare, ^avl• «>niy whfn* 
Waves in the wind one ItM-k of hair, 
I Ke-M-n'td for him, wluw'er he Ite, 
' More mighty than Megotie in stiift*, 
, When lin*xst to breast and knee to 
J knw. 

; Ab«»Vf the fallen warrior's life 
(! learns, iiuirk and ket'ii, the seal ping- 

Megnne hath his knife and hatchet and 

And bin gaudy and tasM'tUnl blanket 

on : 
His knife hath a handle xnith gobl inlai<l, 
.\nd magic wonis on it> |Hili<«hf •! Made. - 
*T was the gift of C'a*.tiiu'' to Mogg Me- 

For a M*al|» or twain fn>m the Yengi-^^s 

t«»ni : 
Hiii gun WAS the gif\ (»f the Timntine, 

An«l Moiloi-awamlo's wives stning 
The brass and the U^uds mhich tinkle 

and shine 
On the iwdished bnnu*h, and brvvid bright 

Of beaded warn {mm around it hung. 


What KTeks Megom- ? His foes are As far about an my f«et can ttraj 

n(*ar, — In the lialf of a fjfntle summer'it day, 

(trpy Juci'lyn'b' <*ye if» uewr hlif|»in^, Froin the leaping bruok * to the Saco 

And the ;;amM>u lighiti anr tmiuiiig river, — 

dear. And the foir-liaired girl, thou hast sought 

Where rhilli|w' * men their watc-h are of n»e, 

ke«'i>iiig. Shall sit in the ftaehem's migwam, and bt 
Let him hie him awav through the dank | The wife of Moc^g Megone forever.' 
rivrr foR, 

Never rustling the boughs nor du»- 

placing the nx'ks. 
For the 4>vc>% and the ears which are 

watthing fur Mogg 
Are keener than tho»e of the wolf or 

the fox. 

He starta, — there *s a rustle among the 
leaven : 
Another, — the click of his gun is 
heard ! 
A footJ»tel^ — ill it the step of < 'leavf?*, 
With uulian 1>Kmm1 dii hi^ Kn;{Ii>h 
swonl f 
Steals HitniHtn^ d<iwn from th«' snniU <•! 

With Imml of iron an*! Uh*\ nftwrk ' 
Hat St .unnuti, vt-r^'-il in linli.iii \\il<-. 
For vi'iip-aiiii- lilt h\^ viiH -liuii:; i*!*- '* 
Hiirk ! Ill uhi-tlf. M>tl liii'i Inu. 

H«»w li;:ht>» th«' iv»' lit M«t>:g M'-;;»»ii»' ! 
A hniilt- gli-.uiiH o't-r hi<« liiiNky liit>\\, 
•• lUion wtl. mill-, .lohnnv lWiii\thi»n I" 

Out *>t»-ii*», with ''JiutiMUs f«K»t ami ^hiw. 
And •|inik, k'-tn ;;Iiiii4t's to uml fto, 

Th»- hiititf-d fuTliu, rKiiiythnt) ** 
A low, IiMti. su.iithv iiiaii in h«'. 
With M.iiiki t-;;:ii)» and lMi<'kin<-d kne<% 

And n.iii;:)it «>f Kn;;li>«li f.LshJMii on : 
For hi- h.itr* th»* ran* from Mhmo* In* 

And h«- •iiii> li«'n his wunU in thi> Indian 

There 'h a f»u<lden light in the Indian's 
A moment's trare of iiowerful feeding, 

(.)f love or triumph, or uoth ]ien'hancr. 
Over his proud, i-alm f«*ttturea steal- 

*• The wt»nU of my father are very good ; 

He .shall have the land, and water, and 
WiKxl ; 

And he who hanns the Sagamore John, 

Shall f<M'l the knife of Mtigg Megune ; 

Hut the fawn of the Yengt'i*** shall sltep 
on my hreast. 

And th«' hinl of the cli*uring shall sing 
in mv n«*st." 

**Hut, fatht-r!" — an«lthe Intlian'shand 

l-'all> p ntly on tht* white man's ami. 
Ami uith a ^mil«' an slm'Utllv bland 

.\> till* d< « p Voire is >loH and «-alm, — 
*• Winn- is my lathrr's Mnging-binl, — 

Tin- s'lnny eye, and Minset luiir f 
1 know 1 }i..vf my tathfr'h wonl. 

And that his wunl i^ g«>o<i and fair ; 

Hut \«ill my father tell me wheit^ 
Megon«' hhall go and look for h'u^ 

l'ii«lf t — 
For he N-e.-* her not bv hrr father's side." 

The dark, stem eve of Itonvthon 

F)iihlie> over the features of Mogg Me- 

In one of thoM' glances which search 
within : 
■ Hut thr Ntolid calm of the Indian alonr 
•• Huxlu h't till- ."sai h^-m's voii-r !)»• j Heiiuiin.s when* the trace of emotion 

w.*ak : ' \uis l»e«*n. 

Th»* w.-itt-r "Indl h-ar him •.p«-ak, | ** I)««j» tin- Sa«hrm doubt ? Ia.*l him 

The muI «1ij11 uhiN.p in th«' whit<- man's ^o with mi% .\nd thi- «>v<'s fif the Sachem his bridt 

Tlut M--;^' M«;:«»n»', with hi-* •». alps i** "hall m-«'." 

Hf ia'.i%*<.. ilark. i>v<'r < Ih* k -iit*! < ant i« iuh lunl slow, with T«use« oft, 

l'r«.«, .\nd watchful eyi*** anil wni'«iN-r« soft, 

A t^l'<K. a^ •>! >liam*-. i<> sfialtn;; ii>*\\ Tli«- twain an* >ti-alingthrtHigh the woo^ 

"Sa. 1.. '11 ■ ■ h'- *ays '* l'*t nu ha\r tli»' l.» iMiij: the dowiiwanlnishing flotsl, 

Ian*l, Whiis*' liifp HU'I Ni>li'mn rwr l**hind 

Whi h ^tn-ti ht><«aua\ u|Min 'ithi-i hanil. (!iou« tanit«-r on the evming wind. 


fbe f wlbui*! hnnr b clmr onoe more : 
With grmve, calm lace, and half-ahut 

He dta upon the vigwatii floor. 

Ami wAU-het Rutli go by, 
latmt ufino her bouaenohl care ; ' 

AdiI rvrt had anon, th«* while, 
(H fm thr inaitlen, or her (art*, 
Wkii'h iaii<»k<4 in gTmt«*ful promiae there, 

Br«Tovs hi« i|utet amile. 

Ah, M«tiq( M«ti;one ! — what dreams arc 

Bat thfwp which love's own fancies 
drr^A, — 

Th«* !»utn of Indian happiness *. ~ 
A wt|nr«ni, when* the «'Hmi Aiinshine 
l^Hikn in atn^ing the )^)V(*h of pin«>, — 
A •trvani. wh«*n*, round thy lij^ht ranoe, 
Th^ tn>ut and Milnion dart in vi«*w, 
And the fair j^rl, ln»fur»* tht*** now, 
ilpmMiinjr thy mat with hand of snow, 
'Jr (»lyin;{, in the dews of uhini. 
Her hue aniid.<»t thy |Mtrh of com, 
Jr offerinn u]», at eve, to th««e. 
Thy bin* hen disli of hominy ! 

From the ni«le board of B(»n)'thon, 
Vrninon and auriHttaKh have pMie, — 
Fnr lonfC the.'yt* dwflleni of the w«mm1 
Havr felt the ^awin^ wiint of fiMtd. 
Hut unta«te«i of Kuth iii thefni^i che4*r, — 
With head avertetl. vet rvadv ear, ! 

Sbr atandii by the aide of her austere 

F«*nlini;, at time*, the uneiitial tirn 
With the yellow knots of the pitch-pine 

Wboap Aarini; light, as they kimlle, falls 
Ob the t-<>ttage-Tuof, and itM black lug 

And ovrr ita inmates three. 

From Sctiptmore Bonython's huntiiifi: flaftk 
Thr finr-water bums at the lip of Me- 
Ipme : 
" Will the Sachem bear what his father 
Will be make his mark, that it niav 
l« known, 
Ob the •nraking-leaf, that he gives the 

FroB the Saehem'a own, to his father's 

TWir^water sbioes in the Indian's eves. 
As be riara, tht white man's bidding 

to do: 1 

I «< 

Wuttamuttata — weekan ! ^^ Mpgg i» 

wise, — 
For the water he drinks is strong and 

new, — 
Mogg'fc rieart is great ! — will he abut hid 

When his fiither asksfor a little land ?*'— 
With unstea<ly fingers, the Indian has 

On the iiarehment the h!i:i|»e of a 

hunter's Ihjw, 
" Boon water, — Inum water, — Saga* 

moTi'. John ! 
WuttamuttutH, — weeUan ! our hearts 

will gn>w I " 
He drinks yet ih-eper, — he mutters 

low, — 
He n'«'l.s on his l>«*ur-skin to und fro, — 
His head faIN down on his naked 

brefcht, — 
He straggles, and sinksto a dranken rest. 

** Humph — dnmk jw a ln»ust I " — and 

lionython'h bniw 
Is (linker thiiiieviTwitlifvil thought — 
**The f«Mil lijLH higiuNl his wurrant ; but 

And when .shall the d<*eil U* wrought ? 
SiN>uk, Until ! why, whiit the devil is 

To fix thy pi/f in tlmt einptv air ' --« 
S{N'ak, Kuth ! by my .si»ul, if 1 thought 

that tt'iir. 
Which sliiinics thyself and our puqtose 

Were sIhmI for that curMil and |*le- 

fai-t*«l d<»)^. 
Who:u* green ^^ alp hangs fn»ni the belt 

of Mojy;, 

And whoM* lM>ustly soul is in Satan's 
ktvpinjjr, ._ 

This — this : " — he iliLshes his hand 

Tlie nittting std'k of hi^ hwibHl jjiiii, — 
** Should HiMiil t\nH' with him to do 
thy weeping I " 

" Father ! " — the eye of IVmython 
Sinks at tint low, Kfpuh'hral ti»ne. 
Hollow and d**«'p. a> it wvn- H|«ik*n 

Hy the untiMivin^ t«»ti^iie of chiath, ^ 
Or from son it* statue\<« lips had bruken, -^ 

A M>und without a hn'ath ' 
** FatluT ' — my life I value b*ss 
Than vender f«M>l bin iriudv dresis ; 
And how it ends it mat tern not. 
By heart-break or by nde-bhot ; 



But upmrp rwhile the srofTiind threat, — 
Our hu»ini'!is U not hiiijiht\l yvt." 

•• Tni**. tni*', ii»y prl, - I only mi-aut 
To ilniw up apiin the Ik>w iinU'nt. 
Hurin t)ii^, my Uuth ! I only Koiif^ht 
Tu fright fn oti' thy ^'looiuy thuu^ht ; 
Cunu% - ■ 1ft 's Ik* fiirntU I " Hf s^vks 

ti> i-\ns\* 
Hi.s (luiiK}iti*rN colli, «larnp hami in hu. 
Hiitl) fiiiirtli-^ fnim hrr fatntr'^ gnisjs 
Ah if fUi h ni'n'«' und muM'lt* f«-lt, 
!n>tinriivrly, th«' ttiuili uf piilt. 
Thn>Uf;h all tht-ir buhtlr NyinfititliifS. 

Hf TM»intrt h«'r to th»* shriiin;; Mo^ : 
'* \\ hilt hIikU U- tiiim* uith voikIit ilo^ ? 
Si>iininiiin iHilt-ail, nii<l ivvi-n;,^' i<«thini\ - 

Wliow' hroken and dreamful ■lumbm tdl 
Too niucli for ber ear ot tliat deed of hclL 
She Mvji thv knifi*, with it* alaughter i«d« 
And tlif dark fibgen clenching the ' 

vkin lied I 
What th«>uKhtJi of horror and 

Through the burning brain of that Calleii 

girl I 

John li<inyt)ion liflii bin ptin to hia eyi*, 
lti> niuzzlfiKcloHi'tothe In«lian*Krar, — 
But he (hoiis it again. '* Some one mar 
1m> ni^h. 
And I would not that even the wolvea 
hhoiiM hear." 
llv dniw-s lli^ knife from its d4*er-Bki& 

Tht> difd is >i^i«Hl nnd tlif l:uiil i^ niiip* ; ]!> (m1^> with hih fingera ihHhmly felt; — 
Ami thisilrunk*'iifm»liM>f Mm* nitninn-. Kn<*«-liii^ dnwn uu one knc<\ by the In- 
Save aa thy hu)icful bridrgruuni, uud j diinr.t Mdi*. 

MMith. : From hiN thmsit ho oiH-nrt the blankel 

T ven> ChriMian nitp'v to finish him. ! uiilr ; 

■ ' • 

Kiitli, An«l twiif <ir tliriri* hi fit-blv eHsavs 
Now, while hf lii"> liki' a U-.t«>i on our A tii mMin;{ hand with the knitr tumiw. 


If Tii»t fi»r iliin»-. at I«"H>t fm hi- >akf. " 1 i:iniiiit," - hi- niulttTM,— **did be 

Kalliif th;»ii li-l tilt- i^Mii ijii:; aw.ik*- ■ n'»t .".'iV" 

To drain my t^t^k. auil riitini i^ lii- )<ri<h- Mv liti- lt«»m a roM und wintry grave, 

Sii> h a fort-^r ili-\il t'> run l>\ his Ni<i>-. W }<■ n tin- storm (luiii-ihiwn from Agioo- 

Siii-h a Wituxnuiiiii *''' ili thou wuuMst rhiNik, 

luitkr ' " And thf north-wiinl howled, and the 

I tr^-<'-tii|i!i ^)llMlk, ■ - 

lie !au^di<i at hi^ j''st. Hush — what U And I stxivf. in tli»* diifta uf the ruah- 

tli» II- ' j in^j MHiw, 

Tilt <«lt-']iih;; Iifliun i^* <>tiivitii; tu risi\ 'Till my km-rn gn*w- weak and I could 

With lijo kiiil* in hit li.iii'1, anil ^lar- n^t pi, 

in;: ••>«*■ ' ■ Anil I Iflt tin- ruld ti» my vitals rreeti, 

'*Wa;;)i' M"-^ ^>1I havi* thi> ]udf- And my hfart'H IiIimnI Htitfi-n, and |iuueK 

i'.v ••"•• li.iir, I hl«i*|» ' 

Fur lii'« ktiil> i-o •^harfi. an<i lii-* tiiip-r» F runiiut Htriki* him Kuth lUinythun f 

i.iii lft|i In till' ht-virfi nunn', tell me — what *• 

Till' h.iir til |>t:Ii aii'l tlir >>kin to ]•*-• 1. to Iv dom* f " 
U-t hiiii I ry likf a wuiikin and twi«t like 

an •'•■]. n, uliin tin' Roiil. onu' nuii' and high. 

Til'- L'i>-.ii I '.i|>?aii. Samnuin mii^t Ihm' N Atii< ki-n ilowii from \ iiiui-'i» iiky, 

1.11 .-v .i!|' ' An. with th«- downi'u.ot star of iiHim, 

Ali«l }*>i*li. w!i> II oIm- «<i-ft it, ••hall d.tni •■ Sxiur p'tiisuf li;;ht air with it drawn, —> 

wi'li Mt'u';: " .Xint. tliiiiiich it«i ni>;ht o| darkm-aa, plaj 

MiM *'\i-*i iirv !i\«il. but hi> lip-^ ilr.iu Si.iiif ti>ki-ns uf it> |innial day, — 

Ml. ><tiin l-iliv f«-i ljiiK<« linp-r f«iill, — 

With a low. ImarM- 1 h:i' kh-. an>l ti'-n>Ii«h Tli> "tn nctii tiMhin-, tin* ner%'etonieet 

CMi!. Wh.iti \i-r thn-ati'iis with defeat 

Aii'lhi'Miik^a^Min. liki- a m hm Ii-.tlui;. ]»•. .ill-iiidi>mitiiMi' will ! 

Itiit larks the mean of niiml and heart. 

k'ltli I "■-» nil* Njii- ik, -■ "Im- di"-s ni't >Tir ; Tlinu^h i-ajrer tor the g-ain^ of erinM^ 

Iti * nl.r pi/i*« dt>wn uD thr Uiurderrr, Ott, at hiii i*hi«en placr and time. 


The •trrai^th to bear hii eril part ; 
And, fthirlded b^ hU rery Vice, 
Kartpn from Cnme by Cowardice. 

Rath starts ^rpct, — with bloodshot eye, 
And lips drawn ti^ht acrow her teeth, 
Showiny^ their lo('k«;d embrace beneath. 
In thr red firvU|(ht : — "Mogg must die ! 
Give nir the knifi? !" — The outlaw tunis, 
Sbu«ldfnijgin hMrtand limb, away, — 
but, fitfully there, the hearth-fire bums. 
And he Mrrs on the wall strange shad- 
own play. 
A lift«Hl arm, a tmnulons blade.. 
Are dimly pirturetl in lixht and 8had<*, 
riungini^down in the darkness. Hark, 
that cry 
Asain — and again — he sees it fiill, — 
That shadowy arm down the lighted wall ! 
He h«*ani quick footsteps — a sha]»e 

flits by — 
Tbeduoron its rusted hinges creaks : — 
" Kuth — tiaughter Kuth ! ^ the outlaw 

Bat no lounil comrs back, — he is stand- 
ing alone 
By the mangled corse of Mogg Megone ! 

PART 11. 

T IS morning orer Xorridgewock, — 
On tnv and wigwam, wave and rock. 
Bathnt in the autumnal sun^ihine, stirred 
At intervals by breeze an<l binl, 
Anii wearing all the hues which glow 
Id heaven'^ own fvure and |teHW't liow. 

That glorious picture of the air. 
Which niramer* s light-robeil angel fonns 
Ob the dark ground of fading mtorin;*, 

With pencil dip})ed in sunWantH 
there, — 
And, strvtchtng out, on either hand, 
Cer all that wi<le and unshorn land. 
Till* vm>' of its gomonsness. 
The aching and the dazzled eve 
Beats, gladdened, on the calm blue sky, — 

SJambcn the mighty wiltlemesa ! 
Tile ottk, upon the windy hill, 

Ita dark green burthen upward 

And the tall maple wean with them 
The coronal, which autumn gives, 
The brief, bright sign of ruin near» 
The hectic of a dying year ! 

The hermit priest, who lingers now 

On the Bald Mountain's shrubless brow, 

The gray and thunder>smitten pile 
I Which iiuirks afar the Desert Isle,^ 
j While gazing on the scene below. 

May lialf forget the dreams of home, 
1* hat nightly with hisslumlMTscome, -• 
I Tlie traiKiuil skies of sunny France, 

The |)eaMint's harvest song and dance, 
[ The vinedfiruund the hillNideH wreathing 

The soft airs midst their clusters breath- 

The wings which dip])ed, the stars which 

Within thy bosom, blue rtart>nne ! 
And n)und the Abb«*y's shmiowed wall. 
At morning spring and even-fall. 

Sweet voi(*e.s in the still air singing, — 
The chant of many a holy hymn, — 

The Holfnin Wll of vej»j»ers ringing, — 
And halloweil ton'hlight falling dim 

On pictureil saint and 8«>ntphini ! 
For here )N*neath him lies unrolled, 
Ratlifd deep in moniing's flooil of gold. 
A vision gorgeous as the dream 
Of the beatitied may setin, 
I When, as his (^hurch's legends say. 
Borne upwanl in ecstatic bliss. 

The rapt enthusiast soars away 
Tnto a brighter world than this : 
A mortal's gliniiMie lieyond the pale, — 
tent's liftine of the veil ! 

\ uiunit 

Tbc bemlork brooda above its rill, 
Ita cone- like foliage darker still, 

AipuDst the btrch'a graceful stem. 
And the nmgh wmlnnt-bough receives 
fht aQB npoD its crowded leaves. 

Each eolond lake a topai gem , 

Far ea.Htwsnl o*er the lovt-ly l»av, 
lVnol»M'«>t's clustered wigwams lay ; 
And p'ntly fntin that Indian town 
! The vcnlant hillside i>tIo|ies adown, 
j To where the siiarkling waters play 

I'jKm the yellow sands below ; 
And AhiMiting rouml the winding shorrw 

Of narrow ca|»e««, and islea which lie 

Slumltering t«» ot*ean*s lullaby, — 
With birchen iKiat an<l glancing oara, 

The Tt^i nn-n to their fi^ihing go ; 
Whili' from their iilan ting ground is borne 
The trea-Mire of tlie goldt-h corn. 
By laughing girls, whose dark eves glow 
Wild through the loi'ks i^hich oVr them 

The wrinkle«l sijuaw, whov toil is lione, 
Sits on her Iteair-^kin in the sun. 
Watching the buskers, with a smile 


For rflt'h full rnr w1ii>li swcIIk thi' pil** ; 
Aii'l thi- «iM i-hii-f. uhn iitvrniiorr 
M>iy N'ltil tlir \'MVk or puli thr t^r, 
Snink'i - Kiuvt-ly ill lii.^ wi^iuii *\ K>r, 
Or .nliiwly -^li.ii*-.-, witli axi* of htont-, 
Thi* aiTi>w-h«Mil troiii tliiit and Imitc. 

lit'iit-a'li till- W'stwnnl tiiniinj: rv<» 
A tli<iiiM.iipl wiMMlfil i>l.iii<ls lir, — 
<M*nio i>t' ill*' u.iti-io '. ■ vkith i-ai'h htu> 
Of liii^litiiiss -'t ill ih-imu'r liliH'. 
F^uli U-.irs iiliilt itf* tii!"t of t!>*«'s 

Tntj. hti| liy tli»' |*inil nt I hi* fn*"!, 
Aii'l, ^hith Thi' iiiMii>iii iif i-.iili 1>n-<-/i', 

A riiuTiii-iit >»-i-ii, a iiiditif lit hi>t. — 

('Ii4a:^miil' and l<h-iit, (nnfuvnl ainl 

Th»- liiii'lit«r with thf il.irkiT ini>.stii, 
Th< ir tli<<l Tiiit« n| U-.iutv i^lnu 
l>«>\iii ill ;hi' n-^tli'NN Miivr> Uluu, 

Aihl tp-iuMi* ill thi* siiiiny '■kit-. 
A** if. t pill I W.I villi; Um^'h tn Ihiu^Ii. 

Klitt'-il th<- ^ii'N iif |>aKiilisi*. 

Thrff sl»i |i ri.f •■Ii1i:i\ ;:;i'»;|». - aii<l 

\'*i,- iJpt- aiix III ifk^ til'- l.'iMi .ii I'T i\' r : 
Aii'l th' :•■. U ii'-iith till- ^' 1 W"'i; I I ill. 

« hi wl.i. ii tin K.ith'i- liu* 1- ^-Ti. 
Th'- hull ill "t.ivs ),j« r«"kir:.* "'III!. 

All'l jHtr- thi- li'-lllli». k-Uii;:li- "■•-• 
H.i't ?•■ Ili»-MIL'. Jl" h<' »^-»k»> tn liNik 
r|-i', :)■• .1. -.::i''s < i.ix.. Mll'l In-ik.** 

Th- r- . :.'!'-i!.ii\ i;:.iiii-t tht- -ky 

T!.' l»uK I'";- - !• II t)ii-ir "'iihTiiits lii^jli : 

Aii'I I*<->':! Il<- k. .ilirupt iiii'i>-, 

I ii*- r- ;j' iv •'If. '.^ ill th'- all. 

Si • ii j!i.::i .»: ■!. iiki- -•■'■i.- -.ti"ii::lii-hl 

Iiiiii* >-\ rh Ill V.:u^ •■! t.M ; 

Arxl. f.i:! r .«. -ihk'-ui' tth u!iit«> Hiiil 

Swi !'.- :!t t].. i,..r!h V i-t K.i!:ih«llll : 
\l"l, w 1' •!• T _• 1'"l'i i'-'h\ l«-«t, 

Th. I-'- i-: !'• '. • ' • ■ ■ ri.i « •.! iti—t 

.Vi.'i "iii.jM wi'l. hi* ■•UTi •■rijht h.iy. 
Sliiw *M . . J. 1,!^. i ir"i. .i!.i u*-»*)i' !»''i: i!'"hN. 
At h.-l '■•.'? ! V th- .III- :■ III wlihU. 
W f \ ]\ \:'i. !!. 'ii--*-- -U'li -■!;V:h «•. 

VV;. l-i.iij •}.. iull :i\i i.t I»'i.l\. 

Ai-iiii )i-ith •'••■r 'ih'-rTi nu.iy 

\-t thi.'. w,''::i, thi w I- wlii'h l.ih 

Th- U-.i- •\ ..t r!.\ 1/1. fi tih . 

\' i ii:''i •?•:• ; ■ :":'.:^» •in *" I" ■■'.'■ k 

I hv ' r X' •: ■ .•!• * *.". K- • !:• '•• ■ 

li«i7' - •)!■ w'.i'i r- m III •!.•• UT» ■ k 
» •{ ih»- i-j» ii ti«-l !• n Niii r.'l^» un k, - 

t In >nc h>fio villRgr hrtntiHHl at Migthi 
III Uitth* Nhoni of hnlf tlifir Ntn'ii|{tii« 
, Tiiriii'il, like the niiithfr in lii» lair. 

With hiH fiist-tlowiii>{ lift-hliMMl wet, 
; For one last Htni^li* of cirAjair, 

\Voiiiiih*4l and faint, hut 1unteI«-M yvt I 
riin'aiM'il, u|ion thi' plaiitin;; hmdii, 
[ Thf M-aiit, nff^lcrtitl ham*M NtauilH : 

No sh<Mit in thi*n*, — no ilance, — no 
»*«.iii^ : 
Till* :L««|M-«-t iif the v«*ry I'hiUl 
Siowln with a iiii*ftninK ra>l und wild 

*M hiit<i-iii'<vH ami wron^. 
Till- ahiiiiNt in fan 1 Ntirriilp'WOi'k 
K'«s;|y^ to lift th<* tomahawk ; 
Ami ^>Inrks his fatlitTN knife avav, 
'I'll iiiiiiiii'. in )ii> frightful ]*Iay, 

T1m> S' ai|>iiii; of nn Kn^ilish for : 
Wp-.ttho till his lii> a liiirrid smile, 
riiinis. liki- a Kiiaki* h, hin small rv, whil* 

St line 1iiui;h or «>:i|iliii^ iiifi-ts hiit Mow. 
Th«' ti>hfr, Hs h»' i1p'|«s hi* liii«% 
Stait", wlh-n hf M-fs ih«' ha/i-lft i[iiivi-r 
Ah'iitj lh«- innl^in «»f thi- riviT, 
l.4»>k'< n]i .iiiil ihiwii till* lipplinp tide, 
AimI L'l-i-p* thi' tir>-Iiii-k at hin siiic 
l*i>r lr.r!..t/i i-n '^ iii>iii Tai'f«»iHMk 
11.'^ -SI Ii! hi* niiiijt Is 111 N<iMii|^i>niN'k, 
\\'i'!i ti !:!:;:* Miiultnii and liuniion 

r.ii ^\\' tlii- livi-r h.1%1' innii' - 
Thi-v h-i\i- lift thiir Uiais, — thrv harv 

* hti-n-il thi' wimnI, 
Anil tiii'd tin* ilrptlix of thi' solitude 

Witli till- stiiiiid of the nmpr'H drum. 

On till* hifw of n hill, whi-h sli:ipn» to 

III' i-t 
Th«- thiuiiiL: riv*r. and Uitht- il^ ft^t, — 
Thi KiTi-w.mhi'd pN-k, ami tin* ilnio|iin^ 

And th'- r'i<-«-|>in^ rini', a*i the «atm 

1 '■'"•• ~ 
j A rihh- iiiid unthniM'ly rlia]«*l otand% 

I hnil! np in that wild i>y nn«killc«l )iaudi«« 

Y>t th' tnivtliiT knows it u jdaie of 

I IT ay IT, 

F'-r till- Imly sij»Ti of tin- rroK» i^ there : 

.Xftil "hxiilil hi- > htini'i' Ht that jdai-r to he, 

Of ,1 s.ihlijitli niiiTii. or <ionif hrillii«r«| 

Whi-ii pr:tvi'pi art* mail'* and niaiiaek are 


Si .Ml- |i'r th«>Ii\iiiK aiidN«*rm* for thrdeAtl, 
Will niit'h: that travi-IliT Mart to nrr 

Till t.i!i<l.iik fonns t hat lukrt heir nv 
Fpini till hill h ranoe, on the ri\'er-fthon'. 


And thp frvrMt fAths t<> that cIibin-I (Umr ; 1 H<*prorin^ with a t4>ar, — aii<l, while 

And manrl t** nurk thi* iittkitl Kwvn 

Whilr, ill ttiursH whit** vcntuit', ovrr thcM.* 
In MeiiHiii;; or in prayer, 

Str»-t< hinf( iitmNul hi^ thin \tn\f hands, 

Likf*a*ihrt*ud*'«l^btMt, theJi'Miit>"rit:ui<U. 

Two fornix an* nfiw in that r)i(i|»t'l dim, 
Thr* Jef^uit, Mil-lit iind xnii iiii<i {ml**, 
AiixioiiHly hi'T'ltiii; •Mini- l>*aiful talf, 
Whi< h a otninKcr in tfllin:; liini. 
Thit ■'tnini:«-r'N ptrh i* snihtl iiihI torn, 
Ari>l «<t «it)i dfW and Ioom'Iv wnni ; 
H*-f fair ii«-;;|rt-t»'d liair falls down 
Off ili«-«kH with wind uiid Munsliiui* 

Yrl *till. in that ili^^nifn**! f.u'i'. 
Thr .l«>«int's t-aiitiuus fVi- t-an tr!u*<' 
TlifMr *-|<'ni>-rits I if fonnrr jfnii-t* 
Whii-h, half ••tri«'»sl, swin *uiin'i'ly less, 
Ev-u nt'W, than {vrfis-t loVfliiicvi. 

With •IriMipin;; hiM>I. nn<l roiic no low 
Tlui ^ i- it nHi't-tlu'.fi'suit'si-nrs, - 

Whil** tliroii^h h«*r ••l-istNi| tinpTs flow, 

Fn»nt th" hi'irt'N fountaut, lu»t and «low, 
H-r i«>nit>iitial t^ir*, — 

Sh«* t-lU tlif "itory of the woe 
An«l evil tif h«T vrars. 

"O father. > with me ; my heart 
It «!• k and deatlidike. and my hrain 
Serine jrinll'*«l with a tit-ry **hain. 

Who%»- •>» ■•»«-liini» links will nevt-r |».irt, 
And n-^»r ri>ol a:,riin. 

Bnr wi:h iii»* while 1 >]icak. — hut turn 

A WAV f?i*ntie i-ye, the wllile, - i 

T1i«* fir« s iif ^uilt niop" tier 'el y hurn 

Benrath itt h<dv 5«mile ; 
Foe half I fancy I ran see 
My nMth'T'f sainted look in thi**-. 

" Mr 'lear Imt mothrr ! snd an^l pale, 

Ifoumfullv mnkinff day hy ilay, 
And with a hoM on Hfe m frail 

An fnMte^l leaves, that, thtn and fH^v, 
Hang fefhly on their parent spray. 
And tTrmhle in the gale ; 
Yet «at«-hing o'er my childishness 
With mtient fondness, — not the less 
For all the agonv which kept 
Her bio* ^v^ wakefuU while I slept ; 
Aad r her king evenr tear and groan 
Tkat haply might (laTr wakeifmy own, 
Aad bming itill, without ofleni'c^ 
Mv hIW wonlt» and petnknoe ; 

The t<»uth t»f |ittin was keenly preyiug 
I'lMm her ver}' heart, re|>aying 
My hiief ri'iientani^e with a smile. 

•• O, in her m<N*k, foi^iving eye 
There wiis a not of mirth; 

A lii^ht whose clear intensity 
W'jis >iom)wed not of mrth. 

Along her rheek a de«*lM'Iiil|g ItMl 
Told where the feVeriHli liertic fi-d ; 

Ami yet, eaeh fatal titkeii g-ave 
To the mild iM-auty of her (lu-v 
A newer unii a deuPT gra«'e, 

Tnu anting of the gnive. 
T ua^ like till- hue \%iiii'li Autumn givet 
To yonder <-lianf{ed an* I dying leaves, 

IJri'athiil oviT hv his ln>st\ hreath ; 
Sean-e 4 an the ga/iT feel that this 
Is hut the N]ii>iIiT\ treai-lierous kiss, 

The nirN'kini^-Miiile of ]>«-atli ! 

••SwiN't wen* th«' tales she us<*d to tell 
Whi-n summer' !« eve was iiear to us. 
And. fad ill:: irum tin* darkening dell. 

The ;'lorV of the MlIIM-t fell 

On \i-iM»ilid A;nunefitiru 

*•• — 

When, sitting l»y our lottagi* wall, 
Th»- murmur of the S.iio •* f.ill. 

And I he south -wind'.s expiring sighs, 
''aiii''. Miftly hleinling. on my ear. 
With thi* low ti>nes 1 lovitl to h.-ar : 

Tales of the juin*, — the gixnl, — tho 

Tlie holv men and maitU of old. 

In tlie all-SM-n*<l )ii|geH toM ; — 
Of lUi-liel, sto-iiH'il at liarnn*!* fount- 
Amid her father's thirsty !l<i«'k, 
li«MUtiful to her kinsman sfiMiiing 
A> the bright angels of his dn-.iniing. 

On Padan-sran's holy pm k ; 
Of gentle Ruth, — and her who kept 
Her awful vigil on the miuinr.iitiH, 
By Israel's virsnii ilauirhters wept : 
. Of Miriam, with her niaid«-iis '•iinnnt; 
' The s«ing for grateful Nniel mts*t. 
While even' erimsim wavi- w:vs lirin^dng 
The 8|ioifs of Kgypt at h^-r f«vt ; 
' Of her, — Saniaiia's humhle daughter, 

Who pftU"»e«l to hear, U-»iile her wt*ll, 
I I>*ssons of |i>ve ami tnith. whi'li fell 
Softly as Shiloh's thiwini; water ; 
And saw, l«*neath his pilt:riiii iT-ii**-. 
' Tlie Pnnnise*! One, mi Imii; tort-toM 

By holy se<*r and liani of old, 
I Keveale<l hi*fore her wondering eves ! 


tfocQ Ktoon. 


That (laviU of niiar lisTf »uu 

Ftmh tbf UTibtHkl h lun irpa: 

To Imvc liBT lui n-liukr »ith 

A> iT lU Mijcl'* hanil h*ii Buootbril 

I ' .111 hirt limul, 
i |iol«>ii'-<J lung, 
1 : ■ r drow Iwd worn, 

T"!)' J<4r, Hi'- •iriT.-. ilu- uwiuh gone, — 

" n. tril UK, hllinr, ca« tli* ilfnl 
WiiV ua til' mnli. Hid louk oa uc, 

An<l tay ui«n ihe hviu's brail 
Th'it blr-iiiB M tlru ronif f 

For, O. Isiit niyiii aht ituod br ni'-. 

"Af «me to Mr Ut eiAt 

Tbe i[rir4 Lnra ilij itnl frcl hr 

fSw (Iml I17 mr In tli* wui moonlighl. 
In I)m vlillr luia of ihr tWil ^ 

ftir. lud tRT nMimfully 
Nw tml tm iMrtil tonn unr inr. 
I b«rd M ■HiNt. r r>lt on ItKilh 
BraMbr ft'rr bm b«n tint hr> at itntli 
lla blar tT** rotfrf on mjr mm. 

Vx, iB tbarir ft>B4, awlMwins KK«. 
loMrUb^*Uch)iHkB<if<«HydBj^ — 

A* H ImV* mU* »m IVown thm, — 
CkB oV OM wUfc u k? Ihnll i 
0«1 ! I 1-1 In fnMDn (lilt t " 

n* Jtalt Mika Uw holr 

Jiul at thr niun>ii>r wlirn I (tmil ! 
p on tlir T^tiT* uT « u&tanLi^Al, I 
A rl.iia in rvri^lliing bmi-it ; 

AnJ HtirU UJJ ttilU lllSIt SCTL 

KfTpntlacuonicU, Ibry «*i 

" Tbrn mm • rhanp. 


InnbMr ' WIki- 


M *a ihp irUard ratllmaka, 

1,1 rii iclatu' hail pMHV 

r, — lo BWf anil riMlM . I 
rUard ratllmaka, jJ 



Wbon eold tnd odaII and glittering 

Amd bruliant ooil, and changing d j^ 
Draw, atop by atep, the gazer near. 
With droomng wing and cry of fear, 
Yet p o w e r i ea a all to tarn away, 
A cMiaciona, bat a willing prey ! 

" Fmr, doQbt, thoaght, life itself, erelong 
Merged in one feeling deep and strong. 
Faded the world which 1 nad known, 

A poor Tain iihadow, cold and waste ; 
In the wann present bliss alone 

Seem*^! 1 of actual life to ta^te. 
Fond longings diralv uud«?r8tood. 
The glow of |Mw»ion s quickening blood. 
Ami cheriUiefl fsntAsies which press 
The ruunc lip with a dream's careKs, — 
The lirart s forecast and prophecy 
Took form ami life before my eye, 
8em in the glsnce which met my own. 
Heard in the M>ft and pleading tone. 
Felt in the arms around me cast. 
And warm heart -imlsm beating fast. 
Ah ! acan*ely yet to (»od aliove 
With derper trust, with stronger love. 
Has pravfrful saint his meek heart 

Or cloistenNl nun at twilight bent. 
Than I, before • human shrine, 
A« mortal ami as frail as mine. 
With h(*art, and soul, and mind, and form. 
Knelt nuKlly to a fellow-worm. 

" Fall soon, npoQ that dream of sin. 
An awfVil light came bunting in. 
The shrine was cold at it-hich I knelt. 

The idol of that shrine was gone ; 
A hamMed thing of shame and guilt, 

Oatca«t, and spumed and lone. 
Wrapt in the shadows of my crime, 

^ith withering heart and burning 

And tears that fell like fiery rain, 
I paaaed a fearful time. 

There enme a Toke — it checked tne 

In heart and aoal it wToaght a change: — 
Vt teller-, mee wm in ny wrT^ 

It whispered of rerrnge ! 
A mtw and fiercer feeling swept 

An liageria^ tendemeas away ; 
Aid tifer naaaiwit, which had slept 

la ^iUllood'a better day, 
CakMVB. onfelt, anae at length 
hantkMi ow drmoniac atfrogth. 

" A yonthfdl warrior of the wild. 
By words deceired, b^ smiles beguiled, 
Of crime the cheated mstrument, 
Upon our fatal errands went. 

Through campand town and wildemeai 
He tracked his victim ; and, at last, 
Just when the tide of hate had passed, 
And milder thoughts came warm and faatt 
Exulting, at my feet he cast 

The bloody token of succetis. 

" O God ! with what an awful power 

I saw the buried piist uprise. 
And gather, in a single hour. 

Its c^host-like memories ! 
And tlicu I felt — alas ! too late — 
That un<iemoatli the mask of hate. 
That shame and guilt and wrong had 

O'er fpelings which they might not own. 

The heart's wild luve hail known no 
change ; 
And still that deep and hidden love. 
With its tirst foiidn«»ss, wept above 

The nctim of its own revenge ! 
Tliere lay the fearful scalp, and there 
The blood was on its ]iHle brown hair 1 
1 thought not of the victim's scorn, 

I thought not of his )»aleful guile. 
My deadly wrong, my out«*ast name. 
The charaotent of sin and shame 
On heart and fort*head <lrawn ; 

I only saw that victim's smile, — 
The stifl, green places where we met, — 
The moonlit branches, dewy wet ; 
I only felt, I only heanl 
The grp«*ting and the iiarting word, — 
The smile, — the embrace, — the tooe^ 

which made 
An Eden of the forest shade. 

"And oh, with what a loathing eTe» 

With what a deadly hate, and aeep^ 
I saw that Indian miinlerer lie 

Before me, in his dninken sleep ? 
What though for me the dee<l was doiM^ 
And words of mine hail spfsl him on I 
Yet when he mumiur^l, as he slept. 

The horrors of that deeil of bluod. 
The tide of utter madness swept 

O'er brain and Imsom, like a flood. 
Ami, father, with this hand of mine — ** 

*' Ha ! what didst thoo f " the Jeaoit 
Shuddering, as smitten with sudd^'n nin. 

And shading, with one thin haiidv his 


Witlt thu aAn hr mako tlir holy liffi- 
" — 1 laatt httD ■( 1 WDolil • wonu ; — 
Viifa hran u ■mied, with iwrrF* w 

H« t]<:>*r woks tgiiu '.' 

" Womui nf tin itiil blooJ aod diun*, 
Spiak, '- I uruuM knuw that vidilu'* 

"FathiT," iha tpupcd. "• chieft«io, 
AiSuutSncbnii,— Moon MKoomt" 
Pile pri>^t ! Wlui iiToaA and lofty 
What knai dairM, what chrri^nl 

What bnin, that Urn* mar not tmll. 

Are daik'nr.! Lv tUl ,-).i.-fi:,i,/. fi.ll ' 
Waahr !:.■' . ■ " ■ ■ 

To lift ■ ; 

With a (tnlDN of hotrnr, ha tf 
That wrilliM at hi* fleet Ulu • 

An, Wfai7 PritatI — with lab 

'"'pi til) tl.tul til Ilia litww of 


"San ma, O hdhr sbb 1 " — ha 07 
nn> aU th* vdU, a* If a tnooa. 
riMvs, fiMa rib aiH] mftar hang, 

nriUtim with dwnal agouj I 

H<* band* an daaping iIm Jmolt'* 

Aad hrt aj» loaka ftarfully tatu Ua 

I of ilB I — Da)-, touch a 
m i»n of blMd; — U- 

In th* wond and In the il 
SbHIlM- than tb« kemin cf Unl, — 
Than tha tnunprt'i claM na 
Etwj wnU'Canr of Ihr h01i, — 
Fotrat arrh miil niounUla gorp, 
Ro.'k uij dril. u«l n*tr »m. — 
With an aft.«-n.,,r ^'lio thrtlU 
[ Wall doo tha Jr*i 



Whkh flammofit the Norridgewock to 

And tells thAt the foe of his flock U nigh. 
He Ustens, sod hears the nuigers come. 
With load hurrah, and jar of drum, 
Ad«1 hurrying feet (for the chase is hot), 
And the nhort, sharp sound of rifle shot. 
And taunt and menace, — answpre<i well 
Bv thff Indians* mocking cry and jrell, — 
The hark of dogs, — the squaws mad 

srreain, — 
The dash of paiidles along the Ktrmm, — 
The whifetlr of sliot as it cuts the leavvs 
(>f the maples around the church's 

earea, — 
An<l the gride of hatchets fiercely 

(Hi wigwam-log and tree and stone. 
Blark with the grime of paint and dust. 
Spotted and streaked with human 

A grim and naked head is thrust 

Within the ch«pel-<loor. 
•• H« — Bomazet-n I — In GmVs name say. 
What nran these sounds of bIoo<ly fray If" 
Silent, the Indian {mints hi.s hand 
To where across the echoing glen 
Sweep Harmon's dreaditi ranger-band. 

Ami Moulton with his men. 
•• Where are thy warriors, Bomazeen f 
WTiere are I>e ftouville *• and Castine, 
And where the braves of Sawga's queen ? " 
*' Let mT father find the winter snow 
Whi^h the sun drank up long moons ago ! 
Tnder the fidU of Tacconock, 
The wolres are eating the Xorriiigewwk ; 
Castinc with his wives lies oIom^Iv hid 
Like a fox in the woods of remai{uid ! 
On Sawga's banks the man of war 
Sits in his wigwam like a squaw, — 
8i|iiasdo has fled, and Mogg Megone, 
Sinick by the knife of Sagamore John, 
lies attn and stark and cold as a stone." 

Fearfollj over the Jesuit's face. 

Of a thooaand thoughts, trace after trace. 

Like swift cloud-shadows, each other 

fhie instant, hia fingers grasp his knife. 
For a laat vain strugirie for cherished 

life, - 
The next, he hurls the blade away. 
And kneela at hb altar's foot to pray ; 
Over hia beads hia fingers stray, 
And he kiiars tlie croas, and dills aloud 
On tht Virgin and her Son ; 
Far tanfble thoo^ta his memory crowd 

Of evil seen and done, — 
Of scalps brought home by liis aaTige 

From Casco and Sawga and Sagadahock 

In the Church's service won. 

No shrift the gloomy savsge brooks, 
As scowling on the priest he looks : 
"Cowesass — cowesass — tawhich wessn 

seen ?*• 
liCt my father look upon Bomazeen, — 
5(y father's heart is the heart of a siiiiaw, 
But mine is so hard that it docs not tnaw ; 
I>et my father ask his God to make 
A dance and a feast for a great saga- 
When he paddles across the western lake. 
With his dogs and his squaws to the 
spirit's snore. 
"Cowesass — cowesass — tawhich wessa- 

seen ? 
Let my father die like Bomazeen ! " 

Through the chaiH'l's narrow doors. 

And through each window in the walls. 
Round the nrie»t and warrior pours 

The deadly shower of English Imlls. 
1/1W on his cross the Jesuit falls ; 
V/hile at his side the Norridgewock, 
With failing breath, essays to mock 
And menace yet the hate<l foe, — 
Shakes his 8cal}>.trophies to and fro 

Kxultingly before their eyes, — 
Till, cleft and torn by shot'and blow. 

Defiant still, he dies. 

•* So fare all eaters of the frog ! 
Death to the Itebylonish dog ! 

Down with the beast of Rome ! ** 
With shouts like these, around the dead. 
Unconscious on his bloody bed. 

The rangers crowding come. 
Brave men ! the dead priest cannot hear 
The unfeeling taunt, — the brutal jeer ; — 
Spurn — for lie sees ye not — in wr&th, 
Tne symbol of your SaWour's death ; 

Tear from his death -grssp, in yourMl, 
And tramnle, as a thin^ accurMni, 
The cross ne cherishe«l in the dust : 

The dead* man cannot feel ! 

Brutal alike in deed and word. 
With odious heart and hand of strifes 

How like a fiend may man be made, 

Plving the foul and monstrous trade 
Whose harvest-field is human life, 

Wliose sickle b the reeking sword I 


Til. >i"i' 



, A, M^ 

r»i- ''■ "T: n- »•*' S 1-rt 


i Mill ";^"'", "'^nd till »"-|;' 




j^i. p,.ki« '"^„v ,„ I. i,'. 
ii„A.«i 'jr',r«~"»''':"" 

r""*" ,i.Xm»'~'*!,j? 



Of oomiiur Tengeance mused Castine, 
Of the ^tu cbielUin Bomazeen, 
Who bade for htm the Norridgewocks 
Dig op thtfir bari«d tomahawks 

For firm defence or swift attack ; 
And him whose friendship formed the tie 

Which held the smtd self-exile hack 
From lapdng into savagery ; 
Whoap nrb and tone and kindlv glance 
BecalTed a younger, hanpier (Uy, 
And prompted DK*inor}' s fond i*88ay, 
To bridge the mighty wastii which lay 
Itrtwfen his wild nonie and tliat gray, 
Tall chateaa of his native France, 
Whose chafiel bell, with far-heard din, 
Ushernl hin birth-hour gayly in, 
Knd (H>unted with its solemn toll 
The maasea for his father's soul. 

Hark ! from the foremost of the band 

Suddrnly bursts the Indian yell ; 
For BOW on the very spot tlioy 8tan<] 

Where the Nornd|(fwockstlghtiiig fell. 
Vo wigwam tonoke u curling there ; 
fbe vi*ry earth is s«-on'hed ami Inhiv : 
And they |«u9eanil listen to catch u sound 

Of breathing life, — but there comes 
not one. 
Save the fox's bark and the rabbit's bound ; 
Bot here and there, on the blackened 

White houvB are glistening in the 8un. 
And whrre the bouse of praver arov, 
And the holy hymn, at Uayiight's close, 

And the aged priest stood np %r bless 
The children of the wildemeaa. 
There ia naught save aahes sodden and 
dank ; 
And the birchen boats of the Nor- 

Tethered to tree and stump and nie> 
Rotting along the river bank I 

Blessed Mar^ ! who is she 
Leaning against that maple-tree f 
The sun upon her face bums hot. 
But the fixed eyelid moveth not ; 
The Miuim'I's chirp is shrill and clear 
Fnmi tin* dry l>ough above her ear ; 
Dojihing frum rxxrk and root its spray, 

(..'lose at her feet the river rushes ; 

The bla<-k bird's wing against her 

And Kwnetly through the hazel-bushes 

The robin's mellow music gushes ; — 
God save her ! will she sleep alway f 

Castine hath lient him over the sleeper : 
** Wake, daugliter, — wake ! " — but 

she stirs no limb : 
The eye that looks on him is fixed and 
dim ; 
And the Hl<>ep she is sleeping shall be \io 
Tiitil the angel's oath is said. 
And the final blast of the trump goes forth 
To the graven of the sea and tue graves 
of earth. 
KUTU BuNvruoN 's deadI 


We had been wandering for many da3r9 
Throogh the rough northern countrv. 

We hail seen 
fbe anuet, with its bars of puq>le cloud. 
Like a new heavrn, shine upward from 

iH Winnepiarogee ; and had felt 
The siiDriae breexea, mi<Ut the leafy isles 
Which stoop their summer beauty to the 

or the bricht waters. We had checked 

oar «tceds. 

Silent with wonder, where the rooantain 

Is pileil to heaven ; and, through the 

narrow rift 
Of the vast rrx'ks, against whoae rugged 

Beats the mad torrent with perpetual roar. 
Where noonday is as twilight^ and the 

(.^onies buniened with the everlasting 

Of foresto and of far-off watarfelli^ 


W* Iiul looktd npmt^ whm thv •um- j lifv'i wiDiiInt ^ir, aul iritb ■ iMart |o 

iwr ikr. Ukr 

TuwUnl Kiln cImuIi U^Uworm ij lU cliancm lUI u ghUchiIi ; muI Ui 

S|>niiix ill lilu* ui'b ttiovu ifai kbiitllng , VHr tmn laii|[ [uiliiil niuiUa^ JM i*- 

O'er-iwdlnir tbg «ait tiorul of IbF UihI I Thr «iniith wid fmhiUB of ■ nnkl 
BtyaBaihrnUormountiiim. Wr b»] | bmit. 

launl I Wbnw mirror at the bewilUiil uid tfWk 

Hw Uiab laium of Ibe 8aco ^ and br- , In Man and Nature, ma» a« trl < 

la tbv ilwuf »nnio*-b«IU of Uib Cryilal 

tUd hiani atuirv oa, Iik« a Toln> in tb* 

Tbr Iioni of Palnran aoun Jtug ; iiid atnp 
tif uliIAjtuioi'hiMA badiHntLriniiiilitaini 
PUed lu llw Dorlbmud. abaisnt «iUi 

win], and Uilck 
As mntdow mol«>-bllU, — tb« far m« of 

A wbjti! gleam on lh« hori/oaof ihirvaal ; 
Fair Ukra, rmlimiufrl in Ihn Himla 

an<l billi ; 
Hooarhlltiirk'* manDtain fuge, and 

tUUuK Wn Tlun fainliMd to tbr aiui '. 

Aod n ha.1 lalnl imdnrtivath Ui* uoka 
8hailit«U))( ths Wok, ■hoaagriMy ■{dna 

Bt thr [a-nrtual fasting of tbc (idl* 
Of Ibr aiVl AnmiunooaDC. Wa had 

Thr winding Ti iiiii^i aiaai 1. iivrrhunit 
By liHiebrii abailinn, wliilrniDg duvn 
it( loi-ka. 

nfnuSimm. W.badaMilbaiiioiin 
lU^ng bphiud t'mli^tqg'i tutrm pilira. 
ISkr a grmt luiliaa caiup-Sn' ; and ila 

Rt diut of tliroliwlc itrifr, or bmoli 
Of uct, o[ oobwfbt of (cbuLMlk Im« ; 
liki> k r.Wr cryiUl calm of watrr, laUif 
Tbi- liup uid inu^of u'nltai'"-""" — 
Ijariiit human Gtua, wbtU ol 

Inilli, a aludy, 
Tu uurii hia ipitit. allrnwUit« b 
A doccnl and pitJi^ajui jpwritf ' 
And an imfnmt iiiirlliAilD«ai^ wU 

Uoftbrd In th* farn of hia dirinlt^, 
riarln] ulT iba aactwi rpfaui, igiutr nt- 

Th* oTBclr, and for tb> nttan p 
L«n Q* the man. A abrrird, ■ 

To oboiii thr uilnl ahtvt C 

("mwfiinra Inn, 
OiTUiit tb( lalHt iirMof eUjril __ 
And m\it (if voltun, had adetur mm 
Than ibi' |[r«at pranaoe ■ th* i 

fltvrilird br ihr i 

A dclirati Huwer on vhon Ind b 

liKi lunji 
ThoM rvtl wind*, ■Ui-h. imtTdM ft 

And wiunminK thr foipi of I^bnaha-. 
nliliiuflii >|iaanlnjt aiifa B lirU^* of ! Shod Ibvii cold bli^ii r>and Um^hW 

iil.r, j wtta Bay. 

Mrmmaj'k by I'Dnnonoiut'* falla With thv wnw bi>«Ui vhirh ttmt 

Spring'* otiriiiiijc Imtia 
« wm Hn HwU of oa vhom Inr. And lina hrr hallfomwl Sow-hdl as 
rl'a rlMMM iU aUm, 

Utnin InipilMr in tjwsf vild IVriaoBing uor anai 

. , ictnnvdtipan oar kcanrw anil 

•b* oaly hull Mrk «alla aud e\am A dmt northmtlrni itonn 

UUBDiicd (Itnta. -~ 'mg np 

BfkSot M yat, faMi *ilb an »yc to an TVt tallcy of th* lUfo ; Md iImi girl 




Wbo kid stood with oi upon Mount 

BfT bvo«rn locks raffled by the wind 

whi<!h whirled 
In giuti aroand its shftrp cold pinnacle, 
Who bail joinrd our gay trout-tishing in 

the a tmun s 
Which lare that giant's feet ; whose 

laagh was hwd 
like a bird's carol on the sunrise brreze 
Which swelled our sail amidst the lake's 

grern iidantls. 
Shrank frrmi its harsh, chill breath, and 

▼iidbly drxiope<i 
Like a flower in the frost. So, in that 

(luift inn 
Which Iiiuks from Conway on the moun- 
tains piled 
Hearily agHin^rt the horizon of the north, 
like summer thunder-clouds, we made 

our home : 
And while the mist hung over dripping 

And thf cold wind-driren rain -drops all 

day long 
Rrat tht*ir sad music upon roof and pane. 
We rtrore to cliwr our gentle invalid. 

Hi* lawyer in the paunes of the storm 
Wfnt angling down the 8aou, and, re- ' 

Rrrountetl his ailrcntures and niishapH ; 
(i*ve us the hi"»ton' of his si'sly clieiitH, 
Ntogling with ludirruusyet apt citations 
> K" barVinrou« law I^tin, }iaHHages 
From liAAk Walton's Angler, swoet and 

A* the rtower-nkirted streamn of StutTonl- 

Whew, under agr^l trees, the mmthwot 

Ofaoft June momingM fanne<l the thin, 

white hair 
*.H the «*ge fisher. And, if tnith be told, 
t>ar youthful candidate forsook his ser- 
mon % 
Hi* crvninentarif*^ arti«*h»s an<l cn^eds. 
For the fair |«ge of hiimsn loveline««i, — 
The mivtal (»f young ht^rts, whoM* sa- 

rre«i text 
U niiaic, its illumining sweet smiW. 
He SBXiK the wmgn she lovetl ; and in 

his low, 
tVepi, earnest voice, perited many a ragi' 

»jrt fine* 

iH poetry, — the holiest, tenderest 
Of the M«i bard of Olney, — the sweet 

Simple and beautifnl as Troth and Na« 

Of him whose whitened locks on Bydal 

Are lifted yet by morning breezes blowing 
From the green hills, immortal in hislaya. 
And for myself, obedient to her wish, 
( searched our landlord's proiTered li- 
brary, — 
A well-thumbed Bunyan, with its nico 

wood pictures 
Of scaly fiends and angels not unlike 

them, — 
Watts' uniuelodious psalms, — ABtroU 

I^ast home, a musty pile of almanacs, 
And an old chronicle of bortler wara 
And In<lian hi.stor>'. And, as I read 
A story of the marriage of the ( 'hief 
Of Saugus to the dusky Weetamoo, 
Daughter of Pa-sMaconaway, who dwelt 
In the old time ui>on the Merrimack, 
Our fair one, in the playful exeivise 
Of her prerogative, — tfie right divine 
Of youtn and iM'auty, — bade us vendfy 
The Icgoinl, and with reatly pencil 

Its plan and outlines, laughingly as- 

Toeacli hisivirt, and l»arring our excuses 
With u)>soIute will. So, like the cavaliers 
WhojM' voices still are heard in the Ro- 
Of silv»T-toiigued Boccaccio, on the banks 
Of .Anio, with soft tales of love liegiiiling 
The ear of langiii<l l)eauty, plague-exiled 
From stately Flon'Ucc, we rehearxetl our 

To thf ir fiiir auditor, and shared by turns 
Her kind uppn>val and her playful cen- 

It may Iv that these fragments owe alon^ 
To the fair setting of their circum- 
stances, — 
The as.Mx*iationH of time, scene, and 

audience, — 
Their ]»lace amid the picture* which 

ftU up 
The chamliers of my memory. Yet 1 tnist 
That some, who sigh, while wandering 

in thought. 
Pilgrims of Romance o'er the olden world. 
That i>ur bnvad laml, — our sea- like 

luk4>s and mountains 
Pileil to the chmds, — our riven over 


Djr (orraU which hmrt kDOwn no other 

For agH^ thw tb* bodJlitf uid the bll 
Of Isim. — inlf fdUyn lovirlltT thwi 

On tiw ■[■'•prTph*! rh«rt oT iiietniUlion 
Am {■«iiin->. wood-toti, mUl'Utn. vith 

tlii^ tirirltntv. 
Kigliti, au'l ■ji|'iii-t«uan»», which malir 

A Vanki'T pmndur, — ontilng, iuik.liinrn, 
Tu Inutiful imUtioD ; noi tbrit iiKinn, 
WhuK- iw-linl; jrt lin|[«n like th* Iwt 
VtbnUuD of th* nA Buii'a iruuinn, 
Kschjtiitinl for ■ylUUr* tlxnilicant 
Of ODtum-niUl uid nil-cw, will li»k 


3KIII thu rtCalt to (all Kp tfa( ohortt 
oar illiii Put, knd lurtm with ]iUunl 

To the r*a|Kiiiaei of the ((unlJuiHil iUuilr. 

t. Tm KEWtltun. 
O CBIUi of that whilr-mvt*^ moanbUii 

Ouh fnnh In tfir aliulc of tlt« cl iff-Mfl*'* 

UowD iih>i» *lot>M m tha lowUmi* ihr 

hII.I •maXrn ihlnr. 
U«|'i<i|E eny <'*n> 'if Tflck, flubJOf; 

Ihiviigh lh> ilwwf jiUm. 

n«n (Hit rItnl-Fanained millif <o cold 

Pnm Ihr uTiii of that wiatiy-locknl 

miithrr (^ atiin*. 
Bf hlUt bnnv -iib foiMtiv tln«wh 

■ l»m iha ttnit 
fKfrtrJinl tbiHr Inim ann* abara l&n 

ami kiianl la iba hiHas : 
N* nrati>l a(> th" Ups of the wavaa ea 

TI17 Xaabiu fnnadowa la; gniMi aad H 

Hut thr Pcimaouuk TaUaf km WfV 

ihaii tlwiv. 
Andgnpiier ita gnuuiK* ui4 talliriu tn^ 

le mowfli Uu acftha in lbs 
hjul iwuog. 

In thxlr ahrlU-ml mwaa lookloc Mt 

Inxu tLv wood 
Thr iMfk-liuildnl wiirmutBaf PcBnacsck 

Then gUJM the o 

Thrn Ih<^ old Dnok«l b > 
fim, and the yaang 

To Uir fAka uxl th> whitispcnk'9 
bait*! Iliuia flonD ; 

Thrra ILf U)t (ba]nl bis 
tlirn tLr ahv niaiJ 

VTova has manx-hiird iMakata taAu 


I of till' MiiuntBlna 

Could liw ftvni thy ■ 

of minr, 
Hethinka ihrouf^ thi; 

thmaipl Lanka a n 
iX wmn would anil tat Xheit 

Not for thM tho linn Jar of Um k 

the whofl. 
Tiw ffUdioe uf iLutthv. Iba ri 

kind : 

But that old Tolo ot 

Tha ilip of the wU>l>towl, th* 



Ud by Um few pale lighte which, glim- 
ThU, disk, Strang kiid of Eld, seem 


which hi 

history giyes not to the 

fhe filled coloring of Ti]ne*s tapestry, 
Let Fancy, with her dream-dipped bnuh, 

Roof of bark and walls of pine, 
Throoi^ whose chinks the sunbeams 

Tracinc many a golden line 

On Uie ample floor within ; 
Wherp, npon that earth-floor stark, 
Imj the gaudy mats of bark. 
With the bear's hitle, rough and dark. 

And the re«l-deer's skin. 

Window-traeery, smsll and slight, 
Wovm of the willow white, 
Lrnt s dimly checkered light. 

And the night-ntsm glimmered down, 
Where the hxlge-fire's heavy smoke. 
Slowly thn>ugh an <>i¥>ning broke. 
In the low roof, ribbed with oak, 

Sheathed with liemlock brown. 

Gloomed behind the changeless shatie, 
Bt the liolenin pine-wood uumIc ; 
Tdroogh the raggi'<i palinade, 

la the o|<>n foreground planted, 
6Iim|Mm came of rowen rowing. 
Stir of leares and wild* flowers blow- 

jteel-like gleams of water flowing. 
In the sunlight slanted. 

Here the mighty Bashaba 

Held his long-untiueaitioned sway, 

FrMD the White ililK far sway. 

To the great sea's sounding snore ; 
Chief of cnieCs, his regal word 
All the river Sachems heard. 
At his call the war-dance stirred. 

Or was still once more. 

There his mils of chase and war, 

law of wolf and black bear's paw, | 

^Dther'a skin awl eagle's claw, j 

L«y beside his axe and bow ; 
And, adown the ro(»f-^le hung, 
LasBsly on a snake-skm strung, 
la the smoke his scalp-locks swung 

Oiiodj to and fro. 

Nightly down the river goin^ 
Swifter was the hunter's rowing. 
When he saw that lodge-fire glowing 

O'er the waters still and r^ ; 
And the so uaw's dark eye burned brightff^ 
And she drew her blanket tighter, 
As, with quicker step and lighter, 

From that door she fled. 

For that chief had magic skill. 
And a Panisee's dark will. 
Over powers of good and ill, 

Powers which bless and powers which 
ban, — 
Wizard lord of Pennacook, 
Chiefs u{M)n their war-}iath shook. 
When they met the steady look 

Of that wise dark man. 

Tales of him the gray squaw told. 
When the wint<*r night-wind cold 
Pierced her blanket'8 thickest fold. 

And her fire burned low and smaU* 
Till the very ciiild aUni, 
Drew it« Ix'ur-skin ov»»r head, 
Shrinking from the pale lights shed 

On the trembling wall 

All the subtle spirits hiding 
Under earth or wave, sbiding 
In the cavemed nx'k, or riding 

Misty 4*loud8 or morning breeze ; 
Kvery dark intelligi'nce. 
Secret soul, and influence 
Of all thingM which outward sense 

Feels, or hears, or sees, — 

These the wizard's skill confessed. 
At hi.s bidding liannetl or blessed, 
Stonuful woke or lulletl to rest 

Wind an<l cloud, and fire and flood; 
Runietl for him the drifted snow, 
Bsile thn)ugh ice fresh lilies blow. 
And the leaven of summer grow 

Over winter's wood I 

Xot untrue that tale of old ! 
Now, as then, the wise and bold 
All the powers of Nature hold 

Subject to their kingly will ; 
From the wondering crowds ashore^ 
Treading life's wild waters o'er. 
As upon a marble floor. 

Moves the strong man stilL 

Still, to such, life's elements 
With their sterner Isws dispense^ 



Anil tho chain of oonM^uence 

Hrr»ki'n in their utthway lit» ; 
Tiiii** unil rliunp- titi-ir \jisNiils making, 
FliiwcrM t'niiii wy ]iillijWM waking, 
Trt>.sifti']« f>f thf siinii.'<«' shaking 
OvtT nii«lni^lit skieh. 

Still, to th' carnfrt unol, the sun 
k*>stH ui« i>iuiTf«l (lit won, 
An>l thf ni'Miti of A, jaion 

l.i};ht<« tin- ItuttJi'-p^fiMiiil** of lift- ; 
T«i hi.t HJtl thr strong n-vrr^-s 
lliil«li II |N)WMr'< unil ^iuiit fun-iN, 
Aiiil th** lii^li ittar^ in tlirir tuiirv^, 

Min^li' ui liiH At rift- ! 


The hiiiit-Mai k liri»WN nf mi-n, - th*- 

< >l\%i>ni< iitliiiiiiL'inL'r«'Uii<lt]ii Im-iI, 
TIi<-tiiikliii/i )i:iT t ini::.iiii ^}i-ll. 

Til'- r^w-ih wlii-j- iiiii; «i'ii ihi 


All tlit^i- tljf S.I- ]i« :ii'' 1j..ti . h.i.I 

^VI,. I., nil )■• I j.i'jrii' \ !■■;._' iT.I w :!■! 
Tii ill'- "hill \N"ii'l t't >• IL-. ..Ii«i!' . 
in h«-i >-"'iii^' ^« liity jM*-» ■! til'- niiiTlirr 
<•! l.i> • liiM. 

TIjTi-'- \'"\\ "hn!"* fi'irn \)\*' S.i. lii-iii'- 
• iw- ".'ivl: 
Til- \ iiii 111 I i'l th'- waliiu? "ill »i!i . 
W|.. ii .1 ::i- • t; l.jilii. k L"' Ji'!% -MtKs-i^^ 

II' I t?'ii,j rii'i'ni'l "\ I'.iMi'. nii'i'. 
Tl.» f- !r.i!l' 1 jIi- \ iiM in <«tiiMii<-r li'i-ii-. 
Til' t?'t i.:.!i.-i| "iiniii'i •li«'|ij"i| 
l.i< ^».. ii. 
On \i;\.» ? ..., ;i'il |ti]. ^lu.-.l tliiwtr-'. 
W..\.ri wi""'i i'lt III t "J'r.iy, th'- -i't!ijii-il 
-•ifi.}.::i- 1- 11 ! 

Tfi* Iri ;i iT."- h'- ir! i- l.:u-l in! i ■'!■!. 

1* ■! i\\ '.\ !■ • ' !'- ■ II- . 

At ;!•■:!..• : r: N" i!'iT» -«•*■ rri- -t ni<> .1-1, 

I- .' .A •.. J. . 1. .1- .| -Ti'it L' 1.. 't.i .ir 
T;.' ^'^ I- : I-? • ' ii t },. > » !.. ^11- t.i ■ . 
1 r;'*'* u:*h T'l;*. ■-I.i'ti' I.»r>« jnii 
r. 1. 
A' !. -'. ' -•■ ' •*•'' "I ii ■ li I-'-. 
l»T'. !■ :J .;. : -T-.M ?.:i,- ■.-!■•■ I *- ::• i'!. 
Hi- ' ;• : . ■-• •!' I 1 

Y» • -i*^ ' ■ ll- • ! ill ■ W «- !■■ i' I !!■■ Ml i!'-, 

An 1 wh'i, r:.t pjin !.• i ni"'ii'-i c.i^«-. 

I Ami Rniall, li^ht niocoajun ihe wore, 
I Hail slowly wajit***! on her grmr^, 

! Unniarkttl of him thr lUrk niaiilH Mifxl 
I Tlu'ir stunwt dancpaml moonlit iJay; 

I No other hhatvil hin lonf Iv lin], 
' No other fair yuun^ hefuk u]iun hi* 

Uisoni luv. 

j A lime, hteni man. Yet. a«« M»nietim>-« 
i Till- tfniiN->t-siiiitten tiee rei-rivf% 

! Kruni oni- nniall riMit the mjji «hiik 

I rliliihs 

It-* tii|ifno.ot Ki»rHy anil t-rounin^ 

Su friini hi- I'hiM thf Sju-heni ilru'w 

A litf nf l^iVf anil llti|M-, antl frit 
111" riili) itn>l ni;:p'<l iiiitnn* thp'iifsh 
TIm- ^••ltiii-'«'< anii till- wannth of hrr 
}iiun^ Uin>; luelt. 

A Iiinf!)i whii-)i in the w«ioillanil rang 
li-iiiii. kifiL' Aprils ^hiililf^t hinl, — 

A ii^iit .11. •! i^i.ii i till titini ^hirh sprang 
T*> ni- • t hini uh'ii hi& >X*u Has 

K.\> " I'V Ills 1im|;;i -t'.ii- iLi-hiit;; il.irk. 

Mil. ill tllil.'•-l"^lIiMk:jIlL )t-.i<iiihiN)|fl| 

< 'f w i\nr^'iii;it-i.tliii::!i! Iiiii -ilLtrk. — 
Wi'h tl..— thf li..iis.l...l.l.!:.«l'« hMd 
^T.ii-i-il his u i^woni uill. 

rhiM iifth* fiiii>»t • •'troll)* anil fr»««*. 

Si-^'ht iiil" <l, ^Kith IiHi-«i ly t1<iwiri|{ 
>]ii -u.iiii till- l.iki <>r I liniU •! thtMrvT, 

* »r sTim k till- t!\ in;; l<ir<i in air 
< I'l-r till )p :i|" •! thittHiif ^Kinti-r'«i niiH>n 

ll«r sniiw sii.M., ti-ick***! th>' hunter'* 

An-1 il-i/ziiiip; in tli<- siMi.r'i'-r ii<miti 
'rii> M;flf <<t Ihi ]i;;ltt ii.ii tliriw utl it* 
hh'iMi r •»! "^pi^'iv I 

riikiM'Wn t-i le f tht riLHii nile, 
Tip <i:ill ri stMMit, thi • hi>hn;:fn>ini, 

'r!i'-v«.tt\ l"'Tiir< III' till- V h«Mil, 
Til' 1 iTMti^' iif \«i! ! n.itui^- ilnw-n. 

n> t ..ii!\ ]'•■ . tii«- )• ^'i Ti Is ti»M 

A:'''-i t1.' ItUTit.-i"-* liri a! ni;;hl ; 

Si t!s r iii'l -« T, iin'! h-fii-i'ns ritll*^ 

)[..»••<. *. .H.tiii 1 .inil <'iiitu -tl kk«-H fell, 
iiii(u< ^rjiin*'! ill lii-r >iKht. 

Thki i-w !i T.I !;• r til- <>uhtle nkill 

\\"rli will- li tilt ,irti><t-fVi- run tract 


In l"^ k II. 'i !if :iri<l i.tkf iipil lull 
'Ilir II. it hi:--.- «■! J" i!M»*t ^nK*c ; 



UnkAovQ the fine tours keen nnrest. 
Which lees, ediniret, yet yearns 
•Iwajr ; 
Too cloeely on her mother^s breast 
to noU her smiles of love the child of 
Nature lay ! 

It is enough for su<;h to be 

Of rommon, natural things a part, 
To ffvl, with bird and stream an<l tnn?, 
Thff* jHibes of the same great lieart ; 
But we, from Nature long exiled 
In our cold homes of Art snd 
Ori<»ve like the stranger-tended child. 
Which leeks its mother's arms, snd 8ec8 
but feels them not. 

The garden rose may richly bloom 

In cultured M>il and genial air 
To cloud the light of FaMhion's rr»m 
Or dntop in liifauty'M mi<lnight hair, 
In lonelii'r gracf, to Nun and dew 

The «iw«\'t brier on tlie hilUide shows 
Its ningle Ifsf and faintiT hue, 
rntimiueil an<l wildly free, yet still a 
sister rose ! 

Thus o'er the lieart of WeetanKw 

Their mingling Hhad en of joy and ill 
The instincts of her nature thn*w, — 

The Mviig** was a wonwn Htill. 
IlidAtmitliiieft «lim of maiden fM'hemeA, 

Heart -colonil prc>j»lM*cie!* «f life. 
BoM>on the ground of her young dream h 
The light of a new home, — tlie lover 
and the wife. 


CofiL and dark fell the autumn night. 
Hat the Kaslialia's wigwam glowed with 

For down fnjm its rwif by green withes ! Steaks of the brown b«»ar fat and large 

On tree-leaves wet with evening dews, 
On gliding water and still canoes. 

The trapper that night on Turee's brook, 
And the weary fisher on Contoocook, 
Saw over the marshes and through the 

And down on the river the dauce-lights 


For the Saugus Sachem had come to woo 
The l^haba's daughter Weetamoo, 
And laid at her fatuer's feet that night 
His softest furs an<l wampum white. 

From the Crystal Hills to the far south- 

The river Sagamores came to the fwwt ; 

And chiefs whose homes the sea-Mrinds 

Sat down on the mati of Pennacook. 

Tliey came from SunajH'e's shon* of rock. 
From the snowy sourees of SiKMignnock, 
And from rough C'uos whtnie thick woods 

Their pine-cones in Umbagog Lake. 

Frr»m Anunonoosiic's mountain pass. 
Wild as his home, came CheiiewasM ; 
And the Kei>num{)8 of the iiills which 

Their shatie on the Smile of Manito. 

With pi|»es of peace and bows unstrung, 
(flowing >%ith {mint came old an<l young, 
Inwiuiipum and furaand feathers arrayed. 
To the damv and feast the Ikishaba made. 

Binl of the air 8n<l beast of the field, 
.Ml whieh the wo<m1s and waters vield. 
On ilishes of bin'h and hemh><*k pile<l, 
<iarni.Hhed and graced that banquet wild. 


Flaring and smoking the pine-knots 

And along the river great Wtvxi.fires 
•»tmC into the night tneir long n«d spires, 
Showing behind the tall, dark wo«m1. 

From the ro<'ky slojiesof the Keantarge ; 
Delicate trout fn)iu lUhlnMHuek bn'K>k, 
And bslmon siieareil in the Contoocook ; 

S«|uirrels whieh M a here nut.s fell thick 
In the gniVflly l»e<i of the Otteniic ; 
And .small wild-hens in n»e»l-snar»»s caught 

Flashing b^ure on the sweeping flood. From the banks of Sondaganle<> brought; 

fo the changeful wind, with sliimmer ' Pike snd piTeh from the Snn<HM>k taken, 
and shade. Nuts fnmi the trees of the Black Hills 

Sow high, now low, that firelight played, . shaken. 



CnnlMTrit's flit kt'fl in tin- SijuaniM-ot \iOfi, 
Aiitlgn4ifhfn»iuth(.'viiit-sut I'lM-Htuijuti^ : 

Aiid« tlrawii fn>iii that great »tonu vusc 
uhi«.li >taiiil!« 

Stffp, rarfrnous hillitides, where bUck 
hfiului'k 8|iurH 
Ami nhur|>, ffny H]iliiitenof thewind- 

rienrt'il tlir thiii-gUzi-d ice, or brittliug 

In th«- riviT m-imiih il l»y a .s|iiiit*<. huinl-s** ' msi-, 

(iiii'iiislit ■! \%i:li !<}HHiiii iif <.)ii-ll aiiil huMi, . Whtp* till- roll 1 ri lit r»fthr JiVvHunk «iovn 

Stiiml tlif Inn )u-iiili>lii-.>of Mimkiii^; < •iin. | ii|miii tlit* miuwn. 

TlMi-^inl «>f tilt- nil :iihnfii«>t of thf fii-M, Ami <Ni>twanl rtiM, v^idt* riiarhli^* 
All utii> li t)ii-\i<NHUiiiiiitiif Uiitrr> ^ii'iiL ! stii-trlit-tl nwuv, 

Kiiiiii^li' •! ill •il'l«-ii <liiv I>iill. «li-i.iiv flats ^»ith(>ut a liu>h or 

• I * 

Thf hiiilal t'iMAt ni the Ri>ha)iii. tin-. 

< »'ir.iriiN.'M-.l hy i< v rn-rks, whi-n* tni«"r m 
Aii<l iiiirTily mIh-m thiit fi'uot ua's <h>ii'- iliiy 

On tlii- ti{i-lir ;:iiin th*- ilnn- Ih-^ih,. | <:ui^'Ii-i1 tin* wntcrstif thr iiKmn-.strurk 
WiTho'^i.tM-o'-liriiUtiixi'. .in<l<ii-i-|>ii hum . •.•■:!; 

'•M tiM iiii-n lii.itini: tiif ln< •liuiti. : An<l liiint uith <li!»tHncp raiiK' thf •>titl*il 


I*:iint«il iiinl ]i]iinii<l. \\it}i '^•}<-]iH k- Tlji- ni'-t.-uu lioly hipv of wavrii un tliiit 

thiMMl^. liiW sliiip-. 

Anil n<l iiiiiis tiisoiiii; nxA M.n k i vi-> 

j:li'\wh;:. N.I «)iii'rriil \iil.i;:f with itn uiin^Itng 

N'lW in til'- tibilit aii'I it'iU ill \],t '^]•.^>\^^ sM.iiki-, 

..riiiin<l thi- till - li.i d.iiM • :^ ]-i.!\< i. ^ Ni> i ii:;:h nt ■ liiliii'-n vin '>tliii^ in ih^ 

TIit-ti|iw.i-.iji;iik' I. t1.« ^.-rij ' < »■ -^rili. \.i i,in-{-iii>- M.i/iii;; thii'n;;h ihr hill- 

Aii'hli' )-iT"! Jlii^ni.ill'liM: ► ".■■■li- : -till m-Ii •■ik-*. 

\Vli.iiiv. I Mi*lii:itli< ii:ii- .1 A N'l- ti^i.< 1^ ki:i I liii^ iiTi th<- ii'> Ix !i>w : 

Till- S.iii^iii S.f )it in ii!i-! \\ • ' '.III V* T iiiiiot .ill lit 'siihiti- thin:^*! nt ^iiixid 

j mi \ii w . 

Till- niix'ii* I't r>rTv v\irii<i>> ]i.i-I ^^> >i Thinu^'ii tlii- l<iiiu' ^»intl■^ niiNina siiiilf<l 

Tll«'ir 'I.iiW ILI-'IJ *i..lT ■lii'tTim- li' .I'l, I il.llk «-\i>l \Vfr|;iII|iiii. 

Aii'l ti-il iih'l ' .i!--. .irj'i '••ivl- ■>).iii't 

Il.fil •MMiii* >l hi«><l •: Ilk • •■:iii*<-ii iii> •■. IJi-i Im ;iti hid tuiiiiil a hiiiiti- ; anil fri-«hlv 
A fiuTi 111 rhi M" ri u'lim. It-. U.iutit'ul .iirf tinns •ivrru'Ti w 

\Vii\ r;ni- !hi •ii'i' - i"ii'l •'.■• ■'•! him. Tin ii ni;.V' 'I I'inp. As u'l-r r-'iiii t:r.iiiite 

ll. \\h II l....k !- >. I':-!.* In>;.1- 

Til- tii:ilhj'h •■!" i ^U.l' :i I'll-:- ' 

..-K wli\ tIi- jr.i ■ till ^'r.i;-- • \*\y ii- 
'II-' T. ijli ■■ ik u;';i }.■ r ..i:ii ■■! '. .i.> - : 


Suit \iiii- li-.t\« .■« tiiK-ii tt» till- inniotrii* 
in;: "i« w 
Aii'l UiiTiii t'li^'lit Hiiii, thi> hiVi- iif thai 

Xi'UllJ wit'- 

II.' I" l^ll''»»\l'».lil-l-'l.ll--l 111.'', «.->lll^<«tl- 

A' 1 w}.*. '\ ' jr ■; i... '.. - r..;.-' I li'«k Kunn-I "ii .i h.M«l n'lil hna-'t tlif «lf 

i !.■ -■:! ];|- -.1 'l:- I '-.-.• k : 

alfl u.irnitli III litf. 

Wl,\. '.ii'r. ui- ■:-•;■ '. N I'lifi 'iMh'. *I"hf stti p hlmk llilU, thf flu Uni hdr 

!' ') i'I:."'iJ.'' K" t \\\-\' •\'!«!i.'*, 
I. '.l^ir.j •'■■ -•■■■_•■: \i.'-. •:■ u-.ik. 
!":.■ I. i..ji.:> Wi'i. rii. ■■ v .i:i ! ni-i-k ! 

\ I in M \\ M-MI. 

Th' I-i j: ill i>[ 1» vil iif th«' in.irsh U- 
i-.M ■ I., 
A •■■■li-rnii: i-t wni>.il N.iuty ^*i»n- 
'r!ii--'it.'h til- ;:»'lili-ii iiii-'t I'f \«iun^ 
Iii\ I- '.i-i ll 
A ^^ :• «'. 1 '■:■ k* i. ! •:. ;- ii- , si-iki-i K.-i •■'. r :iii*i );i!N.ih'l tn<n> that ilivarv 

I ■ m 

.» "1. r r-. 

1-! nil. 

-• 1 -i 1 1 ll. 

K< ...-: '•..:: ^ *':.' b!< .tk }.<>i:.->iii\ iiiir!h- Ni^*li:!\ -!.• uil>Mni«<l huiuf hi-r huuirr 
i-:h iil^, i hii-t a^Miiu 



Ko intfBiUi of heart, no ptsrionftte borat 
of fwling, 
Bepftid h^r welcoming smile and part- 
ing kiM, 
Xo fonit AOfi pUyful dallUnce half cou- 
UntWr the guiae of mirth, its tender- 

Bnt, in their stead, the warrior's settliHi 

Aud vanity's pleased smile with homage 


£nouj^h for Wretamoo, that she alone 
Sat on hitf mat and slumbered at his 
sidf ; 

That he wluMe fame to her young ear 
ha*! flown 
Now looked u|K>n her proudly as hin 
liride ; 

Tliat h«* whoar name the Moliawk trem- 
bling hfanl 

Vouch«f*^rtu her at times a kindly look 
or word. 

For she had leametl the maxims of her 
Which teach the woman to liecomc a 

And frnl hemelf the panlonle«M tlifignice 
Of lore ii fond weakness in the wise 
anti brave, — 

The «ranilal and the shame which they 

Who girt* to woman all which man re- 
quires of her. 

80 paaaetl the winter moons. The sun 

at la>t 
Brokf link bv link the frost chain of 

the nlK 
And the warm bmthings of the south- 

«rst paasiNl 
Orer the hoar rime of the Saugns hit In, 
Tile gray and desolate marsh givw green 

once monr. 
And the birrb-tree*s trennlons shade fell 

round the Sachem's door. 

Then from tar Pennacook fwilt runners 
With gift and greeting for the Saugus 
chief ; 
Baeeching htm in the great Sachem's 
Tittt, with the eomiDg of the flower 
and leaf. 

The sonff of birda, the wi :rm breeze and 

the rain. 
Young Weetamoo might greet herlonelj* 

sire again. 

And Winnepurkit called lu: chiefs to- 

And a grave council in hir wigwam 

Solemn and brief in ^ords, considering 

The rigiil rules of forest etir^uette 
lVn»iitt«*«l WtM'tainoo one*- more to look 
r{H)ii her fath>*r'M face and green -banked 

Peunacook . 

With interlu<les of {tiiie-smcke and 

strong water, 
The fort*st sages ]>ondered, and at 

Concludt^l in a boiiy to escort her 
rp to her father's home of pride and 

Impressing thu.s on Pennacook a sense 
Of Winnepiirkit's {»ower and regal con* 


So through old woods which Aukeeta* 
mil's** hand, 
A soft and many-shaded greenness lent. 

Over hi^fh bn'«'7y hills and HMnwhjw land 
Yelhiw ^ith flowers, the wild proces- 
sion went. 

Till, rolling down its wooded banks be- 

A broad, clear, mountain stream, the 
Merrimack was seen. 

The hunter leaning on his bow undrawn. 
The tislier lounging on the ]iebbled 

Squaws in the clearing dropjiing the 

Young children peering through the 

wigwnm doon. 
Saw with delight, surrounded by her 

0r{>ainteii8augus braves, their Weetamoo 



The hills are dearest which our chfldith 

Have climbed the earliest ; and tht 

streams most sweet 



Arc pvrr tliosr at wliirh our young \i\t^ ** If now no moit* a mftt for her is foantl 

<lr.iiik, Of ull which line her father's «'igm-un 
Stuii]N-il Til tlii-ir wati*n o't-r the grassy nmu'l, 

liaiik : , Lf't r*Mina(*<>iik rail out hifi warrior t nun. 

Ami siiul hiT Imok with wani|iuiii gift* 
MiiUt til'- I'tijii iln>;iry s«*a-wat('li, IIoni<'*N again." 


Sliint-?* ri><ifi<l till* lii-hnMiian |ilutigin;; Tin- Kiffli'il ninufrtunii-il up(inhi'> tn>< k, 

tlinni^rh tlii- liJL'lit : rH-aniig th«'Mni«Uof Winiifpurkit luik. 

An«i rttill. with i-yi*, tln' tniVflliT " I'ni: «if ilu* Mursh," critil rtitnanvik 

M-f<* *• no niiiff 

In il'i"!-, il.irk. stmngiTstn-tt> liisn.ilivi- Slt.iil i hlM of mifx- sit on hix wipkuni 

trf'".-*, lliNff. 

Th«" h^ni'-'-i' k tln-anHT'Hlm.w i> nightly 

t;ilili> >1 
Hy lip t /'"s w hi- jw-riii;: <»f !»»■* ii-it i v- l.iml. 
Afiil iin till- >«'<-r<» «iiiii uipI «lyMi;^' 

i'hf Mil!, -nfi-t |iiiluris iif his ihiM- 
htHMl ]i«*. 

Joy tlii-n f'lr Wiit.iiiM*', t^' "it ■■tii- iii"!* 
A iliiM ujM'ii li'i 1 i!li' r-» w ij-.\ ii!i i!-«.i ■ 
Oil! •■ iiii'fi- wiili h' i iiM t>',i -> T'l }- 

Kri'IIi 1:!- '"M *v tin- -tmii.' li.l,! ••: .■ 



Tlf 1"IIU' I'liL'h* 'i.iy-. iif -.JlTlilli* I «:\\;f!\ 

Tli'''!:\ !•■<%••> \«liiii> •{ iti :iii;!iiiiii''i ri^- 

Aii'i «V'M-.i: ■ l'>i:-l aii'l whiti-iiing Miii 

t:- Mill' 
T«M I ••! til' i-niini: «»t' tli«- wiiiti-r-tinii 

M::t v.iv Iv I--, k' 1. tli«' whil', \i-:iU;: 

\Vi ■ T ir.'.tHi, 
]»«.UT. Tr ■ .; irk rj\' r J.ii Ij- r< )ii«r*' \U'-- . 

Ni"|-.-k ■. p." '- » -•• T I:.. Ml S li;;!!'.^ ri-Hu'lif 

'I'l.' ^:.''-'-i\ •] '.ir,.'- will li I:.' \"ii;ip: 
w:;. -'.jiil. 

AT 1. ».»-!i .1 T ■• T-. r fi..!ii !.• I t-i!],- T " •/. 
T- \V ::.:.;. .iki* ' -• -i- ■-•l"l wi.'wtn. 
w- :iT 

!■ \ ■ 
M-. .::.- 1 : :)f ^l.- Ir- : -I :liy wii.^'- ■■! 

*• ilii, - - Irt him Hi-t'k sonif n>fan**r^iuaw 

fit ^{>r•■:l•l 

Tin >tiiI«'H Ih ai-skin of his lifggar's U-\| : 
Smi ill a tish-hiiwk !— ]ft him «lig hii 

I lariiH 
F'li S4irii«- vi]r iLiiiu'liti-r of tin- A:;aw.iin% 

•MM •■l|^%.l^•l Nipiiiu- k^ ! — may hi* <rf-Alp 

• ll\ hl.K k 

Im Mfliiwk >iriiiki-, ]*-(Hri' I st'ii'I liT 

r... k ■■ 
II- "h-Hih hi" « '.* lii-hftl h.iii 1 titwariiK th^ 

I' • .III U l\'-. 

\\"l.:l' } '.Mr- .!•»*. lit lii-* li'>tifiiii;: -»un- 

Al;ts ] r ^li'h- ' I III tliy grim "ir** 

till ii'iii liiitlii''"" til thy's li*art * 
« ir, ,.]ii *.;i •.iiTuriTi;: jiri'li- lik» hi<».it<<iie 
K<T )tiv< •!• Ill' l ami IiIV'n warm U-autv 

fli.wr. ' 

'Ml Aiituiiiir'* {.TiV ami m«>iinifu1 in^vr 

til' -IM'U 

Ilui,:: IT- wlijTi- wr>iith<>; with "tirt*^! 
Tl.«' ii\*r • ii I't. \'\ Mip- v^^T l•Il«l;^• o'>-r- 

1 IllNSI .|, 

Miuil ^y th'- hiHir-1'ii kf •! a:tis<iii nt K:«M. 

Aii'l II. iii> a MiH'ii ill li-«nTy nfw]\ U>m 
I'l-i.'-l tIi. it.l *>unM-t with h- r "'.Ivrr 


«>r. tt'iii ?!»•■ fa«.t. «.Tii*- 1p1 .i/Uf» I;r!ii 
K'Hiti til'- wi-l'- hnghiiii ■«<« ut hrr full- 

• .fix .1 ^l,|i l-l. 

W.* :).• Lirk li;.f I s., ..-.^ ".!•.. I I-:]- V> r Wt'.i.i ]>-.:!kiT • am* lift. -- on thr mat 

Iv •?.' j:--, iiTik*' ! "T !. iT i Ii- ii*' i J •! i- : « »i Th' "- ri:- -l wiii- In-r ^llJ^ky livnl «it ; 

•* 1 ■'-.;' I.'f .1^ >■« .i!! •■ .1 • l.:i :: t;:. " A:. 11:- . th' iii Wi«.tirn wim-it* afar, 

•!n«')t'T. Ir^i'l th' ]**Ui» I hii.M', ur trud the |iatk 
I'y tu hi-r }i"tiif U'si'ic th* g'.iding waur. ot war. 



Dry op ihj Xttin, yoniig daaglitar of * 

cbirf ! 
Wttte not on him the ticrednfsi of grief ; 
Be the fieitv spirit of thv sire thine own, 
II i« li|« of kooming, uul hit heart of stone. 

What hfrtU the wmrrior of a hundred 

The ttunn-worn watcher through long 

hunting nights. 
Cold, rrafty, pruud of woman's weak 

Her hoth«*-bound grief and pining lone- 



Tmc wild MaR'h ««in& had fallen fast and 

Tbeanowy moontainaof the Xorth among, 

Making each rale a waterc(»une, — each 

Bright with the cascade of some new- 
made rill. 

ISoawed by the sunbeams, softened by 

the rain, 
HearrU undrrneath by the swollen cur- 

n-nt's strain. 
The ice-bridgv yielded, and the Merri- 

Borv the huge ruin crashing down its 


On that «tTong turbid water, a small boat 
Guided bv one weak hand was seen to 

float ; 
Eril the fate which loose<l it from the 

Too early voyager with too frail an oar ! 

Down the Tczed centre of that rushing 

Tbe thick huge ioe-blocks threatening 

cither side, 
Tke foam -white nxka of AiDoakeag in 


With amiwT swiftneM sped that light 

TVe tnpper, moistening his moose's meat 
Ob tha wet hank by Uncanoonuc's feet. 
Saw the swift boat flaah down tlie trou- 
bled stream — 
IkfChcor waked hef^WM U truth 

The straining eye bent fearfully before. 
The small hand clenching on the useless 

The bead -wrought blanket trailing o'er 

the wat«rr — 
He knew them all — woe for the Sachem's 

daughter I 

Sick and aweary of her lonely life, 
Heeilless of {lenl the still faithful wife 
Had left her mother's grave, her father's 

To seek the wigwam of her chief once 


Down the white rapida like a sear leaf 

On the sliarrt rocks and piled-up icee 

Empty and broken, circled the canoe 
In the vexed {ywA below — but, where 

was Wet'tanioo f 


TiiF. Dark eye has left lu^ 

The Spring-bin! liiis flown ; 
On the iwthway of spirits 
She wanders alone. 
The song of the wood -dove has died OD 

our shore, — 
Jfai wonck kttnna-monct / * — We hear 
it no more ! 

dark water Snirit ! 

We cast on tny wave furs which may never 
Hang over her grave ; 
Bear down to the lost one the robes that 

she wore, — 
Mat tcondt i-Hnna-mutue / — We see her 
no more ! 

Of the strange land she walks in 

No Powah has told : 
It may bum with the sunshine. 
Or freeze with the cold. 
Let us give to o i. lost one the robes that 

she woir. 
Mat Kvnck k-unna-wumee / — We see hn 
no more J 

The path she is treading 

Shall nnoa be our own ; 
Earh gliding in sha«low 

Tnaeen and alone t-* 

11 the MuU gaae 

■night}' Sonniu t " 

Thj-nlBHiyi unfold. 
From utj viswuD uf nuuet 

Lift eurtaliia of jialil ! 
1Ue« bmn* Uh poor ttjilrit uhoOT journey 

" " ' -Wc«r«h»i 

So mnK tlw niildnm iif Ihc I^na ImU» 

Nilurv't wild inuai 

Tluf m*i uf wmlen, itoidjr. ttof^ t 
UingiFd ■ud luunuuml in thu ft 



RniJiii of m; ftthn* ' *»t<rtl)r (Mil 
Thf MinH-i njw thir *mll«F fill ; 
t^nlnd 4Unt*bv ilmm thr Iouk drlilr, 

W«Tr, wood, uid ([dn brao^ ih«OT 



And r. II ■:l.^ 

)ti>|arL ' tliine 

n»«»'> J. .!'■. 

BotTwk, "Ki I, 1li>!rii.i.i;tid. 
A* yn hatli Irf) at'tuin and (tiirli 
AlvTF thy rtrnlni: ■■trr-liiark ; 
Ko e«lBi rot* with tt» mck* hrm, 
Ka iiic wbaai aovnld nrU* hrpm 
Thj Irad, MDooth cnmtil ; not * m 
BaM la 111* Arahmtna artu, gOa \ 
]t« nMd bMt vilh It* lNU7 (Mn, 
Kar CIB7 vnll «b>]dB|t to ikf aborM ; 
Var Duw-lwaBc vltfa It* niqil* (htdf^ 
Or rigU pfdar coloonad*, 
Brt Bb dtalmrt ud fall fi 

Ont«rW tie, llul Wbor-bar, 
lltMrhlntf It* bctfth of bun thr, 
KvA HallOnrT'i l-M-li ol uhlnln^ aad. 

Imt tlw •drialan^* IfaT hO, 

When (frtng-Ilm*'* (on aal || 

fran that ptn U(%4 

Trilioin from *»lv iuhI a 
With o««n'ii dark, rtmal il 

Th« atoniiy i-hallnip 
Hidst UnglHJ i\a» nd di 
Thi tMtd; AnglDiAaMa ' 
Planting UMU tbe tgmaK 
Tb* MtS or EnfUndi ' 
And, vhllr tToni ont lu 
Saint a^aige't crinMu 
Hidat mil of dram and , 

Ami wnponi bniidiahlac in 
H> itiTa to tliat lone — — 




Who, whtn tfuchaoMcf 


Ran ih-y "•" ■" H"- ^'<r<u r^v. ).U.i 

Thrir ti... 

WiU Ju'iluiil * invr. nn.i l»-lilin'. 


Likawhitr-irinpiJwa-binlxinlhnirvay I 

Odwbij itiFtr fUA; — woA nnw I t1*w 
Thdr in"i"! .rnl .[.ilunrt .-t-ir ; 

Msli"--- ■' '•• 

tJkth la. 
lU ntml- ■ 

Ha* hnifTl it VIII In li 11^ ii' 


.' bwrl ami hatT. 
Hi* alui ■ fool in uraibling pnyn- 1 

la dtnnrv <ia mj ilmuiiluit ryn t 
Ttw fur«l T«ni*l.>^ III Btr, — 
nai-*lofr uiil lak lir aUrlklr l«>i> ( 
I htt Uw romiuuD imJ uf i»ii. 
Awl kosi td work-dajr lik again : 
Tbm Mjitlr tvllr awma akni 
A broken maai of mnboiiiii ttonr ; 
Akd tfli k. Um rlil»ll*.l Ihnh 
or Iknmlor ir l.bil rrtm. — 
A Ihucninit of Vull.alta'i Tfaor, 
TW (tunni Vidnuk ft™' "f Vr'ar, 
Or r»ci -J Ih' i.iNiic U*. 
Or lolr-aWil'miiif Siiina, 
I kliB* lni«, — f'T Hi) tcn'rii Hiw^ 
Mar I>niU niatk, i.'.r U>iiil<- >«■. 
b lafl na lins, Iry ■ lurli in Irmiv 

Vat, tvT ibia nil.m oT tU fait. 
nir gkiirt ai«a ita Jattn— CMt. 

or ■& immorla] ohj^in I 

CAssANDKA Borrnwid 

To (hf Ood of all (im ini 

thi> liJlhfiil tlin 
And UTunl rli" (.'liaM'jin tioa^ h 
hia hanilmaiil tm 1 

Idjrt ni^t T BW thr aniiapt 

In Ibe tm'A,.. 
Uj paMd n.-. ' 

Alinr. in that -Urk a 

linui i-fTfit by; 
8Ur aRcr atai Imknl ]al»1* la « 

adown thr ikv i 

«hit-li iircni<-J to he 
Tba Jail anil linTv t«alliw of 


All Digbt I Mt ma 

UlMOB llUBI.._ 

Tba rolar and tb* mtal n 



Onggrd to their pUc^ of market, and 

bmn^ain^Ni for and noId, 
I^ke A lanib beAin* thr shamblea, like a 

Cieifer from the fold ! 

I >. the vnakneMi of the fle>«h wan there, — 

the iihniikin>( and the Hhanie ; 
And the l«»w voice of the Tempter like 

vhi^i)^!! to me (mine : 
•* Whj fciiit thou thiia forlornly I" the 

wirkf^l murmur said, 
* ' I>unp walli thy bower of beauty, cold 

earth thv maiden bed I 

' When* Ik* the nmiling faces, and voir«» 

Mift and AW<rt, 
tv»rii in thy fathrr's dwelling, heanl in 

the pleasant stn*et T 
Mj'hiTw !•" tin* yuuthn who«e ^lancfH, the [ 

suninHT Sabliath through, i 

Tume<i teiidrrly and timidly unto thy 

fathfr'ii {lew f 

*• Why Mt'nt thou here, TaManilra ? — i 

IWthifik th«*e with what mirth 
Thy happy «(>h«M>hi)at(>A^ther around th^ 

wann bright hearth ; 
ll«iv th«* crimM>n idiadows trembl** on 

forfheaiU white and fair, 
On rjr% of m^'rry girlhood, half hid in 

I^M*'n hair. 

'• Xt»t f.>r th«'f thn hearth-fire brightens, 
not ft)r tlw-e kind words an* .s|H>kt'n, 

X«»t for tht-e the nuta of W»»nham wtKKl.n 
by laughing l»oy* are brnken, 

Xo 6r9t-fruitH of tnr orchard within thy 
lap arc laid, 

^or the^ no ll<»wi*rsof autumn th«- youth- 
ful huntTK braid. 

*' O, weak, dfludf'd rnaiilen *. — by rrazy 

fancier l<Mi, 
^ith wibl and ranng rail**n an «*vil jMith 

to tn^; 
To bvrr a wholeanme womhip, and t(*arh- 

ing pure and muud ; 
And mate with maniac women, looae- 

hairv*d and Mckeloth boun 1. 

*' Mad HrofTem of the prieathotnl, who 

iBork at things <linne, ' 

Vlio rail agaimtt the pulpit, and holy 

hreoMl anil wine ; i 

^(•R from their cart-tail scourginga, and ■ 

frsiD the pillory lame, 
Bfjsfeiaff in their wretchedness, and 

fKxying hi their shame. 

" And what a fate awaits tnee ? — a aadlj 

toiling slave. 
Dragging the slowly lengthening chain 

of bondage to the grave I 
Think of thy woman's nature, subdued 

in ho|ieleiw throll, 
The easy pn*y of any, the scoff and scorn 

of all ! •• 

(), ever as the Tempter s|)oke, and feeble 

Nature's fears 
Wrung drop by drop the scalding flow 

of unavailing tears, 
I wTestletl down the evil thoughts And 

strove in silent prayer. 
To feel, O H»*l|KT of the weak ! that 

Thou indeed wert there ! 

I thought of Paul and Silas, within 

rhilippi's rell. 
And how from Peter's sleeping limbs tlie 

prison-Mha<kl(>s fell. 
Till I seeuKtl to hear the trailing of an 

angel's roU' of white, 
And to ftN'l a blessed presence invisible 

to sight. 

Hless the liord for all his merries ! — for 

the |K*are and love I felt. 
Like dew of Harmon's holy hill, upon 

mv spirit melt ; 
When "'Oet ln'hind me, Pjitan!'* was 

the languagp of mv heart, 
.Vnd 1 felt the Kvil Tempter with all his 

doubts d**part. 

Slow brr»ke the gray cold morning ; again 

the sunsnine fell, 
Fhvked with the shade of Wr and grate 

within my lonely cell ; 
The hoar-frost melteil on the wall, and 

upward from the street 
Cune careless laugh and idle word, and 

tread of jMutsing feet. 

At length the heavy bolts fell lack, mt 

door was o|i(>n cast. 
And slowly at the sheriffs side, up the 

long street I paf«e<l ; 
I h«>ard the munnur round me, and felt, 

but dan*d not s»»<'. 
How, from ever}' d«K)r and window, tht 

{>eopl<; gazed on nw. 

And doubt and fi*ar fell on me, shame 

bumetl u|>on my cheek. 
Swam earth and sky around me, mj 

tiembling limba grew weak : 

"O Lord 1 mppoTt ttj haailmald ; MiiI 

(nm hrr uol ml out 
'Tbe teti of man, ulilf h bring" > miwi!, — 

Thtn the <lnBr^ iliailiim (Otlcml. like 

Anil ■ If* lii-^c > ''iLT wiuiin nir iciriiinl 

■ liiiprnii^ Wi:nli Uk« Ilinv : 
"Thoovh tliy mrtli 1> 
tilT hEAfl] 

Tna mil III* iorii 

^ hEAfii * linurn wall. 

Tini{-kiniln''ii> \ 

M at" 

W* faiiurd *t Ipopth, wbrr* U mf frvl 

th- Kunlll ■•I<'n \n\--k- 
Od gUniis iw -h iif *hiTi)a)c 1)nM,'l<, auit 

•liinglr nil uf iwk : 
The fuMvliaUliliip* Uj iJiy ihefT, tn 

hitrU rlrar Una on bi^ti, 
n«diiii villi miw Miui oli-ndit ajar UiHr 

nrtwork oD tbi! nky. 

Aail UiPiv WCTT ■nricnl ritirnin, rioak- 
irrap[«l aiiil ftnre anJ cold. 

And rH'ii ""I 'tout i>e*>Ra))tatni wiUi 
Urn tiMninl mil nlil, 

And ou lii* horv, witb lUvano, hu mi'l 

Bu dark iii't luii^lj Einlii'olt. tbr 
mler nl tht Uud. 

And poiHining with hi* m-U wonli thr 
mlri'i rmily far, 

^ir pri-X Iniiiil <iW M* imUI*, vttb 
UukIi anil ■nilT a»>l jivr ; 

It Mlm^l mv unil, and rroiii niy lip* ibv 
«»l of ailrULV- Imtkr, 

A« If tbfuach viHiiao'a »iMkt»™ a warn- 
ing ajitril quks. 

I CTlwl. •■Tbi- biM Klnkv IW, Ommi 

Miiilrr irf th" mrrk. 
nMMi mliIrT of thr ri)rbt«n», Iboa Irun- 

p\a .if rhr wt»k ! 
Co tight Thr dark, ml-i huanh-atoim, — 

go turn the liriwni lark 
Of Uta pmr Imrta iluHi halt bantHl, ttua 

•nir aniU lln lliick ( " 

Dwfc bmTT-l ttf Iirrnn of Kndirotl, 

Bnt gra* brodi abook, aod TMMt tavi 

kMt. I]>e wbUa tte aboV^r^ 


' tbr wirknl mlrra t^ 

u their buiiH u( RliiiiiKni 
prir'tbuml Iiriag 
No brndnl knm of wortUp, aarj 

Then to thi> alont aN-ntitatM 

iff, inmlnit, nid. — 
■• Wbirh of jT, worthy auaaoL, 

lliit l^nakn maid t 
In tlia UU-. ot (air Haihadew, e 

([Inla'ii iibnrF, 
Von nay b<ild hrr at a hig!w pafca tliM 

Indian girl or Moot." 



ml ullmt ilnod Ui* tn 
■> hr <iTi-.1. 

'■ Sp^k onl, my worthy a- 

*oicc, no Hgn rr-iilinl ; 
Bat I fnll a hard hacd fnm mt am», 

and kind wonU nwt n>y «sr, — 
" Qod h1r» til"', and ntrtem ikc*^ M(r 

gfntl* gill and dnu ■ " 

A arlgbt anwed H/IbI from my b^M. — 

a pityiOR frimd «i> sijA, 
I Ml il In hla liarl. nHigb lued, aad ■■ 

It tn 111" ■yr ; 
And wJHn agUii th> thrriff tfok*^ titt 

toin-, mi kind tnnia, 
annlrd lark it* iloraiy aiwvK Kb* A* 

roaring of iht an, — 
" Rlf my ahip with ban nl rihv, — |wk 

«ilh 'wina of »1>atab ffrfd. 
from knl-plr-i» ni' ta Jn-b-plHik. At 

rwniai!!' <>r lirt hnld. 
By thcliviiu; H-i who mad* B»l — I 

would aoon-r in yolir l»y 
tUnk aliip anil eivw and cwgo, Ihaa bw 

iliu child amy ! " 

Ibin ihroiigh lb' rruvd In mun 
tb" j«iplr"i Jiirt biiplana 

- Ukr thrVKl»»an of TikfM, 
..f ohl. 

Ftbail wp an- (hr ponr a»d ilflfctn 
(ortilrvr auldl" 

Dwnl own. Ilia 


on half mi 



f^retlj Im drew hit bridle-rein^ and 

tunied in silence back, 
lad tUBtrmg ptieait and baffled clerk rode 

monnuriDg in hia track. 

liaid after them the aheriff looked, in 

bittemeaa of soul ; 
rkrioe aniote hia stad* u])on the ground, 

and cniahfd his parchment roll. 
*Good friendii," he said, *' nince both 

hare fletl, the ruler and the priest. 
Judge ve, if from their further work I 

be not well released." 

'jDud waa the cheer which, full and 

clear, siwopt round tli«*»iilent bay, 
is with kind word^t and kinder looks, 

Ik* bade nie go my way ; 
Fur He who turnn the cour»ea of the 

atrramlet of the glen, 
And the ri vi* r of great waters, had turned 

the hearts of men. 

IK at that hour the rery earth seemed 

chajigt^l brneath my rye, 
A holier wonder round me roste the b\ue 

walUof the sky, 
Alurelier light on rock and hill and stream 

an«l WfWMiland lay. 
And tuftrr U{w«*d on Hunnier sanda the 

watere of the bay. 

Tliank^viiig to the Lord of life ! — to 

Him all praiseH Im>, 
^Hio fnmi thf nand.H of evil nn-n hath 

M-t hiii handmaid fm.* ; 
All prai*^ to Him Irfore whose power 

the mighty an* afraid. 
Who takea the crafty in the snare which 

fur the (tour is laid I 

JHtilj; O my soul, rejoicingly, on even- 
ing's twilight calm 

lYliA the loud thank.sgiving, — ]K>ur 
forth the grateful {vtalm ; 

I^t all dear h«-arts with roe n>joi(Y, as 
did the taints of old, 

VThrn of thr I^xmi's good angi*l thi* res- 
cued Peter told. 

. Aitil wrrp and how], ye evil prieiita and 

mighty men of wrong. 
The Lonl ^hall snite the proud, and lay 

hia liaad utNm the strong. 
i^oe to the wit*ked rulers in his a"enging 

hour ! 
Wn^ U> the wolret who seek the flocks to 

mven and deroor ! I 

But let the humble ones ariee^ ^ th6 

poor in heart be glad. 
And let the mourning ones again witll 

robes of praise be clail. 
For He who cooled the furnace, and 

amoothrd the stormy wars, 
And tamed the ChaM.-^an lions, m ad^litgf 

still to save 1 



ARorND Sebago*8 lonely lake 
Tliere lingers not a breeze to break 
The mirror which its waters make. 

The solemn pines along its shoitL 

The firs which hang its g*«y rocks o'€t» 

Are painted on its gUssy floor. 

The sun looks o*er, with hazy eye, 
The snowv niountuiM-to{itt which lie 
Piled cohlly up uguiust tlie sky. 

Daz/lingand white ! save where the bleak* 
Wild winds liavu bared some splinterii^ 

Or snow-slij»* left its dusky streak. 

Yet green are Sacos banks below, 
.\nd i>elt.s of spnice and cedar show. 
Dark fringing muud those cones of snow. 

The i>arth hath felt the breath of spriq^ 
Though yet on her deliven-r's wing 
The lingering frosts of winter cling. 

Fn»sh grasses fringe the roeadow-brook^ 
And mildly from its sunny nooks 
Th«' blue eve of the violet looks. 

.\nd oilors from the springing grai^ 
The 8wei>t binh and the sassafras, 
I'lton the scarce-felt breezes 

Her tokens of renewing care 
Hath NatuH' scatterwl everj'wher^ 
In bud and Mower, and wanner air. 

Rut in their hour of bitterness. 
What reik the broken Sokokis, 
Beside their slaughtered chief, of this ? 

Tlie turfs rwl stain U yet nndried. — 
S('an*e have the dfath-shot echoes died 
Along 6ebago's wooded side : 

And illnit oom iha hantm lUnd. 
Uroafml ilnrkly, *\im ■ ■•■II o( lanil 
ttlofn u|i*iini fmm ttw Uk«*« wliitp 

/in anil tL« bi« hara nrept it l«n^ 
SiVF one loDF Vrch, uucl.miig Uirro 
Iti UjliI liaTa ui thn VEFiutl air. 

With art.i'/, txAA \nik\ all ■U'rnly niulr, 
Shrj urmk tlir <lain|> turf at iu foul, 
Ajw Ibi* ila coilnl BUil laalfd tout. 

Tbaj hoiTn lh( (tuliliore trunk aijili^ 
T)m Unn nwti (niiii the varlli Jivlilv. ^ 
TIm K'Dt iMtiRalli jainui Jark auil wtdf. 

And llim Uu Ulen rhl«r i* laiil. 
In toairlln) garha of akini amiTHl, 

Aad gitdMl aitli hia vatupuin-anid. 

Xh» dw croB* Iw loTod b Tirrawd 
fiiOMth tlw hMT^ irtna, whii^li nat 
r|>«a Ida acanvd aud naked IniMiL 

TbdoM ; thir tnulJ arrliacksaiil trnl. 
The \irrt\trn-tTrr alaiiiU u|< unhnit,( — 
nw IndJM)'* Qlting monunent I 

VhcB at that tlfnirr'* tsDkni net 
ThHi (cnvQ ami plRuant dwrlUiig-iiWe 
WUdi klivo tlinn unrc, rrtalni do tnuv ; 

0. Imig may nitiirt't lialit )>r tlinl 
Aa now npua dial bfrvh'n Imtl. — 
A gnra mauuml of tlur Jpid 1 

Thfn (liall lili flttltiit it>)u1fiii br, 

III luirllirm oiuda, that, ■iiltl and flat, 

Hoial ui^tl; ia that (iinml Irv*. 

Tb Ihrir wild mil thr warn whirh lorak 
l%>*ar KMod that Ipurtjr laki 


Wlist thoDfrfi tli« plana of thttr rtm. 

• ihalln 

IT pCBjmr hah Um41 

What thoasli tbr htfot'* ban t* ibMC, 
And Uiciujfht* iif ■alliiig an-! ilnpaii. 
And i^unlUK iu Uur )iUm oi pn;« I 

Vrl Mcarrn hatb atigrla watcbiox imol 
Till- Indiano lowlioa fareat-nuniBil. — 
And lAry liare inadi [1 Uul; (trooBiL 

Tlinr c«uni nian'i Tisil Judinnml ; all 
Hi. l«wil.« l«lla of <u<.iiiij faU 
UdIuihIikI un thai gnvy |aiL 

0, pi«lnl, and banted, asd n^ibud, 
SlrFj> on. duk trnaDI of lhi> wUd I 
Great Nalum own* hn ainijjr child ( 

And Katun-'* Ood, tii ■bom alaoa 
Th» anrtrl i>( Ihr hnrt i« knirwu, — 
Til* bidden latigUiKT tianrd thcnon^. 

Who froni it* man; cunibatbip 
( ft (arra anil i-iml, anil untwanl I 
To lishT till nakad *\M.l Utitp S 

The (piril of our bnthiV toan 1 

er. JOHN. 

" To thr vinda |ri»« our h. 

Knr boiDcniri apdn I' 
Cri>d th. l^d uT Aisdia, 

Cri«l C'barin of E«intMl| 
Ptnm tlii< nnnt (^ lila 

H« bumI, aa Ih* an 
Fran u> hnl in th* n 

d Dp llw Kl Joh 

LaUtd cm tbvimnvmiif BiuUn'r' a brMA T 

Ih* fol<l*th U k>r lonit mma I 

ta »wt«t o'*T thtm b«T irilil-Oownn 

O'er the lilnr wntrm tt 

That •Imll-i' luul iwa 

Wb.T>-ll,r 11,1.1. «ll-.T, 

Clnu dnniii "ii h-r n 
St. Savirnii 

Ob the bripi 
jLa Ihs Minjri a( tbi ]|q| 

Boa* OD the pp 

.] liiuknl 

ST. JOHN. 33 

And hmA mned her while pMsingf 

From the grasp of the soldier 

With UiRT aiid bell. 

The Jesuit broke, 

Bot the luen uf Moiihegin, 

Half in scorn, lialf in sorrow. 

Of I'niiUli abhorred. 
Had «(*l'-ofn«^l and fi-aated 

He smiled as he NiM)ke : 


Tlie hen-tic Ix>rd. 

•* No wolf, IajhI of Flstienne, 

Has ravaged thy hull. 

They had luad«*d his shallop 

But thy n*d-hundf4l rival. 

\Cith •Itiii-rish and InUI, 

With fire, sf-el, ain«l IkiII ! ' 

With j»t»»ni for his lardt*r, 

On an ernin<l of meny 

And ht'-el for hin wall. 

I hitherward cume, ^ 

PrtiMiiiiid, fn»in Iht baHtions 
And tunvt.H of Htune, 

While the wall.s of thy caatle 

Yet spouted with tlame. 

Hail Wfl«*oin4*«l hU i'oniing 

With UinntT and gun. 

" Pentagoet's dark vensi'ls 

Were nioon'd in the lay. 

And th*» lira WIN of the elders 
Ifatl followed his way, 

Grinj wa-lionn, roaring 

Aloud f«>r their |»rev." 

Aa liMnwwanl he glidtnf, 

** Hut what of my hidy »" 

I^iwii IN-Tit«*co'»t liav. 

(.'ried Charles of Ksti.-nne : 

0. wi-U s|Nd IaToup'! 

"On the >hotMnimblcd turret 

For. in |h ril and |)ain. 

Thy lady wa:* seen : 

Hi< ia*ly k»*|»t wutrh, 

For hit coming again. 

"Half-veiled in th^ smoke-clou^ 

Her hun«l gia>|«Ml thy i>ennoQ« 

OVr thf I*l»* of th<* PlM*a.<iant 

While her tlurk in-.VN<-:» swaytNi 

Til** Hjoming sun shone. 

In the hot lin-tith of cannon ! 

On thf iiIane-trtM'H which shaded 
The >in»re'» uf St. John. 

But woe to the h«n-tic. 

Evermoix' win* ! 

"Now, why fn»ni yon lattleiuentH 

When the kou of the church 

Si^.aks not my love ! 

And the cross i.«i his foe ! 

Why u.ivi*> then* no lianoer 

Mv fortrejis above f ** 


•' In the tra(k of the shell. 

In the iKiih of the IhiU, 

Dark and wild, from his deck 


Pentag<H*t swept ovi*r 

St. K-^tienne ga/eil about. 

The bnach of tin- wall ! 

On fir»-waNt«-«l dwi'IlingH, 

Ste«'l to ste«l, gun to gun. 

And nili-nt leilouht ; 

One moment, — and then 

Front th'- low, shatten*<l walls 

Alone stoo«l the vii tor. 

Whi' h the llanie had o'ernin. 

Alone with hi.s men ! 

Th#r»- rio.ittil no banner. 

Ther** thundervd no gun ! 

** Of its stunly defenders. 

Thy lady alone 

But lirut^ath the low an*h 

Saw the cn^Ns-blayonetl lionner 

Of it«. tl.Hirway then* htood 

Float over St. John." 

A lule prieHt of Hoiue, 
In hi^ chiak and his hood. 

•* I^t the da.stanl hn.k to it ! ** 

(>i»N| tiery K'»tieii!ie, 

With the Unind of a lii>n. 

**Wen* O'.Vulney King Louis, 

La Tour i^prang to land. 

I 'd free her again I " 

On the throat of the rapist 

He fastened hi» han«i. 

" Alas for thy ! 

No ji»Tviee !"p»m thtH» 

"Sfw^k, *»n of the Woman 

Is n«vded by h»r 

iH M*arlrt and itin ! 

Whom the I»nl hath set free : 

What wolf liai% lMM*n prowling 
Uj caatle witliin f^' 


Kine days, in s»teni Mlence, 

Her thraldom she bore. 





But tbi' twih mnraiiuc am-, 
Aad UmIJi oprn^d W ■Ivor : " 

QuWt uid i^iiliii. wilS"->t • fnr ^^^^| 


A* if n>.ldmW milt™ 

- ^H 

La Tuiii iTocurnil iHf-Ii : 


Ui. luU)<l KTU.^1 bU .wuM-hilt, 
tlb forrUJ K»« hUck. 

K., . - -rlh. ^ 

Ai 1 . i«.v. 

Offal* •Wl»t- ■u[*iii. 

A'.-! 1«._ 

N, ' . . 1 h.dl. 

>'.!•:: *ikll4»a*ddl. 

GtTe wn; ' " oriHi Eatimini. 

WU..1. uiwic .U U»tllu«. dnubl* ! 

" Mw>ri>ii»tf .lull Wr 

OttUi' HliBurnot'« wroiiB, 

llotin ,.u»l .*.«. Itt IIN»llli«U •rri 

And how UUuJ ud viv.kiidi 

Ti«sioi,i,.,.k..i;.,.i-i.,. i-a. 

Hn IWIii-n >)»I1 Itmnit ' 

H».l,. .[,-.! 

I>«nt*K<-'< '>>o1> Mv 

1):.., , ...„i,..< J 

Wliol )u> l-»l<i>lii ban dotur. 

(*,1... ,; lu,r.. 1 

Wlim fau wlualn rcba 

Tb. emtMu\ ){m. 1 - 

Nu 1.^1. .J UijL, u^ > J.l.a . Wad, 

0. a* lQ«U«t nf boveu. 

fiur Dltr uf wioKv uur «*lrn tom^U 


Kor Imtm Iu mhlDi^ht t>twB« bbvi^ 

ThrTv »"«■ w«*.» In ilic Kutuliinc 

Ami trfni i«W Wiin him ; 

Wu that (he Utw] of iiMiiT twt. 

Bat . iJ>. 1.U..I ■» iTLkonuig 

Wluc^). do.B.ud fnm tbrt.ilUi.U iMll 

WUt fonn. ocn that «I>>.^U JmU; 



Briuixl WH I!t. Julm ! 

Ju>i OB IHt mvirlti of tlir wiH'l t— 
Or T*Iiu i^'l-. m UDm Ifinh r 



Hnw •■r*(Iv >.n th- wnal-girt fanrn 

IWk butwii fornu In n.»>n.hl»' alMMtA 

TliF m'll<'i>'licli'. nf ri,n«i (lunMl 

WI1.I fitim l]»-ir Mill- «LUI-n>r«. 


Wltli puul*) UnU ukI iMllk-Jn* t 

Hiivn ti.' r>nr^( ai..l liic bilU 

itdln^ad rrruo iU .xH-. Ivwt 


T1i> iMiIr <rf > cUi.1l«. ««t. 

K»'. : 

(IloHuu. M If ■ irllniw »M* jilrai 

Tlv :. 

l«ri. I>T th> tntril atth' (itar 
Of niiiKt'i liulj bmr, ^n 1 

(.„ , , , 


Tlw •l.uii •l.'illi f j\AUi at itnckM 


[b>i<lr Ikr riTW-, fl«.| 

Sank lh» r<^l >»> li> vnnau'* tMate, 

Tb-a«l<.n.) L.-.-.ll.,l ,l-.ll,L^.t..-l, ,■TV.™^ln*»i^ — 

Wb.m.m..,. : 


aifirb-l . 

[-. Ill- krmlM «i^t 

WHh m«T> 1 

,.r..l [>,».i>liftlii (Un4 


. ,.,„.!,„,..„. Uml. 

iWhin^fnt' . . , . 


Tl, : ....-i 

fbdi 1- thw a»>rt.:»<. •rhltraod coU. 


0( •Uth th. l-fiui (»)i'n toR 

N,. ■ 

rpM «ha* IU— lit* nrn-r jM 


\m MH. ll.r IM k (£.1 .ulKD •Iih4Ia 





i^aldering nun* ilowly broke ; 
the gnviuwiird many a stain, 
rv aiitl then*, th** fiiau^K'il Hluin, 
K tliat midnight bolt haU »|>e<i 
et, uu thy fated head ! 

w tht» rilltt^T can tell 
kolff iiH>idi> liiH h«'ttrt)uione fell, 
w th«* duur uf wii!itiu|; oak, 
H hi-h the fiital dl'ath-^h<>t hn>kt', 
lit tht' t'uri«iu.<« titnui^er uhm? 
illf'H t ofM* lay grim and Imh', - 
idi'DU^hrati, in death still feared, 
, a tMOf of hair or beard, — 
, within thr chun-hyuni ground, 
Uikly up the 'sw'u nt mound, 
:ni>.>-i;ro\vn surf.i «• overliea 
ims of that Haeritice. 


• to thy suffering iwor 

:th .iii'l nr.i'f . jkI mith iin|>art, 

h tli\ «»\*n lovu restore 

It !■» thf l»rok«-n heart ! 

itlui,;; -'Ufji I'ontilUl 

A holi»T >tteli;^tll of I — 

'U n<>t lh»* f« rfije uonn 
>.n to the .^jioiior's heel ! 

for thy holy sake 
I* •! aifl hunti'd thud ; 
<»r t!»\ truth we take 

till liUithi'n.<^ unto us ; 
1 W'-.ik, and n>hU'd «)f all, 

with our il.iily task, 

tniih n».i> ii'\«'r l.ill 
fCh our weakne-vs, lx»rd, we ask. 

ur tir»d iiikI wM>te«l houu*4 
h" lotesi-l»ird uii'v-.iri-d, 
i«*-»n th'* wiUl Um-vI eniiMS 

our fru;:al meal ^hannl ; 
**iUii ''f prai^'ji th«*re 
1 the (TOW th'- livi-hm)^ day ; 
-»und <»f ev«iiiri;» j»ray«'r 

th" ♦•vil U-a»t of jin-y I 

•• -< n;;^ Wr loveil t4» MUg 
:i'.*th thy li«»|y sky, - 
!i<l toi)*'<« tliat Us4tl to bring 
if j'lv III f\»ry eyi*, 
wr«^;Iiiit; hour* of prayer, 
w»* >;:ith»-re»l knee t«» knee, 
% >iiuth and hoary hair, 
. O liud. alone to thee. 

As thine eubf children. Lord, 

Sliared their wealth and daily bx«id, 
£ven so, with one accord. 

We, in love, each other fed. 
Not with UA the miiier a hoard. 

Not with us his grasping habd ; 
£<iual round a eoniUioii lioard, 

Drew our meek and bix>ther band I 

Safe our quiet Kder. lay 

When the war-whoop stirred tlii 
And the Indian tumcMl away 

From our home his bloody hand. 
Wrll tliat forei»t-ranger siiw, 

That the burthen and the curse 
Of the white man's cruel luw 

lieatcd alao upon us. 

Toni apart, and drii'en forth 

To our toiling hani and long, 
Fatlier I from the dust of earth 

Lift we still our grateful song I 
(irateful, — that in Ixmds we slmre 

In thy love whieh maketh five ; 
Joyful, — that the wrongs we inau. 

Draw us nearer, Lord, to thee ! 

Onitefm * — that where'er we toil, — 
By Waehuset's w«mh1«m1 side, 

On KuntUiket's st-a-worn isle. 
Or by wihl Ne|MinM't*.s tide, — 

Still, in spirit, we are near. 
And our evening hymns, which riaa 

Si'iKirate and disconlant here. 

Sleet ii 

And mingle in the skies I 

ly t the motfer scorn and ntoi'k, 

Li-t the proud and evil priest 
Hob the needy of his thwk. 

For his wine-cup and his feast. -• 
K«'dden not thy Indts in store 

Thn>uv;h the bltickness of thy skiesf 
For tin" si;;hing of the \hh>t 

Wilt Thou not, at length, arise f 

W»»m antl wiLsted, oh ! how long 

Shall thy tnMlden ]M>or complain I 
In thy nauH* they Itear the wn>ng. 

In thy « atiM- the Umds of |t:iiu t 
.Nb-lt opjin'^sioii's heart of !»t»'el, 

\j>t the haughty prifMh<Mxi se«, 
.Viid tlnir blindnl fullowirs f»vl, 

That in ua they mock at Thee I 

In thy time, O l^inl of hosta. 
Stretch abroad that hand to saT» 

36 UDU'JSDkSr. '^M 

WMdi ti old. oo Pjm>t'* (0*^ 
HmoU amrt tlw £•! Sn'i wan 1 

To 1h« fonntnln-a gnttj 44^ 1 

lad ii> fnnn ihu n-il laml. 

Ftim the inoiler v( ui fm>. 

With tb- Mk Ita ahnlow thnyrlw 

4Bd oDr. mon DOT s*ttKrnl Und. 

O'rt y. mwr •"». 

Ham to lumn, aUll wonhip Uit* • 

And Ihr cool. ™rrt WBI«™ flowiM 

Softly al hia f«t. 

na«-lr h; the fountain-, rbn 

Tliat fnni> Indian »m»d kia. i 


T ' '-uniif tu>lhi|c 

Anlornn'. wllnit fi«l had jproi 

To 1L<' wwKii bdow 

t-.iut bUiag 

nu» of InutT, <nch •• l»>««B 


1 I. Mill, 

And tbr Mdl Imvw mua tha »tm 

T.. tit. I.r<.'l.lrl [„.mlh-hill. 

ikarcely |jix>fc« tli«ir dnuny n*L ^H 

Wild and nm-l thu (l<>*vn an Uamlaff 

Br thu rtiYMnlW. luh. 

Wilhhi.rhainaofaand; ^H 

And • pw«T nidnre allowing 

■"SrS.-rt'Srr."'^ ■ 

Wlirn. Ic watm jWd^ - 

Of iU fttlm and ■ilt-n' Inuk, ^H 
RolM tti« tniB|iiil Kmimacfc. ^H 

Otjt tvul and tuiHrr mtutw. 

\'.: ■ ■ ..1 anna fliogrtb 

Oct rill«(P. wood, and n><»dci« ^ 
Gainl liiat atnuirpr man. 1 
Sa.lly. UU U)c nriHfihl .hado« 


f)v.T all ll>iii|r) nn, 1 

-.; . . Ju, wnmliitA ai.d 

^vi' nhr-iv tiiin and waitwani |^ ^J 

FLaaluKi thr ninwt liadl ■oat. _■ 

tfualiiii;,- u[i lu lUQ and air. 


RhuliiT i>Bt>~n*|ark|Ml nrm 

'"of^.^iX".ln«. " ^1 

In ih^( rnufcie W»U, 

Who. no Itximns tr». «. toU^H 


Of dwir wlcwan. Ur^^ ^^M 


Jtu<l l>) i>.una] Uf uutnrtad. 


Nakrd Ut. in annalriM Rlnwlaft ^M 
IIUI< ibat onor Ud atoal J^l 

Valna whlrh Il» 1<RH.<1 rMilUn" 

Soiubl witb Imwinic *r™> 

Il«wn tiirir aidn Ibt ahndMH iN^H 

L'odnnulU th» Vautil Mvilion 
Of the Indian >kln ; 

1»« ^^1 
Oranu|r)<ir<ro«t. ^^ 

Wlwr* llU UtmH mthwar lay 

W1>.Tr* Uw dt-r hi! rami kn«, 1 
Aud U« aaglr-. pinioa nrtpt t 

ThrwiBl. ih= U«™. Id hnrida. 

y«i. ari a Lrti-ly Mrui^, 

WK^ th" Mrrh '•noa hwl |Ud>l 

Vnth t)H< d<Mk7 lo^ 

t>uw« Uv «w\ft Powow, 

liarit ud alooar Mdr> •*»'■< 
Tliim cftnr wnton mm i 



Ani) where one* dw lM««r •«««, 

AnJ U» adt «|M tb< UU. 

Jamd th> -hMl Mid frownod lW4n 

D-n U. bM .rf»»4r Mixaa 

ror Ih. wi«d-Lbi|-. WITT tin^li^, 

r<« an Lnalut aknoa 

A»d ih. hnnwr* Dh>n-. ^^ 


IrMi rlanc and hamnuf'a HmIm 




And the thick and uiUfln smoke 
Fmnl the bUckent^ forges broke. 

r'^Mild it If hut fathers r^er 

Luvi'il to liiif;t;r here T 
Th(-«> Utrv hilK thin conquered river, 

< ould tlifv h(»lil them demr. 
With thrir native loveline«H 
Taiu*^! and tortured intA> this f 

Sailly. SM the Htuilfs of even 

<;Hlh»p*<i oVr tlif hill, 
Whil** th«* wrMrrn luilf of hiraven 

Blu«h«*«l with hUiiM>t still, 
Front thf foiintain's mossy Heat 
Tuniiil tlir Indian's wear)* feet. 

Year *«n ypar hnth flown forever, 

lint hf r.tnit* no more 
To Thr hilUide or th*' river 

Whfn* hf came b*'f«»n*. 
Hut lb- villii;^'r con t**!! 
I >f that Htning** man** viMt well. 

An«i thf merry diildn'n, lailcn 
With their fniitN or tlowers — 

Kiivin;; Imy and Uughini; maiden. 
In tht-ir -rh<M>l«lay lumni, 

l^tvf the limple tale to tell 

iH the Indian and his well. 


Tur. siw^iman mt Iteftide his iloor 

On- »ultry afternoon, 
Wi:h hiH yonu); wife MUpng at his side 

An «dd and pjodly tune. 

A )eltniriit*r <»f h«'at wan in th«* air ; 

Th»" d-irk ;;reen woody were still ; 
.%od th** skirts of a hea%'y thunder-cloud 

II un^ over the western hill. 

Bla- k. thi« k. and vast arose that cloud 

Attovf the wilderneHS, 
A« »*ni(* dark world from upper air 

Wrre stixtping over this. 

At tim<-« the Mtlemn thunder pealed. 

And all waA iitill again, 
Savr a ]i»v mummr in the air 

iH coming wind and rain. 

Joat a« the first big rainHlrap fell, 
A veary ttrmnger came. 

And stood before the fanner's door. 
With travel soiled and lame. 

Sad seemed he, yet suKtaining hope 

Was in his ouict glance, 
, And iNface, like autunm's moonlight, 
His truntjuil countenance. 

A look, like that his woru 

In Pilate'8 council-liall : 
It told of wrongs, — but of a love 

Meekly forgiving all. 

** Friend I wilt thou give me shelter 
hen» ?" 

The Htninger me<*kly wiid ; 
And, leaning on his oaken staff. 

The goodman's features n?ad. 

** .My life is huntitl, — evil men 

Arc following in my truck ; 
The traces of the tortun'r's whip 

Are on my ag»*d Itack. 

** .\nd much, I fear, *t will jieril thee 

Within thv <loor» to take 
A hunted s«"eker of the Tnith, 

Oppreiwed for con.s«'ien<*e* sake.'* 

O, kindly s|M)ke the giMMlman's wife, — 
"Come in, old man !** ijuoth she, — 

** We will not leave tln'e to the storm. 
Whoever thou mayst be." 

Then came the aginl wanderer in, 

.Villi silent s»t him down ; 
While all witliin gn'w dark as night 

lieneath the 8tt»rm-cloud'H frown. 

Hut while the sud<l<-n lightning's blaze 

Fillcil ever)' cottap' n«M»k, 
.\nd with the jarring tlinnder-roll 

The loosencil ca.sements shook, 

A heavy tramp of horHe>* feet 
Tame sounding up the lane. 

And half a s«-on* of liors**, »»r mon*, 
( ame plunging through the rain. 

"Now, <«oodman Macey, o|M'thvd«K)r, — 
We would not Im* liousf-breakers ; 

A nieful dti**! thou *.st done thi«» day, 
In liarlturing Itanished (Quakers." 

Out looketl the cautious gotNlinan then. 
With much of fear and awe. 

r«t thm, wlrb t. 
Tfa* puriih priiwl lir taw. 


t. thoii wivknl nkn. 

"What ■v|Lyi<l"<|uulli ilivKtwIinau, - 

Pr«; Irt t£e old num n 

ujinn Uirr. noling kiure • " 
11)! liADiU tbaak the ilout- 
iii-', U».Tjf," i]uc<tli ihp 

Tbm kinillnl Mwrji ryr uf Ait : 
" tfo [irial who aBlki tlir ruth, 

81mI1 lilui-lc aoij (be ilniiKFT iiuM 
llad( »rli on* lo nij litsrlli. 

Dnvii frnm hia raltaic* ■rail h* caujclit 

ThF BulThlDck, bullv tii»l 
At rrnlnn jBiu and kUnton-iiWDr, 

By ft«7 rreion'i udn ; 

Wlirn rariun, ud CaTsBar, 
V>'1U> idi.jut »ud jHlin omtndtd ; 

And Rufirt'* caUi, and CNnMll'i 
Wilk tiMllr-Uiundcr blouM. 

Vp roar tbr ancUiit ■1nU|pn' tliaa : 

" H; tjiiilt La not fm 
T<> liriiii; ilii' tnxh bimI Tialawa 

** And t«r tbjrtplf, I pnT tartmt, ~ 

tWlhink ihi« alMy Lori, 
Who hf>lrd acda Ibe awlUcn Mr. 

Aad almtlied Ui roUawa'* (wofd. 

Ilk* paof, Dwnnll ! 
Iiaud Ibt «tkM> door 
ll»-k uu lU hingM bO. 

"CtoM hftk, oU gnjim»4, yM ■ 

TW tHiU* araAfa 0M, 
Aa to ■ hun 

Au<l lit liii bundip hati umI lgs| 

In ItiMbiiiVcrovdui jail, 
Wtivrv luffchU); wunuu'i linear 

With (ii-kmuig uliUdlu»d'a wail, 

ll luiu Dol with oni Ulv tu teO 
TbuM nxaia harf fwanl awif , — 

Ij-t tbn din idutilu«* at ibc pHl 
ISrood o'l't that «vil day. 

qiwlh tba 

•' Ho, abrrilT 1 ' 
t>rir>t. - 

"Talf limlinan M»«7 Im ; 
1V ain of thla daj'i hrnaj 

Ilia bark oi punx aball rae." 

" N'uw, DnodHUr, baU* tba« ( " Mi 

6h« caogbt hia manljr ann : *> 
Ut-liind, thr |iar»ii urged ptnuM, 

With uutciy and aUnn. 

Ho'apfM) the UarrfitinKkarHIigb 
Til* riviT-TiiuiMi MM tiaar : — 

Til-'.l.ioft <n> iu mMiM tbm 

Waa lumji' U ibr^ r«r. 

A Riay rock, taMrllnl o'u with Urtk^ 
Ahrnr. the walm hubg. 

And at ita )«•«, villi ttrry va*i 
A tmall lixht BhrrTy lannx. 

A1m)v — thojr g^nlhf l<iat — aadll 
Tb* KDudnutn wii-Ida hU nar : 

" Thr l^pinU aiain tlM ahan.' 

IKivD Ihnmsh thr unabitui n 

Th. burly ibMifft.- 
"Sund, C-mdniau M 

" ITow ottt upon thy hautcman'a hM !* 
Hold Umwj anawrml then, — 

" Whip KiisMii, on thtt tIIUkd |ii mt. 
BdI mtddlv not wUh ucm.'* 

' Cndw biu-k, ~ 01 
"Tb* rhunh'* ( 



*CnT9P, in' thonwilt,'* 9ai<lMac<*y, "but ' A pUjrthing of the restlem wave. 

Thy bl<*iicing prithee sptre." 

•• Vil«* vhITt ! " rriwl the baffle<1 priest, — 
•• ThtiU 'It ypt th** gallowN wr." 

•• ^Tio '% U»rn t» be hang(*«l, will not be 
i^iKitli M-ifi'v, merrily ; 

•'.Vn-l**, Mr -(h^-rifraiHl priest, gocl by ! " 

ffl*' tii'iit hiiii to h'm iKir. 
A')>1 ttif Miii:! UKit Kli'l''<i qniptly 

Krufii the twain niNUi th« Hhon*. 

N«»w in tli^ wi'st. th«* hnavy clou<ls 

S 4itt' n»«l ilfl«l frll AMIHlilfT, 

Whil- f»' M-r ••aim* thf riisli of rain, 
An>l faiiittT gMwlr«l tht? thunder. 

And tlmMijh th** bn»k«'n rlo!iil% the sun 
Iy*iki*ii out i*i*r*'nt' and wami, 

raintiii>: i:-* lioly 4yin)M»|-li>;ht 
I'l^m th*' It:Ls^illg <«tonn. 

O. >i''4'.itifiil ' that miiilv>w span, 

' *''r ■Urn ''mnr ntM'k wan U'ndt'd : - 

• ►u- hrii;ht f«Nit toui-li«*d th«* ••astftn hiiU, I 
An I «»iif with <M*ean blmdt**!. i 

By j:T"«*n r«'ntii«'kot's sonthem slojv . 

Th- *m.tll Nttt glided fa-*t, ' 

Th^ wjt« h'T^of "the Bl«)«*k-hou!u» " saw i 

Tn«" stran^Ts tm they pasM^l. 

TKit nijfht a «talwart gnrrison 

S.i! -tiiikiii:: ill their »li«>es 
To li^ir th^ dij» «»f Inilian o.irs — 

Th- ;:hd.' of bin-h ranoes. 

Th-* fi-hT-wiviHi of SaliHlmn', 

tTh*- rii-n w.-n* all away.) 
Lotked o'ii •© WH' the !itrang(*r oar 

L*|«i»n th-ir watrm play. 

IV'T- Inland** ro-.'k» ami fir-trees threw 
Th^'ir Hiin^^t-^tiadows oVr thfm. 

And Sewbtin-** ^»ln» and weatherrc-k 
iWml «»*er the |>ines before them. 

Amnnd the Rla^k Ro«*ks, on their left. 
The nnr^h Uy broad and frreen ; 

Abd on ttfir right, with dwarf thrulw 
crow net 1. 
Klum NUnd's hills 

With akilfnl hand and wary ejre 
Th* harbor-bar was crowed ; — 

The boat on ocean tossed. 

The glor)' of the sunset hearcn 

On land and water lay, — 
On the 8tee[) hills of Agawam, 

On cai^e, and blulT, and bay. 

They itassed the grav rooks of Cape Ana, 
Ana (lloucester'H Yiarl)or-l>ar ; 

The watrh-tire of the garrison 
Shone liko a setting star. 

How )»rightly bn>ke the nioniing 

On Mit^^acllus4■tts Day ! 
IMu*' wave, and bright green island, 

lit'joicing in the day. 

On |i«Hse<l the liark in safety 

Konnd isle and headland steep, — 

No ti'ni|»»"»t bmke alMive them, 
No fog-eloud veiled the dee]». 

K;ir round the bh-ak and stormy Cape 
The veiit'ious Mueey |m.sMe<l, 

And on Nunturket's nttke<l isle 
I)rt'W up his Ukat at last. 

And how, in log-built (*abin, 

Thev bra veil the rough si'a-weather ; 
And tfiere. in iM»aee and quietness. 

Went ilown life's vale together : 

How others drew around them. 

Ami how their ti<«hinir sj»e»i, 
I'ntil to I'ven* wind of heaven 

Nantuiki't's Miil.H wi-rv spread ; 

How pale Want alternatetl 
With Plenty's golden smile ; 

lieholil, i« it not written 
In the annals of the ble f 

An«l yet that isle n'maineth 

A refup- of the free. 
As when tnie-heartiHl Macey 
IV held it from the sea. 

Free a« the winds that winnow 
Her shniblevH hills of sand, — 

Fn*«* as the waves tluit Kitter 
Along her yielding; land. 

Than hers, at dtity's summons, 

No loftiiT spirit stirs, - 
Nor falls o'er liunian suffering 

A readier tear than hers. 


God Wrm tb* tn-hrU uluul r — 

And gnuit foimiTiiiani, 
Ttukl cb'rity ■ml hmlnin dwnll 

An luiv uiwn kvr •ttnn 1 

Daks tlir Imllt, ui<l ml'l th« (•wt, ^ 
GcHM Ui* lirldi'inal'l*, piD« thir print .- 
AU I* •■ ■ ■ 

Antnnin in line m 

And the arm m w*!.-! trliiw. 

Ujchtly fnini llu tniiUI Ivd 
S|-rii4i tl»t blr ilUhdi'DHi b«ul, 
And ■ rfr)iii|i, urw, Intcnw, 
Half n( tliamr. hair innacoMB, 
Uaiilni Irai and •Dndcr apaki 
Tbnmgli hfr li|» and cbaBytBy eU^a. 


irk .Ir. 

LiMlH* ]in the Hnrng me Una*, 
IW*n.«tnak(iJ hii snJna hair ; 
lijm iS lotp ban l#ft nn tnai 
On Uut han) and baoxbt;' facr ; 
JmA thai ronhiad'* hnlun) lhoii|At 
Uxra'a ao/t hand liatli ihii ummju^t. 

" -• • >lai »■■ win trlL 
m\y itak-. 
«d> nt rich imI imt, 
■ Un, Utaa||h W bt 

OmtrtuUv *h( inark* t1>* i^ow 
rn>lii ()><Mi U|irrilif; lllm of uin' 
Fuudly k't thv >lr<c)«r brodinjt 
Hin I'lat'k liair wiili f(ol<Un * ' 
In liTt wift and ligbl camm 
Ck«k and Uji U^-rtlici ]itH 

Ha !--~llial atari ofhomr I 

l> th.|. 

llarii I that fliUT'><>)(- 1<« 

■■ 8p«r« nif, — apant vm, — btt ' 

f )od harr m«xy ! — \cj emld 
Hpectnl faaada bcT mrn oifoM. 
Dratrina allentl; fmm ihem 
Lm-e'a fiii (ifta <if ipild and gnn, 
" Wakm ! wv* mr ' " atill aa dMik 
At hu aide b* tJamU-rrtli. 

■itbdrwra \ , 

KioE and hmcrUt ail air fcnna^ 
Ami thai irr-cold ban J ■itbdrwi 
Bui abc bran a mnmiur low. 
Full of noUirii^ Dili of utot. 
Hair a Afh and halt a matn : 
"Fmt Mt I gtn tbcdnd bt*«««(^ 

Ab ! — Dm dtad *lf«'i mic* at 
Tbal «dd hand, lahuar niranr 
Oiji* in natin™! Uff bad toclM 
Orin and band bar uao hath ««c_ 
"Wakcthnt nkn thnl" L^l 

r)]>n iritb a 


. la lh« »U« _ 



TrnmhltaH limW U* omi «• ■ 

And br fwla hn bart'* qnidt hMlfl 

"Ka(. m; dimmt, wbv ibiafmrl*^ 

"Ilaahr ahcMltll. "iWdMdlahr' 



Broken vonU of cheer he laith. 
But hii (lark lip quivervtfa. 
And w oVr thi? |ia.>t be thinketb, 
Fntm hU young wife'ii anns hetthrinketh ; 
TiAii thotte noft aniui round hint lie, 
rDdem«*ath hit dead wife'a eye T 

Shf her fair youn^ head can rest 
So*>tht^l and childlike on hi;i breast. 
And in tniMful inuoc<*noe 
nnv n«*w otP'n^jth ami couru^^ thrnc** ; , 
lit*, tht* prmtl ntan, fit;U within j 

liut tht* cowanlice of sin ! 

Sh^ ran inunnur in her thought 
Simple ]>niv»*ri her mother taught. 
And Hi4 l>It*}ta(Hi angels call, 
Whuae gmt love is over all ; 
II<*, alone, in prayerleas pride, 
MeeU the dark Past at her aide ! 

One, who living shrank with dread 
From his look, or word, or tread. 
Unto whom her early grave 
Was A» freedom to the slave. 
Moves him at this midnight hour. 
With the dead's unconscious ix>wer i 

Ah, the dead, the unforgot ! 

KnjMi their solemn homes of thought. 

Where the cypress shadows blend 

Darkly over foe and friend. 

Or in love or sad rebuke, 

Iktck upon the living look. 

And the tenderest ones and weakest, 
W^ho their wrongs have borne the meekest^ 
Lifting from those dark, .still places, 
Sweet and sad-rememl)ere<l faces. 
O'er the guilty hearts behind 
An unwitting triumph find. 



T WAS niffht. The tranquil moonlight 

Mil lie 
With which Heaven dreams of Earth, 

shetl ilown 
Its beaut v nn the Indian isle, — 

On brtMd green held and white-walled 

tofin ; 
And inland waffte of rock and woo<l. 
In iTArching sunshine, wild and rude, 
Soae, raellowefl through the silver gleum, 
8olt as the landscape of a dream. 
All molionlesii and dewy wet, 
Ttvc, vine, and flower in shadow met : 
The myrtle with its snowy bloom, 
• 'nMsng the nightshade's solemn 

^ooro, — 
The white eecropia's silver rind 
KeUeved by deeper grren bi>hind, — 
The ormnge with its fruit of gold, — 
Tile lithe lanllinia's verdant fold, — 
Tlie passion-flower, with symbol holy, 
Twining its tendrils long and lowly, — 
Tbe rhexiaa dark, and cassia tall. 
And oroudly riiing over all, 
Tbr iinfliy palm's imperial stem, 
CrofWMd with its lafy ditdem, 

Star-like, beneath whose sombre shade. 
The fierv- winged cucullo played ! 
Yen, — lovrly was thine aspect, then. 

Fair ibiand' of the Western Sea 1 
lavish of lK*auty, even when 
Thy bnites were happier than thy men, 

tor they, at least, were free ! 
Regardless of thy glorious clime. 

Unmindful of thy soil of flowers. 
The toiling negro sigheil, that Time 

No faster sped his hours. 
For, by the dewy moonlight still. 
He fed the weary-turning mill, 
Or bent him in the chill morass. 
To pluck the long and tangleil grass. 
And hear above his scar- worn Iwick 
The heavy slave- whip's fre<juent crack : 
While in his heart one evil thought 
In solitary ma<lness wrought. 
One baleful fire surviving still 

The quenching of the immortal mind, 

One stenier passion of his kind. 
Which even fetters could not kill, — 
The savage hope, to deal, erelong!. 
A vengeance bitterer than his wrong 1 

Hark to that cry ! — long, loud, and shrill. 
From field and forest, rock and hill. 


V. n- iii.t,;;!.-! I.. Hiui ii.i.lnl0it of7 I 
HdI likr liir bun 9 pvwl vf «nUi, 
Whm falli ihM buntrr in lib jKlh 
Wh™- h"H"( nfTT™, ilw^i drt. 

Kow, wbm (i]ipnakloD'> haait ■ 

In nHiing rltnrn in tin ■nd tkc^ -- 
That miM wliicli, tlitaui;)i lini( fnn 4 

Hu Jtalh'tnl, clro]> lif ilnip. lU Hand, — 
M'by nrikn lii ni>l, tlir forrmiMl oar, 
Vr'bm uiuntrr't atmint iliwila andaM^ 

Hr atottl ihr qpd mhn* lintnlh. 
That ihailownl o er bi* hotuhlp iIm*. 

niltv «lij<*li rur> untu lioA. 

a and rtrtn, — tli' err o( bloal t 

■-il, — nin! nil «i> i.ull oiirr man 

iiiuuntain brcwlt. 

Ani] (Iralli brlilnd !- 



A: il Ihc Ili«). uU IU4j Oar 

CaoM <mUc on dMbof Miihiiil-. 
Aa il ■ humui na4h« 
Wm: mrM' in lui Hair vyn^ 
Thoaffli ofTfimt ii]> liy ClirtMiui ha^ 
Thu till fuul rtin of Pkgw balk I 

t to fPFl, 

'fprw MiWK, SiCTTily. imlilM hh hooariMOd \mmL 

UalmphfmivNiiigl tUa tvUd* grM|wd aiUiia U* haac 



Tb^ white Bfto stood, prepared and still, 
Waiting ih« abock of iiiadaeiu'd luen, 
rD<-haiiie«l, and tit*n'e ai tiin-n*, when 

The burn wiuiU through their caveraed 
Aiitl one WM wf^fpin^ in bin flight, — 

Thr *wi^t«*st floWiT of all the i^le, — 
Thf hrid" who Mit'in*^! but v«.*«ti*niight 

I>>vt- « fair rnilNMlifd Mnil**. 
An«l, rlin^ng to her trvnibling kmt>, 
I>>>kfil up thf fi»rni of infanov. 
With ti*arful gUnot' in fith«T face 
Th»* v'i'ivt of iiM fear to trace. 

•* Ha * sta id or die ! '* The white man's 

Hh •ktt'iuty Miusket gIfaintNi along, 
\* h t.ill N--;.rp» hii-ilt-nnl nigh. 

Witli ffurlt-HH Htfp and Mtrong. 
••, ho. Touvuint I " A moment 

Hii *'»w rpi^-Mil the li;»ht«*d floor. 
•• .\w4V ' * h»' thoutiil ; **t!y with me. — 
Thf wint"'H hark is on th«* s«*a ; — 
H*T \A\U tiiU*^! catrh th(* wawunl wind, 
F«tr »u>i<l'-n vi ii^^iMiici* swii*jh iM'hind. 

* »ur br»-thr«n from llieir gnivrn hav»* 

Tii»* y«ix" i-* spunieil, — the chain U 
br^ktMi ; 

* ►•! ill t)i»* lulU •»nr fireM an* glowing, - 
Thr«iUt:li all th«' ViiNi* n**i MihuI is !l.»\ving' 
N»» ni-if'' th»' ni'M-king Whit«* >h.ill w>l 
Hi* f »■•! \i\nni I hi* Ni'gro'i* lir»':kst ; 

N'» niwp*. ttt niorn or ♦•%•«*, nhill drip 
T;*»- w.inn M^nkI fn)ni th** •lriv»r's whip: 
Yit, though Tuuvsuint lian vi-ngtMU'-e 

F-Tall th«» wrong-* hi> rai'** have Uirn*'. - 
Though f«»r tM" h dnip of Nrgro bhmd 
Thf whit*''rt vi-ins ^hall i»ourii tl<Mxl ; 
Nt>t all alon** th** v-nni* of ill 
Aruund liio heart is liiii^fring Htill. 
N«»r tlf^i^-i ean the white feel 
Tb^ g» iiT.iu* w.inntb of gmt«'ful zeal. 
Fn«-nd* of the X-gro ! 11 v with me, — 
Tk- |atli 1* tt]^'i\ to tb»» *'a : 
.Iway, li»r hff '" — He <.>|ioke. and presstMl 
Tb* y^uTig «'hiM to his nuidy bri-a^t, 
A«, ht^A- 1 1« Miji;. thpiu^h the i-nukiiiifeune, 
iMwn 4w*pt thi-dark in<«urg»iit tniin, - 
I>ranken an>l grim, with shout ami yell 
Uo«l^ t)in>ugh the dark, like Nound:* 

fri»in bell. 

far oaC in p*'ai^, the white man's tail 
AvAjcd tnr before the suniiiv gale. 

Clouddike that island bung afar. 

Along the bright borizim's verge. 
O'er whi<h the eur>»e of «er\*ile war 

Kolle<i its red torn>nt, surge on surge ; 
An«l he — the Negro champion —where 

In the tierce tumult stniggled be 7 
ffo tnu-e him by the lier>' glare 
Of dwellings in the midnight air, — 
The yi'lK of triumph and des)Hur, — 

The Htreiuas that crim.<ton to the sea ! 

Sleep cuhnlv in thy dungeon-tomb, 

li^'iieiith lWNin(;(»n's alien sky. 
Dark Haytit-n ! - fi>r the tim«' shall come, 

Vt'a, evm now is nigh, — 
Wh«n, «'Vrr>*where, thy niune shall be 
Hedtf infil liorn ro/or's infnmy ; 
And men shidl l^ani to h{N'ak of thee. 
As one of earth's great si»irits, lK)m 
In »M'n'itude, and nurMMi in s4'om, 
Tasting asi<le the w«*ary weight 
.\nd fett»'|-s of its low estat**. 
In that strong majesty of soul 

\Vhi«h knows no coh>r, tongue, or 
rliin**, - - 
Which still hath spumed the Kise control 

< M' tvrant.H through all time ! 
Far otfhT hands than mine mav wreathe 
Th»' laurel nmnd thy brow uf death. 
And sjn.ak thy praisi', as onr >\ hos4' word 
A th«>u>sind ti«Ty spirits stirn-d, -- 
Who rrusbed his fo*'rnan as a worm, — 
Whtwstepon human heartsfi'il firm : — • 
IV mini' tlie In-tter ta^k to find 
A tribute for thv lofty miml, 
.AniiilNt whi>s*' glinnny vtiigi';»nee shone 
Smiif mihler virtutn all thiui own, — 
Si»me gb-aiiis uf f»'eling pup' and warm, 
I.ikf sunshini* on a sky «if storm. — 
I'l'Mifs that tin* Ni-i^o'.s heart letains 
S'.iiii' ii()bI<n'-S'« amidst its < hains, — 
That kindnev^ to tin- wrong»-d is nerer 

With«»ut its I'Xi-elh'nt reward, — 
H>>ly to human-kind and evi-r 

Accrptable to <i«h1. 


** Thjil fkul. Ihiit prrfl'lioii* lurk. 
Built r th«* erl:)!*^^!!'! riicv*^i «iih •■tiri«>« ilsr^* 

yhtii'H'% L^fndmg. 

•* .\f I PMily ?" • ried the ia|'!.iin ; 

*• .\y, ay ' " thf vamen sai«i ; 
** HeiiVf up th»- Worthless lubliers, -^ 

The dyiui? and the diail." 
rp fp>ni th«' slavf. -chip's prison 

Fierce, bearded heads were thnift : 


Voices op fkeedou. 

ConMB ^rr corptr nune n[v — 

Ii'iHtj li.ii! 1--11 'iimr thrn; 

Olocoiiill (lood tlie apUin, 
With "bli a^iu npoo bii braut, 

Wltti bU nilii Imiw ntcmly knotlni. 
Ami hta Iniii ll)> Doiiipmwnl. 

lUrk T tram tlw diip'* lUrk boMim, 

Tb> trry ■Tiundi u hnll I 
nr rinfcfiw clank »r iran, — 

Tlie liiuiiM-'* alintt, (liarp yrll t — 
Tlw bncnc. low cant, Uiroal-stUInl, — 

Tlw rt ■ ■• ■ 

rp fnica tlut loaUisooM priioo 

Th» •trirkrn faUail onn oune : 
Bclu*. Iibl ftll tmin duknn^ — 

Abon, n* Hill U>* mam. 
Tet the bolj- brntb uT ImTa 

Wu nHiI; ImUiitia iJiaR^ 
And Uw hnlM hmn of bm 

('«atRl In till anA *• atr. 

" OrrrbMirl sitli ttitin, aliiptllatM I " 
Cutlaa uid dirk mrr pIM ; 

rettnrd and Mini), one anir oni% 
rismrd doni (h> «— r » ndo. 

Hl» Mbrv •mote alan, — 

Bii •fokk uul hiuma pnj. 

Ood of lb* mrth I wiml criH 

Bnf npvnd nnbi Uh« I 
TalcM of aftony util hlood, 

ftom itilp-dtEk uid fmni *M. 
n« lut (IbII plane* *" hranl, — 

na bat wtTR n«|(bt Iti ilala, — 
And Um qnalrd *h«ik looknl up 

For Inmati hfarli la *■!>. 

Rrd glovnl thn wralrrri imtmi, - 
Tbr wltlns Min wu xkrtw, 

Smtb'rtri)! ■inK' Ml WHT* uiil rlou 

Ami'tit a iCMUp in blluibiB*, 

" A •tomi," tttokr mit tlic gun, 
" ]« gfttlierino; bqJ at hanil, — 

Cant OD 't — I J eJTi mj otfacr eya 
For miB linn rood of Usui." 

And then ha UuhIihI. — but onlj 


NU^t letUed on ih* watm. 

Anil on ■ ■tnnnj bcaTrm, 
n^ilU hmlT on ihu lone dup'i tt^ 

Tbt thuDibir-Kuat waa drirrn. 
" A uti I ~ thank Ood, a all ■ ~ 

At>d u tlw hrlmaMBB apok*, 
Cp ihrmigh tba itonnir mnnDiu 

A ahoul of gUdocB loolia. 

If Ihf (tnn(^ n 

Cme back apoa tht wlad : 

"Htlpw/ for «• an atridn 
Wlih lilindnna mn «m ; 

Tm day* w* '*« llMlnl fMcflill]^ 
I'tiiioting ttar di no. 

Dor *hip '• tbv alanr Itoa, — 

_ Vft 'ft bat a KOI* on boanl. — 

Oa lirid bnun ot WWT 

The btoui nd UlpitBtiV iboM, — 

Bnt th* imt itf wind aJid thtiiiiW 
SHIM lb* tntmtimg fnm; 

WalM (rom xlm hvkm — ! ■» 
A lax itranalriafl erjr, 

ALklndling ta tb« MwniT MUM, 
Tlia aUangR tUii ««ai >jr. 

jr nnadaloopt 



flut whfiv flowen are ItloMoming mil the 

year luii^, 
Wh#>rv thr iiluili' of th« fialm-trvc U 

ovfT iiiv lionic. 
Anil thr IniKiii luid unnge iin* white in 

thi-ir bluuni ! 

••o, I'ltiiif t» IIIV houif, wht-pf my tMT- 

\AUti^ s\iA\ all 
I>i-|Kin At thv lii'Miii^ VLwl 4-unit' at thv 

T]i*-> -Itill liffii th**i* aft nii<«tn's.s with 

tn-fiiMiii^ ;in<l awf, 
Ari'l t-ai )i ui^li uf thv hrart shall U* fi'It 

iL« a law." 

« >, •t'liM y»- havi' Mi'u h»T -- tliat jiriilr 

Ar.«^ an>l ra«t Imi k thi* (Urk wealth of 
li'-r • mi's j 

Witli .1 HI itni ill h»T i*v«' which ih** iri/cr 
...iiM f..l. 

Au'i a >;lan<-i- iik** th** hun^him* that 
tl.i«h'"» uii Htii'l ' 

**<;ii )ki. k, h.iu):liiv Siiutlinui ' thy 

tn.L>iir>'H i>f pil<l 
A:^' 'iiiii wi!h til- MtNHliif till' In-artH tliou 

Tl'.v h-tiiif ih.iv U> lovi'lv, hut ruiiihl it 

1 h'-ar 
"Pi* r.i k <'f thi' whip and th«' AKit^N*!"* 

.f • 

"An I til'- -ki *'f thy South may U- 

hri;:litfr tliali ours 
A*. 1 in^-* ii'T tliy l.iii«lH4a|ics, .iii>i faip-r 

ihv t?"»» f" ; 
i!'jt •I*arir th** hhi.<«t n»iniil itur niniiii- 

Tl^n thf -m-^-t ouiiiiiHT 2«*|»hyr whiili 
hr«Mtli»-» i*\\T .slavi-H ! 

•* Kull l«iw at thy liitMin^ thy iifj^»..H 

iniy kii>'<-l. 
With thf ii«iii iif iHtnilftp* on spirit and 

h.-l ; 
V*t kii«<» that thf Vankn* pri .Mt^imT 

Wi'llM la- 
in frtt'TH «ith thi-u), than in fn.-«*tluin 
with tlui* ! 

Still licaring u» thy lofty hrow, 
In the Att*adfaflt Mtifngth of truth, 

In niunlhjoil M*alin^ wvllthv vuw 
Ami pruinixe of thy youth. 

00 on, — for thim hriKt cluMrn well ; 
On in the Htn'ii;(th of (io^i I 

Ixm^ a.s niif huniun heart shall swfU 

IWufntli tin- tyrant'}* hmI. 
S{H*uk in a >lumlMTin^ nation'8 ear. 

As thou Iiio-t «-viT s|iok«'n, 
Tntil till* di-ud m Mn shall hear, — 

Tin* frtti-r'.s link U* Imikou ! 

1 lovf tlui* witli a hn)thi'r*ii love, 

I fi'id my puUi'.s till ill, 
Ti> m.irk ihv spirit soar uInivi* 

Till' I loud ttf human ill. 
My hi-art hath I«'a|M'il to annwrr thine, 

Aihl <*< ho Uirk thy wonl.H, 
A^ h'aps tli«' warrior'M at th«' shine 

And tlanh of kiiitln-ii nuupU ! 

Tht'V tt'll UH' thou art ra.^h aii«i vain, — 

.V wanlii'r al'tfr tjuu»- ; 
That thoii ait striving Imt to ^ain 

.V liiii^-* iidiiiiiix ii.iiii*- ; 
That tliou ha«t nrn-fd tli** Afrir*i» luilld 

And strrh'd tin* Afrir*"* h^'art, 
Ti» shake aloft his vi>npful hr.ind, 

Ami ri'mi his chain a]iiirt. 

n.iv>> I not kiioMu till'*- wi'll. And tvad 

Thy nii;:hty pui|<o<M> Ion;: ( 
.\ii<l uatclnd tin* liiaN \iliii h haVf niad6 

Thy human siiirit >triin>: f 
And shall thi' slaihh'n'i'.s d<'m<>n hrcath 

.\vail with one liki' me. 
To >lim the .sunshine of my faith 

Anil i-anieNt trust in thee f 

(io I in, — the dai;pT*s {Miint may ^It^re 

.Vmid thy |>:itli way's >!i«Miin. - 
The fiti- wjij. h Nti-ridy ihnati-ns there 

N ^rloiifU" niarlynloiii ' 
Then on\«.tpl uith a martyr's zeal ; 

.Vnd wait thy sun* iiwanl 
When null to man no nion* shall knceli 

Ami (to*! aloiie U- K*inl ! 

TO W. L. (?. 

<.'ii \Mi'i<t\ of thi»M* who ^tan U>iieath 

• >ppr>-^iun'<i in>u hand : 
In iirti of |»-riury. hate, and dt-ath, 

I arr tlier frarlrM Stand. I 


1*1: rin- i»f N'fW Kn^'land ' 
SiMil of Miir i-i:heis ' 

Shrink wi* nil •raven-like. 
When the atonu gathrn I 

Conraii* kiiil IutfUikiw, 

PcFj) IH oat lilnljiH la ; 
"- -doai (uft-rur I 

T01CC8 OF ntUDOM. 

Bj rar own birlhrisbt-)^n, 
(IrantHl of lliatrii. — 

FlrrdfltB tat hrmrl uul Ulv 
Be tb* pMce gimi ! 

» bar* BhiapfTnl trnlb, 
Wfahpn Ml hxiftn ; 
^Mlk ■• ibr tpni|w«t ilDm, 
StefVfr aiiil rtimipT ; 

« tinm «( Initii 
LoiiUt «■•! ftrmrr, 
Btullinii ibr huMthlf SnuUi 

Wllk th' <l>T]i niurnnir ; 
(M tuti onr rharm'* rlKbl, 

1^«r« iriili vpprrviiun. 

TMK Hl'SreitS OP URN. 

Kavb y kani nf oBt hnnliiis. «'«r 

Tfa wnh isntT-lmk* anJ funat, ~ lhi> 

bantinf i4 man I 
1W lorda of Bsr Uod to Uu* koalliij 

A> tlir roi-hanui toiimn tin aaoai rf 

Uu liora i 
Hark I — tbe rbnr aiiil ika halls ! — O* 

cTW-Jc iif tlv irliili. 
And th« jrrU of ihr biiBtid at br (M«caa 

hi* grip ! 
All UiihE an our bnnlm, aoil nolk 

tbi-lr maKb, ~ 
Tbuugh butijmt* u* cangbl, Unn oi 

niltliiniii t(i rotck. 
Mo »)iRnl ti> tliirii btmEiu^ u'a bmwImb 

aDil girn. 
Through lanr-lmka aiut fiwrt. — lb* 

bunting of turn I 

(!■]' lack to oar bonttn I — bov »attf 

lliry rill" 
In tbr slovof llirii ual. auJ lh« Kmipb 

Dtlb--ir;.ri.l»l — 
Tbi prirat with hi* «Hwk lii^f iMk 

on Uw <Hn>1, 
■t Ktrming tha jnlitic atala^MB W 

Tht Mini and thi aUina. with eanlig 
and jnyitr, 
ilmnk aud Uw tohr*, tUe wifl y 

,d *miia^. — kind womaa, — wtk, 

■riilo*, nul matil. 
For Uu ipul of tlio hnniMl, It IwJhf 

llrr fool '• In Uw atinvii, her baad m 

How UlUialy dM >!>)« io tbr liuiUi« rf 

D, nmxUjr and grand U nnr hnribif to 

ihb " land iif thr bmv« tat llih 

butw of Ui' fr(«.~ 
rri>t. nrr^w. an.l HatiWD. Irm 

rtrm^ bi MaltH-, 
All monntinf th> mUlk, — aU gi 

U tbr rurl of liU hair m 

blj akin ! 
Ww, n<nr. to Ih* buntMl 

al l«r ? 
Wm our huDim he tvtufA fn^ fl 

■mrnur «nil iwT 
WUl lUr li-M. (ul -iUuD t 

thrlf nrrv" trrRibli, ■" 
All rvuitbl} iboy rul* la Iba hi 



flo ! — ALMS for oar hunten ! all weary 

aikd faint, 
Wax the rurHf of the sinner and prayer 

of thf* Kaint. 
Tbf* honi In wound faintly, — the echoes 

mrr htill, 
Orer can«**hnik(* and river, and forest 

and hill. 
llajitr, — alniH for our hunters ! the 

huiitttl once im)re 
Havi* turiHtl fnuii th«'ir tli>;ht with their 

Itti k.<i to th(* hhon* : 
What ri^ht havi* t/uij here in the home 

of th»* white, 
Shadow t-^l o'lT hy our Vjuuner of Free- 

duiii mid ki>;ht f 
H » • — Ahll^ for the hunters ! or never 

Vill thry ri*!** in their pomp to the 

hunting of men ! 

.almn — ALMS for our hunters ! why 

trill ye «l«'l;iy, 
Al'h«*n thf'ir pride and their glory an* 

molting awuy ? 
The |«nton has turned ; for, on charge 

uf \\u own, 
V'ho g«>»-th a warfare, or hunting, alone ? 
Thr |ioliti<' statesman Kx)ks liack with a 

!»igh. - 
TLf rv i.s tlouht in his heart, — there is 

f«'ar in hi.n «*ye. 
«^ hant'-, lest that doubting and fear 

nlmll pH'vail, 
.\di1 th** h*'«id of hi;! stetnl take the place 

uf th»* tail. 
*>. ha4t«\ «-r»' he l«»ave us ! for who will 

rid'* tlini, 
For plt-atiur** or gain, to the hunting of 

nifn f 


fla tlv rrpnrt of the rrlrbmtcK] pmrlaTcry 
»i«ilM« In f*hArIr«t«wn, i* C , oo the 4th of 
tto Mb BKMith. \<Vk ftublUlml In the roaripr 
flf itei nty. It U ftUtfU : *• TV TLKROY nfaU 
4rm0mimat»atit atuiy/tii tm a hodf.ivnnjiQ Tatm 
■ ivrTKi^ n» T«i PRoi-trai^ot. mmI addlnx br 
chnr prFW D ct to Um imiirf Ith ch*ffaet«r of th« 

Ji-<r Ciinl : — and these are they 
WKoiDini«t«>rat thinoaltar, (iod of Right ! 
Uro who th«-ir han<is with prayer and 
bleaning Ut 

Od laners Aik of light ! 

What ! preach and kidnap men ? 
Give thanks, — and rob thy own af- 
flicted poor t 
Talk of thy glorious liberty, and then 

Bolt hard the captive's door T 

What ! servants of thy own 
Merciful Son, who came to seek and 

The homeless and the outcast, — fetter- 
ing down 
The tasked and plundered slave ! 

Pilate and Herod, friends ! 
Chief jirifst.s and rulers, as of old, com* 

bine ! 
Just OiA and holy ! is that church, 
whi<'h lends 
Strength to the spoiler, thine ? 

Paid hyiK)rrit«'8, who turn 
Judgment a.side, and rub the Holy Bo(^ 
Of tho!>e high wonU of truth which 
wan-h an<l burn 

In warning and rebuke ; 

FtMMl fat, ye locusts, fee<l ! 
And, in your tasselled pulpits, thank 

the I>ortl 
That, from the toiling landman's utter 
Ye j»ile your own full board. 

How long, O I»nl ! how long 
Shall such a priest h(MMi barter truth away. 
And ill tby name, for n>)>U>r\* and wrong 

At thy own altars pray f 

Is not thy hantl stretcht^l forth 
Visibly in the heavens to awe and .finite * 
Shall not the living (nnl of all the 

And heaven above, do right ? 

Woe, then, to all who grind 
Their brethren of a common Father 

down I 
To all whi> plunder from the immortal 
Its bright and glorious crown ! 

Woe to the priesthwKl ! woe 
To thoM' whose nire is with the price of 

bl(KMi, — 

Perverting, darkening, changing, as they 
The searching truths of God i 


■nil Iheii vvry a»B» 
he pFo]ilc, in tb« li^t 

And Traill anil Rixht tkrangbimt Uit 
«rtli 1. knc>*n 
Aa Id titrit boioe aborr. 


A ('IHUKTIAX I Italnil, K°»e ! 
WLo IniU tor dutl'* owu lu»|p I — for 

Wliich thai poor rictim of iha Bmitlit- 

lUth in het ■nScting wtm I 

My Uod ■ nn mrh ihlnip \» 1 
Haal tiMM ni>t*>ia tkai whaUuo'er U ilonn 
I'dUi Ui; vivk**! Vi-1 \iij huinblaat olii' 

li (Tm dune ta tllM I 

Onw niorr ihii jfnl-wonl of ■ niockinfi 

BtMUiJ, ■"111, and wmatfri again I 

A Clirbrtki) up lor nb I 
Vat mill luT liliwd jimc wUp^ o'er- 

buk lu-r fmnit, 
Kaka tin llfr Uatlmnna with jent vrong 
■nil tlianiF, 
Otr )«ti«i<w thall not fall 1 

A hntlwn lianJ mijdit de«l 
Badi UD pflir limli lti> nallwiBd vronK 

Dal W lu«, bnirn |»«;*r and nlghtlf 
Va Drilhn haed Mr IM. 


No ilan||vRju« UU of Him oIm <^d* !■ 
Tbtr oulcail and tile ]>aoc 

Hut viwiy ahut dw tsj 
OfGoJ'afrerGiMprt lyutilii-rniinpkbMR. 
And to brr darkaiinl tnind ^•■o* hnpaft 

Otia aUm rotuuiand, — Uan i 

VHiflc til that Till ituHlb SodMR BM 
mu.l l-'.t, 
Tbjr )>iK>r iliai.'i|il<> wIL 

O, ahame '. thr Uoalnn tlinll. 
Wko, villi hii tnaato. U> Um VrafhA 

WWr luniins l« the -urml KaUatvab 
ilia (elUn l.nak and fall. 

rhmni fur llii^ torbaunl tl«j 
<K n>tiUr-iiniidHl Tniiia ; ho liaUi tan 
Tlirdatk tlaTv-daneHinao]va. « " ■' 

Tbdt innutai into dajr : 


ir •liiTe In nia 

Turn* lo thf ('hruilau al 

ll> tiiM will only (wdl hb n_ 
And rivrl fin bb rloiia. 

Gnd nf all rizhl ! txnr le. 
Khali priMlj rubfrn at thinr ■[ 

And Iiaughl} iini* (if wni^B 

O, fram tlir firlJa <d o* 
Front ihi> I'lW rioB-avan] 

tmlrr'a wll. — 
From the libu-k abn^aklft'l I 
tmtliKim* b-tl. 
And coan'a WMfy dltlO, — 

tloam, horriUa. nul ^ 
Bbaa to Hnnu that T-Vffg • 
FUlind th> anba nf Ui^Mkwi 

iJow toxo, O Got>, >ow u 




nr fitli«rs lovi-il, 

1- h ili'-\ t«'ili ■! t'» win .' 

t.i\« -^ till y sliiiuU r ill ' 

\i lU- «l«;iil h.ivr woin ' 

, 1; .i)- >'. •■ ili< •»•' t;r.ivf's, 

:] iii'l t> tt< li •! Ilji ' 

, 1 «■ ■! ''I m-lfi ««l.ivi'>, ' 
til'- ■l'i\«j"'» w liij* ' 
• • !i [■'.•. t tit k:i« •■% 

I* li'- '••• l"**- to f«-«l ' 
■ ii- :i-. I->ii;;'r ll'»\v ' 
r- «t ' -'il aii-1 -t<*«'l, 
;.';«"":ii, tli«' .i-vi<- 

: it r<»'i-'«l ti» "..iv.- 
.iJiiTi \ . .tw\ til'- >l.i\«- ' 

rh.i! ^Iiriii*- ui- Jii.i'l' , 
I'- I'l i'--' •> "t M- \i <> 

•■•fii-- j.i i\.-.l ; 

' .: t i-'lii-!!' I -^'i ' 
i :■• Yi' • .loiii'-i i J-. 1, 

til' Il> ^'lt» !* MihnI • 

in!i!»', Hh«n »!• lU .t: ■ 

.i.'lit •»h.iMi»' v\:\> III- -it 

:].• ;:i!iL:;i m! il.n':i:!i; • 

■1 ' - '!i iA li i'.i; •<■;■ - 

-> .till «- 'ul !•• <l!im':> ' 

Hy Jill ii)Nivt», Around, 1m*Iow, 

!'.•• oiii-H ihr indi^iiaiit tiiiHWiT, — NO ! 

No ; ;^uiil«Ml liy (nir «'ouiitry*M laws, 
Fortriith, ami li^^ht.aiiiUiitFi'rinxiiiun, 

1m- ••111', to stiivi* ill F'n-iMloiir.s raiiM', 
A'^ ( hii-tiaii-* intii/, -■ us l"n'rim«n can J 

Still ]Mi<Miii;{ oil iiiiuilliii;^ eais 

'I'liut tnitli oppifiisioii only fi'ars. 

What ' h1i:i11 ur >^iar<l our iu-i;ihlM>r still, 
Whilf Woman •^liritk.s JM-nrath lii-^ rod. 

And wliiU* \u- tram|dcN down at will 
I'll*' ima:;*- <»f a common <hh1 I 

Shall Wat* li and wanl In* iouikI hiiu svt, 

ni" NuMhiin n«.-rvr and l»a\onri f 

AikI >hall W'l' know- and -^hait- with liiiu 
Thr dani^iT and tin* ^lowiiu' >haiiii* ? 

And »•»••■ our rn-idoin'.H li;:ht ;;i"W dim. 
\Vhi« h should hav«' lillnl th»- world 
with tl.nn*- f 

And, wiithin;^, frt-l, wh«'i-.''ir w.- turn, 

A Wot Id's npPKnh ariMind ui hurn • 

1> '• Hot mou^ili that this i> Iniini' ' 
And ask>our haui^hty n«i:;hlH>i mori' ? 

y\n< !< tt» i". whirh hi> >lavi > havi- worn 
• lank round till- V;ink»'«' tar'ii* I's d orf 

Must h>- Im' told, lM',-%idt' hi- plough. 

What h<- must .sj^'ak, and wh'Ui, and 

Mu>t h«" !••' toM hi> fn-fdom stamU 
nil Sl.ivi ry\ daik toundati«uu 

< ':; III- akn:;^ h« aits .md tVttt'P-d hatid^ 
< >n roM-*!), aii-l • ijin.-, jujil wion^f 
Til. It .ill hi^ f ith- 1- ta:iL:ht i> vam, - - 
Thit Fi»idom"«. t-ml l«-m is tin* ihain ? 

■■•t ■■» l.i-iii*. i !.':•. -in 1. l!>. lit'.-, it■^ ^oid, f:,.iii kI.iv.vv drawn ? 
. -A-j-ii.-i . I::;i:- »i '■« Kil-. f"iil. I'lotan*' ' Ho, — IfUi h A 

:•• k, i!. 1 r.irik- :'- « ►• l..,!v Tirtli ftoin KalM-hiMNl lH»rn ! 

HI II. i\. Il iifji >h«il hy airs from HclP 
-•»::;< 1 .ii;l -hi"'i»l < U \'ii*';' in th< ann-^ of Vin- ! 

« M p. m-n^ j'laiitin;; TaratliM' I 
I"-*, - ^-y I. i:i_:'l"ri"- 

Kill <•'!. th'U, *' hr»'thr«*n r»f the 

;. - ..f i.ur 1' .id ' >■• ;*h," 

' \- -' .!'.!i-* h. ir till- truth th'- hsn; — 
J -..u!-;. whi h !'ii:-r N" -• il :- "U th«- ^^lnk••l■'s niourh. 

I t'tt'ii !•' iiid :h-i.i N-! •♦. I 'in iIm- Vank"*'*" pri SN I 

I I '• •■. • .' ' ••■ • II .Mi»unrains t<i !lit' M-a, 
im "I'lr.' nn-^.-i ' »j,. % ; . xhall tliuidi-r, - Wk ail% 

i|..,t l-t*-.'!!.-*, \ it, I h i.M I 


wtrmx ox «RAut!ca tux Mnuas 
or oi>viiiiJ.ok UTHKs, or i-kkk- 

Tka^K OoiI Tor Uu toltio I 

lUH trw, - 
OtM apirit unitwniDFllcil, - 

- Olll! til. 1* 

Uke tiM ■ik of the tDoUDUin. (1»)>- 

mub^ Biiii Oral, 
Errd, wlii'ii tliv inultitiiiie tirniU to lbs 

MThra tnitun lu ftwilom. nail IJiiior, 

UI.I Uo.1. 
At* baw«l u ID Idul iwUulixl with 

Wlwn thn mnaut North bu forgottDD 

Iwr tru.t. 
And the li{i tit liar lionur U b» In tli> 

du«i. - 
Thank i'o). that otw um bom Ihr 

■tuikl" ha* liroki^D ? 
Thank U<)J, ilixl oa* mui u ■/rvnua 

O'er thy iiiKL Altifhur. > blut h» 

Dtywn lliy ti'ti. SuHjurluuitu, tbi mar- 
mur hiu pill* ' 

To thr Imxl "f l!i<- S.,iith, — i>t tb* char- 
In- ■».! ■Utm. — 

W tilrnjr iiUBvlFiicil with SUvrty'i 

Wh*n the cant of Dnnoarmrj dwrib on 


Ot th* furirn o( frllna, uid ■ n( 

•hiix I 
Whnv "ctu>alri«" boixir mMo* r 

Than Buuniiiig of oiinwn, inJ robU 

Whf Uie Moloch of SUrery aitUlh 

Aail Iha «<«ihi «hk-h ha uttcn. an 

U^t mnrani, O itiMd !l 

or tb* xwi^ and tlia gnaUiaa b erjr- 

Cinn the tinTinirfuI wail ol Uw b 

Wbrrerer the ahackls ottmunf Hnd. 
lu xiirncr ind darkneaa, Uu Udd-fivit 

irrv. (tifl ai-wl itoDwardt — iMtndk 
«111 U* f»l(, — 
Ths bonila (IibU Iw loonned, — -Um bm 
aliail tuell I 

Ao>l O, rlll the labd when tba Aw mI 

of I'»»X 
tiUtI Uiifp-ra Mid hmtb** ov*i Bomlaii 

Will Ih' land wbrn a BixuKla miol 

«™t (orth 
To the pn-lrd and tht iMted. uti iMItm* 
of fjirth. — 
r*lh« wonUoflhaCUrtMaf Uk 

Fniiu tho (uitl of thf mpi Mul lb* |»- 

Wbcrr lint for Ihn WRmgnl uul tbt Wi 

of thfir kiiul, 
Th' Cbmiun atid itatoamu ih^ a 

nimliinrd, — L 

Will that laiid flf tha ftve and tW* 
wmt a irhaia I 

Will the t*l1 to th« meat of FMJ 

No, StTKKK ! — hrt " fiiai 

wainliiK aliall itaiiil 
ILnel tor tlw tnilli, lOw Uwft ■ 

PofgFttinit Ibf r«nd* aiul th* • 

paat tinir, 
Couuling coMnm injiwUtw, ■ 

TaraioK back hntn tlw <mvjl «( ■ 

L'nappallHl b; tbi daniivr, the *Im 

alul Ibii iiatn. 
And n.4nttnit ravh trial for Trwtfe m 

IhrJf gaiu t 

klndivd, tan nidalj 

And that I-oM-hMrted jrtwi 

Who. batm iif fiauiL, oin tol 
Wbia> (atlim. of oU, Bd| 
aritb thilMk 



(in the lianks of SweUn, the aongs of 

the Rliiiie, — 
Tbr <*«»muii-l»«>ni pilgrims, who firat 

<Ur(*<l to brave 
Thr Bi'oni of the pruud io the cause of 

the jilave : — 
Will th»* M»nH of Kuch men yield the 

lonU of the S<mth 
One hr«»w for th*- hnin<l, — for the |)a<l- 

UhIc on** mouth f 
Th» y tnU'T t«i tyrants ? - - They rivft the ! 

rhain, I 

Whith tli»ir fiithfr* smote off, on the 

ue^ru a^.iin ' 

No, ue%-«T ' - one Voire, like the soun<l 

in th** «lou«l. 
When th" riMf of the storm waxes loud 

and nion* loud, 
WhfTevtT thf f«H»t of the fnvman hath 

IV I>''Uwan*'H marpje to th»* I^ake 

of th«* Wi-st, 
On ih** »*viuthK*»i»K hreez«*s shall de<'j)en 

an<l >0"ow 
Till th" \aw\ it sweejirt ovrr shall tn-nible 

linl.m ! 
Tli«- vui. .• of a PK.OPLI-:, — uprisen, — 

au ak»\ - 
Prnnsvlvani.i*s watohwonl, with Free- 

dom at stake, 
Tbrilluij; up from each valley, flung 

•lown fn»ni rurh heiglit, 
"Our rMisTUY am» LiBEurv I — God 

F'tK rm: Kn;iir 1 " 


8»', thU i* all, — the utm<Mt n*a«"h 

Of pri*>>tly |»ow»'r the mind to fetter I 
When U>m»*u think — when women 
pn-si«'h — 
A war «ff word-H— a "Pastoral Let- 
ter • •• 
y«»w, »ham«* u|ion ye, twrish rt»p«»s I 
Waa it thus with those, your pn*de- 
Who aral***! with nu'ks, and Are, and 

Thrtr h> to transgressors ' 

A •* P4*.ti>ral liHtter." grave antl dull - 
AUa * in hortf and honi4 and ffatun^s, 

H«>w ditfr'rrnt is your Hrookfield hull, 
Frum him who bellowa from St Pe- 
ter's 1 I 

Your iiastoral rights and powers from 
Think ye, can words alone preserve 
them ? 
Your wisi»r fathers taught the arm 
And sword of temporal jwwer to seivs 

0, glorious days, — when Church and 

WtTf \ved<le<l by your spiritual fathers ! 
And on Hubniissivc Nhoulders sat 

Your Wilsons an<l your Cotton Ms* 
No vile '* itinerant " then could mar 

The U'uuty of your tranquil Zion, 
Hut at his jM'ril of the Mar 

Of hangman's whip and branding-iron. 

Then, wht>h*Hom«'lawsrelieve<l the Church 

Of hen'tic and mischief-maker. 
And priest and builitfjoiiKMl in search, 

Hy turns, of Papist, witch, and Qua* 
ker ! 
Th«* sto<ks wen' at eueh churL'h's door. 

The gullows sto<Ml on Ikjston Common, 
A I*api.Ht*s ears the pillory liure, — 

The gallows- ro(>e, a Quaker woman ! 

Your fath«*rs dt'alt not as ve deal 

With ** non-professing *^ frantic teach* 
ers ; 
They l)orfd the tongue with red-hot steel, 
And flaynl tlie backs of ** female 
Oh\ Newbury, had her fi»*Ms a tongue. 
And Salem's streets could tell their 
Of fainting woman <lragge<l along, 

(iik»h<'d by the whip, accursed and 

And will ye ask me, why this taunt 

Of niemori(>s saeretl from the s^'omer I 
And why with nvklos hand I plant 

A nettle on tin* graves ye honor f 
Not t«» n*pn»aeh New England's dead 

This nt'tml fnmi the jwist I sumiuon. 
Of manh«MMl to the .v^Htfold le<l. 

Ami suffering and henuc woman. 

No, — for yours«'lvt»s alone, I turn 
Tlie |iHg»*s of intolrnmee ,ivt*r. 

That, in their spirit, dark an<l stem. 
Ye Imply may v«mr own divover ! 

For, if \v claim the ** |iuHtoral right," 
To silence Freedom's voi<.*e of warning 

Anil fnini vm-'T inwincta that the liglil 
Of Knt^oiii'i il>y lummd ;b dawn- 

If wlim an cuthquak* voics of jioww, 
AdiI Mgni in stth uid tuuvrn, us 

TbKl fiirth, in il> ■nnnntrd boar, 
Tlir t<(>int iif tlin fjinl i* BuilU) '■ 

AnJ. will, ihat S|irit. FrnJuni'it liRht 
Uu kiii'lml. ton^p, and [wijilr bimk' 

Al"l liilid aiirm lllf fvil IxDitt 

Whl'li I l.xl'i ngbl utn uf jHiwet liath 
rii-ii, — 

Wh>l nuirtrl tliaT, in manjr > tnlml, 

ThuBF lUrkir limb vt bi£iA iihiIiifb 
Air rfoprlr «rith ^-"iTr ""ti ronibiiiat, 

T 'i]>lulon t 

Til' i" V *inini 

Til' ' ' iloDiluluu I 

A clirvMit i<-mn*nt liD|t(T ^t, 
Wli.>r li|n iiv nn at fntaian't linlB- 

tn'i lnitll-dKilnt dauirlilfn, 
VThiih rIu— bm tli» muumrul will 

II KiliaUi** wilrn. 
Hw >hllr Y- may Ihr iniMlr .-.t. . 
Villi mallt- irx. aita iIuiilfT aoUDil 

TIw ]nu* (nil tf«>l *li«ll ihrong to bf«i, 

AdiI trird loJ manljr bMri> Minuu4 

M> tltink lUr*. Fklhi-r • ~ hill in.! pi 
An.un'1 u> iriv- ll.rir fntiU mrr a 

Alululudrtn] vine, iu»i tiluMoninlp .._ 
An I'DtliDg twain] i-uh nrttagu dgor. 



And OB to Tbc(*, anprpine tlmn*, 
The knee of |iraytrr is bouvd alone. 

Rat O, for thoM* thin lUy can bring, 
As unto 11% no joyful thrill, — 

F«>r thii«ii* who, undtT Fnt^lom'H win;;, 
An* iHHind in Slavtrv'h f4rtt«-ni atill : 

F'T thiM** to whom thy living word 
<*f liicht and lovi* i-* n«*\vr pVfn, — 

F«'T tliM%H uhiiM- iMpi liuv«' n<*v«T htiinl 
Thr iirMuintf an*! the ho|M! of Hcavfn ! 

V'*T tinikt-n ho.irt. and rlouilfil mind, 
Wh»T»Tfn no human nirnifs f.ill, — 

i>. If thy irra>-ioUH low ini'lint><i. 
Who. .i.*i a Katht*r, ]iiti«*st all ! 

AnI infill, O FathtT ! that the time 
of (Larth'<4 drlivrranro may W nt-ar, 

Wli-n ••vrry lan*i and tonsil** and clime 
Tth- nkrwa^ of thy lov«f shall I hfar, — 

When. Miiitt«*n aA with Hn' from ht^avi-n, 
Th** '-.ifitivf'H ih.iin f^hall nink in du»t, 

Afi I ti» hiH f'-ttf-n**! Mill! !m' >j:iven 
Th«* glorioo:} ftvt^lom of the ju»t ! 



nil: Tim:i» ann'Iveii.'*auy of Brit- 
ish r.^*\«IFAT|i>N AT TIIF. Blli>Al»- 
WAV r\Hll;N\iI.F., N. Y., •• FIRMT OF 

Ai iii>.r,'* i-^ar. 

n H"i.Y Fatiifii ' — jn-t nnd tnn* 

Ar» all thy work^ and wonUand way^ 
And nnto th>f alt>iit> an* du** 

Th^nk vivin^; and ftfnial ]>mi« ! 
A" hil !r»'n i'f thy gracious oan*. 

W" vi-il th** ••Vf, we ht-nti the knei% 
Wi:h l»pfk**n wonlsmf prui** and pmyer, 

FiitliT and <toil, we com** to thee. 

F'T thoa hant branl. O Tk^I of Right, 

Thf si;;hin4 of thf i^lan*! iilarf ; 
And «trvtrhf^l for him tli«* ann of might, 

N-it «hortfnf*ii that it I'ouM n<it havi\ 
Th- UUiDT "itH tH'n«*ath his vim*, 

Tiiv iihaii'kl«*<l ««mi1 aihl hanil an* fn**», — 
n«tnk4i;iving ! — for thi» work i< thin«» I 

i'raiar ' - for the bl«*Hr«ing i^ of thre ! 

And O, we f(^l thv j ireiifne^ here, — 
Tby Avfal arm in judgment bare ! 

Thine eye bath seen the bondman's tear,^ 
Thine ear bath heard the boiidroui's 
Praise ! — for the pride of man is low, 
Thf countH'lH of the wise an' naught, 
, The fountains of n*|N*ntance How ; 

What hath our (jod in incn'y wrought f 

Speeil on thy work, Ixinl God of Hosts f 

And whirn thv btmdman's chain is 
And swclU fmm all our guilt v coasts 

The anthem of the fnt* to 1 leaven, 
O, not to tlioH«* whom tht»u hast led. 

Ah with thy clouil and tin* UTons, 
But unto thtt*, in fear and lin^d, 

be pralw and glory erenuore. 


written F(»R the ANNIVER}(ARY CEL- 
AT MILTON, lb4<5. 

A FFW brief yean» havo iiaasetl away 

Since Britain dnive her million slares 
Beneath the tn>pii''s liery ray : 
(Joil willeti their fnrdoin : ami to-day 
Life blooms above those i»laiid graves t 

He K|>oke ? acixkw the Carib S'a, 

We heanl the rlaxh of bn'aking chains, 
.\inl felt the heart -thntb of the tre**. 
The first, »tn»ng imlse of lil»erty 

Which thrilleti along the bondman's 

Though long delayed, and far, and slow. 

The Briton's triumph nhall lie ours : 
Wt'ars slaverv here a iinm«ler bniw 
Thau that which twelve short yearA ago 
Si'owled darkly from her iftland bow- 
ers T 

Mighty alike for gooil or ill 
j Witli motherdaml. we fully share 
, Tlie Saxon strength, — the nenre of 

Btivl, — 
The tin^less enerff}' of will, — 
The |iower to ilo, the pride to dare. 

\Miat she has ilone can we not do T 

Our hour and men an* lioth at hand ; 
The blast which Fnt-^liun'-* angel blew 
O'er her green inland*, erhoe^ through 
Each valler of our fonri»t lauiL 



tbrry biU. 

■ •■'■■y. 

■"ny b kDawD, 
r- rurllnn, 


■ nf goia ; 
nil intt irood* 

I liri^t anJ nuMHnnl 

WhcTf all onwoDtrd Kmnlom imiln. 
And the daik Ubunrr bIiII rrfaiiu 
The Hw ol alav»7'( brokru i-haiu I 

Th- . ..I ,.tTrlI, 

^^ J, i 'u-tiHlgUnce 

At. ' :- "f Fniiiw 

A»<1 Ml- L''"'' ■ ip>r)ali<lili(l till- 

■«1» of wrantt 


Iblh nil 


. <ta\Xtt'i 

Still In (hrtn on 

Anil (ram tW Hrino^'i lld«, 
Fmn Iim«> Iii«4i>uiitHl ti*lli, 
From 8uit> Fc ifej YuotUn, — 

!!*■ «l>a liT (wart (tiMmra'* dil* 
PMcfahanl Ihir JoatLbM niflHT* nr M Alt, 

Bt»k* (trrr ho^ muI MtM otT, 
And WWil In nri)' mhU Mif 

A IWk uiil l>r»tli>r Hi-iitati t 
Clil«rii wliu fntH tli<- Al»U«' diua 
"" im rii|lu««l Fmiknii'a IV«i 

(iUrru'ri tW bi.A.h i..r.L..,( m 
TI.P nir-l.un.1 ..1 ! 

Ati>l Knyil, riiii^. ! 

DrliHiiiv tmln li' i '■ 
The Wmr-gnf;* fruiri [ir r iviioii > ii< 

Alone ^BUitt » bMUin tvrltL 

Tby U(»lrm mnri jii dibj •bsnw 
All ijnatM uf ■ I'truimn uaiw, — 
WUrn bi Uir Uudr uf QiB-li'i i«!>. 

Or. «livr'-frT,ni .\lrY.-iiH..!> lall* 

Or tonic uf N uliia'i ntlik ila^Uvl^ — 
Tlir Clin* of )<Ltvi.iiT uhI ibv ctipi^ 
Tljf brijunt fmni iriutitHl tinw, 
Al thj tluit Urlinuri's dn-i** 
FuiviPiiiioi. J.all lu* tmtu IW 1 

Aixl el.ilii. (uimI. Nidi •u.liv*'* tel 
01 nil llii>» min. aliw hilU alMiA 
Hhvk .rhiinl bK-k til' omtal Mi«a 

And Ticlor htmi o[ Ibrshini. 

Or, tl.nt ■T,!i[,\ !\i.i.t |<.».T., >iu. 

A**-«tni('k, Uip (bout »tikh ialk 
\Uj damkinfi, 
VddIiI nw M> Mkon, crincv, n«r, h 

To mnrk (hr* uttUi th>ir wtlMnia^ 
IJk* Hailn *hrn h'r ibmaM wrtf (tton 
To pwl tb> doan-cwi St*r of jilwt 



" AbA r anil art thou fallfn thus t 
Art Til«il' Utroiue u one of im / ** 

Ijtri'I of niv fdthfni ! — thfn* will stand, th4t Horltl-aHNfiiiliirtl l«ii(J, 
Th<ki4> tiwiiiii;; thy iiutrriml i-biiii 
I'liiiriiki-iMil hv thvi'riiiii* ninl Nlinnii*. — 
Th»- KA>1 ivjuoviTM «»f thy wnm;:, - 
Thf i-liililn-n tlioii lisist MniriMMl h4» Imig. . 
Stili with Htfri'tii)n'?» f«)ii«l«'st yiMniiii;^ 
T<> tli'-ir uiiiLituml iiiothtT tuinin;;. i 

Nil trjitiipt tlifv • - - liiit triftl himT |i«:i1, 
Wh«i«f ouii 1^ liiit thy p*ni*nil wral. 
Still M'-iiilin^ with tin* imtrint's /cut 
Thf I'hhot iin'H Ii'Vi- fur hiiinun kind, 
!•• OA.-ti' and iliritati* uiK'niitiuiil. 

A lii»]y friitlp'riii^ ! — piw»'ful all : 
Ni- thnMt «»f uar, — no ^ava;^ call 

Fi»r v» ii;p«an«i* tjii an firinj; hmther I 
T{;i; in til* ir nti'ad thf ^Milike {ilan 
T" ;>-.i> It th*' hriithrrhiMNl of man 

T" I<«Vf .md n'\'»*ri*nrf oii«* anotiuT, 
A^ ^h iTvr* I'f a niniuifin hh^ml, 
r!i*- •-liiliii>'n 'it' a I'tiinniuii (mmI ! — 
Y'-t, • vrn at itx li:;ht»*st word, 
'if. *!l S!.iv.T\ '.«* d:irk»-Mt di'ittht U* stimil : 
>t>4in. u it< hinif t'nun iii*r Mom's kt^'p 
M • r *l.iv.'«.lii|i'. tr.ivi'iNin;^ tht' tiivji. 
At. 1 Ki'i. ill hi-r -tn'n;:th and pridf, 
Liftnij:. all '11^ h«'r mountain -!*id«\ 
H«r »riii«y Uittl>'ni»*htH and towers — 
\\*-x !• Tniin-i^ov*'s anil tmiiir liowt-n, 
W»th ^ittiT h.itf and sullfn f«*ar 
1:.-* fn.fdi>ni->fivin>; voiiv hhall lirar ; 
And »h«r<' my rduntiy'ji Hag in tlow* 

^hs l.r»"»/»-* fn«m Mount Wnion Idowing 

A I ".v.- thf Nati>in'<4 council hallti, 
WJi-T* Frt-'-'l'iin''* |«niiM» is Iimi<1 an<i h»iic, 
Wh;l«' ' lo--* h«'n«*ath thf outward wallM 
TS' dnvff plifs hi-i n^'king thon^, — 
Tli^ hainiii'T iif thf maii-thiff falN, 
• 'T hTki-^-ritii' ih'M'k and hn»w 
T:i«^ 'liniMin llu'«h ur»hanif i^hall glow: 
And all wh'^ Tir th«*ir nativr* Und 
Art- plfilinnif lifi' an>l hfart and hand. — wat'*hf r* tiVr hfr changing wwil, 
WK , ht-r tami-nhfil honor frvT, — 
T>iri<4i,;h ' •itta^'^- dotir an<l «'oiint*il-hall 
>hj4l thririd»-r Jin awakf ning call. 
Th-' \»u a.'oMir it« iiage Hhall hum 
With a\\ ;ri!t»!fri!>|f •Muni. — 
An ^IchiU'-nt rf hukf *>hall go 
< 'n «IJ thf windft that Southwanl Mow, — 
Fr««i imrvtly lipN now arvlcnl anddumK 
Warning and drrad appeml ahall come. 

Uke thoM* whif'h lariud heard from him« 

Thv l*niiihet of thf Thfruhiin, -- 

Or thosv which mhI Knaiaa hurled 

Against a sin-acrunifd world ! 

\X» wizanl IfaVfH thf Tn'MN nIuiU fling 

I'ni'i*»?iiiig fmni its iron wing, 

With iliarurti'm inM'riUMi thfn*on, 

Ah fi'arhil in thf dt■^|M>t'}« Imll 
Am to the ]Mim|i of Ilii)i\ion 

Thf tiff -sign on thf iNdafc wall I 
And, from hfr dark iniipiitirs, 
Mf thinks I scf niv country ri^e : 
Not oliallfiiging tlif nations round 

Ti» n»)tf hiT tanly justicf <lone, — 
Hfr raptivf.s fn>ni thfir chaiiiH unbound. 

Her prisiMis ujM'iiing to thf sun : — 
Hut tfarfully hr r anns t'xtcnding 
Ovfr the ]MNir and unofffnding ; 

Her nrgid f niMfUi now no longer 
A hinl of pp'v, with talons ni'king, 
Alwve thf tlying cai»tivf shrifking, 
Hut, spn*ading out hfr ample wing, — 
A hnmd, im|iartial covfring, — 

The weaker Hh»'lti*n"d by the stron- 

g»T ' — , 
<>, thi-n to Faith's anointftl eyes 

Tlie proniisfd tokf n shall lie given ; 
And on a nation's suciitiee. 
Atoning for the sin of yfars. 
And Wft with iienitf ntial tear^, — 

Thf lire shall full fruin Heaven ! 

IS 45. 

God bless Xew nani]>s1iire ! — from her 

granite itt-aks 
Once more tlie voice of Stark and 

Lingilon (i]ifak8. 
The longdM>unil vsissal of the exulting 

For ver\* shame her wlf-forgi-d chain 

has bn>ken, — 
Tom the lilat'k seal of slavery fr«"»ni her 

And in the clear tontrs of her old time 

s]Miken \ 
O, all undn',miet1-of, all unhniie«!*for 

chanp'H ! - - 

Tlie tyrant's ally pn>vi»« hi;* sternest 
f«M' ; 

To all bin bidilings fnmi her mountain 
New Haminhire thunders an imlig* 
nant No! 


Look uinrsnl i 

Floulcil l>y FrMiIoni'i Tictor-(l<g un- 

Kai gather itmigtli to bear k manlier 

All u not loit TIm angel of Qod'* 

Enruiit* "'^ Fn«(Iuai ud iho llvlil 

•if ri^it ', 
6tiD lu Ikt banner, ilaj b]r dsf, an 

Cnlaoknlfw allio^ Rtriklng far Uii 

C^mrntf, Ihrii, Tiorthtm b«arti ) — B* 

firm, l* tro» : 
What uDr tiravr Hutc hath iloiu, can ju 

not also do t 


Imutipnl fnr the la»t drrad *< 
Tbat tiniq ahall b* HO mora ! 

OlK mon arniu Ih]' alreplni pfo 
The uTOblann of a aniib hu ]«■■ 

Ttw }Bu drjanlnR tntvei man ni^ 
Twn>> (birhllot anil Lut. 

S|ii1b^ vlth tm rhanp of ■nn am! 
Ami atiMina trtntw^ from Wl&ttv'i 


And |r»&)7 poKJnit snln 

And Bnninn''* diailr. and nnthlni varm, 
And t«lnbDi><iD>rh>'rhl1l-to|nbuwei1, 

Asd nier* In hfr rtilna >torTii. — 
Ood ipMklng (nXD hli clowl t — 

Anil Aulnmn'a train and dm 

And mrt, watm dafi of f^Men ll|fal, 
Tbr glory of hrr fonM lan:^ 
And hiuTFat-moDii It night ; 

M'ith nulb'a lo> InatlDita 1^ 

Thi> h<NhMt of Ih* llnka whlrh btod 
Brule nature to h«r God t 

Ilia infant vjt bath arm the Hjdo. 

Hi* childbciod'i menlst Un^tf nn^ 
And acllvn rforU to inasIlT ml(IU 

The uernn of Iwyliaad atniat t 

The wiillm of the nwlf-ben 
Hai mingled with the tUMnI hi 

And o'er tli^ dfinfc'i Mr h*> gtw 
The merry inama^beU. 

And Wnltb hu filltd lite tMlb 

Wl.ll» Want, tu tnanf a bambb 
TuiM. >Jiin-riDg by htr cbreilfa h» 

The lire-lung night fui bnad. 


And >till, whetr'er to itw uhI kn*^ 
H; eounti7. U thr Ikg uuiUM. 

With •ram, tin IPuiiW aHWiyr MM 
A lUin on tnTT (oU. 



O, t«ftr the gorgvoos emblem down ! 

It gNtbrrs icorn from evtry eye. 
And iir«|H)tM Mmilc and good men frown 

Wlirnt'Vr it (taiuieii by. 

SLaiut* * iiliame ! ita starry splendors 


Abriw ibe hlftvrr'H loathsome jail, — 
It* fold- arr ruffling vvni now 
Hi.% crini.v)n fl.ig of sale. 

Still miind our rountr}''s proudest ball 
. Tbf traib" in bnnian flt»Mb i-* driven, 
And <it *^* b rar*d**HH bammer-fall 
A bum. in br«rt is rivvn. 

And tlii-H, tn<), sanctioned by the men 
Wstitl witbiwiw««r toHbield lb«' right, 

Aril tbn»w nuh vile and robber d«u 
Wide open to the light. 

Yf t, !.han»«» upon tbem ! — there they sit, 
Mi-n •»f tbr Nortb, sulMlued and Htill : 

M'tk, piiunt {M>ltr;»ns <^nly fit 
T«» wt»rk a iiuuitt-r's will. 

S«M, — liarg^ined off for Southern 

Vutt^ — 

A i«.*.Hiv»« Iwnl of Xorthem mule^ 
Ju<»t briying through their purL-liaseii 
WbatfVr tb«*ir owner rules. 

An 1 b*-,* — the l«uiest of tbe base, 
Tb*" vil#^t of tbe vil«», — wIkks** name, 

F.nit«iIni*Nl in infiniti* disgrace, 
U d'-atblras in its shame ! — 

A t<w>l, — 1*» l»olt the people's door 
A«:atn«t the {iroplt^ clamoring there. 

An a>«w*, — to t rant pie on tbeir Hoor 
A pe<>ple'* right of prayer ! 

NAil^il to bU self-made gibbet fast, 
S^lf-pillorieii to the public view, — 

A mark for everv |iassing blast 
<.>f 9«*om to wfiistle through ; 

Thorr let him hang, and hear tbe boast 
iH Jvmthmns o'er tbeir pliant tool, — 

A n«*w Stvlit^ on his post, 
" .Sa» r*^i to ridicule ! * 

Ijook wr at home ! — our noble ball. 
To Fnn^om'a holy purpose given. 

Now rvan its black and ruined will, 
BwKith tbe wintry hcAYvn, — 

Telling tbe story of its doom, -^ 

The tiendiiih mob, — the proatratA 
law, — 

Tbe fiery jet through midnight's gloom. 
Our gazing thousands saw. 

l/ook to our State, — tbe poor man's right 
Torn from him : — and the sons of 

\Vhos<' bloo<l in Freedom's sternest fight 
Sprinkled tbe Jersey snows, 

Outlawetl within tbe land of Penn, 
T}iut Slaver>''s guilty fears might 

And tb(»se wbom (fu<l cnuited men 
Toil on as brutes in ]>eace. 

I Yet o'er tbe blackness of tbe storm 
A \*ovf of pit)iuise U'nds on high. 
And g]eunts of sunshine, Hoft and \^'arm, 
Break through our (Houded sky. 

! Ea4>t, West, and North, the shout is 
Of freemen rising for tbe right : 
Eiub valley bath its rallying word, — 
Each bill its signal ligbt. 

O'er Massachusetts' rocks of gray, 
Tbe stR'ngtbening light of freedom 

Rbixle Island's Xarragansett Bay, — 
And Vermont's snow-bung pines ! 

From Hudson's frowning iialisades 
To Alleghany's laurelle<l cre^t, 
! O'erlukesandprairit^s, streams and glades, 
It sbines u^ion the West. 

Spee<l on tbe light to those who dwell 
In Slaver\'s land of woe and sin, 

An<l tb rough tbe blackness of tbat hell, 
lA*t Heaven's own light brt*ak in. 

So sball the Southern conscience quake 
Before tbat ligbt jtourtnl full and 

So shall the Southern heart awake 
To all tbe bondman's wrong. 

And from that rich and sunny land 
The song of grateful millions rlM*, 

Like tbat of Israel's ransonMHl band 
Beneath Arabia's skies : 

And all who now are bound beneath 
j Our banner's shade, our eagle's win^ 


BnikvD thr buDilinin's rlwiu. mil eon* 
The mutcr'i fciiill. aDil liiiti% luil f<«r, 

And imto both -Uke ilnU <Uwd 
A Nbw ud llR|>]>y Ycu. 


«n 111 Omui Ulnu, Uw kl'lnp^' (U(IUn 
•kiH. U- rhJi (if abw <»■ Id "^ ' — 
«a |Ki4mW< ba MmUu u IbU (4 Uu tKCIO 

tmoMMa ID luclwl, w ITn-j 
Tut UaU into Frmlom" 

tiilli. upon iu SouUu 
Btan f^wtiox to V[i;gui|* ft 

• huutU Hkj : — 
Ko wohl uf haaditjr ohalklixlnfr b 

Ulllf IniElr'* i«>I, 
Itot ■tisUj' tnsd of niaRbing Bin, a 

cUn|t »[ bi>t*Finrn'> iUpI. 

Vd mln« ci( iWp-nionthiKt onDon along 

our bl|tbir«}'a ifa, — 
AiwiimI our dlFUt uwhaIi unirudilrn 

lit* thr (DOW ; 
AsdlotlKUiid-limttFaf otirian>,ntn& 

thtit tmvit Ut, 
A tlMiDMnd wiU tif mnimrrrr mil, but 

pniir an ■]imj far 

W« bnir Ibjr itimU, VitKiab ! tlijr 

itijinny oinili and biith, 
Snll hanlilr on Ihv .Soutbmi wiiul* 

uliiJi null alunit our ik) 
TrI, Dul our biowii. ban! haliif I 

tu buunt UW hrr*. 
Ri>h>i>Frc>riiariti>mtiiaiii uak* k 

l>u u» III t«r. 

Fm M tlio triad* 'bej drin bttun 
niuuli an Ibc watn tbry Kmiu. 

Th(iy kuKU to •t'oni the ilairr*) llinal 
■KHiu*! tlirir rwky humr 

Whnt iDniui Ihv Old I^ominion I Iltfk 

thf forgot the lUj 
WTiTO on hrt- coDiiurTnl rallpjr* *««|a 

Iho ltril<iD'i itHl array > 
H>i« aid- by nUr, »llh Km* of Um, tW 

UMdH'liuwIta rnni 
Eti«]iint"ir<l Tarirton'a cluuvc of iifi 

■lid alout ComaaUU. Utoi I 

Forget* iilw how llw DaT StaU, to n< 

*w«r to thf rail 
Uf hrr old Kiiiur uf Itiirvwn, atoik* gU 

tram KaoruU H all I 
Whra. nJioing lark hrr tlmry'a ay. 

ramr |<ulMng on «-'h farratk 
or Nortlicni vliuU. the tliriJIiuc tm^it 

of " LmKKTT tia liEjkTir ' " 

Wbat uki the Old DoDiDiuB t Umv 

bvr aoti* had jiratrd 
Falw to Ibrlr fatbrr*' maaatf, — Urn 

t.) th> tallb tbrj Ipml. 
Ifabfraii »•■»* at FnntoM, and ll* jpMC 

rharter aimm. 
Utut *v of Uaamhiuma ftnot tn)k 

and duty turn I 

W« hntil jrnuT liondman, flitef ftaa 
Slamy '• 1wt*fal boll, — 

Out Toicaa, it yoat Udding, tak* ap iW 
bloodhoaiid'i jfU, — 

W* salbiT, at your •nmmoaa, abiNc «h 
hthvt*' Jpana. 

Frtm Fivadon a holy altw-buma !■ Imt 

n a lioly altw-bui 
n«liJ.Pd ilaTR ! 

alonf St. 'Imrcr'a laok, -- 
Cold nQ iIm idior* of Lalirador tlw Itf 

Im wbltr and dtnk ; 
Xhrmtgli •tumi, aud »a><t. and liUndiiig 

mM.itinl arrtliF brartaalikh man 
Tbo (tthiiwnack* >■( MaildilHwL tlw 

(■B'fausU of tafv Ann. 

n» cold norlli li((hl and wintry aa* 
fcUn on tkHr ii-y fum*. 

Bnit grindy u'o llirir ■tnlninu llitia or 
wMlUw with tb* (tuniB -, 

Thank Ood ! m>t yat aorilrlyauHaMi- 
rhiua'lta bow ; 

Thr *|)irit of hrr Mrly ttna la with tar 

Dnun »nt Im-aiUR hrr Pitxtin Uari 
Riovn tlu* and ulai bihI rand, 
I Abe thua ran at(>a|i htt ehainl^ *«^ 
aiitar'* alaTa and tool t 

a itHtr SM* thonld do, all UmI 
a/n* 9lala maj, 
I Hfsrt, band, and pan* *• pw j tt . aa hi 
I Bur tmly day t 

I Bal U»I on* ibufc loallMnM hmim f 
I inuit atMl** irtth alM^ 

And raip iha Httft hamai «Uik |» 
yotuatlTia ban miwtt I 



HoU, wltile ye may, yonr MruKRUiig 

feUvns And liiinleu OchI'h fntr air 
With H'liuian*!! <»hii*'k U'rifath tlif Luh, 

aiitl iiiiiiihiHMl*H MiM tl«•^|Mi^ ; 
( iinfC r!i wr to I he '* i'li-avinf( nirM' " that 

» litfA ujMiii yiiiir {ilaiiiM 
Th« Mi&otiiifc or Almighty wruth apiinht 

A Uml uf chrfiiiit. 

Sull hIuiih* yoiir i^lUut aucrittry, tht* 

raviilit TN t*( old, 
Ky wat< hill); Miintl the >huiiiUfii wh«'rf 

liiuikiu rifih it Aulil, - 
(iiiut d'it thi* nrW'lMirii I'hiM, amlcuuiit 

hi^ iiarki-t v;ilui*. ulirii 
Dm iiuii>it'ni*«l inothrr's crv of wue hhail 


{■irrue thi' slaver's tleii ! 

l>«wer tlmn iiluiiimet soumleth, sink th«* 

Virxiuki iiaiiir : 
ri^iit. if ye will, your fathers* fn'>tv<'H 

with nuikest w«i'iU «if HlmiiH* ; 
IW . if ye will, the M-iUlilal of (mmI'k f.iir 

Wi* wanh our haihU fon'Vt-r uf your miii 

ami ohaiiM' and cunie. 

A vol- f from li|M when'on the eoal fnnn 

Kn*<-tliiiii\ shrine hutli U»»'n, 
'n.nll»-'l. *>» hut yrjiti-niiiy, tin- lii'artM of 

IWrk^liirr's mountain nii-n : 
Tli- e*.!!'*"^ of •Milfiun Voice an* »»a«Hy 

lin^Tiii>; still 
In all our sunnv valleys, on every wind- 

HUfpt hill. 

And wht-n the jiroulins nLin*thief canif 

li oil tin:; hir hi?* |»ri'y 
IVnt-atli thf v. ry ^haihiw of Hunki*r'.H 

-haft of ^jy, 
H'"*, thr«»uvjh thi- fr»f li|M «if the smn, 

thf t.tthi'f'N H. lining; ^imki* ; 
II' 'V, fr>iin its liOKdt of traiie anil mvt, 

thf Pilgrim city hruke ! 

A baD<lr*^I thousand ri>;ht armi* wen* 

littfil nil (»n hi^h. - - 
A hunlri-«i thiiu>.ind voio-d M-nt Iwi'k 

th'ir liiu'l n'|»ly ; 
ThrtMi^h ih*- thmnpil towns of K«Kex 

th*- ••t^rtlinx tuiiiMioim mm, 
A&l ap fr>iu Uip-h anil Iimiiu anil wh<'el 

b^r youn>( m*n hani«-st Hpran^ ! 

The Toi< ^ of (r*-\ hmad Mid<|]esex. - of 

thiiU<«aniU ni* of one, — 
Tb^ bhafl tfi Ihink'T .-ailing to that of 

LexingtuD. — 

From Norfolk '■ ancient rillagtsii, from 
IMy mouth's nM:ky bound 

To where Nantucket feeU the anua of 
ocean clone her round ; — 

From rieh and rural Worcester, where 

thniugh the calm rvytMns 
Of cultured vales and fringing woods the 

g«>ntle Xashua flowH, 
To where Wai'lnw-tN wintr}' blanta the 

mountain larcheH stir, 
Swellrd u]i Xn lieaven the thrilling cry 

of *' (iod have LAtimer ! " 

And aandy ItaniNtable n>iti> up, wet with 

the Halt Hi-a sjiruy, — 
And Brintol M-nt her auHwering shout 

down NarraganHett liay ' 
Along the hroiidt'onnectii'Ut old Hamp- 

ilen felt the thrill. 
And thi' rhii-r of liani|iNhin''i( wiNHlmen 

iiwi*|it down from llolyoke Hill. 

The vnii'i' of Massni-husett.H ! Of her frw 

Hoiit iind liiiu^htorH, — 
]>eep calling unto dtvp aloud, — the 

sound of many waters ! 
A^tinM thi* iMinli'U of that voice what 

tynint |io\ver nhall stand * 
Xo /7A r.t i;i fh*- litui State I Xo siatt 

ujhm hrr htnd I 

Ixiok to it wrll, Virginians ! In calm- 
ness Wi' have Itome, 

In answi-r to our faith and trust, your 
iuMilt and your iwoni ; 

You *ve spumed our kimlest cimhm'Is, — 
vou 've liunte<l for our li Veil, - - 

And sfiaki'U round our hi-arth« and 
hoUM's your manacles and g\ vi*s ! 

\V«* waire no wnr. — we lift n<» arm, — 

wr tling no t>ri'h within 
Thi- tin*-daniiH of th«' ipinking niine lie- 

neath your soil i»f sin ; 
W^* lt*ave ve with vour I Mind men, to 

wrvstle, while ye i-an. 
With the stnin>; upwani tfudencit^s and 

guillike Miul of man \ 

But for UH and for luir cldldrvn. the vow 

which Wi* havf jnvrn 
For frrt-iliMu and huniiinity is registennl 

in hi'iivi'u : 
\tntiiivr-huNf in tmr frntnlrm, --■ ii«i/»ini/e 

oil oiir Mfrttiiti / 
.Ytf frttt-rt in thf Ho if SUt/^, — a*» »hp$ 
I uyuH vnr land.' 


B«l c< (Lb ■auI-iiDrt •btcb Ibi In bad 

ToKKN of frli^ilahip IruB ami ttird, 
Fium oiiR whiuf B'rj hrtrl of voulb 

With nilnH bu bntrn. m.U by miV, 
tor UhtrXy bdiI Truth i 

Witli iHUint iirviv lluT Kift I Uke, 

Anil |iTi» it tat Uk fpivt'a ■d(«. 

Bn( nul alopo becniuR It Ifll* 
Of jpnrriiua twnil mid lirHrt dni-tm i 

Atnun-l thai Klfl of frinniliihili ilwrUt 
A tunaury ooulJy ilnr. — 

XmIL'i noblflrt aim. — lou'i hoUot 

With that mononal ftatl (nvrouglit I 

Pun llniD^ti Biiil iwiet. Ilka Itowpn 

And |i(«uaa« mnnorin rounil it cling. 
E*«n u the IV>|ihrt '■ rod of oU 

111 tniil]' lihiHKifililifC ! 
Atiil huila iif frelinr 
Siiring trxnu iti nilii 

Belle of Prraloin'* thiinr ' — ■ Iwaiiil 
niuknl fruia ila Uimluii ' — W It Ix 

Omt « B i-wtl fniiu thf Iwnd 
nr* liivi rrim<l Id nir ! — 

flomwt of a prrithnl fiarlaiiJ MU 

or li& and beaut; aaVnrt I 

0. If til* fmng rnlhutia«l imn. 

O'rr wnary naatf aud tra, thr *ton" 
WIitrbnumldHl tn.i.. lh> rorvm"* •lalni. 

(it roiiiHl Ihv faiibrtKHi : 
Or nll>p-lnui(h from tumn vild trrc 
Hung utrr old TlifTmopjrlai ; 

Or fMliitl Auirn« aboac aiatm liloooi 

On H'lil* imoonnl in utotr. - - 
Or li^mml fmn Iba AlhamW'a nrtt. 
Or tile gnr n-!h 1>; Draida l-lnwd ; 

Or Hnartai 7 raugh tor tbMk - blovind 


ir It he tnin (hat ihlnA Ukv Onm 
To twrntl Mid ryr tdght rUoM bd|| 

Sball not far hoUn- BtmMtks 
To tliii lunDorial oUiuT 

Whivti nntU DO meUowiiic hM • 

Tu liido the criniaon itaib* of etIm* 1 

Lining on biffh. with haiul* wf^matd, 

TbunkiffiviDK unto Oai ; 
Wbrrr Uriry* ruin of loreUM fUai- 


Wbi-n, nildil Ibe nand of nuliiag ftcl 
And curm on tb» nighl-air flun^ 

Thai jilradinii Ti>tcr roo nim and •■«* 
Pn«n vouun'a ramist tungn* : 

And Ktut uimrd bl* acBwIinj; gluirv. 

Aired, fnnii bvr (tsiii(uil cwuuiriuMvl 

A (;'--•"■-■ 

■' -■■* 

DnI froni Ibat 

Th- fin. >.'.. 

rain. « of -Id. 

Ar.i ■ ■ - 

> -)ai. u>d xd 

'*!-■■-■ ' ■'■ 

And «rn (hi* n-Jir fron Ihy tfciM 

O b«l7 Ft-don. 1 h«tb to ■»! 

A pArat fown, a vain* uiil ■%«' 

A dn-pn laitS. a altvnpT W^. 

And not tmllVr thai wntk' nO. 
Ur old ainicbcd oW tlHr ^ 

Wbi'-li ui'm.). la lb* *tr*a||ih bT Oal, 

A |<alli»*.* fur th* alan^ 
It jrrl niaj nnint thr hondmaB** *af. 
Anil tant lb« aiBils from bi* p*f . 




Weu'omf. homr Again, hraye 8»iman ! 

vith thy thouj^btful brow ami gray, 
.^Dtl thr i»M hrruic bpirit of our earlier, 

Iwttt-r tlay, — 
With that fn»iit of calm endurance, on 

wh<»Hc Ht*-a<ly nrrve in vain 
Tniva^l tlif* intn of the prison, smote the 

her>* khufts of )Nun ! 

U thr tyrant'^ brand upon thee 7 Did 
the brtital rravens aim 

To Dukf (iiKl'-H truth thv falsidiood, his 
holii-st w«>rk thy shanne ? 

Whrn, all bl'tiMl.quenched, from the tor- 
ture thf in»n was withdrawn, 

Huw laugh*Mt their evil angel the baffled 
fuoU to M:om ! 

Tkry rhanjji» to wrong the duty which 

Cumi hath written out 
•>n thr gr»*rtt h«-art of humanity, too 

Ifgiblf fur di>ubt ! 
Tkev, th«' l«Hiths<iuie moral l.'|)erH, 

blot4*h*'«i from footsole up to crown, 
Give to nhanit* what (2od hath given unto 

hoQur and renown ! 

Why. that brand is high(*st honor ! — 

tlian itj» trat-es never v<'t 
I'lion old armorial hatcfiments was a 

pnmdt'r blazon s#*t ; 
And thy unUtm genrrations, as they 

tr*'ail our nn'kv strand. 
Shall t»ll with pride the storj' of thfir 

Cat her' S blLiSUKD HAND : 

As the T»niplar home was welcome, bear- 
ing )ia«-k from Syrian wars 

The •«Ar» of Arab lances and of Paynini 
«« \iiiitar% 

The |«illor of thr prison, and the shackle's 
< rimnim '»|Min, 

S> w«- nit^t thtv, so we greet thee, truest 
fn«*nd of (rod and man. 

\{r *afr**ml for the ransom of the dear 1 

Hi^Wmer's grave. 
Thou for his living itrrsence in the bound ! 

and blrr^ling ulave ; j 

He for a sfiil no longer by the feet of an* | 

g^ls tJOil, 

TliOQ for th<» tme Shechinah, the pm- 
c&t home of Qo«l f 


For, while the jurist, sitting with the 

slave-whip o'er him swung. 
From the tortured truths of freedom the 

lie of slavery wrung, 
And the solemn priest to Moloch, on 

each God-<lehert«*d shrine. 
Broke the bondman's heart for bread, 

|ioun'd the bondman's blcod for 

wijie, — 

While the multitude in blindness to a 

far-off Saviour knelt, 
And spurntnl, the while, the temple 

wIhth a pn*M*ut Saviour dwelt ; 
Thou iM'ht'ld'^t him in the task-^eld, in 

the pri^iun shadows ilim. 
And thy men^y to the Ixmdman, it waa 

mercy unto liim ! 

In thy lone and long night-watches, skj 

alM>ve anil wave Ijh'Iow, 
Thou didst Irani a higher wisdom than 

the Itabbling sihotdmen know ; 
food's starM and .sih'Uce taught thee, as 

his angels only can. 
That the one koIc sacred thing beneath 

the coi»e of heaven is Man ! 

That he who treads profanely on the 

wrolls of law and creed. 
In the depth of tifxl's great goodness 

may lin»l nien*y in his n«*e»l ; 
But Woe to him who crushes the soUL 

with chain and rotl. 
And henls with lower natures the awful 

form of God ! 

Then lift that manly right-hand, bold 
ploughman of the wavf ! 

Its branded ]vilm shall pn>phesy, •* Sal- 
vation Tt» THK Slavk! " ' 

Hohl up its fin*-wn>ught language, that 
whoNO n*ads may fi*«'l 

His heart swell j»tn>ng within him, hi', 
sinews change to j»t<*el. 

Hold it up befoie our sun»hine, up 

against our Northern air, — 
Ho ! men of MassachuHftts, for the lov« 

of <Jo«l, l<M>k then* ! 
Take it hen<*eforth for vour standard, 

like the Bnice's heart of yore. 
In the dark strife clo^ing n>und ye, ht 

that hand be se<*n U*f(»n' ! 

And the tyrants of the slave-land shall 
tremble at t'aat sign. 

VOICES or rutmoiL 

■Inlift tkr 

a* U> thf Slatr-durEnl ]n> 

Churvli'i iK'iut l«>id. 

Cr Ihr hlllidijf. down tlw gfm. 
Rottw til' (iNivliiit dtlwn ; 
Siuniuoa init tlw lu^flil of mm t 

like • lino giDwUtig tow, ■ - 
like • niglit-itumi lUiUR ilow, — 
liJin tlu mail of unwm foe, — 

It i* nmiing, — tl i* iii|^ I 
Bund ywui autna auj >lt>n W ; 
On yaat owii ttm UtiHholiU ilk. 

I'Um lh> l>rU» In all four iiiiira i 
vhi Inf f;r«]r hUL> of yuur linii 
llin^ to bfliren jrour lignkl flna. 

Ftnli Wai-liniK, Innr uil liUak, 

tiato Brrblitn't Ullnl psk, 

U't the itunF-I(iu|tn«l hcnliU iprak. 

O, for riod anil datv *laiiH, 
Hnrt I.) hrart atiil hand lo hand, 
HouDil ihi! old gnna of the land. 

WIiiHo ilihnki •n fattira now, 
Will*' lo 111- j«\.- oould b.<w, 
llniul thr cnnn on lib brow } 

Fnnlam'* ardl lialh onlv iiUr* 
For a frr* and fnrtMa ftw. — 
Snur tot tndUn (aW anil laup. 

TrriA jiarljr, — imlih rian ; 
Btrik' toKvlhfT whtit yr an, 
Likr ihr ana ol »iir atriinK inao. 

Likf llul anfcrl'i nrii* anhlim*, 
n«nl ahutP ■ vortil of nilM, 
Ckjring of th* md uT time, — 

Willi nn<- hfut and (ritii «w noBlh, 
Ul th* }f(-nli nniB Ih* B«atb 
8r«k tti* wonl b>lti1ln« both : 

■' WTul IlKHiftli l^tiar tv ■traog I 
Tr BMT Iwd 111* lu k with *tVDS 
Ornmufli and a*a lontf : 

■• PaticDu wjtli liar cap o" 
WItli bi^f wsarv llinad oOL 

Mumiur* that W work U 

-■ Uakf uur I'niuti-buud a lIuiq. 
W»k aa low iu Kn^lxni-. aUaia 
Link by link aliall ttiK[i in twain. 

" Vainly aluUl fuar •aud-wrvofikt inf* 
llind III* atarry diutrr nj^ 
Shaitrtrd urrr hoavrai'* Uu* t-ipa I 

" Givr Q> bright tlxm^ I>oli«n n;^ 
KalW iliao i-tcnia! hur. 
Cloudiiift ii'rt tht hill-orinl bUa*. 

" Takv yimr land ■•( Hn and bloem : 

Only !•*(• tn Fnnluin roam 

For Im idougb, and fotgv, and iotrn | 

" Tak* jronr ilaVFry-bUckuml t«lM | 
LnKE n* but OUT own bt* iptlt^ 
lllowluK on our thuu^iud ailla. 

" BoldW. or with trTarh-nnia ut, 
Ktrikit ihr hlood'WiDuirhl eb^n afatt ; 
Hnak the rnliin'a ni%litj Itiiait ; 

■' Woffc iht nitn. if y. will; 
Duck ni«i> yvDT hroda an fB 
Which tWl'ipvw and dnrfvu Mffl 

>■ Will) vour bondmu't ri«bi am tMi^ 
With hia hrart of tdaok (Mpidi, 
SIuhI alunr, if atanil ra iIm* I 

Fir* bcDralh y«ur fxt the aUn* : 

" DH]ilr. when the wide abyv 
Yawna bitwmi youi land and IJ ' 
Sban y- trel your U'lpl'^iiBa. 

" Dt Ibv hnrth, and fn the br^ 
fliallrn In a luuk or tlwaJ, 
Y> ahall own * guilty diad. 

'* And thv rurve of nnpati) toU, 
Downwud ihnniRh jam g niw ta m 
like a Im aliall bum 

Our birak bilU •ball bad aj . 
Vinea onr nicka ahall ottagtnw, 
Plaity in om rallrya llmr ; — 

" And when Tmp«n» dmirdi foat Aii^ 
Hither ahall Jr turn tBor ijt^ 
Ai th* Ion no IVadNa I 




•".k our ro<*ky straii<I, 
tnn* find }in>th*T !»ainl, 
»lrun^ uu<l honest hauil, 

'•y t)»>' *'lii\>' unrriMi, 
iU'iiin'o mountain mmI, 
■ •ui Idtlit-nt' (iod ! " 

Hnvo they wronged us T Let us then 

Ki'ndf r lMu>k nor threats nor pniyeni ; 
Hiivi'! tht-y ('haintnl our frfc-bom luen f 


irp, your luinncr K'ads the van, 
Blazoned, " Lil)erty for uU I ** 

Fini>h what your sin'M tiegan ! 
I' {I, to Faneuil Hall ! 



■ riiiTih'MHl Htill ye flaini, 

• •itii'-m |iul^* (.in thrill, 
lAitifi;: or -tiinj^ hy sliainc, 

»tr'riu;ly still, 
ni>U •»! tr.itii*: die : 
rM!l-;:;»t«', ■ havi-the j*tall, - 
i\r aiiil )i:iiiiini-r hv, — 
r.. Fmrui! H-iU ! ' 

.1 h fr'«ni»'n nfVtThnH>k«*«l, - 
jtitn .mil IhT'-f :l-* tin V, 

• ■• I'l- liin;4 li«»ns l«x>kril 
! it if : -i" w.iy, 
iiiot.itit /.»'n\ dt-iii.ind, 
urh tli«ir •Mith'iu.ikc-i-all 
• •I" I'll^jtiiii l.iijil, 
4:iMiil H.ill : 

■ .ii-"* .ind viiidy*, — 

■;: rM>iiin!ainrid;:'"» n»M, 

: — I'lii*'* th-' w»-Hti-rin^ htiirs And farMttV hills an- writing 


What t)ion>;h around thee blazoB 

N»» fiery nt living; .si;^n ? 
From all thy own high phues, 

(Iiv»- hiav«-n the light of thine I 
What though unthrille<l, unnioving, 

The Mtatt-Hutan stand a|tart. 
And coineM no warm approving 

From Mammon's c'ro>^d<-d mart \ 

Still, let the lan«I 1m' shaken 

By a sumtiioii> (»f thine own ! 
By all sjive truth torsiikm. 

Why, .stand with that alone ! 
Shrink not from >trif»* unequal I 

With the lM>t is always ho}K* ; 
And •'Vt-r in the s«M|uel 

(.rod holds the right hide U|» .' 

But uhi'ii. with thine uniting, 
('om«- voii'fN long and loud. 

:i T.»w lis ,if gold, - 
"Airii yntir f.Nitstriis wake 
' •!;! • h«»ly Wall ; 
. l-r Fr«'- liiin"'* siik«% 
:r tith'-rs' hall ! 

• id N n**ath your ft-et 
•1 ^ Y |».nty spun : 

■ irt^ if^"th«r Uat 
x:* . .f .in»". 

• ir.;r-«. otmks autl trade, 
I riN« '.r ht th<ni f.ill : 

■ '•vs v..:ir « omnion aid, — 
.U'uil Hall : 

' ■ I- h viiii'i' tlirit sjuMks 
1 tli-n- •■ t«» South'-rn plairi' 
r :i.- f.). Yk whi- ii hii .ik-* 
!t« .III 1 • hain't ' 
'■'.'. \- • .'fui's tin- fr*-*' : 
n. :• th.ui ^t -1 «ir hall, 
. ilui- st utt< riii'f be, 
->iu FaneuiJ Hull ! 

Thy tin'.\\»»rds on the cloud ; 
Winn Imni IN imliMot's fountains 

A di» p n-NjHtn'M' is heanl. 
And aip'sN till" WeNti-rn mountains 

Kiills kit k thy rallying word ; 

Shall thy line of kitth" falter. 

With its allirH just in view ? 
(>, hv h»arth and h«>lv altar. 

My fath'-rland, U* truf ' 
Fling al.n»;id thy sendU of Freedom t 

Sjiecd thi-m onwanl far and fast 1 
Ovir hill and valley s|>e«tl them, 

Liki* the sibyl's on the bhust I 

Lo I the F.mpin' State is shaking 

The sha«kl»'s fM»m her hand : 
With th«- ruggi"«l North is waking 

Tin- livt'l sunset lantl I 
On thi-y •■onj«*, - the fr»'f Uittalions f 

Fist and W.'.t and North th«-y comcv 
And th«- h« of th«- millitinrt 

lb the U-at of Fn*edoni'» ilruui. 


Bu bikI lull tar dwT hnrrr 
A^tiii ill" laii'l >J (Um 1 " 

Hnu it. mulhi-r KatiIi, and linu It, 
TliP llmrUK iilioVF uk ]t|>Rm.l I 

Tb' Und b rouim]. — ila "j-lrit 
Wu ileciiiiig, 1>D| nut JmJ I 


Sootor ■ .■illllhr-lr 

BiM- <-'<ivA tli, l.m..l, 
Aniiorriuit Eiifilaiid'i roiFKl minivu with 

■ linu. "TofiiiAiTiiTiilib.iii.!" 
Kitt ■Knia fur liuaui tod Inwiiiiu ' — ■'! 

Ill* t«ltlr In Birmj 1 — 
Whit the blban did of old liror <n> 
tlinc luu luiut du l«-dsy. 

SlwU tl' -' ^ ii-rthM 

,,.. .v rin-t 

Wooli.. Tl«t 

)■■"-■■ - r I'^bw. 

Hut mv ki" .ii. I.-.1 ..f M..h>.-I.. ]«« 

uiir ihiMiTu tliniugb tli<' tin- f 
I* tlu dnlUr Mil} t»l r - lh-1 ■lid tnith 

■ lid rttfht ■diraaf 

W*f)[1iwl ^Miut iDiir Ijiiu Inlt^rn niiut 

our muiliuud kiiik tiia bum t 
O injr Owl ' - fiM- ih«l frrp ijilrit. i. Iilth 

PctMblMuklUld J-ri-t: :: ' 
Butb(lf«<'v'>>UDH'L'--|'l ■"•'■■ ■" 

from her tntnmtjuui U u 
BcilB hiT Pil^jrim iioIm nn hi^prr.- 

Siii *hr diimti in hct daput t — 
Ilu tilt aone to bmk the allcno I -• 

Hu abe oniw to ilu and dat» ' 
I) m; Hod ? for oun rl([ht <rorUi]r (alM 

ui> b'T ruiil'd ■Jiifld. 
Aud tu t>1>Dl ^aiii tlw I'lnr-Ttav in ha 

UMincr'* tMtmd 5uU I 

WfTH a odd tnd vbDlT7 i» 

On it* nwli aad Mniiln ilmt. 

Shidowa WMfinf «iih tlip Kuu^^ht 

From thvEnj *kv i<i'c).< a:I, 

DroadtVi Tupwlj', aJlBnuiiil :!r. Ijn tim 

lulf-built town iiiUj.rrsI 

TIin>u^lhiaI<niMl atrRTl, fntlaaen^ 
Ellis and flowj a buuan tldi, 

WiTr on nre a Uring ri»ri j , 

Wealth and fa*bMn lUr by 4dr • 
Toiler, fdl*r. alaw and toMrt, la tk* 

S]iriiip abwvp tbaiu. «mI anil U 

Omv turn In Ibi doM an ipujiji^ 

Flit tlie Ururu, hanv alul MNall, 

WbicJi tlu- baA<l or P<nn lanttvriM. 

iTumlw ohu'h tmn Hr toSlr U 

IbwoM. .' . '..r 

ll..n..i • 

Farto-da,\ . j- . , „ . »Ii_ 

Ilia KTnit buji; ul Uu'U ;sii- 

Yrl, «b*n> fratal Unija aiv llitavlHg 

ftlary rmind ibf ilanni'* hair, 
r.1, like an uttfT^ SmtI^ 

Thnr lo-nl|^l thai] waiwm** ilini. 

tiCar-Ukr, walovmt |tN« lit IM% 
Fairniiij; rooli «llli (b}> adnanB 

Snk to toiub thalr jpummM* k 



clitti'HiK; lit* tny vJNiun 

III* hiiVf ;iris«'ii 
tm*-t ilaik iiii'l ^»t^.lIlp' ; 
l"r ti; tlif jin.MMi iiiu>t tht' 

htMvy ;:;it*' i.«» "wiiii^iii;; 
iiu'i '^i"*!! uii«l slow ; 
i:^>ii l.iin|i i> tliii>;in;j; ;:t««iii» In'Iiiw 
,1-. If.ivri {it tiTrur wlutso- 

'liM'. Ii(»t rthoW. 

'I • I", .1 Wi»M \s 

•• Wn-! thr >lil'kl«H « l;t«.h ' 

\'\ '<li«' iilt'T'N, 
itli Th«* -^tiii^jiriij lit^h f 
s v\liii>i' I'Nt-* of iiia>itii'^s N.til piiM fv^iuii tl.i>«h ' 

in- .• '^>H - :,M\ ly «»nw.ii«l * 
It til \V»:iltll .itpl Vti\'' 

ix \\i*-^ .Iff l«M.kiii^ 
!• v\lii< h •-.nth -^hMiiM hi>|i- ' 

\\ I —MM' li«-» ill u.iitiiiu', 
J nil l'i»t<im.i<\ ti'lf ! 

}i tt liMMii Aiiihitioii 
i\»'U i rivalo l.ill, 
V . ::^ ..|.| I iiii.|iti.iii, 

• I'Jsl'- " slimy « liiwl, 
ilih^' \i»|ii' iif •-iiiov\. .sh.iM 
A« 111 .lliL'Ul-^h i-all. 

!.- ■ hlM ol' K.ishii'll, 

• I :■ I'l w\M' 

\ .r \ 'if riiiii|».iv^i'.n, 
■»*Ti k'-ii iiP»urii« r ;;t« ; 
« •!:• •.•Mi«"<f N.iriou, Uau- 
.• !i ■'.!••« <.!iow ! 

• ■r>U ifi' all tit<> s\v»*«Miiii:^ : 
•.'>\\'\' •[ 111 lit. 

I •: «!«M.l. }i:ir •>!i'']iiii;; ; 

■■M;: U lll.llpi Wi.lli Ill's h' lit, 

.: >trif«' r»r Kr I'-iii. y«t 

- ir thi'ir pni'i«»M'» |i:iit. 

.■■<:. l-r simnv v:illi-y«.. 
I'l iTj riit' ili^t.iih't' lost, 
' » •>}■ i.i ->tirii!ii..ii .illi» >. 
t t)i i-i r! • N'«it>i ."III l< i-r. 
» il !■> ♦].' ir h'-.iitli-stnii- ^ 
iiil; lit * \'ri-r « *»^\. 

1 ii]i':;« {:* williiii* : 

• h«;irt airi Uf.ik thf km •■ ; 

And AR yet no lip i>i thiilling 
With theniii;hty wouU, " HkFkkk !" 
Tiirrit-th lun>; ttie laiid'H Oood Angel, 
hut hi.<« uilvnit is to Im.* ! 

MfMiiwhil*.', turning fnmi the n*vrl 

T<» tin* ]iiisoiiMcll Hiy sight, 
For intrriMT hatt* <)f «'vil, 
For u ktruiT jx'iiM* of n«iht, 
.Shaking ot!" thy, 1 thank the<*, Citr 
of tht* Slavr.<», to-night I 

"To thy «iuty now ami fV»T ? 

l>n'ani no nioir (»f or .stay ; 
{'f\\>' t<i Fiirthmi's gn-at «'n»h-avor 
All thou alt atitl ]\:u*X ti»-iliiy " : — 
Thus, ahuvi' tin* iity'.s niuniiur, saith a 
Voire, or M-i'iiLs l»» .siiy. 

Yt* with Inart ami visinn giftivl 
To «lis« ••rn an<l Iom- thi* right, 
Whiis*' wmn fai»-s h.iv** in-.-n liftinl 
To till' .sh»\\l\ i:i'>wing liiiht, 
\Vh»ir from Fm-'Ioiiis .sunrw- ilrifted 
hlowly li;ii k thfinuik of night I - 

Y«* who throu;;h l'»n^ years of trial 
Still have hi-M v<>ut )>ur]MiM', 
Wliih* a lin;:th« niiii; sh.i h* the «lial 
From thr u«st.iinj; Min.shin«* rust. 
Anil of ho|H' ia>-h hour's denial ^>ccIued 
an eehi) «»l the last ! - 

<> mv hiothiTs ' (") niv .si.sters I 

WituM t.» <;.h1 that ye wt-re near, 
d.i.'iiiu' xMth me thiwn the vista.s 
< »t a SI, now >tninnt' ami «li»-ar ; 
W.iiil.l to <;...l that yf urre listenors to 
tll«- Vitire 1 x't-ni to lnar ! 

With th»' >t«inn al»<A»- us tlriving. 

With th»' fals*' e nth min»*»l U-low, — 
Wli.> .shall marvi-l if thu^ striving 
Wf haV'- •••uiiTril fiieml as fo«' ; 
I'nto on<- aiftlp-r givim; in the ilarkncss 
Mii\% fitr M«»w. 

W.ll i! Ill ly 1- our nitUD's 

11 1\'- j^Ti-wii sr»iner .mil imavharxi, 
Aii'i tie fit sliiii *vs iif ili.ii fi-atun'tt 
S. -iti- u h it^h .lli'l Uittle-scamtl, 
.\n l til' il li.iin.i'iiiis .if ff-eling over* 
taske-l .iii-i ru«lfl\ jarrt-d. 

l\*' it .si». It sliMul'l not swerve uh 
From a j»uij"«s<- true un<l luavc ; 




Dram- Frwidnn'i ragnd xttW 
Than Uia {wttniR of ibe 4Uvp ; 

L'uinuk the iirtmiT Ihirrrs uKt i^r 

The Bitde Innu tlM gtup of haU 1 

BtOtt U Ibc ■tonn ■bore it ibui ibo 

<ini»t of the gr«re. 

From ballnw titr BOd Iwnnv tfm 

t}t U« and ..Tt br Tb« Rb«Ml. 
0, t<w>l> hliu tJat tbo (-'hriMlH mm 

Lft ut th«n. uTiitliis, tmrv 

AU vat Mr, fruJ* in <lu>l, 

U liuli«r Ibui tlui Jvwlali |>riMt. 

Ali>l tu filtuir rouflii-lji CMTJ 

Muliul fAiih md TOmmon tro»t ; 

Cba» back the .h»k<<n. gny and •». 
01 tb.' d»d i[«. from hi* wmf. 

Alw«y» Iw nho n..u.l forglrrlh la hb 

bratlicT U iiioM jutt 

And Ik LU bopcful <.jm brbold 
Tl» dawn U tby tnllb'uulal da; ; - 

AU uur kuu >utl •tarUttlit bcrr. 

That liar obrn frttprf 1 limb aad miai 

Tokiw d( our loat one* wuiiUiift 

ShaU know tl>c tntb wbUli mU^ 

Bid tu 1-r oflu^rt Mid ch«r. 


llirouKb tlm ■JtriiH, dowu Ihn (n*<^ 

And be alonr -bo lorn hi* kind ^^M 

tailing ou tb« luwud <ttc. 

Shall, chlldltkr. daln Uw U.»«f|^H 

Know"- . . ■ ■ - nVjiix 


tW' ■ 


Allo'.i ' i< 

WilL ..v.-.! 

FnoM Vorklovn-. nijn.. tukrd aad MIB. 

Sbill*. i;i , .- ^l""" 

TtX' linn. MifLh lax »'» nU. asd hfU : 


Who .:utba kU .M.I at h>^ of «m 1 
Hark 1 th« low mnniiur : WMkiuhw 1 

Ul tu <Inw tbeir Qunlln o'n u* 

Whli-li harr Ulm in our wiv ; 

Ut D> do Ihr »ork Mom a*. 

ShlDT kninhtlf >tar an.) nliuta M mow I 
Tbou too an Yictor, UochMubcM < 

Tii^i u it ii not d>T 1 

Tb.- rarth «hlch hMi* tUa «1|> tfM 
riu'igbnl Arrt. with bgrTTiiw Inrf m^ 



Shot tuvu and blailrd thick »iih rt>«l : 

mm 4 i-nm to a Tomo clui- 

CktuUr's I'liar and nooDdajr mid 

TAL miEXii. 

i-aU-d 111 tl» bmilli UnokB of tk> (O, 
A<.d du«i> nljcbi'. dmibia hWkn-. M. 

A •Tu.yiini ThT «Tiii«i aniut liiv, — 

Llkp a dfOf>|-vd ilat, tha bUdaff aML 

A faiih wjiicbdmita nn nrvcrdlm. - 

A kwt o( lfl«. . lip of lire. - 

Siym all la huU>Hl - tha jtlonftw )»■ 

Fiwduin-. G»l t W tlura to him • 

Whllo Ihrongh than, a^lo, (A^, nd 

EtMk lUtvul) bin «unU of fotin and 



irilara'i Imnt bdi** hb dna^ 

Unoe luon tb; sUltbuoUn. n.ll«l. 

tthont. from tkr Bit^i aitd «wrtirf kMM 
TUr «-oarp, Virnnla. ^vU^amml 


Anil lun-b of Mwl (k nW>l tu Tli^. 

v.- • - ,n-KUd»*. 

Awl nn lliT(KlMi*n, rrvh>^ •>..! »«k. 

1 ■ "joir* ; 


1 ' ' rliBH 

-1 xhnti-e. 

1 Ut ihnt. O Ood ' thy -nrmnl .lur 

M, ...1 ii.ounUin •«■! 

nj troth in tU iu inner U. tell, . 11^. g\^i hv. i.^n ^H„6% 




Whil^ thf T who hunt h«*r quail with f«*mr ; 
The* Ni-w S^'orlil's chain lira brukfn here ! 

Put whi» arv th«'y, who, cowering, wait 
Within the ^hatt•'rMl fi>rtn*HJt gate ? 
I>irk lilitT* *pf Viixiiiin'it Htiil, 
( Ii«««'il with ill*' luttlf*H cuinmon spoil, 
W:th htMw hi>M atutT;!, ami fowl, and 

\Vi«h Iri'liun wwil and pliintt^rM* wino. 
With >.ti»ltii U'«-vi'?«, siinl forapil roni, — 
A:v t)i«'y III It iitt'ii, Virginian l)oni ? 

<». vi-il >.mr fai-i*«, young ami hmvi* ! 
M.- 1 1, S :iniiiH'l. in thv xohlicr gnive ! 
N-iiH ..! til- Northlamf. y** who wt 
S'liiit III .irt^ fi:;ain'4t the hnyonrt, 
.\:il ]»n-<o«-«I uith stiM<Iv fiiutfall near 
T.'i- tii>kttri| |t;itti'n''H hia/ing tirr, 
Tim y«iiir '-■amtl fjufH fmni thv sight, 
\j' : •^h.inii' ill) hiiinag«* to the riglit ! 

Iy» ! thp-i-jt^'inv yi-ars havi« {lOJwrnl ; ami 

Thi* trillii' tinihn'l stimil th»* air, 
Wuli NiirThcnkilnim-n)ll. iinilthi> rh»ar, 
WiM lii>ni-M*iw of th«' niountuinfor, 
W[.ilf hrit.iin gnMunlt'il on that plain 
Tljf drill'* oh*' niiglit not lift agiiiii, 
A- j>>iri-t liK ill thttt oM liny 
Th" «Iavi* i»iiM tiiiU hirt life awav. 

li. f:»-M« -itill grwn ami fn-sh in Morj*, 
<>i 1 •I.ivh ii( ]iri*lt\ oM naincH of glory, 
•>. I Tii.irvt.lH iif tlh- tiingu«* nml jwn, 
o'.i :lfiii;;hts whi«-h stirred the heartM 

of llh'll, 

Y*- ■|iir»'il thr wnmg ; ami ovt-r all 

ftiioM thf jVfnging Mhotlow fall ! 

^ .«r u<irlil-wi<te honor Htaimtl with 

•h tTiP', - 
V »ur fp't-dwn'i M-If a hollow name ! 

Wh>T^ '« now the fl^f^ of that old war ? 
Whrrv rtow* iti Atri|ir f Where bums 

itH nUr ' 
fw-.»r witnt-?M, r«lo Alto's day, 
l»irk VjI- of ralnii«. Monterey, 
Wi|.'r*' M- ii«- Kr^iloiu, young and weak, 
F:- *h«'« ih*- N«»rth«'ni ei&glr'a bi>ak ; 
>\niUil fif t-TTor and deK|Air, 
**i liaim and wlavi^ go aerk it there ! 

I^uiifh. rm^ia, in id At thy iron rankn ! 
I^'.ii;h. Ku«*ia, from thv Neva'a hanka ! , 
Bnv- »|ort til nrr the l(*ilg]ing horn | 
(*f FrreUum \ry its |«rrnt torn ! j 

Safe now is Speilbeiv's dungeon cell. 
Safe drear Siberia's iroxen hell : 
With SUver)**a flag o'er both unrolled. 
What of the New World feam the Oldf 



On page of thine I runnot traee 

The I'fild ami h<MrtU*Mi roninion place, — 

A Htatue'H iixcd ami marble gnuie. 

F»»r ever tis the** line^ I {lennetl. 

Still with the thought of tliee will blend 

That of Hume loved and eoinnioii friend, — 

Who in life'H deM>rt traek haa maile 
Hw pilgrim tent with mine, or strayed 
Deiieath the same n'meiiib<*retl bhade. 

And hence mv p»'ii nnfettere<l niovea 
In frfi'ilom ^ihiih th<> heart approveH, — 
The neglige nee which friemUhip loves. 

And wilt thou prize my i»oor gift k 
For .simple air and rustii- dreas. 
And bign of liaste and candesNiien 1 

O, mi»n» than »|»eciou.s rnnnterfeit 

Of iientiment or studietl wit, 

A heart like thine should value it. 

Vet half I fear my gift will Itc 
I'nto thy iKHik, if not to thee, 
< >f mure than doubtful courtesv. 

A luminheil nami* fmm ion's sphere, 
A lay unheanl of Iteauty's ear, 
Korbiil, distiwntil, — what do they 
henr ? — 

rpon my ear not all in vain 

f 'anie the soil captive'a clunking chain, — 

The groaning fnun his Ik-^I of fiaiu. 

And Midib-r ntill, I aaw the woe 
Which unlv woimdiHl spirits know 
When Pride'a strong footate|i9 o'er theia 

Spum«'«l not alone in walk.H abroad. 
Hut from the '• temi'leM of the lionl** 
Thnist out apart, like things abhorml. 

Deep as 1 felt, and ntem and Mmng, 
In wortls whii'h rnitlencf Knioihervd long, 
My soul spoke out against tlie wrung ; 




Kot mina alonf tli« buk to iprak 
Of comlort to lb* poor uiil •latk. 
Anil <iry iJio Uat ou Sorrov'i chnk ; 

Thrnagh tlic lunb Inimiict of Kefonn ; 

To bim*e 0|iinlan'* «ett!«l frown. 
Fniin rnnliinl robe uid lUiitljr Rown, 
Wbllo wmding rcveimivd Emit duwu. 

F<ranU guiWl lii«iil« tnf idlgrini wm^, 
Cool iluilim un tLe gm-niwanl U^'. 
Flowerm iwung d|imi Ihe bcpduig •f'T' 

And. braul uid bright, on ritbrr hiuid, 
HlrrlchKl thtjrnni doiioot Kairy-Utiil, 
Wilb Hojir'n wtrruitl »unba> aiannrd ; 

VTbrnn voiiv* nllnl mr Ilk* tbs flow. 
Wbifh on thf li»iMipr"< «r wUI grow. 
Of fonst itrvanilf ti uft uiil low. 

And gfMlr ryot, wlit'h 0111 rrtelD 
"nvdr tdclorv un thv bpMl uid lirwn, 
Smiled, backoniiig from that pilb ut 

Ib tkId ', — nor dreun, nor ml, nor 

HHntln for htm who round him dr*wi 
Tbe hatlrrtU mail of Kmdom'ii uiur. 

F)«n7MlUUlK>|Mi,— AvatMb gncn 

From tntM fair iltar, wbrn brlong 
The (Airinp l<u*n tiKiBim of Kuok 
Id bom^i to brr brif(bt-rirrd thnrnit, — 

With Kml uid Mmtgtb. wiUi hrart >nil 

I tomnl tn FrrnlnTii'iitniiaEliiigliaud. — 
To Uw wd lUWu of oui IuhL 

What nurd Uwn that From ilH»ld 

Itrr MMc* «t vnlM Id Uiom of mm. — 
Hn tJttM ndilnvd, — bw «nll«* with- 

Vhtf M*tM« h I — ■ hw jrvw non^ 
lifa'i ■ofip ao t« -' • - * 
alikU btMk nno 

In that far Und *haU di 
Tbe >Jiiulo«i wbicb wt 
Thr nii>l wmtlia of oni 

IW-forr no wmk of mnrul h 
Of liuman will oi (limKlb ti 
The pari gat» of Ui<! Bcttrr I 

.Uanc in ihal gmt Invr i 
Life hi the •J'^iT of llir 
KnitPlb tin- [.)W(ir l» ■' m 

Yrt, if the *pinl puing Ihrmgli 
Ths <icla of Ibe paal no rim 
Ont dsHl to lltiiv«n uid nrlo* M 

Tbr pyp QUI tintr on* m 

lly Trid* and R«lf prn^ntd « 

AgRioB [>!•» Iniltr «ari«of d 

Wbrn dtrd ar wonl 1 

"Thpuun olliinaui . 

And Gntttude looka foctli !•■ 

Tlir (iinnl* ha: 
From Mil tmr 
Far blNMlng m 

■om by ■< 
a hand ol 

I Iidm-khulr Id Etnobjr I — 

*bf pnril 

And when tlw (ummw wfaub i 

With ihru llgkt wtnjp a; {iUm «f «l 

If ktjll, M Fi«d{M'i Mllriag afp. 

l^n thr lonlut bart'* utM* NdH 
Tb" Ti-ty fiiw lErf t»afiA fr«B nJBi 

Pcnfauca with jOT tlw w«t m^ !■ 
TImm lokou, and Ita r/t diMmi 
Tht iR> width on Onm tita^hm 



A marrpnouii ioy that even then, 

rbc iiiirit h«th iu life Again, 

In thr Btn>u^ hearts of mortal men. 

Ttk^, My, tlH'n, the gift I bring, 

Xw gay aii<l in'«**«*ful offering, — 

No domrr-sriiilf of th*; laughing spring. 

MhUt th'* crcrn bo<U of Youth's fresh 

With Fdii'v't Wf»*n woven bav, 
soiubre gift I lay. 

An«l if it 'l»^*ii»-iis in thy mind 

A •-•iL**' of Hulf'-ring human-kind, — 

The out(*it<»t and the spirit-blind : 

Ol'prvx*.-! and t^poileii on every side, 
Itv I*njii'l». ♦■, ami S<*om, and Tride, 
Life' A •*i>niiuon courtesies denied ; 

Sfcl mothfn mourning oVr their tnist, 
'.■hildr»-n bv want and miwry nursed. 
Tasting lif»'''» bittt-r cup at first ; 

Is which come 
d crowded room. 
And ih»* «lof<e alley's noisome gloom, — 

If to th'-ir strrmg appeals 
Krrmi tiP'l«'«i'» ht-sirth, and 

Thoneh dark the hands upnused to thee 

Ih niut»* U»*'«»t'hing agony, 

Thou Irnd.'^t thy woman's sjnnpathy, — 

Not vainly on thy gentle shrine, 
Wtt^n- I>ive, and Mirth, and Friendship 

ni«*ir varied gifts, I offer mine. 



N"w, joy an<l thanks forevermore \ 
Th^ dpniry night has wellnigh pamed, 

TJ»«» »luml«*rB of the North are o'er. 
The Giant stands erect at last ! 

M'lrp than we hoped in that dark time 
When, taint with watching, few and 

Wi» saw no welcome day>star climb 
Th' cold gray jiathway of the mom I 

wrary hours ! O night of years \ 
What itnrma otir darkling |«thway 

Wherr, b«>ating back our thronging feara, 
By Faith aluoe oor march r:^ kept. 

How jeered the scoffing crowd behind. 
How mocked before the tyrant train, 

As, one by one, the true and kind 
Fell fainting in our |Mth of pain I 

They diwl, — their brave hearts breaking 
slow, — 

But, fielf-for^getful to the last. 
In wonls of cheer and bugle blow 

Their bn'ath u|K)n the (larkness passed. 

A mighty hoHt, on either hand, 
Stooil waiting for the dawn ot day 

To rnish like reeils our feeble band ; 
The mom has come, — and where are 
they T 

Tn)on after troop their line forsakea ; 

With fieace-white banners waving 
An<l from our own the glad shout breaks, 

Of Freedom and Fraternity ! 

like mist l)efore the growing light, 
Tlie hostile cohorts melt uwav ; 

Our frowning foeuH'U of the night 
Are brothers at the dawn ot day ! 

As unto these rep«Mitant ones 

We o|>en wide our toil-worn ranks, 

Along our line a mumiur mns 
Of song, and praise, and grateful 

Sound for the onset ! — Blast on blast ? 

Till Slaverv's minions cower and 
quail ; 
One charge of firr shall drive them fast 

Like chaff before our Northem gale I 

prisoners in your house of rain, 
l)\nnb, toiling millions, t)ound and 
Look ! stretchtni o'er Southern vale and 
The lA>rd's delivering hand behold I 

Alwve the tyrant's pride of power, 
His iron gates and guarded it-all. 

The bolts which snattered Shinar*^ 
Hang, smoking, for a fiercer fall. 

Awake ! awnke ! my Fatherland ! 
It is thv Northem light that shines ; 
' This stirring march of Freedom's band 
') The storm-song of thy mountain pines. 


74 VOICES or 


W«fce. HM-rMm »hrt- Uie lUy rsvbm 1 

for (hat «<lrit, nxpk aid 

AnJ 1.n.r, in Mod. Out iwtA. four 


By man iLrrt«J and f-vijrd. 

Ami Tsn yi>ur rnirini' rmtriiiB fimw 

Thr •i«[iitl-«U lh>t Fr>rd»m nikn t 

Yri biihful lo lu tnut MDataUnc 
StUl i>rDuii>t and rmoluU- to mm ' 
From Hpouin and cfaaiii Ua tinatnl 




ITnwavCTins in the Tnth** drtmi*. 
EvM, .[.m. the fli« of Hat* «n« | 

OojcB III Uiy II-THTiilv Falbfr's r™t ' 

Immiiig. -^^m 

Tb« llu-rre vt Ea.'U rouuJ th« I'luo- 

Th<- uni|iuii1iuic ryit of InnorrMw ^^^| 

Of Sil™. w.irn *.f1h fl..wii.g ■ 
BMiwtli tluit Tp.-.. ..t l.i(.- -liU'l. Klvrj 

To all U» i-iinh li* l..-«IltiK I<-avr< 

thrr. ^^^H 

In tin wbltr rolif »r oiiirU rl*.!. 

Thr t«ot man and the mni.4 dM^^I 

And wamlTilie l-y that urrvil rivrr. 
Who* ■Irauiu of Loliiir* iiuke glwl 

Wq 1 a* tlir bmkm iwlti doM^^H 


Th» dtj of oM God tonxtr '. 

And nsta^il l-an, Uk* ranmot irfl^H 
giik'kmnl !•■ dying «!.« umin P^H 
And thcTF, u to Btimr i^lBTfn dnli^H 

Orotlprt of tpiriu I - not for lh« 

Oar tcmn*» .J>r4, oui «iel»M«girai i 

Shall ««.r th • oolot and lt» ESI 

Why noorn to kunw Ihou irt • ft** 
Ttrtalivr of lh« Jorn of H«nn 1 

Of (p-nUr dmi* and t-.oI- .rf tJ,ina ! 
Kr<'aiUi>|| UiraioH ■• a^Tl and holy 1 

riBiiihnl Ihy •orit. ind kq<l tbv tUth 
Jti Chfiitkn flimnrH ania doth i 

Tor the ilrath thf rishtroin dla 1 

Aail bautiful M Ay and «nh. 

An rnd. Ilkr aniumu'. Jay dnitnte, 

On hmnan h»M.. u an ll« >kj. 

« . ''* . 

A* to th» mnina >oal w»rr «!••* 
Tbr radUnrv of an ui-ulni Ilnxc F 
Aa tr tlial imt* and bl>*^ lljcht. 
Frnm off thp Elcrnal altar S«ri^ 

Anrand thy phuv uf ilumbrr gloving t 

But ««. for <u 1 *ho lininf .liH 

Wilh trrMn .UoDgtb and heuti les 

W«T Uihinit. in iti u|fn(il UsM. 

Tha qiint lo iu vonfaip ffdag 1 

And nilD.U l^vt >t<«iirii>( i<i thn nitl 

Ot Illm who* trrrr Work 1* holy. 

tat not lik' Ihlnr, U rmrifir^l 


Tbc iidrit of our hnman \ni-\r : 
An.1 ■) ih. l.«,dm.n-. lalf of ™-. 


And f.i> 111- imtctm uu\ f..r»«k.m. 

Hot «ami hk' thin*, tut cold awl (low. 

1> iht* tl>y TolM, «hdH tnU* MM rf 

Onr wrakvr (yiufvthira avukrn. 

Wall In thP <rind t A»d doA Iboa ikAi 

Dnkly npan our ilnifodlng *ay 


Thr (tomi of hnmin hali U ■•Twi'hu; i 

ArtcoD-Ukr, th* bqr gf iUm «n 

Huntri nnd l.rmii.M. in.l ■ ^J. 

Onr walth amid.l th" LlarknrM k»p- 

hoanJ., ^ 


f> for that Ud'W ilrrn«th whlrh can 

Vtm onto dnth the iiinrt man t 

ha«l. '^^ 

far thy idrH. trird and mt. 

With gam. afaol, tiMttppnl (h. hnft 

And «n>tan( In Uia bcmt of trial. 


frriMrT^ lA ■qlfn. or t« do, 
U BMkM- and Is xlTiUul. 

To hunt down Fr-Jom la W di^ 



Radii tlMm DO fear, that, erelong, 

doubliiifr back, 
Th««e dugs of thine might snuff on 

SUv^rj-'ii truok f 
Where '■ now the InMut, which even thy 

f^ianh-il toiigui*, 
Cold, calm, and proud, in the teeth o' 

th** Srnate Hung, 
r>Vr the fulfiluieut of thy baleful j)lan, 
Ukt* SAtan'a triumph at the fall of man ? 
How MiHMl'Ht thou then, thy feet on 

Frer«lom |»lantiuj^. 
And fH>intin}{ to the lund heaven afHr, 
WhriK f a\\ c<n\\d w>e, through the south 

windoWH slanting, 
rnmson aa Mood, the beanu of that 

I>ime Star ! 
The Fatim are juat ; they give oa but our 

own ; 
NemeaU rifieus what our hands have 

TlKn* i* an Kii«t»»rn atorv, not unknown, 
lK>ubtlt*.<tA, to th<-e, of one whose niugic 

<AlIt*tl dftiionH tifj his water-jars to fill ; 
Iw-f:U* and silentlv, thev did hi.t will, 
!»ut, iKht-n the task was done, kept 

|Muiring still. 
Id vain with s|iell and charm the wizard 

Faster and faster were the buckets 

Hi*:h»T and higher rose the floo<l around. 
Till the fien«ia rlap|ied their hands above 

tlH'ir master drownetl ! 
So, rantlinian, it may prove with thee. 
For Guil 5till ovemilea man's schemes, 

and takes 
<^raftine.«} in ita self- set snare, and 

Till* wrath of man to praise Him. It 

may W, 
Tliat tl»»* muM-d hpirita of Democracy 
Ma> leave to freer 8tat«a the aame wide 

Through which thy alaTe-cureed T xaa 

ent»*r»^l in. 
From otit the blood and fire, the wrong 

and fiin. 
Of the stormed city and the ghastly 

Brat by hot hail, and wet with bloody 

A myriad* handed Altec host may Pour, 
And swarthv Soath with pallid North 

Back OD ihjicir to turn thy dark 



of keprementativem, and the pah- 
kac;k of Calhoun's ** bill for ex- 
cll'dino papkiui written or print- 
kd, toithino the hubject op 
slavkuv, from the v. 8. p08t- 
ofkk f:," in the 8enate of the 


Men of the N(»rth-land ! where 's tha 
manly spirit 
Of the true-hearted and the unshacklec* 
gon«' ? 
Sons of old freemen, do we but inherit 

Their names alone T 

Is the old Pilgrim spirit quenched with* 
in us, 
Stoo]>s the strong manhood of our 
souls so low, 
That ManHnoir.s lure or Party's wile can 
win us 

To silence now ? 

Now, when our land to ruin's brink ia 
In Gotl's name, let us speak while 
there is time ! 
Now, when the {ladlocks for our lipa 
art* forging. 

Silence is crime ! 

What ! shall we henceforth humbly aak 
as favors 
Rights all our own f In madnesa 
shall we liarter. 
For treat'herous i»eace, the frredom 
Nature gave us, 

God and our charter ? 

Here shall the statesman foige his ho* 
man fetters. 
Here the false jurist human rights 
And, in tfie church, their proud and 
skilled altettora 

Make tnith a lia J 

Torture the pages of the hallowed Bible, 
To sanction crime, antl n)hberv, and 
bloo«l r 
And, in Opprrsaion's hateful aenrioob 

Both man and God f 



Shall inir Nrw Cii^knd ilanil enicl no 
flut atooii in ctuuna npon her ilmrn- 

TbickiT ta iflhn <m 1i« Ilnibi and 

Dajt after (Uf f 

O IM i mrtliinlu frail) alt her wild. grKn 

Fnnn valkyi when brr ilunhrring 
fatlu-n Ur. ~ 
Fnra h'r l>li>i riven and hrr wrlllnf; 
Toun taint, 

And clmr, cold *kf , — 

Fmni hrt nmgh maat, and iale^ which 
bun^ Ocian 
(Ilia*! wilh hl> (ui^n, — from the 
tirii't* akltr. 
With vhitf Mil awnjring t» lb* Uilom' 

Ronnd lock and cUIT, — 

Fram tlu> fnv flrnld* of fcrt nnboogbl 

From Lcr five tabum at bia toom and 
•bnri, ^ 
From the lirmm iDuilh-tllop, whctp, bc- 
nmth the hammer. 

Kingii Ibf red itwl, — 

From Mch and all. IT G»l hath not 

Slmilli^aod atrm I th* IfortlHra wlsd* 
Jiall bw It 
Otw fnttamri to St Manr'i »aTe ; 
And borinl Ftmloin (ball awake to 


Wtlhtn hrr grmff. 
O, bt that fnin- in forth '. Thi bond- 
Itj anfe^ <n*c In Uiad«d|<i>i-t 

l>t li go h*Dh I Tb* aOUaai who u« 
Sadlf upon na tnm alai, ihall wiO>, 

And tiulo Ood dcTovt thaala^ttac 

Bloa na th> who*. 

fiirtlipiWIlTi'ianrtofajTO— i yaf lh. 
IT I be wrungrd ralitivc. lifti Jliif, 
cnuhnl. and Inwlir, 

Pnij-Fr-atmupbm«l for tlie Mat, mm* 


Piit nn tb« haniBa for Ih* nxml ficht 
And, will) thf Idnninif of yvat Ha**- 
cnlf Fatbrr. 

lUUTAiy m> BittitT I 

N WMtmfnstvr't 


CIoknI aTonnd th> wiltinn emnl, 
t)ark and itill. Ilk- wtnlrr'a timi ; 
Kinft and ninndl. Iiinl alwl kwt^ 
Squin and jvimMu, Mood In dfU, — 

Sbwljr, ttcraly nturinf It. 

" Rif^t afTtdai ta ftaalnit Uw« 
Right of pern to trj Mck csi^ ; 
I'msnt hotnMt a w d . bkmi a«d iHi 
Sacml aa th* noncKb'a hall, — 

" HlnM tajm hb hand on 1h>v. 
KnaLud'* audrnt UVrtir*, — 
WhoMt Iimki, hjr * ' 

- 8* ha Pifao* er MMd haUl, 

WhMMoW U* NBk or mifbt. 
irihofalgbwt, tbntb«««M, 
Lm Ub Uv« ud dia iiiiiiiwrt 



" Thiiu, who to thy rhurch hut giyen 
K«-\o ii)ik>*. <if hfll ttiid hraven, 
Hik" uur Mopl iiiitl witiii'HH nutf, 
!•: !h»* «:ur»»» wr s|«*ak endure I " 

>\r rit. wliilf i-urv wan twid, 
K.\>ry Uin* ^ftini listfiiiiijf head 
{Liut^l in fi-vt-rviit .iwf, and thrn 
All t)f |**«»)>lr Hoiil, Aint-n I 

*^-v.ii lirufN tli»' M\s liHV«' tolltil, 
K- r llif rfritnrif^ K^*y •'"'^ "^'^ 
s.n f :! -t«»I« «1 .ind niitr»Ml Kin«i 
< .r^- 1 thi- txrant.i of thi'ir land. 

Sin. .' th»* iirii".th<>od, like a towor, 
*»'.-.-l Utwft-n tli«' |HM»r ami |M»wer ; 
Ar. i :h- wn»n>c»Ml and troildcn <lown 
|i;. ^^-1 t)i»' .iMwii's shavfn crown. 

<i !.••, think 'J"**!, th»*ir wizanl sp«'ll, 
I^-^T, t?i« ir k-'V-* «»f h«MV»'n and ht-ll ; 
V' * I ovli for ni'ii as Nild 
A- :?>•»«' U-,ir !••«! pri'-Hts of (dil. 

\ -A, til.) iifr tliH |»ri«*>tho«Ml wait 
\' T'l.- !lir»-h>l.l iif thf state, — 
W i.ri'U f'»r th»* lH'*»k an«l n<Ml 
«»f :*« j»i\fcer .LH law ami <mmI. 

K'.': I • \-»lt*, whil»' Mth'mn wddIh 
'^t'li Ml> III" •*ti>»t'n hiKinU ; 
^ kv.rv Uii]:li'«. whih* >cht>-»tly lips 
\» ■ «^ hi** ni4ri.u-li-d and whipn. 

V • -in th^ni thf poor ndy, 

N ■: :.. th-*ni 1 Mik«» lilwrty, 

"A',., uirh riwnin;^ fal"*cho*>l «'i»wt'r 

T ■ tii- wrun^, wlu*n olollu'il with |»*>w»'r. 

« ». •*! nr-*- th«'m nuMnly tlinj(, 
?!■ ^li I tip- ni-i-ftT, riMind th»* kin;;, 
'•i-rv.l w»rh. an<l -jIiI ami U>n^iit, — 
l';t;fuil.T !»i^:ht in not ! 

T'l m- not that thi< must \^ : 
•••■I - 'r^- prif^l i:* alway;* fn*^ ; 
K*' . rh- n«*«'«l«d tnith to sp-ak, 
K.**ht th- wnin;:»tl, ami rai^* the wrak. 

N -t to ftwn on wrtilth ami »tati», 
ly^rintf I>uaru« at th<* pite. — 
N-t t'» f-^MI** iTftiU liko wan**, — 
Not to rniittrr hireling praytrrn, — 

Nnr f^ f^int thr nrw life's bli» 
f*Ti tlM mMc grouml of thiS| — 

Golden strpeta for idle knaTe, 
Sabbath rest for weary shiTe I 

Not for wonla and works like these, 
Priest of God, thy mission is ; 
But to make earth's desert glad« 
In ita £deu greenness clad ; 

Anil to level nwnhood bring 
lionl and neaaant, serf and king ; 
And the Chrivt of Ood to find 
In the huiubleat of thy kind ! 

Thine to work as well as pray, 
riearing thorny wrongs away ; 
Plucking up the weeds of sin. 
Letting heaven's warm sunshine in, - 

Wathing on the hills of Faith ; 
Listen iii^ what the apirit saith. 
Of the dim-seen light afar. 
Growing like a nearing star. 

(So«rH interpreter art thou. 
To the waiting ones lielow ; 
Twixt them an<l ita lii^ht midway 
Heralding the U-tter day, ^ 

< 'at<*hing gleams of temple spires, 
' n<-anng notes of angid choirs, 
1 Whi'p*, as yet nnsi-en of them, 
' Comes the Nen' JeruRalem ? 

lake the seer of PatmoA gazing. 
On tilt' gIor\' dom-nward bUzing ; 
Till u]M-»n Earth's grateful sod 
I Jests the City of our God ? 



Hkams of noon, like burning lances, 
through the tree-tops flash and 

As she st«'inds b«*fore her lover, with raised 
f44-e to look and listen. 

Dark, hut comely, like the maiden in the 

anrient Jewish song : 
Soan*flv has the t<iil of task -fields done 

fi«-r graceful beauty wrong. 

lie, the strong one and the manly, witii 
the vainars garb and hiie« 



HliliiU di«|> llw iilrfvnstheiiing 
•J ■ Tm-nwi in tli> hnrt. 
Am the gnrgCM hulila llU Krlk-h from 



* g/ue a|im. 

Evor funnioit of hb coomdei, whin tbf 

ilrivrr'a moruing honi 
OtlU nwnv to ■lillipg luill-bouM, to Um 

liirldii uf i-mii- mxl '-nm : 

P»i! Uie Item umI Imminf; lulm urfw 

(111 fail liBck or limb : 
8cwee«itlilookor WDfil of ornnnr, tonu 

tl» JhTnr unto 'htia. 

8UvtT7'* Uil anil hnmblnl kmun ha hu 
nfvrr drignnl to l™ni. 

Aluli at rT'cInf^ when bb rflmnul'!* 
iUlir« tirfutv UvHt ntaili-r'a ilijiir. 

Folding anna unl knitting ImvIimuI. 
itBJidi h* ailcDt CTTTiiii'ir. 

Ood b* pmtwd Tor *rm luatind whkb 

f*b>la n^nal a bil 
Wbnv UiF lirul« rarrlur* IK* linmMi.aoil 

man'i uphj^t fumi ia not t 

Aa l>K anpnil'lfk* briuro winda bia 

■rani fot.l on fold 
Bound Ibr tall and <tal<-l)r cHb«L, till U 

■ Itbin ill hi* hold ; - 

Blow drvstii lb' fomt monaRh, (Joan 

({lt^» th* (-11 rintitw-. 
Tin thp tnv i> trvB nn l<>Tuirr, and the 

rina ia in il> |>Im>-. — 

acbcJuid witb iiM«. 
d ia Iatp. atilh lb' E>uw<l ; and cw 

Yr *bw Hff* m Aw « 

b^ •henaoc'cr t( 
■ aC wdMmc. l«oka of bttiditM^ 
uaUngall t^ wnrM lib* boon ; 

In tba rehu oT whoK M 
blood ia bat a p«. ^ 

Ofotivldudlj i-nrmil tbml 
univrnal bnirt i 

Can jri kiraw lh« (l«v|<ri d 

Ion in Slavrry nun 

I.M1 flower oJ a I " " ' 

Lot* uT Honw, and Lota of Woaa 

ddar lo all, bst duubljr ilwu 

To Uia b«rt who* pnlav dan 

onlf hato Mid bar. 

All around Ihr itranl drcl*^ B«dcti 

btmtra tkj, 
t}aij oD«-giwnii<utt«nMlaii^wbn 
di* ii Drrer dt; t 

Frnw tbp boTTor of that li 

atnxnihrtR of kill, 
Tumi tbr (atntinc aiiliif tK' 

' - ,ka bb bdL 

T U tbr frrrtd tnpfe ManltaM ; 

and inw tb* •M'Wnna haii ) 
Ha<T H* th* InUnd BmwtntBa Uh 

tb« ^mnirr of Uw hMt, — 

Wbm, IbraoRl) aiB^irf bn« Ml 

"W< aball lira aa riavs mV 

Frmlom'i bonr b okw tt li 

Bock* Im laik npun tlw watac^ i« 

" I ban VFD lb< Hajrtlak Ck|«il 
ban Mia hb rrailbf civw, 

lUtm of tbr palliil (ao^ to ihdi 
and nilur triM. 

" Tbr* hava nron to wmH mm « 
till ibc nkhlba nwdlk 



Bat ibe looks Acront the ruXley, where 
her roother'n hut U tevn. 

Through the finuwy bloom of coflee, and 
the lemon -lea^'es so green. 

Au<l «h(* AHA wen. Mil and earnest : ** It 
wer^ wrong for thee to »tay ; 

('oil luth hr,ird thy [irayer for freedom, 
auil hi» fingirr jioints the way. 

• Wfll I know with what endurance, for 

the <kkt* of me and mine. 
Thou hatit U>nie too long a bunlcn never 
meant for miuU like thine. 

"(fo : and at the hour of midnight, when 

our la*t farewell is oVr, 
Ktitflint; on our ]>la4*e of farting, I will 

blfHS thee from the »hore. 

•* But fur me. my mother, lying on her 

M« k-U'il all the day, 
UftJi hrr wrar\ head to watch me, coming 

through the twilight gray. 

"ShiuM I Wtp her Hick and helfiless, even 
fret-doHJ, Hhart^l with thee, 

WmuM)** !4iddt*r far than Imndage, lonely 
toil, and stri|tefl to me. 

** For my h»art would die within me, and 
niv hrain would >Oi>n l>e wihl ; 

I »h-mld )i<'ar my nK>ther calling through 
the twilight for her child ! " 

Blahng upward from the otvan, shines 
thr %i\u of uKiniiug-time, i 

Tlinmgh the «-otfee-tree« in blossom, and > 
gn-eu lieilges of the lime. j 

bid" by <«iiie, amid-Ht the ulave-gang, toil 
thr lover and the maid ; 

Vberrforr htok» he o'er the watem, lean- 
ing forward on his H|iade f 



Across the Stony Mountains, o'er the 
desert's drouth and sand. 

The circles of our empire touch the West- 
ern Ocean's strand ; 

From slumberous Tim()anogo«, to Gila, 
wild and fret*. 

Flowing down from Nuevo-Leon to Cali- 
fornia's Hca ; 

And from the mountains of the East, to 
Santa Rosa's shore, 

Tlie eagles of Mexitli shall beat the air 
no more. 

O Vale of Rio Rravo ! Let thy simple 

children weej» ; 
Close watch ulnrnt their holy fire let maids 

of lVt:o8 ki-ep ; 
l>'t Taos send her cry across Sierra Madre's 

And Algodones toll her bells amidst her 

com and vineai ; 
For lo ! the ]>ale land-seekers come, with 

eager eyes of gain. 
Wide m^attering, like the biiton herds on 

broad Salaila's plain. 

I>et Sacramento's henlsmen heetl what 

sound the winds bring dovm 
Of footiiteiw on the crisfiing snow, from 

cold Nevada's cn)wn I 
Full hot and fast the Saxon rides, with 

rein of travel sluek. 
And, UMiding o'er his saddle, leaves the 

sunrise at his Uick ; 
By many a lonely river, and gorge of fir 

and pine. 
On many a wintry hill-top, his nightly 

camp-fires shine. 

Sadly looks he, drr|>ly sighs he : 't is the j 
Haytien's «il he sees, ! 

like a white cloud of the mountains, 
driven seawanl bv the breeze I 

Bat hi^ arm a light hand presses, and he 

hearv a low voice call : 
Hat* of Slavery, hone of Fivedom, Love 

is mightier tlian a)L 

O countr>'men and brothers ! that land 
of lake and plain. 

Of salt wastes alternating with valleys 
fat with grain ; 

Of mountains white with winter, looking 
downwanl, cohl, serene. 

On their feet with spring-\ines tangled 
and lap|Mni in softest green ; 

Swift through whose blaek volcanic gates, 
o'er many a sunny val.». 

Wind-like the Ani]>ahoe sweeps the bi- 
son's duitty trail ! 



Omt spur* fct nntnvdlol, gtmt Ukn 

whiiXT myilic *bor«a 
Tbf iiuiiu rid* D'vn lunrd, nor dip of 

OiTBl licnU tlwt wuiiIt tU nuwaiclifil, 

tril'l ■I«><JB llml nijiiv lisrv Umnl, 

BtMugv liili ill uiikiiowii alnruiu, nud 

Unli Ihr Suou urvci ii>ni<^l ; 
t)(w[> inliiri. >Uik luoumuii i-mtilji^ 
' " Vatiirr'n tlu-iiik ixmrri 

- ■ •• ' - -■ rrill;- 

rMBVir oun '. for good or illi on lu tlw 

Owl'tlsUDu, *sti-hrdli7UigFls,bbiiiig 

oinMii I ho nklra. 
KlnU Ju>[|< .r. TniUi, 4n.l Fnwdoiii luni 

Wrung pTmil I 
Shall the bind land o'et itliich our fV 
in ibiTT ipli'iulor wi 
p> tbroitxh nil lu frmli 
Ibv trnil ot *Utm I 

The iMj li brraking Id tb« Cut of which 

th» propbeli told. 
Lad hnjiblrii* ui- ilii; Ay at Tine lb« 

ihrwiUn Ap^ufOold . 
OM MiL-l>t t.> ttiHl.1 I> vUUing, Wttlr 

iaii.l.l".lrrklv pi. 
Earth') iuunanh> ttr liar pHipIt:>, and 

hn mta ■taud up u mmi : 
Tb* ialn tTJaicm tuepthcr. ID a dajr an 

And 111* rUth nlka fm in Timia. and 
l>; t^taiuliiMiI'* Uoldfn }toni '. 

talhla, Orouutryniniiitmltir I adayfur 

The aoil of ncv-niiifil raipin aith 

■laTFrya mala o^ «or I 
To r«il with our tlnh life<LIood the Old 

Wi.r1d'> oul-off Mm: 
Utoiijieil. hk' KanriDiiaiilnminulytilrlh, 

fruni the timi lal< at Timr' F 
Tv nu uirw Ihr ftil nn Our old 1(hI 

mill > 

A buoilai I'haoa, FUtHtl uj Qui, tkivni^ 

outer daiknB« bonw I 
Where ibc far iiattona loukml fir U|;ht. • 

blatkiiraalii lli* air f 
Whrnr (or wiiriU of bop* tVj ItMouil 

th* lung wail o( doifalr I 

The Criiia pnwa on na ; Tan t» t„am 

with u* il atan-hs 
With aalnnn liM uf ineUiwi. Ilk* tk 

tlpkini Iti r^ypl t aaii.L < 
Thl> daj «• taalil'iii Imtknv, o*t Web 

<>[ fal. we Kpln ; 
TliB ilajr fur all tmnvftn rhnov <n 

holinna ur «iii ; 
Even DO* ftnii atatTT Orruiili, or EhaT* 


B; all for vhivU ih* twrlft* ban tWr 

aauoji ami ahama ; 
Bjr all thr wanting word* of tntlit with 

whirh the ytaiibrtt mnia ; 
Ity the Futni* wliicU awaib tia ; by all 

the bnjira which caal 
Thrir faint and tremlilibit baam* aMOM 

tli» bla.'kiir» >.( Ih> I'M : 
And by Um* blmnl tliuutcbl ul Ilia wha 

for Earth'* tmHtoni dlrd, 
O my p«i|>|e f O tnj Imthera [ Irt a 

I tnt bmthera I I 
nghlaioa aida. 


»o»haIl the NorUicni idoMW r>)"7M 

Ti> veil Pi'iioIarM'* WaMa to San VttM- 

riiro'i i»1 : 
To make thv rajQR^ platv* ■uiwtli, hmI 

»w the tDiw with gma : 
Aiii] bear, with Ubmr and Law, tba 

Rlbl^ ill hU train : 

ilfhlf W»t itiall U— the Bail. 

Anddia bkr them of unbaUarofOod. and And 

.hall aaiwM «. 

Praub Qod. roK wk akb n 





Knr. iluwn yon blue Carpathian hills 

TItr Mill sliull sink aicaiii, 
Kiir<-»f 11 t(t litv and all its ills 

farrvfll to cell and cluiu. 

Thrw* priiKin shade» are dnrk and cold, — 

Hut. darkiT far than they, 
Thr ahadow (if a mjITow old 

U on niv hi'art ulwuv. 

• * 

For tiino* th«* day whi'n Wark worth wood 

('t«ivil ii'i-r niv iititti and I, 
An alifn I mm my namt* and blood, 

A Urt-d I .L%1 out todiif, — 

Whrn, liiukin;: Uick in iiuns«?t light, 

I •yiw lu-r tiirrrt gli'uni. 
And fnxii liM ■■uM'nifnt, far and white, 

Hrr !»*^i of f.irewell atrvaiu, 

Likr one nho, fmm some de.<iert shore, 
iMh h«iui«'*> jfreen ialen dewry, 

Atid. vainly Iiin>nng, gazeH o'er 
The wuaU' tif wave and liky ; 

Sj fri»m the de!*Tl of iny fate 

I iS^ir affii^M the iiaMt ; 
Ki»r»"V'T ««n lift-*!* ilial-|»lat« 

The >li.ide i^ )«4:kward cast ! 

I 've w.ftnderf*l wide from Khoit> to shore, 
i '%'e kiiflt at many a Hhriiie ; 

And Ni»»^l nif to the roeky Hi>«»r 
Wheiv Itethlelirni's taiierif .nliiue ; 

.\u^\ by I lie Hidy Sefinbhre 

I >■> plr*!^**! my kniKhtlv swonl 

To I'hn^t, hiit bleiM-d Church, and her, 
Tbr Mother of our l>ird. 

I >, rain the tow, and vain the strife ! 

Ho» \ain do all thin^ seem ! 
Mt auul 14 in the jmi*l, and life 

To-day ik but a dream ! 

l:i vain th«* fH-nance ntrangr and long, 

An<l hanl f«»r flej»h to In-ar ; 
Thr |«rm>er. the fastin|C« «nd the thong 

\id navkrloth shirt of hair. 

The eyes of memory will not sleeps- 

Its ears are o[)en still ; 
And vigiU with the fNiat they keep 

Agttiuat my feeble will. 


And still the loves and joys of old 

Do evermore upriM- ; 
1 set! the flow of ]o4'k8 of f^>Id, 

The hhine of loving eye^ ! 

Ah me ! u|N>n another's breast 
Thotie golden hN.'ks n*cliue ; 

I hit* uiioii another n*st 
The glajice that once was niinc. 

**() faithle-sM (iriejft ! <> iH'rjun<d kuightl* 
I hear the Master ery : 
I **Shut out the vihion tn»in thy surht, 
I I^'t Karth and Nature die. 

I ** The Chun-h of CihI is now thy spooie, 
; And th«m the briilegnM>m art , 
; Then let tlie burdfn of thv vows 
Crush ilown thy human heart ! 

In vain ! This ht*art its griff^ lauat 

Till life it.self hath ceaseil. 
Anil fulls iN'iieath the rtt-lf-same bh*% 

Thf lover and the iiri^ ! 

O pitying Mother ! wmls of light. 
And saints, and martyrs old ! 

Pmy for a weak and sinful knight 
A sutfering man uphold. 

Tlien h't the Paynim work his will. 

And «leath unbind my i liain. 
Ere down you blue Carfiuthian hill 

The sun shall fall again. 



I II AYR ni»t felt, o'er si*as of fiand. 
The rocking of the df—rt lairk ; 

Nor lavetl at Hebn»n'N fount my hand, 
lly Hebron's |Mihn*trees cool ana 
dark : 


On .luKt thrn Job of ulil Iim Uin, 
Ilor dnanitr^ lirnnth iU riuivu wall, 
Tbc dirmtu of Jacob o>r tffan. 

One Tut vorU-pagr nnntliu nDmi) : 
How ihinc the *Lus in Chaldca'i 

Ila* wiuti'ti ihr n^Termlt [lilsriin'ii trrail, 
Uuw k«U tlir )«H Willi Owl w 

Hov nmnil gny arch and culunin Ion* 
Tlie ■nirit uf tbr olil tinv linnli. 

And ligtu hi all tlii- wind* ihat moan 

Aloiqt lUc imady loUtiuln ! 

In tliy tail mlan, I^ttuiOB, 

I liaVF tiiit lininl thr nation*' rriM, 
Nor *rai tiiy raKtm ■ttwpliig iltnrn 

WbitrK bnrirHl Tyn Id rain IJni. 
Tbi Chrialiau'a imrn I ban not laid 

In T. 



yortwc I. trotn tlijr tiilluwcl UtJi-, 
Jiirdaii ! hranl Ihi low lalnirnl, 

like tbal md wail alutiB thjr (iilv 
Wbiih luari'* mounJal iiro|ihrt wnt I 

Kor thrillnl witliin that grotto lonr 
U'bfi>, dwf In iilglil. lbs ItanI of 

Ffilt h*nd> i>( firr dirFd liii own. 
And fWpi-p for Und ihr 

Wranit I 

i-a nnwrjit nvajr ; 

It miilnighl'ii nlonn tinu, 

1 irhftv bia f^jn uul 

!• fill* lutmln^ imr aloa*. 

1 ha** not kiun] ili* nrk-hrwn utot 
Whan in hla Uatbrr's ann* b( \»f, 

Kor kadt «|»n tbr nrmi *int 
Wkm bwt bb r«outn|w prnvd Um 

War looknl «B tW nd 

ll>< uniii tn foM Ibr wurid bf qinwl, 
And br«>d bb hnd to Una - ab 

BixfT land ot Juiba I tluin lialllWiJ 

Wberc thr h.iU(«t of nwnoriiB fflgte 

lilii! tbioiu; ; 
In tbr tbadr of Uij palni^ by ttui Aatn 

<il ihy am. 
On th* hi1l> uf Ihy btmnlj. my hmn te 

witli tha*. 

With lh> ryw of ■ apirit I look on tbal 

Wlim {lilttrin and prephrt ban tto> 

pml Matt ; 
With tlic ictiiU of a aplril I ttaVRw tbt 

Blue ara af tb< Ulla ! — in n; fyMt I 

Thy watrn, Omirwct. ehl»a oo t»y or ; 


jdr Ml down, 

thr fray on I 
ilala wia tluvim. 

■fmy on tb* daat «f Ua ■■>- 

Bryond an Bethalia'* MumUlaa «( 

And thr On^Uta bin* «t the wiU OaA. 

And I )iauw 00 tb> jpial-cn^ of Tkhr 

The gl«un of thy irtirnt, U iLark Clalibw i 

tlath. a Mond b thr rallty t w1mi«, 

nolirn abd alran^ 
Hit [trrr. t) Kiahon. i* aw«t| dm aliNC t 
Wirtr ttv t'aiiaiuiile 9ltim with M- 

Thorr down fran hla mavMalM 

^buloQ ouncv 
And NajJitalt'* aOib «Uh Ma «< 

And tb- rhriUt of iabta PJM 

lr«lT on. 
For thr atin of Iha Lod « 

Thnr alrqi lb« «till fndu an^ dw mt. 

rn» whkli raUff 
To thr ano^ wMoh ibr Uaatifal fn)*- 



WhrB the ^Boet oC iMMhar itooil by 

hrr ii«lr, 
Aotl thr bhout of a host in itt triumph 

I>H IVchlrKnn'ii hill-ute before me b 

With tlif* tiHtuntaioji aruauil, and the 

Ta)lf*yit U'tw«^n ; 
Tlirrr n-xtt^i the khephiTdi of Juduh, 

and then* 
Fh^ wnujt (if thi* angelfl rote sweet on 

the air. 

Aiitl I W'thany'tt palm-trees in beauty still 

Their «lia(Iowi( at noon on the ruins 

Ih-Iiiw ; 
But »hi*n* an- the sisters who hastened 

t*' KT»^"t 
Tli«- I«i« ly Iledermer, and sit at his fivt 7 

I ti«Ml whtTP the T^'KLVE in their way- 

firiiiK triMl ; 
I atand wh«Te th«'y stood with the 

• 'l|i"»E\ or <Sni», — 
Where hiH )*IfAMin^ was heard and his | 

It-^^m^ wtre taught, 
Wht'fv ih** Mind wen> n-stcred and the 

hrdlin^ waa wrought. 

<^ hTP with hiN fluek the i»a«l Wanderer 

•*ani(*, - - 
Thr"M» hill;* hi* titiletl over in grief an* 

th** same, - 
Til' f«.»Qnt>» vlifif he drank by the way- 

fddi- AtiU flitw, 
And thi- Aanie nim are blowing whieh 

brratlie«i on his brow ! 

Not in clouds and in terrors, bat gentle 

as when, 
In love and in meekness. He moved 

amon^ men ; 
And the voice which breathed peace to 

the wavea of the uea 
In the hu»h of my spirit would whisper 

to me ! 

And what if my feet may not tread 
where He 8t«>od, 

Nor niv eun* hear the dashing of Gal- 
iUVh flood. 

Nor my eyt^s 8ee the cross which He 
bowe<l him to Ix'ar, 

Nor my knees press Getlisemane's gar- 
den of proyer. 

Yet, I»vi><l of the Father, thy S]»irit is 

To till* iiM'ek, and the lowly, and peni- 
tent hen; ; 

iViid the voire of thy love u the same 
fvcn now 

As at IWtliany's tomb or on Olivet's 

O, the outwanl hath gone ! — but in 

glof}' ami iK)Wfr, 
The KiMUir sumveth the thingii of an 

hour ; 
rui'hungeti, undecaying, its Pentecost 

On the h«*art's secret altar is burning 

the same ! 

niAPTRR XXXIII. 30-33. 

And thronetl on her hills xits Jerusalem 

v«'t, TiiKY ht»ar thee not, O 0«m1 : nor see ; 

But with iluHt on her foivheail, and IWiifMth thy rml they moik ut thee ; 

rliAiuA on her fe«*t ; ■ TIk* prinreit of our aneifiit line 

Fjt ihf <*mwn of her pride to the mucker ! Lie drunken with Assyrian wine ; 

hath pitie, 
.%bd til" holv Shechinah is dark where 

it bhone. 

Ilut whff-nfitrr this dream of theearthly 

Tlie prieMtH anmnd thy altar s|ieak 
The falitt* words whieh their hearers seek ; 
Ami livnins whieh i'haldea's wanton 

Have sung in I>ura*s idol. shades 
! .Are with the Ii«-vit«'s' rlmnt amending. 
Of Huiiunitv clothed in the brightness ' With Zion's holiest antliems blending I 

of(;o(l* I 

Wf^v my ii|iirit lint turned from the ' On iKrael's blet^ling liosoni sf t, 

ciotward and dim, j The heathen he«'l is crushing yet ; 

1: rcmltl gafv*, even now, on the presenoe Tlie towem ufMin our holv hill 
of Him I i Echo Chaldean fooUU'lNi still. 



Oar ««it*il ihrfiui, —who wmib for 

them I 
Who tUnimirUi for JctumImii ! 
Vrbo tunirtb from lili f:>in* my f 
WboK kotr with niinr u Uiiri'd to pmy 
Who, Wniix frwil anil puqiUng cuji, 
Ttkrt Ucin* luavDUUfMi up T 

A ml and tliuUKlitfid youth. I weut 
With lanvrt (vriy banuhuK'Ut : 
Ami wlirtT' lb* ■oIImi t'hri«r iTrpt, 
The ritual of my lathm kept. 
Thi watrr (at Ib>^ Uviirh 1 ilnrw, 
Th> fintlliis of Ihr Hurk I kU'W. 
AikI. >tan.liiii{ at lh« altarK i>i.lK, 
I aharvtl th« LvvlUa' l)Dt{T'rtll||[ pridv. 
That ulill. uiiiilat hn- niMkiti)|Yua, 
The amokii of Zlod'a oS^ruig riw. 

Ii< I.I louil and Auae, 

J unpl ■iiifflk 
' -^dpphin tbtooc, 
' I 'at Ihi-mii. 

I'l likPIUM WUI 

¥tll OB nv Id tliat frarful b 

Fniin off nnuttctablp wcw 

The cnrtain of th» fntiiiv ro«a ; 

I lur far il»*n tlir nmiug thm 

Tht firry <'liMCiKmml uf rriiut. ; 

With auiK of tninglinK hoaia, ami jar 

OtUUioff tonrn andatiouti of war. 

I KO tha iialloiu rial anil fall, 

lik* niT^DUanu on my Irnt'i while 


Wh» UvmLlnJ at tay waniinjt lonl I 
Who iiwtiiil till' iirvjihrl of thv Lainl I 
How murkiil tn« milr, - hint taiMrM 

How alniig the Lniiu' •cnmtal iMili, 
Aa o'er my (plrtt, ilark anil liow. 
The iliadow rmirt of Inarl'a «M 
Aa if th« aufpl'a ti>oun>ful toll 
Had Irft ita nMonl on ray aonl. 
Anil trmcrd in linsa of ilaxkm* than 
I'hs picture of ita KTrM diapdl I 

ml BK Tain a* Uu-y. 

Tlioir B^iuiiip liul Uhi ailura BUI. 
With lundi, anJ aivm. and rrtl wOl, 
Th> world mjoitH tta pn^ihMii alSL 

bMHia Mid mntni, dat by d«} 
ha* lb* plrtotid tile I by : 
d tbiWi aa (n a mirror, «* 

! I-..r . I,™d, 

Owiinl tiitt til' ^■oUiLr I>oim al Um. 
Vain at a ilrwarr'a VMik t4> titca 
Hla wall abnn JaruMbte. 
Anil nmniiigln* tha VvKli b> IwM 

ThiDuch «hkh hb «Nk dbrdrte ^ 

Yet dutok Ml Ibott, wtMHt'ir lln« «l 
Par ttod'* CMt Mrpan wl uot. 
IWfow «1M>« (kr^lannlM *r*% 
TIm rnbu* u iha I'mmmUm I 



BeroDil A narmw.hoandwl tge 
StrvUhi-K thy pru|»h4-t*hrritage, 
Thr\iu>;h HnAVriik «iini i&|«cea anfpf I>tro<l, 
Tliitiu^h Bn-lit« rouod the thruiic of 

Div Btnlirni'r, worlit!! ! — all Time to be 
Thi* witufBii uf the Truth in thee ! 


Ai; iiNsr the ftun«*t'(i glowing wall 
Th*- • ity tnWfRi riiM.- black a ml tall, 
Wl.t-ri' />i*nih, on it« Twky height, 
>uniJn likf ;iu anu«'<l man in the light. 

Ikiwn (Inhtool's val«^ of rifieneil gruin 
Falli likf a cloud th«* niglit aiuain. 
Ami u|» th«- hilUidt*!! climbing shtw 
Tti** lurlfV rfa|M*rH hoiiM*ward go. 

\jm*k^ •}ran"«t ! how our fair ohiM'a h<>ad ■ 
Tbf ouriif't light hath hallowt^l, 
XVhrr>- at thiA ulive'a font li** lir.i, 
CpltMfking to thf tmrn^uil »kifft. 

• ». whil»* N>n*'ath the fi-nvnt h«»at 
Thy Ml kl»* ^wejit the l»fardi'tl wheat, 
\ x- wAt« he«i, with mingled joy and 

* ^jr I'hiM Ujion hia gFOAsy betl. 

J"\, nhii h tht* mikther fei'la alone 
Whu^ tiMtniing ho|ie like mine had 

Wh-Ti t«» h**r l»»>om, over-bleswed, 
\ lit-arv'r lif«> than hem ia iireased. 

I»rv-ail. ftir the future «lark and atill, 
Whit-h ^iiaiN-s our dear one to its will ; 
Ki'P^rrr in hin lan^ ealni evea, 
I fiwi a tale of aacrificK*. — 

rh<- Mme forvlmling awe I felt 
Wh* n at the altar'a niilr we knelt, 
AD'1 h*-, who aa a pilgrim cmmf», 
Ko*^. wink*^! and glorioui, through the 

Rank over imnk, helm, ahield, and tpear, 
(i littered in noon's hot atmosphere. 

1 heard their boaat, and bitter vk*oni. 
Their mockery of the Hebrew'a Lord, 
I Haw their hantU hiit urk ONsail, 
Their feet profane his holy veil. 

No angel down the blut> Mpace spoke. 
No thunder from the still sky broke ; 
Hut in their mitUt, in iiower and awe. 
Like God'a waked wrath, uUK child 1 
saw I 

A child no more ! — harsli-browed and 

He t4)wered a giant in the th'.ong. 
And down his hhouldiTri, hnmil anil btre, 
Swe]it the black tem>r of his hair. 

He raisiMl his ann ; he ftni'te '.main ; 
As nmnil the rvaiNT fu!U t):e grain, 
Si> the dark host around Mm fell, 
So hunk the ftx's of Urutl ! 

Again I lookt^l. In sunligltt shone 
The towel s and dinnes uf A.skelon. 
I*ri*'st, warrior, slave, a mighty crawd. 
Within her idol temple bowed. 

Vet one knelt not ; stark, gaunt, and 

His unns the massive pillars twined, — 
An eyeless captive, strong with hate. 
He sttxKl then* like an evil Kate. 

The nsl shrines smoke* 1, — the trumpets 

{•ealed : 
He stiN>ped, — the giant columns 

re*"led, — 
KccIihI tower and fane, ^ank arch and 

Ami the thick dust-cloud closed o*er 


Altove the shriek, the crush, tlie groan 
< >f the fallen priib> of Askeb»n, 
I h«-anl, sh«t'r ilown the eclidiiig sky, 
A voice as of an anp>l cr>', — 

I «Upt ntit, though the wild liees mmle Tlie voicf of him. who nt our sitle 

A drv^inlike nmmiuring in the shaile, Siit thnMigh the gi»l«len eventide, — 

Aiiil till nv the warm-fiugeird hours Of him who, on thy altar'> liluze. 

I^i»-il with the drowsy smell of flowent. Rom> tire-winp-il, with bit sung of praise 

lUffiTp m^. in a viaion, rose 

Th» hosts of Israel's soofnful foea, — 

** Rejoice o'er IsnuTs broken chain. 
Gray m(»ther of the mighty !«Uin ! 


p d 


Brjolo !- it ciM. "hf v>n.iuUh*U> 1 

And whU» umt wirallud UjchU*. o^ 

Tl» nroDS Id Ute U *initi|{ lu clcath ) 

irmra Ml fw 
Ai til.! i.Iunii«* uT binl. In nma tn^faal 

TImmHh comiiig y«r. thSr hymn, of 


WbM« tb. ■hnniw or ton] Idob «n 

And n>y oU mm .t cvrmng tdl 
Of^he wrought for luwL 

lVbt<tl on Mgh, 


And wantuiinM U»fit«d tb« liul «( lb 


"AbiI Hmtj who lintt uil th«]r vho 


Alike (h*U liolil thy nnnorr <lnr. 

The hU*).beniFr Kvffed at ti» MM-rf 

And i-rar Ui«r bln4n|p on thy hod. 
bqUut of lh« niighly doul :^' 


lUrk f thi- (fTOwl or Mtr UianiW. — tb 

It (y»»l : >n.l thoush ■ ->ixuA 1 h<-«nl 

(liwiini; uf earth 1 

Aa It (CTMt winia Ui» *tlll air ntlmxJ. 
t onlv »• th* bul<7 ihMTOi 
And KUU UmU Ud by oliw l»*». 

Ww, w-r lu tfac wonhlp. and wor (> 

Ihr nijtth ! 

Tb.! bWk Jiv bu oiw.«l.-tfcei.'. 

Ibmr in lb* air. - 

t knr.d mjr ba, in ■» uxl bt. 

The ml «nn of vniMiiot b UArf Ml 

On th« df», ma who >lumlMM nru. 

Uit! "^ 

" WKb lu*. M <rl(h my imly Kin. 


OGod," 1 Mill, "TnrwtUkBiHfXKl" 

Thrn Ih- ■lirirk of tlH dying nw wiH 
ADd Ibp low loM^Tfon bwl W«n wU*. 



pnH alonit ; 
For tb< fUn* flanw. ll|d>ay a« 

"On y. PI. from Ih. wimlh of Ood". 
Ti* thr Tininv cT Idowl. t U tli<! ful- 

l«l«' uhI bowrt. 

likv 1 b* rrd Iwicun of drmotu, to UmC 

and driunr ! 


IWn, - down <m th. CUlm Ik h4 

And numna ilull gatlu!]' Uix lur*t«t 

nilo rrinM. 


And tbr r^v,<lUr Mnk with Ua »la»«n 

n. «» ... qnh» ; U.. ri«bU<.n. 

Thr ('ut -f U» .laucr. th. mnic't Iom4 



Awl Ibf ptuod odw uf SodMU «n« 

And tb» >liinit uid Uh> kncbto giw 

AH 8>} -u lU fau^iwl i tlx nril wu 

■uddmly (liU. 


Un* ^ 

Th> lut thmb o( anffuidi wa* kmthOf 


With tit pnaiag tt mm* and th« 

Th- b»i rn Klufd (nrlh In lU m»dmm 

T WW ati •vmlBS of bnuty ; tlu> tir wu 

nw mrth w« 4U KirnuKM, tha Xrttt 

Thf tut ^umii oT komir nv wiyiy «al 

Awl dfaih hioodcd over tba pndt rf ifel 

wen dl l.1»>^ ; 


A>d mMt >h> d'Jimto rkd WM bMrd. 

Lib Uw roormiiT of lora of Uw Data of 


• biid. 

THE cnrnnxtos. 


And bnalihl wUmh BWtwI down In 

8rxtioitT nuon Judira'* hEIli 1 

AihI «n thr wivn uT GallW. — 

With th. au«ie tt axMm ml Min>lun> 

Uo J»nUn-. .inwn^ and on Ik rib 


That r«d tfw d«d aMl alaajtel M 1 


h., J 



M'»*t f rr?ihly fmm lh«» Rrrrn wooil Hpriii^ 
Thr li^ht (ipv2«* ull itM M't'lltfil wings ; 
A III! ;Mvly «|iii\>r in the Min 
Thi- I •'•liir tiiji't iif I<i'luni»n ! 

A f<-w niiirt' houns — ii change liath 
''«iiiif» ' 

Tlf oky i« ilitrk without u i*Ioiiil ! 
Th" -h'luN tif wmth umi joy un* iliuiih, 

An«i {■nunl knt-i>n unto ("jrth iiri' 

A ■ *Mrii:*- i" ••II ihf hill of |)i-:ith. 
Th- hi liiit'il wiitrht'iN |Miit fi>r hniith, 
\U'\ turn with wiM anil iiuinisn' <'y**H 
Kriiin th'- tl.irk »*'»'n«' of sicritii'i' '. 

Thit Siiriii.T • —till' ili'ath of Ilini, — 

Thf lli^h iinil vVfT Hiilr (hit* ! 
W. 11 in.iv ih»* I'un'-'ioUH Hi'uvi-n grow 
An«I hl>i'-k<-ii th^ iH'holilinK i^^in. 
Th - w.iiit«"l liisht liath thil away. 
Nijht *ttlf«i on th«' ini'lillf »l;iy, 
Aiil • Mrthi|Uiiki> fniTii hin «*avi*nit*il UhI 
!• wikin;; with a thrill uf dn'ail ! 

T'!:- 'l^'-k-l in* waking unilcrni'ath * 
Tl:* ir |iri-»n *\*»tT i* rmt away : 

A!-l. i;!i.i<»tly with the junil uf •h-uth, 
Th'V w:inil*T in th»* »'V«' of ihtv 1 

Th»- t-iiipln nf the ('hiTuliini. 

T i' ll<*-.w ••f ihn\ is cold Mu\ ilini ; 

\ ur««- i« •»n itfi tn>inhling walls, 

it* niuhty Vfil iisuniler falla ! 

W". M nMV th»' •*nvem-i|f|ith< of Karfh 

Ii- <»h:ik*Mi. anil her nioutitaiu> iio<l : 
SV. 1! iiLiy th" ih^fttMl «li>ail ixinu* f^irth 

T" z-^'- ii|ion a !4iitfering <ioil ' 
W- 11 may the teniple-shrine gn»w ilini, 
\r>>l ^hail'tWH veil the I'heriiliini, 
Wl-!i H-, the i-hos^n one of Ht-aven, 
A «^ nti- •• lor guilt is given *. 

Ad>I «hall the infill heart, alone. 

lb-h«ilii -inniovril the atoning hour. 
\l*!r f: N»tur».' tirinhlen on her throne. 

All 1 li'-jth rf«igiia hit inin jmwer f 
M, -Ka!! thf h*«rt ->wh<x«e mnfulneaa 
.'«!' k''*Ttn«'H« t«i hia ion' «li4treiHs 
\*:'i 4 !-ii-tl to hlH Xrtkn of lihmd — 
h« i..*** it» trembling gr»tituile I 

And, like a young bride crowned with 
Fair Shiraz in her ganlen 8lee]i8 ; 

Wht-re, to her \Hn»VH turlian atone, 
The Spring her gift of I1uw»t« ini|Nirt8, 

Ia-sa Hwe<'t than thuw* hLt though ta liave 
In the wann aoil of IVntian hearta ; 

Tlii-re Mt tlie iitrangiT, where the ahade 
«>f wiitten-d ilaii-tii'tH thinly lay, 

Wiiilr in the hot elfar hi'aven deliiyctl 
The long anil ntill and weary day. 

StRingi' tnvsand fniitiHlN)Vf' him hung, 

Strungi' (KhtpN tillfd th*- sultry air. 
' Stmngi* hinls ufMin the )>rani'hi>> Nwung, 
Strange insect vuiirst niurniureil there. 

Anil at range bright liloMonia ahone 
Turned ;4iinwurd fnun tlu: hhailowy 
As if till- <iht'lii'r's sfiul had found 
A titling home in Iran'it flowers. 

Whate'er he saw, whatc'i-r he heanl, 
.Vwakem-il fi-elings n»*w and had, — 

No <'hri<(tian gsirl), nor ('hri-»tijin won!. 
Nor I'hun-h with Sahluth-liell chiniea 


But Mo<dt>ni gravex, with tiir1«n stones. 
And moslp|t■•^{»ireK gleaming white, in 

Anil grayUanl Mollahs in low tom*a 
< 'hanting their Koran Ker\*ice through. 

Thf tlowfri whirh am ilini on either 
Like tem]»ting fiemh*. were auch u 
AVhii-h om'e, o'er all that fUstern land* 
An giftit on demon altars lay. 

A* if the burning eve of iVial 
Th»' servant of hi-* *'onipn'ror knew. 

From »kif!« whii-h knew no eloudv veil. 
The Snn'fl hot glancea amute him 


•* Ah me ! " the loni-ly »t ranger said. 

**The hojie whiih 1-«1 my fi»ot«*te|i!*rtn. 
And light fmin hi'avrn around them 
^HCtr. Timr the meuuiv of hia hnara ! ahed, 

hy changeful bud and bloMom kceiw. I O'er wear)' wave and wa«te. \< gnne ! 


Unmrt firliU *U 

Fran iThi (krk )iiiliiig-[iUcr of tin I 

" A iflMit hoftor broiKU a'n all, — 
TIm Uinlra <•( a balWnl arrll. — 

Tbe TCTif fluwtrn nrvuud mrall 
Tha boar]' ma^'a Hin of hell 1 

•' Anit •hal ani I. oVr .o.h a Und 
Tb* hannn of 111* Cniaa to tnir ) 

Dor Lonl, ugJiolil air witli lli; Iiauil, 
Thy nn-n^ with htnuQ woknci 

Tba SUt-llowcr of the Tirgin'' 

Sown hj aoaifi wsnilfring Fiank, It 

Ita lifr (mm aljm air Ui>l (arlh, 

And lul-1 til rayniiD aun and ilrw 

Thr nlory lit Ui« SaviMir't Unh. 

And on ill wpat aUtFrbood, 

In loTr, liM I'hriiiun flnwrrst Uancd. 

With tran of joy the »and-fTt fflt 
Tht dailinMa nf his iaas dMJialr 

Mnr* that ballownl ayialKil iwlt, 
Which Ood'* dtar fov« luul nuitan*) 

And Uagian ntlr and Parnlm 1ii>*>r 
III [n-*^ l!k* that (if Rilm •IrfH. 

Xtdi Moalnii taaih. aii-l ryjmai old, 
{■ooknl huU threuuh tb> aiinHt all 

Abu). aajp-Mikr, tb> Uurulii toM 
Fran tnv>r and ino«>|>i* ih* hour of 

With eb*i«Ail atrpa, tb* nKirrav'i d*ini 
Ttan flUni M* lb* ftnuift part ; 

Tit Stw-Bo«Tr of lh» Vtnnn-Boni 
Stni bl(MMali« ID hia bo^M knrt t 

tixit hymn mop'. n my Ijn i 
I'taiw lij thf TimI abm*, 
Ofjiiy and life and kun^ 

Swrpltig it* atriap <rf bn I 

O, who th* Kjxvd uT bird and vind 
And miiilnni'aillanrr will ki ' *~' 

That, ■nuini; npvanl, I may ft 
Uy miingjiUfT and hnmi* in 

Thoii, whom my aonl, mitbt do* 

Adnmh with B fer»TOt 

Mvnlrriiiu* aiijril I antn « 

Vittaln nor aign dot nu 

SaiAly my lywa 

Up ttma UK cold and lojlaa mt 
Back to tba God vhu hade tbna Im 

UliciK nioTiiitf a^ririt vnt tbiM li 
Dot u for IB*. O r.od t (ht mr. 

T)n> lowly cmtun nflhy win, 
I jn)^n)t and aail, I ayih lo thrr. 

An Mrth'buund |>ilgnin atlll } 

VThnr yonJrr itan and nuu w ^0»> 

To hrcaLhfl «j(h thm th" ll<hl dttiM 
From Qod'a owa buly altai Bvwiaf ( 
Tu be, indtwl, «hat«'n- ih* aool 

r), - ■ " ■.'. LiRhi. 

\\ xr tlfUt. - 

': . .1. Ihm- ' 

Hr!,: _ .-fill ihiuv 

Tl.-- wnhl.igUu.-r. ihf anfrl'ikaiw* 
Or at* Ihy tnoMial drp*!* Li> ovs. 

wild and mighty *m r 

Thoosbla of my wol, bow nrift t> |b I 

8*|R u Ifaa Mb'a cIhkw of ftra, 
Or amnM from IM ■kW'* hf«. 

Uka •priog-doTM biB tba ilHTlrf 



An*l ihall thnw* thoiifrhti nfjoy «nd love 
i'AWv l««it H^jiii III) mim* to iiir ? — 

B^ruriiiii); liki* the I'atriarrh'si «luve 
Wtritr-W'-iry fnMii tlif eU'nial wa, 

Tii ''» uitiiiii my IuM;^iig arms 
T\u- |iniiiii<>''-lM>iiK)i uf kimllier Hkii'fl, 

rill' k'^1 fnMii till* ^*«*ii. imiuurul puliiis 

All rnoiiiiK spirit * — fivvly forth 

At tliv iMiiiiiuiid thi* Htruiig win<l 

IIj* • mii'l to the pfl!i<iiv<' earth, 

N>«r .irt -an %tay, nur stn-n^th oppose, 

I'll til j: I-'M- It-* Wfarv uing 

On.i* riHirc within the hand diTiiie ; 

$^<. «4ary tPMii itx waiiih*rtnj(. 
My ««)iirit turuH tu thim? ! 

t'hiM >>f th>' <i«M, the mountain stream, 

Kmim its ilark cavem^s hiirri(*ji an, 
( '-•a>'l> <»«. hy ni;:ht anil nwrnin^'A bi*ani, 

lU rvi<niii/o rttarand noontid<:*4 sun, 
rntii itt U-t it Mtikii tu n-at, 

< ft rwiMri-l. in tlin waiting Mea, 
An 1 III-I.4HS u|M)n its mothrr'jt brva*«t, — 

Si tiinii my tu>ul to Tliw ! 

^> whii hiiM'fft the torrent flow, 

W!i.i It!>t winpi unto the wiuil, — 
M 'V'-r tif .ill thinijEH ! where art thou I 

• >. wliirlifr ohrtil I ^ to linil 
T:-- w- r-t of thy n^nting-plai'if ? 

N th'-n- n«i lii»ly wing for me, 
Tii at, o'Mring, I may w«n*h the 8|«ce 

• •! hi;{h<--t hi'avrn fur Thiv ? 

O. w ml'l I were on free to rise 

A« )'-jvi>H 00 autiimn'n whirlwind 
Uimt", — 
Th' irmwy light of suniet iikiefl, 

( »r *»uud, ur ny, or star of mom, 
'Alii.h ni*-lt« in heaven at twilight's 
Or au^'ht which scan unchecked and 

rhn>ugh Karth and Heaven; that I 
niieht liMe 
Myt^lf in finding Thee ! 

Whtn tho Br.rATii niviSE is flowing, 
Ze|»hrr-lik«* o'<*r all things going, 
An* I, a« th*' tuu''h of viewless flngrrs, 
Softly on my wmiI it Ungersi 
0|wn to a breath the li^tett. 

Conscious of a touch the slightest, — 
As Home ealm, still lake, whereon 
Sinks the snowy-lKwouMMl swan, 
And the glistening water- rings 
rin-Ie round her moving wings : 
When my upwanl gaze is turning 
Where the stars of lieuven are burning 
Tliniugh the deej) and dark abyss, — 
Flower* of midnight's wilderness, 
Mlowing with the evening's breath 
Sweetly in their Maker's |)ath : 

W*lien the breaking day is flushing 
All the east, and light is g\ishing 
L'pwunl through the horizon's haxCi 
Sheaf- like, with its tliouKand rays, 
Spreuiling, until all aliove 
Overflows with joy and love. 
And lieluw, on earth's gn*<'n Ixxtom, 
All is changini to light and blossom : 

When mv waking fancies over 
Forms of bri^ditness flit and hover, 
floly as the seratihs are, 
Who bv Zion's ft)untHin<i wear 
On their forelieails, white and broadt 

** I{i»UNF>S TNTO TIIK bnil> ! " 

When, inspinnl with rapture high. 
It would s«'**m a single sigh 
TouM a World of love create, — 
That mv life could know no date, 
Antl my eager thoughts couM fdl 
Heaven and Earth, o'erllowing still ! — 

Then, O Father ! thou alone, 

Fnim the shadow of thy throne. 

To the sighing of my breast 

And its mptun* answerest. 

All my t bought % which, upwanl winj^ 

Rathe where thy own light is spring 

ing, — 
All my yeanlings to he free 
Are AS e<*hoi's answering thee I 

Seldom upon lips of mine. 

Father I rests tnat name of thine, — 

Deep within my inmf>st l^reast. 
In the sei*ret jtlaee of mind. 
Like an awful presence shrined. 

Doth the dread iiiea rest * 
I Hushed and holy dwrlls it there, — 
' Prompter of the silent prayer, 

Lifting up my spirit's eye 
\ Anil its fiiint, but earnest cry, 

Fniiu its dark an<l coM a)M)«|e, 
1 Unto thee, my (:uid^ mil fnxi ! 



ir 6ia4 I" Tba mid' 
f buJt tli« Immw, low 

H<anl •11.1 

Hanh Ml tbr tmul 1/ haMy r«l, — 
OUnrnl llinmiclt ■!>'' <l>Hi Um mna 
>Ul« •U'vt, — 
liv cuttu uul tier paO. 
" Wbat — tml; on* T' tlw tontal hack- 

Al^ wiib 

u oth. ha ifMnMd Mnf Ui> 

How auak thr ItimMl bmtia of all, 

An roll'il thU itrwl^nn iluwly hr, 
Willi i^mking wtwvl and banh hoof- 

Tbn drinj; lunicd bim la the irUl, 

Ti> lirv It uxl lo Oif I — 
Ouvui) It ti.llnl ; whils oft lla dritot 

And boar^iy 

BtmiKFt anil ttieai, — t'bt rtll and thr 

Tofirlluir UuMm in ihrohiirck jard dnat ! 

Aiul thou, joaDg martrr t — thou nut 

thrrr, - 
So whiir-rubMl rirt<n roond Uir* 

IIiii holy hirmn. nor fdonal pnyrr 
tUmt thmuffh ihF damp aw] aoLaaui 

QrlDn ilirc Is th; God ; 
Her k**r, Bur maa, bitt halloWBd ta|N» 

01 r* 
Onca tif tha ikad, and bMaljr la Ui* 

giai. I 

Vet. irntlr iaBrt*t 1 llwrv iliall bt. 

In rrrTT l>W1 W klodlf IraUng, 
A Ht. a. b~lT |«U l» lb» 
A* If brnfaiti Ui> roariml'tiM 
Th]F ^Btarbood wan kunlla^ 

At imrt bom*, tikr »dr«w1^ ■ 

Tlirir iMTful «auh amanrf Uijr |ifa 

Thmugh Unary day « 

Far tnon> iliab wonia majr iru : 
Orutir, atid metk, and lowljr, anl bd- 

Tb} wrnia Duaramil by Iby Gwl alaaa ! 

Whon aianljp bnartt «m bllia^ — 

The llironftfnl alR«l grrw (nal iritb 
O Uffb-niled iMitjT I — tka« aatf 


Inbalin^ ttan tba Icaltaptpi air, 

HoUan wlUi rwrrj hfialh. 
V«t Uirinkinf; iwt hMi oaoaa uf dM«t 
For lb* vrana djing, and tlw vaoN- 

And, *hrn tbt idei,W tajirr ihcj 

Itji lii^t Ibrmi^ tapon, damfi, wm- 

Hai>lir.l a* a ■najih* bll tby Uvd. - 
A nrw Kl*nta lij the liad 

or mffWinK hssuo-kiBd ) 
rninlitif the apditt, la ita ilafk ll—ij. 
To tlwi |iaic hopa which iiiith Mt aai^. 

Innnornl IrariiPt- cl th* hitb 
A nd liuly myatMlM «f Amrtn t 

How tunnd t(i Um* Mdt uUilwg, f^^ 

Id mill* and awtol rfnfmlhr. 
At thy lo» faaym — — ■ 

And tbe o'er.* 



tm^ — a da l lwi M' a 

laik '--andwortkraa* 

r -r*<«. 

~-..l,' Ul4haiya«lh, 

aiTrttiDtu aail Ian gviMaa 



A wotiiarfiil prarl of ritmting ftirr, 

»hMM< virtue iImII do! ilrrsr. 
Vhow IIk>>i am b« u • «|wll tu tiiM 

■tHJ ■ lilmonf; un lliy way ! " 

The Udy fiiancrd ai tlie n;im>ring nwl 
when- Iirr fonii (if gnti-r «u wTn, 

WbeirlKr rvr ih.iiircWi, ui-l t>rr .lurk 
lirk« mt'il tliolr rlM|>itig i<riirU 

thv ,._.. „ 

1 tiBrtUw gnj ■ 

f pilsriir'n 


Til* cIdqJ ftrnl ciir fnmi Ihf 

liRitt, u ■ ainall and mof^ 
UMhranlitilh iculilor nrm of hhI, fnuu 

Lii fulding tolip he took T 
**Bnv, Ud^ fiur, U tlie jinul of pric 

majr II prvT* u Hich to lh« t 
K«J — k<Tp Ih* ctU - I Mk it not, tot 

thn <ron] of God U ftn ! " 

n* boary rran-llrr wmt hli vay. )mt 
Ihf pn he left bchiiid 

And »>»- h 

lh«l maidpD'i mind, 


II linn Ki Hod In 

,iur of youth ' 

And ili> bath Irtt ih* •»* olil halhs 

mhrir tn ftII hlUi had J-cnnr. 
Til* coarlly kiilffhli nf hrr lathrt'i train, 

ainl ill* tnaliji'ii* of hrt luwrr ; 
Ami ilir halh Klin* to lh« VaiiduU ralr* 

ht Umil)^ frrl nntml, 
Wkm llir tiDOr an'l nmlT of rarlh ant 

tich M \he frtint ionot Goi] 


ICm a]*ap a> Iha nhirivind'a niah 

Oa nonb'i mainit of fmr, 
Hot aJaar* aa th* burning bnah 

Tn Mirlun'a ahqiheni ovr, 
S«r aa th» awful nAni which rsraa 

Tn larvl'a prujib't Wntv 
Mor aa th( Iniurura of rh>inai Bmdi. 

Not gift ol frarfrd irerd^ — 

Ttir uioBUB nl a tmth diriiM^ 
The rairof llod U Rivni t 

Awakiuff in Iho huBun k<«ft 
Lore t(iT tJif Um and rittbt, - 

Z(sl for ihi' (.'hmrtian'a bettrr 
Ktlfngth for the C'hiuUau'i 


<t Itao 

he hnty It 

Tl»- heart of womao r>*l> ! 
A k «hr « ho hy Saniaria'a wall 

Thr Sarinur • rrratiil ■oufht. — 
A> tbi*r »ho *ilh thr ffrmil Pasl 

Aud mi^k Aquila wrnn^t : 

mrrk nnra ahii^ uiaiijiilmi 
AlpiiM hiana 


Thraoxh all ill ndaa of daalh, 

Thp niBrtyr'i aonji tit trtiu>i|di |» <i ia4 

Firni atiBiaii'i faihng br»lh. 

And Brntty, hy a tliaOHlid thtB|p 

Which o'er oar (fditta |*aa, 
LIVc hrrcini o'tt thr baqi'a KM* Ariap 

Ot Ta]un o'rr a ulau, 
[rfiiTiiiK ilirlr loknn xtriang* a>d »m 

0( ii.ii«i'' iir of thad', 
Th« aiiiTitiioiK to ihr rl^l ud Dw 

And RHrrifQl U mad*. 

O. thm, If glfaua ot intth aad B^ 

Flaoh o>r thy valUw mM, 
Uurnidifig to ihT mniul ^tbt 

Tb« suiUa(lntBi*a-kia3 ; 
If, hniadio([ onr hamaa gfiit, 

Thr **nml wi>h 1* known 
To aoolb* and gladdru wllfa n|M 

An ajiguUh not thine own ; 

Tboui^ brtaldn) wjth nal^bt «f IM^ 

Ot oaiwud djp> or ahow ; 
Though only 1o iho laWMil wr 

It whiapm a< " 

Tuhhi, vrt tram ahor^ 

i>rU« aa >U«-UL hml ll vO. — 

Thy FaUm'* ndl U len I 

STAini atiU, n^ ml. In Um )am 4uh 

mr SOUL AHh L 


Akor in tli«> ihAdow dmr and tUrk 
With lioii aud me ! 

WhAt, HIT aoiil, wu thy enmnd here T 

WjM it mirth ur t^M*, 
Vt bftiitiiiK "I* 'lust from year to year ? 


uoui* of thcM* ! *' 

S|ii-*k, M)iil, aright in His holy tight 

Wh<»^ «*}*«* IimUh Mill 
.\'i 1 <««i-.Mlilv'on till*** thruugh the night : 

- r.» d.» lii!» will : " 

What ha^t th^m done, O uoui of mine, 
Th,*i thmi trnnWrtt sol — 

llx-t t!iou wrought his task, and kept 
thf* line 
ll<* luklf thee go ? 

Wliat, Ml*'nt all ! — art sad of cheer T 

Art ffsrful now ? 
Whi^n <t<^l «^iiinl far and inen wen* near. 

How bravf w«'rt thou ! 

Ah^ * thou trenihleftt ! — well I see 

ThiMi 'rt craven /jrown. 
K it •*<> h<inl with (JltMl and me 

To *tand alone f — 

Summon thy Annxhine bravery back, 

O wrft«;hi^l !i|»rite ! 
I^rt nf h«*ar thv voice through thisdet>p 
and )>lii«*V 

Abysmal iii^ht. 

Wiiat haitt thou wrought for Right anil 
K«>r <^m1 antl Man, 
Kr* 'Ml thr (eoMm houn* of bright -«*yp«1 
Ti» lifr's mid span f 

Ah, wol of mine, thy tones 1 hear, 

Kut mrak and low, 
\j)f- Ut «id murmiin on my nar 

Tbt-y iHrnie anil go. 

*' I har« wre«tlrd stoutly with the 

And Uini' the Right 
^r*im bi*nrm:h thr footfall of the throng 

To life an<l light. 

" ^Klk^r^rrr Freedom shirered a chain, 

Goil speed, Qooth I ; 
To Error amiiist oer ahoutiiig tiain 

1 I^Tc the Ik.-* 

Ah, soul of miiie '. ah, aoul of mine I 

Thy deeds are well : 
Were they wrought for Truth's adv or 
for thine J 

My soul, pray tell. 

" Of all the work my hand hath wron^t 

Beneath the ftkv. 
Save a place in kinJiv human thought, 

Ko gain have 1.* 

Go to, go to ! — for thy very self 

Tliy dt*ed» were <lone : 
Thou for faiuf, the misttr for pelf^ 

Your end is one I 

And wherp art thou going, soul of mine f 

Canst M.*e the end ? 
And whither thix tnmbled life of thine 

Kvtrmiore doth tend ? 

What dauntH thee now f — what shakaa 
thee »o ? 

My sad mouI say. 
** 1 net* a cloud like a ourtain low 

Hang o'tT my way. 

•* WTiither I g»> 1 lannot tell : 

That cloud haugx black. 
High as the heavi^n and deep as hell 

Aoruas my tnu-k. 

** 1 itpe its shadow coMly enwrap 

The souls l>ef«in*. 
Sadlv they enti*r it, Mep by step. 

To n't urn no more. 

•• T]« lihrink, they shudder, dfar God! 
thfy knwl 
To ther in prayer. 
Thov shut their eves on the cloud, but 
That it still is therr. 

•* In vain they turn from the drea<l Before 
To the Known and <t*tne ; 

For while gazing behind th^m evermore 
Their ft^t gliile on. 

** Vet, at timoA, I see upon sweet pale 

A light begin 
To tremble, as if fntni holy place* 

And shrines within. 

** And at time.i methinks their e«»Id li|a 
With hymn and pr«>'er. 


" I ckII oti the wnla "ho have bfl iha 

To rrrcal Uidr lol ; 
I brail inlnr m tn ihat wUI of night, 

Ali'l <h«y uiawrr Dot, 

" Kut I li«*r mtuun<l mr iiigba nf ]mia 

And tbp it; >if fotr, 
And a •iniiid ULc ttiv aluv ail droppitig 

Kaf h drop a Xra: 1 

. " Ah, thr I'looil ia dart, anil daj Ii)' ilay 

1 un ninritiK lltillutt ; 
I muM mia bronth it on mjr wair ~ 
Ood pit J nic 1 — WmrllMt I " 

Jth, ami of mlna t ao hiBTo and wiia 

In tlw lifr-iBwTn load, 
Pranlins *o i-aJnily all bnnian rym 

In llw (unlit croud I 

Vow atuidinit «[au1 tritli Ood and nw 

rnugh Draih'a dtvi wall. 

Ral at^rr for tliia, liFrrr for tliii 

Wu thj biiii( Init ', 
tm the rnmi'i rnr U lull urUdiDiv, 

Uke lit. nHTTin-Dt 

FoOj and Frar an nrtrn twain : 

(hw rluihiB hri iTTi^ 
nw otIiFt |-«|iUnt[ llu' darii iume 

With .iiwiiJ Un. 

Know «r]l, niVH'ul, Ood'thaDitcnBtnil 

Fall oa th* iMtaiig voU. 4ad «^ 

The Praamt. tha Ptvumi la all Iboo hmt 

i'at thy nre mmt^ao, ; 
Uko thf patrlaRh'a mckI hold tt iut 

TiU it fina lU tdoaiDg. 

Why fvat the night I vhr Aroik ftvai 
Thai pliantom nn r 
Then ii noChliiji In h«**n or •■nb W 
SaT» Odd ami man. 

P«oplili)c Ihr ahadnin wn tmn ban ilia 

Ami from onr anotha ; 
All i* iprctnl anil n^r and iIllB 

Save God and our hrotber ! 

lAn warn and wuof all dMtllilaB 

PluL'k HOI tfaiTwl, and tha **k y ma ■ 

Dnsk hut una 
or a ihuoauHl krya, and tba patelH i" 

Thnogh all will run. 

O rwtltaa aelril I •hnrfora atnia 

BernDd thy aidin* T 
f laanm anil heO, miib thrir Joy and |^k. 

An DOW and bf9c 

Back to thyirif 1* maamnd wall 

All ihM hMi clT>a : 
Thy Drighbor'a vroa^ b Vbj tnaint hrft 

Hi* hliM, thy WinrB. 

And In life, in dMlh, la datk ori MuhC 

All an in God'* cuv; 
Kiiund th. lOack i,hjm. tdon tha 4a«B 

flf iiidhl. 
And hr ia Ihrfr t 

AU whirh la Ml no* ivnalaiith. 

And (ail«lli Vrrrr : 
Tha hand which npholdail Bpwaa 



T u KunHhinff ti> a lit-arl lik** mine 
Tu think Iff xh*"*' ai living yet ; 

Tn f-«*i iliiit -III h ti 1i}<lit a<« tliiiiK 
( liiiM iKil 111 utt*-r iIuikiicMi M't. 

l.'*» t|n.iry vrin* thn iintrieil wiiy 
Siiii « tli'iii liiit lift tliy fm >t I iii lit. Athens 

A II- 1 (hii]|% iif iiiiiiinirul iHMiity itliiv 
l*'iiiiiti iIji- s.i'i Aii;;i'rh Mil»lr liuir. 

< >)i ' at This hour whfii hulf the skv 
N L'h'M '-1'* with itj« HVi-iiiii;; Htfht, 

Aii'l Ijir hrniil lifhU nf suiiiiiiiT lii* 
iiiiii;: «i ii u itli ^nH'iiiiHNh ill my bi^ht ; 

\\ hiI**Tliiiiii^Ii!hi-M**-hu-1ii>ii>;h!i wet with 
r in 

rii> «>iii<M-t'H i;<i1i)i-ii wulls Art* M'cri, 
A ir!i . l-iif-r Mimiiu .in«1 vt'lhiw ^niiu 

All i u.i...|.i|r.4)tcil hill uuii iitri'am U>* 

I I-'li;: t«i klhiW if Nfi>l|i-» like thi!« 
Afi- liiihii 11 fiiiiii :iii aiip-l's vVfA ; 

I: • irTh'i* ItivrliiifHS 

n.r.iIit-« iml thv ht-avi'u'iiM'n'ner skii-s. 

>iir HUrii-f Iv hfn* ii|ii>n th«t* j»n*w 
r!ii> h-^^tti whii h thiit iN'aiity fT'^vi*, 

1 iji I' ti( thi* i'lnv iIImI Truf 

111 >ai!!i .III \ ^k\ aiiil gliiliii;; uaw. 

Ar. i it ni.iv U* all uhifli li'iiil.<« 
I'ii- •«<fii .111 ii|iw.iril iiii|iiiI*M* |ii>n% 

\Vi!h i\ liiviipT U'.iiiiv Mi'iiil's 
A!: i krr< • *H ii<i in ^ liulitr >]i|iiri>. 

T ! r":^h ;:i«»vi-j» inli-ri- Mi;i;hliii;;ii«-vi'rfi-ll 
fill- liiiiii''liT !l'iwi-i'» of rurth iii.iy 

.\'-i <»i'i.|-l>' >lr.i(i;{lit.s fmm « hiMhinMi'.H 

M« 11 

Ii'.< !i<l With ihf an^i'l-tUNtnl wim^. 

Hcil *-■ t!i» i«r\iiiK virion v«ihM|, 
A:i>! !« : ih" '♦•i-kiii-' li|H U- iliiniK - 

WK- -: ■ \. II ^-r.iiili i-vi"^ hav«« fuilitl 
>h-ki! :i>< 7T.i' (•liii'lii«-^<« MN k to t'oiiii' ' 

'A' - oTilv kiiow Tliat thmi hn<«t p>ni*. 

Aij'l 'h«' •Miriii* n-turii]i-<4«i tii1i> 
\^ h: h Uiff !h«-«' fnnii u« ••lill ^liih'^ on, 

\!i 1 Ml- wh«> mourn tlii'i* with it glith*. 

» ill th'iu hiiikiM wi> shall hmk, 

Vn-l til ••nr irui- ••ri'loiif! oliall tiini 
T ..\l fair- iif (itHl't myMi'rifHift Itunk 
Wr «u iiiuth wiah, yrt iJrvail to U-arn. 


[ With Him, iNsfon* whone awful power 
I Thy siiirit Ixml ita trembling knee ; — 
I Who, ill thtf hilvnt grct'tiiig flower, 
; And tunfsit leaf, loukrd out on thee. — 

Wi* lcav«' thf-t*, with a tnist MTi-ne, 
Whirh Tiiitf, nor C'hangi% uor Death 
ciiii niovf, 

Whih* with thy rhihilikc faith we lean 
(>u liiiu whiiM! (U'arvht name is LoTa I 



tji»i> yi', hroth-ri ! — in the fight 
\'f 'rv wa^iii:^ imw, Vf i-annot fail, 

Kitr Iti'ltt-r is your mmisi- nf riyht 
'lliuii kitif^-craft'N tii|»h' mail. 

Than ty Hint's law, or hip it's Ian, 
Mun* mighty io your Mnlllll'.^t word; 

Till' fii**? heart of an IniiicNt iiijii 
Than i'ro»ii-r or tin- hwonl. 

<!•►. - Ift vitnr I'll f'hiinh n'heane 

Till* li'SNiiii it has lf:ini«-il si» Wfll ; 

It iiKiVf.s not with its |irii\iT or cume 
Tht' ^A\fA of ht'itvi-ii 4ir Ik'U. 

I.i't tilt' St;iti' Mntr»M ri«'' aiTiin. 

l>iil Kriti|i>m <lif wln-n'11 ilinl « 
F^r^jt'T y»» how tin* hhNnl of V.iiii' 

Front rarth's ^ni-ii Inimiih rriol f 

Tli«* >:r«':it Ill-arts i>f yonr nM- ii tiinn 
All- iH-atiii;; with you, full .tiid >trong 

All hiil\ iiM-tnorii's aiiil suMiiii** 
And ^Idiioiis munil yi> thniii>;. 

Till- hlutf. Imhl nii-n of liiinnynifh* 
I An- with y«' »iill in tinii's Iikt* x\it"< 
I The ••h.iili-s of FjitiLinil's iiiiiihty di*ad, 
I VtMir rloud of witiii-ssi's ! 

Tli«* I rut Ik ye urjii* an* Uiiih' al>niatl 
\\\ i-\cry wind and i'Vi-i\ tpIi' ; 

Till- vniii- iif Naturt' and oftloil 
S|N-.iks out U]h»ii yuur >i<lf. 

Thr wi*ii]Nins whii-h yuur haiiiU havv 
An- th«Mi> whii'h lliuvcn ii.<<4-lf hoM 
I.i;;ht, Truth, iind l^tvi* ; Vnur luttlo- 
Till' frtf, hruad fn-M uf Th lUi^ht. 

}Iopaftia], ipllub jiurpoao bnaka 
TTir uuiiFlr ln-auiy of vour pUn, 

Sor lie rniiu Uiron* or nllu aluka 
VcMit ilfaii]' fiith in aiui. 

Pna hrtwly otiinnt t ^ not In «»ia 
YouT frnrnnu tnut En hmnanViiiil ; 

l^HntBl uttirh bliuxliibnl conlil not iplu 
Yoor |>'arr(ul lol itiall And. 

Pnai un ' — tb? triumph ilull be wnii 
Of «Hiimm rijilita anil rqual kva, 

Hw floriuui iln^iu or Ilarriniltiui. 
Au<l Slduvy* itowl otil i-iBar. 

Bbvlnil thr rnttiY Uil 1h> FTOVIL 
SflrrtmlnK «urn Ijjnr'i bfttrr rup ; 

And. (iluckliiE not i\f liltthral duwn, 
Ulting ilir lii««>t UJ1. 

'■ blnsiiig Ml IJm riKbt I 

T*"- iii'i ■-/ [..K'l. tl..' lun oTpin. 

Anxinil Itliu. hail no ]■>■•« to ■tun 
Tlix I'urtix wiiUn. 

With tlial tirn inoKhl whkh •Iitarta 

AIK".-.: ■■■liT,!.- Ill lb- .■.•■11, 
\. I iiinn'*lir<<air-cU 

i\ I iiot bjf ilgbt. 


()frMl.m«,l ..tMi..,[l. 

He lutfiiii] Is liiat iuinid toice 
Wbii'b uiUnl ■■«« from all. 


Au. IcHni anil aullnl uiil bro* 

Tb* Chnrrb, bawwtb b< 

KsMj"! in Tila Iter Kboallv i iibi n -. 

Wmltli idinA wlllnn bU pMnd h«D> 

With ilnnp alann. 

Frand Frotp bU ipm-t chaaibm iad 

Itrfoiv Ibr aunllslil bunting iM -. 

SloUi dirw h>r ptllDw o'rr bfv bwl 

Tn drown Uv din. 

"Spur," Art implotwl, "fookdriAat 
lliBl grand. oU, Umr-vmi IbiiM 

Ur'k Bi-Trn-nnr. klwliM Ui th* akK 
t'rinl (lut, " Furbar 1 ~ 

Ofiy-bMidfd Vw, «b«, d«f anJ iUmi, 

Otnncd (bi hU vhl •r-ruMxBfJ dBM^ 
Louirl an Ua aUff, snd «^ In AmI 
IIU ant v'ctUuiMn. 

Vonna Roowu'* r>la>d hb dn*a>j aiii^ 
OVrimiut <Htb Mly bi^ "> N"U. — 

■' Wby M^ti!." W Mknl In Md MUM^ 

"Tb* tiir, thcnUr 

niut ihr AlrnBM 
PT ftaabnt hia«i 



f kioknl : tu»\*\e the dubt-cloud rolled, — 

Thi* Walter Wfiiieii the Itiiildcr too : 
Cp i>|ihiipiit; friMu the ruined OM 
1 saw the New. 

*T wa< l*Tit the niin of the lud, — 

Th'* w.iHtiii:; nf tlie wr<Mi^ uikI ill ; 
WbatrtT itf ;;i)«i.l thi* old time luul 
WiLs Mviug Ntlll. 

ralrn fSP'w th** hrf.Aii of Itiiii I r«'nre«l ; 

Thf fifiu'ii u hii-h autfl iii«* )u.vM'iiuwtty, 
Ad«1 It-fl I ("hi ml ii Miijle which rhifred 
l.iki- hn-akiiiK <luy. 

Tb<* puiii jim'w ^n>rii (in tcittle-plains, 
O'rr :«>i.ihl'«l gnutil the 

Tbr kLbv4- otiHhl (nrv^rni fnim hin cliuins 
Till* H|i.idi* and itlough. 

Wh»'n* fmwtitil ihi* ft»rt, {lavilionA ipiy 

And • iittii.;i- wiiiiliiws, tlowcr-fiitwimtl. 
Look 111 uut ii|Miii tlie iw.i<-fful Uay 
Anil liilU lit-iiintl. 

Thrj;i;:}i vitif-wrrjithetl cup« with win** 
i»n« «• n*«l, 
Th" li^IitH (III hrjiiuuiny^ i-rystal fell, 
Dnivn, ^IMrklin>^^ fmrii tite riviilft head 
A till nitKsv wfll. 

Tbntii^h i>ri4i>n wall a, like Heaven-M'nt 
Fn"»h lir»-f/i*H !il«-w, and MinUMnis 
And with tli»- i'lio ^.i]Iow.,.ni}N> 

The y •»»!;{ I'hild i>layfil. 

Wh'fv tlh' •iiMiriiiil virtiiii in hU eidl 
1 1. 1 1 •■iMinti**l iM*r tilt* Wf.iry hours, 
liUd 9M If-iLinrls An*^w<*riiiK' to thf Udl, 
<'.uih> I'nmnni with llowen. 

•iniwn wImt P»r the lenwin pi''«*n, 

I r*-Ar hi' liiiis»'r, for I know 
TU»t, w!i»n' tlif nli.ire i-* dfepest driven. 
Til*' U-at liuitM grow. 

Th*- oatwiini rit^, tlif old nlmw, 

Tbr |iiiiii4 fraud tmn>*|Mn-nt gruwn, 
Tbr iftpp\ h»lil i*ptiv*« in the use 
Of wriHiK aloui% - 

WW it th'ir doom tfrofnthfttfrniit law 
Whi' b niaki-a t>*'* i«at time lerTe to- 
day j 

And fmher life the world ahall dimw 
From their decay. 

O, hack wanl -looking son of time I 
The new is old, the old ia new, 
The cycle of a rluinge sublime 
Still aweeping through. 

So wisely taught the Indian aeer ; 

Deiit roving Seva, fonning KFabm, 
Who wake oy tunui KurUi's love and 
Are one, the same. 

Idly aa thou, in that old day 

t* hou niouniejtt, did thy sire repine ; 
So, in hiH time, thy chihl grown graj 
Shall aigh fur thine. 

But life bhall on and upward go ; 

Th* eteniul Mtei> of Pnigniis lieata 
To that great autiiem, calnt and slow. 
Which Go»l refwaUt. 

Tukehfart ! -- the Wastrr bii ildii again, -• 

A ('hani)ifl life ohl Gooilnesa hath ; 
The tun's may iN^rish, — but the grain 
Is not fur death. 

(fod workft in all thingn ; all obey 

His Hntt propuNion fniiu the night : 
Wake thou niul watch ! — the world is 
With nH)niing light ! 


LtxiK on him ! — thnmgh his dungeon 
F«*ebly and <*ol<l. the morning light 
Clones Ktt^liiig mund him, dim and 

I An if it loathe<l the *iight. 
' I^'clining on bin strawy l»e«l, 
> Hiit hand u]ihoidN bin driMiping head, — 
Hin bliKHllfiW chet'k is Keanietl and Iianl, 
rnshom hi J* gmy, n«*gliH'ti*il )i**ard ; 
And o'er bin Umy ting*TH flow 
His long, disbevelle«l liM'ks uf snow. 

No grateful fin* In'fore hitn glows, 
.\nd yet thf winter's bn-ath is chill ; 
' Ami o'er his lialf-cla<l |i»*r<4>n gtiea 

Thf fn-ipifnt ague tbri'l ! 
I Silent, Nivf rvrr and anon, 
i A sound, half nmnnur and half groan. 





tonm uart ILe jmintul crip 
or ttiT ol<l .i>lt«Rr • b»uJ<4 Up I 

Tl>ii.k ...ti...>...^^>......i,^^aw ^^H 

(M old tgn vhui»a <il»l ilnolnU < 

Ttiii. ..■■ry. 

K>r:... .I'l'dof linh. 

JuM God > whv lir> \h»i oM nmn lh(m 1 


A innnlri^r thnin iijg iinwn tv-1, 

Itown Willi tbi LAW Ikat UM.k U» 


An.! lit" iiiil' ■"111 uii't l.i-oTtlii* j>*T 

_ i;„-..riLv (.■.-..«--.. l.-li( (bid 

f.' ..u:XMr. 



^^ L,.«mKli.,,l|. 

£ -..:isr ■ 

Tu ll.<. 1(» ...1. .U.t Ml ..( <1»1 i ^^H 

Vfhrt h«> lh» BTny-luun-ii prUniwr dooi' 1 

Nn liHiicrr ilanr aa rrlHir In tMWid ^^^1 

tin uiunit-r atiUKi-a Uu haixU xltli 

'Hix vhutmlni; of On- Almq^tj'* ^^^H 

S.. 1 f.-ulrroiiF; 




1 ,-..rMi< 

wRirreK ok RKAMim r*>piiL>n 

1l :w «likli li.. pounJ 

rt'ai.i*HU> n (LiRnTHix AOAitm 

111! ji-'iuij; l>liiuO ^u ihi' iuTiJFr'* (wonl. 

iad lunttti^ liglit Uw fHirful nwt,— 

lib LUMd-Runnl iiU-rt; U lort 1 


And «. for m^h ■ pUrr nf rfrt. 

OM pn-uiu. drojiprd th)' Woo.1 m 

IID ron.vnl'< Hrl.l. and Bniikir'* cmt. 

And SnntnsB'i idniu 1 
I«,L f,.r;h. tbou RMi nTm.n'r «n. 
Tliiuuttli I)iy dim ilun|{«ui'i limi Ion ; 

Tlw bdu-r* boat, th* atrmi'* fluoi «l 


II Km.! 1- j..y. in -»lh. to •« 

a»t J™. 

Cilnl fnuUr uul ■ |inHMi rrll, — 

Ai>d 1in>k* with imUiaiia tka tM>i 

Hi* kud rri'^yt thy metriat wll ' 


Ga, linn th' Mia ■!»! fln llw kud*. 

And d»nk. oltb bl«b«i la hb h. 

And lllnK Uir tUny WnSet out ; 

Thr nlLT xlilvli ti^aria'i vtUaal itwm. 

Btunii ■■ f iwJMn 1 " tiU yoor lU|*a« 

llalh DOW Ilia tnupln ajuu r».rj ikam. 

iJo- tw k iWr o»dU-»I.nnt ; 

Altar and aliriw aad |>ri«U ~ aad »■ 
.■niw din 

nf),. ...... t.i.-Hv -n-l fimr: 

>.,!■ ,.. ■,,. ,.,„I.Wrd. 

fran liiT^kk pnM tb Mi|4a ■ Mr- 

T ii... .' ■..^.!\';.n..iii Lbrltjf 

Or Ua Iha fSU^ <«■ of On 4i>4 

Ikil nhrn lt>» palrnti miDan jan 

Tli'l i-riwD'a ndd anil glooiaj mil. 
And tliniitjh )U patn iLi Mri|M ami 

y*t aa of idd. «hn. ...klr "M^ 

Bta. •■ Uia «tDd. aod hU, -< 





A : i«l 4Trn tbe poor coiii|Muiionii of his lot | Ooa'H dark dungeons, — Malta's 
With tlii'ir diuirarthi)- viniuii knew hiiu I waNlitnl <m*11, 

u**u I WhtTK with the hymns the ghostly 

ll«»w ill are hiit high teach ings >inder- ; fatheix huuh 

HtiMHl : Miiiglttl the gruans by subtle torture 

Wht-rv III' hiith ipoken liberty, the ! wnaiig. 

At luH iiwn altar bimU the chain 

H<*aven'M anthfni blending with the 
Hhrii'k of lifll ! 

uiirw ; ' The nii«lui;{ht of liartholoniew, — the 

Whrn* II •• bath bidden to Life's ifpiul ' Htake 

fra.<»t, I Of SiiiithfifM, and that thrice-au- 

Tlie ktanMnfr many WHit uim>m the fi«w ; curmiI H.inie 

WIj. rr II*' bath '>iM)k*'n 1 Vail', liiii nanir ' Whir h Talvin kindled by Genera's 

b-ttli Ui-n I liike, — 

Tli^ Iiiutii*^t Wiir-rn* of contend iiiK nii*n ; New Kii^lund'H M-airuld, and the priestlj 

I'nroU. lull* with vigiK iu hU naiue 

IlilVr li|i':«Nnl 

Thr uii^ht-atliftl Kwonl, and laid tbf 

-l«'iir in m»t, 
Wi-t thi* war- banner with their 8a4*n?<l 

Au'l i-piow<l its blazon with the holv 

Y*'.\ in \i\s name who bade the errin;; 

And iliilv tiiiiKbt las lesium, — to for- 

T»i«t<'<l the ronl and edgi^i the niur- 
dt-niU"* jiti-el : 
And, with hut wurds uf nien-y on tlifir 

Hun;; hSliMtint; o'er the |iinoer*H burning 


Auil tlf grim hormr of the htraining 

»li«fl ; 

Wliii-li niiM'knl itit vii'tims in that hour 

of f«*ar. 
When guilt itself a human tear might 

IVar witnt'ss, O thou wnin^^-«l and nier* 

<ifiil One ! 
That l-Lartli'ii iiio^t hatrlnl I'riuies hare 

in thv name lieen dune ! 


Thank r..Ml ! that I have lived to 
the time 
Wbt'n tbe gr«>ut truth lieginiat laht to 

An utt«*mn<'e from the dti'p heart uf 
l-!l;ini«st iiuil ili-ar, that Ai.i. Hf.vemii: is 

F-t| til. HJiiw MumH whiib gnawed tin* , That nmn if» holier than a rnMil, — that 
viitim''* limb, I all 

WIi.. H.IW Ufore his Hearing eyi*lulU 

T"ii** iiiii;?' of tkrir CTiri^t in '-ruel 
Through tlif bloi-k torment-smuke. held 
mm kingly to him ! 


Th»- M'-nI whirh mingleil with the di-a- 
ert iriind. 
And Iw^'Inl with its ntl and ghaatly 
Tli»- %in-* ami olive^nf the Holy I^and. 

Tbe «lm«*king cursea uf the huntiil - The humble fislu'r* lintfUi-d with hushed 
•'•■w, - ! «»ar, 

Tb- «liitr.«iiwn bones of heretii'N Have fimnd an ei-bo in tb*- gen«'ral 

whrivVr I hfart. 

They Huik iM-nrath the Cmsttde's holv And of tlh' public faith Income a lirinj 
— ' I part. 

Rest mint u]Hin him miiit coiimuU his 


Hii|ii''s MiU'^liine lingtr on Iua ]iriaon 
And lii>ve look in ii|Nm his M>li- 


The lieautiful lesKon wbifli our Saviour 

Thnrugb long, «iark n-nturieH ita way 

bath wnitiglit 
Into the eomiiHin mind and iNt|iular 

thought : 
And won 1m, to wbirb by (SaliWii lake 




WIm tluU btteM iltii totdene; t ~ Bring | 

Tlir mIU •>r Vvniro ui<l tlir IriKnl'n nrk f 
tUnU'u llii' wFtriiiiiif liuman Imrt aitniii 
To ttiitl iiiiUirrnrDi-i' tu * brulhi-r'* |«iii I 
Yd inoct nDhit|>|i]r lata I — who, tuinnl 

IVun tb« mild lutuhinr of the Gmiic] 

tatore in the ibsilow* of Mtn'» tol- 
llcbt bmr. 
What 11..^ If. ilut »iiL glHwl-like 

Urt thom> (uiil •Itan itrFsniing with 

Btbnknl ih. PaitM' 

N« «tU la Uu Jut Om r 

mm:;, whni br 

T« thn aUric croil put I ~ C'ui y« not 
PMb tW pun TivWr'* lib, how miUljr 

Hniilli's iltan (nsk with hniiMn Ron, 
Ka man Ih" Rhwtlj Mi-riArn miokr 
Tliruugh tlir KTWD Urhc* at the IHuul'a 

Abd fr of mJIdi^ Tailli, with ynur liijth 

Of ivspbrt-alldmos in the Ilolint 

Wm j» urr^mr tlu nnucU of our tinip ! 
Krt n|> juiu nlTohl-altani In Htr land. 
Add, conMT»ti>f« uf [«■'* ilattast 

AnUli-. -.,.! 

Apia 1m fpTl tb* KMlrrn be* 
with •roil uf flowcn ai 
biy ; 
And dmra at^iii tbnnii^ vind-alitn^ 

tit *a« the iiulvrrinc niibjihl (i*J. 
An anifl In huoir'n linr'tiuiix ilura, 
Hf aw hit >lil«t «nilli' unrr mofr j 
Onra siure ihi traant'i bncrn-kchtd 

rpon hii BuiUier'a kun «u Uiit, 
And nrcrtl^ lullnl to tlurohir thm. 
With nenin|t'> holy hymn and |i ' 

Hr w<A*. At onrx oa hmit and 

Th* iin^tii T.n.,r rn.ii'.i i;;alii. 

r.'Ulgl.."! -L.n'.< 

.< Lichl. 
I -Kht. 

And. ufk tu loaAiu of vonr iTy lot AH |av«t nfcbnl 

Uiinl. IHuy and Mln.l, l< 

Rank jr* with thoaa who Inl th«i tic- . Id <iin *" -r<-^- t 

timnnind I In ^■•■•< ' '•■■■ 

Dm IVIi'a hkI alur and iha Indian'i Hf '■<:'■■■ ' 

munnd, I C'm -ik ■■ ■ ■ 

AbWml of F'rth and Hoi*. 



With iu hotFM marranr, ** Blood for 
Bl*y*ii I •• 
Brtwtf«-ii hlni uid the pitying Hemven t 


I^iw on his ilunp'on floor be knelt, 
An<l f4iM)t** hij breast, and on his 
« h.iiii, 
Wh«»-rf* in»ri •la-sji he alwftjn felt, 

llu hut t'Mni frll like rain ; 
Vij<i iiiiir hiiii« uith the coM. calm l(X)k 
\!.>l t4m»* tff onf whose funnal iNirt, 
ri.».iniif«l. un^)ftt'rit*(l of the h#*art, 
I- rn-i-Mrtil out by mle and lnwk, 
\\'i'A\ ii!.i< il li|tan«l truiiuuil blood. 
Til- h i!:^"nirr«» >jho>tly Hlly Kt<x>l, 
ltl.-*'.i:.^' «ith <^)I''mn text nnd word 
T!i«' j;tll-.»' drop and Atnui^lin>c i*ord ; 
I^tjdii.;; tli»- '».u'r»'«i <fOS|M*r.H awf 
And •%KU* ti-'U to the crime of Law. 


Hf sdw thf vii'tim'-i tortiin*d bn>w, — 

Th- -^vMiit 'tf .iiipiiHli Htarting th^re, — 
Th'- P<t»pl i»f a nain<*Irsi« woe 

In thr diiu tyrH ini]doring stans 
.*v t II iiiiltsMif througli the long, damp 
lh'i:i;^T<« of ^h:i»tly skin and l»one 
W»rkin;; anil writhing on th«* stone I — 
-Vn I li»*ard, hy mortal terror wning 
\t *xn hiMvin^fbn'ttMtand stifffntnl tongue, 
Th'- • hoking«»oban«l low h'larsM* prayer ; 
A-* 'ifr h'.i half-i.raze«l fancy • ajiie 
.\ ^i-'ion •►f th** eti*rnal flame, — 
\\* ^niokiiig «'Ioud of agonieH, — 
Iti <!• !ii<i:i-worm that newr dit-^4, — 
Th»- ivii lasting ri!*p an«l fall 
'»f tirt'-wivr* nmnd the infi-mal wall ; 
Whil»* hi/h aUive that dark n^l flood, 
r*!t< k. g.rfii:-hkf, the gallown st<Jo«l ; 
Tao hu<4y lifn.U attending tber>* : | 

<hi<' with '-old mocking rit«* and prayer, | 
Til- i»th»r with imiatifnt grasp, 
T^ht'^niitg thf death-rojie's htrangling 

« l.U»p. 


Th»» iinf»lt rite at length was done, — 
Thi* pniy»*r unhcani at length was 
naid, — 
An hour ha«l tMLMed : — the noonday nun 

.*^m«»ti* on the features of th** d»'a<l I 
And h'' >»h<i ntooil the ilo«)me«l Ite^tide, 
"aim gau/»»r of the MWrlling tide 
<>( mortal agony an«i fi'ar. 
Heeding with curioua cyc and ear 

Whate'er revealed the keen ezcen 
Of man's extremest wretchedness : 
And who in that dark anguish saw 

An earnest of the victim's fate. 
The vengeful terrors of God's law. 

The kindlings of Eternal hate, — 
The tirst dro{Mi of tliat fiery rain 
Which beats the dark red realm of pain^ 
Did he uplift his earnest cries 

Against the crime of Law, which gaw 

His brother to that fearful grave, 
Wh*'rtN>n Ho|)e's moonlight never lies, 

And Faith'K white blossoms never wave 
To the soft bn'ath of Memory's sighs ; •— 
Which M'nt a spirit marred and htaiued. 
By tiemls of sin possessed, profaned, 
In madness and in blindnt^ss stark. 
Into the silent, unknown dark T 
No, — from the wild and shrinking dread 
With which he saw the victim led 

Ik'neath the dark veil which divides 
Ever the living fnmi the dead. 

And N stunt's solemn secret hides. 
The man of prayer can only draw 
New reasons for his blowly law ; 
Ne>w faith in staying Murder's hand 
By murder at that I^w's command ; 
New re%'erence for the gallows-rope. 
As human nature's latest hofic ; 
I^Ht relic of the gooii old time. 
When Tower fount! license for itscrime^ 
And held a writhing world in check 
By that f«dl cord aUmt its neck ; 
Stifled S<>ilition's rising shout, 
Choketl the young breath of Freedom out| 
And timely checked the words whick 

From Hen»sy*8 forbidden tongue ; 
While in its no«»e of terror Uiund, 
The < 'hurch its cherished union found, 
''onforming, on the Moslem plan. 
The nx it lev -colored mind of man. 
Not bv the Koran and the Sword, 
But by the Bible and the Cord 1 


O Thou ! at whose rebuke the grave 
liack to wann life its shvper gave, 
IVneath wht^e mid and tearful glance 
The colli anil changeil c<)unN*nance 
Bn»ke the still horror of its tnin<.'e. 
And, waking, saw with joy aUive, 
A bp'ther's face of teiiderest love ; 
Thou, unto 1ft horn the blind and laiiM^ 
The x^rrowing and the sin-sick c 
And fmm thv verv sanneut's hem 
Drew life ^nd healing unto them. 

104 MISCO 

Tb( burden of thf hrt\f bitfa 

Vw Ion anil liff, not hmxa and dnOi. 

Uxa't ilcnuHi niini>l--n of jiun. 

Th« ft»nd» 'if lii« rfViaign war Hit 

From tlij purr (1<k|«I i clement 
Tn tbdf tUrL luiiiir wiin. 
Tin nanic U l»vr I Wkil. Dim, 1* h", 

Wki in l)Bii nuiw tlix ^luo* trwn. 
An ikAU KlUr built tu thw, 

Vitli >.-.' nli.v "I h|.»l uml tun t 

0. ..■■ ■ ■-■l.y 

■ 1, nrw Uieenot, 
Ai:! ■iird.J 

M . ' IK il lliuuithl. 

The govts -111' Il in tr>rU«riUii:o lira, 
Abi) let him ^1 I hat mrrrj now 
la Wttet than old Mcri&n 1 

At cm tliB White Sm'* eharmHl oliut*. 

Th« V»nft *n hU linlf l.lll 
Vilh dunnrat unqkr-rliiutli curtainrd 

Tet knowi Imrath them, ernfinorr. 

The low. i«lr bn il niiiTrring Mill -, 
A). QIiilrtur.ll. II. .^ nf .1.1. 

Til- l.,.rl,.r,„,.„ r.1al...-ll. JKt 

QDcnch not the iLtn Iwl Uring imj, — 

Mt Unliin nan, Bmrv t 
Vith liwt lin^ viiioe wbkh frani th< 


O HmHEft tj,mTa 1 um thjr Up 

Tlrj "Tarr oBBianniu 
And o'er Uwoh «lrM ■> a itnaa, 

Tfcy amr nwrtk wrina. 
Pobl aaAly U Ikj b«« fMbnec 

tW bMit as wan and tarakra. 
And end lia pvlai «f Bn lawnlh 

ny ahad««i old and Mkaa. 



Shut nnl rrom liim (!■ 

Ali.l -Ti-ll' !.:- ..L 

Norlrt :i.. .,..■. .. 
Rmith'- ','.'..- „!,„'.,.-', 

hMrr m^i Tl 

I)f all — .r a-r.1. .,1 

An>l, Htve Ui anilu it 

Prraa down kU lida 


Thi> tm>U«««l *>n of hi 
Tbf *c«Ri-likBlUitnii«U 

Thr {Bthoa wblch mm rinl 
l.'nwilliag tamoMMaaiM . 

The itingugi lautrt. th« Btry hual 
Of halm tiarerlj bnnun ' 

ilottfl Mwliw 

ClfM- pitrtvtinp of tu^«Mia tl 
I'poii a enmnd of awdnm . 

Anrf ovtf i3t Bnaanea wmI Sm 
A Fluid« baantj IhmrinjL 

XaA bnnlltd aA M hta ltd* 


I apectnl ftupr 
foeof (Vnl. be' 
With tnnchaiil wU «m|wIji|[, 

WliUo oUwn faaOad bi . _. 

Our eagle'a dwhr l4sl«^ 
Ha onlT -w tha MonMbkn Utd 

aunp o'er hU UM ~ ~ 



flu lorin^ faith in Mother land 
KtK'M iit'vcr filiailc of ttiniin^ ; 

B\ lintaiiiM Uk(*H, bv Neva'H wavi», 
WhAi«-v«T sky WHH o'lT him, 

H»- h»*.ini h'T rivfTH* ni.Hhiii^ wund, 
il«T MiH* {M*ak4 ruHf iM'fun.' him. 

H'- hA'\ \.\^ hI.1%-***- v«'t ma/ie withal 

N«» l.iU' .Tii'l %Miii |»n't«*iH*«^ 
N«>r |i:tiil .1 lyiiitf itrii'^t to sefk 

For S ri^ tiinii Mi'lVmrji. 
Ml- hiir^li-^t wiir.lH of pmud D'huke, 

Hi> bittt-n-st tniint aiiil 8<'t>niiii^, 
Fill fip'lik'' on th<* Northern brow 

That iM'iit to him in fawning. 

U*- h«*M bin >l.ivr« ; vft kept the while 

Hi"* n-v.'niHv for tlie Human ; 
In tb4- <I.iik Viix^iU of his will 

H'* sjiw luit M:in and VVonun ' 
N«« bnnt*r **( <i<»«rs outni«^'d iioor 

Hi"* Ki^niioki* vaUry «*ntfivd; 
N«i tri'b'r in th»* souU <»f rn^-n 

A- i>»M bin tbreshoM vrntun^i. 

An-1 ^«)i«'n th" old and wearied man 

{ji\- down fiir hiit \iv%t sb*rpinK, 
An I aX )i\* !*id«*, a slav** no more, 

Hi^ b!iitb»T-nuin Htoiwl wif|iin>?. 
Hi- iiS-t thought, bin lat«*}«t bn-atb, 

T'l Fr— -loiirH duty ^ivin^, 
Wrb fiiiin*^ ton^ui' ainl tnMubling haml 

rb«' d>ni^ bb\"»t the liviuf^. 

<». n« viT Urn- hi-* ani'ient State 

A tni' r *«iii or bp.ivi»r * 
N 'Ht' triftiplin;; with a calmer seom 

«>n f«ir»M:;Ti bate f»r favor. 
}{' k»»»« h'T fjuItH, yet nerrr stooj»ed 

Hm prouti and manly ferling 
T.. i^tur ••X'UM's of the wrong 

Or uifaiiiii-HH of conrealing. 

But none beheld with clearer eye 

Tb*' iiU;:ii»*.%pot o'er her Apn'ailing, 
N^ne n«*ani more sure the 8te|is of 

Alofi:: h'T future tmuling. 
F' 'i-r *• for hiniAelf he K|iake, 

Wb«-n. bi4 flaunt frame upbrarinf?. 
H :ia'-«ln-ithdyint;hiind '*Kf.m«>kme '** 

And fwriah'-d in the tracing. 

A» from the j^rare where Henr\* slee|M, 
Fmm Vi»rnon'n weeping willow, 

4nd from t)ie gramy pall which hides 
The Sa|{v of Monticelb, 

So from the leaf-atrewn burial -stone 
Of Randolph's lowly dwelling, 

Virginia ! o'er thy land of slaves 
A warning voice is swelling I 

And hark ! from thy deserte<l fields 

An; Mulder warnings 8iK>ken, 
From <|uenrht*<i hearths, where thy ei, 

ib'd MMIH 

Their houH«-bold gcnls have broken. 
The curw in on th«*e, — wolves for mciu 

And brien for com -.sheaves giving I 
O, more than all thy d«-ad renown 

Were now one Ihto living ! 


All thinir* whatffoeTer y^ wnuM that 
phouM ito tn >ou, do >e even w> tu them. — 
Mattkrw Tii. 1^. 

Bf.aukr of Freefbrni's holy light, 
Breaker of Slavery's «'haiii antl rod, 

The f<KMif all winch fiains the sight, 
(.)r wounds the gencrouii ear of God ! 

Beautiful y«*t thy temples rise, 
Thou^di there profaning gifts are 
thrown ; 

And fiH's unkindlf«l of the skies 
Are glaring round thy altar*strnc. 

Still sacred. — though thy name be 
By thoMf whose heart* thy truth de- 
ri«le ; 
And gsrUnds plucke<l from thee, are 
An)und the haughty brows of Pride. 

O, ideal of mv bovhoo<rs time ! 

Thf faith in which mv father stood, 
KvHu when the sons of {msX aiiil Crime 
I Hail stAineil thy peaceful courts with 
blood : 

Still to those courts my footstep* turn. 
For thrvtugh the mists whicn darken 

I see the flame of Free<lom bum, — 
The Kebla of the ]iatriot's prayer I 

The generous fwling, pure and warm. 
Which owns the rights of n/f divine, — . 

Tlie pitying heart, — th" helping arm. — 
The prompt self-ncrifice, — > are thioA. 



Mil lu ■ atricknn hrothrr Inir^ 

WliBtvtor I'liiw tiBlli uortnml MiD ; 

Am ■tovprJ M l<i«l (ii* (riiuuilfl J«1> 
Tbc wuiibi|iprr of (jrriiun. 

Sj DilvT? unn')<Flled, tuiHMl 

ItT |>aiii]> ui |>o«<T. diou wnt * Man 
III i^iH-ir nr p-HMiit, — (lavror lord, — 

TIiRiit({h all iliigulv, foriD, pltrr, or 

B«n>«it titv flanntinft Tob« of itn, 

FhrouHh i-ovrrt; uul aiualiil ihunr, 

Tbou loukMl an Uu ina» wtUtln. 

iml there U mwrence in thy ItnAt ; 

Fat iliAi fwil farm which nnrUl* »««r 
rbi Alilrit of UiK Flollnt took. 

Anil vrlln] hk* {HrfncI hri^tnoatben. 

Ba »Ua nf oU on Svria'n 
ThiilM. wirTDrif, lif tnnu, tbc li>- 
tmrr'* hmrt, 

III halj iirnnli «liirh cannot die. 
lu thi'iiiilitt wliich augcb kamd to 

PrcclBimnl th; mfijct fram on U^ — 
Tb; mliadaii to > wnrM of *«. 

tlt^ voir*') n-ho l>alh not 4M I 
Fmm ih- l>lu> Ukr dTOdilfth 

Abil TaUir'i lunrit m nun tain -4iU, 
It cbUi 1 ainiginuig vorid to ttica. 

nr am uiil mirbwonl o'n thli land 
f hnr ill ■Trry Iwrrn thai fUn, 

&»J iihiikI ■ IbotUBrtd alur* *tM>l 
Thj buKlml fiij awiJilppmb 

Xot !• tbnc allan nf • day, 

Al putft rM, MV ittft I Mng ) 
BM M thj aliUa ili'rin* I k,f 

Tlic homop- of Ilia 


Stbikk bocm, itivng ■ twutod mta ' 

Dovu to the iwit 
Of old uppnuiuii atnk ihr Auoa MfvI 

nv woik U to hfw ilotra. In Uod't 

niuiv thrn 
fnt tirrrc into Ihir EmL I^ other mcb 
PUnt, H thcT nujr, thai bctin m* 

whoar rrait 

' the Chordi ahaO 

B« ibon ttw liu««-l>r*ak«r. 

Fall Inry ■■ ih* flnaUa&'a bi 

Lrt Ay 

Rrtvrrn ttwc and tin *i*l of FalLw 

Lmt« rtmit to i-l(wt ttUna. Fltat irf 

Shakii Ibon all nrmun dnam-laMd «ilfc 

Df tl>at ariTTinpd tn«, irhaai! crfl tfmk 
Wm tjwnl of nhl br Etfiitt'i atalnnt 

FIglil not with ffhoali and ihtliat. 

I^t ni hnir 
Tb> uup of clialolinka. Lrt «v |U4- 

CaUh <hr iiala nrisma'* ' 

ih> lM;t>t 

Follown tilt air^trnkc. tluoogli Mi nil 

of iil|ri>*- 
Be faithful lo both wotU* ; nor think •• 

IUith'> atarHng nuUioni tiilh tk ba^ 

SmaDt of Wm vboar miitiim high aaJ 

Waa Id the Vnmgn). ifc* «nv«lli|k mJ 

the lonlj, 

Thnut out bit Bdan fromim Om* (■■ 


Dlalatil a 

■ btywid U» Una akr*! 



Be VATunl by Luther's error. Nor like 

Whrn tltr iwiiM^ Teuton dftthes from hin 

Tit** niHtfil rhuin of a^^i^ help to bind 
11 u haiiiLt lor wIuhii thuu i'laim*i»t the 

frerdoDi uf the mind ! 


li«>w liUnd ind sweet the greeting of 
thin bffeze 
To him wh«i Mies 
Fmm rruwJitl street and red wall's 

wran* gl*4nu 
Till far l»-)tiiid him like a hideous dream 
The i-luM* dark city lies ! 

Ilfrv, while the market murmurs, while 
m«*n thrunfc 
Tht» nmrbli* fltior 
( >f M mil nu Ill's altar, from the crush and 

Of thf uorM'H mailnnw M me gather in 
My brtt4-r thoughts oni'e more. 

O. onr** sgHin n'vive, while on my ear 

Th«' rry of <iAin 
And low hiKin** humof Traflir difaway, 
\r Mtivftl iiitiiMtrim of my early day 

like nere grass wet with rain ! — 

Oni'e more let God's green earth and 
hunM't air 
Old fcrliiigs waken : 
Through «cAry yvars of toil and strife 

an<l ill. 
O, M nir fe«*l that my gno«l angel still 
}Uth nut his trust foraakeii. 

And wt-ll do time and place befit my 
nKM^l : 
H**n*-ath the arms 
Of thu embracing wood, a good man 

H'w honii*. like Abraham retting in the 
Of Mamie's lonely palms. 

Here, from his Toyaget on thfl itoiinj 
Wi*ary and worn. 
He came to meet his children and to 


The Oi\ifr of all good in thankfulneM 
And praise fur his return. 

And here his neighliors gathered in to 

Tlii'ir friend again. 
Safe from the wave and the destroying 

Which reap untimely green Bermuda's 


And vex the Carib main. 

Tu hear the goml man tell of simple truth, 

Sown in an hour 
Of weaknesH in sonH* fur-ofT Indian isle, 
From the (Mirched Immuii of a barren 

KuiM'il up in life and ]NTwer : 

How at thuHe gatherings in Barbadian 
A tendering lo%'o 
Came o'er him, like the gentle rain from 

And words of fitness to his li|« were 
And strength as from alwTe : 

How the sad captive lintened to the 
Until his chain 
Grew lighter, and hi.H wounded spirit 

Tlie healing halm of eotiMilation melt 
l'lK>n its life -long |iuin : 

I How the armed warrior sat him down to 
Of Peace and Truth, 
And the proud niler and his Creole 

Jewelleil and gorgeous in her beauty 
And fair and bright •eyed youth. 


Herv, rii'h with autumn gilts of count- j 

less yean, ' O, far away beneath New England's 

The riiKin soil sky, ' 

Tume^i from the share he guided, and Even when a >K>y, 

in rmin Following my plough by Merrimack's 

Aad MBBner sanshiiM throre the froits gTv*en »hore. 

and grain His simple reoikrd 1 have |londen^l o'er 

Wbkh bhiwd Ida hooert toil i With deep and (|uivt juv. 


Hot Ml 


U7 of UllM, 

Al Brthl^hnn Inatlml abuTi tS* llol; 
. Trloajmi tht Ain nf PkliBtiiir. — 
Hot Id Ihr I»rl. Init ih* mui 1 Iirin)[ 
la frirQiUhlit'* ftsilnB tnui mTofftniw: 
II»« niiirh k IkLi I r**l, Mii thoairilt 

■t ilHrninl 

M Ito tima t«o 

t AtmiBj lam knil Fuicjr'i gfrnoihit 

id 3rM fH ikr MuUni itrila wlik 

Tka broken mlla oT Zlon, rym tkf 
HftUi a nil* nuirtiAl tow, « bhw la 

BVr-r]' tituu^ht I 


TntLi Bt in ^rot wMrUTnlMM 
The lUTvd uyptw* tm: iboul. 

And, Itinn hmmtb old vrinklBd laoM^ 
Tli'lr ttiiiug oymt lookMi ont. 

Ony Ag« iDil fficbti^ <niilos '^■■* 

lliniti^ wnrj night uhI 1* '" 
d.y, — 
nrim ■• Ibe Ida)* at tkrir aida. 
And nutiiukleM u Uirj. 

Untwotnl Ib tha liouj^ abov* 

Of fattli^H^i u»l lui« I 

wLiirh tlw oaadnll^ Ji 

Whitb lenda bust nran to VMu 

Til' icnTDiina of It* qving; 

Shall wa, who ut hRfii«(]i that IH* 
W1hn> 1mbI<ii« W*n oT Ufc an dMb 

In aiMvvr In ttw hn%lh nt f««far> 
UlNd tha MWac hMd 1 



Sot to restore our failinff fonnSt 
An>l ImtM th<* iipirit'tt nrokeu shrine. 

But ou th«* fainting miI'L to ihed 
A li^ht Aud lift* divine ; 

Sh^ll nf pT»»w wi-ary in our wat^'h, 
Aifl luunnur at th«' long delay ? 

Ini|utii-nt of our Fath^r'N time 
And hi« ai»i>ointi*d way 1 

Or «lia]I th>* ntir of outwanl things 
Alliiri* and claim the Chmtiau a eyr, 

Whrn on thi" heathrn watohrr'i mr 
TIi«ir iwiwirlfM murumrt die I 

AUh • a tl«v|»T t«»Ht of faith 
Than prirton rell or martyr'* stake, 

Thr H«>Ii'.;iUuiing watchfulnnu 
of Hilent prayer may make. 

W.- ijinl u* bravely to rebuke 
< »iir iTring hn»ther in the wrong, — 

And in tin* *'ar of Pride and Power 
Our warning voice is strong. 

twi.r ti» «nit»» with Peter'* nworl 
Thun *' watch one hour " in humbling 
Lift- It '* great things,'* like the Syrian 
Our heorta can do and dare. 

But r)h ! we shrink from Jonlan's side, 
Krum wat**ni which alone can save ; 

And luurniur for Abana's banks 
.And l*haqMLr*s brighter wave. 

i> Tlum, who in the ganlen's shade 
Ih'Ux wake thy weary ones again, 

Wh.» ^liiinliereil at tliat fearful uour 
Korg**tful of thy (lain ; 

Hrnd oVr us now, as over them, 
.\nd 4«t our sleep- bound spirits free, 

Siir l*-ave ns alumbering in the watch 
Our wuls should keep with Thee I 


Rlavd aa the morning breath of June 

The wjathwest bre«kes iilay ; 
Ao'l. through ita haie, the winter noon 

Sr^mt warm as summer's day. 
Hi- *now.plnme<d Angvl of the Xorth 

Has droftpetl his icv s|ifar ; 
A^aio the mossy eartk looks forth, 

AfiiB th« alTMiiia gush clear. 

The fox his hillside cell forsakes. 

The niUHkrat leaves his nook, 
Thtr bluebird in the meadow brakes 

is singing with the brook. 
*' B«-ar u|>, O Mother Nature ! " cry 

Hini, breeze, and Htniamlet free ; 
*M)ur winter voices prophesy 

Of Hunmier days to thee ! ' 

So, in those winters of the soul, 

Hy bitter blaatM and drear 
t J'erwwi'pt from Memory's frozen pole, 

Will Hunny days Hi>]M*ar. 
Reviving Ho|)e and Faith, they show 

The Mjul itM living {towers. 
And bow lieneuth the winter's snow 

Lie germs of summer flowers ! 

The Night is mother of the Day, 

The Winter of the Spring, 
An<l ever uiwn old DiM'ay 

The gnn'nesl nio.>M*H cling. 
IVhind the <'loud the starlight lurks. 

Through showeni the HuniH'ams fall % 
For (to«l, who lo%'eth all his works. 

Has left his Hoik* with all : 
1(A 111 MMXA, 1847. 



" Get thf) wTitinK* of John WoolmaD l>y 
baarc." — JBuaya o/ Eim. 

Maii>kn I with the fair brown tresses 
Shading o'er thv dn'aniy eye. 

Floating; on thv thoughtful fori'head 
Cloud wreaths of it4 Kkv. 

Youthful years and maiden iN^autv, 
Joy with them should still abitfe, — 

Instinct take the piain* of Duty, 
Love, not ReaMin, guide. 

Ever in the New rejoiring, 

Kindly bec*koning bai-k the Old, 

Turning, with the gift i4 Midais 
All things into gold. 

And the fiaHsing Ahnden of sailness 
Wearing even a \^ele<»ine guise. 

As, when some bright lake lies oi«en 
To the sunny skieH, 

Every wing of binl almve it. 
Every light cloud tloating on. 


Ihit ut-nn Xby ynulhful r'>r*l>wl 
MotiKFUiIng like ■ ■li»to» Hn ; 

Xtui * wriotu wul is lunking 
fnta Ihy t«ni»t ej™. 

Wit fa KD nHy inlroTmins, 

TUrouBli the roniu of outv*tii tltingi, 
tlfckinff for Uie lubtlr rwu«, 

And tbr hUdrn iprtn^. 

Ihmr Uuui tli* riliM rariKn 

lUUi lliy wakrfnl vudon mn. 
hrtllar Uwn th* ubitdi* 


Hav« ihy jiumrjrinjt* 

Anil Ihr luw mrirtMloiia vpkm 

Ul tlie m jrtcrr of Being 

lUlh Dpou thy Riitill wiiiil, — 
fhonithu ultlcli, ilk* tU DalagB mui' 

Tiod no ]<l«x> of rtal : 

Tb* whii'h raytlic I'Uto iwnilnrd, 
Tliat whirli'Zmo brttH witli ■■«, 

Awl Uw Mat-I>trt ZonaiUt 
In hi* night' vktcli •■*. 

Ftnu IIm' ilnutit and dsriinm (pringinp 

Of tht Him, nnntUin Cut, 
llof bR to thi dark ilill ihadon 

O'rr the Futaiv nul, 

Eujy halh l.ifr'i Dii^hlr qnpKton 
Tnrillrd iTLthiii xhy Krart of rmitli, 

Vitti • dcrp and (tmns b^mhlng ; 
WUAT and wtirBK ta Tkcrii t 

Whmn tb. aarirut life bath fled, 
lill* Utli nnktMnm to aclbn, 
Dttll and odd and d>«I. 

(tely *akr a inaet Nicm. - 
ICot ban thorn thj 'raking ipiTil 
ilatb it* ana»« dnvn- 

■M. Uk« MW lin>d c)d1d •■ rno. 
Ok thj motbtr Kaiiit*'i tnwt, 

fbov. nalhinki, art vainly laiJuag 
TrvXh. aad pia», aad nat. 

And M tliH ai 

From thr tatlh aiid fruu Utr Aj, 
And tn tliiv ll»< hllU auil Walm 

And llir ■!«» rrply. 

.. tank utd (*• nul akr,* 
Uir dnatr lew of hrnlnn 
And old poei;. 

Bot Ilia raninit apirit n«nlfd 

Mmr tluu ontoard Nalnn tan^t, — 
Mor* Ihac bint the port a rinoa 

Oi the ■Bp'a Uunif^ht. 

Only in tbr fiathriril (iteooa 
or a ralm and vaitlnf (now 

IJ^t and <rl«lon) M trvm IImtib 
Tu tbcr »« ker ODDP. 

Not to w and aimltv qslat 
Doth Ibat invrard annnv t*«4i 

But t(i voika of loT* ud d«Ijr 
A* oat brinjt'* niit, — 

Kot Ut Mr. drrami uil lianrua 

Len|th of bet, aftd « 
lot to FalUi, ■ * " 
And p«rfon 

Eamnt tail and (trans mlwtw 

Of a (iiiril which aritliln 
WrvaltH «{th thmlUar rrfl 

And brarltiuf lin i 

And vlthoot. wtlh tbrhm Ttftr. 

8l>ady hoirt, and voap^ atnaa 
Id th* }town of ti „ 

Knry torn td wroi^ 



Knd hii brief and aiinple record 
How Mfviiely gweet ! 

I»r lifc'H humMt^ dutira throwing 
IJiiihi the carthliii^ never knew, 

Fn-Hhrninf( all itJi dark W48t« placet 
.Va with Heruiim's dew. 

All whii-h f(IowH in raMcal's |M^{ra, — 
All whii-h aaintM iruion auiight, 

Ur th<* l>lue-«ye<l <teruian Kahel 
tUlf'Unoonaciuua taught : — 

iVaiitv, RUi'h SM Oorth«> piotured, 
Sui k aa Shelley dreamed of, Hhed 

Living wanoth and starry bright neis 
Round that (loor man's headl 

Silt a Tain and cold ideal, 

N'«»t a {KM-t's dream alone, 
Biit a preflem-c warm and real, 

Seen and felt and known. 

Wh>-n the reil right-Iiand of slanghter 
Mttulders with the iiteel it swung, 

M'h«-n the name of Ae<T and poet 
I>i«^ on Memory's tongue, 

All bright thoughtriand pure Hhall gather 

Ku-.iiid that meek and Huffering one, — 

il<*hi»u<i, like the seer-neen angel 

Stau'liiig in the sun ! 

Tdk** th<* gnoil man's bonk and ]¥>nder 
Wh:tt itit pag»'4 Miy tti tliee, — 

bi'*^*^! afk the naml of healing 
May its leshon be. 

If It Jinly nerres to fltrengthen 
Y-aniiiigH fur a higher gtw>dt 

Fur thf fount of living wiiten 
And diviner food ; 

If the pride of human reason 
Ferla iu meek and still rebuke. 

Quailing like the eye of Peter 
From Uie Just One's look ! — 

If with readier ear thou heedest 
What the Inwanl Teaiher saiUi» 

Listening with a willing spirit 
And a childlike faith, — 

Thou mavst live to blem the giver. 
Who, himself but frail and weak, 

Would at least the highest welfare 
Of another seek ; 

And his gift, though |ioor and lowly 
It may seem to other eves, 

Yet may prove an angel holy 
In a jiilgrim's guise. 

** T« toUd Um loaba or Um proplwta.** 

Yea, — pile the marble o'er him ! It is 
That ye who moi*kl^l him in his long 

Ktem strife, 
And plaiite<i in the pathway of hiii life 
The ploughNhMnii of your liatml hot 
from hell. 
Who elHiiiored down the liold rvfomier 

He plfHiliil for hinoRptive fellow-nien. 
Who Hpuriifti him in tlie nwrket^plai-e, 
and Mitiglit 
Within thy walls, St. Tanmiany, to 
In party chains the free an^l honest 
TliiMn;^*luttemnreof an upright mind, 
W.'ll in it now that o'er hi* gr.ivi- ye raii«» 
Tin* st««iy tribute of vour tanly pniini'. 
For not alone that pile>h{ill tdl u* FauK 
Of the hruve h<-art U iivath, but of thr 
builders' shame ! 





I wiit'Lii ill'- gift I affrr bn<e 

Mi^t gTBcri (rnm thy itroi tiia, 
A&rl. tea thnmgb ¥timui*hip't ai. 

Dd MfUDnl Unra anil («)ann^ mar 
n« nn>>-i-uiituiui>l tiifh', uf Iwuitj', for 

lb; Ukr. 

F«w Imw oT Fmii'x'* ■pHng mii*in : 

Put vful 1 harr 1 ffii-p lu tliH, — 

Tlw o'rr-wionpil lilotm of ■ummrr'a 

And pdn Sairtk, tbn Urin nln 
CdU fruu tli> ■courioit tlupv of lirc-'» 

Dry rnM ■&>! whm J iI tnuik txtwrcn, 
A WBbti •ner-)pn«lb U uen, 
A> 4>iii|r> itw plna wboiw UUi tba (ij- 

Wnl niaij^ vooJ I 

TfI hkrlt will 4i)4t Bud bnriM pl><r 

Thrit liaf-liu]* in Ihi- «ni)iiv in* i 
And throimh titr hlr«k «diI •rintrj dtj 
It kiv]i> iu atnulv HTwn ■!*■;, ^ 
il«t «TitD aiy nftn-lliDUKhla nmjr tMr» > 
rhwni fin Uitw. 

fto ImiiIt iIiiw, id; *lini>l> Uv* 

ttf fxTtiirlv Jnil. mar wr" in •! 
Th* an-hnii htoom ami ImbtIM n 


A MnNlnB no«, — a i 
Sinto f]., oitoM I 
Willi ■«*, 

man toiling Willi ik* fMr. 

In Uior, I 


Tm ak; U nwUr la lh> «wl. 

And, a|«'tral 

Tb« aliiii'a »un 
Tbm Irt Uir Hnm 

An>l itntbiK •• b«gb ; 

Thr lilMll^Ut Ifl tllT (OMtUi 

Tb> iiialirt ta lb> |In ! 
Hark! mnth.-K-1loin.lil 

Ttie Broaaiiij aarU toBw^ 

From far-olT lilll^ Ibr matlac ti 

Vfi ut U toilinit bm* 1 
For HI th* nftanen Aaw% th» «t 

Thdr Maul Wip* atnt. 
Hinit* nil f« u lb* aidnu'a ■ 

Id ronU oU ami Will, ~> 
For n* til* oraliuy-drrlnl « 


kbuduwn h: 

Boxes or LABOB. 

Y* diu* to tnut, for honot U 
Tti« Jury 'Ilia* nnjiUMi*, 

AdiI ImVK to Irutb w h DOtiU 
Whiidi g:lurilit'« yuur auiuli 

I ttriiUK "id bort; (iinraui 
An-I Itti>-in.Arlil'a Uy. uid (ilffonl'i wit. 

And [aitnix fww iif ((hrniuui ; 
Blill IniRi ho Uiok, > mjiUe h*t, 

Tbc ■'•ul >-f Ih'hivJi fib liM, 
Add EiikIuiiI'i jirintinfl ilaliM tob««r 

Of Foi't l?Mh«ni liKKlinL 

TIw fool ii jmin 1 wlim'ri U ULi, 

It tnmlm yuui vcllnroaRlit IntttfT, 
(la rartlwu (U-iir, lii niarbli bklb^ 

On otrjirt. or on Iintlwr. 
Slill tlirn- ibf »Ht«l I'himii U ruutiil 

Of natum unet or *mt«l'>, 
A* llcbr'a fuot ban iwctar rmind 

Animg tiu uld wlstiali I 


Shut* •lum 

It moA bluff bnifui, 
r Uld weary, 
V tlw akjr'* bin* KpMi 
^M) tb« jmirt*. 
Om Beauty'* (mt jtinit ilippa* gbum, 

Br fUntton'! r<nitiUi&^ 
llr t'winkl* tbisn tbi lUtuiiKr iUdoi 
HMMth tbn (^nal UMinlain* 1 

Uka eiiti7 CiodcnlU'i ■ 
Atittrj wbo >biiDnr«l ihr boiucltold nuiil 

Baifadil tba cnwD npos ha, 
to all ibkU Hw joor tuil rqiald 

mth bMftb and boOM and bonw. 

ul anil Iniiniiiiii^ — 
<. U» icood old Omft. 
It> ni.rry nvn and ■oiuni !" 
fall uiit ■4.'*)d jiiot lutiK amj, 

tn Um old tint'* vlMBt mrmv i 
Osn m«*v an w Al OkfiD'a day, 
ning iMt bb Uawned Imuhv I 


ind cold, and iho* 

am oavanl clxvilr dti'iag t 

TVl* '■ Ilk abm In dnlj dM^ 

Akd iwl aknr in atrlTUf. 

The nltflil i> hll 

Our lootaora biaiala an waaiy. 
And thttnigh Jim duu tbi! targca d 

l,ooki nut npno m cbeeTj. 
Tbrt Undbad Ivckoii* hunUa 4«ot 

Froin tiwuy a vancy Avwtml amnt 
Ity bniwa of nulled BXHUitallM ; 
Froui billabtiB wlwr*, tlmm^h n aWp 

Ounh oDt lb> rinv fonnt^iu ; 
Fivni quipt faim-Mdi^ g mii and law. 

And l«i^t with Moaning cbit'ei' ; 
yrwin calea of mm tltc waMariii( erw 

Mo rirbei hoTcn orar ; 

Dar alW da; OUT «^ hu lh>rti, 
O'n many a bill and ball"* i 

Bit lake mud atrmm. by *uud and gbn, 
Ow atatrly dtD»» m fullow. 

TfamiKh d lut-cknida tbdBxtlUck and dn^ 
A* umakr cf bittiv o'n nK 

Tbflr «bll* \iana glUtaii in th* tva, 
iJ^i-nau Mbf« na. 

Uk' tJun 



.-1; rj 

Ai aluw tchind U ainking i 
Or, thniDKiiMt clnar, bum raadaUr till. 

Or ninur Ukdrt. dtinklnx. 
Nov itnwilinii In llw Barrmi roa^ 

In ihb'k and (iraigrilnfl mai— , 
Thcjr ^n njiua Ibe hmnuH-t't ImA, 

Or rattling amuh Xkal fmaam. 

Anon, vilh to* of bom aa>) tall. 
Ami |iaw of hoal, and Ullw. 

TbvT traj' ■am* (an&ri'a litvk** f^h, 
Cftr iwaitvW'flna* ur bltam. 

Forth moiM tkr aUjtltd (WBlmaa ; fortk 
WIff, rhililivn. bniaaa n g, aallv. 

Till <nn tnun on tbdr datfy jialV 

Tlin lakfflnl tinanto laltj. 
W« drin no atarrdian 

_ rIUiadai7bn 

Uk* Ibwe who frind iMr mom da 

Od |Hritim ban attd almy, — 
Lank oien, tmgh >a ItiAm dif^ 

And nwa too lean (ur iIuiIdi*^ 


ao oan Inm all mt <twrIllii|eB 
ShkU ft%ht«ii Want away. 

nnd ilowly 

Aiiil tli>- •iinii >'litT hl|i)t and toud, 
Wk ■))] aliUlls lUnrn Ihn wtld wiDi), 
AdiI Uuj[Ii IvDOCll lb* fIniMl t 

In ike dark DM* u in •lavlijtlit. 

On thr oalrr a. i.n Li.ii.1. 
Ood'a pre 1> lookuif; •»> ui, 

Aiul Immlh »• i> hit haml ' 
Daatli will liml u> Mmi la Ulpr, 

On tliK <|Kk or io tlir c«t i 
Awl w* eauniil inivt hini brtUr 

Than in wuiiing mit nor lot 

L. i-man.!in(tit>f 

T..1I.. .I.ill .aril,, Ilk., a*™!. - 

Du aUtn or bratvn ahaD fptiilr na, 
Tlw bnsUi hI botrm ahiUI ipetd '. 


Ir in* Wtr in mild ffetoW, nA Om 

lang anlDuinal inin 
Had Un th' •uniiuHr harrMt-BrhU all 

grmtt Willi ims main : 
n» Ant aliarp fnaia bwl bllni, Iflanaf 

all lb" ■•allanili gay 
Wllh th' harm uf •■oiinoi* minho. 

iW Mi«>Unr-H<n»n trf May. 

I >litn. -Iry miat. 

■ «iB n^ Innaij and mt, 

njWm iU*k of lir*, ).■ M0<|. 

At am 

T«t, «Trn hia tHiiallJ* ri<il7 
•I aad aiiMunl, 

And all tbM oolM afbnMo, ilo* 4(^ 

iuK l» itif Blalit, 
Hf *<jrr witli goldvn ahutUr Uw hw 

with ydbi* Ugbt : 
SUoUns thnnwli Ui* |aiii1»d ln«>i% 

b> RlohlUd th* Mil ; 
Anil, tviuwlli It, {nod anil tDawUw Uy 

lirijtliUT, ipiviirr (till. 

Bat (1 

1 th* I 

niatJiiilaM at raeha. 
Ni> aiiiind wai h tibr woolhada, ■ 

And IIh- yrllov Inm BiMHV Uw h 
Id* nutfing M thry ML 

atnbhlpkUi la* dn. 
When JoM winda MOKl,'la U(h« «mi1 

aliailr,llieriBlc ntva n>wi4'n*; 
BdI atill. (in Mil* hifl-aloi««, Ift nO^yi 

Imtnd villi Knot, 
t'l^ptfarrad. Mnaehlug In tW ■», Om 

luBvy eocB crop tf«o4. 

Bml low, tiy MloniD'a wtnH mJ M^ 
Uiniqtli buaka that, dry aad mm^ 

CnfoIiUl rram dub riFMadctepi^ Am* 
out tb« TbUmt «•( ; 

Bnanh, iba hmtif hj MMwrii*, H 

nMBy • vMdaid nM, 
Aad idlounnd hi th* OalW ^|ht i 

pumjilitn'a fbiat gf gtU. 

TlMn wn wig hl tb half k*w«l—« ; ■ 

tnaay • makiu vid* 
Bonr aUo ly to tb. ti)|l«ni *■* Ito h 

i.f ba4 mhI pa>n ; 
Till hrwl an.1 ir-l. aa t>h*> V TM, 1^ 

And In' aalbinaci th* W>«aphM^__ 
I intadirB, >ltT««i, uhI p^i. 

il ika orrftoibv anil i riaaMd tba n4 rHilaM of a ^, M ■■ 



fibviT o'#r the eauterti m-bluffa t milder 

|{lorv ■hone. 
And the nuii'ii't ojid the iiioonrue were 

niinf;ie«l into one ! 

As (haft into the iiuiet night the twilight 

lil|tHill AWiiy, 

And dt-riN'r in th«* bri^itening moon the 

tniniiiiil fthailowH lay ; 
Froiu nmny » hruwn old rmn-houKe, and 

Imiiiirt with<»ut name, 
Th^ir niilkiii;;unil thr ir home- ta^^kii dune, 

thf nifrrv huakers i*anie. 

Swung oVr tin* hea|»e<l-up luuTnat, from 

]rttfhriirkH in the mow, 
Sh'int* dimly down the lanterns on the 

plfanunt Mcene Udow ; 
The griiwin:{ |»ile of liiuks behind, the 

g(»|ilen t-arn iH-furi', 
And laughing eyi*A ami buny hands and 

brtiwn chi^eks glimmering o'er. 

Ha]{ hid'lfn in a «|iiiet nook, lerene of 

l«Hik and heart. 
Talking thfir old tiint* s over, the old men 

Mt afMrt ; 
While, up and tlown the unhuMked pile, 

or ne»>tlim; in iis Hhaile, 
At h id—and -Neek. with laugh and nhout, 

the luppy ehildren pUyed. 

Vn?*^! by the g«M>l hoHt'rt daughter, a 

maiil'-n young anil fair. 
Lifting to light her Awe«-t l>lne eyes and 

]iri<le of sr>ft brown hair, 
Tlie nLi<«ter I if the village school, aleek of 

hiir auil ^niHith of tongue. 
To the <|fiattit tnne of Mime old fiaalni, a 

huaking-ballail sung. 

THK niRy-soxo. 

llrAP high the farmer's wintry board ! 

11 "ill high the giiMen eom ! 
N" rit her gift haa Autumn |M>urvd 

Kmm not her laviah hum ! 

l^t other knilft, exalting, glean 

Th«- apple fmm the pine, 
Tlie nmnge fnim its g1o<iav green, 

Tlie oluNter frt>m the vine ; 

We bHter lore the hanly gift 
Onr nigged valci bwtow, 

To cheer ua when the stonn ahall drift 
Our harvest-fields with anow. 

Through vales of gnuw and meadi of 

C hir iiloughs their furrows ma«le. 
While on the hills the aun and show. 


Of i'hangi*ful April played. 

We dropiieil the seed o'er hill and 
lieneath the sun of May, 
And frightene<l from our aproating 
gniiii * 

The ndiU'r oniws awny. 

All through the long, bright daya af 

Its leu%*es gri'w gnt-n and fair. 
And wHve<l in hot midsummer's noon 

Its Mift and velluw hair. 

• • 

.\nd now. witli autumn's moonlit crm. 

Its harvest -time has mnie. 
We ]ilui'k away the fnisttil leaves, 

Aiul bear the treusun* home. 


Then*, rieher than the fable«l gift 

A|N>llii showered of old. 
Fair lianils the bniken grain shall aitt, 

And kneiul its meal of gold. 

l^et vapid idlers loll in silk 

AriMind their rostly Unnl ; 
<.livr us the Uiwl iif samji and milk, 

liy homt>s]iun lieauty |«mn*d ! 

When-'er the wiile old kitehen hearth 

Si'ihU up its MUHiky enrN, 
Who will nut thank the kiuilly earth. 

And bless our fanner girls ! 

Then shame nn all the pnnid and %*ain, 
Wh«is«* fully laughs to seom 

The blcHhing of our lianly gniin, 
( hir wealth of golden <*om ! 

tiet earth withhtild her g««Mlly mot, 
lift mlMew lilivfht tlii-rye, 
I Give to the wiimi the iin'liar<r> fniit, 
» The wlifiit-tieM to thf tlv : 

Hut let the good nld eni]* adorn 

The hills our fathers trml : 
Still let uxs fiir his (inlih'n enrn. 
Semi up our thanks to Uud t 


118 MKG« or LABOB. ^^ 


rw iboT,. iiw> u»««wa <HVfd« ~ 

}ldr tb> iHk ia (Um 1 

a*J-»oiml AutimiD enrru : 

Whrt* •« mcHj (ari>ta brt1« 

TUitklv .l..«ii xh<-~- .i.-.-[liug «Blcn 

Tli«i ih'' IVrxwii utstw. 

Ana ltL.,1, 1.^1. .:l l..t.,..^,««Mf 

T: >l>MUlllb«. 

Sm.. !:.- :.!... . 

A».l " ::.'^- . ^ i.riin, 

I. . ...VLinUr. 

Ki ;.. ;.,;.. r i^iL:. 

i. ... : .-..M. 

KulL.ii=>^,: ^.a..-..L, v.Jun^ 

On ih.^ wiijil ul uy(bi i 

O'er lu. h> tb» •onthl.nd hexUng, 

SeRano the jtwy wiW-if™ i 

lUke «« hrn cKir cunp of «iut« i 

A.,a, llm.rij, .1,-t „i.l .n.™. 

hi.!..' t^mtn,; 

}l--- ■. .luty. 


wL . . -^.l«».^ 

ChiMl.-.r, li.j.>riK 11.11^. 

Wb«n, >ilb wuadi of MtMtlwnd lliim. 


Ihl \krit bnrth b brig!.l« honifav 

Ch.».m. Light «f™Jn. 

For our tml to-iUr ; 

Uk» im.! rt*rt 1>n«l( »UDdM- 

And Hk wH.-oti„. nrn^tumin* 

Ktull <.ur l.« r-i-y, 

t>o*Q tW »iU Mirch KomI lUU hnr 

Wh»t>. Iikr mnK^i (r»R) Ui* nMn, 


Krwn til" •«-!* ■• com*. 


On^tiiiB wtm. .Wr^ and dM^M^ 

Or wbm Btnun. the aUn, aluU Mr 



Not for » tie mnniml tinRtna 

Fix.™ Ih. vlll.T' ■!■•"■. 

Kot for lu tLr ftalrlalli ilnKlt)! 


Oum Ihl* ol't, IKAJntir l/miJr. 

. IDO*. 

Wbm- t;«l'» hruhtnr* ihins 

Down tL. d«... » K»n^ ud mdiiU, 


All DUI U^t X'pMl. 

SpXHalBtWIn^M, '^ 

WLr,.th.-.r..u! .\ml.iH» 

Aii>fi-l<n-i<-jili III.' lu^iliolrt 

>: ':^^ 

r,-'i' .M.g 

«'■... u.,K 

,-, ,„„.„;;,.„.■.« -.ik 


^..11 .i„i .i,.,..|i, tvu^W^ )Mn 

WUi. «iU, f:»»j UU ; 

II.~r.llnK Intli ■loox. and MnfaM 

Fr.m. th* bW and aim, 

ythm. tlinni^li cl<niili. anr fUiaiiir* 

Umf .4* Ml nr altar Iaiiib« 


A» alik- U> Ilim. 


(In ™r nS-a I-U i 

In lb. tiii»M» ■am i Of vnr wooabitd •pd 1 

In^ fut and rri^tfnl on I 

Sfoik, XimtDA, i|Mk and trJl na, wli< 

b** loil, anil wbo hu won I 

' AUa ' ■!«> ' I knuwuiil ; friend and Co 

Uitntlirt fall, 
D>r Uir iyinit null t 

■• Lo ) tbf «iD<t til' aniukv 1> lUtlnft : 

BI«Mnl Hothi;r, Mrr mir bnin ' 
I ran M the waiiiiilxl rnwliog oluwly 

oat liviu hraiK of lUin. 
How Uiry (taitffFr. fiUnd anil btrcdinic ; 

iinv thry (all, Mi<l Urin \o riK ; 
llwti>n, •Ui'iv, haaU and ur* (boa, l«t 

ihcy dw Mutr our pym ! 

" O SIT hnut'* loT* r O my drar our ' 
lay thy poor hnHl iin mv knr« - 

DoM thui knuw thi< )!{■ itial kla thro t 
Cuul Ihou boar mn I raiwt iIkiu 

D nr htwfaand, )n*a aad ffnille t On; 
Benwl. tnok onoi tDon 

On dw Ucawl CTOH befoR th« I UeTCf I 
nuey 1 all U o'er I " 

OfT dij trari, mv pdor XJinan* ; ky ibf 

den am- ilovn lo mrf ; 
Ut bit hand* U m->kly foldnl, lay tin- 

Etna upon liia brraat : 
Lrt bia diritr tir niBR hrmftrr, and bii 

fulwnl niuan awl : 
To-daj, thou ivuc IvTvaTvl od*t >ba 

llvtHKaA thy aid. 

OoM htMa hcf, Untlj nottinA btt 

Mul riMtfiK a anbUu lav, 
Cmb witb dMit Mwi idrmd wiUi kncca, 

hlodbuc aUnr hi> lifr a>iT ; 
Bn^ H Undalj lirfam bin th* Ion 

Hh av lb* Nurthrm c^la tbtning M 

bb ptaUiI-bilE. 

Villi a « 

Whiaiin«l lav Uia <iy{nft mMIw, 
Itr band bihI bintly 

Wm thai idtyiiiB bee hi* lUMner 

All hi* atimtissr wnrda «iib n«al. 


"AUtler ennf npm ibwi, i«ar boj, 

wb'> t«d tb«r rotlli, 
Fmin wnw gmtlr, •ad-ryid OHllier. 

nqrinc hmdr, in Uu! Xonb ' ~ 
Hfk* Uk nioDnilnl Hnlc Moamh, m 

•be UM bim «l(bb«T ilwd, 
AimI ttinuid to wotb* Ohi ttvlafc akd 

Uod tb« wootid* vhlcb UM. 

Look fartb onn* moM, Xinm 1 " Uht 

■ oloud brfbra lb* vlad 
Kollt i)m UuW (town lb* —Tf-*-!. 

iMvtng blood uid .bMb labtod ; 
Ah I tbjrpw bi nia fw nmcr; \m 

tba atut tb* wanMM atrt** i 
Hid« ytmt bot^ holjr mw^ I O Um« 

Cfarut of GoJ, fDnpra r " 

Sinb. Kliht. 

Irt tiwM 

Dj'ing brolhm, l^bt 

thy euralia iim ul I 
Thimgh thr Ibickniiiv frinm ntH||b1, 

Wtdr oiiirt Ifar batU* tollH, 
In lu ilintth Ihr Mbi* nvtnl, aad iba 

aiinua'a lljia gnw raid. 

Ihu iha nohit Mrdii ««Bm Mdl tfcA 

botr taak |iiitmi4. 
Thwttth lUl long, dart Mldrt irf Mwit 

woni and hint aadbtiklv fc-L 
Onr waak and tuflrttof lantbtrt, vttb 


h>t, rubtr I fa thb Mil 

d tlw youth* lo* nnuilDf , FrDBi Ito «ki1iI^ btU of iMlta. UiM 
iad bbMragflliut lOMlb of [BiD, ' and t'ity and tlMlr pn|*ri 

AmI iha nkad tb> carirai «■(« t* hii ' And (till thf ■bH«-»iMi i •Mtb bona 
rwcUagUjNa^m. dinl; ta mt iirl 




Mr heart vu hfavy, for ita trust hail been 
AboM^l, itM kiiiUnm amtwemi with 
foul wniii^ ; 
So, tuminf( gltjoinily from my frllow. 
One huiiiiner 8ab)Mith dav 1 At rolled 
Th«* ;:nf II inuumU of the Tillage biiriul- 
plaLf ; 
Whrr*-, f xiiidfring how oil human love 

ari'l hitr 
Find fn'* <uil lerrl ; and how, aoon or 
Wnni^Cini and wrongdoer, each with 
movkfntnl fwe, 
And<*oM haiiilh fiildedoTerantillheart, 
IU»» thf ffn-i-n thnr^hold of our romiuon 
Whithfr all footatepa tend, whem^e 
none di'iMUt, 
Awnl fur mv««rif, and pitying my rat^e, 
< ^ur oomnion i<irrow, Iik** a mighty waw, 
Swept all my jtride away, and trembling 
I forgare ! 


rp the ^trveta of Alwnleen, 
Hy th^ kirk and •*ollcgv green, 

R't-lr th** l^rtl of L ry ; 
« 1iP4- V»'hind him, oIoim* lieaide, 
F<iul 'jf niiiuth anil evil.**yed, 

rrrjuMil thr mob in Uxry. 

FI'iuttNl him thf <lmnken churl, 
Jf^rv'i At him thf M*r%'ing-girl, 

l*n>m|it to please her master ; 
An>i thf If^onnff carlin, late 
Frd and cloth(^^ at Tr)'** gate, 

Carted him aa he pawed her. 

Yft, with calm and atately mien, 
rp the Mtrretaof Aberdeen 

Came he slowly riding : 
And. to all he mw and heanl, 
An«v.-hn^ not with bitter word. 

Taming not for chiding. 

f 'ame a troop with broailtwonbi swinging. 
Bits and bndlcB ahar|dv ringing. 
Loose antl free and froward ; 
Quoth th« foremost, *' Ride him down 

Rut from out thv thickening crowd 
Cricti a suddm voice and loud : 

" Barclay ! Ho ! a BarcUy ! " 
And the old man at hiji hide 
Saw a comrude, battle trii>d, 

Scai-red and sunburned darkly ; 

Who with reaily wen{)on Imre, 
Fronting to the trooinTH there, 

Crie<l aloud : " iUn\ save us, 
Call ye couanl him who stood 
Ankle tleep in Lut7^n*s blood, 

With the brave (iujktH^'us 1" 

" Xav, I do not neeil tliv Hword, 
Coninul** mine," Mill L'r}''s lord; 

*' Put it up, I prav thee : 
Pasfiive to his holy will, 
Tniat 1 in my Mohter htill. 

Even though he slay me. 

** riedjji'H i>f thy love ami faith, 
Provfil on many a tii'ld t>f t|«>ath. 

Not !»y nil* an* n«*«M|ed." 
Marvrjleil niiii-h that hmi-hman bold* 
That hid lainl, so ntout nf old. 

Now Ko meekly pleadetl. 

"Woe 's the dav ! " he sailly nid. 
With a slowly nhuking head, 

And a liMtk of pity ; 
'* t>V!* honest lord reviled, 
M<irk of knaw inul .x]Nirt of child. 

In his own guoil city ! 

**.^l»eak the wonl, ami, master mine. 
As we f'hai^d *m Tillv*« line, 

And his Walloim lancers. 
Smiting through their mid^t wr*\\ teach 
Civil look and decent speech 

To these boyish pimncers I " 

" Marx'el not, mine ancient friend, 
like lieginning, like the end " : 

Quoth the lainl of rr>*, 
•• N the ninful servant mor*» 
Than his gracioUH liord who Iwre 

Bon«U and stripes in Jewry f 

" wive mo jov that in hiH name 
I can lienr, with |iatient frame. 
All th<»se vain one** otfer : 
Whih* for them He Mitfereth lonft 

I htm ! prick him : throoghthc town I Shall I answer wnmg with wron^ 
Drive tat Qoakar oovard ! '* Scoffing with the scoflar ) 



" Ifajiplir I. tritti In« at ill, 
UnUtnJ, <)ulla«rtl, lirM In thrmll, 

Willi r<» rrii-iiai to grwt me, 
Than wbnt n-rvr mil aqniR wm mm, 
lUiUiui out fram AbctUHD, 

Will) baral bexli tti metl me. 

" Wbn «ach 
BhMHl mc ul , 

Anil ill* uuxxIhI Jiuif{htFr. 

' «t ouctnent gUndug down, 
. ... Uim Willi boi* rcnovn 
flom ml ttalda at nUo^tn. 


AnJ Ilh ; .. .irJfc 

"Thrmuh thin dark and ilannj' o'lght 

FuUi bi-hold> ■ lrr\>h ligbi 

Vp tbe hlackuiB* >lr«kiii|[ ; 

KdowIiik Qol'a own llmi- ia Inil, 

In ■ pBtTnit li'irx' 1 ml 

For ttx full <U;-limktiig • ~ 

golh> Ulnl of Try Milt. 
Tumiiii; altiw hit hunv'i hmd 

Tovanii thr Tolbooth ptiMW, 
'-^ thrc"^*" ' ' — ' — *" ' — "" 

Fntb ,J OhW ai 

Kot in Tiin, (Vohvor old. 
Unto HI Uie Ulf U luia 

Of tbf (Ur uf trtel i 
Rtcetj age on hlni. vh" utrmjn 
Vnoi Iu bnai] uhI Iwalm inyt, 

Fonn It* vrmrolil rjal. 

Uafn ^ *1mm iowanl mr 

O'er Iba nhUf* Uogbtrr ; 
And wfcik Hatml'i b|tnU bam. 

KBMrtw (kbk A 

Utf iMMli from hill ■! 

nthal of tlw 8«er, 

rrum thv Fulorr Iwnow fM 
rlothr th( «ui- with dnuw d . 
And. on tnidm^l'* ik; nf nia, 

rami the gnlden mniTww • 


MAnecHtK W Eartli'i irrMy aad nl 
" Lord ! " I i-rinl In woMrn in, 

■' Pnmi Ihj riRlit baul, rlolM wl 
Shakf ihf txilud An I 

" Lor« UloM, Kill Fait 

With the hrnU th* n 
And tlic <ln>ppiB( bbnd nf laW 

llardena Ibid kdIiI 

Thn>i ifav f) 


TlinB lb* Kflli-fca(« ThMw «f } 
God t if Uion ait Uxkag, Imt m I* 
Tbna tile *nk ono pnr.' 


Siiaka ■ •Dimin Tok* •lUiln ; 
* Wrarv of oor Lord'* forinuaBd 
Art thoQ tirt bom iia t 

Ki>o«uiK tbm to jpiilt'* utncIlM 
KrirvKUT thrjlaU I 

" Kaoa'jt tbcm not all (pmw ttnll 
U thy bart anlt Ibcit tiMr t 

Not Ihjnwlf. trat Ood'i toUalal^ 
Sujra thdr imrtb ef eriaM. 

" CmiMat UtM beatt, O dU of «« 

O'rr tbr MM cf imnf wd ^aUt, 
Wm tbrir ilnM l wi[ < »Uu m tlmM 
Inthy (Mthontfar 

"Tboa haat irm two Kn«yMi gH 

Ptmd OH" fountain, cbw ud (^ 
Bui hj wldrlT TMTlmt cWnaali 

Saucfainf for Uh MB. 



" Olickth one thiongh grrenpiit TAlleyi, 
Ktaunir tbcm with lip* ntill sweet ; 

One, mail rouing down the mountaiim, 
KtagMtn at their feet. 

•• !• it choice whemby the Panee 
KnerU before his inother'ii tire f 

In hi« hlaik tent did the TurUr 
(*hooM hi« wandering aire 7 

** H«* a]one» whoiie hand is bounding 
Huni4n power and human will, 

IxMtking through each soul's surrounding. 
Knows its good or ill. 

•* K<>r thyself, while wrong and sorrow 
Make to thee their strong apiwal, 

<«>wani wi*rt thou not to utter 
What the heart must feel. 

** Rameiit wonls must needs be spoken 
When the warm heart bleeds or bums 

"^'ith it* worn of wrong, or pity 
For the wronged, by turns. 

** But, by all thy nature's weakness, 
Hiilil«'n faults and follies known, 

3W- (hoti, in rvliuking evil. 
Conscious of thine own. 

"* N'ot the less shall stem-eye<l Duty 
To thv lifw her trunifiet set, 

Ib't witK hamher blasts shall mingle 
Waiiings of regret." 

f '^ase not. Voire of holy speaking. 
Teacher <ient of GihI, be near, 

^hi«peringthmugh the day's cool silence, 
Lrt my spirit hear ! 

-^o, when thonghts of eril -doers 
Waken srom, or hatred more, 

^all a moaniful fellow-feeling 
T'*m|ier all with lore. 


rWHttn 4aff««« iht ifaraa^aa In tbt LmjUs* 
«n* <^ that Stua. la lb* wtBiff nf 1S46 • 47; oC a 
WU far ta* akplMMi af tkwfy ] 

rnRirr.wrknme to thy si«ters of the East, 
To the stroag tillers of a ni0(e«i home, 

V|th sptmy^wet locks to Korthem winds 
Afti hafdy fert o'^nwep* by ocev«s 

And to the yonng nymphs of the goldm 

Whose harvest mantlet, fringed with 
prairie bloom, 
Trail in the sunset, — O re<leemed and 
To the warm welcome of thy sisteri 
ronie ! 
Broad Penn^ylrania, down hersail-whiti 
Shall give thee joy, and Jeraey from 
her plains. 
And the great lakes, where echo, free 
Moane«l never shorewan! with the 
clank of chainn. 
Shall weave new sun-bows in their toes 

ing spray. 
And all their waves keen grateful holiday. 
And, smiling on thf^ through her moun- 
tain rains 
Vermont shall blfss thee ; and the 
Granite ]M>aks, 
And vast Kstahdin uVr his wikmIs, shall 

Their snow-rmwns lirighter in the ooM 
ke«*n air ; 
And Masnai'husetts, with her rugged 
O'emin «ith grateful tean, shall turn 
to thee. 
When, St thy bidding, th** eli^^ric wirs 
Shall trvnible northwsnl with its words 
of tire ; 
Glory and praise to God ! another State 
is f n-e ! 


•« Pttiv rrHitlaa, and amMIM. twftif* Oo4 mi 
Um rather b thli : Tn vUft th« vidowH aa4 ito 
ihtbrrtiPt In their sfllirtinn. aod to Iwvp liliBilf 
anspottad thm (ha world." — Mmtea 1. 17. 

The Pagan's myths through marble lips 
are spoken. 
And ghoftU of oM Beliffs still Bit and 
Round fane and altar overthrown and 
O'er trpe-grown Ijarrow and gray riqg 
of stone. 

Blind Faith had martyrs in those old 
high plai*e«, 
The Svrian hill grove ao'l the Dmid*! 


With iiKithrr'i 


jffcrjug, to Um Firnil' 

Bnl aJUn, Idndltng tbreneli D>M nljEb* 

Smuknl wiih «>nn blood benaUh thr 

Of Uwlra rower anil wnsainiinr Trimr, 
TbiDoed im Iht cird<T <rf > |iitll«w Aj ; 

Bmokih wlioM! UicTnl 
All liivvrn alKiTr, and blg[htiii|C orlh 


Then thraail) gnat taoflm avtllnl th< 
niaali and 

or 'llrK*-Uk« I 

J't»r«' 1 

Pall vuanl \tr 

Stniaa tlwii 

oi'cnll (jvibol* 

Aa ir Ihr poRifi of rituali, anii Uia aTct 
Of nm* "ikI tinm rould Ihi Uiunn 
On< pliUF ; 
Aa if hli «T coolcl bn>d, with dkUiltah 

To Uw [■»( lUilfiT ot tha arHmn krp ' 

F«tt rn| frwn vaf-Hrlila tml thv cbureh 
akin liol;. 
Wklh tmuUIina rrrmm* : and Uw 

KnadiniE brtun hU piiart. aluwtd ud 

Cnuhnl bnmBfi hnrta branth fab 
ktin of pnjwi, 

Vo* taritthetrTXirrthrWabpuuliTuhtt 
Rngoifrlh it hl> fUthfT cUhllTd'a 

Kot it» mnr 'ilT'-niw of raia iiti% bai 

Far Ettth b* a^> It : (bt AlD JOT of 
Knowvth no ctiatip of wanloc ** ''■' 

Thr ittiHtlraltaTaadttieaaiiiUyBniv^ 
NudnloTDiuduni ttatorg^mmietaami- 

Kor incpiun dondln^ «p tim lalllfhl 

T'tt hr vlioni Jenn bml ImUi mljr 
TliF holirt wotiLlp «kkk tw A 

lt«toTini the lott, ud U»d* 
And fr*ila ihx widowainl thai 

Typ™ of tnir hnman wraki 
Wbo II vM oBluHiQtal br U> I 

Wbo, with rain '""g'pf. 

From atnoi 

a llw h 

lirethrr nai 

When {Aty dwilla, tlw 

hen nity 

fold to Ih}' humn Ibf 

• pnyn. 
Follow with m 

W hdj wwk WM "Mh 

So .Ikalt t]l* W^U Brtll MB 

ch iJing llfr a pMlH 

Tbm •ball all ahadilfa fiUl i tbo MaBjr 

Of wild war moric o'« tba Mttk akaB 

U** >hall tiTwl oot (bo babfUl fa* iT 


Tmx BrawnU dti in tba Soataban^ 
d mU bU ufU aaJ ditok* Ui ■!% 



And hmtB the maiil with her uniued 

An«l th<- la/v ]«mt with hiM i<lU flHil, 
Rut hf ■wif|n» thf riu<»r aiiil thrcHhcH the 

Anil liifH him away ere the bn*ak of 


Til*' Nhml*' f>r IVrnnark AM from the nun, 
Ainl tlif ( 'iM'kluiit* ghost from the bam- 
Iitfi «*h»*<T, 

riif* fi«'iii| t)f Kannt WM A faithful one, 
A»:ii|>|hrs ili-MMtn wroiiffht in f«*ar, 

Ainl ill*- «lHvil of Martin Luther tut 

I{\ tilt* Htiiut nionk*M M<le in itocial cliat. 

The (H'l Man of the Si*a, on the nock of 
Wli«» Hi'Vi'n times enHse^l the deei^ 
Twint"! I'liksflv each Iwin and withere<l 


Kik'* th«' iiij'htm.'nv in one'j* »li»«'p. 
It it li'> ■liank of till* will!', antlSindtwtl cast 
Til- evil Wright from hiti back at lu»t. 

R:it th** •l*-nion that cornet h dav by day 
Ti> niv ipii* t room anil tireM<ie nook, 

Wlfn* thf i-awment light falU dim and 
<*n fdiil*^i {Kiinting and aneient liook, 

U .1 <>i>mt*r <ini' than any wh«)M' nanici 

Arr .-lirtiiiitlvil Wfll by gooil King JameA. 

Nn ♦►•aPT of burdena like (^alilvin, 
N'» riinn>r "f errands like Ariel, 

Hf • tim-« in thi* sha^u* of a fat o]il man, 
Without ri|»of knui-kh'or pull of )m*I1 ; 

And * h'-»iff hf roiiit'<«, or whithrr li«* g«>eH, 

I ln<i« A« I do of th*' wind which blowH. 

\ «tout oM man with a greiiNV hat 
S!ifu<-h«*i| heavily down to hi.i dark, 
r»'d noM*. 

Anil two gray eyea enrflo[ietl in fat, 
Iyi'>king thniiigh glaaaeM with inm 

lU-A'i v**, aiiil h«vd ye, anil ye who can, 
(fiunf urll your doom from that old 
man ' 

}{*• vtttnrA with a ran-b«M "How d'ye do '" 

And «^atA himM-lf in mv ellMiw>ehair : 

Ind my rn'irninff |«iii*rand iMmphlet new 

Fall forthwith under hi^ nfiecial care 
AdiI be wi|ie4 his glaasev and clears hU 

Aadv battoa by botton, unfolda hia coat. 

And then he ivada from paper and book. 

In a hiw and huaky aathiiutic tone. 

With the atolid sameneaii of {lostura and 


Of one who rcaiLi to himself alone ; 

And hour after hour on my M'naea come 

That huaky wheeze and that dolorooa 


I The price of stocks the auction aalea. 
The (lOft's song and the lover's glee, 

, The horrihle inunlera, the sealMwnl galea, 
The marriage list, and theyew (Cenpril^ 

I All n'Ut'h my far in the self-same tone, — 

. 1 shudder at ea^'h, but the fiend reads on ! 

O, Hwret as the ]a{ise of water at noon 
O'er the moHsy n>i>ts of some forest tree^ 

Thexigh of the wind in the wtiodHof June, 
Or Mjund of flutea o'er a moonlight sea. 

Or the low soft mu^ic, jten'hance, which 


To float through the slumbering singer's 

So sweet, so dear is the silvery tone. 
Of her in whose H-atures 1 sometimei 
As I sit at eve by her side alone. 

And we n*a4l l>y tunis fnuii the self- 
same lMX>k, — 
.^ome tale perhai»i of the olden time, 
•Sonic lover s romuiiceor<iuaint old rhyme. 

Then when the stor>* is one of woe, — 
Some priwmer's plaint through hisdnn- 

Her blue eye glistens with tears and low 
Her voice sinks down like a moan afar; 

Anil I MtMii to hear that pri Miner's wail. 

And his fiu*e looks on me woin and pftle. 

Anil wbi'n she reads some ini-rrier song. 

Her voice is glad as an April birtl'ii, 

'And when the tale is «)f war ninl strong, 

A tnini|N-t's summon*: is in Ikt words. 

And the rush of the hitsts 1 m-cih to hear. 

Anil MV thetoasingof pluini'anil s|iear ! — 

O, pitv me then, when, dav bv dav. 

The stout fieml darkens my fmrhti dmr ; 
■ Ami n*ads me perchance the -elf.s.inie lay 
Whirh melte<l in mu'^ii*, the niffht l>e- 
From lifM as the lips of sweit. 
And moreil like twin roM'A whii-h ztjihyTS 



Ir ui. Ih. 
And ins njr haaiU on utf « 

I cToo mi' flDor iriUi ■ nrrtuut IrauL And longed Tor . 

I wUittr kDtl Uiigb anil tuu ind thMit. ' lutmnl Hi *bui 

I flimrtah luy autt ■bon hu bwl, I For the niali d( U» trUrl«ui>l ■ 

'ii Ihi Hre to rout hiiD oot : flretmin. 

halnsaml ilnimoatliriiaiia, | 

i», in iKln ! (j^ ^^ f^^^^ ^ 1^ jj^p jj^ j^ 

iMlhvHiw' ' St"""* 'n*''l'» 

Htm whick *^t""** "1* *'•'' >*>« ('"it o* *^ Ui^l 
) TittB Udra ; 

0(.i™»,u»r.r,™™...d^, |*.dil.^i>jJ..<ci.u.»ta«t. 

. ■ - i ntUxra of nid; 

'( wttb dewvr driigbt fhmi hk kon 
I in th> North, 

*itl. Bf»dy U.J I ^^ ""i^'i'l',^!^'' *""•" "^ ^"*^ 
Wlwni miok-Dwk* ■!■ roilii^ akd Jii> 

low [ntil ■hineia 
Anil the Hin of SfpUmbcc d 

And lold th* rrimr ■Iutp tb«n ■II, 
1 'to lullwl ■ hiinnhcip oTrc tl» gnlr. 

Anil huliK > viK li) i>i> \»i^' vail 
One* worn ^y a lianiril Joil|{r, tbry 


_ « W lUcT H^ttdaba 
With hrr amnfDld fl^ftin, — t» lh» 
■anilmDii Jrw, 
Td thn trnnn nhtrh hanotid Omtn 

The furinhiainldBigkl«nrtalD*drr>, 
Bai chann litm eg, jv «ho ^arm him 

That irndinc dcDwo, lliMMaldnnil 

THE n^Ml-EIK. 
O, «Knt>i.r and bir in thi la«d* of tb« 

Th> iluia fd tha goont and tb» rich 

Aad tha roA timl th> tn* md llir rot- 

tag* mfeld. 
WlUl bnal iMtTB all aiwuiina bhI 

n ■■ all Hold. 
Uke that vhicb v'tt Ninn«b'i |*Q[dui 

WUli b B^Id to kiBw thai Ua mrw- 



pilprlni and ^ 

When thf irnT-haiird IftwA 

VH round hi* ~ 
Th* old hrakm Ibik* nl tllTfim m- 

Wltrti Ih* rarv-«par4rd man tnka Ui 

moibn onrr nun. 
Anil thr anrn malraa mhOm vbaia Ik 

gM tmilnl letbn. 
What (Doiatfna th* Up Ual aW M^l- 

m» Ih» »7« f 

O, — frail WndaftK 

dajs RcaUinib 
VTbra Mflod-ip^Ma ■ 

4t — iteaU 

Wh«B vild, arlr Iwa* •• nn>4 k lli 

GUfinir out tkmach th* daik witk a 

.smtl- >lil.>i> ' 
mira III- laiij;h-^ Riund ifa' ntnh m^ 

•jlh hnrt* all la tanr, 
Oni chair ■ lir^ pampUn, — •«( li» 

Irni th< mBoa, 
TriliDK taka i>f th* UiT «W trnnOii 

In a imniiihln-aball Matfc. «Uk t«« llM 



Oldlivj U^t, rock, bill. umI tiw. 
Still u ■ piulurr, clnr uij trw, 
Whb TUyiiifi outUiic amtk Lhs cuait Tor 
mlla aluuud. 

Ou ~ OH — fir Irnul with looM-llitng 

umiiiK min. 
Wb«i) Ibi wiU liriet-Tvc akiru ilii 

□a I like ■ kind tun<1 on »■; l>ro« 

Conira Uii* fmJi limir, 

imliuK lu (lull ■ml rnrviuJi «lu», 

While Ibruajth hi; l>rlii|i wviii* tii flow 

^ bnaUi oT • im ilfr, — tiu bnlinf- 

uf tlwmal 

Kow mt wr, «bFt« tbb pwaj noand 

Ilu Irrt tmh Kt 
In itvirnot vmliv*, nlilcli hxrc Luund 
Ilu gnnil'- «iiklc« nnnilf niuti<l 
WiUi long uid tanfcM nkm. UiiI wtxdii 
with copl tpnj w*t, 

Ooul bj to i«Ui Bliil cMe I I taks 

Mino ouD UmU; : 
BetF obf-n thm* «Bftn* vM«n limOi, 
And rijijila tkia km InTCV, I ihakii 
AD bonUnt trnm Um bant, all muj 
Iboo^la away. 

I dtBir a Irrrr bnath — I imn 

lik- all 1 « - 
Van* Id lb> «uti - IbntUta-abiBinl 

Of «>-^ili in thr tIantInK laam — 
AbJ Ur-off Hill -hirh llil bifoc* Ibr 
anitli-wiDd Inr- 

So mUu Tinv's nil 'Wl fall aianJeT, 

Thr ■uul nwjr kuow 
Xofnrftil chaaip', nor aoddm <ro»J«>, 
Nor link Ihv wn^t of myatwy uilar, 
Bbi wIUi iba upwanl Hm, abd oitk tha 

ranilkr a* oar difliRund'a aU 

Or nlrttawt manonr of a Ante 

n* bnd a>4 rbrri>i»d VtM a 

a Dorlliimi M^ 

1 lit atnne ; in (mid and afaajr 

Wave aiW BB** 
Rrmki on thr ratka «bkb, tim mA 

Khuililrr III" tiroLan tUa •*•?. 
nr murman hoan* a»l tUvpfi lliiiiiib 
maitj cUfl iwl aava. 

What liHfl I or Uir iliMljr had 

And Diil«j lo«D I 
I •» tb> niUtilv >l'*i> rapanil 
Ftuni tia wliil* tin* nf jtllmBMaiMrMid 
To wban lh« lilw ot bavta mVtam 
aravn ahula doira t 

In lUtlav qtiietiuU of Mind. 

1 rlaUTta all 
Tbn chaiiip) <rf cloud and van ad 

And |iuuvv OD tba flood fliotd. 
1 wuulvr allh tlw wan^ attd «tlb tbm 
rue and CaU. 

nut look, tlion ditniiMT 1— mwn tmi 

To whov, mj DaUra UlMsfa ■'«, 
BcMla like an andi a( b* tba i;Wia( 
, aun-l .ky. 

So UwD. Uacb, bW ud waia, bi^ 
I bmr vith tna 
No tokRi Man- DOT ctlttniiw aMI. 
Rot I1.1111 and on •bdl HatMnr tM 
Uf tbia liru-r tbva^tlU boor ^wmtm 
by tb>3». 

wurmx M MUkiKo of not maib 

Aa tbay mh», tmi 
WbU* l«T«lnt 




Meet the walled blmcknen of the I The long whoie holy sy in phonies 

h« .AVrii aloue, ' Are Uait by uujtoeu wings ; 

So, on thfturbulnit waves of party tossed, 

Jn gluuiii iitnl tfni{M*Ht, men have Heen Till 8tarting fn>m hin Miiidy lied, 

tiiy lif^lit The wayworn wunil<'rt*r looks to 

<^ueni-lml in the darknens. At thy The halu uf an an^ct'l'it hc*ad 

hour of noon. Shine through the tautari&k-tree. 
While liff wait pleaaaut to thy undiromed 

hi;;ht. So through the shadows of my way 

And. ilay hy tl:iy, within thy apirit grew Thy sniile hath fallen Noft and clesr, { 

A liulit-r ho|ie than young Anihition knew, So at the weary cIom; of day 

A* thniugh thy ruial uuiet, not in vain, «» -» .i . -. ^ 
VifTxvti thf Mharp thrill of Freedom's cry 

of fain, 
Man of the niillions, thou art lost too 

Hath soemed thy voic*r of cheer. 
Tliat pilgrim prvMiing to hia gool 

siion ! 
PurtrutH at which the hmvest stand 

agliafkt, — 
The birth-throes of a Future, strange 

and vast. 
Alarm the land ; yet thou, so wise 

an«l Ktnmg, 
Siidilrnly Mummonetl to the burial be<i, 
Lap]»*«l in ita slumbera deep and ever 

H'^r'nt not the tumult Miigingoverht«d. 
Whu now nhall rally Freedom's scuttcr- 

ing host ? 
Who wt-ar the mantle of the leader loHt T 
Who »tay the march of slavery ? He 

wh<»<«t* voire 
Hath « alM thi'e from thy task-field 

lihall not la4*k 
Vrt Udilf r chani|iion8, to beat bravely 

TImt wrong which, through his jxtor ones, 

r^'<u'ht« Him : 
Yet fimifr handn hhall Freedom's torch- 

May jiause not for the virion's ntikb, 
Yf t all fair things within hia »oul 
The thought of it shall wake : 

The graceful |iahn-trH(> by the well* 
Sct'ii on the far horizon 'a rim ; 

The dark eyes of the fleet gazelle. 
Bent timidly on him ; 

Eaeh pictuH'tl saint, wIknm^ golden hair 
Streams sunlike through the convent*! 
gliM>ni ; 

Pale shrines of martyrs young and fair. 
And loving Mary s tomb ; 

And thus each tint or shade which fislls, 
From sunset <*loud or wavini; tree. 

Along my pilgrim |Mth, nralU 
The pleasant tliouglit of thee. 

Of one in sun and sha«le the same. 
In Weill and woe mv steatly friend. 

Whatever by that holy name 
The angels comprehend. 

lighth trim. 

And wave them high across the abys- Not Mind to faults and follies, thou 
uul black, ^ Host never failwl the goinl to see. 

Till ImjimkI, dumb millions there shall Nor juilgiil bv one unseemly Umgh 
ftrr them and rejoice. The upwanl-struggling tivi'. 

lOU M*.. 1M7. I 

Tliese li-rht leav«>s nt thy fei-t 1 lay. — 
LINES, PiMir eoinmim thougiits on common 

ACCOM PA ST I N'O XAM'SCBtPTH FRRSKNT- x.., . \'!"'**> ... , . , 

Ki. TO A krii:ni». ^^ "*.^ *"";; »« '*»;«»^"\»f.. »1'*y Kv .lay, 

l«ike reatliem from h\s wiugs, - • 

Chance shootings from a frail life-tn'e. 
To nurturing care but little known. 

Their g«Ksl WHS iwrtly lejuned of thee. 
Their folly is mv own. 
That down the hash of Sjrrian skies 

tenesweet-Tuiccd saint at twilight Tliat tree still clas|vi the kin.rv mi»uM, 
•••"S* Its leaves still ilrink the xw ili^'»». dew. 

T IS said tliat in the Holy Ijind 
The anp;li* of the place have blessed 

The iiilgnm's brd of desert sand. 
Like Jacob's stone of test. 


Aiiil WMTfiift iU lale ciwn with tfvl 
StUl diiniv the ■unu^lil llirou^. 

i UuTC It time* the *priiig bird 
Anil tDuaaj tnink anil biling ipny 
An fluncml Willi gtanjt wiii|^ 

Ktvluug ■IiaII iuIh its uuiu«. 

O birnil bclotrd. whoH cmiotu ikill 
IC«|B brii^t the Ust )-««'■ lesTi 
■Dil flowen. 
With wanu, gtul •ummrT iboughta 1 

The culJ, lUik, iriDtctbcnin I 

rrrMnl on tl.f l>«r1. tlir Wrn I bris 
May wrll Jcfj tlir Kintn' 'old. 

Cntil. Id lt«TPii'i rirriuU ipriug. 
Lit**! hirer ona> uuToId. 


ot th* ■pri-trriff bbmumiFtii tunn I 
Anil, Uinnt|[b (ho tbutr 
or tamal ryprnt tiUnlrO thkk Uhind, 
" — SIul «hii|i«r on the 

Of htmal rypnTM tiUn 

Umr wt mmacalnl 


Who bnn no tnca of [aiai(i*i'( ktA 

Who ihniia thjr alliiit, O tMTJbU Bf- 
Who (Ion oo( mit 
Ob Uii> tl.ftiiiitni Ufr* ol Kb rannarv'* 

At timn. ■ m-l •»! luir-n-lactuit look, 
Begirlful of thr ful J 

Akat — IV nil ohiih n fiuti woolil 

W« do, ukI 1(«ti lbs «l>hnl<lbr ipnd 

Our (tiFDflh te-dajr 
It hat to'Domw'* •nhuHB, invu* lo 

hnf, tiUnO. Dnpntlkhl* itrruiti >U 

Yet wbo, Iboi looki^ Iwiw^nl m'n 

TtrU nul hi* ryMit «« «itk JpMAl 

U he halh bn 
Fiinntttfil, «n«k ^oA tiatat m bo «*i^ 
Tu cb*Bf aiul atil, tai • 

Hi* fdlow-BMa ( 

If h* b>tk Mdikn tha ovtMM. ar bl ia 
A ny uf Minahine in tba odl af Mv — 

IT hi bathlnt 
BUcDgth to ihe waak, wd, U an b«W W 

Ovn tbi kultiTinK, mtDdloa of hi* <n«d 
Or hooit, huh bat. 

Hf hu out ll*i4 In nln. and wluW la 

Tbs praup tu Him, Id wbotn b* wann 
■ml lltn. 
With thaakfut heart ; 
He nam baekvatd, and vttk tap 

Knowiu); that ttom M* wwk* fca Bir*«- 

Con hennCarlh (ait 

1 >u>Li. cot tmn fuiipTl thai atabl : 
Thr e'"* of ■ntUBiii'* «rt»it «rt >g dif, 

A haiT vannib, • dramy U^M, 
On Rai-hwr* pbtata tajr. 

It «a* a dnpl* arinl I law. 

The lidr hca M a mntlM boy j 
Tet. while I pnd. a **Mr of am / 

Seemed UnidfaigvilhMjjaj'. I 

A aicnplx print: — the marfUtM I 

iMl wvrrlwlr. 

The white ren of a ihrina. 

A* if. H flolhlaad** ■«< kH tal 
Th> hidiW 111*, tlw man «)U 

DbHVpml fraoi lU this* a>d M 
Hf mutlal 1^ «•«• •aaft. 


<r MUag of tiiaC fjK 
i*iii|t uf tli»t tactund I 

Tbr* BwrroU ■ lufli hu |arnril wniu^ht, 
Y)vmr Dlin>(I>s of puan- whoa* Ume 
[• «iJc u buouut tluaglit. 

TWn JriMtiHl Ihy man Ittut mortal 

C> M'llbfr, Imtillfut uhI milil t 
tai(nl.liaf( in in>i- ilrmr enilinivi 

TV r«(ii )ini« >)( tliH l>Hrrt John i 
Tlw oful icltiry of tWt day 

Wh'-n all tW Fathrr't htishdifa* tliuiu 
ThfiMgb ■laahooja itH uf cUjT 

Aai, iniiUt gtaf |in)i<Iiri tonn, ui 
■ ill! 

[hffc riiiaii* of Ihii •lafi of <il<l. 
Hn ■nvtlT wniiuui'* hnulty aniilnl 

ThtuBtfh lurlu uf Ikowd anJ jpild t 

' vnungfaw. 

- '« f I I 1 thai Tfnioti rrotn lax tjrw, 

(IM wA (Iw Uwin wlilfh il Uuhl ; 

" ~ la alwbiKi wliii'h It UtiKw 

(t do my tliiMglit t 

.Itill (hall tbc WHil arnuo.l It etXl 

The ahailow* which It (tatlwiwl ||M«^ 

And, iwlntnl on Uir <-tvriial wall, 
Thi> I'wt ahaL rmjiimar. 

Think TO thr iMilu of holy Mmg 
iht Milton* tonrfnl c«r ban lUeil T 

TUIok yr. that lUphu^r* aiisi>I throng 
llw vaolabad Cron hit aiJa I 

no I _ We Kti onr lile uaiii { 
Or vamly touchnl, or mlilly din, 
Thr |ik-luraa af Uie faal rmiain, ~ 
Uui'i worki khall (uUuw hlui I 


TllKV tfll me, Lucj, tbou art deail, — 
That all of thw «e InvrJ anil cber 

Haa *Hh Iby aummKr ra« {n 
ialinl : 
Aud 1f(I, aa itJ yoantf bnuty Opd, 


.l«d. - 

Ti,.- ■ „ ,,^ - iUii.->ft 

<H Jl 1. .,.'.t, . \lrx,. ptvfwind, 

llnina itiK, wtth a )[U>I unlhrift, 
lu uiunj luhl on all atnunil, 

Atlliiitin which only coalil 

ClMVr to tlie pare, tUr trur. and g«id| 
And iTDipiltilca ivbicb found Do ml, 
SafK with thi> lonlicat and UiL 

Uf ihnn — of thw — Kmalna UicK 

A aliadow in thn lanJ nf ihoQitht ! 

No : — Enn ny woak and Irerabllag 


ran lift fur tbea tha teII whifb dooU 
And bunaui (aar hav* 4raini about 
Tha all-awaUing acM* of it-ath. 


Blraam, nirniy npUnd, mrtj uliore, 
Anil lii«nl Ihjriow, •oft viiiw ilonc 
Ml.Ul hj<fr of iritrta, and the tonn 
iir )i|iii -I'vvuii )i7 the vat-wiml blown. 
TbcK' 'n iioi s <.'b>tmi nr Hiul or brow, ^ 

OTall *•■ know ami lainl in tineu, — 
Bui \Wn in hiilliT U«ut)' now, 

tbfituiil ill iDiiuorUlIt; t 
Not iiunu III!' lail inil rmdnK dmia 

Of iDuIi tliil. w II h tiicir ailhlf mould, 

C«iil off thf liivi.'» tad joyi of uld, — 
tJtitiihlidil, — lllii' ■ |m1* niuoiilmni, 

A* imi*. ■> l»»i'l»<il''>»<. oo'l <'"l>t 1 
Nor niinv l\,r Lf af lmin» ma. 

Of (lumlii'iiiii! ill ubliriun'f mt. 

Ana xill I ibi.,k ..! lli.n. iIj" ■».!.• 
A* «h<ri> tl>r Mul't'o •unmoni «i>h- ; 
Tbvir rb«i|p'. — ibo lH>l]r aiani'U^b 

Inrak inK 
Fpon Ih» ilrrBni.worTi ilrrprr, waking, - 
A dianc*' 'r»n> twili]|kl into day. 


I- Uld tlin 

it llip bomwliijl'l 

M.i Lallumd oiili tu-r 

' \iiiiRi nillnl. 

One aft<T onn 

\,. ,,il„ri„„ 
Win.' ■ - ,L„-..i,Ui;l,l «!.■ : ll.r'.un'hlJ'M. ~ 
A airiirt antltfUcliT tKlluiiv J*l. 
TluKi«hu of thj (lru--<7td w^ <l 
■I at J, 
Thf fpnitona (Doni 0/ all lU^ 

Wl.i, )i )^l' i>dnl In lb* mtng. 

u,», by tl.« lAmA 

i„ r to mr hrana «r ika* 1 
l.Jl<.wba« IbjclaUh^ 

V : <- llllllll)( It 

Ti.i-M.„.M Viiorut' 

(.'loud, rriuwon alt;, asd UcmWaf 

Of raiDlaw-tintnl * . . 
Thna. in onr rtrw, ihall hwK»l iw th tdM 
A tmdner nmninji (or Uijr aak» i 
Ad>I all tboo luTfJal sf antk utd Ay, 
Sn-in ncml lo UlJ VM 


I'oT Tiiiily 1II1I olil Va*(> laD, 
Kur vaintr dU aid ndaa p 

roil't cnvl and nmruac min 
Tbc briD ud i)m mint I 


An<l >hui fnai Urn hrt mtmilj P«i^ 
rbom, in lb« WDfld'aaMal c»l»lw. 
All nm ■baUoMaUnt 



B« Xana^uiwtt'ii raniiy bay, 
Rrnrath hiH fn^n*n niiuow«*riiig wood. 

To iiH- ii iirf UN but yi^t<'iilay 
Siuw at liu Mtle 1 atuod. 

Th<* iilo|H^ Uy grM*n with Huiiiiii«*r rainii, 
Tlif wtrfetcrn «iud blew fmih and 

And Kliii>"HTr>d down the on: hard laiieti 
The white iiurf uf the aem. 

^^ ith tiii WAH one, who, calm ami true, 
i.ii-\ hii;hi*Nt puqHMe uudenttood. 

And. likf hiH )»h*ft!ietl Maittcr, knew 
Th«' j<iy ut doing gooal. 

rnlHanii**!, unknown to lettered farno, 
Yft oil the liiiH uf Kn^liind'H {Mxir 

Anil toilinit mil lion a dwelt hbi name. 
With UeAidngik evenuorv. 

I'nkntjwn to fniwer or |iLi«>e, yet where 
Thr Hiui Itmkji oVr tlie ^'iirib wa. 

It )>irnil«*«l with the freeman's prayer 
And Muug ot jubilee. 

Ill* ttdil of tji^Uud'a Hin and wntng, — 
Th«* ilU hfr mi tffrinK children knoa*, — 

Tli- ^|u<ilor of tin* I'ity'n throng, — 
Thr* grven field's want and woe. 

I >'«T < 'Imnniiig'it face the ti'inlemesia 
* »f «ynii(Mtheti<- ^omm* stole, 

\.X* X ntili »)u<l«iw, |¥issiunleMi, — 
Til- !--rTiiw uf the soul. 

Kilt »-h«n tlif p*neMUft Kriton told 
How h*iirt« wiTu aoHwering to his 

Afj 1 Kn-rtliinrK rising munnur rolled 
I'll to the ilull-eored throne, 

I ^w. ni«'tht Might, a glail KurpriM* 
Thnil through that frail and pain- 
voni fmnie, 

Ati 1. kindling in thine ilee]», calm (^yes, 
A •till aipl t-anieitt Hanie. 

Hi» f^-w, brii'f woriU were mieh an move 
Th** h 11 nun heart, — the Faith -sown 

1^*11 h ri|N-n in the noil uf lore 
1'* high hfmit: deed<«. 

S-i >«ri of nf^'t or clime were felt, — 
▼V Haliel atrife of tocguea had 

I And at one common altar knelt 
j The Quaker and the priest. 

And not in vain : with ntrength reneanadt 
' And zeal refreshetl, and ho|ic less diin. 
For that brief meeting, each punued 
The path allotted him. 

How echoes yet eai'h Western hill 
And vale a'ith C'hanuiug's dyii^ 
won! ! 

How are the hf*arts of freemen still 
By that gn-at warning stirred ! 

The Htrahg<>r treat Is bin native soil. 
Ami pleatls with zeal uiifelt before 

The hoi lent right of British toil. 
The claim of Kiiglaiid's |iuor. 

Bi'fore him tim«*- wrought iHirriem fall, 
old feant Kulisido, old hatn*ds melt. 

Ami, Mtretrhing o'er the Mea':f blue wall. 
The Saxon gn-eta the IVlt. 

The yeoman on the St'otti«<h lines. 
The Sheliiidd grimier, worn and giliii^ 

TIk* delver in the rornwHll mines, 
Look up aith hoi»e to him. 

Sa-art sm iters of the glowing steel. 
Dark fiH'ders of the f«irge's flame. 

Pal wntidiem at the loom aihl wheel, 
l^•|H'llt his hononnl name. 

And thus the intluemv of that hour 
Of I'onvers** on Uh«Mle IsUiid'H stranj 

Lives in the ealiii, n'jiistleH'* |>ower 
Which iiKtves our fat hfr- land. 

<fiMl ble*M*'S still the ^lirroUH thnught, 
.And Htill thf fitting wonl He Niit.*edB 

And Tnith, at his reifiiiring taught. 
He ijuickeiiH into de4*ds. 

! When* is the viot»»rk' of the grave ? 
I What dutt U|inn thi* spirit lim T 
<iOtl kee]M the siicreil lifi* he gave, -^ 
j The prophet never dies ! 



Tlioi* hast fallen in thine armor. 
Thou martyr of the ixinl ! 


Wttb Uiy lut tmilh crying, — "On- 

And tliy IiuiJ apoa the twonL 
Tile haiu-hlj' lieBrt ilmJcUi. 
id thr liliful lip tr 

Wh»n tu t'ur ru|i iif trraililing 

T)ir iii'lcil ilru|> i* ei*rn. 
Anil the lonii-iiUBiii'ticIril Ihundrr 

FilU Irrribly froai Hnri-n. — 
Wlim ■ nut •ml frarful frmlam 

li pRifliimi u{ llii- Lunl 
To Ui« uluW'i^iiBUuilua Funliin, — 

The rntilsnc* •Jid Sw<irU 1 — 

Whrn IIm rvfiij!F> of FaliotiiwU 
I ahall tin iwpM ■»■; j'q *tM|i 

^^ And Uw wmplc Uull b. dukrn 

^^L Vith iU idol, to llir eanh, - 

^^^U Shtil not iliy «i>nU of Hiiruiii){ 
^^H hr all tniu-iiiliuml llirti I 

^^^1 And tliy tiKW unliFi-<lnl mnaagi 
^^H Bora in Uie liuru of mca I 

OppniM^on'* hail.) may *cUti 

lU nrttlra oii thy UimK 
' * Chtuiiun buwiiin 

ut whrn tli« Mutli-iriiul linpt* 
On CaniUDa'i [una. 
Or U1* thn r^kirlna uinhrani 

llovn (irori^'i eolilrii miDci, — 
Wher* u<>v liriinttli lil> Ininbcn 

Wbcn llMunon hath ito UUn 

Wet o'*r with huDiui Uood, 
And frith uu] liut dihMn 

Thi. «i.rki.i«i»hl|. iJ (lod, — 
Virn ibull tliy i>i>i» I' fjuk' 

Rnlwmpd fniin KalB-hixnl'i 
When th<- f'ttrr. Uull br bnk'n. 

And thr tlan ihall bn 


loy III tby aplrit. limthfT ' 
A thiHiMD'l bnuti an n 
I kindml biHuaa 
An hulng Id Uu mom. 

Pram SUrcnr-i blal aU^ — 

cr/i bUtaUif^ 
of • Dntrnw. - 

Juy to tliy ajidrit, liroUwT ' 
On nny wind of b«i»ra 

or FsnEIHiM'a VUICK it ^v« ! 

Clory to Ood formr • 

BrrauJ tV linngl'a will 
Tha Wiul of riwdnn UMk 

inipnialialiir atilL 
The wunla vkloh tkn ImI MU 

Altd thr KDod avil dn« )h*I oi 

b apKncii^ bm U* bMlf. 

la Uir ml day* Man m. 

Ami tbx Utah j«t to nWH, — 
In thr klimlttw of thr friaaa. 

Or tbr crwd nurtrmM* — 
Wi- will think «f IhK, O bMbB 

And Ihv ainlfd mow alall h 
Id tlia IJeaaiiw of lb* rmjiHn, 

And (he aalhatD of tb* tn& 

( r&B HUTU or a. a. 1 

U~hi> njiall UtrT yiutii aM) baM^ 

<in itw iraMia« thMBa 
0( a atnn am) lofty dvtr, 


O. thy gmtk anOa afipwtlag 

Who, «M jiatil Mb"* d' 

Waar m oaha • Mn* f 
Vtho, villi «ra nn hilara 



Aatanui** faded Mith aroun.l thre. 

And iu •tomu above ! 
Kvrnnurt* that turf lie lightly, 

Aiiil, with futiin* nhowers, 
OVr thy nlumheni frvnh and brightly 

Blow the suninier flo«era ! 

In th«» loi*kii thy fon'heiMl gracing, 

Nut a nil very streak ; 
Nor A line of aorruw's treeing 

On thy fair yonng cheek ; 
K>VN of iigbt and li|M of roam. 

Such an HyUfl wore, — 
Over all that curtain cloaes, 

Whii'h ahall rise no more I 

Will the vigil I>ore is keeping 

Ktmnd tliat greve of thine, 
MoTinifulIv, like Jaxer weejiing 

i »ver Sifmiah's vine,** — 
Wdl the pleasant niemoriea, swelling 

<rentle neartJi, of thee, 
> the spirit's diHtant dwelling 

All unheeded be I 

If the spirit ever gazes, 

Fmin its journey ing% back ; 
If the immortal ever traces 

O'er its mortal track ; 
Wilt thou not, O brother, meet us 

Sometimes on our way. 
And, in hours of sadneaa, greet us 

As a spirit may f 

Peare be with thee, O our brother, 

In the untrit-land ! 
Vainly look we for another 

In thy place to stand. 
Tnto Truth and Freedom giving 

All thy early {Mowers, 
Be thr virtues with the living, 

And thy s|iirit ours t 





IIM pSrtM SjplffI*, 
t «» 

Weep ! <• lontdy and lowly an slnmbcr* 

ing DOW 
The light of her glances, the i>ride of her 

Weep ! ~ sadly and long aholl we listen 

in vain 
To hear the soft tonea of her weloom* 


Give our tears to the dead I For humui* 

ity's cUim 
From its silence and darkness is ever the 

same ; 
The ho|ie of that World whose existence 

IS bliss 
May not stifle the tean of the moumere 

of this. 

For, oh ! if one glance the free«l spirit 

can throw 
On the scene of its troubled probation 

Than the pride of the marble, the pomp 

of ttie dea<l. 
To that glance will be dearer the tean 

which we shed. 

O, who can forget the mild light of her 

Over lips moved with imuic and feeling 

the while — 
The eye's deep enchantment, dark, 

dream-like, and clear, 
In the fflow of its gladness, the shaile dt 

Its tear. 

And the charm of her features, while 

over the whole 
Playe<l the hues of the heart and the 

sunshine of soul, — 
And the tones of her Toice, like the nro« 

sic which seems 
Murmured low in our ears by the Angel 

of dreems I 

But holier and dearer our memories hoM 
Those treasures of feeling, more precious 
} than gold, — 

TfiR circle Is broken, — one eeat is for- j The love and the kindness and pity 

saken. — ^ which gave 

One bud from the tree of our friendship Fresh flowers for the bri«Ul, greea 

is shaken, — j wreaths for the greve ! 

Doe lie«rt from among na no longer\ 

shell thrill 
With joT is our gledneM, or grief in our 

The heart ever open to Charitv's chum. 
Unmoved fVom its porpose by oenenre 
end blame. 


Whil« tainly alike on her eye utA bsr 
FbU tile •com nt tbe hnrtlcw, tlxr Jrat' 


Mow Ini.r III •iiir Imrlx wm tb>l lirauU- 

tat hImixt I 
With mnilxH fur Ihn joyful, wjlli lian 

for tlip wci-prt ! — 

V {ilnnipt, wbrtllOT 



ful or guy. 

wirniiigs r 

lovo k> Ul* pBtaing 

(Tin , 
And k M^h (ir ■ 1<ar could tba omtig 

And tb* atfnit of iTtiTDor «u aUIl U 
fcrrJ iij Uivr. 

A* • cluixl of I he niiuFt, do* mrltins 

In hnvcn. 

A* k *lar Uiat U lot when the ikf U^t 

Ai a sUd dmiiu of •lumW. wliich 

wik-nn in bliM. 
6h* Wh tw»r<l to tlir votIiI oT llic 

hoi; flODl lliii, 


n>ina Wantn , ■ HtiMc ar lb* fmlt h tf 


Wiro linrd by an uirfi'* Ik _. 
And Uirou^ tlwm on uy tiiiritiMl iji 
Shonii'duwii Uw bt^aidiiflw on higli, 

IV glaiy gf tba BettM l^aA I 

Th> oMb lua hllm I 

Whlk, iDKl for at) good wvvk. tb* *ii* 

May vrl it! woTthlu bruclicB tviiK. 

WliolnjowKlh mot Uua witb Um( Ul 

A ama mui in «iw Utmti r 

tuDni. wbilR tbr lolH «»• fit<M Mill. 
Tby f«t <rilfc ZioB'* lUw* iigl ■•!, 
And in thy hand ictainttiii j*t 

The (lUsrini • lat MhI Hvllolkahan 1 

Unhuni'U Mill nb, white, wtU m4 


I'hr unir myvtrruui I 


DdlTrniMa am b»J m 
Triii)wit<1 for Am th* I 

tr-l Cm U»e Uw UWmI 4r« 

Hi* will Ul < 

Who Mvth not M I 

U Dot u <mn 




Th» Hl^hlnffa of rilili" bnly ti 


Diaqulrtnl Ihr elMi^ day. 

"it, pvrrmon^ thy «mU cdbM mv, 

" My FathM onlh itOl IW Hw ! ' 
• *\i->l from Ui; hMrtk ud huM, 

from hrt. 

Tlia lart tiwl M thy h 
Tlic ]ut drar uw U -'- 

Frvm all whirh nal 

F«blp with ya 

To .ik m- '■- 

A* if *>ui llnnrlnit rlood of dunbt, — I 
TU o^ duk iW»n MtliV bm I 

"nil ihii^ 

WbiUxi r«r bUr < 



"J ■pi". 



In rhilillik^ trait wrraely going 
Tu tluit U»t trial of thv uitli ! 

i I. far awiiy, 
WliHrv iifwr (tliint^ our Northern star 

i>u (hat «lark wast** which liallMja wiw 
Kr>>ii> h.tiii'ii'sinouiitainN stretrhiiig far, 
Sj <«(niii:{f, h<-avfii'linM(I, ami lou(*, that 

With r>n li'Mil tu itA lUinp wind hare, 

!!•■ U'lit hi<« nmih'il knt*** in aw« ; 
Iti iiiaiiy an i?>Ii< wh«»«* i-urol feet 
'I t't «iiii:i*^ <>f that tii'can Umt, 
hi r}iv iviliii ihailtiw<«, Oahu, 

Ami nuiiiiliiiu'it !>ilv**r liav, 
Aiiii<l«t OwyhiVs hilN of blue, 

Ari<l t.irn-|i]ainM of Tuolmonai, 
Ar» fc?-ii!l»* ht-arts whit'h long hhall be 
Sa.i A^ iiiir own at thought of thif, — 
W.irii MiwtTM (»f Tnith'ii holy uw**!, 
WIfiw* smiU ill wfarineHs anil newl 

Wrn* HtrrngtlnMH-*! and n'fmfhcd by 


Fi-r Mi-^-Mil hy our Futhi^r's hand 
Wah thy dwfi lovf» and t«'nilfr rare. 
Thy Tiiiiii^try and frrvent nravirr, — 

f irat'-fnl iL< K^mIioI'm rluntt'n'u vine 

To l^ra**! in a wt«n* land ! 


Aii«l thry who iln-w 
!'«v thouMiiiU nuiuil thit*, in the hour 
« *i iirayrrfiil waiting, huahi'd and 

d'^ p, 
Tliat lit- who liadc tht* island** ke4*|> 
Si!« !Ki* l»*fiirr him, mitfht r»'n«'w 

TIf ir •itr<ii):th with iii?! uuHlumbrring 
Th-v t*«i «tiall mourn that thou art gone, 

TIm! n»-v-ni»<)n* thy aip**! liii 
S}iall "linitli- th«* w«'ak, th^ emnjf warn, 
•»t tho*« «hi» fint, rejoicing, heard 
Tlirt>Uf;h thiT the Oos|ier8 glorioas 
wor 1, — 
S«>al« »tf thy true apoiitlefihip. 
A:. 1. tf tti" brightest diadem, 
Whiiv gf-mi of glory |nirvly barn 
Aruuiid the ran>ome«l ones in bli», 
IW- fr-whtTv' remrn'eil for thnm 

M'h'i hfiT, through toil and somtw, ! 

turn i 

Many to right*>ouJnie^% — j 

May wr n<i? think of tlu'e aA wearing I 

Tliat ^tar-liki* rruwn of ligh^ and lieur- . 

ing. I 

Amidat llearen'ii whitr and bliaafal 

Tbc bdcleaa |ialin-bnuich in thy hand ; 

And joining with a seraph*! tongue 
In that new song the eldeni sung. 
Ascribing to its blesstnl (iiver 
TliankHgiving, love, and itraise forerer I 

Farewell ! 
An<l though the ways of Zion roonrn 
When her strong ones are (railed away, 
M'ho like thvM'lf have calndy iMirae * 
The heat ana bunlcn of tin* day. 
Yet He who sluniliereth not nor sleep- 

U'lH ancient wateh around u^ keepeth ; 
Still, sent fnmi his creating hand. 
New witn(*!«M'ft for Truth sTiull Mtand, — 
New instrumentH to souml abn»ad 
Tlie (tospel of a rinen ; 

To gut tier to the fold once more 
The dt'Holate and gone a^tray, 
The scattensl of a cloudy day. 

And Zion 'a brok<*n walls n'store ; 
Ami, through the travail and the toil 

Of true olM'dii»n<*e, niini.<«ter 
Beauty for anhei, ami the oil 

Of j<»v for mourning, unto her ? 
So fthall her holy lioundn inen>iiv 
With walU of praise ami gates of |ieace : 
So iihall the Vine, which niartvr tear» 
Ami blood Kustaine<l in other yean. 

With fn*Hher life be clothe<l u]ion ; 
An<l to the world in Iteauty show 
Like the rose-plant of Jericho, 

And glorious as Lebanon ! 



Fiji END of the Slave, and vet the friend 

of all ; 
Ijoverof M^aee, j*et ever fon^MMt when 
Thi> nee«l of battling Freeihun calletl 

for nn-n 
To plant the lianner on the outiT wall ; 
<fi*iitl<* and kimllv. ever at distn*!u 
Mflt**d to more than wotnan'^ t'-ndi-r- 

Vrt finn and, at hi« duty's i^vit 
Fronting the violence of a nmdili'ned 

Like some gray rock from whii'h the 

wavra are toMt^l ! 
Knowing bin dei-dA of love, men ipH'*- 

tioneil not 
The faith of one whose walk «nd word 

were right, — 


Who tnnqtutl]' in Life' 

flidil wnmgbl. 
And, Mdr t>y *i3« with rra, mumI; 

A*Uili uiwnhupjlgrtni girbof white ; 
Pnmipl Id rnlnai ■DoUin'i wnmg, faU 

LxiTtDK to Tinifl uti Truth Mid I'tni- 

Such «>■ oni tri'tiil. Fonn«<l oa llu 

ItcKHl ul>l [Uan. 
A tni« *nd bnrr aiiil ilointright honett 

Ur blrv no truniMt tu ttir n»TkeI-pUc«, 
Sor in tbi churv-h wltb byiNicnlk tsca 
Bupplinl with cmnl tlto Uck <d ClirtitinD 

lioalhin^ ntrtmci, hf did Willi cheofbl 

What othrrs ulkcd of wbil* tlwii lundi 

And, viiilf " l^ni, t^ird t ~ tbt plow 

Irniit* riltnl, 
Wbo, lu ilir |<n«T, Ihrir Um 

ifit lUily |>ra)'<T. f«r brtt«T 

In •»■ tluQ wunls, ■>■■ Miii|ily Domo 

So nlm. TC nilutuit VM hu irrtitudr. 
Tlut bT hi* loM dun* ■• kni>« Ita 

Aim! M hnw Inir > mm hu walked with 



llijr ortrr know : 
o'ft tfar walm, O njr itiidira 

ToUtn 1 go. 

k «Tnt thr WMkiii 
ThcHn-tifihof thlai 

ihH, mdij UUlng 


of toy will 1ip> 

. Ukr iW. thi •!«» d*- 

Wkn, in etfan tnni, Um pun ud to* 
Laf dtmn to As. 

Miut ninl7 Ml ; 
The fUDcml l»lt whiah in ihj 1 

I will not aatk ihM with tbt n 
wmU* ammtn 
And h«rUaw iJitMi, 
Nor wrong the memoiy sf • miub 

With idle iml-. 

With dlniDr odI; ai thttr UtMdMJM 

, God'* aiwJa eew* 
WKrv, In tha aliMlaw of k pal *Ai 
Ttw ml ritj dnnb t 

Tat, would I mr what thjr owb k« 

■pnroTnth : 
Oar Fathn* wltl, 
Oallltiff to Hkn tb« d»r ima whoa E 

Km apM tha* or iUm ih* ■>!■« i 

Hrt huMnl anthnn la B^ad atragtl, 
Th* good die not T 

Ood rail* our kmd obm, bat wc b 

n'>t wholl; 
What H* hxh givn ; 
Thi7 Uvr DO rarth, In thotuthl ■ 

dml, aa imlj 

And tint I* with tW I In thy nih «r 

8h> walkrth jw\ ; 
Stin with the WntiM of thy -tif imJil 

H'r lockTat* wrt. 

Up, ihMi, my brathn ! U, tlw Mia 



Tbniit in thy dckle .' — England's toil- \ We miw her in the place of prayer, 

wuni |ii««anU 
Thv call abide ; 
And the tliou niuuni'st, a pure and holy 
Shall glean beside \ 


And by the hearth -tin;'!! light ; 
We pause bt^side her dour to liear 
Uuce more her sweet '* Guod-night t' 

, Tliere seems a shadow on the day. 

Her ffinile no longer chi-iTM ; 
A diiiineMi on the stun of ni;;ht. 
Like eyeM that look tliruiigli team. 

AsnriiF.R hanil is beckoning us. Alone unto our Father's will 

Another call in >^ven ; i One thought hath reconciled ; 

Ami glowR once inoiv with Angel-stepf That 11<' whow* lo%'e exccedfth oam 

The jiath which reaches Heaven. ' Hath taken home his child. 

Our young and gentle friend, whose 

Mndi* briyrhter summer hours, 
Anii-i thf fnintH of autumn time 

]|.M left UH with the Howers. 

N" lalin:; of the cheek of bloom 

Kurt* war rM**! us of di*cay ; 
Nil *>h.i<li>w friHii the Silent I And 

Fi'll nmnd our nister'H way. 

Th" li;;ht of h<*r young life went down, 

Ao ^iiiki U'hiinl the hill 
Til-- iclory of a N*-(ting utar, — 

<'!*'ar, dUiM"uly, and still. 

A* ji-ir** ari'l «w»rt, her fair brow leemed ail th** Hky ; 
An«l lik«* tlie bntuk';! low song, her 
v«iii*e, — 

A «Mind which could not die. 

And half we deemeil she neetied not 

Til*- «'lianinng of her Hphtre, 
Tk inv<* to Ht-aven a Shining One, 

Who walkrd an Angel here. 

Tti" blfwing of her quiet life 

F»-ll on U4 like the dew ; 
ilu 1 g»itl thoughts, where her footsteps 

lak*- Uiry bloaioms grew. 

*w**t promptings unto kindest deeds 

W^n* in her very look ; 
Wr r"^! h»-r fai'e, m one who reads 

A tm«* ami holy book : 

Thr mfMir^ of a blessed hymn, 
To whieh oar hearta coafd more ; 

The breathing of an inward psalm ; 
A eanticJe of lov«. 

j Fold her, O Father ! in thine anna. 

And let her henceforth be 
{ A messenger of love lietween 

Our human hearts and the«'. 

Still let her mild rebuking Atand 

Ik'tween as and the wrong. 
And her dear memor)* scn-c to maka 

Our faith in <tu«Mlne!M Mtroiig. 

And grant that .nhi- who, tninbling, Iwit 

I)i»tni8ti*d all her iwwera. 
May welcome to her liolier home 

"f he well-Udo%*iNl of ours. 


Thr shadoa-A round the inland mk 

4 re dcei»ening into ni^ht ; 
I Slow up the Mop«»>* of Ossi|ii*i» 
They chase th*' lessening light. 
Tired of the long day's blinding heat, 

I rest my languid eye. 
Lake of the Hills ! where, cool and 
Thy sunwt watere lie ! 

Along the sky, in wa%->' lines. 

O'er isle ami ivach ami Itay, 
Oreen-belte«l with eternal pine;*. 

The mountains M retch awiiy. 
Below, the nmple ma«iseii .«bfp 

Where shore with water bli'nds, 
i While midway on the tranipiil ileep 

The evening light dew.viid<«. 

So seemed it when yon hill's rwl crown. 

Of old, the Inilian trr>i. 
And, through the sunset air. looked 

Upon the Sn.ile of Ood.*' 

To him nf 11^1 uu] itluilp Ilir Uw* 

Nt> fumt nn-iiUG Uuelil ; 
Tbvir Ilrinfi «ji>l rU<rnal IJ^um 

UU truvr iiutinct wuglit 

n* ttW thrwi mouiiUln* la tbc litllit 

Whii'h DOW x-ruw tlmn hbiiir* ; 
Thii Ikkc. iu ■uinniFr (luiacl briglit. 

WsUni round with loaibcring |iitiM. 
God imr biiu ■«tii«l ; froin («rtb uul 

ilM l-tvltra villi* livlMKnl, 
A*, Th-b tn U»r. In Pttndiw, 

Uan lUmii Iwfar* tli> Lorn. 

ThMika, oiir Fslhi^ t tlwt, liki bim, 

Tlif trnilrr luve I i^r, 
In niliiui liiU *nil wooillaiirl dini. 

And lintrd ninivt ■«. 
For nni in nxx-kprv d«t tbon fill 

Our null) nith (ighl and grwv ; 
Tlnm hid"! lio dark and envX niO 

Rchind Ui; mllitig Tace I 


I frit thi ronl brmlh ot the Norlh i 

Hrtwivn Rv and thr mn, 
On d«r|K ■till Ilk', and H>Ik7 n"^' 

] Bw Ibp dond-ihailn run, 
ftrfbn nv. (tntchni rnr |;1iiit«DinK milra, 

biT mounUln>Kir>Llni Sqtuni ; 
Uka'cTMn-wiDitnl liinla, tin Iniy talrs 

Upwn lu luuDi twain. 

Ab4, ||IiDim>TtnK thn>n|^ Uia mn-haM 

. 'ir u the ryr caqIiI roam. 
Ibrk Ijillnn iif an (arlhnnak* ilomi 

Brflnknl vilh clnadi iikr foam, 
tlirii *■!'* In mlatT ahailnw dnp, 

Tlirir nijot^t |m1i* In ahitM, 
I mw thr mnonlaln ratip* *WMp 

n* h»riion'i nortbrfm Una, 

Thm inwnvd Hiororna'i pMk : ud 
loevklllocka «i»da w*t> am. 


With I 

And iiuiB-duk 8'3'Ke bMcm. 
BrvDmlUji— '"- - - - - ■ 

X i but aU 
_ ^urplr wall. 

A ladv, who^ fmn Thontun hfll. 


Hi* (krich npon K 
A atraj lirowu Ick lirnntb h«rbM 

l.'nKilUtiit In t)i* t«T«n ; 
H'i rwnt fan, in iW anawt ll|U 

I'pialanI and gloriBnl, — 
1 D'wr aiw a pnttin <d^ 

In all oif muuDtAia lulc 

" Ai good aa bii ; It amntd har)DT 
To romlort and tA (pri : 

Ml j.-vi., .i,V »jfr, and rriraO* Jiiy. 

Thru Mnk the ro"*'""'^ mnq njfc 

Thi- \>\tv lakr Otd away ; 
For mnunuiniftiw a {■rlor'a I — *» 

A lishinl bMTtb [nr da; I 
Froni lon»lir j«t« and w»r]t MOaa 

Thr diadom fell •[•« ; 

Kind lolwi ph»m*ii, ttrert ^mbm 

Shnnv «ann ialo 017 heart 

VejoamtrtA M j bgl <wth akd ^ 

fttUl drramed n; Ittwari' 



Ah 7 hnnun kindneM, humftn love, — 
To f«*w who M«k d«'ni«*d, — 

Tthk Utf wi* Irani to prixe aVtove 
Th« whole ruund world bende ! 


At L day the (UrkneM and the cold 

I'lBiii my hfAit have lain. 
Like !*hii«low4 oil the winter nky, 

Likf frutt ujion the pane ; 

Rat nnw my ton»id fancy wakes, 

Antl, on thy Eaxle'ii plume, 
Kidi-n forth, like Sindbad on hU bird. 

Or witch u|ion hfr broum ! 

Bt'Iow me roar the rocking pines, 

lU-Utrr inf HprfailH the lake 
WhiMf lung and nolemn •bounding waves 

Against the auDw^t break. 

I hnu" the wild Riee- Eater thresh 

Thr K^vin he ha^ not t^iwn ; 
I M-i>, with flashing M'>thi' of fire, 

Thi' prairie han'CHt mown I 

1 hrar the far-off voyager s horn ; 

I *n* the Yankee'ii trail, •^ 
Hi« foot on every mountain 'psss, 

( >n every stream his sail. 

W fnmt, lake, and waterfall, 
I •re his p«ll»T nhow ; 
i*- niiirhty mingling with the mean, 
The lofty with the low. 

• whittling l»T St. Mary's FbIIn 
'fon his loAilt^l wain ; 
w measuring o'er the Pioturrd Ro<*ks», 
*ith eager eyes of gain. 

\T the mattock in the mine, 
*• axe-itruke in the dell, 
lamor from the luilian lodge, 
* Jesuit chapel lirll I 

he irwarthv trappi>rs come 
n MiMissippi'd springs ; 
ir-chirfi with th<ir {tainted brow.t, 
<-r^sts of eagle wings. 

the «carp«l «]uaw*>i birch canoe, 
teamrr ■raokex and raves ; 
' lots are staked for sale 
old Indian graves. 

I hear the tread of pioneers 

Of nations yet to be ; 
Till* tinit low wsHh of waves, whera 

Shall roll a human 

The rudiments of emidre here 
Are plsHtic yet ana warm ; 

The chaoH of a mighty world 
Is nmnding into form ! 

nd jostling fragment 
place hhsll Hnd, — 

Each rude and 

Its fitting 
The raw material of a State, 

Its muscle and its mind I 

And, westering still, the star which leads 

The New World in its train 
Hat* tipped with fire the it-y s|iean 

Of many a mountain chain. 

The snowy cones of Oregon 

Are kindling on its way ; 
And Cslifoniis's golden sands 

GK«m brighter in its ray ! 

Then blessings on thy eagle quill, 
.As, wandering far and wide, 

I thank thee for this twilight dream 
And Fancy's airy ride ! 

Yet, welcomer than regal plumes, 
Whii'h Wfsti'm trappers find. 

Thy free snd pleasant t hough tii, c 
Like feathen on the wind. 

Thv symbol be the mountain -bird, 
\VhoNe glistening (|uill I hold ; 

Thy home the nniple air of hope. 
An-* '^enitir}*'* sunset gold ! 

In thee, let joy with duty join. 
Ami Rtn-ngth unite with love, 

Tlie eagle's pinions folding round 
The wumi heart of the dove ! 

So, when in ilarknesH sleejvt the vale 
Where still the blinil bird clingi^ 

The sunshine of the uppiT Hky 
Shall glitter on thy wings \ 


A BKAtTlfTL and ha]ipy girl, 

With step ss light as summer air, 
Kves glad with smiles, and brow nf ]« arl, 
ShsilowiNl bv many a careli-fts t-url 
Of unconAneil an«l flowing )t.iii ; 

miiu; chill] in xnythLnic, 
<t tEoughtful brow «n3 ri 

Which 1 

Lmtthn 1«V. d»w.Ri,ibI tnd lirigbt, 
AO'I ituhtlM in It. My whllr, 

t'nfuUliji;: likr a inuruing lluwpr : 
A hmrt. wliii'li. likr ■ finr-hnkMl lutr. 

With rvirr brralh of ferUng wukr, 
Abd. rtro whrD Ibe lougue in* mute. 

From njv uul Up iu intutf i^ke. 

How thrilU o 

■ tU" traKThraLnn 
.1 ..f ihn-' 

A< when 1 liannl to hrmr Ikni llvmh, 
Or r^H^ mr ilauttful eje to Uune. 


Tbr friiiRt^ i><li d hurl (ji^ 

Willi ttn.Kn trwiw orcrMown. 

All ' TiiMiiorrn »f twrH •aoWMT dtm. 
(It nimmlll •>■*<■ utt wiUowT w«T, 

or irfin .<..| n..»rn. ud ^wy h**M. 


mlU anj Ii 

Co Uito, ih]' 'lalvt Fjr* huh miMul 

Hjr piitiin iif Ihr jontb to w. 
Whm. ).Tt)r a w-min. hntr* 'Uld. 

jtn.i" . -■mthm 

TounhiTT tB^nlan.aiMl HI Uirir trace, 

(H gniwr om uul drryrr lhiiu|[ht ; 
And nnio bw llv ratin, tnlJ (•» 

■rtfam* thu 

snra umI qnir 
■In gooilu^ k 


Tlun*. in t 
Of ueobtnul 

And wlilrr yrt in Ihong^t Hiil dn4 

DiTlTXr OUT JAthwiVt. OBr in fOTth 

Thliii' ill* tli-iM-fiin'ii utrmni nrml, 
Whilv anawm to my norlt't nml 

Tliv Urrbir lUlmnui • liinnl* tnilL 
Fot thw, the iirirs'iv tilr and pi 

AdiI halj lUv, and ■olrmn {■ 
For me, ibi " 

M; brvthrm gUlur, klow 

lifT, klow IB^^H 
Irrt on me «| 

' hu won MlmBf 

And •DOKtbttig of mfMlT to tte<; 
A ihulow ftun tb* )«*t, I H*, 

Tlial Itmon of Iti Wtvr hHn, 
Mai jrl hu Time'* dull faotalMi *wb 
To niBUoan diut tbat jalh aitvnr 

Thot, wbiU at tiiDM Mnifl o«r vja 

The •kludtiwt mrll, and fall apul. 

Anil. Hnilinfc ihnnj^ IIhw, raaail 

II li^hl of oar n 

TbB liidiuiHumm>T<4tlMkaut:- 
In aBcnt ijiouthliB «f miwL 

In (uaiiti offMlbu wUcli Mala 
Th*ir Duin^ (haJi Bow, w« y«t ■ 

Our Mrfjr inmm Mt wbaUf 



Thk d*7 b «hMti« tefc n4 nU. 

With nariu UmI Md mlvrty ihiwii 
Anil Uim^ Sm iatk tb* lika wmr 

Tb( UooM of mnr, balMd ■( ••«■ 

Til twnitn n'l-r a taU of oU, 
A Irgrnil nf (h* ■«' •>( faitk. 
Bjr drruiiing monk m abhaaa I 

On TinlnMto'i ouma U»« 


I t*rDT>Dr« <•■ lb* thtrj tvbb) 
) Thm lirrd a had, tu wban^ 
: A poHnl-boy of trmitt yaata 
I n* chaiK* «f tiwlr w ta«^ 




forth-looking from the cattle tower, 
Bryoiifl the hilU with sltnomli dark, 

Thf* ■trmiuinx eye could scarce (lisceni 
The cba|ieT ol the good St. Mark. 

weary oiiea ! ^e may not aee 

Your heliwra in their downward flight; 

Nor hear the Kound of idlver wing» 
Slow beating through the huah of night ! 

And there, when bitter word or fan ■ But not the leaa gray Dotlian idione. 
The MTvice of the youth reuaid, ! With vun bright watcheni bending low. 

By stealth, before that holy ■nriue, , Tliat Fear's dim eye beheld alone 

Vofgrmct to bear his wron|^ he prayed. ! The s|)eur-heads of the Syrian foe. 


Tbi* steed stamped at the cattle gate, 

The boar-hunt sounded on the hill ; 
Why stayed the Baron from the chase, 

With looks so stem, and words so 


" Oo, bin«l yon slave ! and let him learn. 
By srath of fire and strmin of cord, 

Hiiw ill they H|ieed who sive dead saints 
The homage due their Tiring lord ! *' 

Th«*T bound him on the fearful rack. 
When, through the dungeon's vaulted 

Hf saw the light of shining roliea. 
And knew the fai'e of good St. Mark. 

Th-n sank the iron rack apart, 
Tb«* ri>nU released their cruel clasp, 

Th«' pincem, with their teeth of lire. 
Fell bit>ken from the torturer's grasp. 

And l<i * before the Youth and Saint, 
lUrr^il diwirand wall of stone gave way ; 

Aii-1 up fruin liondage and the nigh^ 
Thrv |iaj«ied to freedom and the 

> dn*amins monk ! thy tale is true ; — 
« > I«iut«T ' true thy (lencirs art ; 
t<<ti«^ of hoi« and pn>phecy. 
Ye w hUiier to my Imtening h^art ! 

hmnl no bunienml heart's appeal 
l<«n« ur» to (Hid'ti inclining ear ; 
ti^i«^I (iT his tender eye, 
ULi to tde earth no sufferer's tear. 

till the I»rf| alone is God * 
•• |"»mp and iiowrr of trrant man 
:attrreil at hu lightr*»t*brmth, 
e rhaff liefore the winnower s fan. 

ways Khali th«* sliive uplift 
h«*avy hand* to Hfavfu in vniti 
ne^t like the good St. .Mark, 
% shining down to break his chain ' 

There arc, who, like the Seer of old. 
Can set* the heliwrK (lod has sent. 

And how lif«''M rugged mountain-side 
Is white with many an angel tent ! 

Tliey hear the heralds whom our Lord 
Si'ndH down his iiathway to pn'^iare ; 

And light, from otuen hidden, shines 
On their high place of faith and prayer. 

Let such, for earth's despairing ones, 
JIoitelesH, yet lonirinff to be In-e, 

Breuttie once again the Prophet's prayer: 
*' Lord, oite their eyes, that they m^ 
see ! 


Vxi.M on the bn^ast of Loch Maree 

A little isle ri'poites ; 
A shadow woven of the oak 

And willow o'er it rloneit. 

Within, a Druiiri* mound is seen, 
St't round with stonv wartlers ; 

A fountain, giinhing through the tnrf^ 
Flows o'er its grasity bordera. 

And whos4> liathfs therein his brow. 
With i-art* or madnrHS burning. 

tVU i>n(-«> ii;o«in hit hcaltbt'ul thought 
.\nd m'umt ot jR-Si-e returning. 

O restlt'x* lirart :iiitl fi-vered brain, 

rn«(uift and un^tablf. 
That holy well of I^N>h Maree 

Is more than idle fable ! 

IJfe's changes vex. itn di««coriN stun, 
ltJ4 glaring !tun>biti«* blindeth, 
i An«l bIf.Ht in he wlio on bin way 
I That fount of healing tindeth ! 

The shadowK of a hnmlihil will 
.\nd i-ontrite h^art are o'er it ; 

(Jo read ita h'gend — ••TRrirr IN God" 
On Faith's white stones before it. 


wtnl * oorir ( 


..--.. i.m.r.^ light. 
I lu lliv nlgbl 

Uf clciudi"! MkLuiiIiuI;. 

OtoUd uiil oionl fkncin. 

liO '. anrr tgtin onr trrt wr trt 

On dliU grrru wuuj latha, hrill^t WFt, 

By loDrly )>riiaks wha« wOfn frrt 

Tlw rt.'l. n(«l hnrliai 
Asaiii till- l.'^rili fiT* gliiumn* a'vr 
lluur's ■hit('i*uL*J nil uiil jallitoil 

ijMl fiiDii)t vyn wiilminn to tba lot* 

atUfry-MU ud vllcbo. 

Ot«r lK«rl ' - ih* IfsMid !■ not nin 
WhicL liKliU tlmt liol} hoBTtk iRtili, 
A»<1 mllinc luk [rum eu* Uiil Jikln, 

Ad.1 lUlli . fiiii>-i«l aai>r>. 
Itnma louiiil III ulit (unilui blan 
Ttir cluiIrtiuK ir''"[" <J lupjilir dajn. 
Ami IriiiLi til sulirr nwnlioud ■ ||m>i 

A {[llm|Mi of dilI>lUl> gUdiuM. 

And. VnovlnK bmr ny 1ir<^ lutb tiren 

A WEsnt work irf t4ingar Mid pni, 

A Imc lunli idifa wiUi •Uong-wiUed 

1%M will Boi ettU* my tarain^ 

IV ftack ■ Ibrwrr tmat rhtlitliaod'i eUm, 


noH "MAMJtarr iNira'a Jorwixt.' 

Don hMh tlw XprJBf. wUli all Iti Bow- 


And Auliuari, in U* U . 

U mutiny for lh« Wintor'a M«r. 

ui<l to Eurtli, *o nJil Bud gmy, 
" An nnlilaa sf royadf tlinu ut" 
Not ao," lltf I^nh ilid •arm In «] 
"For Sjirliix nlwll wuaa bj bi 

I Motbn my '■uiti7 ■!»]> with ' 

"'Tinner tun mui M(ln ' 

Hail to h(«c |ju> auuni) 

Bui thoii, tmat ■mhaot tha 


No hoyr u tiiin* oT «anm« boar^ 
Thy Wlntn *tuU nn nun ilnwt t 

Nu Sftilif tovtnr til)' ntlH Oinm, 

Nor Sniunwr mm tliy (toacM bail 


Ix th« (olimn day* of old, 

Tao lufB nirt In llnalvB tvn 

C>iii> ■ tndntnu) Imik and bol^ 
(>ii> k [imclin of rMHivn- 

CHi'd lh> lut, in Iiitirr Umm. — 
" roixni-r of tlir wella of Until t 

l^iin'i liiiTliiiK. llioa hast mwa 
With Uk Uiw tlip biwl of fMUk I* 

»{mke Itw litnpU tl«ilr<nan ll_ _ 
" Ond )* JuJk* 'lo-iil tlna ■) 

All tluBi knowrrt <4 traOt h * 
t'niu nim Uk« tlw* " 

F.Til lu bill wm tlic ri^d, 
{>m all aball Ioti ctidm. i 



Cone what will, I needs mast sty, 
Uoii U true, snd ye are liaia." 

Wh^n thf* thought of nian in freeii 
Kmir frani itn lightest tones'; 

So Xhf \»nv»i fritti, •• S«4li|ucee ! " 
A 11*1 thtr |M-o|ile took up stoDes. 

In tlir* aiii-it'iit hurying-ground, 
Siilf l»v M'ltf the twain now lie, — 

(^hi- with humble gnuiHV nnmnd, 
(.^ne with marbles |«fe and high. 

But the I»ni hath blest the seed 
Wliit-h that tmlewnan sratttred then, 

Aud thf ]in*ai'her's spectnd creed 
C'hilU nu more the blood of men. 

I^'t UA tru^t, to one is known 
iVrfti'i liive which casti out fear, 

M'hilf tht* other'ii joys atone 
Fur the wrong he suffered here. 


I'liR oannon'it brazen lii« are cold ; 

No rni Khfll blazni down the air ; 
.\nd Htn^'t and tower, and teiuple old. 

Are Hil«*nt a« desiiair. 

rh«- b>mlurd stands no more at hay, — 
Konic's fresh young life has bled in 
vain ; 

Th«- ravt-ns (M^tt«»rwi by the tlay 
I'om** lia* k with night again. 

Nfiv, whilf the frstricidcs of France 
.\r«* tr^ailing on the n«'«'k of Konie, 

Ili'W at (ijwta, — neize thy chauctr ! 
C'owani and cruel, come ! 

i T*^p now fmm Naples* blooily skirt ; 

TliT mnnini*'r*!i (lart was ai'tetl well, 
Whil«» K«»mf, with ntwl and fire U'girt, 

Before thy crusaile fell ! 

Il-r d<*ath-gman3ianswere«l tothv prayer ; 

Thy chant, the drum and bugle- 
call : 
TiiT lighta, th^ burning villa's glarv ; 

thy bea«K the nhvll and ball ! 

Lrt .%aftria cloir thy way, with hands 
F<ml fmm An<*<»na'H rnit-l m«'k, 

in<l Napl«a, with bin da^tanl iKimls 
Of mofderera, leail thee back ! 


Rome's lips are dumb ; the oq)hau*s wail. 
The mother's sbriek, thou mayst not 

Above the faithless Frenchman's hail. 
The unsexed shaveling's cheer I 

Go, bin«l on Rome her cast-off weight. 

The double curse of crook an«i crown, 
' Though woman's scorn aud manhood's 
From wall and roof flash down I 

Nor heed those blood-ntains on the wall. 
Not Tiber's flood can waMh away, 

Where, in thy htat4-lv Quiiinal, 
Thy mangled victtmn lay ! 

Let the world murmur ; let its cry 
Of horror and dingust In* heard ; — 

Truth HtundH alone ; thy cowani lie 
Is backed by lance and nword ! 

The cannon of St. Angflo, 

And chanting pri«-»t ami clanging bell. 
And lieat of drum aud bugle blow, 

Slmll greet thy coming m-ell t 

L(>t lips of iron and tongues of slavet 
Fit weli*ome give thee ; — for her part, 

llome, frowning o'er her new-made 
Shall cunw thee from her heart ! 

No wreaths of sad Campagna's flowers 
Shall rhildbood in thy|iathway fling; 

No garUntU from thrir ravagetl bowers 
Shall Terui's maidens bring ; 

Rut, hateful an that t)Tant old, 
Th<* mocking witneM of hin crime. 

In thee shall loiithing eyt's Uphold 
The Nero of our time ! 

Stand when* Rome's )i1oo«l wan frrent nheo, 
MtH'k Heaven with impious tlianksi 
and call 

Its cuni'» on the patriot dead. 
Its blessings on the Gaul ! 

Or sit upon thy thmne of lies, 

A poor, mean idol, bliMMl-U^^mearNl, 

Wboni even its worxhipin^rM despiiie, — 
I'nhonortHl, unr\>vered ! 

Yet, Soandal of the World ' fn>m th(»e 
One neetiful truth mankind shall 
leafii, — 


146 HISCBLLjLinEOtJB. ^^ 

T!»l Uagu U1.I priram m IJUrt; 
And UuJ krtt foW In luni. 

Thtn let Uu pfaaant'* (M> 1> ^H 

Nor liatnMi'a iiialar nor daialf ^^^1 
Mu tiir man ur (tm-. ^H 

Earth >Mrin at ihrm ; and Uw long 
M«k luirMuin i4 tlu Uarwu doth 

Nu Kifl UnwDt uui dnwuo'a ^^H 


For hitu »hw> woda wen I^^H 

Wo* tor wnJt tynmU. nhro Uib itrang 

IV Runic ihjnia uul iHI «^^| 

WaLo. .tmwl.. and l<»'Ul ^ 

Tl» foodie- poor wo. I«l I^H 

KM vainlj R»»i>a b«ri> hare bird 

Pill u|. Ui; tonU ef rank and j^H 

To (<cd lh<' Cfiain and th* l.*n>«n. 

l>tjiKUn.LaaUH>n Willi ^^ 

^^^Hjl U, mtwl Dirtfb}. Ihp *orl<l bImII trad 

Will, ji^mp l» namrlM .ortk denbl 
Em&lMon lilU.i guill ! 

^^^^^1 Tb« twia-bora TuupUGn down 1 

So part or lot in th™ « aaLn ; 

Ifait, o'«r lh> auuiuUns wn. 


A Mminoa riRbt U> ElUuil-* naaa^ 


^^^H 5o lii<^t of I'rintcnR hm I 


^^^H BM^'k. puQ}' iurrlUug ; du«t tlwa U7 

^^^H A l>u>J .<it i:it>'> birr 1 

80 lallw 1 ao kri 1 tl» %M «W 

^^^H AltTr. i»»k u..! [»Dm. M duo. 


Whth now h« wor» t 

^^^^^n H* knr* 111* Wiut Kwarni tint cunni 

TI1V ttioTj livm hte |p*7 balnggta 

^^^H On Xh^ wlr lli^ tba >ii>MlvrTd 

BrrU. him not, - Uw Th^itvfeMki 
Ainarelbrall) ^^^^^U 

^^^^1 Vbicb Kii|{U>i-l'< ii>illiMu tml 


^^^Hl A* friMO bu b-r^n' lK> irtnl. 

^^^^Hl 9lfDllg-■^u'^i Ml Thur. - ■ ihowir of fin 

0, dnmb U punon-a ji^PHH 

^^^■1 Hb *miit>-D ■<.ri1 Hodk ; 

Wh™ bTIhowaii ■' 

^^^■1 Ool'i cor*. K-nii'< wranK. dumb lluu- 

IUti^ linhltd up audlnl )ua ■«*. 
F Jia Wk In nlflX- 


^^^^n Ha iptn tWu alt • iDOfftta 1> : -.Hild lb* anpj. In^li, t 

^^^H Thnt Irt iIm ta>r ■)>«.-> h«n>7 luBdi 


^^^H B«r np (>» ••"S^T •i~>L 

A WiAi aoni dtimi. 
Fi^nd-RDaXd. d-on tba chd^m Mk, 

^^^H lad kbar-. *nrt uJ tul-mtt t-nJ* 

IMUnd a. nuHTwn tr«.l. 

Fmn hop* and tuna 1 

bwf cant and end thiii bardicl 


I^ ni>t lLi> lud <>DCT proud of hua 

LMm lank lU uintfCT floor 1 


Gin Eadanda gm aiid daiaM 

Not (.land oith d.«p.r ahanc Ua ^ 



But Irt iu bnnhl-l aHUi laM«4, 

that kntT* id-l hwl -r «li. « h. Ul*. 
A Iciit Un-^nt, .. fa. iht daad. 

WItli Hlllntt dinn rrnrn iMindiiiit toqi*. 


And irtll nf (unur* MDnlift ! 

Wn- -liirl* tbr rioor kl< din. nanda, 

Of all n lond and hflnnnd. Mi^ 

A pd ax* and >1«J)C an- nmog. 
Aid, timlax t« ibrfr atano; aoundi^ 

»ttT jmurr mnalna, — 



8tU) aUMif In ctatHT^^^H 

L. -1 



All tht b goiM , fhmi tluMs greftt eyes 

The wml hM» fled : 
Wbru fftith U lost, when honor diei, 

The niAU U dead ! 

Then, fwy the rerermce of old dayi 

To hi* dc«d Dune ; 
Walk Itti-kwanl, with arertad gue. 

And hide the shame I 


Xu ainileM wanderers, hj the fiend 

U«iail4^1 from shore to shore ; 
N'o m h4M>hiifii, turning, in their classic 


Tin* Ifuvfs of emi>irp oVr. 
Siniplf of faith, anu bearing in their 
Tlif l**vt* of man and God, 
Ish-H (if oM noiig, the Moslem's ancient 
And Sc vthiA'i steppes, they trod. 

Vt'horf th(* luiiK nhailowH of thr fir and pine 

In thf* ni^ht Kun an* rant, 
Ab<! thi* ilf-i-p heart of many a Norland 

QiukrH at eat.'h riving blast ; 
W)i*-iv, in tmrbaric grandeur, Hoskwa 

A Imiitizttl Scythian qu«'en, 
Vith KuruiM>'ii arts and Asia's jewelled 
Thf Nurth and Kast between ! 

'h<Ti' Htill, through vales of Grecian 

ftblf, !.tra^ 
Til- classic forms of vore, 
d U-uuty smiles, new risen from the 

And I>i.&n wei*ps once more ; 
•fy *'V.'n' ti»ngue in Smyrna's mart 

r»-M»utiiU ; 
And StniiiliDul from the sea 

h*T tall mioarets over burial- 

\\*t k with the cypivss-tree I 

Malts'i trmplea to the gites of 


lliiwiiijr th«* track of lUiil, 

li«T» thf* Alps ginl round the 

■>*itxiT*» hom^ I 

if vast, eternal wall ; ^ 

They paused not by the ruins of old 
They scsnned no pictures rare. 
Nor liiigeivd where the snow-locked 
mountsins climb 
The cold sbyss of air I 

^it unto prisons, where men Uy in 
To haunts where Hunger pined* 
To kings and courts forgetful of tha 
And wants of human-kind. 
Scattering sweet words, and quiet deeds 
of good, 
Along their way, like flowers. 
Or pleading, as Christ's frvt-men only 
With princes and m'ith powers ; 

Their single aim the purpose to ful- 
Of Truth, from day to day. 
Simply oUiIirnt to itii guiding will. 

They held their pilgrim «'ay. 
Yet dn-ani not, heui:e, the beautiful and 
Wen' waste»l on their night. 
Who in the school of Christ had leamsd 
to hold 
All outward things aright. 

Not lem to them the breath of rineyardi 
Fn»m ort" the Cyprian shore. 
Not l«'sH for them the A1|m in sunset 
Tliat mun they valiieil more. 
A life of Iteauty lendM to all it iiees 

The beauty of it« thought ; 
And fairest funns and sweetest haimft* 
Make glad its way, unsought. 

In sweet accordancy of praise aad 
The singing waters run ; 
And sunset mountains wear in light 
Tlie smile of dutv done ; 
Sun* stands the promise, — ever to tht 
A heritage is siven ; 
Nor loM* they Karth who, single-hearted, 
The righteousness of UeaTen 1 





VkU mrA U17 niiwioo, bold loono- 

Yct aJI unwonliy af iti tnut Uuia 

II, mill ilrj rjr, and cold, unloving 

Tlum trrail'iit lh« miIhiid F*D(Jieob at 
U» I'wt. 
By tin icrnkl Fulurc'i daoling hopf 

■nulR blind 
To kll thr )Hiity, trawBT, a&il tnitb 

Sol trithi-ut nverr-Dt •«« kbouldirt Uiau 

Tbv OV|>rr«« tinoclKW mud tb* miUB- 

nil til bluouM, 
WIkw, with clu^l lundiof P*!^' 

upun their toinbi 
The tfllgii'i uf old toalauon Uk. 
Oud'i wltumn : tbs roiitu ofJiU will. 
Hnnl in tba alow oiirrh al tba nn- 

turin (tUl ! 
Savh w-tT tlw men M wIums rrbukinit 

Dark *itli GikI'i wrath, tbe tjrnit'a 

of old. Did mJ<i 
Of ntro M lUTca, aod fnnd tli> bcitiI 

UariMl tb* !(«*thambriM bnyNs «f tho 

To naama nnb fr«a b«ad* «d <TiI 

i-LK* I " b* miUnl 
Tn nirh u ruar lui Dnl* Work lo eUde- 
Andbnt-pCi^krin*. itritipjiiitaltanlBn-, 
Aad raining ftnin Aa Abtwy'* cdUoi 

Tha e>|itlTK'( frndom, auwwtad lo ill* 

Or tliii«t at tbca* aboM Ann nd for 
thn I>inl 
Btibd Ihdr lar* of mm. — " An Mrtk- 



Uo*t micFTablr lUinm '. do (• «rUl 
Uore llm ymn Laid, atiil gi*il^ Ua 
dj-ing pout 
What yont own ]irid> and ant lata wnl 

Soalt, tluD th«* idilttiiv (WiA^ Ha 

jili-rry, tiul Bu-riAn-, bi* brut il udm ■ ~ 
O hiiliful wortbin ! tvstioK Ut hthiaA 
In your dirk aBH. tine* yn frU mWa 
Murb baa hrrn done for Dulb Mid L«' 

man kind. — 
Sbadow* an-ieatlmd wlmcin n pwarf 

tUfl DUima bb Urlbnglil, tivvr |ial^ 

TltroUKb laopha itHnu In j«ar day UL> 

Vrl. llk« your own, our ap'a ■■> — tl 

Tbou^ widening idO, b wklkd ■nB«4 

liy nigkt 1 
With abiw. rehicUiil aye, Uw Cbunli W 

Scvpile at heart, lb* Inanai at ll« IUmI: 
fouDtlciE, too <A, It* Uiing BMBbna 

Tbio tbe walTa ganbk and Uw |Ml|il'« 

Woild-movlna acttl, with pnrar la Wbm 

Uh't laltiUi^ pOplai^ In iMr wOm 

\aiifAotbimA,hoiiMmit tUtUmtM 

Sect Inilda and wii*aU|» wbaw tte 

wdlib abd mld> 
And Taaiiy ataad abllMd asd 4*4«H, 
C^nU* that En tli* *h>d«w iif it* ««Ib 
Ooil'i tiring Mndp faU» ndft ULl 
Wi nnd. wrtbtaln tim pwiJirt I— ■ 

Sainti true of Ufa, anJ martyn aOMW ^ 

To Irtwl iJw la»d, am •««, m SCftrw 
Tbr >tTnia of IIm, barrfMt. «hk kk 

PnclainiiBR frdniiMD tn Uic saMr irf <laL 
And (UrtllDf tytMila witb ih* fcar J 

■I'Hibtln* vaU : 
Rot III relink* tW ^rr'i pof«hi 
W* ntnl the Hal* of MMhr 




THE PEACE rONVENTlON AT The bulldog Briton, yi.-ldiiig but with 
BRUSSELS. i lifi-. 

The Yaiiketf swagg^'riiig with hii bowie* 
SriLL in thy streets, O Paris ! doth the knife, 

stain I Tho Kiiss, fnun iHinquftH with the tuI- 

( »f MijiMi ilffy the ch-ansinK autumn rain; ture idtaiv<i, 

Still l>ri'.tk?**the suiuke M«risMna'» ruins The bluo<l Htill dripping from his amber 

tlinm>;h, I licanl, 

And N.i|ilfs luoumit that ni'W Barthulo- Quitting their uiatl Ik^rwrker dance to 

n!.-*. I hear 

Whrn^iiiiuUil b(fo^r>', fjradoleof urend, The dull, meek droning of a drub-coat 

At a '-mwued munlerer'a Iwi'k of license, 

Th«- yawning trpnch<*D with her noble 

dt'Uil ; 
Still, diMMip'd Vienna, through thy utately 

Thf shell 1:1 M-9 crashing and the n-il bhot 

Anil, li'a;^ei| to enith thee, on the Dan- 

ul»*'ii Hide, 
Th*r iM'unltil <'roat and Busniak ft|tear- 

in:ill ride ; 
Still in thar valewh^n* IliinalavirH <4now 
Mi'ltA Miind the corntieldjt and the vines 

TL*' Sikh\ hot cannon, aiiswering ball 

for Uill, 
FIam*-M in the hn>aeh of Moul tan's shut- 

tffvil wall : 

ii«»er ; 
Ix'aving the b{)ort of Presidents and 

Where men for dice each titled gamblei* 

To me«'t alteniati) on the Seine and 

For tea and g«Msip, like old count r}' 

danit'.H ! 
No ! let the cruveiiM pleail the weakling's 

1^'t ( oUIrn t'ipher, and let Vineent rant, 
lA't Stiirge pniirh |M*a<'t> to dem<»cratic 

And Biirritt, MammtTing through his 

hundred tnngu<>s, 
Ri'lMiit, ill all, his ghostly lessiins o'er, 
TiiiK'il tti till* ]iauM*sof the Kit t*Ty'H roar; 
! rhfi'k Km or Kaiwr uith the liarrieatlc 

On rh«-ii:ib*!i niile the vulture seekit tho nf "Olive- IiMves" and KeiMilut ions iniule. 

Azid SiitU'j jiainta with bl«H>il ilM lunks 

•• Wh^t folly, then," the faithleas critic 


With ^iiitTini* \\\\ and wi.4i» world-know- 
ing ♦'VfS, 

** Whilt< flirt ti> fort, and |iosit to ]KMt, 

Tlie • ra^'lt'Mt challenge of the war-dniin's 

And roiiiidtl.i'grvi'U earth, to the church- 

U'U'h chilli*'. 

Spike guns with (loiiited Si'rijtture-textii, 

aii«l lio|H' 
To caiksize navies with a windy tr^tfte ; 
Still shall theglor>- and the |Nmip of War 
Ahmg their train the shouting millions 

draw ; 
Still dustv l<a)M»r to the {nissing Bmve 
His cap sfiall dotf, and 1^-auty's kerchief 

wave ; 
Still shall the Imrd toVidor tun*' hissont^ 
Still IIfM-wor>»hip kmvl lH*forv th« 

Stnmg : 
Uonv ami sleek, th*" sablf-gownetl divine. 

Tli»* lUiiming drum-roll of the camp OVr his thinl U»ttle of suggiNtive wine. 

k«-**I^ time, T«> plumed and swonle*! auditors, shall 
Tu-lr»-ani tif jiiMfp amid'^t a world in arms, prove 

i»f fewonli to plittighshares changed by Their trade acconlaiit with the I aw of 

S -ripturml <haniis, ! L»ve ; 

l>f nations drunken with the wine of And Chun-h for State, and State for 

bhiml, <'hunh, shall fight. 

SU;S^ring to take the Ple<lge of Bmth- And lM>th ngnt*. that Mi^ht alone is 

erhood. Right "' 

Ijk^tipplprsausweriog Father Mathew's Despite of sne**rs like thes**, O faithful 

call, — few. 

The sullen SpaiUAid, and tht OMd-cap Who dan* to hold God's word and wii- 

CSaiila new true. 

WliOH cbw-'Tnl Tallh tiuuK-eiiJ* our i 

«vi| timr. 
Anil uW tlurpr*i>mt •ilikinKvauTcniDr | 
Ijvis tlic «liu fntiue, Willi itt rulm ut' 

lU flm^necknl tocmtlUUU, UiJ turt ' 

•trcanu Wtwrrn, — 
sun k<'<i|i llw jotli whidi Uulf biJa ye 

Thoa^h woridly wUJom iliakK Ui- o«u- 

No Inith from Umtfii (IrauiuU ii|kiii 

Vi'lUioDt tlir ([r»tlu^ ■„' uui •.■cIrti.^'» 

Jkniml »ad niucknl tt, till iu U»iiun 

nr uul nllulitlw^ over >IL 

Tbru, n'rr Kftnh'4 wmfli-lil, till llw 
■trtfv ■h>ll ciw. 
iJka Morvi-n'* liBr)>Ri, i<inj( ynor mig 

nU tbr &etfe ilin to nlmuiig iiiuniiun 

AdJ ]i>i> •iilxluiil the ■mdJmxJ liort 

«I t>»11. 
I^nd. oKB ■guDi iltsi Lulj xnig i 

Wklch tllr b'UJ Uicrll of Ulf AllTI&t 

^ illafonl BEDcl tlut 

■ulniiae aun] 
Which vinil inJ tnini w irtU Ocimm- 

KlU l>■'>^l, 
Ltd ill Ckii-ft iinint- U* Ctdm iHpliii4 

lliB S*>inl : 
Kot ntn Uw liiloo which th* jviqlwla 

SUniBfE with inrai th* Am* WHIa i/ «», 
, Tkrvoi^ Uw bat Hod-guaia, lomnbs 

Mlt cod aBlcn 
I' Om lb *k)r'* rtitt, the (ooaUiti-tthttllBf 

WU IHw iw Earth. ahuihanida H> huig 

TW |MU hope rising on Uw tnth si 
' OmJ, — 

Rt{| ibkll rM« UI.I TUiImn jaM ■!•». 
Aflil Ih* liml vurM Imalh* bw ihianih 
- " -i iUt. 





The yfuuing of thv m 

). ■«-«!, lonil ilfBuii of hni 
Koi tW I may DM jnj. 

Hat, t>o«nI Id 

1 nuke my hnmUe wi^a 

O Pathrr. 

To-iUy, Wnnlh thy rhailMriRg ijm 
1 rniT» •lone fn " " 

itaiiiBiR' in thy 
AmI ff>l that It 

A marrel amna the rtiiraw^ 
A niiract* nur UCr mi Dtaih ; 

A myiteiT which 1 cuuiM fimt. 
Around, aboT*, Uanth. 

til r*in 1 taalc my arUan Imfai, 
Id Taia Uk mge* thouii^ I aen, 

1 uiiiy Irel bi)« irnUi aiiJ Taia, 
How |iaoi and blind, I* omm. 

Anil omr nij ar^t right te hoM^ 

And loon lor lialtt wb«»*h« tm mt, 
AiiO. like a wwy dilM, wobU i^k 

Tdk Sonth-huid UaaU lb twi n « 
Tlir ])tsirinl Wait ila hMvy frda. 
And (niiKt'i nulLuit fUm waMl 

Knogti, blHh. and hard, «n 
I* acul of Bil. ..r iitiilu alnlt 
tin jtIIo* auid* an aanl* . 
Hot only mlnaa an to* a»d 

TO A. K. 


Pmin Aatnmn froit to April rain, 
Tuo long hrr winttr woods comiiUin ; 
Friiin bwidinfc flower to fallinff leaf, 
Hit mininirr tiinr in all too brief. 

Y*^ on h**r nM*ka, and on her Mmis, 
Anil wintr>' hilln, tli«-ii('hool«houae iitanda. 
And uhat li<rr ruf{g«nl nuil d(*ui«% 
Thi* harrmt iif the mind su|»pli<rt. 

Thr rit'hfB of the Commonwealth 

Alt* fr>f, Ntrong mimU, and hearts of 

health ; 
And morv to her than gold or grain, 
Til** riiiiiiing hand and culturvti brain. 

Ft*r well hhe kef |Hi her andent stock, 
Tlir* it II bl turn stn>ngth of Pilgrim Koi'k ; 
And )»till nmintainn, with milder laws, 
And <-]ran*r light, the ImkmI Old Cause ! 

N'lir hf«^]s the 8i*epti«*'s puny liands, 
While near her nchool the church -spire 

stantU : 
Nor frani the i>lindeil bigot's rule. 
While near her church-H]iirc stands the 



Thr rlcnids, which rise with thunder, 
Our thirttv souN with rain ; 
he M'tw mmt d readied falls to break 
Fp'Tii tiifdtir liml« a chiiin ; 
id wningA of man to man but make 
rhe love of itod mon' ]tlain. 
tliroiii;h the .nhatlowy lens of even 
• fve ]n<ik« farthejtt into hearen 
7b-;%n>« of «tar ami il"pthH of blue 
glaring sunshine never knew ! 


r hi* fnrmweil fields which lie 
'h A <-ol«l I y«d nipping skv, 
111 with iftiiiter'H melteil snow, 
«t«nilman goes forth to sow, 

'rp«lom, on the bitter blast 
tiin*^ of thv Siifl we cnjit, 
•t t'l wanner ^un and rain 
the germs and till the grain. 

I thy glorious ser»'ice hanl ? 
IS it not it* own rvward f 

Who, for iU trials, counU it h 

A cause of prsise and thankfulness f 

It may not be oar lot to wield 
The sickle in the rifieneii field ; 
Nor ours to hear, on summer eves, 
The reaper's song among the shcaret. 

Yet where onr duty's task is wrought 
In unison with Ood's great thought, 
The near and future blend in one. 
And whstMNr'er is willed, is done ! 

And ours the grateful service whence 
ComeH, day by day, the reconipemte ; 
The ho(>e, the tniHt, the pur]KiM- stayed. 
The fountain and the noondav ithade. 


And were this life the utmost s|ian. 
The oidv end and aim of man, 
IVtter the toil of fields like these 
Than waking dream an«l slothful 

Rut life, though falling like onr grain. 
Like that revives and springs again ; 
Ami, early calle«), ht»w blest are they 
Who wait in heaven their har\'est-day t 

TO A. K. 


Thanks for thy gift 
Of iH-ean flowem. 
Bom where the golden drift 
Of the slant sunshine falls 
Down the green, tremulous walla 
Of water, to the ctNil Mill «*<»ral bowers, 
Where, under minbom-s of |ierpetual 
ffffMl's ganlens of the dtrp 
Mis patient anp-K keep ; 
Oladdening the (lini, strange solitude 
• With fairest fonns and hues, and 

Forever teaching us 
Theleswn which the many-colored skies, 
The flowers, and leaves, ami {tainted 

- The deer's bran«*hetl antlers, the gay 

bihl that flinpt 
The tropic sunshine fn>m its golden 

. The brightness of the human counte- 
; Its play of smiles, the magic of a glance^ 



Forpvermopp repeat, 
III vurifil Umvs mid sweet, 
Tliat Iwautv, ill and uf itM'If, i.*i good. 

() kind and ^fni'Miis friend, o't*r whom 
Till- Miii'M-t \iu*'tt of Tinif an.* la-st, 
ruintiii)(, u|Niii till' uvi'r[iust 
An«I M-atttTnl cIoiuIa of nnonday 

Tlif iin)iiii.H<< of n fiiiivr inoirow. 

An oarnt'.'^l «»f tin* U'ttiT MU- to lonie ; 
Thf liiiidiiig of till* t*\ni\i broken, 
Thr uariiin;; to llu- ♦-mng s]Mikt-ii, 

The i'iiiiitort uf thi* Mitl, 
Thf t'Vt* to ^a•^^ thf huHil to rnll 
of niniiiion things the iN-iiutiiul, 

Thf iiliM'tit hi'art tuw\v glud 
Hy itiiiiplf gift or gnu-ctul tokfn 
Of \it\t' it liri'dt |L<« daily fiNnl, 
AUownont* SuurL-i*, unduU an- gixnl ! 
Ilfni*f, traiking nunny i-ovv and 


Whrn- sitt-nt wuvi's gliiunitT \i\> tli** 

And t<i>r> ih* ir gift-H r:f wi-i-d antl sin 11 
FfunifiiiiiiiVi urvt-iinil«-tinil>iii^'s\\i 1), 
No uiiU titljii;; taok h.lx tltiiii* 

Til wiMVi" th»-v ll««uir> ••••»'i»ti iiImI 
In 1111 i<" ill wish His il«'sj;:n 

Willi li»vitli lt.4uty I virvwlj'fi ; 
And inaki'^ im-vi-rv /i»n«>iiij<l i linn , 

III ih I .III and in nii|wT nil. 
** All tliing-^U'autifiilin tht-ir till!*'." 

For n«it iili'ii*- in t^nt-s of RWf and 
Ht- •>|«-.ik*> t'i man ; 
Thr I I'liidy horror of thf thundtr- 
Hb» rainbows ^ymu ; 

And where the cararan 
Winda o'fr the dtiuTt, lranng» at in 

Tlif crani*- flock Ir-avfa, no inct of y^s- 
Nogf thfrr, 
lif givfs thf weary eve 
The iiahn-l«*af hhadow for tke hot nocxi 
And on itA hram-hfn ilry 
('Hllh out till* a«*ui'ia's tluwi-rii ; 
Ami whfTv thf «lark bhaft idfn*«*« 
Itfiiratli thf mountain nn'tA, 
Sf«»ii by tlif miiifr'N htniii alonr, 
Thf stardikf fr^stal Mioiit* ; 
So, whfr^*, thf wiinU und «avt« 

Thf conil-bmnfhMl ganh-n^ grow. 
His ilinibing wti-iU and nitiwM-* 

Likf fohagi*, on fut'h Ktnny U»ugh. 
Of vari«Ml hufn nior*' Mrangi 1\ gay 
Tlian forfst h-avi*!< in autunin'*i 
ilay ; — 
ThuN f vfniion-, 
(Ml .oky. and \iavf, and ^Iiorv, 
An all-iHrvading U-aiity Mtius •■< 

(iinr-^ lo\i- and |M>wtr art' unr ; an<! 

tin V, 
Who, likf thf thunib-r of a *uhry 
• lay. 
Smii*' to n'«iiir»». 
And thfv, n^ho, hkf thf g«ritlr wind, 

Tli** iH-taU of thf dfW-Wft flovrn, and 
Thf ir |ii-rfumf on thr air. 
Alike may mt\v Him, eai.h, «ith thrir 

own gift, 
1 Making their livit a pni^ci t 







rHK rilArEL OF THK HERMITS. Tlj.'n saM I, — for I couM not hnwk 

' The mute apiN*aling of liU look, — 
, ** I. too, «iii weak, And faun in smalU 
I And blinduehtt lia|i|ieucth unto all. 

•'I iMi U-li.'V«*, and y«'t, in grief, 
J pniy f<»r M\* to unlieliff ; 
For nfi'dfiil itn-nKth a>idc to lay 
Thr daily I'liniU'rtngH uf my way. 

• • 

I 'm %hV iit lu'iirt of craft and cant, 
Si.-k. uf tlif crizcil onthusiuMt's rant, 
|'ri*r^siiiirM miKiuth hynoc'riNit*!i, 
And eivrtl.t uf ipin, and lives of earn.*. 

' * I j«n«l»T o't-r the 5uicrf*«l wonl, 
I r»-:til th*' n'l'onl of our liord ; 
And. «*Mk and truul)li*d, envy them 
Whii tttiii-h'il hid aeamlesui gamifnt's 
hiMii ; — 

•• Who jviw th»» team of love he wept 
AUivr tli«* KT^vf wh<>r«* Ijizarus «U*pt ; 
And h«*iin], anudnt the ahadowa dim 

• ti < flivit, hli evening hymn. 

'* Hiiw >«lf«inl the awinHhertl's low 

fh- lietf^r-ir crout'hing at the gate. 
Dm* l«'|k r loathly and abhorml, 
Whu*r ••\'-» of flfah beheld ihi' liOnl I 


• * o «ia<*n^I mil hia Mndali prensed ! 
Swvrt fountains of hia noomlay rust ! 

• > li^ht anil air of Palestine, 
Impfr^nate with his life divine ! 

'• O, >i»-ar ror thither ! Iiet me look 

• In .Siloft't }Miid, and Kedron'a brook, — 
Kn*-«-l at < reth«eniane, and by 

• ;«une!ap*t walk, before I die ! 

" M'think^ tht«cold and northern night 
Would m* It; that Orient !ight ; 
And, w**t by Hfrmon'.^ dew and rain, 
My «.L:Mho(»r9 faith revit'e again !" 

So «|«k^ my frienil, one autumn day, 
Whrfp the atill river tlid away 
OiKmtb UR. ami above the brown 
bnl coitmina of the wooda abut down. 

" Yet, Homctimea glimpacs on my aight. 
Through pn*M«.*nt wrong, the eternal 

right ; 
And, atep by atep, ainre time 1)egan, 
I see the atnidy gain of man ; 

"That all of good the jNutt hath nad 
Kt'maina to niakf our own time glad, -^ 

: Our common daily lifp divine, 

. And every land a Pulehtine. 

**Thoii weariest of thy iiresent state ; 
' What gain to thee time h holieat ilute ? 
The doubter now per^'hance ha<l U^n 
Aa High Priest or aa Pilate then ! 

**What thought Chonuin'a scribes' 
What faith 
' In Him had Nain and Xaznn*th T 
; Of the few followers whom He M 

One M)ld him, — all fonook and flei!. 

•* friend I we need nor ro*'k nor mndi 
Nor Atorii^l stream of Moniing-l^iid : 
The heavens an glasaetl in Mfrri- 

nia<'k, — 
What more could Jordan render Imrk f 

** We lack but open eye and ear 
To find the Orient's inan'els hen* : - - 
The still small voi«'e in autumn':' hu>h. 
Yon maple wood the burning buAh. 

*• For still the new tmn<(('<*nd<i thi* nhU 
In nigns and tokens numifold ; — 
Slavi'H rise uji men ; the olive wavf *, 
. With roots di'ep aet in InttK' gravr?* ! 

" Til rough the harsh noisi«« of our ilay 
I A low, sweet prelude finds it« way : 
Through clouds of doubt, and l-iv-'U at 

A light is breaking, calm and '.'b^ar. 

I V 






.liat King nf tyyrr, no* lew anil t»r, 
Enloog iliall nrrll froni (Ur to cUr t 
Th«l \iAu the lirnking Atj, whlcli tj(« 
Tlir ^lil™-»piiel Aporiljjie ! " 

Tbm, vbio my gaol filcml ifaacik hi* 

And, •ifihlna. Mully imiilnl. I nl-t : 
"Thuu inind'al ui« at » atiinr tulJ 
III MR IVrrnarTliii'i hwrn at goU." ** 

And whilir ihr ilantHl niDbniRiii mn 
Tlw ihiuloiri 111 thr tnwt-iUlnnl |[»Tc, 
Atul. iik-luniu all. tliR river nu 
Vkt rlouil uul wotxl, I ihlu U'^ui : 

In Uoant Valrrira'! chntnnt wood 
Tbr axprl kT the llmnite ■tinl ; 
And Ihilhrr. at ihr i-Iuh at day, 
Cuna two ahl ptiKrInu, worn aiid itni*. 

Out. vhow )inr>r(i)oD> yonih ikflnl 
Tlw alonua u( Itaikara wintry idde. 
And muanl and dnmitinl wbrn trujdc 

nunrd on hia Inal VtrsiaU'i bay. 

Hh almpb uIb of loT* and woa 
All hmtU had ■»llr>l. hkh or low ; - 
A Utafnl mill. ■ awprl dlrtnaa. 
lommtal In ita trndmu^ 

A botntlinii, tMral-bd aiT. — the graj 
Pair rtriiiK of a «rary lUy ; 
Ttn doll hU t«r for vokv ol nralno, 
Too aadly WDni hia brow for baya. 

pud*, hut cf )<innr Mid |0afT. dvpt I 
Vat atfll hi* Imrt Ha T<xin|| dtwn kvpt. 
And. vandtdn^ lilc* Um ddm^^ton-, 
MU Mrafhi iba n<rtlii|t-pkoi «f lora. 

itr MnOini eyv at rrratfde. 
nut hln^r (ilU or letMrd i«idb 

Vntfl, In pb«* (f «» Md <Alld, 
Ul-jmfiiig NaMn M bta mIM, 
And atTf to Un lb* ir>UM lujt 

Hild timid uT hrr wooil-titilia dMI 
She laid her grrat heut liaH In luoii 
Ita lovn atul aWH^ aFcorda : — ha mm 
The bnutjr of her perfect Uw. 

Th<- laaouajn o( bw «l|El>a bt luvw. 
What notM brr chxidy elMta bit* i 
The ihythtn of anlnain'a (uival dn^ 
The hymn ufannart'* paiMlad tkiet. 

And thua he aenmed lo hntf th* tmmg 
Which awept, af old, tlw atan aWi^ ; 
And to hIa •ye* tha t«rUi onta naaa 
lia frtah and pclMal bMaljr ««n. 

Who aou^t Witli Um, lkv» wimm 

Arxl Held and wood, a hate fcr eatp ; 
Aud halUad la 1^1 af mart akb^ 
HU loTUFid Btrraa aod — r y «7<ib i 

ffia hmt m an tlw wtod* had llav« : 

IV-nailh tin pornr* itf alal^ Maw 

The mitrtd Jnig^* Baa|ar and alnB*. 
A pR^nry ~ a <rB|pW hofK — na 
Ilia bundng tbonsU tntm ■■■ ta mmk. 

Fur mea iw icat Im «all ha m« 
Thr (nnd «f pilMta, ih* wrowaTka; 
And frit bow hard, brtlRMB UM t««t 
Thrir bnalb of pain tha nflltaaa 49m. 

A rantdirt-atiansoiv ttmmm aad wM. 
Th* wtakna* of an winMad driM, 
A ninhrlaht hop* fw haaaM-kted. 
And vlf-tUaialr, te U« rwmMaad. 

»• hiatbed iha Um, jm 11*«4 aai 

To half tht riariMM tmlw ha kara ; 
Tha dimta, tfea diautd, awl tW ^ 

ITnttod liy Una tha talk ha ahavad. 
Il<**i4 plPtorca a« hia *wal clwl 
IH almpla lUth, and ham of hoMa^ 
Anil vtrtw'a fddta iay M aMna. 

But wnhMM, ikaNH^ a«d fiid« aMli 
The foU t. all Ut pn faMnyad : 
Still, whew kda -kMUtf ndwaian aha 
TU ahadow »t hfawd/ma ikran. 



Lord, w)iat w man, whoM thought, ftt 


rp to thy M*vf nfold bri^htnfM rlimhii, 
^ hil«- !*till hu in^MMT inxtim't clings 
To earth, like uthvr crvepiug things ! 

So Hi'h ill wiinlis in mrtn ao memn ; 

2^ liixh, M> low ; rliamt*- swung between 

Tli«* fitiiliif-Mi iif thf [m'tial pit 

Ami Truth's i-lear sky, tuillennium- 


Vain priilf of star-lent genius ! — vain 
t^tin k f.ini y ami creative hrain, 
riiMi*.«t by |irayerful Ma<>ritire, 
A)»«iinlly great, ur wei&kly wine ! 

Mi*Nt Vi'aniinpi for a truer life, 
Witliout w«<rt' ft-ars, within was strife ; 
An<i ixtilt his wuvwuni iu*t denied 
';'ht* |N-rf(.*«-t g«MMi fur which he aighed. 

'fh** lov«* h" *Mit forth voi«l retumeil ; 
Th*> fuiiii* that I'l'owntHl him s^'orehttl 

nn>l bunii**!, 
Kuniing, yi*t onMnnd (lre:ir and lune, — 
A ttp~-iuouut in a fi-uzen zune ! 

Ijk' tliat the gmy-hairiHl sea-king 

S*r-n sfi.itliwanl fnrni his sWty niast, 
AUiiit wIhk-- brows iif rhiin^'irss fn)^t 
A vrvflth of llanif the wild winds tus^Hnl. 

Far round thr njonnifiil b«MUty played 
Of laiiilH'nt li^ht ami |iur|ilf Hhiidc/ 
Li<(t on th*- hxftl and dumb d«>|iiiir 
*)( fruzfD earth and iiea and air ! 

A man ^iNirt, unknown, unlove<l 
By ih<>^* whoM.* wrung<« his luiul had 

He \i>rr the lao of Thureh and State, 
The gt^ijd nun's fear, the bigot's hate ! 

F'>rth frvim the city*s noise and throng, 
I:s I^mp and bhame, its^in and wrong, 
Th^ tWAin th;it MunimiT day had strayed 
Tu Muunt Viderirn's r best nut shadt\ 

To them the gr»m firlds and the wood 
Lrat vimcthing of their <inietuile, 
And goMfn-tintiHl Minwt iu*«>mnl 
I'rnpbrtical of all they dreamed. 

The hcnnita from thrir simple rarea 
Tha bdl vaa calling home to prayers. 

And, listening to its sound, the twain 
iSeemed lap|ied in childh<iod's truat 

Wide o|>en st<KHl the rhniM-l door ; 
A sw(^*t old nmsic, HWellin^ o'er 
L<iw nniyerful murmurs, ishUfil thence, — 
The Litaiiii'H of Providence ! 

I Then KousM'au sfiake : " Where two or 

I thni* 

In Hi.H nam** m«*«'t. He then* will be ! ** 
And thfu, in silfin'f, on their knees 
Tht'y Mink iMiiratb the ehc.'4tnut-l 

As to the bliml n'tuniiiiK Ii}<ht, 
As daybn-ak to the Arrtic ni^ht. 
Old faith rt'vivfd : the doubts of yean 
DisMdvtMl in r«'vt'ri'ntial ti.-urs. 

That gush of r^din^ «)veqmst, 
** Ah me ! " li«'rnanlin Mi;lii-d at last, 
*' I would thy bitteh'^it fiM's louhl see 
Thy heart as it i;* M-en of me ! 

•' Xo rhun'h of ffinl thou denied ; 
Thou hiist but spurni'il in m •»m aside 
A liA.*4f ami htdlow count I'rftit, 
Profaning the pure nami* of it ! 

*' With drv dead uiohm mid nni!i*ih weinla 
His tin* the wt^^tfrn h'-nUm.tti fi'*-»ls. 
And gn*«'ni'r fnim tin* »oh<-ti pl.itn 
The hWeet spring graH>.i's ri-*.' again. 

** Nor thunder-jienl m»r mi^rhty wind 
Disturb the s*t\u\ <*ky Uhind ; 
And thnuigh the ilouil the n-il Udt n-nds 
The calm, still .nniileof Hi'a\en descends f 

"Thus tlmmgh the world, like Udt and 

And 84'«uir)nng fin>, thy wonU have 

' Clouds break, — the sttn<lfast heavens 

I n'main : 

' Weetls burn, — the a-ht-H feed the grain ' 

** But whoso strives with wnmg may find 
It.H tout-h iKillute. it- darknt-M blind ; 
! Ami learn, an latent fraud i^ nhuMn 
In otiient' faith, to doubt hi- own. 

** Withiln-am an<l falMdiiMtil. sinqde trust 
Ami pioii!i hor •• we tnail in du-t ; 
I<ost the ralm faith in ^HMll|t»^a, — loat 
The iMiptisui of the lVntevx«^t ! 


" AIm t — tkc tituwD fiw tnvT lumnt 
Too oft on iniifa liwlt ftr> niwnl. 
A* thrnuiili Ilir Ulx >iliil siU ui>l buw 
Lookuroilh brr wl. r>'l><ik>i>K Fjuv-. 

" Xot oun lh« Ttwban'i rhuinni lib ; 
W* euain not K>iia« from the itrire ' 

Tbir tT*ni|>lnl llvilni bltaa uid ttiugi ! 

" Uranwliilr, lbs (port of (HtDloil 

Thr gilMlie *bapn o( cl 

WW uigtlil lian hKn <*■ fonilljt gHto^ 
Kwllrt Uini, iiT Umptid InL 

"Anil thou, tn tlicrc •llil, tmil>l>J 

Ml^jiidjiril alilir ID hUmr anil pniat, 
t'D*0U|i)il iiiil uixInrmHi the atoa 
Ttw uKryiit'* pralit, lilt lisot'i Uanw ; — 

" I rvmat donlit. if ihoa h»Ul bMn 
Amoiiii tha hiflhiy btrofrd mrn 
Who nlktl on r«nh with Fmrton. 
lie «oo>tl b«ri- mionl ibn- ■■ hli wo : 

"An-I, hritfht an 
Vbihl.T oiirtntc '•I 

S(m thtDush !■■• 

win IP of chiruhiiii 
ifr, ihff Chureh h»d 
AH llut Iti ul<l confa»n dnvowil. 

[" I wmitii haro br«ii,~ Jisn JaqBM r*- 
" Th« hnnil-liat irrwnt at hU ddc 
Olamrr, nnknown, mnlnnt to mc 
|f«' Uautlfnl mm'* Ul' maT tw ' 
"O, morr th»ii lhrir»-Mr«t n-Hr, m«r« 
Tliui s'lrnm nir nt larml luii-, 
Thrhoij Eirv " 

Ana G. 

>1 a hiln<lil worI-1 hi> •■« 
unanfUiF Dual Uw ; 

lor»d tlirnii|;h lnr« of 


*■ R* IJnd tht Trath ahfrh irooneUtd 
1W ttiMiir nam Bnmi, Faltk Ibr fbM . 
In him Wlirl lad act an* dii(, 
T)m hcoiillra a( ilolf ilonr ^ " 

Tinv I — l i , Mill AbUmb ous> t> iM 
(iimi Kninmin' in htr hnm ud pM: 
Timr n— rd, atul Wintrr'a Inn n mmfw 
Dra[qied Ml tlic grare-Bionwl of BaB» 

Ah I o'llotold 

"Thy haiiil, not man'i 

Eatlli rman* Wmr, Hi - _ ,. 

Anil man b bate, bat Oal k hn« 

Nu llrrmiu nam 

N'lq rU)«'l viih lis rbntnnt'tni 

A immii&K drrun, a talt thai '■ I 

Tbr tnth OuiM «m, ler moba btb 

•■ Wby wmii to tM Id ifcr WiaTifM 
Ita [irrfH-t floavr and fiiilt b ■» T 
No iBinlly totch ran *aTv i bb bite 
IH bcaiing b&tii tbc niutyt'a |aJH, 

"Midil •milloa fimna, and hW |a» 

Of apiritiial piUr and tiBBi|«Kr4 »m^ 
A (uin- Mlth, - What b tbal to Mm t 
Be tnic ihywtf, and blkw N« i ' 

•• In dij* nbn tluQM 
Th* Mntm'a >Uk tW U«M' 
And (omn of «tM> Mri TiMil 
Snnw hM Om h i Ua cwi 


" Trt in Ua tim* tW ib 
Tbr imot mm ••tm n I 
H«nkw«UN«a«: hU 




'^ k^MM * BO present «int we find ; 
Thr white rjunu* gleaniB far behind, 
Rrrmlrd in outline vague, rablime. 
Through teleaoopic mirta of time ! 

^ Truat not in man with paaung breath, 
But in thf» lioril, old Soriiiture aaith ; 
The truth which aavea thou mayst not 

With ialiie profeaaor, faithleaa friend. 

**S(«Rh thinr own heart What pain- 

rth thee 
In othtTN in thvaelf may be ; 
All ihK in frmif, all flefih ia weak ; 
Bf thou the true man thou doat seek ! 

** Wht-rrnnw with pain thontreadeat, trod 
Tli^ whiumt of the aaiuta of God ! 
To fihiiw tliee wherp their ffet were •<'t, 
The light which led them shineth yet. 

'* The footprinta of the life dirine. 
Which marked their path, remain in 

thin«» ; 
And that grrat Life, tranafuaed in theini, 
A waita thy faith, thy love, thy prayers ! " 

A lemon which I well may heed, 
A word of fitneaa to my need ; 
So from that twilight cool and gray 
BtiU nith a voioe, or aeema to aay. 

We roae, and alowly homeward tnraed. 
While down the west the auuaet burned; 
And, in ita light, hill, wt>o<l, and tide, 
And human forma aeemed glorilied. 

The village homea tranafigunMl atood. 
And puri»l« blutfa, whone belting wood 
At*ruaa tlie waten Icane<l to hold 
The yellow leavea like lampa of gold. 

Then xpake my friend : "Thy worda art 

tnie ; 
Forever oW, forever ni»w, 
Thej»i* home-seen aplendoni are tlie same 
Which over Edeu'a sumietB cauR*. 

'* To thcae bowed heaven* let wood and 

Lift voiceleaa jpraiac and anthem still ; 
Fall, warm with bli»Mting, over them, 
I Light of the New Jeruaalem ! 

I *' Flow on, aweet river, like the atretm 
Of John's Apocalyptic dr««m ! 
Tliis mapletl ridge nhall Horeb be. 
Yon green -banked lake our Galilee f 

"Henceforth my heart ahall tigfa ao 

For olden time and holier ahore ; 
God's love and blesaing, then and there, 
Are now and here and everywhere.** 



mmt mlo mt, vbos* 

«■« UrM, gave an aa 

" Tny MMt feMM fooa loo te la tbb world. 
■•4 iktakMi Itaoa to w i aiab i d Iba way of tlw 

TkM «ikl I, *■ T«a. «y Load.** 

Tkn «ikl ko Min an, ^ Oe tkty way , vilch an 
*• wiriiM <€ tte art or mmmu% an Uw blM( 
«i# iko wted, or call an Mala Ibo div Clul to 

A Hirpiyo atair I would not break, 
A feeble fktth I would not shake, 
Sor even mhljr pluck away 
The error arUch aont troth mar atar. 
Whoat l«a nii^t leave the nal wittiout 
A yikld ^dBit tlM ahalU of doabt. 

And yet. at times, m-hen over all 

A «larker nivstery seems to fall. 

( Miiy God forgive the child of dust. 

Who seeks to A-iimr. where Faith shouid 

I raise the queations. old and <iark. 
Of r«dom'» tempt e<l patriarrb. 
And, s|ieech-i*onfoun(leii. builtl again 
The baffled tower of Shinar's plain. 

I am : how little more I know * 
Whence came 1 T Whither ilo I go ? 
A centrwl self, which feel« and is ; 
A cry between the silences ; 
A sbadow-biith of clonds at strife 
i With aanahine on the hilU of life ; 


ft (haft fnn Katarr'a niilnr raat 
'_ u thp PutDn rmm Iho Put ; 
JriwKii tlic cmlt» uit the ■hrond, 
I tDctMo-'i flijbl [rDin dood Is dmid. 

•migfi th* TutiK*^ iKliklix all, 
I «>r tlir ernl aUn rt>« Ul<l till, 
T))'! riiuiiJiuj; tnunna lurur mmI go, 
Tlir lii|-nl wvan* rl>b knd fluw i 
Till- toknu of ■ «nlt.l lorr*, 
WhuH lircia, iu Ihfit wiiUning «ann 
O'riUp uii! moTc U» unirrni* i 
TliE wurkliitt* of tli« Uw «hrni* ajiHup 
Tiir tJiytliinlE huinunf of Uiium. 
Wbl>U •twiw in rartli Uw 'lufcling 

And orW io hntni tbr moniiiig lUr. 

or»ll I •«. iu arDi ui<l ikr. - 

SUr, flinrT. Uwt, Ur], ~ »lwl Iiarl 

1..V. I t 
Tbu tt'n* ioiw llir. ~ U it tiw nao 
WIii< h tl<nll> til- unit<-rvi rraiiir. 
Wlirt»1'y llir ix*rninl rryirtil ahooU, 
An<l nioiiuti tbii' mn fnmi fotnt tvvU, 
WhrifLr II- ni\ed wood-liiM t«lk 
Wbru t>l>r1l>K nakn Jtnvn Iicr DstlTe 

flnw fr-U \h' •I'D'- Ihr i»nf at tdrlK. 
Wl ' '- - - - .rttinj; firlani forth I 

! bwWchgi*™ 

i ,.i.-ry. — 

Or (tuiJ I wnml uiil dutiart, 
PrDiii Natnrr'i rhUD of life t^nlilikfd T 
Alli-'<1 t.> all. fwt nut tb> hm 
l^wuimt In vunla ooiudaaMaa, 
Alon* nV rtiu nlfOf d vlth ■ tnm 
Of lit*, uid CBOH^ and ca«BH|ai«ie* t 

la nin to nc lb* SpUiu fnpouib 
Th« nJill* of b« riiJita Md Mond* ; 
IW.'k -till ih» vmnltad mfwUtf gi*w 

W)..i .luo th* bnok t Wba cncl* 
l> in lti<- piM-tn*'* oiRia «*iU P 
Wlui may tlw wiudi Una bqnic* 

Thr nmnlnii of Ik' nouua^ aM t 
Tlw lilrrMfflyi-hln of th> *t<n t 
Or rl-iiiilrd aunvt'a nlniKiii Ian I 
I TaLnly uk, tot nwrka mj akill 
Tb( trii-k of Nklurv'a riiUi-r atUl 

What aMie Ihe bud* of oU ( 

Tha nmnhen nf lli* Orlmt t 
Tb* rolU of buri.d KKypt. hU 
Id palntnl iumb aail |>)trainid t 
What Riran Iduntm't tmmj Im^ 
Or diuk Udt*') luuiutTaiu diau I ^ 
How i[ieakB th* ]«ln»l tbosAt ttm 
From ttiF i^m carriaai of Cmw I ] 
Wlar*MUtlwarcntl Whrottek 
Of ibi old dMth-hallnl u^irrin I 
Abu t the iImJ ntaJB Urit tnul i 
Dual Iwth on uirrpr fram ihr dmO. 

Krtnjring to 1 1 

Tbr aUrty pait«> pondM-Ut 
Willi Clitbi'* fiiBgri om-vrfi, 
Thv miiMlB nf Ml* md dalk, 
O boir oM al Nuwrtli t 

On AitM taiBK limy ud low, 

Tb' i-in-IInK arnwal tnfl* fa Maw^ — 

" ')w of lb* ndtiH and 

Ttm of lb* ndtiH M» 

li «FD|d»s ftB«n €f <W UM I 
»*«r a««|pil, tmi Mnr hoad, 
t»B» thM mifia »y»W iwiad 

ihriflltlMi «f dtHM Ud CBM 

n wtadon «bkft b iMlWmM t 
Why Uif nak ftm oat«wd tUaf 
~m wtmr iawwd Amk* Wb^ ; 

■i mv. Ivr Iku wUfIi lUa IB msi 
Wlij •Uwb th* hr-oir UU* vltk p 
A niwrr tWw at hf««M)1a mSm I 
In la*li«t d«Mh* <« baby Mb 
TWha — 




A foonuln's pine-hung tlofie hii mt, 
And lutuvtwin«ti hin Hil<*nC feet, 
Whoni'c. tiuTi*iug hruven, with i»creene<l 

Hi- mf>f% At niK>n thr btan, whoM light 
Shall glorify the ruiuing night. 

Il.-rr Irt me ]iause, my queiit forvgo ; 
KipMi^h ft»r in** to f«fl and knuw 
That 11 •■ in whom the luiuatt and rnd, 
Th" {HUit inil fiitun*, ;m*<'t and ldi*nd, — 
W'Uku gin with hJH iuinionsitirs 
* >ur vaitt and star-hungHYstem m^s, 
>!iiill iiLS till* cluHti'iVfi I'ieladcsi, - - 
M>>vi'4 not alt me th(> hi-avenly 4|uin!s, 
iitit W4Vf4 thu Hpring-tinie's gruswy 

<tiiinU nut an*hang«*1 ft'<*t alone, 
lint 'l-igfii to gnidr and keep my own ; 
S|*-aki n<tt alone the words of fat^; 
Whi'h worlds destroy, and worlU 

liut whi-iMTi in my npirit's enr, 
III tiin**^ .»f love, or warning fi-iir, 
A Uii^agtr none U'kide may hear. 

Ti II im, from wanderings long and 

I I om**, an over-wearie«l child. 
In <-iMil anil ^hii^le his ]N-a<'e to tinil, 
Lik«* •Irw-fuU wttling on mv mind. 
A<#«iin*d that all I know in fiesit, 
.\iid hiiniMy tniMting ftir the n*^t, 
I tuni fnirn Kani-y's»uilt si-heini*, 
I»4rk< p-fl. aiiil mournful riiHti*ni dnMui 
4»f |kiw«-r. inii»'r<H>naI and cohl, 
4'iiirnil!in.; .ill, itwlf eontntlletl, 
Mik>-r Aii>t *\-i\'*' of inui lawn, 
Aiikt- t]i-' •»ii'iji*<'t and th'' euuiu* *, 
Fri'iii i4in philo.-t tphifH, tiMt try 
Th- •^Vi-nfiild gate« of niyMtt*i'v, 
An-U iMtR'tl rver. lialible Ktilf, 
Wi>rd-i>n«ligAl of fate and will ; 
From S'aturv. auii her nioeker)*. Art, 
An 1 Um,\i ami A|irrch of men a] Art, 
To th** Mtill witness in mv heart : 
With r»-v«-rrntv waiting to behold 
111 4 AvatAr of litve untoM, 
Th** Ktmial Beauty new and old t 


1 B&vK Kern thinking of the rictims 

la Na|ilc«, dying for the kck of air 

And sunshine, in their close, damp 

cells of jiain, 
Where ho|ie lh not, and innocence in 

ApiN*aIs against the torture and the 

fliain ! 
I'lifortu nates ! whose crime it was to 

Our common love of freedom, and to 

In ItH liehalf. Rimie's harlot triple- 

And her Ijum! |iander, the most hateful 

Who u|Mm Christian or on I'ugan 

MukcN vile the old heroic name of king. 
U (iml mocit nH'rciful 1 Father jubt und 

kiml : 
Whom man hath Uuind let thy light 

hand un)iin4l. 
()r, if thy pur|>oM'K of gixNl U'himl 
Their ills lie hitldm, let the sutTensn 

Strong «-onNolntions ; leave thi'm not to 

Thy pruvidentitl can', nor yet without 
The hoiN> whii-h all thy attributes in- 

That not in vain the martyr's rube of 

1h wt»ni, imr the sad prisoner's f n't ting 

chain : 
Since all who sulfer for thy truth send 

f nh. 

F.lertrical, with eveni' thi-ob uf |iiiin. 
rn^ueiH'hable s|»arks, thy own bap- 

tisnml mill 
^ Of tin* and s]»irit i>vit nil tin* earth, 
I Makirit; thf ilt-ail in slaviTV livr again. 
I^'t this gn*iit ho|M> lie with tiiem, as 

thev lie 
Shut fnmi the light, the gni'nnesM, and 

the sky, — 
FVini the i*ool watfrs ami the pirasant 

The Hniell of tlt>weni, ami hhaili- of «um- 

mer tn-i'f* ; 
Bound with tlie frlnn h-|M'rs, whom 


Anil sins abhorn>«l maki- lontliMime ; 

b't th< III <«han- 
I'l'llii-o s faith. Fon'.sti's stn*nirt!» tn U-ar 
Vi-an of iinuttenble toniH-nt, !>ttrii and 

As the chained TitAn victor through his 



Comfint Aam iHtb Ih; Tatnn ; let Uia 
Tht lU} 'dH«n irf lultan lilx*!]' ; 

For Uui. viih A 

good Ihin^ Li hid . ' 

JUul, iwrff't III th) tlitiugbt, BWaaU ili > Iii 

ttmtr f»iii<Tl 111 widw rmIi of qrai- 
Ainl (nr- coiumiiuioa with Uib gond ■nil 
Ha; Ood forbiil tbut I ahiiialJ mr 

firlJ, - 

ling vt Iki 

For lilnl bcj'ouJ dnKTliug itlll, sui 

TW klwllv rnridBiua lu ■*» 1 

In iLc wiliiilrawal w in Ui* t««Wiriiig. 
ShuwI)' I ti-w lot mvn or ■•« to my. 
Bmnlifut Vrl f.<t n>i> tliia autumD lUj 
Hdta on its ninirt hJlU : anil, hi amv 
For Bie tiia '>ivan lifla i(a Milnnu |>b1i 
To nie the |iiiir-ii(iD>l* whitpet 

te which i) of Tkarv aul « 
danl Thus art : 


Thk nMKiq ha« Mt : wkB* rM dw 4 

Brralu lohl a*4 fray* 
Hctwon tbr DiidnlKht ud th >■•« 

Brar uff j^our [jf*7 I 

Od , (wlft and atfll ! - tlw CMtcbM (Mm 

[* nwrd Ukd ilimd ; 
Trad 4>» ! -thai bU «f MiW IM 

Th* dwd ban luwd I 

Thf fint dtawn Mmd af . . 

GiuJicd wbinT ft tnwt 
Lo 1 throimh lb* du 

Hliuh dark If »d 

And vhitrnbig day. 
What ttm and awful 

in<l , 

tor ihfw fniiu rijnnvU'i 

li that f uang Vane I 


Yoa (ivr, vindttv lbr<iu«ti It* >-ak> of | 

mIb, I Wbn, dtmlj 

Br gr*«iM( Unka, vilh a*t«n puq^r- With mncklnf 

aUmil. I Lo I apfrtml Audi—. Hi 

Ami ipBllan bUun and goUnimd ' And 0«(p an Wm r 

Flat* ilavn tn tflrnl sUdMaatDtbr an 
yira a |am atdrlt to (ta gnat mranl I 

Sar bdi 1 rrifoda. loDC-Cinl and amt \ 

When hiTa U ri^ tv Uk> thb amis- ' 1 

pbrrn. I (M Man •■ iMa, 

Wam. hA. aad hUm. Fot airh ftfto TawtnOo tlirt**a, hIot 

ton i BFHMk tha (haln. 

WiMt ahall I n*dn, O m j Ood. to thf* I ; i 

Ul nM M d-all niM D* MU" •>>«• Vv aow t^^lqr- 7«" kin*>. •«■ / 

OriMnandlllthathHBMuiUlBBraXbiwri. And hiM^ feoMrt / 



think ye ftomen, mountain-boni, 
The Ule will hear ? 

ik (iod ! our mother State can yet 
II rr fame ivrrifve ; 
111 and to your children let 
The M»ndal cleave. 

II Hall and Puliiit, Court and Preu, 
MiAkir KmU uf guld ; 
KMiur, truth, aud luaulinejw 
Like warrk be sold. 

h<iurdft an* grpat, your walls are 

Rut (omI is just ; 
irildt'd ihauilvrs built by wrong 
lu\'it4* the rust. 

t * know ye not the gains of Crime 
Arv dunt and dnMS ; 
fntun*!4 on the waves of time 
Korv^hHinml to Iom * 

•»till the Pilgrim State remains 
What %hr hath het-n ; 
iiilAifl hills, her seaward plains, 
Still nurture men ! 

ahollv lost the fallen mart, — 
llf-r «ildt>n bluod 

ii}*h iiiiiiiy a frve and generous heart 
>ii!l |iour« ita flood. 

)>ravei»ld blood, quirk-flowing yet, 
•^hall know no ehevk, 
I fr»-»- iw-upln** ftiot U set 
.»n SUviT\*'» nifk. 

inm-. the fieal of bvll and gun, 
\iid hilU aflame, 
ti th" t'lmt grvAt triumph won 

u Frvt^iom's name.^ 


ng night dieit : the welcome gray 
>f ilawn we see ; 

1 up the hravrns thy perfect day, 
iod uf the free ! 



r.AT prace in Europe ! Order reigns 
Tibrr'ii hilU to Ihinube's plains !" 
f h^r kings and prieata ; so say 
ring prophcta of our day. 

Go lay to earth a liatening ear ; 
The tiamp of measured niurchea hear,— 
The rolling of the cannon's wheel. 
The shotUtd niunket's munlerous iieal, 
The night aluriii, tlie sentry's call, 
The (luick-eared spy in hut and 

hall ! 
From Polar sea and tropic fen 
The dying>groans of exiled men ! 
The bolted cell, the galley's chains. 
The hcaifold smoking with itA stains ! '' 
Ortler, — tlie hush of brtNiding hlavea ! 
Peace, — in the dungeon • vault* and 

graves ! 

<) Fialier I of the world-wide net, 

With iiiehhes in all watern Ket, 

Whose fabled keys «if heaven and 

Bolt lianl the fMitriut's prijum-ivll. 
And o])en wide the bunqui't-hall, 
Wherv kinga and prieifts hold carni- 

Weak vassal trickitl in royal guine, 
IW Kaiser with thy lip of li«*H ; 
ltai«e gambler for NaiMHiiin'i* crown, 
liarnacle on his dead D'nowu ! 
Thou, IU)urbon Neapolitan, 
<'rowned scandal, liKithed of God and 

man ; 
And thou, fell Spider of the North ! 
Stretching thy giant fe<*len» fi>rth. 
Within m'hoM* web the freeiiom dies 
Of liatioiiii eaten up like flies I 
S[N>ak, Prince and Kai.MT, Priest and 

Czar ! 
If thiM 1m> Peace, pray wliat in War f 

White Angel of the I^ipl ! unmeet 
That soil accurM»il f«»r thy i»ure feet. 
Never in Slaver)"*!* d«*s«»rt flows 
The fountain of thv charnntl re|(iise ; 
No tyrant's haiitl t\v clmplet weaves 
I Of liiies and of olive-leHves : 
Not with the wicked shalt thou daell. 
Thus Kiiith the Ktenial Oratle ; 
Thy home is with the pure and free ! 
Stem herald of tliy l«etter day, 
IWfure thee, to pn']mre thv way. 
The lUptiM Shotle tif LiU'rty. 
Grav, s«*arred and hairv-rolied, must 

eeiltng fe<'t the wilderness t 
I O that its vttice mi^ht pierce the ear 
! Of princes, trembling while they hear 
i A cr}- as of the Hebn-w i«eer : 
i Ke|H'nt ! Gud's kiiig«l(»ui draweth near ! 



Ab4 in lin ivuntnuB funoi iltetni 
Th« ainaj iicVPT trmm ' 

tUnilml in will of him who foanil 
lu tiiRiilf HoHrr and 1«T uiil iImib 

Tbf bn|iu1>r uf thr iwwtrat 
llur Sui»o tiinguo Ii4* kuoau, -~ 

AixrjA lhi> iT>:i>nl uf • lir^ 

An *wwt ui'l ■•UR, u i-aln tni) gcNid, 
A* > lont: ilax of bUbilnt Jun* 

tn KmD Urld uid in wood. 

Duw WFlrotnx li 
B; ilrifr of •• 


h lung miu 

TliR riotrl tiy it> ninvjr itonr, 
Tbe iHiinnaw in tlis riW« brim, 

AnJ rlunfr.>..HTr.Uir<>lll, tutv (bt 
InuDorul \iU- tlirvu^h him. 

Tlif (uiiHh on hi* Wny lakr. 
Til' rt«y linu hii wufI brmuht. 

WotIiI wn. ■!■ KlHlitrniiif; all llw rtlrM 
And tnonntain-pvaki of llunif(tit. 

Art hullili nil Hiu! : ihp vorju of i-ridr 
Ami humtn ;s>diin rhariRp and fait ; 

Bat (hat liluih (ham tin lifgorGuJ 
With bim HimTFih alL 

F«IK Natair'a prinlHai < Ib wbnin. 
In UftT«ln<}| uf liHi) anil hloau, 

Hrr Biritrrir* an lolil i 
Who, wta In Inr* rrf wml bIhI mwil. 
■' pirtnmt ■mlU ran rvad. 


nifohl < 

naaka for th* rwarlwjr, and jpy 
Oaod-homm. vbtah on Waafainf Da; 

Onr ilMliMi] lUt hur* ; 
ThMkaforjmirinWtaiauK. vhMbnb I WImiv 

Ware doublli^ muh ■• *mi ; 
Wliat niofp than AKl.^liak> iW rill 
Of Helicon f Thu Pi{>>-*un UH 

U <U. ( 

'^ d«hn< 
■ :' :in*4 

A chaimM lifr nnknnvn ta diailh. 
Immortal frvlin'a Nainrc balk; 

Hrr IMi4 Inol and jcUa 
Am now and here : |)od(«a'( ahriaa 
Still ninnniin b thr wlnd-avnt ttnb— 

Ail n that e'«T balb UmtT 

Tho Umolf »hidi old Giw or Ib^ 
Song, uuotnl, vmijlit. Urn d«» M 

Wr iwrfl but *T* and Mr 

In all our dallv waAia lo tree* 
Tbr oattinn ut inramal* fntr, 
Tba fajrmn* <if goiU lo hn( I 


A TRACK of moonlixbt w« 



A gnvn-wand ala]* of immW*, Wv> 

Bt BBotJ-tiwipa (rf UliBB, —myimt Ui 
"~ -'-' atamsvUltlbU^w^^ 

Jrtntdiof ■ 


. I*atjd* and mbW, aaAlf 

U«d»l.A / 



Hlfsd Tales, and melu among the Where'er I look, where'er I itray, 
ilU : j Thy thought goes with me on my way, 

riiip-tl river, wimlint; to itii rent And hence tm prayer 1 breathe to-day ; 
•■ • ^im IniMim tif a bt«innl«*Mi sea, 

alike ii|Min itj4 pluiid lin*aKt, OVr la{iM.* of time and cliangi' of scenes 

It Illy fl«m-rr^ iiutl hcavrnly btanf I Thi* w**ary wsate which Mvh lietwecn 
ii|ii. -^^'il, Thywlf and me, my heart I lean. 

iKH iif tiiiii' and of I'tmiitv : 
■ thf )iu-tiin'i« which the tfiought 

f tlllM*. 

I. uuaki'ncth, — chunnin^ thi* 
•-•II |iwiiii 

.- <i*-]i.irtun', and our Ni'* of ]imm 
i;; wifh tlif fuliii"i.s of thy piin. 
»:» thr .|iii-t jrravf thy liff-bunic 


• •Illy .it itn side, nu'thinkH duth 
«'4titui|i* thf Hidiant si^n ! 

• •if :;iii f. iiowilil l;inii'n tin* then*, 
.ik tlir SaMiith i)f thi* holv iiir ; 

till ir otiad, the .siliMit-hrfuthing 

r.i\i r 

*<>til) u.iitiii!{foran*st likfthim'. 

ri*>l»fiiiitl ! Forpvr uh, if hcnii*- 


• • t iifl piirt'siinilitii4ii>]t4»f I'arth, 

• p thy pli-.iMiint nit'iuory freshly 

!• • II, 

• iiili> rir.ini'f n pri<v!r*M |iart, 

I K III- y't M'lf, ill n'vtTfnt uwi-, is 
• u 

. f.»r„»*.tf:il uf th»* triiksi of art, 
)» n> il iiiii|>«^l aloui* in oolont of 
:i'- ii>art. 


\' nil! |i..iii' \t»» with theo, whrre 
ii* 'M'ft iiit-inin.-i) air 
•l.iik tn-vMj, I if th%* hnir ! 

' !}.rii'.ij)i I ity <*aM*iiifiitM i'iiiii«*!i 

* • ')l*<-. ill i-ptWih'il pMllllo, 
lllC'Ii;; th«- UiMMlluild M«MUUH, 

n* II'* r thy thiiuv;)itful faiv, 
L'. ni it-* i:\.\t\ rnihraif, 
:.i ^" .11.: V, pTirp to jn^i«*«» ? 

Thou lack'st not Friendship's MiM*lNwonl« 

The haif-unronwiouM {N>Wfr t«i 4lraw 
All hcai-tH to thine by love's swit't law. 

With tht'st* cood giftH of <:<h1 is cast 
Thv hit, and iiianv a «'hanu thuu liast 
To hold the blfSMtl angels fast. 

If, tlicn, a f«*r\'ent wish for tlu-e 

The grarioUM ht*:ivenH will h«*4Ht fnim ma. 

What hhould, dear heart, its burden bet 

The Highing of u Mhnkfn n-*^!. - 
What ean I mon* than ni'-«'kly pli*ad 
The gri'atnesH of our eoninion ni*«*d T 

^UhVh love, — unchanging, pure, and 

tnif, — 
The Parai'It'to white-Nhining tlmmgh 
1 1 is {leace, — the fall of lli'nnnn'h ih'W f 

With Mirh a ]»rRyer, on this .«»u«'et day, 
As thou iiiayst hear and 1 may nay, 
I grei'l tlur, deun^Kt, far away ! 


Lksiit, warmth, ami Mprnutinggreennen, 

and o'rr all 

Uhie, stainli'ss, Mteel- bright ether, rain- 
ing ilown«piilhty u]ion the di-«>p*hushed 


Tlie freshening UH'ailows, and the hill- 
siileio bpiwu ; 
Viiii-e of the west -wind fn^n the hills 
of i>in»'. 
Ami the iirimnieil river fn>ni itK distant 

"ir-'- Y^iiok 1o<;ithfr D'siI, | I***^' 1ii>"> of 1r^>m, ami joyont intrrhhie 

-a-h) f^lr)|.. that kin'w iiur tnnKl, <>f Itinl-Mings in the stn-ani let -skirting 

!•■ nh-i'liiUt iiViTiti'ail, - I Wihul, 

I II«*raMH Hud pn)phtH-i«*s of Muind and 
% ikf i liriiUtl. thi- riviT !««rn sight. 

!.■* .I'liiii* iri iji-i-p nivirir, - |iles%'<l fon'runners of the a'armth and 
• thy UKniory fftih and green. 1 light. 

IM UI8CELU]t|0tI3. 

AttBDdant MifteU to Ihr houw of pn)«r, BnaUi of Um UmbJ itm.vt 
WithnviMtuitfoaUt'iMkcvpiiigpan wo pnv, 

wilh Mun, ~ Itlow rraiD Uh atrnul Idl 

line* niu[r.tli>iiii^liliii.rt grot tnirn,wltb tglul out nnUy way 

you 1 Kt>4<f> I tu ■»,!>>. 

A mora uf rrvinm-liflD ainirt Miil Uir 
A> tiut whuh ««. of "111, in Palw 
tiur. DRENE.>* 

ItntBotuI LortDpriiinKiDbaUIilasn 

Pntoi Ibc duk uigbt uid vinlet of Niam on Uw cUj ^ Uik Ik 
the tumb I I On niuMaB taA iimi\ aad « 

W iwi.. U, IM. »n«^ 



n. ^H 

WUW witli lla ■un-hlMctud d 

tiBlhWBJ WUull I A I. ': .11 •SIBVall 

BWiu* Di* 1 (liut to on tbc ihrankco I ' <(• an dill ; 

gn*. ^ 'ilhrUU: 

Awl oa Um ti*B bcnnlh wttun . > - ■.■[ uann «4 iha 

bouglu 1 funa : I Kiuiii. 

Fnil wnvn ^Bitwl Uw Hunter o( Ibe Th* liurty Uuiuua csn^ 

•kv, l.ia luunt iBaluMlvT, Uw) aMil mmj 

Wlio, lilsH&Koii mavilhbiiliillrwr^ < Tlu' lilink to <lt*aailti(t i» >>>■ ■«■>• 
Wlitir RKHinUu witli bU dog->Ur i HU nuto* Atah Ihdkbi> o'miKM ; 

. Ilffbi I 

Hid l>utniiJinl iiulvri uf hto *h>IU j tlmirii ; 

uf W. \ Rnui^ pillawin 

BrtB"ra ill* uij the but iirlda uf bto Tbr daorinx girl btt M 

South Anil, <BVa «b«H BMwntHl iiiMifi 
A tnuolooa glm, m frooi a bmuM- Ml 

■noutb. Aluntttb* Ba*baw'i goudnl vatl. 

GUiuDim and (wiiM Utntv nj dai- Or wWn. Uk* bum bvl dnaw. tl» 
ilnd (tcbt. Jrw 

Ai tf ibi- burninit unm tiT hto \rr l-irejm lAaithaj bi* niwrtn IfcMgk 

tlralu M thry trU, ud (batli-ml into (>r kiduo oltb fnr bl* |KiMi« hwj^ 

lil^it ; Tbe fit]' «r Ibr ranaiT iiW]* I 
Y>t on my rhnk 1 firl thr m-ntrtn urind. 

Aad hnr it tcUiag to ths melMrJ But wb«a 


to tlu melMM But wban *o« pnMn loiift ■» 1^ 

I HlBMia bbi* ««»int tlw tiak Wa n hig. 

OvHT-binalun I (liafnl by tka m i Am mbA of ■■*«■, 

And ta tba lalal and Avan'-bmalun I (liaM by 

tUiBuf iUi n«Bil(H>^ paan vllb OMn- 

Tb<if- ralrli wid {dw thr iMrtte 

Bo(i^bMnl«<] mm. aba* k-aff vKM 
Wimi out with ctM ibHr IsMtv fi«« t 
And ymitb. ilill flaabbu Iraa Manw 
Tba rlw Uw uf Km Bn^aJ Ak^ 

iml IiKk irf <b»> Mlt iMir 
Now wshn aiKiw Mitrovii^ Malfei 

itila (Irani*. 
A»d MMTvd vlth wMu tb* ■itxl>'* 

boBvt la txinrd. 
ib IW a-KWHrta-l ptlnrlw. aa ba Tana 

Atma lifr'a awiunrr waata, at timn b Slin «i«k tha lovinc bMft'a aaiu I 
Tanw.!. I 

E*ra al Maatiifai. by lb* oonl, aoral ain A Uttar enp rueh Hb WOal dndB, 
or a amwr and a fanlirr laiHt. I Tba fNMlait milk 1* ui larf «ttb afek 

rMb a* tbr mnra,aMa m tb* <la»- And. Iik»tha aoaP tbaai^ baw ^ 

hll lilasj. 

lik*tba*cn>Dibaa^4ba*« 'j A 
■buldaclac lUlnw MM tOMMd 



rrit alike, witbont, within, 

, all the wom which follow lin ; 

bittrrvflt of the ilU beneath 

«e luail niaii tottrni down to death, 

at wbit'h iilurkft the n^l crowu 

rr«^luln frutn hiii forehi«d down, 

iiri*t4'hi-» fnviu bin iNiwrrlnui hand 

ti-«*ptiv«l M>^i of H«rlf-ir<Hiiiiiaiid, 

in;; with the chain and rod 

niA|^ and the mrw.] of (Sod ; 

rrjiii liiM natun*, day by day, 

uanly virtuen fall away, 

Ifavr him nakeil, blind and mute, 

^Mllikif merging in the brute ! 

mourn the quiet ones who die 
ath atf«'4'titm H tender eye* 
tlifir houNfhuhl and thfir kin 
ri|MMi«Ml com-iibeavcH gatbrntl in 7 
(•|«T. fruni that tranquil soil, 
hoU' har%vst-h<MiHr of (iimI, 
t4i the quit-k and nutft* ring, — hhed 
tran u|Ntn the li^'iiig d«*ad * 
k <»od alii>ve thy doar onra' gro^'t^H, 

»Iifp with Him, — they are not 


t «lirk masu, down the mountain- 

-|M>iihng, like a stream dividea ? — 
\ti, li«M\ Htraggling ruravan, 
1 and lionu* and armed man. 
m< Kin's low crescent, glimnivriug 

•a%*e of watcni to the sihore, 
> up tliat mountain ravalcmle, 
>;lint4 from gun and Hiiear and 

and more near I — now o'er them 

>huilow uf the city wallM. 
to th** si-ntry'ii challnige, drowne^l 
tlif fi**n'e tnimiiet'a charging 

«mn«i ' — 
ii-h of men. the niOAket*!! peal, 
hurt, ahaqi rlang of meeting ^itevl ! 

M<»l»niu vain thy life1ilo«>l |K>ured 
■•*]y on thv fo*-mdn'K Mwoni ! 
o th** ikwi/t nitr to th«* Mrtmg 
latilm of tliv ritfht bi-long ; 
»• who «tnk<^ for Fn-tMlum wears 
mior of the ra|*tirf'i praycrH, 
S;«tnre |irv»(rfni to hix rauM^ 
tr>-ngth of her eternal lawit ; 
' he whcme arm enayn U* bind 
Mnl with eommon ^tet hit kind 

I Strires ervrmore at fearful odds 
j With Nature and the jealous godi, 
I And dares the divad recoil which late 
(Jr soon their right sliall vindicate. 

T is done, — the honied crescent falla I 
The star-tlag flouts the broken wiUU ! 
Joy to the captive husband ! joy 
To thy sirk heart, O brown- locked boy ! 
In sullen wrath the coni|uered Moor 
\Video|icn flings your dunge«m-door. 
And leaves yr free from cell and chain. 
The owners of voursi'lveH again. 
Dark as his allien desert-liom, 
Si>iieil with the Imttle'it Htuin, and worn 
With the long nian-hfA of bin band 
Thn>ugh hottest- wastes of rock and 

sand, — 
Si'ort'hed bv tlu* sun and funiatw-breath 
Of the re<i desert's wind of death, 
With wel(M>me wonU and grasping 

The victor and deliverer stands ! 

The tale u* one of distant ^kies ; 
The dubt of half a century lies 
I'lMin it ; yet its bent's name 
Still lingers on the li|M of Fame. 
Men HiN-ak the firaise of him who gave 
l)eliveram'e to the MtHiniun'A slave. 
Yet dan' to brand with slianie and crime 
The henN's of our land and time, — 
The rtelf- forgetful ones, who >take 
lloim*, name, and life for Freedom*^ 

<om1 mentl bis heart who cannot feel 
The impulrM* of a ht>ly Zi*al, 

j And HeeH not, with hi^ Mm I id eyes. 
The U'AUty of self-hneritiee ! 

I TihMigh in the .sarnnl plmv he standi^ 

I rpliftiiig t^onseeruti'il imndH, 

< rnworthy an* )ii*( li|M to tell 
( >f .b'HUH* martyr- miracle, 
< >r niuiie aright that dread embrace 
(.>f sulfering for a fallen race : 


" JoTF mran* to tHtW 
Atitrmm In her M«t acain, 
AikI let iliiwn fnun M» B«il«lfii ehala 
An •«« of twctcr Brul" 

Bks JoTiaos. 16U 

O iNiKT mn* ami old * 
Thy wonis are prophe«M«'i • 

Forwanl the age of gohl. 
The new Satumian Uea. 


The niii»cr»»l prijri?r 

And horn an uoi in vain ; 

Bi«, bnitlifn I and ^pan 

Thr wny for Salurn* reign. 

Tctuh >lmll oil wUicb UkM 
Fnnn Utiur's Luard ud can ; 

IVriidi ■hall *U whlcb mkliw 
A ■{KoiL-l uT Uir nail t 

FrM- Cram lu baiidi Hue mind. 

Tilt: boilf tram iti* rod ; 
Krt.kni all rtulua tliat blu4 

Jut mrD no loDgrr liiii' 
Behind I heir liruou-ban ; 

Tbruugli til' tvQi duDgniD ahine 
Thn Irw auD and (be itaia. 

Ewtb nwn, at laal, untrul 
Itjr wet, nr fvHt, nr cka, 

Tb* blliFibunl <>rO«d. 
Tlu! brothcrlKwd of mau ; 

Fnud fail, rraft prriab, forth 
Thr roonry-changna dilrrn, 

AdJ (lod'a inll iliinr on cartli, 
Aa now In buviii I 

A* loat nad yofal, ■ 
And fonclaaa m th 
A laKBdcring «aMa _ 
"•'^ tpheM or ■ 

A bint upon ihj b _ 
UntiHuhrd, aii««TiMd M 

O thou who muTBt m 

or atiiriu «ab* ny O' 

lu JvkiuM mdt, iu 

Hio lokl mtniv, lb* Ul U 

Tbat lluw*r .ikI rnilt baciwr«fU imf I 

lu tcr*'<l'<>l nBtrUig, vottb; Uua. 


HAM, IN Till 

So burdrn. 
So, miivnl of dU 
Tlw holy iDonk at 

Than bnvr and tnr oor • 
"' u laid lb> rn>-a uf marl; 
llos djdi4 tbflu. in IbT p'Bi 
Il«t wlUiFia U> Uiia l i f i J rf 


TuotSiH thy daar mftam. Lord, of 
I riiiwIiB mil ill Hii Iml iinli I I'l ' 
I Dm! 1» tby Imraii'a ■>■«{ Doair. Mind 
f T» Um gmt liftbU aliich «'rr it aliiiKd ; 
~~ aMinil. nu rmy, do nanutfa. nu 
bnstti, ~ 
I A iuwh daapolr, a inii<lrrin|t dnth. 

Tn that dark, VFltMiiui homiT Mm* 
Thjr atdrit, liks • anlrtle (Uiim, — 
A Maath of lilp rlcrUkol, 
Awaktatnc aivl tfmnafimiiig all. 
Tfll Ual and ihHllrd in nor fiat 
Th> polaa o( a Uitng haft 

TlMn bww tbrir boaad* lb* hod awl 

TImi •odM th- Uooo of 

Fruni Ibmt bt moth, fnan laaat Id bud. 
Tl» 'lutrk irmtl*! tm|nila> no ; 
And nrih, Kilh llfr from lh« r« 
K ia thy holy (julght fMtd. 

Thy «na* 'd' aalRring and 
A alaff wilbin thy huila t 
In l«tha vbrn faith alone 
Tbi! Uaatn'a aUjia an) 

Tbln. waa I 
lULoUU tbr 
llryotid our vicjon, ' 
Thf hamat-UlDC it 


Shall ' 

■I of amainai Mai 
1 1 infiij na tb» JU 

Dav th* tnn Inr My Ki«, 
Wiib tha blawil aapla !<•«• hm | 
tif Um bum *d anfl ud lair 
Gin le Hrth thi unda on. 

Fur th* fuldvii locks af Kva 

Lrt th> anuuy KHith-Uiid glM !•.,, 


Flawry pillow of rqioie,— 
OrtDge-blouio and budding roie. 

In the lirttiT home of Kva 
l^t the tthininf^ on«*N iv<*eivc her. 
With the Wflcoiiie-voifTed iwahu, 
H-iqt ofgvtld and waving fialni ! 

All it li>(ht and pi*ace with Rva ; 
Thfrv the (Urkn(*?ai ruii»eth never ; 
Ti'-trs Jire wiinsl, and fetter* fall, 
AihI the liunl ittall in all. 

\Vt-*'p nt) more for happy Eva, 

Wn>ii^ an«l Min no nitire shall grieve 

her ; 
I .tre anil |Kiin and wearineu 
l^^t in luv« no uieaKureleM. 

('(*ntle Kva, loving Eva, 
• 'hiM I'onft'H'Wir, true Wlicver, 
LintrntT at the Manter'a knee, 
•* S'.ilTiT »«i"h to fiiine to nie." 

< K for fjith like thine, swo<*t E\'a, 
I.tuhtin:; all the Mili-nin ri%'er, 
Aii'l th** )i|'»o<itig4 uf the ]NM>r 
Wafting to the heavenly ahore ! 


SrF.RR^s of the mintv Norland, 
iHdghter of the VikingM Imld. 

Wr|fi>rnt> to the sunny Vineland, 
Whii'h thy fathers sought of old ! 

S<fft a^ flow of Silja's waten, 

Wh*-n thf intkun of summer shines, 

Stmng as Winter from his mountains 
R'laring through the sleeted pine». 

Ifmrt and ear, we long have lifctenitl 
T>* thy saga, rune, and song, 

A« a liouwhuld joy and preseni'C 
We have known and lovetl thee long. 

Itr the man^on's marble mantel, 
Kijuml th*" hig-walled cabin's hearth. 

Thy 4«-ert thoughts and northern fan- 
Mtvt and mingle with our mirth. 

Ad'I o'er weary spirits keeping 
Siyrruw's night-watch, long and chill, 

Shine tber like thy son «tf summer 
I )rer nudiiight vmlc and hiU. 



We alone to thee are itrangerit 
Thou our friend and teacner art ; 

Come, and know us as we know thee ; 
Let us meet thee heart to heart ! 

Tu our homes and household altan 
We, in tuni, thy steiai would lead 

As thy loving liand lias led us 
O'er the threshold of the Swede. 



The fpring oomcs slowly up this wmj." 


T 18 the noon of the spring-time, yet 

never a binl 
In the wind-sliaken elm or the maple is 

heanl ; 
For gre4*n nieaulow-graHnes wide levels of 

And blowing of drifts where the crocns 

shmiM liluw *. 
Where wind-Hower and violet, amber 

and wliite. 
On south • itloping bmuk Hides should 

smile in the light. 
O'er the (*4>ld wiiiter-liedM of their late- 
waking routs 
The frosty flake eddies, the ice -crystal 

shiM>tj» ; 
And, longing for light, under wind- 
driven heaps. 
Round the Uties of the pine- wood the 

grounil-Iaun'l enrps, 
rnkisMtl of the sunohine, unUiptized of 

With buds M*an*elv swelle<l, which 

KhuuM buDtt into flowers ! 
We wait for thv coming, MWeet wind of 

the sit\n\i ! 
For the tiiuih of thy light wWiga, the 

kivH of thv nHUith ; 
For the yearly ei'angel thou Uarest from 


ResurriTtiim and life to the graves of the 

wmI ! 
rp our long river* valley, for days, have 

nut I'eaM'd 
The wail ami the siiriek of the bitter 

n<»rth«^.<tt, — 
Raw an«l chill, at if winnt»wed through 

ii't's and Miow, 
All till* wrfv frttm the land of the wild 

KHi|uiniau, — 
Until all our dreams of the land of tha 



" Mj dauf^hirr i* A lail* bom. 

Anil ]rou of liiw ilp(pw. 
Dot thr ih*!! 1v r^ni hMr the da/ 

Yku Miik lir'i tMf k to mn." 

H« nl1»l HiK. lo- nltM vnt. 

An<l (nr >tn<l l<»u{ ollxl hf. 

L'litil ■■•■ i-auir lo lt«tiin luwo. 

Ont iq«k' on uicinvt m 

" Vo iklU lulh -liL' Id boinrhold <rari^ 
lUr luuiJ" •«■ iFofl •nil whtlr. 

Yd «»1l l-r 1<»I'>« lo"lii iiul *■]« 
Shr iloth bcT rwl minttt." 

fill (iiiiwy-nMii- inil liirp. 
"Cnnir bJtk-T, rliilil. ini] wr hM«t thoq 

Anil takr m/ puni of gi 
"K«T. not W tnr," hmnuoTMM, 
"HKdl <iw*i KuhlTCn be tM. 

- Wf loinl li»r In lli# pUer of on* 
Thr LoT-l luth ntHy W™ ; 

But. idnn hrr b>«r1 '• in InJanil, 
We gi<r« bff Wk aBiiia I " 

O, IW tkal ■■» iIh Mbita hi twana 

f^r kU M«t mal *WI nnv. 
And MvOUt-T Mill iHtfa um 

lw« Mf« tl«; <I«tI1 la Irvlud. 
A* Toa ■• «p n>i*inn« 

n* idM^wt Galvmy AofC^ 

AihI tin old Inrd'i wilt i* dMdwa r 

And ■ lumi; mail it kr. 
For be Au iMdr hi* men Bnrfclwii. 

Wicb her duling on hi* km*, 


Ix calm uid mid Mtd HbiMB, ooM ^ 
I linj mt old McnaUawd «1m im 
Ujr bttrihKn, wtwrr, ] 

human tMtfM 
ttball uttvr wor& ; M 

Nor dwjhtaitad m;|ui Umr*, martt^ 

Kor dan |MabIliB« Umngk IW |fc> 

innil nor I 
TWr. (TllaliM br dran-. Irt ah faM 
Thr Mill wan *«w* stiU McteA tk 

pni[dirt'* m : 
Rod in rnj hnrt a MM dlvioa* lav 
Than lanwi'a Irwlrr Ml Ua taUa M 1 

TWtn trt n« aut** «llh 

[■; »hi»» 

BnOl mr vsndaiig hMte, Mi m- 

Kol bkr Oa Umint Ib- Ml adMi 

WiUi badi«itd ghaoM wd tvhdaM 

MakiRK a niwtt «« M* e(fMi4 d»^ - 
Hul. Fhfffnl. Im Iha ll(ht awiMi ■# 

WalkJni m om 



WclcMiiift to biin, who, while be strove 

lu Xtrrtk 
The Au«tnaii yoke froiu Maf^yar Decks, 

hnmti* off 
At thi- Miiir hlow the fetters of the 

llrMTinfi the ultar of hit Futher-Uml 
t>o the *iriii Iwhv of frvt^duiu, and 
their by 
Lifting to Heaven a patriot's stainless 
MtM'ki-il nut the God of Justice with a 
liH ? 
M'ho hh»ll lie Freeiiom's mouth-piece T 

Whii hliall ^v« 
ll<T mrlconiing rlR-er to the great fugi- 
tive y 
N«it he whiK all her sacred trusts betray- 

1.4 wMiiir>nng batrk to slavery's hell of 

The M wart by Kussutlis of our land 
af^iin ! 
Nut ho whiwe utterance now from li|Ki 

Tlif )m;:Ie.nian*h of Liberty to wind, 
.\nil i-jtll her hosts beneath the breaking 

ligbt, - 
Th»' ki'^-n rvveille of her mom of fight, — 
in but the hoarse note of the blooil- 
bound's iMiying, 
The wolTit long howl behind the bond- 

msnV tlight ! 
W fur the tongue of him who lies at n^t 
In Vui»<*y'> shaile of patrimoninl 
tre«, — 
lA^t of the Puritan tribunes ami the 

Itejit, — 

To len^l a voii-e to Frvctiom's 5ym]«- 
I thies. 

And hail the «H)ming of the noblest guest 
t The OM World's wrong has given the 
< New Worid of the West ! 



f )li» frienil, kind friend ! lightly down 
I>rop time's snow-flakea on thy crown * \ 
Nerrr be thy sha«iow leas, ' 

Nevrf fail thv cheerfuliien ; ' 

i'mn, that kilh the cat, may plough 
Wrijiklci in the miwr'i brow, 
Datpoi cBvy's spitefol frown, 

Draw the mouths of liigota down, 
riague ambition's dreuiu, and sit 
Heavy im the hy|)ocrite. 
Haunt Uie rieb man's door, and ride 
In the gildeti coach of pride ; — 
liet the fiend fiasH ! — what can he 
Find to do with such as thee T 
Seldom coineH that evil guest 
Where the i-onsciencc lies at rest. 
And brown health ami quiet wit 
Smiling on the thresliold sit. 

1, the uri*hin unto whom. 
In that i»niok(*d and dingy room, 
Wh«Ti' the (list net gave thee rule 
O'er its niggi'ii winter school, 
Thf»u did.*<t t«'iu-h the niVKteries 
Of thiM«' wearj' A H C's, — 
WIh'H', to fill the ever)' pause 
Of thy wise and leanHtl saws. 
Through the cracked and crazy wall 
( anie the cnidle-ixx-k and M|uall, 
And the gooil man's voice, at strife 
With his shrill and tiiisy wife, — 
Luring us by stori«'s old. 
With a comic unction told. 
More than by the elo()uence 
< >f tefKe bircben arguments 
(I>oubtful gain, I fear), to look 
With c(Hnplacem*4' on a lMM>k ! — 
Where the gi'nial |N'<lagngiic 
Hsilf forgot liis ro^ies to tlog, 
<'iting tale or a|ttili>fnie, 
Wisi' nnd ni«*rrv in its drift 


As ohirhiednis' twofold gift. 
Had the little n'ltela known it, 
Iltjutm ft prHth'ntinm monet / 
I, — the niun of middle years. 
In whose sable liM'ks apiteani 
Many a warning fleik of gniy. -• 
]AK>king liack to tluit far ilav. 
Ami thy primal lesMitns, feef 
(rrnteful Mniles my li]M unseal. 
As n*nienibering tbe«>, I blend 
Oltlrn teacher. pT*'s«'nt friend, 
WiMi> with antitiuarian M*iin'h, 
In the scrolls ot State and Church : 
Nameil on histoni*'^ title* |iHgr, 
l*ari>h-clerk and justiiv siigi* ; 
For the ferule's wbolesiime awe 
Wielding now the swunl of law. 

Thp'shing Time's neglectetl sheaves, 
(rathering up the vnttervil leaven 
Which the wrinkle«l Mbyl cast 
CareleM from her as she'|«saed, — 
Twofold citiicn art thou. 



ins rAItOkAMA. 
<M utiuBt I Tb«ti mid Iba SboMdH, Mdlf < 

V«il M (h* iky agunat wba 

■borM 1 wno gnnm 

WtTH •n»'i wiw the trillowjr gnouiai 0*»r tbir KBtlFriag rf Um riM'* )mts 

I»un : Unn'iH-ljr naanu. Soflbt (t, that *• 
And, onwiTil (till, lik* UUtida in tliat know 

nwin WIul uvda mat ripn frM th« a^ 
UKim tiM rvuxh laakii of muif ■ mniiQ' 

Fiam wintEt Ungmng under ■atnmer'i 
And, atill bcTouiI, long line* of fuam 

TMl whrrv IWliJc ralli hU wftTf* ■- 

ftan maiiy ■ iriil«-Up|i*d pint uhI 

UiiiJ lorknl lay, 
Opning *Lth tliiindcnnu pomp the 

w-rl,!-. hiRh* 


"Snrli,~ aaiJ llin ShuviniB, m tli* 

mruiu bU, 

** b tlie DCS Ouiaui of oor IwmI, - 

Tlw IiukI c< pmmiH to Uw Bwanntng 

Wkieh, hivr-liki. (TOili It* uniiiul iut- 

l-lu* r'>rt)>, 
lb tbf poor Soulbron im hii >t>rti-oui 

Swtlird b]r thi rutw of nnnalnnl toil ; 
Tft Europe'! bhUh arcklng home and 

And Ibr lank nofaoiU nf th* nndetuiK 

Wlm, MkiB|- nritlirt, la iMr lor* of 

Ami Ifav fm Umo'i unplitadc of nnfir. 
Bow Uw kg-hat, (or iinaiit ihrlbrt 

Rot (ntun conifort, likr ui Amli'* b 

A Arldi nf «Im1 jrmiT 

VImd, with rWoie Dvm, and fterr- 

r«* ta Ma «luricl 
na htu* >iiM|aiift, Irjr lb* faal obrjml, 

A |«inrul valf hn of lit* puaiu baor. 
Its lust of gn\ii, its atrifr tar fUn aad 

lowM ; 
lla UcL of nunhood. hoBDr, nniiMM. 

Wina-lhnuKliinl acv, Uil Knitmiw. 

bntrtrd ynulh ; 
Not vrt uiitninilful of nch tirftor aiitn, — 
Thg low. Ut li^U, which oo Ih' boriaw 

Like tboaa which ■nnattif MoUa Ml 

Of eknidad *hlM wbM day ta ak^^ 

Floching athwart tbr pnrpla *fm» of 

The hope of mtu^m on iht Uth 

«S^ : — 
I Dtcd no ptopbvt'a «sM, nav ihaiia 

IJk* rtuntUof Aatoii •'« a tm^ 

For now, aa mr. final f and rtM, 
Doth Iha itnad uicd of the fatim biM 
Enl and jpod hiJan u, with *• *«lra 

Thp nn uhI nhad* of Fala'a aJ 

Tbni, wtifa • ham af mmjil WmUmc 

Tb« kry* of Ikrifty UK — tha «rfD- 

■tnwmi Ui. 
The aDftiBa'a paat alaOK tta ifBivwtaC 

Th» aniiri rtnc. Ik* w—uwd hwt af 

Tbr iwwp of Kytla^ Ai myn^ 

wLiillfd liwt. 


A«d, li*M » liniU, 1b (mcllMh ii In )■*, 
Bennii* f n fart 1\k Uiing br '> Ukra ror. 
Tbnv, nrt; ■uiunuactt to Ibc Iwiup atvX 

The nuntnc niother Imtm Im thM 

Tbtra lunninl (iukni^ wwk Md 

ilnilily laltit, 
CiawU tu Ilia iMiJi, Mill fran vo luiki) 

wimiilAlni ; 
in'l •Ml-y»l KkIwU, cbUdlm in d»- 

Wwp fnr thf ir lori onn wild and torn 

«•■)- 1 
ur ampkr iur> ihii muter'* ilvcIUujt 

■u ■)•><. 
In itulil? kivplns <llh hi* h>lr-till*<l 

Th« g>1" unhlngnl, Ibc ^anl witb wpcdi 

Sinai lA iiiUnilr loit kiknui of nnthrlft ; 
WHhiii. |iroru>icin ui aiKianfurt Jninnl, 
Th* li>llw Inly mil tbii vaouit mind ; 
Th« fmr. ibr h<t«, the ibrfl utd hlie- 

hood, hom 
In rnniial ImiU nttoil, >nd Kri[i«, u)d 


Thm*. ill tl><> 

wbirh, Uko t'inlt 

BUtm DO tUrny liathionw uJ un- 

Ptm th> (uul kllfhrn to llie parior riw. 
(■dlhlti th» nunwr; «h«» llw child b>il 

T.i:,' ■ r '■ ■ • ■i.InlliftCTcnn', 

T I .III witb Ihv 

f'l I '.■ ilf^l IL« bliuh 

So •watt*, !ruu l«w tn llJKh, IVw v<«h 

U. >tr<-i>K, 
Tlu> tntpe rhutni nf thr bilrfal Tonf 

a«Ut* m saillin^ all wiiliiD lt> nage 
Fact U> Uwd jiMin of iU mm i*?i-n|p. 

to M flu Jtera*^ Arfw 
A bdl of runn OD tl» !(«« WaWa 

Th* nirtsln r*lt. All ibvw a frHr 

Ai mrn an- wout to do i 

Ii hitpthI rrom thiiriicbt. Tba 8 

man atood 
With dtajftng Worn it m 
Oat, BiMnait, ibcn «Uh andiSn gtma 

Hin looH hair back, umI with Iha «r 

or i>nv « hu M\, btTond tlo lumm abw 
And llitraitig gnttp, the ptnou* af uib 

And hi*rd the fouUtrp ■( th* tMa^ la 

Ponrtd out bit aaal ia cannt «iud* «•< 

"Ofriendal- h>i^ "la thk mw 

trick at |«iM 

Of thn i«o-&i>Bt«l FMnn, «Ua^ w- 

Kuu.U dim BU-1 lUnt, waiUai in yw 

To-d«y. j"nir wroMt, •olij"! m »■» 

To-niflmnr. nmaur, a* tut k 
ir tbr lUrk bfc of liUirri 
U tbi nuul rntw Ha f^W' I ' 
irihisoridpanary ollk' '<« : < • 
Tbf lartfoalnmrkptortk'-U' > -ii.i-. 
Wbjr rail at Ikte I Tk tnik lu'i i- .r 

•' Mrn of th* N«lh ■ TlM 9avCk ym 

• luuvr with ■ 

la wrmk ■ ' 

If ■innliona, — Idlr Mai ali 
tnorlug Tbg uld-tinw imMtka wd t 

ir, vlula y«« ai* t 

8tDl **«•• Ilk- I! 

A»ti mfKla. - - - . 

Dp the loHit Kntrni a1»[>|« tb< bli|tht- Unr |[hi»ta nf UBi^iu— , tBtib. ^rf 

li^ alralt : I dr«l banka, 

Pitwg the rariAr tlopr ihr »<ril fttr 

««j„i«._. ...1 i.^_.j_. ^,^, joutraBka,' 

t b . Tmw lhr*t ■ 

OUdca like a ibaduw In I1h< Golden Gate '. 



Tlie JostM nation to it« priiml truck. 
JiMjt vfiv you aiiaply ttemdfast, uutnly, 

fnii* to thr faith your fathern )pft in trust, 
If ■tjainl«-ss buiior outwrigh«d in your 

A cinlfinh tpiintal or a fai'tory liale, 

Full many a noiili* heart, (and surh remain • 

lu all tti'r South, like Lot in Siiidim'a ' 

Who wat'-h and wait, and from the 

wphi^'n rontrol 
Kerp IK hill* anil pure their chastity of 

Now fti> k to iuathing of your weak com- 

Your tnt-k<« a^ sinwrrii, and your prayers 

at Nfiiut.s 
Would half-wuy meet the frankness of 

vtiiir t'lne. 
And fe**l thfir pulses beating with your 


••TIm' North: the South! no g«H>- 

^ipliir line 
i*ari i\\ tli«* UMindary or the point ili'tim*. 
SiD'>' «'j< ii «ith eai'h ho closely inter- 

Whrr*' Si.ivi-ry rises, and where Freedom 

Bru*-;ith ytiur rucks the niots, far-n*acli- 

in^. hide 
(H* ih- f>-U I'lKis on the Southeni side ; 
Th«- trvf whov lirani'hes in vour north- 

w itnU wavi> j 

I>rrip{ii*>l i*<t yoTin^c MosMmis on Mount ' 

Tbf nur>liii:; Kf^mth of Montii-ello*Hrr<'st i 
Is n«iw til'" ijltiry of I he fn*** N<inhwi»st ; ' 
T'l Ut'- ttw nijxinw of her olden M-hthd i 
Vin;ini I li-^it-netl fmni thy li|Ms Uantoul ; 
S^wari'« »onU of |N)wer, and Sumner's . 

fp"«h n-nown. 
Flow fro:it the {leu that Jetferson laid 

d'lwn ' 
And «h-n, at length, her years of mail- 

n»**» "Vr, 
luV" ill*- • piwned grazer on Kuphnitts* 

Fntm h'-r I<ing lapse to saragi'r>', her 

Kittrr «i!h t«neful herls4(is turns the 


Kr«unitn h'T old attire, and seeks to 

ll»>r unkempt tmmiMiat theftlassof tnith. 
Her early (alUi ahall find a tongue again. 

New Wythes and Piuckneys swell thai 
old refrain. 

Her sons with yours renew the ancient 

The myth of Tnion prove at last a (act 1 

Then, if one munnur mars the wide con- 

Some Northern lip will drawl the laat 

Some rnion-savin}( imtriot of your own 

Lament to find hit* oocu|iatioii gone. 

"Grant that the North's insulte«l, 

st'onied, U'tniyir^l, 
O'em'aohitl in bai^^ins with her neigh- 
bur made. 
When helfish thrift and i>arty held the 

For {Mildling dicker, not for honest 

Sides, — 
Whom Hhall we strike f Who most de- 

MTves our blam«' ? 
The Itni^irt Southron, oiN>n in his 

And liold OS \vicke<l, crushing Mtraight 

through all 
That liars his iiuriMi4<*, like a cannon-liall ? 
Or the mean traitor, bri'athin^ northern 

With nasiil siH*e4-h and ]>urituiiic hair, 
WhiiMe cant tlie loss of ]irinti|ile surviren. 
Am the muil-turtle e'i*ii its hi*iid oiitlivfs ; 
Wiio, caiiifht, chin -buried in some foul 


Tuts on a IiM>k of injun-il inniHvnce, 

And coiiofiTHtrs his li:is««]|i>Ns to tile caUfte 

Of ctMistitution, union, and the lawit f 

** Praisi* to the place-man who can hold 

Min still unpurchased manhoiMl, ollice- 

priMif ; 
Who fill bin round of iluty walkn en'ct. 
Anil b-aves it only rich in M'lf-resiMvt, -^ 
A'* M«>KK maintained hi-t virtues lofty 

In the Ki^bth Henry's Kim' and bbxHly 

Ihit, if rxceptions ben* ami then* are 

Who tn'ad thus safely on encbant<il 

The normal tyjM>, the tittin;* f*ymU»l »itill 
Of tbo<>e ulio fiitien at the ]»tiliiic niill. 
Is the ibainetl tbt^ beside his master's 

Or Ciki'K's rictim, feeding on all four 1 


im rAjtoujiA. 

who, at tnck of . 

" Oita DM Um b«i«M who, at tnck Of , " Snub >ra Ui* Bwn aba, wllb li 

drum, I tir* inmd, 

gaJat* thy rtaff. numoTtal QuattktniBi I , WheaPTur Kronlom Ufto 1^ 4nsffaf 
Ot Uir]r Bho. doubl)' inunl with voUi knul, 

miiil Kun, I Ukko iirapbct-Uipada id Uwdt itti» 

Follnwius Ifaj loul, illiutrioiu Akliuon. ' ■looU. 

Thru drunkvii ftiuicbui' lUitTt Ima kcoc And aoiv Uie uuneria uul ihc <l 

In wHUn. I ifliuol* 

A> lilr-U'itKl JininUn 4id hu guUlo- Wlth<lln'|iii'w|piorruineKina«ilg[ 

tinv t -~ A liroki'Ii I'uiori aliil ■ tuuu-lnnl W' 

BatliM' Uiau him who, born bruvlh our Sui'b tr* th« |«tH()Ui ■ 

■kii'*, I aukfl 

ToSUtrrj't hatul ita Mitiplat hwl Rl|>- <)f o(liw,IOMt)rwfof IhmfOWa U y'M 
pli-«, ~ I Who Gil thnuclrcs llu haoftj jf~ 

tha partj rdan whiu> uoUiudiius f*n { ITalr, 

Ltfoki (h>ui tlic |iil]arj ut hi« hrilic of And by ihi-lr li 

'• IWna of Ika ll««t^ Ha tuAxi 

iUiDOlh ■ — 
Thorn tnudrrn Kmik bwtvrtng rl|[bU fiir 

broth ? Whpti ■iKD» Mormnott, h«nlr om 

Tuiu our jiuUcv, with their iloablr Si»aiiin««orft»*JnM In hk timtJ iw y m 

Who. if Max fnl-Kift DVV liMMsb Ite 

A* TooU for pity, uul m 

Who. antrJ by |art7, •■rt, 

Tha trll rmbnc* df Sbnt;'* ifibcr* «f 

Part mt ifaf nutlet «ith their noral a 

Tbc sftichfol »ngf\ Ht fur Tmth' 

CobImiiiiI all [anlnaU. goal and UJ ; 

Tha pola fd lUa, lU himBitig ud iU 

AadlHetIi*9i»ferth b<ani tMrpCTnrtdl 

Tlw Ftrnid dlfTrmcB 't«Ut tfaa artraig 

Tii thrill il» iMm U liut til* iTm apui 
That irlnU 1h> anklH ul lit>l'rul«l man 
Tn Ibrm th> t)w|vl Iim bu hlxbrt ■ini 
Tban iiiD)il» BDcUun of tha naaur'* 

Pfiil in Um allur af Sbrarr'a kalli- 

Klaab noftliwanl. lalnrtsar Is bwrt htm 

Or, If ion. lirWilMr, l]rl» fn* iltaMW. 
Caurla the mklU tialiani U tW hMttktfa 

With hUK utl KTT pwaa* fatm <m h» 

And -rit. " 

Itiu-ii aiT> tlic moi oba loTt th* pi>dW* 

Vfhilf faring Aoalli, to l>«in lba4rin^a 

Or, in Klillir MEkrloth, aooUw wttk fda«a 

Tb> Knn-ful aoRon of vma UajiM 

Wbo, fKan Um wiwk oflin Immw— I, 

Tha itoutil* rhartn of widov^Nd aari 

niant and aK ihfjr Imb id -*- f* 

To vhat l«a* daptba afOMaqr a 



tlDtilo ilM natiTw In their mdinm ! Sell your old homeBtead underneath your 

To nmht m, iifvn>, or to ntob a prfwi ; ft^et ! 

Poise a Urr^r Mchoolioate on the lynch- 1 While audi u these your loftiest oatlooka 

While tnitli and con.scien<» vrith your 

wares are itold. 
While graYe-bruw«'d nierfhauta hand 

tilt* ni«elvi*)i to aid 
An annual mau-huiit t'ur their Southern 

What moral |iower within your gnap 

To stay the niischivf on Nebraska** 

]tlaiiij« ? — 
Hi^h as the tides of gt*n«*rous iiu|>ulae 

As far rolU U&ck the selfish undertow ; 
And all yuur hruve ruMtlvcs, though 

aiini*d as tnie 
As th«* huFMe* pistol Ikiliiuiwhupple drew. 
To Slavery's bwitioiu Irud as slight a 

As the iNM>r tnM»iM'rs shot to Stirling 

rock ! 

" Yet, while the nee<l of Freedom*! tlcniiiutU 
Tlie earnest etlbrts of your uearts and 

Trged by all motives that can prompt 

thr hi'urt 
To prayrr au«l toil and manhood's man- 
litest iiiirt ; 
Though to ttie soul's dt*ep tocMU Nature 

The waniiiig whis]MT of h«-r Orphic piuea. 
The north -wind's aiip-T, and the iM>uth« 

wintl's si^h, 
The miilni^ht swurtl -dance of the north- 

fni sky. 
And, to the ear that liends al)ove th« 

< X the gn'en grave-mounds in the Fields 

of ImnI, 

er's rail. 
Or make a bonfire of their birthplace 
mail ! 

*' So imme iioor wretch, whose Hihi no 

longer hear 
Thr 4«u n*«l bunlen of his mother's prayer, 
Rv ff-ar impelled, or luMtof gold entiiiii. 
Turn A to tin* (.*rvM:eut from the Cross of 

< "hnsl. 
And, ovi'r-acting in sui)erfluons zeal, 
CnAwls pntAtrate where the faithful only 

Out -howls the Denriah, hugs his rags to 

(Oil ft 

Thi* %i)ualid Santim's sanctity of dirt ; 
And, whi'U beneath the city gateway's 

Kili-s ttlow and long the Meet^an caravan. 
And thntuf^h its midst, puniuedby Ulam's 

Th*- prtiplirt'n Word some favored camel 

Th»* nMrkevi apostate has his place a»- 

Th*- KoR&n-Wan'r's sacretl rump behind. 
With bnuh and pitcher following, grave 

an^l mute, 
in meirk attendance on the holy brute ! 

"Men of the North! beneath your 

viTV even, 
By hearth and home, your real danger 

."^tiU day bv day some hold of freedom 

T)ir«iu>;h hi»me-bfvd traiton fed within 

it^ «alU. - - 
M'^n «h<irn voursflvea with vote and 

pur>i* <«u4tain, 
A? |«i%ts of htmor, inflnence, ami gain ; 
Th- riicbt of Slavery to your sons to ' In low, d«fpmumiun«of rebukeorrheir, 

t*-ach, • Tlie land's dead fathers siirak their ho|)0 

Vn^l "South-siile" Ooapels in your pul- 

or fear. 

pits preach, , Yet let not Passion wn>st from Keason*! 

Transfix ihf Ijsw to anrient friHHlom dear ' hand 

• »n flif^haqi I Hiint of her subvert e«l spear. The guiding rein and syiuUd of com- 
Ah'l imttat** ufMin her cushion plump mand. 

The nufl Mi^nwiurian lynching from his Blame not th* caution profTrriiig to your 

stump ; I /fid 

I ^, in your name, upon the Senate's floor A well-UH'ant drag ufton its hurrj'ing 
YirkJ np to Slavery all it asks, and more ; whti-1 ; 

And, rr^ yonr dull eyas open to the Nor chide the man whose honest doubl 

1 cxtenda 

tus ruiotJMk. 

To th* mMii* onlf, not tb« righti<oai 

Noi fail lu wngh ths urraiiln kiiJ tb( 

Of mitdrr Datum wd ■enucr thui. 
lu tlu' ]„„K •Uifc wlih **il whU'h ■>>-«*» 
Wxtli ilir' lint Isiw uf tini'-crMlMl uuu 
U'i»<-I) ,,A <..-ll liu I'nivlilrriro unlKiK 
Til •'«']> 111! |«Lrt, — •mnr furviuit, tun 

And Itry. loo, *erre irbo tonpcr uiii 

Tbc o'enrarm b«n that hU dd &ni ibe 

Ten* tn vounolrai, iird Frmdom's ilUr- 

WiUi *iiat juu lutv ; let otlinr* do ttM 

Spiif tiiiilil duubltn 1 vt Ukv flint jvur 

Afkiiul llie aflf-tuld kna*» of guo atwl 

Pttf 111* *ntk { but irllh uiujiaHiig tuunl 
Cm! out tlw tniton «liu lufat Um 

IukI. - 
Prodi li*r. lima, pnlliil. nat thcin rrrty- 

By dint o( hiting, if jron f»il br pnyn. 
Aiid in tlinr pUa fanog idrii ol uitliiaB 

lik' lb'' Knv* Iklhint of fonr A^ oT 

■■nnuU looii 
Of rigfiirmLi law, 

Mounl ; 
La«7m wbo pHn. lite ftniiK7, (to 

Still *|i*ml, llMTfD blm hhn t) booor 

And Oiiiatiui jiuiMi, >talT]r-|ian, like 

Pnkcbm Ilka Woolnuu). OT like tfaaln 

Tb» failb uf Vi'niry tn onr Vratm •bon^ 
And lirlil Du nintart it*nulo> till ha bmki- 
Allk' li<* •n^u.t*' wd thr IWIl'* yuk< ; 
AaditrtHUUk'' him vbnNovinrt'aiDv- 

krt lR>d, 
And o'rr ita (lan-^iia iboak lb* hnlta 

of Cod • 

8a iImII foar pnvtf, <ritb ■ viK prnArM* 

Hot natntal bono-boni ri^l lo tn 

And Invir her lot tiS» nUwHNgU, 

Ut(, u tlu takku iloa ia Ui ad 
fi^ 1 

Ufr, Mill* voir dcM>bU> 

U**, cliilhnl Mlib cuninit Uka a imIb i 
Thp focal pirinl id mflUaB-fttiH 

l4<e, till (br SoUthroD, «1iA, with »li h 

llaa manl; iartlncU, b hk prtda n 

IXibw froB 00 Um, nUit Iha ^ 

wnild'a chma. 
Tlu IuUpoiu nt^ilnai* of UaittMk • 

And liftis •rlf'pTonptod, Kitli Ua a« 

rlxht hanU 
Tbr tlh- n»-uiDbtUK» tm Ua gbfin 


Ita aidtnlDx dnki !• lb* SosUt • 

Wbrn'iT ou faanaa 

Ita (Dimk *]denika aad ita cl 

TbTR UuU PiH Ubot'a hanly d 

Th- Hinal unrrrigOM el • *lat*)HM tl 
And «hpn at laai th* \muuA Mm« ti 
And din a*>itikn hj lb* aifMil 

And matwutl, warr lat wart, Iha Ih 

Rt«aki o« tb* mow-Um of 

And loorif Stete UMmI^ hM* 

or Karerr'a Iktrhairarf ddUxs, 






Mj Uhk in done. The Showman and 

hb show, 
TbemaelvM but shadows, into shadows 

And, if nu song of idl<*fl8e I have son^;, 

Some homely idyl of my native North, 
Some summer |Nistoral of her inland 

Or, grim and weird, het winter fireaide 


N'ltr tints of beauty on the canvas ; Hauntetl by ghosts of unretumlng 

flung, — sails, — 

If the harsh numbers grate on tender ■ IxMt barks at parting hung from atem 


And the n«ugh picture overwrought a]>- 
in-ans — 

to helm 
With pmyers of love like dreams on 
Virgil'n elm. 
With dt^iifr coloring, with a sterner Nor private grief nor malice holds my 


|>en ; 

Ri'fore my nouI a voice and vision iiasseil, I owe but kindness to my fellow-men ; 
Such as might Hilton's jarring trump And, South or North, wherever hearts 

renuire, | of prayer 

Or glooms of Dante fringed with lurid Their woes and weakness to our Father 


0, not of choice, for themes of public 


Wherever fruits of Christian lore ars 

1 Ifmre the green and pleasant paths of ' In holy livesi, to me is holy ground. 

song, — 
The miltl, sweet words which soften and 

For griding taunt and bitter laugh of 

More dear to me some song of private 


But the time posses. It were vain to 

A late indulgence. What 1 had 1 

Forset the poet, but his waminf^ heed. 
And sliame his poor word with yonr 

nobler deed. 



I. !cooy. 
Wnrrv clouds, whose shadows haunt 

the der|ii, 
IJght mists, whose soft embraces keep 
The sanshine on the hilb asleep ! 

O bleu of calm ! — O (Uric, still wood ! 
And stiller skifs that overbnMHl 
Yoor rest with deeper quietude ! 

O ahApei and huei, dim beckoning, 

Yoo moantain ipipa, my longing view 
Beyuod the purple and the blue, 

Transfused through you, mountaii 

frii*nds ! 
With niin«» your solemn spirit blends, 
And life no more hsth sfiwrate ends. 

I ri»a<l each mi^ty mountain nign, 
\ I know thr v«»if<* of wavi* and pine, 
; And 1 am voura, and ve are mine. 

Life's Yuirdens fall, its distronls cease^ 

1 lajiM* into the gUd nleam* 

Of Nature's own extTfding |iesce. 

To itiller tea and greener Und, 

Aad aolter lights and airs more bland, 

kad akk^ — the hollow of Ood's hand \ 

• O, welcome calm of heart ami mind I 
I As falls yon tir-tree'< loosrneil rind 
' To leave a tenderer growth behind. 

So fall the wfarr vears awav ; 
A child again, my head 1 lav 
I* {ion the lap of this sweet daj. 



itnii wind huth LxUiflui poveta, i Atr rih-nt, mn llw atidErtTa . 
mlay I'iuuil ni^mitliK dKiirin, I Anil kio n^oaw of baf anl 
Tb* lakK U wtut* wlUi luluK-lluoi-n I 

Fuir ■FTDr* I *h>mloU» Ihtfi 
Eten I>aty'B roiue it faint and Ww, | Make rival lotc, I Imn ji 

And iluiiibrnina CoimciniFc. wakinj; Wbat liiDB Ivfore ibc aaaten 

duw, Tlir paU 2b<Ml of llw Klti^ 

Foritcia Iwr blotted acroll to "■ — 

Thr it|ud"« wlilcb {"tnun 


lu call, — 

Tliat Sbadn Ucoda irUh funintBia 

1 1 IIM^ Inil what 1 lit 1i|{bt waru ay, - - 
DbiUi lalkji aiian tnim Fnr hi-ilaf t 

KtKkiol on brr btruU (hiw* viarm and 1 
AUk< on Xaliini Wvr rFjy : 
And n{aal kfhu to li>f or dk- 

A«iin^ thai tlr* whoH l uuti w flili 
Wltk llRbi ibn >!«»« of thnM UIU 
Ku tvil lu y* cmtona willi^ 

Tht aimnlr fiui3i rmuiiA that lie 

Win do. -hatcrn tbat maT b.. 
Tbe Iwat allkf for man aiid tm. 

What RiOMr* rm-t on- ahiR grow, 
What light and tlf* ih« otbrr know, 
fnauzloiu, iMTing lilm to abuv. 



How lUrt lo liifht tbr •Itutnitig lalfK 
Each idlvrt-brmiBnl I Uuw alwriilj 

llu iIumIdw* or Ihflr rodr pHra. 
Aad tn«-tapa In tbi waT* brluw ! 

Hmr fu and rinnge llir nmnlala* 
DiM-looadiV tfanngh tka nk, rtlll 
IV mv*, «Mt 9ImbId« at • 4n«B, 


Gaj-hrartfd Hatlh. 

Bat D(in« (hall ttunr rv^mh) b«*v 

Tb<w walen and Ih^ liQU Ihn ' 
Or. dlatanl, fondrr dnun Iww p*v 

Or dawB i> jmintiiig m 

I wmlla kiBd IfaMia lo ta^Mt 
N'T rbnlcmafta t*Mcba»fKlk 

i» 'ntnno* lo hrr toving Waft 
TbnNif^ lb* ahuf Jiirt|J t— <0 fa^ 

r tram ihr Hand tlial uka* ■ 
M^iinffr ■ ---■ 

D. «alch(d % Sikw> aad tW 

And folM m lU Mnu mI 

or llip gnml — "— "t—^ Ah d 

Uko of lb* Xonklud • Wp Ilk; 4k« 
or btaotT iltia, aad «l>fk aba** 

Tin wlnm wonaMM ip-k of 

Ba ihn Ih* Kiiiw af M-* ki 




HTiioMi, upwi'llinf^ praven of faith, 
FrxMii iriiiiriiit fountH of liff? vf ntart, — 

Tlif ^iiirit't pills**, tli« vital bmiih 
I tf M»iil ami heart ! 

Knim p:istnrul toil, from traffic'ii din. 
All in**, ill rntwiU, at honK*, abroad, 

I'lihrunl i»f man. ye enter in 
Tht' <Mr of ( SimI. 

Ye >iriNik no fon*etl and meaiiurpd tasks, 
Nor wiMin* TxAi\ nor fomml chaina ; 

Tilt* simple ln'urt, that frwly aaks 
III lovc, obtain A. 

For tin* livin;^ temnle is : 
Thi' nil 'n>y -seat and enerubim. 

And sill thf holv mysteries, 
\lv U^an witfi him. 

Anil nio<<t avaiU the prarer of love, 
Whii'h. worxlleaa, sfiapes itwdf in 

And w^arifM Heaven for naught above 
Hur I'ommon needs. 

Whi'h brinfT* to Ood's all -perfect will 
That tnMt of his undoubtinf^ child 

Whfn-by all Sf«^iing goo<l and ill 
An* n^-twiriliil. 

And, scfkin^ not for special signs 

Of faviit, is nintent to fall 
Within the pmvi«lence which shines 

Anil nint on all. 

A Ion", thf* Thel*id hermit leane<l 
A! ntwtntinie o'er the sacred wonl. 

Wa« it an anf^d or a fiend 
Who*- voii*e he heard f 

It lirrikf the desert's hnsh of awe, 
.\ humsn utterance, sweet and mild ; 

In I. I'Mikinff up, the hermit saw 
A littlo rhild. 

A rhihl. with wonder-widened eyes, 
^>Vniwc*| anil tmuble<l by the sight 

Of hot, T*A sand«, and brazen skies 
And anchorite. 

' What do^t thon here, poor man ? No 
Of cooU gncn douiufi nor gnaiy nor 

' Nor com, nor vines.** The hermit 

said * 
' "With God 1 dwell. 

" Alone with Him in this great calm, 

I live nut by the outward senne ; 
My Nile hifl love, niy sheltering pnlm 

II in providence." ' 

The child gazed round him. '* Doei 
Goil live 

Hen' only ! — where the desert's rim 
Is gn*en with corn, at moni and eve, 

/re pray to Him. 

. " My bnithcr tills lieside the Nile 
Hirt little (it'ld : l)encath the leaves 
My sisteni sit and spin the while. 
My mother weave*. 

"And when the millet's ri|>e heada fall, 
And all the l»ean*tield hangs in |km1, 

Mv mother smiles, and says that all 
Are gifts from God. 

'* And when to share our evening meal. 
She calls the strangiT at the do«»r. 

She says (;o«l fills the hands that deal 
Koo<i to the floor." 

Adown the hermit's wasteil cheeks 
Gli»iten<'«l the flow of human tears ; 

••Dear I»nl!" he said, -thy angel 
Thy servant hears." 

Within his arms the child he took. 
And thought of home and life with 
men ; 

And all his pilgrim feet forsook 
Ketumed again. 

The |)almy shadows cool and long. 
The eyes that smileil through lavish 

Home*«i craille-h%'mn and harvest-mng, 
And bleat of flocks. 

"O child : " he said, ••thou teachest DM 
There i"< no pla«-e when* GimI is m)t ; 

That love will make, where'er it lie, 
A holy spot." 

He rose from off the desert sand. 
And, ]t*aTiing on his staff of thorn. 

Went, with the young child, hand* in 
Like night with mom. 


I nutliiig 
The Nllc-bini'i cry. the low oTIuhp, 

CnqiuMluiiing, hl> clilldkb gold* 

l(r rnlluonl.. tli« mall hud Ud 
To vlw'i* a ■•niisii, gvullC'Vjrnl, 


Ami If t — with *iidil«ii waniilii aad 
A Unibr mnnarr UiriUtd lin hum 
Vcw-hoin, tlir urorld-liMt koeborlt* 

e not oiia inolb- 


■ fl kin nt hlTMid ! — Thy Ult of um 

AbiI pui'dt tn»t l> man tbu mla*: 
-lad iHirt than tb" sTmy ivdiu* 

"Fat, taojhl uT him vhom God hath 

That tiitl U )ir*Ur, and Ion U pnjrr, 
I eoDiF. Iir<i'( mrra uml jialna eoMIMIt 

With th» to ahu*. " 

K*rti u hi* taor ihi thrrahold rnnnl. 

The hnmit'i fcpttM llf* btno j 
It* bolini Miot tba TbcbaU W, 


Kn mv" ihro dnidp flown iMloag 
Te Arottbh toaid wl lorn i 

fcvii In Ih* cummon (uil of mnft 
Tb*]r bloaiB th* *l>lc wnHd otn 

In anila and tnn, iti «■ 

Wild hrBthrt-bell* U>d RobM 

The inoarluid Oovet and p 

Iluw, at thdr niratlMi, luw 

TIm iUw* iliai wubid Iha dnit aaj 

With golda ttirMda «f IdMm. 

I Mil lu mind tka namM A»j. 

Tlw wHr hsrcoi nuaiu 
Tbr (kjr with «ui ud doada at pU;, 

And llii««ni with !««■■ UdvUik, 

I litu thr tilacktnnl In th* M«n, 
Thr IfKiHi HI ihi luybix ; 

AikI. ilk> Ihr ral.UI hnntn'a hnnt. 
t)ld tUBFt mjr hnut ii jdajii^p 

Ilo* oft that dajr. «i>l> food d^7, 
I Knight the nulpl*'* >liadaw. 

And wna vith nnma llw hiw* awn, 
PargiUal sT tba SMdo* I 

1 wairhfit him whthi tn ifnti** Ma4 
I n«d " IV TW flaaa' ~ i* tj . 

And kaU Iidlr>c4 W nwbnuod 
The pact'* aUrcHy. 

Svert daji. n*rt laa^! — TW faM* 
I fanST Mvd Unl WSTmIm 

Tb* Mlartnl and iha Itaate, 

!Ir« llchi (in hom* wi> Xatar* h 

Nnr alorT D»r WoMrta ) 
Awl daU; IU« aad dnt; ««m1 


™itti^«ngM ; iwn 

ir itintt of httt from 1«» ; 
And MiTl'n in Ihi' flnt of htrv 

:itl uiiia^nri' n( llu Ught ; 

__ »lfi>l lrli.lKni« ■ chilli. 

A itinnit null in thr right. 

Fnmi wtist i;t>«I |>«riU, 

nr liimi.i, iii |ir»j«, [rii«« ; 
ThniUKh ■<i»i uliyuiiat iihailiiiii ky 
nil )«l]i«>a}' uiilA jnac*, 

God knuwi^tli r <ri* nmid oo\j m 
Tlic (runijuil ■InnKtli ht guneJ ; 

Tbr boiulagr ImI in Cbrrtr, 
The f»i ill love unfcigiwd. 

Lov Wwnl in •ilmt cntltndf, 

Ht REUiliwxl'g linit nijuji 
Tlul rvTriniff for tlir pure iDtl pad 

Wkicb lilfanl Uw dnatning bo}'i. 

Btin *hlnr* tht IlichI of balv Urn 

Liku tEjir-linuii* uTtf ilouM ; 
brh «ii>t«1 tnxniuqr. Cliri«lllk*, drirta 

•1 miniunr. OirMll 


frinu) ' O \mAh*r t iwt fat nia 
Thr lifn ■> ralm «nd trmv 

Th* mItt droppjnit of tba imla, 
Tbr hll ut tumnMr dra ! 

■ aiLiff tviplrtKil hrarta I«t« 


To U7 Uwa doini likf Urn. 

17 1m nj, yrl itmUaal 
p M In 7*Nllti> 
rt found ihiv •Mrinf 1 
4 M«d «f Us mth. 

todk.ftdd cbwd tb I 

,_ a ai-«Unl JkUdd, 

Rb aunl nfl tbw on Uui «raj. 
Awl k«l U* am la lht»«. 

UFthintu the mound which «uutafl 

Hi«ht MiMout Und and ain 
A* nwr, ur iiht. to Itfn Ih* JmJ 

Who lou.:hai lh« ^npbM'a pwnu I 

Omi (Uy, doE« tlip Fl*c«ic wbr 
HU muil} aotd fur FnMlaoi apet ; 

W« rmm' D'tt morn : UmI luMftw ■< iit 
Slid onlj, " Ur wUv )|i*lw i> d^ ' ' 

Dnd I vhilt hU rna *w liituc yrt. 

In (chori round Uw lillUtTd Aamt : 
t>r«I ! whiU hU liluttfA t^> k« «*t 

With UirBm of *Ute ud Ixw <« 

Pettd t in that mnmiiy IP^i* fi Ua«^ 

That triumtli of BIW'* *^lfc bw( T 

DMd t okih «« nalchad U* 'iiiri 

Bnakbon tlw •low bad IMS Own I 

Dnd t hriD gnat. u»lM(N«, and v^ 
WhU> th< M«a tkoMda y«t 4fM 
How daTvnfdL ihran^ UmI diwd ■■> 

Tb> iiiyilPty Mil tW t«« of daMk I 

Fnim thr high plan ahtwoa aar vMa 
Uad bunr hnn, di«(, f^«^ aMw> 

Oar diMnrian wtltfau) In Ua »!■* 
For th. Um 1«ttla ■( tb> nrid. ~ 
Th* AntMjH>l>B •< tk »>■■ 

Vbirh win* th* IViiilnw «€• Ind : 

And llfU Ibr hoMti fi^A, iW aMfd 
Wliirh droppad froM BMifdni'a 4y 

For h* )»d «l at SUInrr'i fM. 

And nUad «illi Fy« wd T»- 



kn^ tbrensh Uw centnriei, felt the beat 
Of Krwdon't march in Cromwell's 

He knrv the iwthii the worthies held, 
Whrrv Kii^Umrs himt and wiMutit tmtl ; 

And, lingering, druik the springs that 
R«*neath tho touch of Milton's rod. 

N'l wild rnthusiast of the right, 
S<*lf-|M>is(-d and clrar, he nliowed alway 

Th" o<Mdiii*iM of his northern night. 
The ri|ii* repose of autumn's day. 

II i< <te(M wiTc slow, yet forwanl still 
He iin'sMil where othtrrs fiaubed or 
Uilnl ; 

Tho i-aIiii<itarelonibwith constant will, — 
The restleMk meteor llasheti and iialtNl ! 

Skillful in its subtlest wile, he know 
Ami owni-<l thi' highfr endA of Law ; 

Kiill rose ntaj«'^ti«: on his vifw 

The awful Shape the schoolman saw. 

IltT home the heart of (to<l ; her voice 
The chtiral haniK>iii«-s whereby 

Tlie ^toTH, through all their spheres, re- 
The rhythmic rule of earth and sky ! 

Wr naw his great powers misappHM 
To |H»(»r ambitions ; yet, through alt, 

Wi* saw him take the weaker Hidi\ 
And right the wronged, and fn-c the 

Now, looking oVr the frozen North, 
For one likf him in woni anil act. 

To i-all hrr old, free sjrtrit forth. 

And give h<*r (aith the life of 
fait, — 

To br««k her party bonds of shame, 
An<l lalior with the zeal of him 

To makf* th«* Dfmocratic name 
Of Librity the synon}-:ni% - 

Wi* sweep the land from hill to straml. 
We setfk the strong, the wim*, the 

And, sail of heart, return to stand 
In aili*uce by a new.maile grave ! 

There, where hU brerty hills of home 
Look out upon his tail -white seasi 

The sounds of winds and waten oome, 
And shuiN* themselves to words like 
these : 

" Why, murmuring, mourn that he^ 
who»e |M>wcr 

Was lent to Turty over-long, 
Heanl the still uhihiirr at the hour 

He set hiji foot on Tarty wrong f 

"The human lifp that closed so well 
No Ia|M<* of folly now can stain : 

Th«* li|»H whcnc»* KpMHiom's protest fell 
No meaner thought can now profane. 

** Mightier than living voice his grave 
That lofty iin>t»'st utters o'er ; 

Thn>ugh rouniig wiml and smiting wave 
It H)M'aks his liute of wrong onea 

" Men of the North * your weak regret 
Is wasted hen* ; ariw and iiay 

To fn'cchim and tn him your oebt. 
By following whcrL* he led the way I'* 


It chanciMl, that while the pkNii 

troo|iM of Frnn'c 
Fought in the rnisade Pio Nono 

Wliat time the holy Dourbons etayed 

his hantN 
(Tlie Hiir and Aaron ine«*t for such a 

Stn'ti-hed forth from NapK-s toward* 

ri'lielliiiuH l{onie 
To bhiw the ministry of Oudinot, 
And sanctify his inm houiili<'3i 
.\nil ^h:lq> ]MTvussions of the Uiyonrt, 
Thiit the great {tontitf fell H.slf«'p, and 


He st<KNl by Ijike Tilieria^ in the 

Of the bright Onent ; and beheld the 

The sirk, ami blind, kneel at th^ Mas- 
ter's fe»*t. 

And ri«ir up wh^le. And, sweetlv €»ver 

I>ro|.ping the ladder of tht-ir hymn of 

From heaven to earth, in silver roandf 

of soo^ 

n* bMid tlM blond uigeU ling of 
aood-irttl to mw, Md gloty lo tha 

Then oae, wUli bat niuhod. tnA 
Uttban boa 
IhnlcDrd and dukaned hf flam min- 


Than fke the 0«Bla«n : 
Tha bti^iHd Muter and U 

Bchrld U>E Rlenial Tily lift lu domo 
And Mklriiiu ttut» auil munuiuauul 

Aiova lb« WHla CaniMJini. On Uia 



And mnnvnlljr Uw marliu'* inm thnial 
Bmrtt froni tlio Irruchra i aiid, wllliin 

lh> nil*, 
Hhup cruh iif ahdls. In* graant d ha- 

ShoDt, dniRi brat, and tba cUngtni: 

And Inin|i iif lifiatjt, tut ap a tninglad 

Aa thar 


Half vail and half drfianca. 

Tba igaia of San Pancntio, Intman Uood 
Fln«(d anklp'Iii^ nUmt thiA, abd 

Cbniwd Ihr lun^ atrnl with pahad and 

A j^hatdr harrii-kilf n( man|[l(il tnii, 
fram aliirh, at timia, ^oivrmt a liting 

And *)>ilr lipa iDDttd aord noannl 

latbrr tan 
Ilia enr liait^ kjr tbf bodv t' I>1* 
In ri«M7 ; a»d hU (air jnmf daafhM 

Ok Ua dTbmi. SndJalj ■ tarii 
Chm Um thkk aoltdtntvaa air, ■ 

b, Ifc. 


: ntn> on tlilna I K*u'« IlkM tfca 

iipila alug 

hi* otwD bi 


rA<w the Vicfgetcnt d tba PriBM at 

Then tbt adffnrcfhU thaaaB «aa« I 

I, rrUT. ftabanMB of GdllM, 

In Iha daar llaaW* Buna^ tad $m tha 

Of hi* tne Chwch, p 


Allrn and triBiate fnn Ua bolv Wtb. 
U'lJi. aa (be dlBnaaa l«l«R« doMh 

an-l Ufa. 
Th» h*t« of tun tnd lh« ■nu Wm of 

Ituic*, and rqwnl 1~ 

Tbftaat Uia paotUTwok^ 
IWaUlDA naA mUlatlag e>'*r ha* Iwf- 

*■ What maua he I " mkd iW bnte*. 
" Nothing nur* 

' joat nujntj faalh aO tiB 

Tlian thai 
Calrml for your [oar gnota, awl tJal. 


Th* Hal; ralhtra 

Said Cknllaml AhMmU, wU ft « 


T*Vl.n, tha pi«ehar, *Blh*d, ■•• 

•atuwB day. 
Wllbinl Iht «mlk cf Mnalnuc hr tW 

rond-rinit ih* wlaHB lllrvja af tifc : 
Ai ona who, wanikriBf Ib • wrtiM 

Fwla, niommUy, the >« <f kmim 


itb* t3 

And M b* mftad W liqW. > 

OU pniyvr miO, vUtk Ito W( * « 



Mornini^ and noon, «nd erening, lip I Silently wondering, for a little Hpace, 

and heart ( Stood the grvat prvacner ; then he nymke 

Had groantfd : " Have pity upon me, > as one 

Lord ! Who, Hudtlenly grappling with a haunt- 

Thon 9P1n^U while teaching others, I am . ^ iiig thought 

hliud. ! Which long has followed, whiM|)ering 

Sc-nd nie a man who can direct my ' through the dark 

st4'i« ! ** ! Strange ti'rrun, drags it, shrieking, into 

I light : 

Thf-n, as he mused, he heard along - '* What if (io<rs will consign thee hence 

hi.H [lath 

A Aound SM of an old man's staff among 
The dry. dra*! linden -leaves ; and, loolc- 

ing up. 
fir saw a stranger, weak, and poor, and 


•• IN-ace hn unto thoe, father ! " Tau- 

Ii*r said, 
" GtMi give thee a good day ! " The old 

niHn niiited 
Slowly liiii calm blue eyes. " I thank 

thii', wn ; 
but nil niv days are good, snd none are 


Won«lering thereat, the preacher spake 

" Crt>l give thee huppy life.** Tlie old 

nun HHiiletl, 
•* I never am unliappy.'* 

Tauler laid 
Ui-« hand ufmn the strangiT s coar»e gray 

H|i'«*Vf : 
" T«'ll ni", O father, what thy Btrangi* 

wnnlh mf«in. 
.**-ir>lv man's dsvs art* evil, and hi> 

' lif.- 
Sa*l a<s the grave it lemls to.'* **Nay, 

my M»n. 
( lur tinit-M are in Goil's hands, and all 

our days 
Are as iiur needs : for shadow as for 

Fur Olid as heat, for want as wealth, 

f>ur thank « are due, since that is U'st 

whii h i4 ; 
And tlut «hii h is not, sharing nut hi a 

N e\il only as devoid of goinl. 

to Hell t •• 

•• Then,'* said the stranger, cheerily, 

••lie it so. 
What Hell may be I know not ; this I 

know. - - 
I cannot 1i>m* the prertenre of the Ixml : 
One arm, Htiniility. tukfn hold u]»un 
His dear Humanity ; the other. lx)ve, 
('las]kH his l>ivinity. S<> when* I gu 
He gu«*s ; anil U'tter lire-walled Hell 

with Him 
Than golden -gat etl without." 

Tears spmng in Tault-r's eyes. A 

sudden light, 
IJke tht hrst ray which ffll on chaos, 

Apart the hhsdow wherein he hatl walked 
Darkly at n<M)n. And, as the utrange 

old man 
Went his hlow way, until his silver 

Set like the white moon where the hills 

of vine 
81o|>e to the Rhine, he liowed his head 

and siiiil : 
••My prayer is an>were<l. tJoil hath 

M'lit the man 
I^>nt; sought, to teai-h me, by his simple 

Wisdiiiii the w«niry Si'houlmen never 


So, entering with a changitl ami 
thtiTlill J»tep 
The city g.ite.s he saa*. fur down the 

A mighty sliadnw bn*ak the light of 

Which tnit'ing Uukwanl till its uiiy 


Anil fiif thi* happin«*sA ot which I i>|«ike. Hardt'm'il to stmiy plinths, he nuM-<I his 
1 tinii it in submi^ikion to his will. i'\i'5« 

And <-alm tnut in the holy Trinity OVr bnttnl fa^'ude ami lofty )iiHiJm<'nt, 

Uf Knowletlge, (SoodneMS, and Al-'Oer an'hitrave and frie^* and sainted 
mighty Tower." J uich*v 

192 HtSCEU 

Op tlu atoM l*M-warii oUsdlMl Ij the 

Erwin ol Kfinlarb, illnllr d|' U> «)t*n 
1b Um ntxMi lirlKlitnnii tlw grrU Hln- 

JtMpUnl with iimlrulu on iU milrnl 

tot like ■ viiilil* pnjrer. " Behold ! " 

"Tb* itnngrc'ii taith mode pUls b»- 

A* joodf tuwnr ouUimchM U> ih* 

The Aaik trungl« of iU lUailn aluno 
Wbcn thr clwt <Uj ia ahiiiiiig uD it* 

So, dkrkiiEH in the latfawKj of SUn'* 

And what ii duk below w light in 

rSB, WIBKUli TBI Hionu LAW l« 

Up W0D<lrHii|l rliurrtw*. Vila *h>]1 
briirr/urtli 'loiiU 
That the loDR-iriih'J nillrlUlluiii 
dnwptli niKli ) 
Stn io Uijib y\mtn Km hvanir dtnnMit, 
Ttthn mini, ^m |aiinrDl-r*crd, and 
prayi it» lie 

Sinwit Dp to H<aT«n, and ralli ll 
pirtjr I 

The pirttr, ntching fram hia bloodjr 

Tlir >.-Ilr,iNn KQlT",n, hrmrj with tb« 

On dsrii AI>w*D tWla of Hf-'i dirwl l.v 
Fiooi hi* own orbtiw^ (luuniifi rtfll 

hr WNT Mn* ?tdlM. offshBg tbniki M 

Bone. UilntinK at bet kltan I* tha 

lu M 
S<nur Pnuiiv, rmai batrtkad n 
hulr MI 
And Ihoiuuid-tliras 

tiHid and higb. 
PnUintE Te Dkiud* U> tha abndderiu 

"Tbanli* to tha Lead, who glTMk 
lietoiT !" 
What [>rt>Te tbrar, hot tlwt niiw «•« 

ar'Fr to bUcli 
A> gboallr thaw M>d plow Hukka W 

Hi* tvll oSiprlB^ anL la Srtl|A»nl 
AdA nintl^ pMlBN, ilTaa la Ood tka 

Hla ulit diTiDM, meclUj li*^ 9'm. — 

nncU i>l>tr, lotkto« bl tb* duw 

Of llv|* asalQat tbn* miDia*) M«k if 

Brolheia, Uod'a cUUks, Cbriat'a ». 

dwiiiad, — a«d Ibn, 
Wilb n|indbnl rrvlMlla amd w, WwM 

WbtBlnjt a l>r»rw ^ balii t* b» tta 


" Virr mst tb* bw, oawiaal lnht, 
Sino! Tnith baUbw In iba a U i al, 

Or lirt inrv Ibr tramiJnt Hght. 
Vumrhnl \ij tha bwitlww mOAm't 

'din «W the thantliw laA ; hnaka 
Tb( roob •bfllMoa Ml Ul rN»md ; 

Ul. diink, nuor tb} 0*1^ t4 taha 
Tbioe w amonf tba — Ifltaila 

' Mrt oat Ibjwir : with olkf* a^n 
Yk-t 111- ur d>«th, «r bll(ht ar Umm. 



In piping in the now ! 

od'i» not thine ; let him 
angi*. if change mait bo : 
•Unttid Wt can trim 
I old unfruitful tree." 

npter, when the light 
ini had left the eky, 
Kh the cloud and night, 
^thought, a Toice reply : 

well eeem orer-hard, 
t in a thankleat soil 
with no rewaixl 
:h Duty givee to TmL 

thy heart resigned 
«ntgn and just decree, 
tht« with all thy kind, 
tir joys and griefs to 

sacred ehain» and turn 
If thy love and care ; 
rn mean idol, bum 
ind Trust, thy children. 

that frmtemal law 
the common bale and 

uM Follvdrsw, 

e frum t^ate, than this. 

ami is fooil unblest : 
t in vain what love 
fini : 

; thv only rest 
A'ortuy end. 

nn with what it yi«'lK 
ii iti own iiit'iviue, 
' <«owing oiitWHnl tirlds, 
•ng of inwanl |h-si.-c. 

* liltrral Htn'snilcts nm, 
r all thi» li**alt)iful r4y ; 
inintni in thi* nun, 
li'fire haunts dt'cay 1 

t the crowd ni|uite 

I hate, thy truth with 

. and not to >igh^ 
reedom*! temple rise I 

«« Yet do thj voik ; it ihaU mooted 
In thine or in another^s day ; 

And, if denied the victor's meed. 
Thou shalt not lack the tothir^a pi^. 

"Faith shares the ftitnre*a promlMi 

Self-offering is a triumph won ; 
And each gm thought or action moffti 

The dark world nearer to the sun. 

" Then faint not, falter not, nor plead 
Thy weakness ; truth itself is stfoQgi 

The lion's strength, the I'agle's 8|ieed, 
Are not alone voucluMfe«l to wrong. 

" Thy nature, which, through fire aad 

To place or gain finds out its way. 
Hath power to seek the hiKliest good. 

And duty's holiest call obey 1 

"Strivett thou in darkness T — Fim 
In league with trutor thoughts with- 
in ; 
Thy night-watch kept with tremblinf 
And pale Remorse the ghost ol 
8inl — 

" Ilsst thou not, on some week of storni. 
Seen the sweet Ssbliath bn*aking lair. 

And I'loud and shadow, HUiiHt, form 
The curtains of its trnt of prayer t 

" Ro, haply, when thy U^k shall end. 
The wnmg sbsll Ifwe itwlf in rii^ht. 

Anil all thv week-dsv dsrkneM Uend 
With the long SabUth of the li^t I * 


" O mn a knight like Rayarl 
Without re|iruaeh or fear ; 

Mv light glove on \im rAi«i|ue of steel, 
^y lu\*e-knot on his >\t^r ! 

" O for the white plume floating 
Sad Zutpben's field aliove, — 

The Him lK*art in battle. 
The woman's heart in love I 

" O that man once more were manly, 
Wonun's pride, and not h«-r i^^orn : 

Tiiat once more the |iale yiwng 
Darod to boast ' a mail* is bom ' 1 





I ■InmlMroni mmvnt 
Q-bownl (luHai)* «<kM ; 
Jfn tail, hrroic manhuwl 
TtiB level ilulnen bnwka. 

•'O for * kniKht like Rayud. 

Wilhoul niiniu'b ot Irmr t 
Mr ItKlit ttlovn Ml bi> rucgup of itrd, 

HjMu'V'Liitit un hi* ipcar 1" 

Thm t Mill, nij own h«ut thrahUi^ 
To the timi' hw piMul puW hot, 

** lib lutli iu n|(al tuUnns jwt, — 
Tni*. unilor, bn<re, tnd *wMt t 

"8miU Dot, bir onbcltmr I 
On* mui, al lout, 1 krunr, 

Vbu muht «»T the imt "T Bajranl 
- -^ ■. pliane of u>..«. 

" Obtii, wb»n oT»T parjili 
t>inl awBir tlw Onriui nm. 

And the hr LVlImiiui nuurnt 

PkIhI uitl lUiketinl, one I'jr ani^ — 

•• Frll tbr Turk. ■ U>lt nf tliuniln-, 
Ckavln^ all Ihr •|iiirl tky, 

Ani) iffmiaal hii (harp itHl li^taingi 
Stood tlm Suliote bat to die. 

•'Wnofur till) vMk anJ Wllluf I 
Tha rnvrnt bUanl tobloil 

A ratving lia« of aabtaa, 
lika fln larfora tha wiod * 

" LmI to II7, ua fint t» t^, 

Boda ba of »Iioa I n>aak. 
WIml ptMiisK Id Ua Mdh-]i 


*■ With iha rich Atbaalaa ratam* 
Wet with many a fhuHj tl^m. 

GAdiiff on rarib an<t ak; aa maa 
Who uitxbt not ptfr again | 

•* B« lookid Knwd to thf mnanttftuv 
ItA M fm tbat nmr mn, 
n fldac Um ban hb •■Jdl'v 





Betwarn Uw hlUa aiul Onth. 

" ihm btars iihI nwiful ttnm^ - 
H* nianl Ibr lolid bad, 

Anil thp rova of the mnoBtala^ 
Anil the oarbinn of Ua band t ' 

" It vaa ray mat and aoUa," 
K«iJ the BoUt-rjMl liKtanw ttea, 

" But our brara derd makn no haf 
Tdl nw what be eino htfli bMi 

■■siin I 


tha wImh) 

bnn and gcarmoMWaui 
- booor oitliont atalii, 
•onof llu Ka^cr, 
lairlnila of IMn^ 

" But dnam not IhiIbi mmI 
The aiitn fif tsIm traa; 

Peant halh binlHr tfrti tt 
Than battle arar bMS. 

"WooMitt kuow blm Mow 

Tb* C'lubnu <rf Ibr Ulnd. 
Oiring Ihr dunb lip h 

Tbr idiot (laj- an' 

• WalbltiK hi* rouBd e( diilj 

SelTju-ly day by day, 
l-Kk Ik. .(-^^ ».,.'. k 

" Tnir aa tlit< kUfAla af alavj', 
8ir UiKilot a»j Ua fn, 

BravB In hi* nalm cBd~~~~ 
Aa tbry in till of t§ 

"Aanamlu MlUalt « 
Aa nan Iu nwDdai ikii^ 

AH that aaliH 
la bli Dunn of ca 

'Wh»i-»Mourr^frJ Xataia 
Afk* nDrr] at artl-ia l>r«*^ 
Vhmrnt alruigtln bhiT, 
WhnrrFi xnana a alit^ ■•• 

" WbrtBTvr riae the (• 





"Knight of A better en. 
Without reproach or fear ! 

8ud I ncit veil tliat B«}>ar(U 
And Sidneyi ttUl are here ?* 


Is my drpam, methonght I trod^ 
Y*-Hti>nii^ht, a mountain road ; 
NariuH JIM Al Sirat'ii s]ian, 
Hi^h aH ea^le'i ttight, it ran. 

i >Ti*rhrad, a rm>f of cloud 
Wiih itji wt-i^ht of thumltT bowed; 
ViiilfnifAth. to Ifft and right, 
HUuknt'Ait and abyMuml night. 

I{i-r«> and tht'n* a wild- flower blushed, 
Ni>w aUii then a l»ird-M»iig giiHh«*<l ; 
NifW mid tln'n, thnmgh riflH of Hhade, 
Start hliuiii' out, and »unbisama played. 

Rut till* giMMlIy roniiwny, 
W.ilkiiii; ill that |iutli with me, 
ntif hy line the brink oVntlid, 
< *uv \*y oui* th«* darknea* liid. 

.*<.iriH' with wniling and lament, 
.Ni>m** with ohrrrful rounigi* wt'nt ; 
Kut. <if .ill who Miiiletl or moum««l, 
Nt vtT '•ni> to ua returned. 

Arixiiui-^lv, with e%'e and ear, 
(^iit-'ttioniiii; that aliodow dn*ar, 
N« v-r<l in t4»k**n AtimMl, 
N(-vt-r Mniwt'ring voice 1 heiinl I 

Sti-^iwr, iLirker ! — lo ! I ft-lt 
Knjrii my i>«*t th<* luthway iiiflt. 
2)W.tlliiwt*il by thf* dldck di'K{NLir, 
Ami thf hungry jaws of air, 

I'a^t t)i«- ^4my*thraati*d raroA, 
StraDj:!-*! by the wash of wavi*<c 
I'a-t th- 4|iliiit*>r«nl crag\ I Kink 
( >u a gr-^u and flowery bank, -^ 

Sift aa f^Il of thintle^lown, 
Lurbtly A<i a clouil iii blown, 
SMithxn;:ly m chiidhtMnl pniuied 
T'l tbr biKtym of it* n*Mt. 

Of th^ ^harp-hnmeil rorku inMeail, 
(tr-vTi the gnMiy mea<lowii spread, 
Knghi with waten^ Hinging by 
Troea that |«vp|ied a golden aky. 

Pkinlem, truitftil, aorrow-fVee^ 
Old loMt facea welcomed me. 
With whiMie HWtHrtnew of content 
Still ex[M'ctant hojie wa« blent- 

Waking while the dawning gray 
Sl(»wly brightened into day, 
Pondi'ring that viiiion fled, 
Thua unto niyHelf I Haid : -^ 

" Stee]), and hung with clouds of strii)^ 
Im our narn>w |wth of life ; 
And our d«'uth the dn*ailed fall 
Through the dark, awaiting all. 

"Sot with |Minful viU'\vi we climb 
rp the dizzy wav» of lime, 
Kver in the Hhatfow nIiiiI 
Bv the foriTiut of our dn'ud. 

** I)read of niVMti'ry M>]veil alone. 
Of the untried iind* unknown \ 
Yet tin* end tliere<if naiv neeni 
Uke the falling of my dn'ani. 

" And thiM hiiirt-eomiuniing care, 
All our fears of here or then', 
Chiinge and ubsfni'e, litvi Hhd (It-ath* 
i*rovi> but him pie luck of faith." 

Thoti. O Mi>st (%)m{iiimionate ! 
Who •lid.'^t stoop to our estate. 
Drinking of the eu]> we dm in, 
Tifuding in our path of ituin, ^ 

Thnnigh the doubt ami mv'^tery, 
(■nint to Uh thy Meps to S4i>, 
Anil thi' grace to dniw fnmi thence 
Ijargt'r ho|*e and conliilt-ni e. 

Show ihv vai'nnt touib. nn^l bt. 
Ah of nlil. the ungi'U sit, 
Whis|»frin;;, bv its oin-i. iliM»r : 
•• Fear not I He hath g«»ni' U-fore !" 


Bi.KN>iS(;*t on the<\ lit I If man, 
liiirt'tiMit Uiv, witli «ln"»'k of tan f 
With thy turn*>il-n}i ii:inta1o.iM<(, 
.\nd thv m* try \ihi<«tl«'ii tiin-s ; 
With thv phI Hk rnliliT '^till 
Ki-oHi'.! by -^tMHlNTrifs itn thi* liill 
Witli tin* sun shin** on thy faie. 
Thnuiuh thy torn brim'-* jaunty 
From my heart 1 give thee joy, ^ 



t *M goce ■ baiWoot Lojr I 
Prion tlrau art. ^ thr grown-up n 
Onl; u t«|raUkMn. 
Lrt ihi DuIUiiD-iJolUrFd ride t 
Ruvfuot, truJiciug at bin liitr. 
Thou hul luoru tliiui he eiui buj 
to ihw rvuh ot rat kiiil rye, — 
Outwunl ■uiulilnii, lu<nnl juy ; 


Oftl..' - 

Of tl- ■■ 


When iIm pwiuclDut tnUi ii> (tnc^ 
Where Uin wouJ.jintjur'i rluilm kliii 
Of Ilir Uluk ■iwt''ii euDDliiit wny, 
AuJ tbv ■I' liili'-luni jiliiiii 
Of gnf liomtl irtiiani ! - - 
For, ntht-wiiiK luuki auj tiulu, 
Nalurt- aiiowrr. all l.r luLi ; 
Hand in h.ti.l »iih t»r U -nlka, 
Fan lo [>i-r villi hrr hr lalki. 
Part •111) [IBB''! <J b»r joj-, - 
Btfwiniiii oil thn lartJoat Uijr I 

O for 1«) hooj** tlm* of Jnar, 
rrovfllns tpvn in noi brief iDoa^ 
Whrn bIT thitiKa t hranl or ■■*, 
Ml, tbrir muln', walUd In. 
I «■< rii^ in (tinram uid It«*«. 
i(BlnlDJ<U-l*i<l> ■»>) htinnlim) 
For mr innrl lbi< ■lairrfl iiUvnl, 
Filed ibf p...Titr^ m'-h H. -iw-b: 

Thr.-.,,-! ■ .1." 


Talknl -ilh t»' <'»<n fRil fUUl 
lliDT the •uidnmined nrkci*! |icl 
Minr lh> «*lnqt ilflps brjrnnd, 
mim. tm hrri'llnx orehud ttM^ 
A|>pt^ ft lIojirTilai ! 
9Ul ■■ nj boriKm fr*«. 

I.<ri!Fr grvw mr rii^lwa too » 
AU Ihc world I «« ur Luew 
!<nrniKl • coaiplcx Chinns tmf, 
Fuhiuiwd fur a ImRfihil bv; I 


■r n»oti m 

ifl dooT-tt 

«■ R»«r 

I (.r wood, 
If asd rMa I 

Lit the lly bU bmji (/fin. 



Id ILa pTHuu txU* iJuUr, 
Lur tlie trndiMn of it* tai, 

ISk* > Rilt'* for work b« dial, 
Hiul* to ttnd Uwmlllaarijd, 
L'|> bihI duw» In w wt ji mtH i 
[{■|i|ix U i1>f1> ItKili be ftond 
fntUddfs pmuMl ) 

riAvrrjtn is wiynaL 

In fcntrial connlrafHt >d ft 
1irw rhlMim of the n 
Of Riiuldii* Vti ol al 

f / 



IIoanB- Aantibg in Um «t of God 
niB blu]iliciiii ofvnnig. 

"O Mothrr, ftniii thy mrmortM |in>iid. 
Til)' olil miiiMii, iImf Cvnuuutiwrraltli. 
Ijraii i\iit don] «ir * iHvni* of boltli, 

And uuilfl with tUn tbk cltmd. 

" HoUiia of Fi»dom. iriM uiil Imre, 
Rue ■wfal m tlty >traij[th," 1 mM ; 
Ah nir I I tjikka liut to tti* detd ; 

I ttoul uiun her gnvo I 

1 •.ttti I itood upDti thy fcnn, 
If V Uuthcr litaU, wlim UkI thr moon 
O/bkiMuiMctamb tlietklaut Jdim. 

And, (cat luring ulie* un mr bead, 
I 'Kan, uudnmming of rrlipf. 
Thi Mckctuth uf tli; tbatm uid glut. 

A|p1b that moan uf 

Ou luf and nu«« wul fuUrd vilic 
Anil thim hui liwb nitli iIh- (|>r1i>|t I 

Oiiot nun lb* (Itmift nBtprnal unu 
An miiiil khout ihv r]iililnn flnng,— 
A UoiH* that guanu hn jnun^ '. 

Ko ihraal U un thy cliWd Up*. 

gogthn/d tb* htOfi mblat'a Indi 
lIsDsrfurth niua oiiN ; h*nany, 
Tbi 1*11 l)'ciuithn>|ii baia no fnf. 

^^^ Hancrfunh. wllbln lliy ivfHl xbI*^ 

^^H Hbfinll»*)K>BliWI •luwnvutl dK* 

^^^1 Tlw ihundn of thy ri^btMnu kw. 

If at aindlfs uf Ihr tfwle aod idtt, 
Dut, wtlDX no tk Biaa tiam, 
Tboa n snnrn iwuamlin' of man. 

So ahall Ihoa rlotU wltli bfr tin Iwfi*. 
DnaiB-nuau4 un tbr 4^tbM t|« 

The Tiiitni of ■ Chiiitbui bm 
in Tirtui: lu in tUtoM j|na 
Embodidl In ■ CfcriKkn 8 

And thuu, unidt* tby •! 

Foriiaarti^ Umff, yrt lUndiw bat, 
Shalt win tWir pMrfol tkHk* at laM ) 

Vhm North tul Soatb dull rtdia ^ 

And all'iUr r«adi uul ran ha tart . 
In Krvnlotn'* Mjt f^laaaat. 


THE f BnT-OlfT, 

L«aT niffht. Jiul w tbatialaof aolMan'a 

or wnart IwM b<M aw UtU a*4 

I at, riKur tklitaii^ )>Pf^ i* **•- 
lif^t ili'i ■■■■ 
To tb* lad** nwtle, wd tha nidtit'a 07. 
Then, like that baakd, ■oifa TOb a^B- 

Wbvn Fj«-hid'B elwtm «i k 

Di«p|iinf; tbrir •aarlMMi ■ 

I aU, "Tbb <Mt Immm 

Iti iBrml *««>. tmiktd In 
()>RTrj>« tbt wall. w>d nam 

()f ih- iciT 

Ti> kf^i iba iIhviu 
PcnhatHv Dor hail, 1 


TO C. 8. 


A lAtiffie dne-ilip u the |«hm1 the 
Wherp th«* (Imul sword altrniate paled 
and burnt^l, 
And the strm anf^i*!, intyinfc hrr fate, 
Foiyave thi- lovfly tn*Hiia!«iT, and tuni<Nl 
Aviilr liJH fait* of Hiv ; and thuN the want** ! 
And fuli«*n wurld liath vet itH annual 


Of i>rinia1 ^mkI, to prove of Nin the roHt, ■ 
A ltd nhiiw h\ one i(l«*an«nl ear thr 
mighty lian'eit umL 


HrRF, whilr the loom o( Winter weaver 
Th«* Nlimiid of flowiTK and fountains, 

I think of thtf and kuhuimt «*vi'<t 
Anmii^ tlif Northern mountains. 

Whi-n thunilertolhil the twilij^ht's eloae. 
Anil wimN thi* lake wrn* nid«- on. 

Anil thoii wtTt iiin^n^, fh* the I'm/vji, 
Th«* )H>nny yowes of Cluden ! 

Wh«>n, rliMt* and i-Iomt, hushing hreath, 
i »ur rin-li' iiarrownl round thtf. 

Anil ^iiih'H and team nuiil«> up the wn-ath 
Wlirpwith our iiilenri* crowned tluv ; 

Anil, strnnpTs all, we frit th«* ties 

( H siitfTM and of lirotherH : 
Ah ' «hiiM- of all thoM* kindly eyes 

Now Miiilf uiNm anothrr';* f 

Th*- •f»iirt n{ Tim**, who still afiart 
Til*' w jif<» of lift' in iMngina ; 

i(. nrvt-rniurf ithall heart to hfart 
l>r&« n*-an*r for that singing ! 

Y^t whi'n ill** {lanfs an» frmtr-stamnl. 
And twili};ht*s Hrr it uh'amin^;, 

I h'-ir thf luiii^ uf Sontland'n lianl 
Sifiin*! siiftly through my dn*aming ! 

A Win;; that li*nds to winter snows 
Th** isl"w «»f snmnirr w<*athf r, — 

A;r«ui 1 hear thit* ca* thr yowi*s 
Tu Cluden'n hills of ln-ather ! 

TO r. 8. 

Jf I hare vemM more prompt to cen 

•urv wroHft I 

Than prai!w th« right ; if arldom to ! 

thine car ( 

My Toice hath mingled with the ex- 
ultant rhrt'r 
Rome upon all our Northern winds 

alonfc ; 
If I havf fHilc*! to join the firkle throng 
In wideHfVt^l w(»ndfr, that thou stiuidest 

In vii'tor^', Huq»riM'il in thee to fmd 
HnKigham's st-athing {Niwer with Can- 
ning's gntce iiinihini'd ; 
That he, for uhoiu the ninefold Muses 

Knim their twinetl arms a giant athlete 

liarhiiig the Hm»WM of his native tongue 
With the hfN'nt hhiifti* I^toiia'ii anher 

Tu smite tilt' Pvthiin of our land and 

Fell sfi the monster iNirii of ('Khma's ulime. 
Like the hiinil Iwid who in ( u^talian 

TemjM'reil the sterl that clove the en-st 

of king!*. 
And on the hhrine of Knglund's freedftm 

The gifts of Cumw anil of I>el phi's 

^}mil•^ - 
Small need ha>t thou of wonls of prsiiie 

from UM*. 
Thou knowest my heart, dear friend, 

ami well oaiiM giicM* 
That, evi'n thi>ugh hileiit. I have not 

the li'HK 
Ki'iiiiri'il to M-e thy ai-tual life ain^*e 
With tliel.irg«- futuff whirh 1 NhH}ted for 

When, years agn, Iwnidethe summer sra, 
Wliite in th«- ni'Miii, mi* .iuw the lung 

WUVi". full 

Riflli'il iind bnikt-n from the pM-ky wall. 
That, to th'- iiii'ii.K-eot the ImiuJiimlliHkd, 

(>|i|iii«>*nI :ilii1|i' iti ni.l**'>ivi> i|uietlliie. 

<.alm an a fate ; with not a Iruf n^^r 

Nor Mrih-spmy tn-niMing in tlh- still 


('ntWIlillg It llki" tJiNl** jN-j.-e. I MHUe- 

tinii"* think 
That liii:lil«M iijf l.y tlie ftt-.i projih' t* 
ii mI, — 
<Kor N.itiire s(M,ik<« in "VmiIiiK a!id in 

Anil thriiiii;}! her |i.'tup-N hiMiiAii f.ite 

Tliat riN-k, «hen-froni »e saw the hilluws 



inng mat, upnno)^ eiMr •nit 

in uiu KhiM ligbt of liHm, til 

Wlto. nwiM'iiily hj Kmr't tiMt uKtlnl. 
Stkuji alront; ■■■ Trutli, lu gpnivn of 

granilr niailrnl ; 
AniL Innunll-fronUd, Httrnlue "vrr 

TIm tumult, h«n the •agcU «y, WcU 


Wr rruM tht nnirir m of dM 

To nuk* iIh- Wf>.C. u ttwy Dig Ewt, 
Thr bonwwlfwl of ih» fiw ' 

Wt 'n flowing; fmrn our luttv' hi'U 

A* our tn-e rirrn fluw ; 
Th* blndng of our UottH-r-luiiI 

!■ un ui w in go. 

W* go to |iUn( hw rnniniuD ichaok 
On itiitanl ]<niri« *w«ll«, 

And prr the ^lilsDvi of the wild 
Tbr muik ot her heUt. 

rpbcmhng. lOir th* Aril of oM, 

Tl» Biblr In our fui. 
V* )t« I") tMt llif truth 4if (lod 

AgiiiMt tl» tnail of mm. 

So t*"***- v^' '*■'• ***^ *b«TC Ilia 

ThM Iwd th« Kuuu na. 

Sin whm Mr Ffl(rln viBiUan 

SUl flow dM iHbag *«» ! 

Wf 11 u»d lb* prabb M of oU 

ftar Bolim Mflvd tlu im. 
Anil nak* (W Wort, m tkr ll" K**^ 

TIm biniMtMd of th* h*« ! 

1«rd of pmpl*^ boil of UaiU, 
Look ■rraw Umw ■Unins mk 
Tlmiu^ lb* hiuMa of tU OMH. 
TlitDUgh tliF while It^t of th> tomm. 
KlmnK thr OhtUn wwd U Uuwt^b 
Strmngr uiil Ufg* thr vorlil b jpmiagi 
Sprak uiil IHI u wbn* «v Nt ffita^ 
Whtrrv an wg |plli|t Hufael I 


WrJU of water, firhl> ot tooi, 
Dourm firl Ji. uil Idaom of 1 Mil. 
Aod the lalm-tiH ivol uid (nan 
Bonuni land w« •■■• w lonj^, 
Ilr.rv i>« tlilM lod hn« w* biaiti 
Ilnv 111* Hiior'iiun imllF* 1> aag 
Wlwre w w* goui^ Knbie I 

Uh has nnr, and dialh hw tan : 
Whitenod hiiMamrpaharailuMi^ 
Tbou All-vf^ng, thiHi All-knovh^I 
Ilr«t D*, tfU ni, «hm bra w« mdIm 
Wh«rv UT <w mIm. R«t>M r^ 

Brnd* th* d*wtt el 
WIM ttw nTH el maA'mi ib*i^ 
Hot ih> wliHh »am<n ibMn Idii al^ 
Lord of ftll thinp 1 — wfaov ai* w* 
tag I 
Where Me •« ftinft Bohr* I 

TWMk, bOI HhH an MIBI« i 


AAAtvn Tit« •***• 

wlthhlBpd I— |Mli**: 



Tp pay the d<*bt they owe to fthame ; 
Ray ch««|K m11 dear ; eat, drink, and 

Don-n-pillowiMl, deaf to inoauinff want; 
Pay titht*^ fitr Mfml-inKuranci* ; keep 

•Six dAVM to Maimuon, one to Cant. 

In lurh a tiuK', ^irc thanka to God, 
Th^l MUtP'M hilt of the huly ra^« 
With whirii the pruiihets in their 

( >n all itH decent neemin^ trml. 
Has M>t yi»iir fe«*t u|mui the li«', 

Tliat m.4n and ox and m>u1 and (*lo<l 
Arv nmrki't stock to ik>U and huy ! 

Th*' hot won Is fn>m your lips, my own. 
To (Milt ion trainetl, nii^ht not refieut ; 
But if M)ni«> tares anions the wheat 

Of gi*!i«-roii<i thought and deed were 

No rnintnon wrung provoked your 

The silken gauntlet that w thrown 
In lurh a quarrel rings like nteel. 

I *' I/), God if great ! ** the aimple If oa- 

lein iiayH. 
I We 8(*ek the ancient date. 
Turn the drv atrroll, and make that liT« 
I ing phrafte 

A dead one : ** God traa great ! ** 

Ami, like the Coptic monks by Monaa's 
Wu dream of wonders past. 
Vague as the talea the wandering Aimb 


Each drowsier than the last. 

() fooUand blind ! A)N>ve the Pvramida 

Stri'tches once mon* that han<f. 
And tranced K;;ypt. fn^m her stony lida, 
Fling.H back her veil of »and. 

And morning-smitten Memnon, singing, 
wakes ; 
And, listening by liii Nile, 
I O'er Amninn'M grave and awful visage 
A sweet and human smile. 

Tlie >ini\v old strife the fathers saw 
K«ir FrrH'doin calls for men again 
Like those who Inttled not in vain 

For Kn^^liinil'n < 'harter, Alfreil's law ; 
A nil right of sfieech and trial jitst 

W.t:;e in your name their ancient war 
With venal courts and perjuri'd trust. 

<i<iirii ways M'em dark, but, soon or late, 

Tlier tou<'h the nhining hills of day ; 

Til" evil (-an not brook delay. 
Tic gwHhl can well alfonl to wait. 

ifive erntiiuNl knaves their hour of 
rriine ; 
Yf have the future gmnd and great. 

The safe apfieal of Truth to Time ! 


Bv firv and cloud, across the desert 
Ami thnm^h the parteil waves, 
Fnjm their hmg lionilage, with au out' 
*irvthe»l han«l. 
God led the Hcbiew sUrea 7 

Dnd as the letter of the Pentateuch, 

Ai Egypt's statues coltl. 
In the ailytam of the sacred liook 

Now stands that marrel old. 

Nut, as before, with hail and fire, and 
Of death for miilnight gnives. 
But in the stillnesh of the noonday, 
The fetters of the slaves. 

No longer through the Ked Sea, as of 
The bondmen walk dr^* shoil ; 
Through human hearts, \}\ love of Him 
Runs now that path of God ! 


Of all that Orient lan<ls can vaunt 
Of nurvei^ with our own comiieting. 

The strangest ii the Ha^chisli piniit. 
And what will follow on its eating. 

What iiieturt*^ to the t&ster ri.M», 
Of I>ervish tir of Alineh dances ' 

Of KM is or of Parailise, 

Set all aglow with Houri glances ' 

The ]ionpy virions of Cathay, 

The heavy lie^r-traiice ot theSuabian j 
The wizanl lights anil demon play 

Of nighta Walpui^ps and Arabian ! 

The Honab aixl tba Cfariitfui dof 

! CUirb-i 

riir Aimli bjr bit ilnrft ' 

SUm i:Iiooung from 
Anil hnn Ilia tiuffV ranivrn brll 

flooDtl ■rlcumr to lili ngsl (juarlcnh 

Tlie Kunn'i nwlrr niakM cuniiilMnt 

Of SliiUn lUncini; on uitl ulT it ; 
Hw roblvr oBrn aliiii, itw iikint 

Drink* Toluy uul blupbraia the 

SocA tcrtin iliat Eulprn I'lant amkn ; 

Bat «i> liavr un* iinlainnl lo bml it, 
Ttw UiKliiiili (if Ihc Wat. wbicb imkH 

Or toaU or kuva of >II irbu r*l It. 

• blU* la a MW UsutUtlon j 


HI of jipar*, alMNit vIribc dnaaa 

•ir«Tt milloitiial mevli claat>r, 

> nml ami. Mid fbAt tai 

A tmtLutt Cutan Alilnatn ! 

Tbe nuUint DrmomU, «llb mmv 
It lurn* to Skvnr't fatiih l«lb> i 

Thr ■hrcwdeit Mataaww mU m(4 bm 
Ihu Mulbwwi) poiat the fdftr — win 

AdJ iTvlt tha (■» wilwdwii 

O pDtrnt ]iUnI t 10 iw* * taitp 

Itu unrr Turk nr (Irnlu* MIw ; 
Thf hrlu)ini HurhUb of th* EMt 


HART GARTI!!. I SHU. bun tk> Imniag ttate ^ Ufc 

tj iBidcwinl far Hi4 fMl 
ranii ihf hmn nf WnuinWk Mrthu. llie nUcitoaM >< Uw HOkn. Ik imi- 

fn«n Iho Ukr Ihat nrv»r hik muki gf lb* |mL 

r>Ib Ihf Saca in Ihf fcmn li]! uf I'OQ- 

wav'i intPTfalni ; 
Tbtfr, In 'wild and tiijfin fmhon^ lt> But faoBuB hrnU irwili ii»nk««pj i 

vat*n fuuii anil Ikiv, ibf annov aad tW ifai, 

A« vtira DariiT PUIJ fln4 «« them, Tho lon> and ko^m uii bMaafaU, an 

lw« hoD4t«l TMn MO. >o ""w ■"n akia ; 

Anil IC ia taks a» falbn taU, tk« 
Itmt, vnaJ )a aD ta aiwmJ toarv with «aa on BollHta aoft 

M>%a^ daaK awl Milk TmtitiiMi ■MnaMawrbaMJTR. 

){•• rhanaril k Sam't abaam. ha> loat ta almn whm 

tnTwoBi ortk* kDu, 

■do* m«*IW JoMlrn, bMor Tina, 

■ail atatrlr Ch airw ii K iao dnm-IlBHl laaa at mOai ■ 
-• - - - -■, Sufcato^l 



tha tnmivt of t£> bm I laaUKlii wataUng lata 

Aottla'a natb nlay • 
WUli MuaklRit utf hoi with •|«nl, «Wt Ul, fa tiba mm, a IWaiilat m tfea 


:? w 

id oft, «bra tha numiin' ran ibcma hnt I 

a Ibf mtwlow Yrt ■»■¥, b« '■ tmj ', 

AndihvhmraUifUttlr . 
Own tb* twiWiIir, ihimixh 

ugh tlia 1 

d. niiiii 
t frit bu 

ig ilowti «idi timid 

^d (or hUn wbo st bj lb* ekiiDOfy 
Doring ami putubllnn art |il|i« 4ii<l 

Tbni ■Uf luik op hn bnrdo of )lf« 
Btyiog ddIj, " It nd^t harr b^m." 



Ak, vril < lor M >11 MU mtM 


KoMnrr t— Fra^ vatv U 
Vlwn Uw iBUita'a hum «h FvIUng 

nrawli th> KOwl* to l^lHri*. 
Ooo* Ibr vintrr** alvvt iBil nvHrlMK 
flMw iba •|irinit-lltni>'i bad and blawfn^ 
Oa»* lb* tummn't hmrt^t »**"K 

In thr hnrt* that a 

V! ■ ■..■l.ini 

". ^*tb«>rtm, 
■ 1 van>a«V, 
• • tar clgliiDft 

'■ ■ :■ ■ M»Uxto^ 

(.'oiii-- llif (linllpiifp' ind nr(d]'1ii& 

Conw itte Mond* «f llUkt aM fay . 

Wrll-a-da; < IIojb and Haj ) 
8amr am Itvlnjt, annin an Ij4l^ 

In tbrlr rrd gcnw (at aMX, 

Rtn(g[l">tr nnpm. i*ani villi 4 
llomi-aiuil liiniiK, wmrj' (UUII 

I'wa lb* fami-pOr on iWir IL 
ThltiHt* uT lb* dMd and Iliiiut 
Ftmat Dianb and unbuah, fttiai 
Till the nuidma ban tbdr n*«lis 

Ami tfw lad* ftiMet tktr |da]r. 

- 8lUI amr, aUQ •«■? r 
Bijlh* a Mil im*. drk with gr^rria|L 

■■ Wby d«n Robot itUl daUj ^ 

OreTkiok Ibr I»n^ MnffarJin. 
BUvn mm and |irl>Mrd IsM-bn, 

Standa tbf 

rintnr and |wn«aa n»Mmgmf i 
Oil at Ha, lb< ktettd* w Ji< 
KilTvr hlrFhH, guUra-hti«J><. 
Svt wltb majJn, crtmannt-Uniiil. 

Wblt* M-ban awl •anrf-UBt fnp 

SUvtoh am;', (ar awajr. 
Pun a>d Anamj, t »i| b wadit 

Br Ike hatj mtaan d«j. 


No mare of iKauty ( jnloiu vri 

Than hr who fnini hiii iluorwky k 

Thf iiiira.']f i>r Hi.w<'n. Hiiil Krt-n, 

Vri-li> ihr wanii OHi'iil in tin- iiwiiiilay u 

iiiil fnaii •-louil iiiiiiMivb liuan tke lui 

xl imll to imycr ! 

Hut hf aho RMn hi* nativr bruok* 

liaii|[h iu ttif »un, tuw mi'u tltriii «ll. 
Thr D»trl>lr |alai'<i> iif liiil 
l:iM- niuDil him in thvuiow awl wtml ; 
From hi> l-me awivthrkr l^iniui Ilnlii 

1 bu 

Ad'I ihiu it in nir fanrv Mviiili 
Th<- iK-ar Ht Im'ml aud far anil nrc ; 

AdJ w\tlr ihr Miune bnrimn Iviiili 
AUivit tlK- uh-rr Mwinklrd liair 

Wtiicli lluknl tlie Ii([ht tif innniinff 

<)n .'hil<lh--l'« w.inil>T-lin»l ev-n. 

Wit Inn its r<>UTi<l of »■« and Ay an'j rirM, 

Kirth vti-rli witli all lit-r eoiii-o, tliu 

Kukhiih (IniiiU nvMli'il. 

Ai»l thi» 

Til- i-i 

_ lit 111.' )i;it.-.. 
■ («(«.■ ,-:ip>n>|.l, mill. 
•I «i>rld lai'k, aiiA niakr 

Wliat link ■ifi.iiKilly i'niii)«nv. 

Wli<« iiiiut-n> of'tlii- aiK-iriit Itic 
OWv niv 'all. an<l tiw' for mr ' 

Tli-ir' axpN <>f niiiit;l»l l-ur. a 

Hcthink*, O TriiDd, 1 hear tbat Mf, 




Briiig; Itriiig gimta wlva Iuvr tha day, 

Kut Klio^t* *'l>" flv at i-mw uf cock ! 

Till- hrrliH wtiJinrrH ith uiid blood. 

Are IwttiT tbaa aiiibri»iiil ruod, 

With lautPlled ahxlw." 1 gfUlt it, 

iiutbiuu Uuih, 
But doulJv iJpkt u lie w 
uf IJulb. 

1 lartaka 

Linka MniuH ap' uf tliuufjlit to Falton** 

llf n> ton, iif answiTins love Mrure, 
llavi- [ ».-].. .iiiihI to mv hearth 

The ipnlW iiilKriiii tnmlwiluur, 

Wli.»>' wiip. biivr KiLlLsl lialr tbr 
••Hrlh 1 

WIkh- jwp-i, lik.- Ibr I 


.• l-:t>l.'ni li 


r miiui'-Uii.l>i 

tills oikI riit^gia'r 

lid h-. nhi< to 111.' I'ti 


■ ,. ll- 





liL.' 1 









I ulk with Itacm, 

I twi tlH- >'..rM ai 

\iid l*i-st and ra^. 

ill Mil.'tiiii (.row* 
iiid. the Ijirdi of 

What k'n-'lilikt M>iil<-. Hli't riKxIU' 

Wlut l.'.i-.'.l .>n-« .'lit. r Aii.l d. |«rt ' 
Tb'- KO.-1. til- l>-.ii|lirtil. tl-' )>riv.'. 
Th.' HrHtvn li-iit tna.-un-> of (h. 
heart : 


How conadoua mbiiu On trann mmI 

And bm'h'-n iJajir ■ lirrmui Ihrj tmd 

IV ottk'lraTt rutU*. ami UitJiy p«*> 

Thn Hb not w 

Tn brar 'W 

„ (hw Mnik hilU 

At thn« I IraiK fnr jiratlfT ikUa, 

Aiiil Wllif In ilii*uui uf ■ofttT air. 
Rut l;..i.,..l,k !.„r>.a,.nt,I nil til. iry* 

Than diBc h>lU *l 

Tlijr gUJ liiaiikaipnii^ gatlutiiM ia 
Tlie nttmnt ^ans uf Imw aadkia, 

Tluui th> mad Ikmw toOimiag L«*Ub 

Or hollilajn at iki** who Im^ ami 



Tl»n. 1.1 il,- Uj. ..( .'I'i'.iiiil r^--, for™ 
Tin snlUkr i-twrt to do, Uia snlUkf 

Rob* of n* ban * to on miXF (air 
Than pj VrralUa or Wlndwi' 

Wbrr* rtrli uxl ]oM iba OMr tmd, 

And Mreh i 

AmI. bUt Wjand AnaJka nla. 

Th*j haar Uw ■ 

belli 1 
Haft d«dl* no bbA 
Nm ««uan 
But «itb ih* 


01(1 humrliml vfrtaa Mid iKtir bo( 

BuboDam) jiUoa. 

Kn Unrii'l mrnial lillt li.r -<il. nor Kt* 
1> Ikr Ud loBM laafud ■! hiMU MghM 

Thui Irt lb< i<7 Bnr1k-«lBd fchw 

TV trumprl* af tlw nml^ atan^ 
To %tmwj tlivt awl Utinluv Maw 

V'un (tautinc Ima* << nis tnatlim^ 
Yoiuijt bMTU thall baU tht dnRiad 

tnd I, who iral«h tlWA Uira^h tW 

'amtioa^ Iff* to tfaan 

And I <rin tiwl IM Ua *W bM^ 

Tha lUe Umi Ute to awal m4 

Who )Mma ;««i •Mat'a 0teMI h^ 

And atalM Uwh hm^ p«wi aad 



Still n|mard tarn^ with anxious itnin, 

Th«ar Inuler'a sWiilnv eye, 
Where ■]iliiiteni of tnt^ UMiuntjiin chain 

St«MMl black against the sky. 

Tli^ nii^lit waned hUiw : at Ust, a glow, 

A fflt^in (if sudden tirp. 
Shot up iM'liind the walN of snow, 

And tipfied each icy spire. 

•• rp, m«'n !** he cried, ** y«»n rocky 

Ti»-iLiv, pIciiHt* OimI, we *11 jMUw, 
Aiul KN»k fnmi \Vint<T*H fn>zi'ii throne 

( >n Summer's flowers and grass ! " 

Tliey M»t thi'ir fan's tn the Mast, 

Tiiey trni the etrniul miow, 
\nil faint, wnm. hlefdin^, hui1e<i at last 

The pnimiiwd land below. 

W -liind, thfV saw the snuw-cluud tossed 

Hy many an icv in mi ; 
!l<-f<ins wann vhIWh, W(M>il-eniU»sscd, 

And iiTrx^n with vines and corn. 

Thi'v left the Winter at their Ijai-ks 

To tlup his Imltliil winK. 
Ami dowiiwanl, with the eataracts, 

I^ajted to the lap of 8prin>;. 

Sinmj; h-:uli*r nf that mountain liand, 

AnotlitT task n'mainn. 
To t<reak from Shiverv's desert land 

A fiuth to Frt'eilum^s plain. h. 

Thi" wimiIh are wild, the way i«* dn*ar, 
Y*-t. t1ii>hinK thniUKh the ni>;ht, 

lyi ' vy riilj^' and rx»«*ky s|ii'ar 
Klo/e out in nioniinx light ! 

Ki-** up, Frkmunt ? and go before : 
Th>' H«iur must hart' itn 5(an ; 

I'ut on thf hunting- shirt onre more, 
.\nil in Freedom's van ! 

' A bark is sailing in the track 
Of England's battle-line. 


A«n*i-w the fmzen marHhes 
Tli«» winil* of autumn Mow. 

.\nd th«* fi'n-Uii«U of the Wrtter 
Are white with rarlv snow. 

Bat where the low, grav headlands 
Unk o'er the Baltic lirine. 

No wares hath she to barter 

For Kothnia's fish and grain ; 
She saileth not for pleanurv, 
j She saileth not for gain. 

' But still by ijtle or mainland 
' She drofM hiT anehor down, 
Where'iT the British cannon 
Kuined lire on tower and town. 

Outs]inke the ancient Anitman, 
j At the gute of Ildsingfors : 
" Why eomes this iihip a- spying 
In the tnu-k of l-lnglan'rs wars f ** 

**0(mI bless her," Niiiil the ciKUtt -guard,' 
** (roil bh'ss the sliip, I MiV. 

The hfily nngelN trim the sails 
That Hj»eetl her on hi-r way I 

*• Wher»'*rr she dro|n her anehor, 
Tlie I M -as:! nt's heart is ghul ; 

Wlifn*'er she spn*aiU ht-r ]urting aaily 
The jieoziant's heart is sad. 

** Fjirh waNti*d town and hamlet 

She visits to n*stor>* ; 
T«> fiMif the shattiTiiI eabin, 
I Anil fi-ed the sturi'ing i»oor. 

I •* Tin- sunken Uiats of fishers. 

The fonigt'il Un'vi'n and grain. 
The s{M»iI of thikf and stori'liouae. 
The giNMl ship brings again. 

*• And HO to Finland's sornrn- 
' The swiM't am*'nd in iiiaiie. 
As if the hi'aliii^ haiiil of < 'hrist 
r|M»n Ii<-r wound'^ wen* laid ! " 

Thi-ii said the grav <d*l .\mtman, 
'*Thi* will of UinI U* doiit- ! 

Thf Uittli' hwt by Kn^hi lid's hate, 
Hy Kn^taiul's lovf \j% won ! 

•• W«' br.ivti! tlie irnn temiw»st 
That thufi<li-p'<l lift our Khove ; 

Hut when ili'l kiiidiii-<«'t fail to tiiid 
Th»* ki'v ti» Kiulaiiil's *UHtT t 


*• No mon- fpim .\Iaiid*'* ram|iurtM 
Shall wanting Misnal •'••iiir. 

Nor start hil SwiMlmn; h>Mr oi^in 
The roll of midnight dnim. 


" lledilr not Srtnr aUck bgl* 
Til- I>oTr uf Pact dmll nrt ; 

Ami In ihr iwmilia nf pumun 
Tb> Mv-blnt iimkK li«i owL 

" For FInUnil. lookiug •ravinl. 
So eoaiiDfi Ton hImII van ; 

Aad Itu- holy Ml* of A\x, 
Shall ring, ■ (.mud -will u> mui 

"Wwii row Ihv lin«l, (I fiKlwr I 
lo'Ulir kntl lay : 
mini! tiHl'Irn, iltncr 
Annuid Ihi pcJra uf May ! 

"ftit ilnwn. oU mni, to^lliir, 
OIJ wlm, in iiiiist iijiln ; 

Umr'fortti thit Anj^i'-rvunii 
U iIm lirvtiifr iif ihr Kiu 


OVB ■nornin^ of the fini mJ F4II, 

Poor Ailuu anil hii bridi 
M in tl.r aUid.^ of Kdt-u* wtU — 

gh«, Uuiihlnd in ttrlnf *«lt 
Fnr Ihr rliaiit' mrii nf aid -. 

Hk iixhinft «'<-> liw l>itt«r frail 
For Eilm'a dnips or goU. 

nrj bmnJ tbe air abnrc thtmt tiawed, 

A %(lt atrp an Ulr avanL 
AikI Id f Ibry mt brrorr thin tOuul 

Ulr angfl of lb> I»nl I 

'■ AH*." hr ■li.l. " irliy look twUn4. 

Whm hn|"- i* all lirfnlT, 
AaJ |all>nt liin'l and wllliigi mlail, 

Vnur liiM may ynl ratm I 

" I Inn Bitti yno • ^11 vlma* |w««t 

Cu aMk> tbf ilnat |Uil, 
tB4 call (rmini) tdu (rail anil flinrrr 

!• tor w i;a>i> bad. 

' I rltthn fosr bandt vitk favm to lift 
tltr «irat ham aff yimi imI i 


" Go, c}ir«rfnl aa h«i bi 

Tu l»!«'r an U> lilay." 
Whib- fiUmwrinK •nt Eda'a Ova 

Tb( ui^l pannl aaajr. 

TIh- pUnima of ili* vori J mm <a>tb 

Obnliml la Oii* word, 
Attd (ouihI % hwtrn \itry tilkd Um «fil 
A ganlrii iif tlif Uml 1 

Tbf Uiun-lm! aal lia «ti] (hdt 

Wr aliarr our inimd panmt*' fa*^ 

Ami in wii lum aod lUjr. 
Idok Ituik on Eilm'a a*MiM pM 

A> aad »n<l loM •• Ukj. 

Bol alill (or d> hi< natln akla 

Till- tdlyinn Aurl Im(*^ 
And Im)* ibrDagfcTuil Is VsmUn 

Jitw Adaint ami m* Ens I 


A Mm< lit lunnH tnmhlB all tba ^. 

Ukr thr l»* iLiuiiUti of ■ mUtt ^ 

Far-rolUi>f{ c» ilw dvam|bt ■'-'■^'-- 

Tbr^iX'tJu" ml wllh 

Tnwtiiw Ibr d 
BrbiJd Ibt I 

— Uw VaUrr rf 

The plhrtilllt I 

DuaL Willi thr «U|p o( (acbB «bMl- 
Ins o'.r. 
Day »f !>■• Uml. at itaAw* Md aal 


It hnvki in tbsadcr md tk «blt) 
Viarl'a raar ' 

F.TrD •c FailM ■ Lfll tbjr wtU ta 

Turn aitJ uVrtnn. and what Ibaa W 

Ib Jwlfnurat at in ii i i : m fM a». 
If 1st til' Imri akd halUl. bt im la 
KtmnflH- nufHWr>4 wiib lb* tnl* ta* 
Wlw find iby mrtim |m«h1 tfh«i| ^ 



I fain woald tbmnk Th«e that my mor- 
tal life 
Haa rvachnl the hour (albvit through 
ran* and pain) 
Whni (■«M*i| anil Kvil, as for fuiul strife, j 
I'loar dim and vaat on Aniiiigt*«ldon'8 
|»lain ; 
And Michael and his angi'In once affnin 
l>ri\'e hdwiing l«ok the SpiritH uf the 
O f<ir thi* faith to n-ail the ni^rn% ari;;ht 
Anil, fmm the an^^lcof thy (NTftrt Mif^ht, 
Srv Truth' A white hanner tlooting on 

lH*fiiri* ; 
Ami till' GimmI Cause, despite of venal [ 

And roiM' cxiwclirnta, more to nohle 

••n«lH ; 
S*-** W-Hcv with Frewlom make to Time 

And, thnni^h ita cloud of dust, the 
Piaiinl bv tlie thunder, heaped with 

chatlifiM grain ! 


F«»n a;.»ia on our river Iwnlers, 
Till- •• taaM*l!i in their tawny hhmm. 

And wtlli)wv stu^N of downy HiU'er, 
lUvi* propheaied of Spring to come. 

For a,-^!» have the unbound waters 
Sn^Uil on them from their itel))»ly hem, \ 

And ihc clear cjirtd of the rnhin 

A*iil !t(»ng uf Muebihi weloomeil thom. 

Rut never yet from amiling riwr. 
Or "utng of early bini, have they 

To aee the dance of wooilland ahadow^ 
And hear the long of April hrooka ! 

Aa in the ohl Teutonic liallail 

Live Ringing binl and flowering tree, 

T<ig«.*ther live in bloiMn and muaic, 
I blend in song thy Howera and thee. 

Earth's rooky tablets liear foivver 
The dint of rain and Nmall binl's track • 

Wh<i known Imt that my iiUe verses 
May leave some trace by Merrimack ! 

Tlie birtl that trod the mellow layen 

Of the young eurtb i» Miuglit in vain ; 
The cloud is gone that wove the sajid- 
From <itMr» dcHigii, with threads of 
rain ! 

S4>, when thin fluid age we live in 

Shall stitfcii n>unil mycarelefw rhyme. 

Who niade the vagnuit tracks may puzzla 
The sa\-ans of the coming time : 

And, following out their dim sugK«*st ions, 
Stime idly -curious haml may draw 

My doubtful iHirtmiture, as t*uvier 
Drew fijih an«l binl from fin and claw. 

An<I maidens in the fnr-ofT twilights, 
Siiigingniy v^iinlstfi bri*eze and stream, 

Shiill wiuider if the old-time Mary 
Wen* n*al. or the rhymer's dn*am 1 

Ijt ;W mo . 1857. 


Yor Rcarrely ntvd niv tanly thanks, 
\Vht», self-n'wanled. nurve anil tend — 

Br»i: greeiitl witfi a gladiler webtimfl ' A green leaf on ytmrown tJn-en llanks - 
Tjau whis|>ers from my heart to-day. The memor\' of your fiieml. 

TlitT break the spell of cold and dark- 

Th** w»-ar>" watch of sleepless pain ; 
Ah'I fn>ni my heart, as fnHu the river, 

1 he i' e of winter melts again. 

lu^nk«, Mary? forthis wild- wooil token 
*)f Fr»ya's foittstefis drawing near ,* 

AlmiMt. ai in the rune uf A^inl, 
Tlie gniwing of the grass I hear. 

It is as if the pine-trees called me 
FrtMB ceiled room and silent books^ 

For me, no wn-ath. bloom- woven, hiilesf 
The sullen^ I bnm- and Weening liair : 
For aught I know, the myrtletl sides 
I Of HclitHUi an' lure. 

Their M'allop-Khell!! no many bring 
The faltjcil fount* of M»ng !•> try. 

They '\*e drained, for aught 1 know, the 
Of Agaiiip|«e drj". 

Ah Will • — The wreath the Muses bnud 
IVoves often FoUy'ii cap and bell : 


L*( Lovp'i and rKmcUIilp'i iMiiiiEi lUbt 
Br Jiua by tbcMC I \o\t in life. 

Wbr BhoaM tiit unborn criUir «bet 
I'or mi! hii icalpiniflaiife > 

WI17 •honlil tiw atntistr nut and iwjr 
Dhf'* thi-uiI Uuoh of lib alwDt, 

Anil inf fur ruricitii nr bihI tje 
Hii faulta aiid SaWm out I — 

Willi rhaffoT wonia. til* pub he irorr, 
Aa mrn-huuli* wWn the m 1» goD« 
At* nuctl~l all iLr nun* t 

Lrt kinillx SJIi-nm i-lon ajpiiii. 

Thf pitiuw TBtiith from th« <7«. 
And un iliF •llm aod mUty main 

Let Uir MwU ripple die. 

Lit Fim* fmin hmm 1(|n hlow whir 
Hf>r Tliuwn nanin, I vnvy nou* : 

A mothrt't iurr. a htlKr'a priilt, 
Stall krrp alivn laj own ! 

I. tullatiy. 

And cnJU 

And thou. Arm child, in tijrr day* 
Wlrni Mkrd tbf iT«Km (4 Ihy name, 

Blialt aniwrr : " Qni! 't mm vain (a 
Or ernmrr ban Uw atte. 

"SotM l>IiBHal bin, -lania h*ll*T«d Un 
p»J, — 
llif tnrLh lay doabtlna 'twirt lb# 

bn( bieonld 

And olwliim lirM • 
Anil Naiun- inni|<ninil(Kl Ivtwul 
UwhI trllo* «ud mluac. 

" Il« Uiviid Uiii gDMl and «i«>. ba 

lib baman batvt to all akia 
Wlio met bim on th* oc 

" Ilia good WW naisW •■ tntml. 

Ilia «n1 not of fombon^ ikM -, 
Thf work l>i> wtDOfhl wm nnl; vml 

- Ill •rrml lib Hds rf (Ml«( Mr^i 
Tu tnni Ibr mnonDfi nUlk 1/ ^ ; 

Anil, onf latlMi wbiM of •■0^ 
llbi Uithrigbt full btuiii bww ( 

" If* >Md bb ibua af iM« nad j^^ 

Ko baUiUy WW Hb ki hb : 

&UII in tb* bririooB cnp n Ma 

Tbi btttn dnp vOI twfa. 

■• Vit Han» WW Mad. ud hM ■ Hi 

And thm • flowwr bacnbd hk • 
And. cool, In ar * '- 


!r nuoa^ ha hwii 

"On alt hi* n 

The mUm pncv «f XatMN «Ul« t 
TV luirt of tb* lldib unI wanda 

Sank drap lato kk m«L 


" Tb* ifanpla IMi^ tba UmD^ iNlK 
Tb* ttaBifna alt, H)4 |hI1* ipi^ 

Awl kapt 
And. hnvMw'>r k* Mnrnl 

H<r loTfl ib> rwd «U wayK. 



rhe lOrace of the tool that waits 
For more than man to teach. 

"The cant of fiarty, arhool, and aect, 
ProrokiNl at tiniva hU honest scorn, 

An<l Fully, in its gra^ rrsiwct. 
He tuaned on aatiiv s horn. 

** But Rtill hiii hrart waa full of awe 
And n*Ff*n'iic^ for all lucivd thin;^ ; 

Anil, bruo ling owr form and law, 
Ik* saw thf S[itrit'ii wings ! 

" Lift**!* my-itpry wrapt him like a cloud ; 

He h«*anl far voioiM ino^'k bin own. 
The swtfp of wing!! unsi^n, the loud, 

Lon;( mil of wavca unknown. 

'* Th»? arniw'* of hin straining night 
Fell ijuenrhfd in darkncaa ; prient and 

like Imt giiitles calling left and right, 
iVrpK'Xinl hin doubtful age. 

*' Ijk^ chiMhood, listening for the sound 
(H itA flri>p|ted nebhles in the well. 

All %'ainlv down tn«» dark profound 
His brief-lined plummet fell. 

'*.S«\ srattering flowers with pious pains 
(>n oM Iteliefs, of later cree<is. 

Which claimed a place in Truth's do. 
H« aaked the title-ileeds. 

'* He aaw the old-time's grores and 

Id the long distance fair and dim ; 
And hi«nl. like 9i>und of far-off pineis 

The century-mellowed hymn t 

'* He dared not mock the Derrish whirl, 
The Brahmin*s rite, the Lama s spell ; 

f}od knew the heart ; Devotion's pearl 
Might sanctify the shell. 

'« While others trod the altar stairs 
Ha faltered like the pablican ; 

And, while they praised aa sainta, his 
Were those of sinful man. 

'* For, awed by Sinai's Mount of Law, 
The trembling faith alone MUlficed, 

That, through its cloud and flame, he 
The sweet, "Sad face of Christ ! -- 

" And listening, with bin forehead bowed, 
Heanl the i)ivine conijmMiion fill 

The pauoes of the trump and eloud 
With whiiiiieni small and still. 

** The words he spake, the thoughts he 

Are mortal a!i his hand and brain. 
But, if they MTve<l the Master's end. 

He has not lived in vain ! " 

Hi*aven make thee better than thy 
Child of my friends ! - For thee I 
What richeN ne\'er bought, nor fame 
To mortal longing gave. 

' I pray the prayer of IMato old : 
Cithl make thee beautiful within, 

; And let thine eyes the gix>d liehold 
In everything ba\*e bin ! 

I Imagination held in check 
' To sen-'e, not rule, thy poiseil mind ; 
j Thy Reas<in, at the frown or beck 
I Of Conscience, loose or bind. 

' Xo dreamer thou, but real all, — 

I Strung manhooil crowning vigorous 

' youth ; 

I Life made by duty epical 

And rhnfimic with the truth. 

So shall that life the fruitage yield 
Which tires of healing only' give. 

And green -leafed in the EteriisI field 
Of Ood, forever live I 

aoMK luixAnB. 


I CALL til* o14 lliii* h»A 1 ,1 bring them 

To din, Id RiMDor; oT Ibi Muunm 

HImid, If^ our Mtita itnanw and romt 

Va dicainal tbem o*n , while the rirn- 
IcU made 

grot pbe. 

MBof thrir 

Song* of thrlr uwn, and 

On irana nwni'lighta tlu 


And ikf «-» vttfa lu, Ifrhv o'tr again 
H*r lil* in out*, ileapiU of jimi> and 

T-"n. - 
The autumii'i brifthtiMM aftfir latter 

OlonAnl tn th> krdli^ of tb* mn < 
Hct nirmurr makn our csannon Utiil* 
luj of which (lalntrr* 

LigfaU tbr bmwn htlla and ainga tn 

lupltand, il> ifanpit bsmda 


Ir «■• th» bIraMnt harrrtt tlmr, 
Whni crlUr-btn* an dnwljr vtownL 
And Satma hnd b«ne*th tUt bad, 

4 tlu «U avaOow^haiutod ham — 

Brown-a^U, tone i 
Tfara^th whkk & 

And wfnilt lilow fiMhljr Ik, la Aifa 
Tlw ml pinna of llw mab4 tmt^ 
And tlw loaa* lur-aww'a mmmJ 

Ai* filM with imianiT-. rirm-i <iMm, 
lla odotinu gnn anil hariry Ummk 
Fran duir loo aoaAoU* U tlwlr VIS. 

Lajr dw bMpMlMnaf n)uMka4an. 
rams nan aadaaUk 

And thltbn < 
Britiwth • 
Ul tliat ■' 

Th«.<r took tMt idaev ; aan* Vy ckaM^ 

Ilow tJnwntlj tW tUvt Biaaa, 
tirXwrra tbr aliaJ^w trfdwMOW^ 
Looked on tlirm Uuw^ Ika patf 

On alunlT la*h«l nn-4 
()» Kfrlhi»a wtth It* ai 
Of Wlthfttl ■Uwncil 

Th« huww ilint an—wwHh to h— I, 
And k«pt axlr tb> hM-jwd hvl i 

Bn Mill lb* pawttM valet «m ■ 
Thai rifwMlt** nw bawid 
FrvDi Up of BaU arlhnu ar U 

THE witch's daughter. 


For Mabel Martin nt apart. 
And Ipt thr hay -mow « shadow fall 
r|Mm tht* lovelii'st face of all. 

8hf* ut afnrt, an one forbid. 

Who knew that none would conde- 

To own the Witch«wife*a child a 


Thi* ji«nMon9i Noarrohad f^iic their round, 
tSincc ruriouA thouNantU thronf^trd to 

Jlrr niothiT on the gallows-tree ; 

Anil morkctl the iMiIsinl linilw of agt% 
That falti*n*<l on thf fiitMl stairn. 
Ami wun lip tri*ml>Ung with its 
pniyen ! 

FfW i|Ut*ffti«infMt of the sorrowing child, 
4)r. wli«-ii th(*y saw tin* mother die, 
l>n-ttnu*«l of the dnughterH a^Hiy. 

They wt-nt up to their honi4*j« that «lay, 
A« nien and rhrintian]* justitieil : 
il\n\ wiII'mI it, and the wretch had 

I>far not nil tl Father of UJi all, 
F'uvivf «»ur fiith in cnnd lit-H, — 
Furtive the MintlneHs tliat denies ! 

Forffiv** thy rn»atiire when he takes. 
For the ull-|ierrt>i*t love thou art. 
Some f^iu cn-ation of his heart. 

Cant ilown our iilolsi, overturn 
( >ur M'Miilv altars ; let us sea 
Thysi'lf in thy humanity ! 

Poor Mabel fn>m her mother's grave 
C*i>rit to hi-r tli>s(date hearth -stone. 
And wn-sthNl with her fate alone ; 

With love, anil anger, and despair, 
Th^ plisintom** of disonlen*fl sensi*. 
The awful doubts of Providence ! 

The kcliool-lioya jeereil her as they 
Anil. whHii ahe sought the house of 

Her mother's cune parsue<I her there. 

\od still o'er many a neighlioring door 
She n« th«* horseshoe's curvtNl cliarm, 
Tbgwtfd aipiMl her OMtber's hann ; — 

That mother, poor, and sick, and 
Who daily, by the oh I arm-chair, 
FoKled her withered hands in ptmy* 
er; — 

Who tumml, in f^lem's iln-arj* jail. 
Her Worn old Bible o'er and o'er. 
When her diiu eyej« could read DO 
niurv ! 

Sore trie«l and |tainefl, the {Kmr gill 
Her fiitth, and trusted that her 

So diirk, would somewhere meet tha 

And still her wenry whifl went niund 
Day aft«>r dav, with in* n*li<*f ; 
Small leisun* have thi* fMNir fur grief. 

So in the shadow MaUd sitn ; 

rnt4>ui-heil by mirth she si*es and 

Her Miiile is sadder than her tears. 

But cruel eves have found her out. 
And cruel lips ri*]MMt lier name, 
And taunt her with her mother'a 

She answered not with milinj; wonls. 
Hut iln*w Iht apn»n ti'rr h»r fa»v. 
And, S4)bbiiig, ^lideil fivm the place. 

And only |»anMng at the dtM>r, 

Her tuul eyes iii<-t the thiublfd gaie 
Of one whii, in her In'ttrr day^ 

Ha<l l»een her wann nn«l steady friend, 
Kre yet her niothi-i'> ilnoiii )m<1 made 
Kven £sek Hanb*n half .ifr.u«l. 

He felt that mute np]ii>Al of tear«. 
And. starting, with ;iii iirijrry fn^wn 
Husheil all the u irked murmun 

**0oo«l neighlmrs mine," he sternly 
••This i»a*s<'s h.-irmle<H mirth or jest ; 
I brotik no insult to my gUf"«t. 

** She i< inileeil her mother's i-liild : 
But (foil's swwt pity ministers 
Unto no whiter soul than her^ 

ttom bjuxjCds. 

" 1 kn<>» *lj<i mmr hir Hf" «*«)' ; 
An'l. H I>i>-1 litcn. I 'il tint romluno 
Aa Iti'iiin ilog on won! rf llivm." 

Hir braoHrit Un<l> in all thr town. 
Th? ikill to guiUt thr i«*er W «W», 
Wcrp llanien'i; Kud ItU Word «n 

Koax lUml •ithdaml liim to hi* face. 
Bat ode aly niakl>^ apukf wridv : 
" Th« llltir vilch U Bvil-Fj-Rl .' 

" Utt motlif!! only killed a row, 
Or wllrhrd ■ r.hum or ilalry-twli ; 
Dot ahr, fonooUk, moat cbajm • 

Foot Mabel, in hir lontlir hoiQp, 
8>t by tlic window'* narrow paD*. 
Whit* iu the BKwnllsbt'i ailfir nln. 

Ttw tl»rr. cm lU iHhMnl rim, 

Midr musti' lUcb u rl,il.lli<XKl knr* i 
T)u doot-yanl tnc waa wbiapemi 

By Toim niFb aa Dbililhund'i or 
Ilail hrani in inoua1i|ihta Kins bdo ; 
And tbniagb tbn willow -boagh* Mow 

ftbf Mw lb> ritil'lad watrn *hln> ; 
IVyond. hi •■*** -if ill.!- and li|[ht 
Thr hi!U rollrd off into tbf ul^L 

BwHt Htonila and prlnrea mocking m 
Tbe ailnna iif hT botnan lot, 
Bbt aaw uid bcttnl, but bmlivl not. 

She alrar* to ilrowti b«r «nu« of wroog, 
And. in brt old and alni|i|e *aj, 
To tMcb bet bdiliT hart to fnj. 

Foot ekIM : thr pn^, bqpin in bith, 
(low t/i a low, dnaalrtnit rn 
or nltrr mlapTv : -'LrtMiHal 

'' Ob ' lak* m* fran iha vonihil wfm. 
And hjdp mr wbor Ifca enid ifietfc 
Anil ronektnf ftdgrr tnar Mit m<b I 

" t duT nnl btvatW Mr McKlirr'a nUM : 
A daugbtfv'* lifllii I ikn nM mv* 
To warp abvv* iHr b»U«M crart I 

' Lrt nw iM Tin sMtl vj Iwaf^ 
Wilb ftw tu pity, a»l wlUi MM 
To luv* Dw, hanlnx lato alOMi. 

■O >,o.| ! Inn mFTc; ob tllf cUU. 
WIiov failli in UwTipwwi "-- 

And take in. m I Im U •» 

n tha nwonlichi M 
raurii^ wind and 


Had then Hod houd b<Tl Ital bt 

Who andEi it ynn, mM mtM •! 

'Yon know -omdi Earfc Bardn «dl; 
And ir b» ma* •» ««Iim Hir, 
And if hi* bait i* loacbMl vtu paj, 

• Tbr mal-lm iR>w« ibaJ) Mvtr isA 
Hi- hnari I.. w«mi On oka it* 

Upoi, y, kn«*^ ■ Ultlc <UM 1' 

" O mint rrtml of all t" Ar laid. 
"Cal Mr« jwn e*r ynit lil»dlf 

And laaki an wonky of ny lei I ' 

H* Ifl h^ tinoA Uadny IrUk 
To wbm lb wrtagfag iMhn* 

And Ibi«|Kh tlw 4OTa Ik Imko* 

••naoil Mr»d* aail iwIcfclMwi' bk 

la yna kb>dlr, M* u 
: i* mai, AM all «Ai 



Ilmceforth ihe Htands no more alone ; ' 
You know whftt Vji»'k Hanlen Im : — | 
He hriwks DO wrong to him or lii«." i 

Now \h the merrifKt tales W toM, 

An.l l>'t the ^u'lM•tt•Ht xunfpt lie sunff , 
That ev(.'r matle the uhl lieart young ! ; 

For now the lost has found a hom«' ; 
An<l a l«iiii* hi'arth Hhall ItrixhttT hum, 
An all the houwhuhl jtiyH n-tuni ! 

O. n1f>as»ntly the har%*ej{t-monn. 
ItrtwiM 11 the shallow of the mows, 
I^Miktil on them through the great 
elin-lMUighs ! 

On Mal-'l'a I'urU of g«)I<lf*n hair, 
Hn K^rf'k'.H aliugg}' Mivngth it fell : 
Ami thi* wind whirti>ervt!, ** It in 
w.H : " 


From the hilh of home forth lot iking, 

far U'nrath the tent -like ft|Kiii 
Of th«' hky, I H-e the whitf ghtaiii of tht* 

hiMillau'l of rni)H wVnii. 
Wril I kn«iw its eovfiiand U'a«'heH to the 

rhKti-h- ^diiiinierin}; down, 
And thi' whit<*-waIl(Ml hainh't rhildn-n of 

itit an«'i*>nt tUhing-town. 

Long has paawHl the aumnier nmrning, 

ami itH ni**mon' waxes old, 
Wh'-n aliiU;; von hn>i'zv h«>ai Hands with 

a plf-asitnt frifnd 1 stndled. 
Ah ' thi' autumn ^un insliining, and the 

<N'pan winil hlow.^ <*ooI, 
And th'' goM>-n-ro<l and aM<T liltmin 

arouml thy grave, Kantuul * 

With thi* m«Tnory of that morning l»y the 

■umni^r «'a I blend 
A «i!d anil wondrous atnrv, l>v the 

youn;'er M. it her ifenneil. 
In that (plaint M*vjnitU*i ffiri-^fi, with 

all Ktrange and marvtdlouH tliincit, 
Hi*a]«^l up hugp anil uuiligestcd, like 

till- rhaoH Oviil sing!i. 

|W«r to me these far, faint glimpiieA of 

I a ward, grand with awe and reverence ; 

outwAfxl, mean and coane and 


Gleams of mvNttr lieanty playing ov«r 

dull an«l vulgar elay, 
Ciolden-thn>adi*d fau<'i*'H wmving in a 

wtd) of hodden gray. 

The groat I'ventful Pn'srnt hides the 

Pa^t ; hut through the diu 
Of ita loud life hints and e<'hfMra from 

the life tM-liind iit«*al in ; 
And the lore of home and Hrfside, and 

tht* legi-ntlury rhyme. 
Make thf task of duty lightt*r which the 

true man owf a his time. 

4S0, with Komething of the f(>cling which 

tlif ('ov«>nanttT km^w, 
Wht'U witli piou> <*hiHi'l wandering S<»t- 

land's nioorlund grawyardu 

From till' gi-av«*H of old traditions I part 

the hlai'kUTry-viiiwi, 
Wi]ie the mi>ss from off the headstones* 

and retouch thf failed lines. 

Whi-re the sea- waves Tia«"k and forward, 

ho:irs4* with rolling {nddiles, ran. 
The garrison -hftus** st<MMl wati'hing on 

the gmy pM'ks of ('a|ie Ann ; 
(Ml its nindy Mt«* uplifting gabled roof 

and |ialitad<*, 
.And rough walls of unhewn timber with 

the m(K)nUght overlaitL 

1^1 his slow round walkiil the sentry, 

south and eastward IiNtking forth 

! 0\t a nub' aiiil brokni eoast-line, white 

I with l»n*iikersstn'ti*hing north, - - 

WimmI hii«I nnk anil gleaming sand-drift, 
I jagRiil (MiM<!i, with bush and tree, 

I/*aning inland from the smiting of the 
I wild and gusty sea. 

I IJi'ftue th«' dii'|v.mouth*»d ehimney, dim- 
ly lit by 'lying bra mis, 

iTwi'Uty soblii-rs sat and waiti-d, with 
thrir niUHki-ts in th«-ir hands ; 

, On the ptugli-hi'wn «»aki-n tablf* the veni* 

son hauiK'h shan-il. 
And the |wut<'r tankanl ein'bd slowly 
round fnmi Ustnl to bt-api. 

I^ng they sat antl talkrd tttg»ther, - 
talkt'd of wizanls Satan->old ; 

Of all ghostly nights and noises, — si^f 
and wonuara manifold ; 


nouE BALLAna 

or the «p«ctn->L'p of StIoiA. nil]: Uio 
iIi-mI iMn in twr uliivutu, 

HailluK >h(vr KtntB tLi wain, in tlu ' 
loom of uion.iiitr clnada i 

Of the nurvf llinu t^IIc-y I»<1iI<>ti In Ihf 
dcjitLi of i;luucr,)rr wn...!.. 

FnU u( pluili lh.l lor* tl.r .i.mtucr. ~ 
bluonu (if vu-iiirt l»UtuiiM ; 

Wbvr« ibc Arctk l>irUi 1* liraidid fa; 
ttw tnrpuT'* nowtiy rinn, 

■iiiila lliB Bioalilii^t kf. 
And tlir whllB amaka curlfaw Inmwgfc |l 
ilhflril tlvwlf iamh U* bajT 

Thfjr faava vairUhnl *ilh Ibrir Irwl 

TriiiM uiil Puwrr af thi air i 
Ldy uklF your nirlfsa im|wiM ; •! 

!t lonr, auik 

hii'ky tonn of teat, 
Ai thi')' ■[■Lr nf jin'w^l tokena of the 

|K>wm of afil trnt ; 
Of ■ iprctral hart, ilerylDf; irtnke of nU*! 

KtTsr fFt «u haR to ■laj' thmu 

mould of nionab nn * 

TTlen. a-iii 

All tli^ ' 

til.- [ 

•' GhtHli « Kitclw^" Hid tlw nftall 
•■ Uiiu I fcul the fcril Otw • 

AbiI lif nmnifil a aJvit butlot. fnan 
Li* ilnublrf. ikiwn bin ipia. 

Onot wain the HMtial homir r 

thr fuardnl *all atial -. 
~ n thr imllnl moakrla Ihma^ 

iiw-i-fi mliiht rnti thi 
Hot Ihr bwh-Urd irairanl llyfiiK wHh 
Ma ilaat otDft to Ih* tan. 

LO;* U.r W« nio of mmmtt tpd Uie 

h«mb«a ahmnv of toad. 
Vhli ■ Uqch gf ftafiv drrlidoa, awa 



So Iht nichl KTvn Rflu lo rack- 

wli'ti i^piln a wanilrar all 
RnuW lh> an>n- of wxary HjiUfta' 

in)C muiHl tba duifc; hall 
An<l thry Inoknl to Bldl and | 

■□d ihn lonpd lartnwak af Aa; 
Dal thr iTBjiUin rloird hU Bihl* : " l^ 

D> cauc ftmn nan, and |m; ' ' 

To Uir mm irlia wnrt Ulata tM. aB lla 

unirm pann aranrd Dear, 
AaU thrlr ataaittaat atnwlh at n«nr 

ainrii ha •aoto In boljr fvar. 
trnj hand fetaook Uw maak*^ ■*«} 

b>«d «aa howrd attd ban, 
Kra? atont ktm [iiia aai lb 

M tke «a|iuta M ia 

CtMdJ Uicrwt th* ittptk 

tbi> M iwrt n a rvaaid tit* >aii. 

Bat a anind abbnnvA. nnnrtU;. mmttt 
tht nn and hmrit «f all. — 

Havl* al ngr a»d abheka of «Hailll ! 

Nrrrr allrr iwvtal Man 
Sa« tbr >[ha>ll< 


Solo tu 

bkEk'bouaa of t:^ Ah. 
ilk ia nmMer thn^ 

Tnm (ha chiUW«4 af tu |ratfe c 
tlMaolMnn kgaMd do**. 

Kut iDninUM«MMtetlwi,tai 
mnra] brta tin vaMk 

And tb* Atona aa^ lb ft<a to » ' 

Mr Btidtt/atHMlh bWMkM 
aaid tW eaniaii fend b vMs. 



In thf dark w cry like children ; and 

no Answer from on high 
RmkH the cn'stal tphoreii of silfiiri', ami 

no whiti* wtngM (lownwani tly ; 
Hut th<* liemrrnly hrip we pray for conieM 

to faith, and not to nifrht, 
4nd our praviTM thenim*lvc»i drive back- 

wmrd all the Mpirita of the night ! 



rp anil down th»» village streeta 
Strang** an* th«' fonns my fancy rzeetP, 
Kor thf thniighta and things of to-iUy 

an* hid, 
Anil through the veil of a closed lid 
Th** aurifnt worthieH 1 8«*e again : 
I thf tap of the elder 8 cane, 
Anil hiH awful iieriwig I He<*, 
And thenilver imrkles of shoe and knee. 
St4t«*lv and htow, with thoughtful air, 
Ht« hliu'V I'.ip hilling \m whiteni**! Iiair, 
Wiilki th«- Judgi' of the tn^'at Assize, 
Samuel S4'wull the giNNi and wist*. 
II iH f.ii-i' with lineA of tirmneiM wrought, 
lit* we^rs the IiMik of a man unlNMiglit, 
Whf) swears to hiii hurt and ohangcA 

not ; 
Yet. to».'h»il anil noflened nevertheless 
With thi* gmei- of (^hristlAn gi'ntleiiess, 
Thf fa't' that a child wtmld elimh to 

kiss ! 
Trn»- and t»*utler and brave and just, 
Th:it nuin might honor and womun 

T'lmhing and m<I, a tale in told. 
I.ikf II iN'iiitent hvnin of the Psulmist 

(f thf fast whieh the g«NMl man lifelong 

Wi:li 4 haunting sorrow that never slept. 
Aft thf I'in-Iing year brought round tlie 


i 'f an ern>r that left the sting of rrime, 
Wh-n hi* "^t on th** l»eneh of the uitch- 

• raft eonrts. 
With tlif lawaof Moses and Hale's Ke- 

And *|iake, in the name of Itoth, the 

Tliat gave the witch's nei'k to the 

And JiiImI the nmken planks that iin*sMi><I 
The frrbie life fnm the warlock's breast ! 

I All the day long, from dawn to dawn, 
1 His door was lK)lte<I, his curtain drawn ; 
No foot on his sileut thn'^hohl trod, 
No eye l(M>k<'d on him save that of God, 
As he batlletl tlie ghoitta of the dead with 
I charms 

, Of iN'nitent tears, and prayem, and 
I psalms, 

' And, with pa*cious pnMfs from the sacred 
Of the iMundleiM ]uty and love of th« 

His fuith eon tinned and his trust re- 

That the sin of his ignoranne, sorely 

Might U' washed away in the mingled 


Of his human sorrow and Christ's dear 
bloo«l ! 

Green forever the memory be 
Of the Judge of the old Th«f wracy, 
Whom even his errors glorifie^l. 
Like a far-s(>i'n. sunlit niountain*side 
By the rloudy hhudows which o'er it 

glitle ! 
Honor and pmisi' to the Puritan 
Who the halting step of his age outran. 
And, seeing the infinite worth of man 
In tlie tirireless gift the Father gave. 
In the intinite lovf tliat st(M)peil to save, 
l>ar(il not lirnnd his brother a slave ! 
** Who doth >\u\i wn>ug," he was wont 

to SUV, 

In his own (pinint, pii*tun>- loving way, 
*• K'ings up to Heaven a haml-grenade 
Wh it'll (iimI shall east down uiioii hia 
head ! " 

W*idely as heaven and hell, contrast 
Th:it Imive old juri-t of the |iast 
And the i-unning trickster and knave of 

Who the holy featun>s of Truth dis- 

Ruling as riu'ht the will of the strong. 
PoviTty, erinie. and weakness wrong ; 

' Wide-ean*il to |Niwrr. to the wronged 

J and weak 

' I*i'iif as Kgvpt*"* g»»«U of lei'k ; 
Siofting iiKJdi' lit |i.irty's nml 

I Onler of natun- ami law of (?OiI ; 

. For whiiHf dabbled uniiinc iv>|iect were 

i waste. 

, Iteven'nce fidlv, and owe misplaceit ; 

. Justii'e of whom 't were vain to aeek 



Aa tnta Koordiili mbbiT or Srriao 

Sheik r 
0, Icara tin: »nli:)i tu bU liilln • 


« II all Ukf B cImK Bnn>U^ 
I llul mj thuiutlita an full of Ux |a 

I I lirar th* Ulr* nt my bof honil told ; 
Lft liiin nit ill tl>« wrb <if lin hr *pinii ' i AdiI Iha alujluwii ami ihapn * 
To \l\r winlly wul ut lli« mH^ Aaj, ikjr* 

To tlir llirulkn judgi', lot un turn t.aA Flit diinlr b; la Uw rnling tii_ 
With ai'*«ifHl nornDciit unl rl 

" Pnue uiil tluuiki for an 
Glory to Oo>l fur the Puritan 1 " 

I jiuttliyiL 

Lil( tm'« i:^*!!!^!, 

li.kIuI' BKiuiinil, 


WfsiriDff lika UmttlM uj w*(i«< 
I tUiuk iiT lltr old bud vim axl fpw 
Whu Don uD jroa mM; killaUa *aaL 
(A purt who orrwr nuMQrrd rfajaM, 
A (Mr unknomi to U* daD-*BM«l ikac^l 
And, |irc{i|ie<i on hU italT d ^p, baW 

With hi* bnjhmT* la**, « 

Vtwn. vritm. aa » an t 

Hi* biinUn i^ implvejr j^ 

'' r thr Toiwi of aonl, aM 


A allvrr ami* tram ntit tWi ■[■runji, 
I an lliip dunf of Ihv (Jiuujmus 
Alul, iDUiid uiil tmtid. I 


Old road* Kinitiuu, a* ulil nwili witU 
Uvn lu a t'TTy, anil tlwrr tn a mill ; 
And |[liRi}Bn of <;lilmui>y> and iiafalcd i 

■ rtnai blaad, to |m«# 

r>l. ilikll kwiiiti ■•an . 

1 to all thai ran 
luvl of nan, — 
<il nak and itnon 

• 111 lU Snldafp 

>lml I'lma mif tma lh« enlin^; lo*. 
Tlir Ji'-wT f^itian "ith pilitlHd nrr*. 
The luuH dark IkJu tui Uie r>»l-«-oni 

A Oil till* III", braaU cliimn'J tbom iIm 

Bf lb* fwlbquaba tiiwla a canta/y 

ITp frrm ih^ mbbl ^rinip tb* «ul^[* 

With lb" mat of Hm codi in the am 1 

allr.; rimviirandrifnai 

BFjomt n* ondianU and pUnlini land*, Br ihf ink of hM, bf lb* t 
And giral atJt manlm aad gUnuurrlnc , fnat, 

and*, I Aball D*n-T a halT av b 

And. whn* aortfa ind aoDlb tbr coaid- Bat, hiuknl bj Daath li 

linn nin, «if[bt. 

Tb> blink dT thr ■« la bnaa noa au : | Bt aown i^ bi tW taUi U Uflrt ' ~ 

A> luni; at iMIla aball nan at irill 
Thv gnen. paanmlaoa by Turhr* Hill ; 
Ai lontt ai thrM ahBll look treat ikiaA 
Of tlMlmrn IliU on «miUm »U*, 
And I'arkra fbrtr, and aall-aa ltd* ; 
A* b-ngM a oanJrriu i4gH.« tUlaan h 
Tb-SfT-U b«^» fri<Blib«Ut«-aak r-M^-. 
Vl'hru til* larifj-hajTm ia np ar^ 

And tbr dij' b«>ka bll biM tlw «I>b4 

A* liwm aa Natun afaaT 
Nor dn>i> biv HE*! f>v>i 
■ ■ ■ in. hr Ih. ti 

And ibr Trlln rn** ■■ pain I* art : ~ 

So loHR .Ull C-briatkaa Wra h* Wn, 
rintv ii|> and rifn aaC«d*a*wHI«m f — 


"Blood fi>r Uood I BdI evFTtnon 
fiqiwnilu'a ImR it ud and Miv ; 

for tb» iWt t)wi (wvia ranir I 

"Wtiilioo of CodiKo, hew f 
Sqnuido frai,*, vho Un^s it rvac ; 
Tur tbi Hinirn he haa U>n : 
I^ tb< land bare pnuw ■gain '" 

Ai ih* wonU >lird iin liln titngun. 
Will* ■jKrt lux varri'in mninff ; 
Puud, at tlir •i](ii tir K*yr, 
Bi^t uil kft, 1U< K^ylo XT'- 

And, lik« Unci fiaaaiDit tnr 
Tltfouyh til' luuplial^arai^ arm, 
CapUvii muihrr, wifr, ami child 
Through tix iltuky Ivmr ttlrd. 

Osealonr, a IllUr DKld. 
Ulddlcvay hrt tlcpi df lajrJ. 
OUnriiis. "itli quick, tmnblnt light, 
Round aliuai tniin ml In kIiIih. 

g tack h(T yrllow hair. 

" Oift or laror oak 1 nottt ; 
What I han ii all njr awn : 
Knvr jn tlw litrdi hare mnft 
■ " lu hath a brfo^'a toni[ii» 

" Tet for htt who *«lta M hotm^ 
For till dnil frho euinat one, 
Let tl» llEllr flolil'htir te 

"lUakatuKk, toy UttI* (tor I 
Obm to flara'a filMB afar ; 
Vhrrt tk* «4 on* walla at lunnc. 

"What'" qnodi WaUnitt. •■)•■ 

Cloiatlait-lMirn to iMBlltma wOd 1 
Aa (Iml lina, tVmn Sauna haMd 
I am plodi hn ai • baad I" 

" Haar m*. whlto nan I" 8qi 


Wr.]uublni, ni)' mnnnllf^l, aar- 
Wilt tbuu ga wlthm^ M-atajrl* 

Mmly, Hilly, halfarraU, 
llatTiTgTTtfuUy, the luaid 
L>wurd tbs tin uf bhiod aad nt», — 
Tunml Iroai tSquaikdo't |dcadugb<« 

Not a word the Indiaa a|M(ka, 
But lili wamiHim chain h* Wak^ 
And tha brailcd wimdn' bmg 
On that ncdc to fair and jnaat. 

l4UMic«-«bod, aa nhaBtOB* wm 
In til' naR-hf«af a dma, 

, tlwgtiai anay 

« piue-ln»a *ubb4 uMtf. 

IKiu)itJ[i)L ttvmUin^ ■»« ai—il. 
iliraunb DcTloiti Ibr TOQMI rUkI ai 
■•Uud prwrrp U-r • ''^ W^Mna A 
"Satan hath iKwltrhad U> i^ f 

V«n wait and ame. AlrlaMrf* 
Sinfiiog raair • child fton ^r, 
Tnanlng fram bar tonae-lmlHid MiJ 
tlold in lanaUn*, hravn in AaAii 

('ttafaaahfd, Ih* n«ld hfM : 
" I'fi abil dtMti thr bnM I IMk 
Whn*. hneath tha hank m Mf, 
Lie the ajnttcd tnwt aaktfL 

- ' Chip '■ ' wnni naiiTd m Iha wtA 
Aftrt ma I bfsnl htm call. 
And thr raiUrd «n lb* bw 
ThnI hia Ual to ulnk m*. 

■ Wbtn tha bsilacka |pc« ae dark 

Than I criad, aBd nit away : 
[111! hr calM. and hade wa ttw ; 
And hia tain* waa c««d a^ mm 
A* ni J Bothar'a U bf* tUM. 

" And bf took my w 
I Ixoked and h»kMl it o' 
tla*a na Imriaa, and. bcaida, 
1 U« My Mck a flartUag Had.' 



Ah me ! we doubt the iihining ikies. 

Seen through our aluulown of oflKUce, 
And drown with our i»oor childinh 
The cnidlL'-hynin of kindly Providence. 

And Mill wi* li)ve the evil raufie. 

And of till* just ctToct romiiUin : 
We ttfid u\nm liff'H broken lawn. 
And munnur At uur eelf-intlii'tiHl {Miin ; 

We turn nn from the light, and find 
(hir HiNMrtral shaiyeH U^fure us 
Art they who leave the nun Whind 
Walk in the Hhailows of themselves 

And Hoarce hy will or xtrength of ours 

We net «mr far«»!i to the day ; 
Weak, wavering, blind, the Ktemal 
Alone ran turn u» from ounelvea away. 

( >ur weaknejM \h the Htrt^ngth of tiin. 

But luw mu!«t neetisft lie stronger far, 
<>utrea«-hing all and gathering in 
The erring spirit and the wandering star. 

A Vuii'e grown with the growing years ; 
K^rth. luHliiiig down her bitter cry. 
liook.H u|)waM from her graven, and 
** The Renunvction and the life am I." 

O liore Divine ! — whose constant 

Shines on the eves that will not Hei', 
And w:iiu to MesH us, while we dream 
Thou leave^it us because we turn from 
thee ! 

All souls that straggle and aspire, 

All hearts »f prayer by thee an* lit ; 
And, dim or clear, thy tongues of fire 
On dusky tribes and twilight centuries 

Nor huunda, nor clime, nor creeil thou 
Wi<le as our neeil thy favors fall : 
The white wings of the' Holy (thost 
tt»jn, seen or unseen, o'er the heads of 

O Beauty, old yet erw new : •* 
Kurohl Voioe, and Inward Word, 

The liOgos of the Greek and Jew, 
The old sphere-music which the Samian 
heard ! 

Truth which the sage and prophet 


Lung sought without, but found 
The I^w of liove lievond all law. 
The Life o'erfluodiug mortal death and 
sin ! 

Shine on us with the light which 
riMiii the tranre-lNMintl hliepherd's 
Who Kiiw tbe Darkni'.sM nvertlowe<l 
And drowned by tides of everlasting 

Shine, light of (i(Ml!— make broad 
thv M'ojte 
To all who >iii and Mitfrr : more 
And Wtter than Wf dun* to hoiie 
With Heaven*!* t-«iiii|«iSHion make oar 
longings iK)or ! 


Tk ITEM ITS OF HKniuntiis, one day. 
While kneeling at the altar's foot to 

Alone with (if»«l, as was his pitms rhoioe. 
Heard fnmi without u iiiiM-nible voi(*e, 
A sound which sei-UH'il of all sad things 

to tell. 
As of a lust soul crying out of hell. 

Then'At the AbKit ]iaU!««Ml ; the chain 

His tliouglith went upward broken by 

that vry ; 
And, liMtking from the ca>em**nt, saw 

A wretched woman, with gruv liair a-flow. 
And witlifHtl hand.s held up to him, 

who cried 
For alniA as one who might not be 


She crieil, " For the dear love of Him 

who gave 
His life for ours, my child from Kmdage 

save, — 
My beautiful, brave first-born, chained 

with slaves 


Up thr >!ilte sal] 

■■ Wlul t an 
I tt^rr." TritMiiiiu wid ; 

n Ih> Uoor'i ffdiey. *tiri* the nui-«nit 

I of TnoU I ■■ — 
" tny pnjittt," 

Of flod t " ihs cri«l, for grirt lud tuaite 

h«r bold. 
" Mock TTH Dot thiu ; I wk not pnycn, 

bat pM. 
Vnril* wHf not trrva tnc, alna 4lim« 

DM nySM- 

bom difa." 

" WnnwD I ' Tiilmiiiu uuiwemd, " ftum 
Voat go u&trJ i h<m<« an vn tlvip 

A nDBlr toldu I* 01 
Hutu hist aai pn 

en : ~ what on H 

"Qurmr," *t» Mid, "thf niliT can- 

On*ilhrriu<l'c.rih>e>nt '■ni'-ifij, 
God wrll nwr >|»n> tbroi on hu rmniU 

Or ha caa gitr jrou goldm ODraUUtrad." 

TVii apakx Trilnnina, " Kwn a* thy 

Woman, «> b> tt 1 (Oqr moat gradou 

Who lorrtli mmr; moir Ibaa larriBae, 
Panlan i» if ■ hiunao ami I jirUr 
A1»*T thr ipfti npon hU altai jillnl I) 
tlkt vhal tlion uknl. anil mXwm ihf" 

Bat hii haod tn^Med aa tlir bolj 

B* plwrd within the t«iai*r'a Mgi* 
Asd aa •bi> Tanialud down tba Undan 



From mM ta g 

Uur laibl amvl 
Of Indian Siunmar tat 

But trndTljr 

iboia Uh tm 
Ilanfp^ vlilu and a 

Sbon likr III' mliar's a|ntral bact; 

Tlir |«inlFd *alla 

WfaRHD il ta]U 
TraiuftKuml atand in nMrU* Mm* I 

O'n fallri. Uam 

Th> WHX-vtnd fiti*Tnk 
Vrt niniTa a arnt-tiniT rnniul ^H* • 

And morn ahalt wr 

Thr Stair Hiirn fraa 
With bakful tana <» btalthhl (odB. 

Along thr atrfvt 

Thr (badovi mcvt 
Of ttealin;. vhoR haada iiiniiil 

Thr mooUa of hia 

That (ba)* llw 81 ate. 
And iuak> n mar tbt commod ■«!. 

Armuiri 1 mv 
Thr t>>*>n thai W i 
I ttaaA hy Ein|ri»'a pnasl mli|i ; 

Rarh r Uiroi 

BMiealh tW i^ n , 

Rod aan tka Iwd 




liar hlaat iht boix of riodaa'a nw. 


Ar* bwla afM^r. 

And fondnJ* buWnl IbNVMwI Ib^t 





For fwArU tlwt gem 
A diwlrin 
The ilivtr in tho tifwp left dies ; 
The n'pil ri^ht 

Wr* iMML-it to-iu^ht 

l» oun through coMtlicr sacrifice ; 

Tlie hhnA of Vane, 

HiH iiri<«on {lain 
Who xr,i*M th«' ]Kith the Pilfn^m tnxl, 

An«l hi'ix wlume faith 

l)n'w htn-njrth from tlt-ath, 
And pnyi*d her Uusm.*!! up to God ! 

Our hrtirtu prow cold, 

Wf liKhtly hold 
A ri^ht w hi<-li bmvi* iih>n died to ^n ; 

Th«* !*tJik»-. thi* cord. 

Tilt' a3ti% the Nuord, 
CSriiii nurM'9 at itJi birth of pain. 

crownfl and 

Tlie Hlifidow rend. 
And o'tT us U'lid, 
O inartypi, with your 
{HilinN — 
HnMtlie through these throngs 
Yuur luittle sung!*, 
/uur JHa!r»M pwyem, and dungoon 
pMlms ! 

IxMjk fn>m the sky, 

Kike (IiNl'.t gn*at eye, 
Thiiu !K»l*'ninniMin, with searching beam, 

Till in the Riju;ht 

Of thy pure light 
< tur mean !M.'lf-»eekingii meaner ftwm. 

Sham** from our hoartH 

l*nwi>rthy arts 
Th«> frauil destgneil, the purpo<ic ilark : 

And ^niite awav 

The hand.« we lay 
|*rofanelv on the uuretl ark. 

To partv claim* 
And private ainiA, 

o par 
^nd pi 
R«r«^l that augunt faie of Truth, 
Wher»fto are given 
Thi' ag^ iif hearen. 
The beauty uf immortal youth. 

So nhall our voire 

Of MViTf-igii rhoire 
Swell the ^Wyt liaB of duty done, 

And ttrike the key 

or time to be, 
When God and man ihall speak as one ! 


'* For of llln, and thmuxh Illm. and to Iltai 
aivall thlDK*, U> whom be glury foi«v«r ! '^ — Paul 

Above, 1n>1ow, in sky and sikI, 
In leaf and Nimr, in star and man, 
Well might tlie wim* Athenian scan 

The giMimetric Higiis of (IihI, . 
The meaAuri'd order of hin plan. 

And India'tt mysticH sang aright 
Of the One I^iff iNT\-a4ling all, — 
One Id'iiig'H tidal ri^' ami fall 

In soul and fonii* in hound and night, — 
Ktenial outlhiw and recall. 

Cfod is : and man in guilt and fear 
The (fntral fai-t of Nature own» ; — 
Knei'iM. tn'iiiMing, by his altar-Htonea, 

And darklv dn*r is the ghaut ly Hmear 
Of bhiotl a]i|N'ases and atones. 

Guilt hha]H'8 thi' Terror : de«'p within 
The human In-art the si'rn't lies 
Of all the hideiius d«-itirs ; 

Anil, {minted on a gnmnd (»f sin. 
The fableil ginls of tonuent Hm' I 

And what in He ? — The ri]ie grain noda, 
Th«» sw*'et dews fall, the swet-t flowers 

blow : 
Rut darker signs his pn'stiin- sliow : 

Tlie t-artbipiaki' and tin* stnrni srv (tod'a, 
Ami g(M>d and evil interflow. 

O hearts of lovi- ! O souU that ttim 
I.iki' sunflowi-rn tn tin* pure and l»est * 
To you thf truth is manif«*^t : 

For tlu-y thf mind of Christ diMM-ni 
Who Iran like John u\i»m his breaKt ? 

In him of whom the sibyl toM. 

For whom th** pniphft's hHr|i was 


WhoHf* iiri'il the sage anil magian 
Till- loviiit; h'-art of CJoil lifholii. 

The h«»i"' for whteh the age* gnianttl * 

Faili\ |nimj» of dn'Hilfiil im*ig»'rv 
WhiTfwith niiinkiiid Iliv** ili-itii-d 
Tln-ir hati\ anil Mlfi-lin.-^H, mi.i piiili- • 
I>'t till- •'I'.in-d ilTi-iifiiir w;«k»- !«• -•■• 
' Thr rhri-^t Iif N.i/iiit!1i ^t bi-i «»idi ' 

What doth that b"ly (*m'\'\* fijnirr t 
I No rite of inin, f|i»r ijif! i.f IiI'wmI, 
But man a kin<l]v iMotbi-rhuoil, 


poms kSD LTRICS. 

Vwdt oat Um kiMr'i blondj lUin ; 
Th* la« iif Hatml illiia(>|nr, 
Thv Ikw uf L(»« klon* ivmun. 

How hll the iitola faUc kdiI grim ! — 
And lo ! their hidr«u> wrn-k khnia 
Ths finblniu of lh» l-unb uiil liovt ! 

Han Iun» frnm Uoil, not Cud from 
Aiul guilt, in wiffmng, whivpsn 


It rvl ■haUliMich Iiia nrnvat'i fold. 
And brl tlie hsrmlji AliihmiBt 
Tmufonn Iti rcf; diut t« gold. 

Till' thina lir(iltjn|t angri ti>n|pin 
Brvi.nil * tiKirtal'i K-oii* h«» gl^iwt 
O tmrt iif irilnr t irtlh n-TirniM t 

Tbr fulnra* vhidi to it brlonn. 

And iruA the wikamni (or the fata 

lit the hlr bad o'trvMcbtd bj lKLi>*i 
Arma thr dwnnU ba* 
Wbof tdw n*** krrp with Ca[>1-| lO- 
vrr fuanlaia* 
Pcrprtual bvlUla)', 

1 kini lie* dnad. bia watrt duly eatta. 

And Rom-« fr^t alUi mnkm villi 

llBt boJal gih to Unvvn. 

And whiU bH NapW thrilla aith matt 
Th' ruiirt III KajtlaRj'i i]iwvn 
For tb< JrMl mowtrr m> ahhorml itkila 

In nonralBf pirh ia aeen- 

WIU • tra* tamm God tofanlua ibat 

aUmt for Mff tbff Ratlaa Ura tf bto 
8an tb* bnr fUMnl ImmI, 

Or Tiller nl enttanan wUMsiiM to h 
TIm pnd dceda oTtha Aad. 

Bairtfttdnl ai 

Fat hiin B 

. rhaal <rf tk* h 

>doar, ^m 

No ntitfKt iiiirtt awung lark t^ turn 
enl}' nortal* 
Tu let Ott while anil IB. 

Dm Aft and ftickniw rVamnl tMr ta 

In til* I»« bfltpl'a 
And pnym arnt up bm a 

Atut Ghrttoa of iJw p 

Tbi (lalliJ loUrr and the Brp« •! 

Th> vamnt of lb* ■«»«(, 
TIu> human •lii* whmallh In aiHal 

The lordi of eafth MMfata, 

Tonchrd vith • gilrf that Madi n» a« 
■rard diardnx, 
All aw^M tll*l«^ ^bM, 
or gnlfftil b(«nj^ iaitMd af npfUi 

nitX «, 

Foe nm*' rrt, with ritwU fa^ m 

In lb* U)pg WMoTo**, 
A kwt MUM Iml. wann. a^ am 
Haa CnclaMd'a l«rf «la*d oW 

Aikl tr iWa fan Aw «ni bN^ BBMd (li 

or Indtea Uanb in tha ■ 
or OeditaMal mIm 



fwam the lodged roaditaidB of the Still a Urge faith in human-kind ha 
Bothnian peaaaata, . i'h*'ri>h*^l. 

And harbon uf the Finn, | And in Gud'« love for all. 

Where var's wurn virtinu law his gentle 

pretrntY And now hr rest a : hia great neas and hia 

Come aailitt^^ Clirist-like, in, ^wt^tneits 

' Xo nHjiv »hall *rt»ni at strife ; 

To aeek thr lo»t, to build the old waste And dt-ath has uiuulde«l into calm com- 

To link the hodtilr ahorvs 
Of ieveriiig anas, and sow with Eng- 
land's daiaiesi 
The moss of Finland's moors. 

Thanks for the good man's beautiful 

Who in the rili^^t saw 
Sooie aarn>fi crv'pt or altar of a temple 

Still vocal with God's law ; 

And heanl with tender ear the spirit 
As frrmi itsi nriiton cell. 
Praying f»r pity, like the mournful cry- 
Of Jonah out of hell. 

N'ot hia th<* gulden pen's or lip's per- 
But a Aiie sens*' nf right. 
And Truth's directneiiK, meeting each 
Straight as a line of light. 

The Atatue of his life. 

Where the d»*a-s glisten and the song- 
liinU UiirMi*. 
His* dust to < iit laid. 
In Nature's kei-ping, with no pomp of 
To shame his modest shade. 

The forges glow, the haninierM all aiv 
rin;ring ; 
Rt-iii'ath itji smoky vale, 
Hani by, the city uf bin luve in »wing- 
Its rlamorotu inm flail. 

Rut roun«{ hit grave are quietude and 


Ami thi* sweet heaven aUive, — 
The fitting >viii1mi]<( nf u life of duty 
Trmu!«ligure«t into luve ? 


HiM fiiith anil work^ like streams tlmt At nittni I pniyi**!, *' I f:iin wnuM see 
intermingle. How Thnv an- i h\»\ and On.* jn Three ; 

In thi* winie ehann*'l ran 
TliM* orj-^ I'leAnieiis of an eye kept 
Shjnied nil the fraudri of man. 

The very grntl«>Nt t»f all hniiian natun's 
lie jiiineii to ruumge stmng. 

.\nd lu\t* outn'achirig uiitu all <io«rh 
With stunly hate of wmng. 

Ufa. I th»' iliirk ritMIe unto me." 

I Uiind'-n-d fiTth. the ».un uud air 
I -4.1W lM*<.tiiut il with rf|iial i-jin* 
Oil ^iKHJ .iihI i'viI, to'il uiid fair. 

No {virtial fiivor tln»j»f»'d the rain ; 

•Vlikf thf nirhti'oUH and prxtfane 
Kijiiii'cd uUjVf tlirir leading gniin. 

.\nd niv h»-art tiiiirniun'il, *'K it n^vt 
1* h)iiiilr>M NaMiD' thiiH sh<iiil<l tn'at 
I With itiiiHl hand till' taii'<«aliil wh*at * " 

Tender as wuman : manlinesA snd 
In him Wfn* mi nlliiHl , 

That tlii-y who judgiil him by his A pn'Mn-e n>t1t>*.l throUL;h my 1110.1.1, 
i«tn*nfrth or weiikne>.4 A uannth. a li»;ht. a N.iis,- nt pi.>.|, 

Saw but II single Mile. 

Men faileii, lietriveil him. but hia zeal 

By Cailurv and by fiill ; 

Like suiifihinc rhioii^h u uinit-r M(Kw1. 

I saw that prt'scriif, niiiili-«l eiiniplete 
In ht'r white innoci'iii'e, |wu<w* to greet 
A fallen sister of the street. 

I** I •• l?*" 


poE)i.s a:cd LYUca. 

Hiuhtil tliv woundeil nuui bU |[n> 

Hiulinl llir Ult' llrr lltlU OUUt 
Alow tli^y li'-inl llm ilniiD-mll 
An>l till- KMt «f SkJw; (TUN*. 

Thn>u«h 111' UMiin ..r ilii- wt, 

Hon llf fwitiig lluui »l Iwwiiig, 
Of Ihv Lrut tlun uf Ihv or, 

Sba knew tlw dnming tufarnch, 

Sbr knnt tlic CaniplRll'* imU : 
* Hark I how n> no' HuGlvcaiV — 
Th> KK>i.l«M D- tbru >U I ' 

O, tbry luUDcil, ■lamh uiil bnalhlnn, 

Ami Ihry mwbt thr Munrl at lut ; 

FuDl iihI fill Ivyond thp " 

" (Iwl U iiriUnl I — Uii> R»rcb «l U«T»- 
Tbf piinntt ^ lix cUna 1 " 

8ban> ui'l tliiill M ■Kurd* at tUilt^ 

Ckn» il>. Olid M»-4lm[nT'«clu-<^l. 


Bat wbrn 1 

Til plai-li^ li^un* nw, 

fall inulrriy ooul l41U>«o«M]]r 

Tbc |ii|« of nKtw bhnr I 

Bttnid Uw Mm Aumt nt LnolaMW, 

Tbr air nf Aul-l t«iix ityiiB, 
OVr ibr rrnrl n>ll n[ war-drama 

KoH Ihat ntvl ■«<! haoKllk* itBala j 
And t)w tutao •■iave tba tBrban. 

A* tb* Qoomlar cbam ilw plna. 

Dmt Id iIw rora-hDd nftr 

AtHi plaUnl monntaiiKcr, — 
Ta tlK «BllM> anl til* owUa 

1 HottkX no EMU* my vanUlwd yMm > 

Uiumtli a uailcT tain. 
An April rain of imiilM and Utm, 

Mj Imrt U jBong agam. 

TIu Vbt vinda Uow, and, i(:^l*|| b^ 

Ko loDoo (Drvard ddc btlibul fl 
I Uiik la hnui at (to* ; jH 

Bttt, Kiatoful, ulw Um Bnud I Ba^™ 
Tlw ImM of wnr aal twn. 

Krbukn my ]iaiu(nl uu>. 

I hnmk my tfllirriB Malt — I W 

Aaidc Uu imlinit gar; 
Tb« anfnl anUAkI m far a>ajr 

1 araleoraa at mj iImit. 

Tb* alia oT apini^ mar MTW phy 
AnMogthi npnuiwoBr«, 

Hoc btaloMB nl tlw &nr«ft ol May 
Blow Ih l OB g h iht aatHina BMn ; 

V«t lUU tb> Un».«n4 jmtiM b^ 
nmnfc frteic^ UC to lM««a, 

And tlw mb wur la tb« tMA 
aball aM Ito )n«|a iltM : — 

TIk «MUi-«rl>d ailU; riglk. 

And Mwrt, ciln Am ta pM>B !■• 
Mdt <l«n Uw MiUr aky. 

Itel Ixa iball MMily iWil and wwd 

TIm gnrra Ikwaa tbat nmb lis 

Maka «■! tbr Uwb ha rtfi^ 

B«t MdllM iMMk ahall iMn tp ImI,— 

Ta MM m fa dHtmr i 
Kor low My bfart fnr ntltm ftal 

Art I iha nan B^uf. 




jid knoweth more of all my ne«dii 
riuui iUl my pruyera huve told ! 

Inou^h that bIeAiiin|{s undi'scn'ed 
Huvr iiiarkfd my erring truck ; — 

hut whcn>M*c'i*r my feet liavo swerved, 
\Ui cludtciiiiig turued me iMck ; — 

hat mon* and more a Providence 

< >f luve in underntood, 
[akin;; the ii|iringH of time and aeiue 

Swet't wiih eternal good ; — 

bat death iieenM Init a covered way 

Whii'h open 8 into light. 
Therein no hlintleil ehild ean atray 

li<*yuud tile Father's night ; — 

hat care and trial seem at last, 
Thn)ii;;h Memory's sunset air, 

ike niount«iin-niii;^'M over{Kist, 
In {Mirple distance fair ; — 

hat all the jurring notes of life 
Sfi-ni Mt'iiding in a |Malni, 

nd all the .-iimli-s of its strife 
Slow rounding into calm. 

ml ^> the fthadow4 fall aiiart. 
And H4I the we.Ht-wintfs i»Iay ; 

od all the wimlowH of my lieart 
1 ojien to the day. 


A ni.r<«ll as of roses 

Whi-rv ro«* nevi-r gn'W ! 
(jrt'at dru|H on the Imnch -grass, 

Kilt not of the dew ! 
A taint in the sweet air 

For wild lieeit to shun ! 
A -^tain that !«liall never 

It! Mich out iu the sun ! 

Hai-k, stet'd of the pniiri(*s ! 

Swivt Ming-htnl, lly luu-k ! 
W| 1 hither, lialii vulture ! 

limy wolf. I'all thy fmik ! 
Th** foul human vultun-s 

||.iv«- f*-»»te<l a fill th-d ; 
Th»' widv«'M of the Itonler 

Have crept from the dead. 

From tin* hearths of their cabini. 
The ftcldi of their com. 

Unwarned and unweaponed. 
The victims were torn, — 

By the whirlwind of munler 
Swooiied up and swept on 

To the low, tviily fen -lands, 
The Marsh of the Swan. 

With a vain plea for mercy 
No stout knee was crooked ; 

In the nnrntlis of the riH(« 
Right manly they looked. 

II<iw isiled the May Kunshine, 

Marais du <\vgne ! 

On death for the strong life, 
On red gnus for green ! 

In the homes of their rr*arinf^ 
Yet warm with their lives. 

Ye wait the dfad (»nly, 
IN¥»r ehihln*!! ami wives ! 

Put out the re<l foigi-tin>. 
The smith shall not eiane ; 

Unvoke the hrown ftXfU, 

1 he ploughman lie« dumb. 

Wind hlow fnmi the Swan's Man^ 

(> dri'ar)' death-train. 
With ])re^sf<l Him as lih>odlesa 

Ah lijiH of the slain ! 
Ki»s ditwn the young eyelids. 

Smooth down the gray hairs ; 
Li't ti-ars queneh the eurses 

That hum through your pray< 

Strong man of the prairies. 

Mourn hitter ami wild ! 
Wail, di'Miliite woman ! 

Wetp, fatherle>H i-liild I 
But thf grain of (ioil springs up 

FrvMU a.«ht-H lii*neath. 
AihI thf crown of hi^ liar\*est 

Is life out of death. 

Not in vain on the dial 

The sha«l** nioven along. 
To )»i>int tin* great eontrasta 

Of right and of wnmg : 
Fn-e honirs and fnv altars, 

Fre«* pniiri** ami HimmI, — 
Thi* n-«*<l'« (if the Swan'H Marsh, 

WhiM* hliMtm in of Mood ! 

On the linti'ln of Kansas 
That MimmI hhall not drr ; 

Henceforth the IWmI Angel 
Shall harmless go by ; 


Urnrefuiih lo llic niiuM, 
t:iirh"<'kt<] <m iu-r way. 


Dkak Prtf» lu W liill-loml) tirrf*. 

Trim ttw diwinni Jnllm in the olrfl 
I'Kv Uiw iif Trnirntniv lurn* out liMk ; 

Of 1.11 h-r myma. itonr an hn 
Mvng Um Wuiy Muiuk'i tnck. 

Qiar in thr hal Anliian day 

IIbt utIh* aiintig, b>fr lUtim rllmb ; 
Utf-lutnooil. tbr iinrpn wondm pay 

So tnlHiU u Um kjioilir. Time I 

L'ni-lialil^ Ihr ■Ittul lithoi^pk 
tit i«iirr Biid rIoit uinli-rtiwl. - 

or nutiiiM H-mlU-rnl llkr tl» iJuUT 
Bloxu Tn-ni ibw tbiT»liiliKBuat of Ooi 

Vet ihill ihp ihoiubtful Mr>liK*r luni 
Fnim I'rtn'i gain, wilb dtrpM «<■« 

To tnntk tW ilir buna] Drn 
0( .Uran ID lb* i-tiOa of Ilnr ; 

iml ■b'Tf ujuni lu nnrlriil guxni 
Thy Kivli, Kl ';lior, !■ •utiJiiin ji-t,— 

Loolu tn<in iU liirr>U ilivrt ••ai'l. 
Jln-l knu Uii! Ktltb iliat >j'*l hu 

Th> Bimr u wlirii in thandrn load 
It hnni tb« v.'lcr at (lu) lo nun, — 

At Hb-li il «» In flc an-l diwil 
Tbe atigdi nik lu Imvl'ii nut '. 

Ot wbin fram EliiiB-nrlirr'* my 
It aw tbc lona MOcuMDti Glr, 

And bnnl iba IlHim thnWb pby 
Tlw nw«o af Utt laidly Nik 1 

*f - 

k (Tiubol. iu On Habnrv la 
dr lloi't dmMl Ion and 

Tbv (iBlh of Ufa OS walk Io^t 
la atniisn u that tbo Ilcbn'a 

Wn Dnrd Uw abaduwlnf rack, ■ 
Wo unil, like tbrm. tlivpildi 

God and hU tagrU, Clood and Ftn^ 

Tu \nu\ IU o'n ibr davil Mad t 
OuH |il*i> onf hra/la Ihrir b»|t ilainv 




T<nU'linl BIth lb* Uitbl IhU MMrfh 

fnini abiii*, 
OrrV t]<* liWrrt uictiuv •/ tW dn» 

i.><nl'* tntt. 
s'n (ImtD hailat ikng tlMt Cfcm*^ 

huida naU trw 

Wbrr* Ih* Kn«t a>Vt M 

Lm whnan raa brfotnaorb [■■ J i n - 
Knrrl nn hit ndivt mJi>ii> ; 

Wonid mtimrf Iw*. • rMnH, | 

Or Und ■ pf^ar-wkMl bn lUh^ 

TO J. T. F. 


Than that which through the quaint- : Fur Sabbath uic in mi^sured giiits ara 
carved Outhic dour ^ouud ; 

Ixwka forth, — a Church without hu- Auil, f vcr while the spiritual mill goes 
nwuity ! ruuud, 

Pat run of pride, and pnjudice, and Between the upfier and the nethvr 

wrong, — ' btoiieji, 

The rich nmn 8 chanu and fetiah of l'n»ei-n, unlieani, the wn'tchtMl lK>nd- 
the Mtning, I man gruunn. 

The Kterniil FtilncHii nieteil, cUpiied, and And urgm hii vain ph-a, pniyer-hnioth- 

Kh«>m, I eriil, unthenMlnmni-d ! 

The .M'anileM ndN> of e«|ual mercy toni, I 
The dear < 'hrist hidden from hiv kindrc<i O hi-art of mine, k«.i-p luticnce I — Ixiok* 

And, in his |N)i)r ones, cnn-itit'd afn*sh ! 
IV'ttiT the Niniple I^iiMia ncatterin^ wide. 
Where !iwi*fp;4 tlie Ktonn Alechan'i 

Htep|N*a uUnig, 
Hilt |M|ier horses for the lost to ride. 
And wiMrying liuddha with h'u pruyent 

tti niiiki* 
The figure* living for the traveller'M Hake, 
Than he who ho[M-H with cheap praise to 


The ear of <iuil, ilishonoring l]v 

whih' ; 
Wh«> dn'aniH the |N*arI gate'K hiiigeH, 

rusiv gmwii, 
Are mi»V(><{ by llattery'A oil of tongue 

all tilt' : 
That in the si'ule Eternal Ju^tire lieur* 
Thi* g»'ii«Ti»us d»"«*«l weighs tluiii srlf- 

iOi pniyrr>. 
And wonU iiitttnetl with gratvful iiii.tion 

The Kti-rnal (MNMineM more than livfs 

of truth SI lid l«»ve. 
Ala*, th- **hun-h I - The n*ven'iid IhmiI i 

iiig furth. 

As from thf Mount uf ViMnn. I iM'hold, 

Pure, ju*.t, and tree, thcrhunh of Chriat 

oil iMrth, 

Th«' niartvr'h iln-am, the goMfU agia 

fofvtuld ! 

And found, at la->t, the my stir <inuU I 

Hrimnii-«1 with lli^ bl»!iing. |>aj^ from 

lip t«» lip 
In Hui'nd pli*«lgi' of hiiiiiaii fi-llowship ; 
And over iiU thi- .••iiiigsol uiigrU hear, — 
SongH of the luve that rii>teth out bU 

fi-ar, - - 
SoiigH of the (mk«|h>1 uf Humanity ! 
I» ! in the midM, aith the wima look 

he Wore, 
Ht-uliiig and bIcA^ing on Geueaaret't 

Kitldiiig together, with the all-tenilt^r 

(>f his gp'at Iovi<, the <lark handa and 

thf whiti', 
Staihtri the roiis4)|i*r, Kn«>thing every 


of Jay. ; Makiiii; all bunlens light, and breaking 

Knli.i].H'il with its saintly silvenHl h:iir, ' fvi-ry chain. 

Adorn H no mure the jiUces of Ipt 

praViT ; I 

A nil bra vf young Tyiig, too early cdlr«l TO J T K 

Troubles the Hainan of her courts no ' o^- ,^ dlank i.faf of '* iNtrMs riil!rr- 

. .. "'.*"'■ .. t . . Ki». NiiT lrn:.l^ll^.I>." 

Like thf just Hebrew at thi' An^yrian s 

d<N»r ; Wkil thought ! who Vi>uld n*>t rather 
And hi-r swft-t ritual, U'autiful but 

dfa^l Thi' Mingi to I.-iVf and KrifihNhip i"ing 

Afl thf dry Iiiisk from whiih thf gmin Than thiM whii h inovi* the ktrungvr'a 

is nhfd, t«'ii:^if. 

And holy hymns from \ihiih the liff Ami ffi'l his unM-biti-d «arf 


f)f aiiiiitM ami luartyrs has Hi<IIfiii;h < hir <> juvt .tr> iiioff than fame • 

gimr out, l.iff HithifH ill thf piiblii- took, 

like candle* dying in exliaistMl Whv mount ihf pijor\ of a U^ du 

air. . Or liarter cmufort for a name > 


Who to ■ haata uf gLiH «uulil dwcQ, 
With curium <7« at e»wy pne I 
To ring him in uid oat mud, 
Wbo w«uU Uis iHiblk- crirr'* bell I 

To IM ibi- aiiKol 'n <"■■'* v*f ■ 
Whow«Dl»io i.l.j' Ih- >»'■ t-rt. — 
Brar on his Iwk tb« wiurd Art, 
And ID 111* irtvlcs tprtk or bn; I 

Anil «ba hii manly Im^k* wouM ibBTp, 
Anil iliKni:h Uu^ ryi-ji of rommon anur, 
To iliMT th" iii.i«y fwiinnirnw 
That nodiTil Uw tliara anil MIuImI 

71w b«rt baa nirda beyond tbc head. 

And. aUrvinK iu lbi> iilFoitudfl 

Of itnuiiir tiUla, cn>v« ita tonunon 

OlU human iiaturv'i dailv brrad. 

Wt an l>nt mm : do gwla at* *», 
T* ail in mid b«f rn. cold and Ucaki 
E«rcb acjianir, on hja paiDful prak, 
ThtD-doaknl in Hl/-ninipU«nr]r I 

BtUai bl* lilt wboan aKa ia nmng 
la Vi'anlini]! aunU or tliat |uit silCa 
Who bj lh« llni hir unmtlr ntnrla 
And nop the aongi thai Luthct auug. 

Tlian Ilia who, old, and cold, aoi) laiii, 
Al WdnutT aat, a danJ^Dd, 
Aad bov>d wiib Jora'a inqavU aod 
Hb nxahaa la and oot agpin I 

Hj-. Vw.ilT. ibT winpM fcrt I 
AmMtuiii. li'O tbv leokiauiirl 
Who riifi' ■ liim ahu (I'nU on air 

. ow\ lini and Inn' 
I Onll'd atiil ahuL 

*«4 foi> 1 ooaM n 

Kmfi to jrnat Isftr p 

Tit* M^ [lUln lalos I dim 

Wba ncTTt «in* raa n**!* hi 
VtM Mva climb* M tanlj b 

Lri rai'h aa lorr the a^^tr'a Mraaai 
Diridv with him hla hmn* «f Ka: 
For me dull gmtlcr mlM mfllae^ -• 
The tallejr-aang of bbd and wliiaiii ; 


Uti-boit chiniinH ft awajr, 
attlr-lo*, at ahut at Omf, 
'aim vt lind In leaf and tt v rtt I 

Thtii lt-n-1 UiT hand, tn^ *i«t (He 
iod belli me to tha ralca l*lnw, 
lln truth, I litn-notlar t*«\) 
Where aw.^ with dwm U* M 


la ■■ ill* palm, th* raeaa-|«la^ 

Ob lb> Indian Saa, by lb# Mm J hdn 

Ur U It a ahip la Till IiliiilalMa lalm I 

Hlasrhra aT |ialiit rntu Ita wfmn and Mi 
Film of [lalin at* It* ■aTf>n Mil^ 
A nd the ratn ia at lalai that nil; inai 

What dnca tho (oal thtfi Imw «dl 
Thu Kuoa-nul with iu iloojr AaQ, 
And ib> mtlkjr ap iri ita Ibwx nO. 

What alT it* JM^ an — wi lfc MmI toni 
Ilut hollonnl Duli^ SUad vUfc ail a 

And the nidaup that HnitM wdw I 


Who MDolua bia nafplch, eaa) imI al 
The maatt^, wboar euaalai lail <fe 

msld fiharm 
CkiRo and ahi[> Atdn tW faaonlMV* fal 

ni* dma (• wD>m ./ ralnr W »> 4^ 
And b' h><M* a palm-loar wnM in hi 

TikhI with th* rrafibrt'a wla* ttm 



rhe tortttn foldeil about his hemd 

Was daintily wrought or the palm-leaf 

And th<» fan tliat cooh him of palm was 


or threadu of palm was the carpet spun 
WhtTPon h<' kne<*Iii whon the dav is June, 
An«i the foreheads of Ulam are ^>owed as 
one 1 

To him the palm is a gift divine, 
\Vhfn*in all uses of man coml)ine, — 
IIi>U7«4% and raiment, and food, and wine ! 

And, in the hour of his great release. 
Hi;* n(*i»<l f}f the ]ialm shHlI only c»*tLM 
With the Hhroud wherein he lieth in 

" Allah il Allah ! " he sing* his psalm. 
On the Indian Sea, by the i]il4*sof Italni ; 
" Thanks to Allah wlio gives the ]ialni !" 


1st mo., 1859. 

How Hwei'tly come the holy psalms 

Fnmi mints and nurtvrs down, 
Dif waving nf triumphal {Mlmn 

AU»v«' tin* thorny rrown ! 
The I'htiral praiw, the chanted proyers 

From lui^M by angeln ntmng, 
Th** hunteii Tanieron's mountain airs. 

The hyniUM that Luther sung ! 

Yet, jnrring not the heavenly notes. 

The miunds of earth are heanl, 
A« thp»ugh the o|ien minster Hoats 

The song of breeze and binl ! 
N'lt 1»-M the wonder of the sky I 

That iUi^ii*.i bliwm below ; 
Til** brofkk sings on, though loud and 

Th«> oloutly organs blow ! 

An«l, if the tender ear be jarreil 

That, Imply, hears by turns 
Thf Mintly harp of 01nt*y*s liard, 

The pi^toral {Miw of Hums, 
Kg diacoid man His perfect |ilan 

Who gava them both a tongoe ; 

For he who sings the love of man 
The love of God hath sung ! 

To-dav be eTenr fault forgiven 

or him in whom we ioy ! 
We take, with thanks, thf gold of HesTen 

And leave the earth's alloy. 
Be ouni his mu^ic as of spring, 

His sweetness as of flowers, 
The songs the banl hinihelf might ting 

In holier ears than ours. 

Sweet airs of love and home, the hum 

< >f h(»um'hold niclo<li*'s 
Come Kinging, as the robins come 

To Mng in d*>or-yanl tn'«»s. 
And, heart to hitirt, two nations lean* 

No rival wn*uths to twine, 
But blending in et«-mal green 

The holly and the pine 1 


Oi'T and in the river Is winding 
Th** linkH of iti* h>ng, rvd rliain 

Thn>ugh tielts of tlusky pine-land 
And gusty leagues of plain. 

Only, at times, a smoke- wreath 

With the drifting cloud -rack joini^ -^ 

Thf smoke of the hunting-lodges 
<.)f the wild Ai^iniboins ! 

Drearily blows the north*wind 
From thf land of ice and snow ; 

The evfs that l«>ok are weary, 
And hcavv the liands that row. 

And with one foot on the water. 

Ami one uj>on the shore, 
Thf .Vngel of Shallow gives warning 

That dav shall lie no more. 

Is it the clang of wild-geeae F 

Is it the ln4lian*» yell. 
That lends to the voice of the north* 

The titnes of a far-off bell f 

The voyageur Mnib^s as he listens 
Tit the s«iund that grows aiM<-f : 

Well be knows the vespi»r ringing 
Of the U>lls of St. Boniface. 

The bells of the Roman Mission, 
That call from their turrvu twaii^ 

rontS AND LVKtC& 

Etid io in mir morul ioanvf 
Tb( billrr Dotlh-wliida liluw. 

And Uiiu upon lilf* KnI Rirrr 
Our tuuu, u aumrji. law. 

Aii<l «hfn tli» Aiipl ofRhiuloit 
KnU hU Itrl (in wav* mil ■liinv, 

Au4 our pvra urnw ilim wtlh <niiclilaf; 
And ■TW IicbHi fmiut al tlte oar. 

Hippy '* '" *'"' hoiiTlh 
- Tbr «i|Rul of liU Mmm 
la the brill «t tb> Holv (%j. 
Tbc diimei uTetmil prac* I 


A> Ailim <li*l In Pandlw, 

To-ilajr Clie inliwU rUcht w« cliiin : 
Pall oiimir «( Iht mmJi ami Uln, 

W< |in to Uwc a luiw. 

Lakfi of l)>i< pickm-l I ~ Irt no mar* 

ThcCriiiMllWOHtKll, "llnut PoDd," 

Bnt •<ncl Kmcaa, Ihim iby ihtm 
And waUliil^ UU* bvfimd, 

I^ Indian ((bfirta. ifiocli tbir* he 

|Im> dun tlw tt»dar 


A U«ht u> *t llH- hllU aUiM^ 
Bat m4 a holt to Wlilr. 

' fiaar. 

^all morning hnslt or 

TO a aa ^J 

So iptkc E«Ua ^ n, tn wordi ^^H 

Ilium ^^H 

Hw tiUklun in MM. ■•< jM^H 

All Mnk m4 bM*t« M^^B 

Tba — rriptnl tvUMn irthi^^H 

All llM am4 IM|>lw« l*M^H^ 

afun. , a| 

To mUi mr Ui»l>iV M iW Ca 

lift.4tn M-^ tW ■)•««•«% airf id 



Onoe mora the old Hebrew tongae 
BoicU with the Hhftfu of God a bow 
new-atruiig ! 

Take up thi* raatitle which the prophetn 

won* ; 
Warn with th«'ir waniingK, — show the 

Bound, m'uufkimI, and crucified in his 
blariirli'KH iNNir ; 
And nhiikt^ atMive our land 
Tlie umiufnt'hitl XhAia that blaxfd in 
liiMftt't hand ! 

Not vainly Mialt thou cut u|K>n our 

Thf Holi'uin IiunlenA of the Orient j*eer». 
Ami muiw with truth a guilty nation's 

Mi^lititT waM Luth'TH word 
Than S«M;kin^'n'H in.iiled arm or Hut- 

ton's hword ! 



TilK shade for me, but over thee 
The ling**ring sunshint; still ; 

As, smiling, to th«* silent stream 
rmncH down the singing rill. 

So I'onie to me, my little one, — 
My years with thw I shafts 

Anil niiii^ilr with a siMtrr's love 
A niothfr's tender care. 

But kf«*p the smile upon thy lip, 

Th«» tni.Ht unon thy brow ; 
8ini*e for the tWr one <j(m1 hath called 

We have an angel now. 

Oar mnthfT from the fields of heaven 

Shall still her ear in<'line ; 
Nor n(.*ed we fear her human love 

Is lesA for love dinne. 

The song^ af sweet they sing beneath 

The trres of lifi- ko fair. 
But flWM^p^t of th^ itfings of hfavcn 

Shall be her children'^ prayrr. 

Then, darling, re«t u|M)n my bn-ast. 
And tnach my heart to lean 

With thy iweet trust upon the aim 
Which folda as both uummu t 


AND HALIbBl'HY, HKPT. 28, 1»5B. 

This day. two hundre<l years ago, 
The wihl grajM* by the river's side. 

And tast«*l<*iM groundnut trailing low. 
The table of the woimIs supplied. 

Unknown the apple's red and gold, 
Tlie blushing tint of jieach and pear * 

The mirror of the Towow told 
No talc of on.-hanls ri|ie and rare. 

Wild as the fniit<( he seonied to till, 
Thew vale4 the idle Indian tPMl ; 

Nor knew the glail, rreutive skill, — 
The joy of him who tuiU with God. 

O Painter of the fruits and flowers ! 

We thank th<*e for thy wine design 
When-by the>e human haniU of ourn 

In Nature's garden work with thine. 

And thanks that from our ilailv need 
The joy uf Kimple faith is lorn ; 

That he who smite» the summer weed, 
Mav trust thee for the autumn com. 

Oive fools their goM, ami knaves their 
jiower ; 

I>et fortune's bubbles rise and fall ; 
Who HOWS a tielil, or trains a fltiwer. 

Or plants a tree, is more than all. 

For he who blcMes most is blest ; 

Anil t'iod snd man shall own his worth 
Who toiN to leave as his beijuest 

An aiided beauty to the earth. 

Anil, soon or Inte, to all that tow. 
The time of harvest shall In? given ; 

The doner shall bloom, the fruit sbaQ 
If not on earth, at last in heaven 


It8 winilow« flashing to the sky. 
Beneath a thousand roof« of bMwn, 

Far I town the vale, my friend and I 
IWheld the old and ipiiet town ; 

The ghostly sails that out at sea 

Flapped their whita wings of myiteiy 


n« beai'tifS ^inniwriiig iB tlw luo. 
An4 ihv low woiHlFd «[« Uiai run 
Intu tk< an'Oiiit north ■nd (oath ; 
Thr «uul-liluRi >t thi nnr't noulh 

Tlw foaiu-ltiHi of tlw lurl 

Ovvt tbr wwhU Mill nmiIo*-[>nd* 
A rrinmn-tititfil ihailow lay 
or rloaiU thmagh vbich tlii «ptluig 

Flung ■ ilant i^uiT far mj, 
II ahllFrril ■HI tlin KH Ms-mnd*, 

ft (laninl uiHin th" ckly'g pBOi*, 
Sluulr tliF whltr Mill »r>btii* that Van 


A'ttilr niT hirnil with rajNil ■nrrli 
(rnnui'lh- laii.l>rai». " Y.imUt »|ilr( 
Otrt iinv nxiCs ■ ■liafi of Tirr ; 
~ - U ll. 1.™^ t ■■ - ■• The WWtefcl.1 

!■ ' Villnl about hj Ita t— ntnflil (lonn, 
Ttwn Rst (he marTtlloua prtipbrt'* 

TbvB M DDi himinnn] wmf we walked, 
Of the pirti |.n-*cli«» life we talkrd ; 

A^i.l'l,; ii.'V tl. i.:'.-l.-iv nTour Ibmia 
Tl -..i,..-! toitnvni, 

Thr MiU'ujtm tIip riark aAoat 
A trinlml of the lif;ht berame 
Whii'h Inuebeil ihr ahaitawi of onr 

Wltlt timgnn) of PmtMMtal fluB«. 

Onr llw imfa of ih* [rfanecti 
Galtma the moaa of ■ hoDilied Jrv ; 
On man aiul hia wuriu bu pawrd thi 

Thf Uucl Km opftiaai) wuwi lu iha taa, 
Asvfla clamar aail mill-wheeU ran, — 
Flocki im ll» biUaulia, hplda on the 

He wilJerneaa gbdileMd wUk ftalt and 

Bat tba IMof Mih of tb* aMtln* old 
- * -d hoMm U>fb chndrm bdd ; 
» loaf of oAm and tpwMl ef imla 
■ Is %hm bRh mi 


A itcfeiaf-ataM is (fca bRh 
TW notch, to flu* nd 

Hut B> a |3ilaiiin ■ wajruilF (ml, — 

A nUhdy ■h'-ltT tQ (old awaj 

*-hn the Ldol abouia <.U M tb* fat^ 

Solid and •Iradfast aarau to bp. 
And Tlnw baa raisotlM BMnUjt t 

But Ernh and green Aim Iba lottiaB 

Ul primal ttmita the Joaag |[lwtb 

■lu-U i 
Fran Ibf ilrath uT tba old ibr »■■ |«m- 

Anil t))" lif>- of Inith fnMn lb* IM «( 

r)ii lhrW.lnorCn.1. whiFhi>)iwwdbwla, 
The alrjia of jiniSTaa ■" humaD Bmla. 
Fill hu JaJgniciita atUl an a Ml^bty 

And lb* pjta cf hia pwUmcv Mrm 

niwu the uigfat it datbrat b* |ln* tit* 

When thr (aroJM b aMwl, tha wlM 

111 thf rlmrrhnf thewadnBaaaUww^ 

Sliafriii|> hia ocad at lb* ln*y> «f 

thouxhl : 
And with Ther'a wwa boMMT T ililid 

and IkuI 
Tb* Iran hnka el Ma a«|emMt, 
Which itnwF to PM|. to luwicbty ■— 
rdod nd ibsbtrarMMl 
lilt. In UadnB; mmmt 
ar^-' — ■ -■- ■ 


The vhixilman'a lora aad lb« imMlM'm wtt 
I>rr« wanath and lib team Ua Ikiiwl 

Had b* iMit aen in Ibe aaBntdB 
Of bb daM aad dnfc Jtanhmiftm 

A Tiaton oTtotw aboal Ua Ml I 

Xoi tbr bllBdlai ulilpt «fakb U « 

, Wbn with to *■ ll . 

poww tbei Wbatr tv*>r tba m* m« ^bm «h 



To the ank, and lb* |a 



Bat the LonI ami hU lov; arv the light 

iiloiie ! 
Anil wAtrliiiig till- «wi>i*t, still rimnt«*iiAn^*(' 
Of tht* u'ifi' iif hirt Imisiiiii mpt in tmih'i'. 
Hail be not trcA-Hiin-'l rarh lirokfii wunl ' 
Of tlir tiiv^tii-al wmiiiiT mmmi hikI lir.inl; 
Aiitl luvcil till' iH'aiitil'uI lin-HiiiiT iiinri' 
That tliiiH to (h«'ilf<ii'rt of i-artli n]m* U»n' 
Clusten of KtM'hul fniiii (unaairr* Hlion* f 

Ah th<* liiirli'y-wiiinowcr, lioMiug with 

Aloft ill wiiitin;^ liis rhafTiintl ;;miii, | 
Joyfully urii'iiiiifs th<' far-olf ItnMvo j 

SiiiiiKlni:; tlif iiiiif-trii''N sIi'IkIit ki-yi, , 
S<i In* wliii lia-I waili'il loiii^ to lifar I 

TIh! HiMiiitl (it till' S]iirit 4lr:iwiii;r iirar, | 
l.ikf tliiit wliii'h (h>> S4»ti of Iijiio lit'unl 
WIh'ii tin- tiTt of uii^In th«' fiiyrtlfH 

Flit tli>' answer of prnyiT, nt lust. 
An o%'«*r his I hiin'li iIk* atllatiH {Mitsitl, 
KriMkiii:; i(H <sli'i'|i us lim'/i-H lirfak 
Ti* Min-liri^lit ii|i|il«'<«u stagnant lake. 

At tiMt a tn-nior (»f silfut O'lir, 

Till? rp'f |i iif ill'' tli-'ili at ilan^T iii'ar, 

A va;;ui* fnirUiiliin; anil ilioi-unti'tit, 

Hvi'i till' li»iit'» iif till' |ii-ii|ili' wi'nt. 

.\ll iiaHin- \iiiiii-i| in xMiniU anil sii^nn : 

Till" win>l ill ill*' ti»|iH I'f til'- tiirt'st iiin*'-* 

In til*' n:i:nf of t\u' lli;;lir>t «-al|iil tit 

A« tlif iii>iiv/in lalN from thi* niinarrt 

Thriiii;;|i rliiiniln'n nf sii'n't sin 
SiiiMm .umI otpin:: tin* li^'lit ^liuni- in ; 
A jjiiiltv -^-nsi' iif hiH ni'i;;lilMir'!« ui'i-iU 
Startl'-il "f tiili'-iliiiN ; 
Till' tr«Mililin;{ liaii'l of tli«' worliilin;; 

till Nik 

Tin* iluf^t III v»*aM fmm tin* Holy lU«ik : 
Anil till' p^iMiM iif M.iviil. fi>r^iitti-n l<in^, 
Timk thf |ilai-i* of till- •M-oll'-r"."* st>ii>;. 

Thf iniiMils«> HpiiMil liki' tin* outwunl 

t»f wM!i'ri ni'ivi'il by a fun*** : 
Th*> ti'U iif Hpihturtl liff pilliil ib^wn 
From inUu'l mountiiin* to RealKtnnl 

tow n. 

Hi*iirtK Ar«* like wax in the furnace, whc 
Shall nHMibl, ami Kba{if, ami ra>t their. 

an«'w f 
\a} ! by till* Mi-rriniaik Win rKFii:i.i» 


In till' ti'miilv that ni*vrr was iiunJe by 

lianiU, — 
TurtMins i»f H/ure, ami cryxtal wall. 
Ami ilonii' of tin- Nun^hin*' ovrr all ? -- 
A Ihhiii«1i'<^s |iili;i-itii, with ihibiouN name 
Dlown aUtiit on tin' uiniU nf famt* ; 
N'liw as an iinn*-] of lib*o^in;i;rlux.s4*«l, 
An<l now a> a ni.i<l i-ntlin^iii'>t. 
('allfil in lii^ ynnili to Miun'l »n<I K^^ugc 
Till' nioral laji'M' nf lii'* niii' un«l ap*, 
Aipi, sliarji a-* tnitli. tin* i-iintr:i*«i ilrtiw 
Of liiinian fiailly aiiil iM-rfi-i*! law ; 
IVsM-.tHt'il bv tlir iini' ill i-uil thought that 

li'iit " 
Itsf^iail III bis t'li-ry ti'n)|H'runii-iit, 
rp ami ilown tin- worlil Im* wmt, 
A Joliii till* Ibiptist I r>iii^. Iti-fH'nt ! 

No (N-rfri't will lb* i'nn niir iiiitun* make ; 
Ht-n* i»r tb'Mi- tbi- I'irib- will bnak ; 
1'bi' i>tb of lib- AH it taki-s till liL;bt 
On one oiib* |ravi'*i tlii> otbi-r in ni^liL 
NrVrr W.iH.oaint mi^nhI jiiii| iin;\i 
Ah to ffivr 111! rliaiii-i' at St. iVti-r n f{at6 
Fur till- pliM Iif till* l>i'\"ir«. ai|vi»i-att'. 
Sii, im-iimpli-ti' by bi*« U'iii::'*! law. 
Till' niaivi'lliins pn'ai'lu'r bail hi^ flaw : 
With oft'p latiii' witb fnnltJ^ 
His sbailc itii till' iMth of Histmy haltA. 

Wi<ii-]y atnl wr|l ^aiil the Fji!«ti>m liani : 
Fi-ar i-* iM-v, but liivi' i^ barii. 
Kihv til i^Iiiw with tb«- S.iiitiin's ra^*, 
Atiil w.ilk ••u tlo' >!•■• I an pil^rinii^* ; 
Itnt III- {■* );ri .it'-'>t al^l lM">t ubn i-aii 
Wiir>.|iip Allah by ]«>vin^ man. 

Tliiis 111-. — to whom, in thf painful 

Of /i*al on tin* fhiiu it* «»wn r\i'i*H4. 
HtMVrii MM-ni'-'l s«i v.i-^t diiil f.irtb ■•n « 
That man wa^ nothing;. sin>i' On-l wan 

all, - 
Fiirpit, a* till' W«it at tinif^ Jiivi- ilnne, 
Tiiat tbi* lovi' of tbt' L*ril an>l of man 

art' oiu'. 

IVpari-<l ami rv^aily thf> altar MamU I.ittb- t<> him wlio^' f-«-! uu^IkkI 

Waitiii;; tbf pn>phi*t'a outatrplchitl Tin' tliorny frntb of !b*' ib-^i'-it tpiil. 

hamlA Cari'Ii'si of ]»ain, *»* it b*>l to <tih|. 

Anil jiniy"r availing;, to ilnwnward call Sreninl the hunl^•r-pang anj th** |ioor 
The fi**ry answer in view of all. i man'a wrung. 


Ha we«k n(ic« tmidm brtuaih Um 

SboaM I)..' wntm b* ebooMrt—thp 

TIu >l»piiig aill id'tbe ivtUr'a lunil T 

In thr ln<tiin fMt Aijoon heius 
TliP H'om ul ■ i^M nbukr In* tm : 
"ttuan llxy ;illj t " Kiuhiiaiuth: 
" Not In ihj (wont In Ih" pow«r ut 

All !■ Illt»u!<.. - loM Inil •mm i 
PloMiif ■[111 (Mill am only dmina ; 
Who ■\ertn* b- ilavclh Jolli not kill ; 
Who mUDti u tlllD >■ liriDj .mi. 
Slrik', nor frmr thv hln* in rrime ; 
Nothing din Lul ibr rhnU ol tiiu* ; 
HUin w *layrr. .duU tl.r »I.U 
Toivcli, lniini>rul w Inilre't gixli ;' 

(Hi Ui> Iinrt u( tli* nrgra crndiKl anil 

Fanofdhy Uievinjpnrihr tlohGbail; 
Ami broinl, for tfa* lor* of ChriM, Hi* 

CUbol Itxjri lb* iMBtla tn lU 

TIhU twuid it mittrr. man oi li- 
Of >thlB% and kunp-r, uid *nr' 
lJrui|[or tlung. tnnd or fm, 
U'btl ■» ilmc lA rUnilEy f 

A\. I iiTithnlK 

ti lifting bla huHl* b 

Of .11 L.., UUr 
B>l> tlir luuili 

Hw «(nf b» Bore tn Ih* rifditemu w*fp 
Of f>«*doiu-lDttng Orirtliarf^ 
(loth** with eunn itw ■■«»* l-A, 
ClMO^a Ito Kt*t«nn> and bbMm U ■«■! ; 
Aad • FTDiury'i 1b[v r**Mla mm* moi* 

ly ihrvuf k y> 4 

And Mind may \ir Owl 
But tlir vmnd U wirr Uht fpi ufim. — 
Tlxe word ia inolieD, tht Jt»i' ' ■ - 
Wu tlw Ijittnv Uiiil>l« 1< 

That SoUwHHi bawHl t» f^nla hT tnod t ' 
Fur hU IriniitHl hrail and ««»ilniHf 

Wfr Itw long* gf thrid Um fan Mid 

8« in ligbl and iludcnr lb* f^m^im 

nd'* rnliig and hDnu ImtnimrBt j 
And til" ti'^n> >>f \hr j-^rfir «brf> W 

Xnw tlir rrlloJ tluindrr, aDiJn<i*Uw«** 
Of thr tnmiltt beanl In tb* Ha^«l 

A aolraiD f>«> on tb> liatttiinc crowd 
r»l1 Ukr 111* >li»(lo« of • climd- 
Ttii' (■Ilur mling fruii out tb* ahlM 
Whw RiMta aiDod tfalHi la tlw rinv. 

Fell l}i«>it Md Ih* cna dk M hb 

IJatrndd lb- ft 
Tb* taUiM ti 



of Iba marh't left bb load. 
' inlniU.bcwUw*«< 
rmlh balU* b?.l7 


Dovn Uw tnJtM riMat sf lifc la mmm. 
Obi ■» ■>> hMj WtuUw •»T 
From UaiaM Ibr Haat* bcba-rfmyj 
AihI NudMa bofbood. Rifaji tl» fnr 
ranwwiMia Ilk of Hid aaTu**, 
Soddnlr -^MHd III • taav 
iMM*. ; or lin and in j|«ihT caMaqBMM. 

Fatbcr -I Liicbt I hn» Mind \*ht ' ll »»a> Ifaa anr-)'* fir* 

WiMifirtBlilpt ibrattar bmralsTlw Ulnl thK llMviwn ap (ot tlwlr 1^ 
WiUi lb* hlood and taan «f batnaa- <balM : 

I Ai If a am^ baad KM anlt 



Tht* TelU of HeniK from bouI and heart, 

8howiii>( in HkIh inoffable 

Tht* jovH of h**«vi'n and woes uf h«*ll ! 

AM almiit iii the iiiiNty air 

The hilN wwiiieil kiiwling in silent 

prnvfr ; 
Tho nisllfof Iravi'fi, the muaninK w'<ig«'. 
Tin- wator'M lap «»n iU gravel h-d (hIk**, 
T\\*' wailing i»iiit-M, ami, far ami faint. 
The w<Mxl.di»vr's nutc uf Had com- 

plaint, - 
To thf Holi'nin ^'oii-c of the prva<:hcr 

An und<*rtone an of low lament ; 
And thf n»t«* of the wra from its aandy 

On the easterly wind, now heard, now 


Se«mnl the niunimn>us sound of the 
ju4lgroi'nt hodt. 

Vet wiw* men doubtetl, and goo«l men 


An that htonn of |iasMon alio^'e tln'm 

And, eonii*t-like, adilintf flame to flami', 
The prifMts of the new Kvangel oAnie, - 
I)aiv nfiort, fla>hinf( u|K)n thf rntwd, 
rhan?»*'l like summer'H elwtrie «'loiid. 
Now holtlini^ the li.stener still as dfuth 
With terriMf waniinx'* uml»*r hnMth. 
N«iw shouting for jt»v, as if he vii-wetl 
Thf visitin of Hfaven'.H lieatitiidf ! 
Ami Oltir Tennant, hin lung coat 

Like a monk's with leathern ^rdle 

Wild with the toss of unnlioni hair. 
Ami wrint^ntc of hauiK nnd eyes nj^lan*, 
(fDMning untlfr thf wurlil'i dfMKiir I 
(rrave nastnni, ^eving thfir noeks to 

Prophesies 1 to the empty pews 
That gounls would wither, and nniNh- 

rrjnms 'Ue, 
And noisiest fountains nin soonest ilrr. 
Like the spring that giishetl in New- 

hiiTX Stn*ft, 
I'ndfr thf tramp of the earth<]nakf'M 

A silrer shaft in the air and light. 
For a single day, then lost in night, 
Lnartng only, its pUe^ to tell, 
iWndy BsMure and sulphurous Hmfll. 
With leal ving-clipped and white-heat 

II«Tfd bj the spirit in grooTet of rule, 

No lungiT harried, and cropped, and 

Klogge*! liy HlifriflTand runMtl hy prieat, 
Ihit liy wiw r «.'oun^'ls left at eaMS 
Tu wttle (juietly on his le4*H, 
And, M'lf-i*oiicfntn*d, to count as done 
Thf work wliich liis fathers scarce begui^ 
In silfHt protfht of letting alone, 
Thf Quakfr ki'pt the way of his own, — 
A nt>n-rondni'tor among the win*s. 
With c-fjat of uAU'Mtrs priMjf to tinii. 
Ami (|uitf unaMi* to nifnil his ]Ni(f 
To (!i.irh thf fulling manna ofgrui-e, 
Hf huggi.*d thf rloM'r hii* littlf ^to^• 

, offuiih, and .silfntly pmvfii ior ni<»rp. 

I And viigiit; uf rrf»*»l ami luirrfU of nle. 
Hut huMing, m in hi<i Mtistf r'n hight, 
Alt and thouglit to thf inner li^lit. 
Thf nmnd of hi.s hiniple ilutifs walkf«i. 
And Htrvve to live what the others talked. 

Ami who shall nurvfl if evil went 
I Step hy htei) with the giMi<l intent. 

And with love uml meekufss, side by 
I >iilf, 

LiHt of thf fli-Mh and siuritual pride ? — 
That {lasHionatf longings axiil fancies 

I Sft thf lifart on fire ami crazftl the 
bnin f- - 
Tlial over thf Imly orailfs 
I Folly >iMirtfil with cap and U'lls ? - 
! That gniMlly wonii-n an^l Ifanif*! mfn 
Marvelling told with tongui- ami |tfn 
Ifiiw iinwfaneil child ren chiqif«l lika 

Texts I if Srriptun' and M>lemn w«inls, 
Like the infant s«f rs of the rocky glent 
In thf I*uy df l>oine «»f wild < Vvfuni* : 
Or lialiy Uuiihn who iimy and preach 
From Tartar cntdlfs in liuddha's 
NiHfch ' 

In the war which Truth or Frpe<l<mi 

> wages 

' With im pit MIS fraud and the wrong of 

: Hate anil nuHce ami sflMove mar 
Thf nnU-s uf triumph with {lainful jai. 
Ami the helping ang«-N turn asiiie 
; Their somming fai^i'A the shanif t<> hiil« 
■ Ni'wr on i'u<tiini*s oiled gT»Nivi** 
I Thi- .v«»rlil to a hiviher If vi-l ni..Vf *, 
' Hut gratfH and griniN with frii-ti<>ri hard 
On granitf houhlfr anil flinty shanl 
The heart must bh-nl \wfotr it ferls 
I The pool be troubles! befon* it heal* ; 

Bat Tiinr If*U >II. In Ihv oTrrilrin 
An<l lluw uf Lbe Xdt, mitk ita iiinnil 

WW i»i« for t)i» Kailjrt irlia nink ' 
Who Uiiuki uf tb* diownol-out Cvptie 

Tba IJdi' 
Ami - '>ii. 


Unit llKiWIW tbl< triupir' 

' T-land 

* I '(i lirllsaf irn'". 

i\ "^'1 I" 'iTf lunirr l-rinfEni^o. 

Iv< ill" II I -ill v( nnirtum dwpud (tmng 
TrD<il<l>'l tlir liaO M it a*^ 'Ivtig, 

Rut If fi > TMDlt of holW UVm, 
Tniil.-nr ij)otliri» and oortiikr wit™. 
Tlv hiialmiid uhI fkibcT uluH* pliildrm 


And «d *if 

IVigtilrDFil pmtr fram Ua rotuf-tran'i 

I hi* druukra 

In ■ Umi^ tli«l WW not U> dwb, b>- 


Tb tW Ihvi t^ Initc'i (a tfa* pUsv of 

Dili ft ha d i nnhnnd. ?*idk IwM arm 
II; nil cvnBvl nul tiriilf irf bnui i 
And poilbiii* •■* Ibniofth lutalT tran, 
iB Um iMt A| Ihi|i> on It* rkMul if hun, 
Tk* pr n mha *l Hanrm'a Hrreat 

Bwatr for uIm^ and <ril of joy ! 

Oodiv Ui» ebsiph of F*4ad Snwl, 
Dndrr thr If—d of IM Hilititfc fct. 
ValWI ftlxnt r^ ii> hawMMi thMi^ 
lit tfar narr- llom fnthn'a iaaa. 
Ho ainily Ihhioti la tlira m dwn. 
Ku aix" iiw mlndc Im*« thfj fc— wa ; 
!Wt he «bu p^BB Um imImM thn«k 
Wop tn tbt Aaria i« tit MAr-tmk 

And t»tiilm Ibf wond>(M Ufc <« Wb 
Who tin It r*«t in that tk»nm\ Mm. 
Lon(( *hiil1 ihr traTrllrr dnio hli m 
Fmn thF nilnad nr, a« it nliugn Iqr, 
And tba Ttnlkhing totra UUtti Ub 

For (h> »Und-r ndn of tba WKItfMi 

C-huMb . 
And ffvl for on* ataoMat tb» f'l i - «( 


And taihion. and Ml;, •ni |i1ib»wii 

D; UiF tbimflit of tbat lih of part bi- 

That rabv nf vanriag jat vlonivU. 
Of onr un tb( rrtMiJt of anjpta hbi. 
And tf whm h* laboml th> flowl •! ^ 
l.ikf a liil« fniin tbr harbor- lai lala i^ 
And owEt a bfr c4 Umt and team 
ThF rhDivb'«pirea lilt lUr *aia 

A> If In icatln th( boll* <4 Uwl 
Wttb tb> pninU uf UUrto'l 

fttiil, at lb* gm of Ita rhfa down, 
rrwiooa brjpond tb* vtaWa naova. 
Hi* ncmat; InllDwa tlw akorat tvwa ) 

Pmm llw «<U-«MtB» at 


(Iran a .. . 
And, «Slh 't 

r^tha alflpwa < 

I Vim wrr* Ml aatalB jmmUt^ U Iki 

All your prit; iilf i Alaif ud ritaL 

Rand tlia div Alma Main r<n boMa 

n«« wUtttr Mp'w te« ban l U a j od 

tlMtsh MW "tW" I— g T >a » "ymt," 

and nw d«rii Mm tnd Hi 
T* tW ol<i MMdly ifmtA ud ^ 

Ukr the bwt itf Ainb ta Um I ili^ 


Bot, the first greetings over, you gUnce For the wounds of n*liuke, wlu>n lor* 
round tne hall ; teniin-nii itM«|;;«' ; 

Your hi^ftrtd call the ruU, but they an* For the huUM'huM'H rviitruiut, and the 
8w«*r not all : dUci|iliue'H hnlgi* ; 

Through the turf green above them the „ ,. . , , . , . * . 

d««i cannot hear ; ^"'' ^"*^ ieK«in« oi kindneM vi>u< hMifed 

Name by name, in the idlence, faUa sad ^^ ^ t" l*"* l«''"t . , , , , 

as a t«ar ! ^^ *"** ^^^^tun-H of < i ml, whether human 

or Iteast, 

In lo%*e, let us truHt, they were aum- Bringing hu|M' to tlie pwr, leniling 

mone«I HO HiN)n ' stn-ngth to thf fniil. 

From till* morning of life, while we toil In tlie luiifM of the city, the NUvv-hut, 

thn»ngh its notm ; und jail ; 

They wen* frail like ourst-lves, they hud , , . , . , ,. 

miiU like our own ■'**'' ^ wniuan1ioo<l higher and holier, liy 

Anil tlii'V ri'Ht ttH we rest in Go<rg mi'n-y ,_,**,, , , , 

1^(^,11,. ' Her knowl(Hl^> of giMMl, than wan hvs 

en» Iht full, - 

Tu'-hanged by our ehaiigirs of iiiiirit and - Whose tJi^k-work of duty niovei lightly 

fnme, aM play. 

Pant, n<»w, and hencefoni'ard the I^onl ■ Sen*ne hm tin* niiionlight and wumi as 

in the mme ; thr duy ; 

Though we sink in the <liirkneMH, his , 

arni!* bivuk our fall. ' -^"'^ >'•'< "ions for the faith whieh ein- 

And fn di-ath as in life, he is Father «if bnurs the whoh-, 

all ! j <)f tin* i*re«H|!t 4if the ages the life nn«l the 

We an* older: our footateps, so light in , When*in letter and s|iirit the stim< 

the |ilay I chuniiel run. 

Of the far-away sc'hoid-time, move slower Ami ni.ui lia.o ni>t M'Vi'n'«l what <mmI liaf 

to-(lav ; — made oi»e ! 

Here a UNinl t«iuehed with frost, then* a 

bttlil, hhiniiig I'Mwn. I *■'"»■ » «•"*• *^f '*»•* <Jo<»ilnefts revealeo 

And beneath the ejip's Ijonler gray niin- ivrrywlien*. 

gli4 with brown. * -^^ Minshine imiNirtial, and fnv as th« 

' air ; 

But faith should lie eheerful, and trust For u tnist in humanity. Heathen oi 

shouM In* glad, I Jew, 

And our follifs and sins, not our years. And a hoy** ft»r all darkness The Lighl 

make us sail. * ^hineth through. 

8houlil the heart i'Iomt shut as the 

Idmnet gn»ws |»rim, ^^'*»^ «'"*l''' »^ *»ur birthright f — lh» 

And the fai-e gn»w in length as tlie hat . y^**uU ..f th.- sisrs, 

grows in brim f '^"'^ ^^"' •'<"t'g^ "f the Uuds in the twi* 

I li::ltt i»f y«'ar«. 

Life is brief, duty grave ; but, with rain- All tlie rort^'„..iun of wi'^iloui in santon 

folded wingH, umi .Nii:i>, 

(if y«'ster< lay's sun.*ihine the giat<fiil In |ip>|*iiii unil |»rieM, an* our tnie 

heart sings ; heritage. 

And we, of ull others, have n'ason to 

iMiy The Wi>r«l whii-h tlie n^iMin of Plato 

The tnliiite of tlianks, and rejoire on lii-x-i-niril ; 

uur way; The tniih. a^ wIiom' svihIniI the Mithra* 

till- I'lirned ; 
For tlie eounsels that tunie«l from the The mhiI nf the uorM uhii h the Stoic 

fidli«*s of youth ; b;it gU(*sM*<l, 

Fur thi' beauty of |Milieuce, the white- In tlie Light I'ui verbal the Quaker oun- 

araa of truth ; j fes^d 1 


Ko honan ot WW to Mtr woftlilBt bh 
llintr pUln ■irm of Uh 

la (Iuf; opaxd «tUl gatb 
b Utter 

Bat th« (oimluua 
by tl» ..J. 

Aad tbt norld Tor tbw botling it 

H* who tin whnv tli> mliuteT'ii ([roluec] 
Ta til* tiiiiih-<*niiiilnl truiiwpl i>f tliif;- 

WIm UiroBch tin worlil'a psalLeon 

vtlkf^ in hb (iri-lr, 
SBttiag new lUtun u]i, |jiniitiu|t uU 

And in llctwn tba i>mcila uf biatory 

To gDil u n ut MacLeli twJt ainl tn hi* 

ajpi. ~ 

Bow ninlf lie libofvil ta nllj wilb 
Tb* «hlu hwi uf Pi4iB, is t^ niab* of 

OaUnnirMltlwrtilnfarths Qnakw 

Pvtb wk* or lib tniv-hwit*! bibat 

Mo* lilin ; 
for tb* mkr of (hf dru Qnaksr nwtlwr 

Ibal Ivn htm: 
far 111' liBkr of hi* (in*, and tlw worlu 

thai ootUn ^m, 
Aad hk bnT* wwd* bir 6a«dcn, w* 

frnlj fursln Un I 

Tbrr* an> Hium •>» lakt nato that ««r 

nninlvn ■•• tnall, — 
Nr* Oihbuna •ho vifi* oar dxllM and 

Bat tbr UjH itf lb* «a4-MI tdlai on 

In hi* hthan najr kd, 

Bat tb* truth will Mtli** Uh, n* 

Virwulfn >itb ]F*ai\ 
Till th.< r-lf .be. ■■■;. iwl tb* «i^ 


Motbin^ [id:« ot Ita niL Ost of ri|bl 

■Ink* th* •tnnr. 
In tbc .l-ri> n <it tin*, hat Om eifd« 

MTWI. .in. 

TJll Ih*l»«-ri|>plf4 fmtnnoia atai«lU 

Hxuxrbtl* ahaU * 

T(i tb« martTr* of Tnitb and of Fi 

out ifcU t — 
HmIb tbrtr woria ont of dgbt, Ifta tba 

Shall ir> bwn raaDd th« [ahBti raft tbal 

Klnllcd tb<! ihars 
And fcatoDDnl tbr atocka vilb oar |P«»d- 

talltm' can I — 
Tilk nf IViifrlnan'i iinaiwniliwr — nwl 

IVoa bftCTvdoR t 
And Uk- <'otina HatW to ptaa* if 

OawjK Fm t — 

Make anr ptiMrbcn mv-dtafUMr— 

i|Uatr SmpIMM to ttba 
Tba himtn) aU*« Wk. W OMaiMMT 

Mk«r — 

lax In UHxr, 
Aod DO IM oU nm 

Kol ib«i>ldt«tba««11liaf|inMflla(- 

Cradil pwd «bn« aw ftnd U. abnad or 

imt awn ; 
Aad wbllr " l« km ~ a«4 " Lb lb«c * 

th* tmltttodr nlL 
Ba tra* to Mnrlin, aad da >Min m 

Tb* p^ musd aliavl oa «« mh4 Ml 

Nor l>Ik >J ^ IBm a* if «« wu. i»« ; 
Bol why dark iba Ib^ whkfc »m 

bth«* bam tantv, 
Or b« tba Mfld-a mtim tm teite 



We ne«d not prmy orer the PhaiiBee'i The new fons they liDg hath a thnHffold 

pruyer, uccunJ, 

Xor cUiiii tlimt our wudom U Detijamin'it Aud thf y uwn on«^ be|>tUini, one faith* 

bhan*. aud one Lord ! 

Truth to U!» and to others U equal and 

oue : But thf ^uldf II hands run out : otvaaiona 

Shall wt* liuttlff th« free air, or hoard up lik«' thcM* 

the sun t (xlide hwilt into Hhailow, like MiiU oa 

the wdA : 
W.II know we our birthnght may serve i ^vhile we h|H>rt with the «ioh.m-* and 

hut to Hhow I J„.M,l|..s iLslnne. 

ilow the nieam«t of wwd.< in the ru hej,t iVy 1« hm n and fmle, and we i»ee them 

Miil frniw ; 
But w.* nci'd not 4li!'j>anij^' the ^xl 

wliii'h wi> hold ; 
rhougli the veKHeU U? earthen, the triMA- 

ure is gol«i ! 

Cnough and tiN> tnueh of the si'i't and 

tlic name. 
Vl'hdt iiTH our laliel, so truth be our 


rhf er»f*l may U* wnm^, but tl»e life 

may In* trut% 
4nd h<Mrt'« U-at the same under tlrab 

ciiatH ur blue. 

So the niAU lit a man, let hiui worslii]!, 

at v^ill, 
In JeruNali-m'H <*(MirtM, ur on (tfri/im's 

Nl'lifU !ihe makei no hiT j»'W«*ls, what 

I'JH'H vi>n j^imnI (iiwn 
Korthe ll.iii!i<it iif Waylanh, thrguakt-r 

of liliiiWN f 

And tlii^ »:ri-«-n, faviin*d i-tlaml, s«> frf'«)i 
au'l '^•a-bliiMU, 

iio ni«ire. 

Korgive WW, di-ar friiinU, if my vagrant 

thoug}ii> s<-t III 
IJke a M liiKil-Ut\'» uhii iillt-s ami playt 

with hii thi-iin*. 
Forgive thf li;;ht iip-a^Min- whu^^- • haugcf 

The sun'«hiiie and rain of our biii f April 


Then- an* niomi'iit.t in lift- i%h«-n the lip 

and tlie eye 
Try the iiiit^iinn of iihi-thrr to ^ mile or 

to iTv ; 
Ami sfi-ni's antl n'uninnH that j>ntnipl 

like iMir iiwn 
Thf ti nili-r in fei'ling, thi* playful in 


I, u)i<i nrvrr ?».it iliiwn with thf iH^viand 

thf ^iil.<i 
.\t thf fii-t iif vtiiir SliMiifi)<s, iinil Cart* 

hiihl.s, aii'l Kiirh-'>. 
Hv rniiltt-^v i»nlv i»»Tiintt»d t" lav 

VVh-n O.f ,.Mji.tH up the worthifs h-r ol, y.Mir f.Miials altarmy j-nt gift, ^.. 

•!.i\, - 

aiin.iU Irivi* kiinuii, 
NfVfr M.iii«i !i»r ilif pitil'ul guugi-rs of 

To mf.t"nn- h.r h.vf. and UM-tf ..ut h.r ' ' ''••"^'J •'">,!" >""' J'*> " ^''^ "•- *»'»^'' « 
r«HiM-i-t iii'-nil - iKiit 

' ' In till- u. II filth iif viiiir «•■!• ••iiu- iT hai d 

Thn-f mIii-I--^ at thi- monifiit iif«*fn walk- ■ •*'"* "* h'-art. 

iii^ li.-t vtt iii'l. ^^it your play-CT--iiii>l nf Ui\)i<hii1 imiIk-ii J 

Yj^'Xi with Iha-l hilo .-riiwiifd. ami with **"' brnw'* laif. 

i*.iliii-« ill )iii liaiiil. - I '^^''l "^hitt ihf ••M burd' lis iiiir OiniiMeu 

Wi<4*ri«Tk-h y, ;;iav ■ llopkiiiNaiid. HUiil- , nui-^t i'«Mr. 

I tfi prfl.iT*- aifl puritan, <Mianniiig i* Utiig livi* tlif gifbl St-}i>i<il ' givini; iiut 
»*i-«-n. I Vf«r by vi-ar 

I « - 

Ui-eniitH til truf nuiih>M"l aii<l wnmai- 
hie holy iiamr U*aring, no longer they IhnnI ib-Hr : 

iiffil ' Unve boys mm lent niaidf lis in lM*«>/ty 

CnHiefitiftU of l«rty, and paH-wonU of 
crvt-d : 


sent forth. 
The epiatles and pixtuf ^if its wurlh I 


la Uiil «t.t Irt the foang life u atraiUlr | reri.>)i > 

jL« in lir<ia>l Nimx^o'H'tt Uu tide* muiib Lorij. 
Aail iu will* mJ iu dui^un in imirin '. 
A boDuf, umI gaud iU n 


Hot rtiait Iht gift of lU footutcr wu 

Hot prayrtlm til* Hunr* o[ lu comn 

n* Uenins ul Ulm vham In Mcrrt llii*]t 

Rat owa^ Ua Bood votk wkkli tb« 
btkcn Iwte wrDOBlit. 

T» Kim W thf 111117 fui»T«r f — W» bru 
TcthF l^nl of thr itartot our nlmt 

■itli ihr Urc. 
WiMt OP lark to our nork tsaj lit Hod 

In OUT ■111, 
Akd winnuw In uivey car good b«m Uw 


lomx BBiiwx or l>M*wATuiiit MaliF 

<U> hi* .lylnit day : 
** I vUl mil liarr Ui •bntu mj Mm] ■ 

B«l 1*1 vinw )(«i *!■«> 

J«Jm Brnnni of OamnUmim, Ihrj W 

And lu ' a |>»<r •lair •wtlwr with hrt 
liiili' rliiM I'l-^nl bikU. 

TWn 111'' !">lil. "ilu" pjt ipr* imiirr, 
ai>>l tit' '>t<l )ur*h [an (pvomilil, 

Aa bF ttaajfl Marni t^ Jmiu naka 
wd hMcd Uw nffn ■ oM I 

Th dM<l"»i nf hk Moray llh tlMi mo- 

•hM frll aMft 1 
AmI lli*y «bo hbBMrf IW Ud^ hmd 

Nor ., 

B« vainly alian VUgiiiu set brt Uttk 

In nin lis lmm]dinc BiuailRin* tiiiiri 
lb* «r1nt«T iDOK Wllh clay. 

Kha may atrllu tli* uuuncliiic r%f.i*, lal 
ah* darr* nul bafw lilt ikn ; 

And **ai? fcalt all* Ur* lo Hala ahal 
iijirn Kid* lo Lot* I 

FROH rER0niA. 

" n> IUh vMik Iw *■ BM *Mid Ma 
— ia» !■— »■» Hal WiMwi tw »J ifcM. — 

bUv w&n " -- lh»i<l *K4f* MHn-> 'Ut- 

Tdk un, adlov KuwdMMM Ibtir 

UUa liaTa a | — i4, 

riamiaf out in iMt vMrt, HI*' 

And Vhinil n tlM hdwp I* c 

And tl>e chwnl«TUn>aD>aiM> b 

canliualt I 
iMhakMd of UK«km.wd « wwb 

WiMl'alhbMnk -r tW Ub, an) (1m 

U I the SwW of tW Cltwch bun IV 

Tint k>H (nm all ila |t«il>]' OMn 

drrsnl llw |pnd Mtml. 

isd tonoJ tbt icrla)^ <cfa)ar'* bait Uw | To lb bMrti Af Iha 

OBRjl'a aiRMM* bast I 

Sum ■■pJib aho** ^ br w dri— 



The good Father*! miwivefl, and '* Thus 

Mith the l^rU ! " 
And lend to hu lugio the ]ioint of tlie 

iiwunl ! 

(A bluMinff for him sutely can't go 

aiiiiitn) — 
Wuuld kntfl diiwn the sumtitietl iJipper 

tti ki^N. 

Short hhrift will buttiii* liiiii, — he '« 
O maiiU of KtniriA, ^aziiif^ forloni hlf^t lN*yiiiid doutit ; 

O'er diftrk Tlinuiviufuuis dLdicvdltti and Hut thm' '» IiUmmI on hU huiidii whirh 

t4ini ! 
O fatherM, who pluck at your gray beanlft 

for hIiuiim' ! 
O niutlicrH, Mtnirk dumb by a woe with* 

out name ! 
Well ye know how the Holy Churt'h 

}iirf|iii>; U'liaviH, 
And hin tfUitiT foiuiiaMfiou of pruonii 

and ^nivi-H ! 

wiiuld M'uni'Iv wttNh out. 
Though IVtfT hiiUM'If held the Inptiiunal 

b|iOUt 1 

Muki* way for the next ! Here *h anothf i 

hwt^'t son ! 
What 's tlii.s uiiiM iff- jawed raaeal in e|iau* 

Ii'ti* done 1 
He iliii, wlii>fH'ni runior, (ita truth Ood 
fill bill ') 

Then* they htntid, the liin*«] MtablierH, At iVnifji.iwhat Hrrodnt IWthlfht-ni did. 
tlif bl4liNI•Maill^ Vet fn'Kh, Aud tht- unttlhTh f l>4'irt name thi'Ui ' 

Tliat H]>la>hiii iiki* n*tl win*' fruui the — tlit-M' huiiMirs of war 

viufitp' of tleNli« — . They who kr>«'|i hint in mtvicv niUftt |iar* 

(Srim iij>truiiii'nts eandcaii as {dnrrni duu him for. 

nml r.ifk 
How tin* jiiJntN teiir afnirt, and the Hi^t ! lim' 'm the arch-knave in a ear- 

MraiitiMi siufWM rrack ; diiiurf* hat. 

Hut tlf> liiiti* that ^iiiP'H on thi-m i»* With ibf heart of a wolf, and the Mealth 

*iliar]> ii» their swunls of a rnt 

Anil the ^iHiT and the m'uwI print the \As if .luihi<i and Heroil tofrether wen* 
air with tien-e uonU ! nilinh, 

Who ket-|H., all Rs one, the I*nji»'*ii eoH- 

OfT with hats, dtiwn with kneeji, !«hoUt » !• u< e ami pild, 

your viv.i*i like mail ! Mi>uiit« piani on the altar, and ]>ilfen 

HiTe 'h thi* l*i>|M* ill hi> hnliil.iy riKht- Imm theuee, 

eiiu<«iiet<« I I.kI. And tliittiTs St. IVter while btealinf^ hia 

Krt>m !»liuin entwn to toe>n:iil, kisi%*Wiirn p-nie ! 

to the ,yi'\, k. 

0( hainth-NMl m piiiph* the |iatteni an>i Who diiubtM .Intom-lli f Have miraelea 

pi« k. 1 1 .I'M'* 1 

Wlio tip' m'iiV i.f the prii'st anil the m»1- Wht-n nibU-rs sjiy niav*, an* I liarabliiLH it 

liter uniiiH. piii-t f 

And. pM\ni^ like A.iton, like JiMhua Wlii-n thi rhunh •■nt<4 ami drinkit, at it« 

h^iit.t ! lov.otiial Utiini. 

Th'* tir«- Ib-Nh anil bliiml carved and 

It till-* rio NoMo tlie i;r.i>'iou«, for whoui *lnil by it-* nwonl. 

We s-iiii; our ho«i.uin.i.'« ami liKhteil all When i!^ m.irtyr, un<>in^il, ela|i?» the 

Kome : I rown tui hiit head. 

With uh>i^' atlvi-nt wedn-HUU'd the ni w And ro;i«t<«. hm hia pmxy, hi)« nei^hUu 

t T-.i Ujriii Ui'.ttad ! 
Will 11 rb- iiMe<«: sboubl W hunian, tli- 

n.■•n^ }'■ .1 III in • Th« re ! the U-IIj* jow and jiin>;1e the 

Ah. till- vi-iif s url. till* -hi'i-p, an>l the s.inii- lib-^^^'d w.iv 

f"\ w»:h li.e t.iw). thr\ .ij.l when tlii-y nin»; f<>r Ikir- 

When fr-i->i>>iii We truit to the eni/icr thtihiuiew'^ dav. 

an<l<oul' Ilaik ! the tallow-faifil inoii«ti p>. n^r 

women nor i>«>yN 

8taiid a.«i<le. men of Ikome * Here** a Vex tlie air with a ahrill, MrzK*!«j* hurrut 

hanp I lau • fai-nl S w i« — | uf 

T* Drum laudamuM I— All nmnd trltli- 
Tlw iiMmt>h[«t nlBgi with • UlDt ol 


And L 

ths btnring : Of llttlf 
tlH7 hord on 

Vm know, U Ihx oU 

Uii UaUDt. 
lUgiirr wM linillf. U* ninint wu 

Bo U« u the dT 

ui 111* wrmk ; 

I^ Aiuiria*! ml in 

~ Wfl onUr Uung* 

ii|t iMDd, u4 rann 
r« havf fund for bn 

M tht wolf-vlwlp at Xaplca |>Uj 

llMiibB njialn, 
WUli hl> •Imtlxap of lilcnccs and 

tultvi, and rhain ; 
l\t truon. ■Oil jiutio^ uid trutli nnilri 

For ifan tin nnfnrpmt U tnudaai (or 

FOR AN Armnr festivau 

iM fniltful fitn, ( 

Tlw 'ootni WTTSiha nf «Bk and pin* 

Am dual aloag Iba iMliaiian tlMK*. 

And Minn bold* n 

To tM odr FaUMT'a bw>d mn* mm 
KrrFns fat n> th* tdratMMM ban 

Of aatumo, flUad and tniiBlmt o'lr 
WIUi fruit, and llinivt, u4 giA 

Onr* tn»n' Ih* libnaJ jmi lao^ ost 
(/w lie tm Motn than arfua ot Kwld ; 

Ono* luun with bu-ri-it-Miuit and abrnt 
U }ialule'* UaudlM* tduu^ laU. 

Lik« Hnlh, anc 

Har la|i b full of coddlj lUnn 
lUi tmm b lidBlil vlA i 

(iircin etciT jcar mada arm T 
a cina with nin and ■oaaUiM 

Tbr LoOlllT OTOTWia OW dM, 

TlM tuliua ah«M 

h'r ihat nar (7*^ 111* flow*** tdao* m 
Wr mummr, Init Hi* ivtu-Mia U ; 

Ff vhoov tbr ahadow, lait Iha M> 
Tbal rwU It aliilM biUBd va (tOL 

Owl Ci>r. IM wllh < 
Th* fUM Tt to D* 

And ricb<rr bvila v 


k Ih* bounlraaa biMrd af Ihmb I 

f^ c(m|t> a (wkf mA to gold, — 

That linTa a»d g i u i J i u i Urn aan wmh 

A clima with aortbtn Iob nU. 

And kt Ihva alian^ TTiathiJ wU 

And |dM vHli IhiMa, avaka ifrfB 
TfaankapTlntP lor tW goUm bau« 
TW Mtt7 utd lb* bUw nia I 







OmiR IftTANl's (|UvrieH: "Why ■houM 

Vfx lit tho land'H ridinilouft miscrit* f '* 
So ou hiH (\sk baiikti, in the hloixi-riMl 

Of En^Iiunl'n civil at rife, did can-Ic^i 

Reniock liis times. O frinidii of many 

y^'ars ! 
Thou;;h faith and tniAt are Ntmn^'r 

than iHir frart. 
And thr si>;ns iin>mi>«* Uftu^o with lilnTty, 
Nut t!iUH wt> tritlf with our i-ountrv's 


And >wt'.it iif ai^ony. Thi' fiitiin*'M piin 
Im tritain a-t (>iHrs truth ; hut, nii'un- 

whili'. ftsiin 
U hitd-r un<l tt-arM an* salt : our roircM 

A wditT titu*' ; iMir Very hnu^M-hidil s«in^ 
An* hi-.ivy \\\xU a nutinu's griefs an^l 

wri»ii>;'« : 
And inriiK t-ni mirth is i liastcuttl for the 

( H thf hrivi* hrarts that nf vrnnon* sliall 

Th«' rvf"* ill it shiilf no mtirv, the unn-- 
turniii;; fn-t ! 


\Vk m-i* iiitt. kfiow nnt ; all our way 
Is niuhl, - uirii Tli.-i- ali>ni* i* liav : 
Kn*iii mil th<- tum-nt's tt«iu)Otil drift. 
AJhivi- i!p' -t«»riu our |in\i'i«« wr lift, 
Tliy \m'.\ ]«' d<inf ' 

TIm- tl'-^li iii.iv fail, tlif ht-art niav faint, 
hiti «)i>i IIP- y\»' til iii.ikf •'•nipl.iint. 
Or liart* \>* pl'.iil. in tifiirii hk«* thoat^ 
The wn4kii*-<»« iif I Mir \o\f of esae T 
Thv will be dom* ! 

Wp take with solemn thank fuloMt 
Our hunlcn ujl, nor ask it l«ru% 
And rount it joy that «'Vi*n w«* 
May HUtfiT, wr>*e, or wait for Thee^ 
WlioM; will 1n> done ! 

- Though dim as vt*t in tint ami line, 
Wr tniri* Thv plitun*'?! wi^* drsi^l, 

! And thank 'fhi-r that our Afi^^. 8U|»idiet 
\lA dark rt'lii'f of Hturihcr. 
Thy will U? don«* ! 

And if, in our unworthincKM. 
Tliv sui-ritiiial wine wi* ]in-sH ; 
If fn>m Thv ordi*arH h«'iit«*<l Iniim 
Our f(t*t an- M-atnrd with rriiiiMjn M»n» 
' Thv will U- dour ! 

If, for thi* ap< to romo, tliio hour 
Oftriid liatli vii'ari«iu> iniwit. 
And, hh'st hy Tlitf, «Mir |»rt ;*i*nt i»aiii, 
lie I.i)«*rty*<( i't»' ^liii, 
Thy will U' donr ! 

Striki', Th«m tin* Manii-r, wr Tliy kt'Vi, 
Till* anthi-m of th** di-<itini«''« \ 
Tin- minor of Thy ]i>ttiir ^ tiatn, 
< tur ht-art f i^hall hn'athv thi* old n*fnun, 
Thv will In' dune ! 


TiiK finnanifnt hn-aks up. In hUu'k 

Li>:ht aft^T ll^ht giKV-* out. (hie rvil 

Luridly ularin^ through th<> itniokf of 

As in th- dr*'Am of the A|iinm1v|im*, 
hrafTH i<tliir<« down. 1^'t us not wrakly 


.Sor ra.'ihly thnvtrn. (live ut cniii* to 

Our f.uth and {latifniT ; uhrrvfora 

shouM wo li'ap 
On oiii* hand into fmtrjii'l.d t;k;ht. 
Or, on thr «>llii-r, yi^'M i' ri«;ht. 
Fnuur lit** of Uw, oud i^mmI and ill ou9» 


262 Di WAi niu. 

Wh«l fMT <*« I fialf on IWnlom't irui- 1 Vh»t (ln« ilu «liMVB»til Um^ 

Oni Irrl irr |iUiil«l : Ut tu then remain Wlul [wlDti Iht rebel (Mimm t 
Ib unrrvi-nn-rul nlm, M nmiii nnlrinl WWt arU thr ttmruig aUil*'* b^ 
WUrJi truth .mil wDcUnn. Du luX iluiii ' C'n Ik* ulJ (Ur-miiyM |auiM I 
Wlial bmlu ill* tat b 
IX tl« ni'D o' 1h- »mUh I 
Wluil •liruUwImifc 
Fnil].* VDMo'tUlr' — 

Thru waMa m Uuv* on trafr fcw 

In >Irif* ntiVDith; ft — ue n. 
Cod Lru U>-ila)r Uw nrA a*d Arm 
Tht trUmn ^ Ibr ilrtnM ! 
O Kunh mi 8MtJ^ 
lu viclinu tulli. 
Can )c not rry. 

LMlbsHn* u Uwl tL<< Tiw»n'* *; 

Wbw kmi with life to ■ df^ k 

Wk; Ukv WB up tha Mcnraid Iblof 

Pilr, (rwgiVB, but nrge tha bulk du 

Wk<i, ilruiiV oiEli iKLHiun, flaunl ilu 

If]'. ■ 

Lrav* dLIII^c 
I'lilicriiiu Ins, 
^raalui^ iliti 

(U-rnu'i HTBK,) 

Wi nH tomk tb> ftina 


mna i^i'lr* ; 
Kor aparw Ui* L 
That tniM the Ii 
TinMa tk* aftifa* 

Aa ka*d-bnarflk daml Ik* mtm k 

Ito Uuudj MM i. dnMilm i 
Tk» polBM bUm Uh bUkcn aiMvd 

bo. Vi'<«t. nonik. .Vorth, 
It nitw* iJif Mitk i 
All Iiutv* •(». 
Am fraail aoJ lit* 
Ll«a ■oly Id ito ihailrr 

ntua find la : 


Th< IKUU oT hta tt'nt 
Wdil/ri tkr loa. 
Wbal-Vr thr mm, 
Shall Ihej FDtpphm 
OTnrMl tKin 

far who tkrt iana on Ilk i)| 

Wm «»«( <nrt (MMblB I 

VUt riKkbmu ewi* can nl 
ir n- l» Mtt baa Ukn I 

Tlwnjk •riU aMl kiwi, 
BrUad tt> (ulJa 
HU ImhI «flMd>r 
Tk» aim Aj «f ta 

Alwr* tl« 

A tot* ih* trUil KM-dtwi 
Ut rnab>n-| *gta b« 

dlVK |iram Mil |an( 
Tu ati; t W Ckrwi 

'bn% «Mfc 

U rala lb ban* irf * 



While still is BpArcd the evil thing 
That atevm and eiitranguii. 

But Mt>i4t thif car 

That xvt Hhall h««r 

Thejiiliiluiit Ml 

That rin^s the kn<*Il 
Of SUwry I'oivvvr I 

rh**n Int thi* M*1(iHh lip !« diinih, 

Ami hiishiHl th«' bn*ath of Niching ; 
IVft'uri' thi* joy of |iP:ii-i* iiiU!»t conic 
The ptiinM of purifying. 
<hm1 give iLs gru*e 
FUi'h in his iilacc 
To lif'nr hi.H lot. 
And, Hiiinnuring not. 
Endure and wait and labor ! 


TiiY »»rror, Fivmont, fiimply was to nt't 
A hraTe nian'H fart, without th«* htnt«■^- 

mnn'n ta4*t. 
And, taking counM'l but of rnnunon 

To strikf at cauw as wi*ll an ronflripirnci'. ! 
t), ni'TiT yet Bini*<* Holand wound his 

At Konreavalli'^, han a blant In^en blown 
Var-hfanl, widf-echoed, startling as 

thine own, 
llfanl from x\w ran of fpnlom's Iiojm* | 

forl«»rn ! | 

It hail Invh Kifer, doubtle*!.*, for the time. ' 
To tlitttiT trfUNon, and avoid otfrmv i 
To that I>ark I'ower whtwe undi-i lying ' 

Keaves ujiwanl it* jieqvtual turb»len»'e. i 
Hut if thine lie the fati> of all who bn'ak > 
Thf gn»und for truth's «e<l, or forerun , 

thi'ir vt'ara I 

Till lost in distance, or with stout heart n 


A lane for fivniom through the IfVel ' 

Still take thmi courage ! God has sjioki'n 

through thee, 
IrreviM-able. the might v wonlsi, |k» fn-c • 
Thf land shakeii wit ft thi'm, and the 

sUre's dull car 
Tum.<« from the rice-swamp stealthily t(. 

Who would recall them now niuM first 

Th« vinds that blow down from the free 

Northwcrti [ 

Ruffling the Gulf ; or like a s(*roIl roll 

Tlie Missiwippi to its u]i]N>r spnngiv. 
Surh wonls tultil their ]iniphi*i-y, and 

Hut thr full time to hanlen into things 


Hf.^ii>k a stricken fi<'Id I stooii ; 
(hi the torn turf, on grass ami wo(n1, 
Hung heavily the d«-w of bl4N><l. 

Still in their fir^ih moumls Uv thft 

Hut nil tilt* air was nuii-k with {Min 
And gusty sighs and tmrful rain. 

Two iingi'ls earh with dnviping h^ad 
And foMt'd wings and noivli's^ tri'inl, 
Watrhnl bv that valli'V of tin* di-iul. 

Till* oiii*. with fiirrlii'ail wiintly bliihi 
Ami lii«« of blfSNiiig, not i-omiiiiiiiil. 
l.tMiif(i, wiTpiiig, nil her olivf u.ind. 

Till* other's bniws wtTe si'arreil aii«l knit. 
If is ii'stli>s fVfs wrri" walili-liri"* lit. 
His liamls for Imttle-guuntli'tn tit. 

•• H«iW lung*" — I knew tin' vui«i' of 

'• N tin If fill Tf^'piti* ' — no nb-.iii- » — 
Wlii-n f^hiill till' liu|N'leaH ipiaritl i >■.!<<• ? 

"O I.op1. how Ion;; ! — One itoul 
Is III! Ml- than any ]i<iri'linifnt i^'inll, 
Or any Hag thy wimls uiin.>ll. 

•'What priiv was KUswortli's young 

and bravi* t 
How wi'ii»h iln' gift that l.yon cavf, 
Of fiiuiit the lust of Winllirops gravr F 

•• O brother ! if thinf eye ran «•■••. 
Tt-U In^w and whi-n thr finl >hall I-, 
What liiijH' ri'nuiins tor thtv aii'l ni'v" 

Tht-n Fn'i-ib»m stenily !»ai'l : ** I *hmi 
N" "itiilr ni»r |>aii^ U-m-iith ilif stiii. 
Win II huiiiiin li^htd SK- slaki-d aud 


'• I with Zisk.Vs hunf.-d tUk, 
I wati-heil in Ti>us<viint's i->!l it rm-k, 
I walked with Sidney to the block. 


"ThemooTorHanbnMt my tnwl, 
Throuifh Stnty fnoni tlu mutb I M, 

" But now, IhrDimh WKiT (lav and night, 
1 witcli ■ Tupir All<l uiiilrw nKliI 
fat Imth to ttrikr un« lilvw vi|[)iL 

" On dthrr liilii my foe Ihry ovn : 
Odb giunli thTDUgb lore hU K^wll)' 

Aad on* tlirnuKli fear to rvTervDcc 

" Vhj wait w tuugCT, mDck«d. b«- 


Bf open Im, «r tluiait ttimlil 

To t|>n] \b; coculnji tbniu|[h m; aidt 

" Vhy itnuh l« »* wbo win ot till i — 

I akakfl Ihr dait (f^n't tlirm ill, 
I Ibvh thfln la tbrir arnseleB bn« 

" N«j." P«™ un{ilornl i " jrt lonpir 

" Btill nit am! watrh ; thp way ptrpsr* 
White 1 with folilnl vili^ oT |inin-i 
May (oliow, «t«|mQlf«i uid hue.'* 

" 7W ku ! ■ 

"T^Nibti I" Han 
la la« Unimt the 

th* Mm, Mil TdT'T t 


A raaUiuH aa of «rfiuB In U^t, 
Aa Mpnnl gkan afliaaaning «hit^ 
80 pBMiri th* vimH, amoil aH d^L 

BM raolMl OM, Uk* B rih*r bdl 
ImK dMTB th* UatanltM At lo I«U 
Ofholr hel[^ a i-Mt «^}pU. 

"SUn hope ndinul," U ««g : "ib 


Tott Id^ jau tanal kiom lb* *■*• ; 

W* bor« tl a* lacaMc n, 
WaU kM«f nf thM lb( ftUMi alam 
laA IMaiillj U|* no option mm 

Ta pily w !■ Uhm lu. 

Not lack of power." joa toU n i 
*> (hownl 001 firr-atate rR«nU : atOl 
ron mocked, oonfauD'linii eaad ami 111. 

SlaiF-baten ai ' ' 

nek at RUTrty ; to the 

g toad aa 


— jm'atov ehanga 1 tl> cUna fm 

Send nwtingi to It a'tt XLn miyn. 
Ana cmnfoit and |sn(Kl IL 

Ilat yMl^nUy jroo araltv eoold ahaha, 

In ■Urr-abhorring rifpf, 
'>ar Norlhmi paloii for nmirtnHia' aUe : 
To-day ;on claap the hmdi thai m3>r 

With " waUopnc tiv nlau I "^ 

rlithnm ■— In hu|v and r««4, 

. nnu our Iwnlhan I 
U'r too a» bdn of Kunnpiitdr | 


tlnd RhakrapMte't 


Are not ahna 01 

"Thlcktv ifaaa wtin," in one tSI 

Thtoogh oenlarir* of atorf 
Out Scum Uood ha* floral, and em 
We than oiih jaa ita goad and SL 

Tha (hadow and the g^ary. 

Joint btln and klnrolk, Ifgam rf "M|/S 

Niir Irnirih of ynn nn jsit m : W 

Vour ri^it !■ mm to ahrine and frav^'fl 

Tbr camnion fmbold of the kn*^ 

Tie gift of aalnta and naRrim. 

Onr rmr ttna and kOim la^k 
Onr k'indied ttsil and fanmn I 

We carp at faulla with btltee ifwih. 

The wml*. br onr naAarai trf aadi. 
We haTB ■ icurr in comniaii. 

W> bownl the heart. If not the knee, 
To KnttlMHl'* Qaten. liul Uaa Im 
We pniwd jfon nhen yonr elate* ««ai ' 

W* Hdk In nncUn ovn. WO) |< 
Join handa wlili the j»»miiI 

And b It CMatlnn Euhnd dnet* 

The bniiav. nM llnVniaU r 
And mnal abe nm, d^ta ibn MM 



O black flifgrmce ! O ih^m^ and loss 
T(M> ili*c|» for tongue to iihrMC! on ! 
Tt«r fn>iii your IIik itM holy r.row. 
Ami in vour van of Ixittli; torn 
The pirate'H ftkuU-bone blazon f 


TltK'T (»r CoU'MlUA, 1862. 

WiiF.N first 1 Haw our banner wave 
AlN»v«r the niition's cuuneil-hHll, 
I h«*nril lH*ne:ith its ninrble wall 

The irUiiking f<>tters of the slave ! 

In the foul iu(irkft-i>lai'e I Htootl, 
Aihl Hiiw the ChriHtiau mother .soM, 
Ami •'!iililh<M>«l with it» liM-ks of ^)K1, 

Rluf-evi*4l uikI fiitr with Saxon blooil. 

I fthiit my eyt*H, 1 heM my breathy 
Anil, smutheriii); <lown the wrath anil 

That s«'t mv Northi'm bloo*l aflame, 
SttKhl sitfiit, - when* to si»eiik wan 

Bt'si'le me fjl'^**'"'''! the pri<(on>cell 
Wlirn* w.isteil one in ••low divline 
For uttfrim^ Nim|ih> wonU of mine. 

Ami loving fniMlom till too well. 

Th»' fliuj fliKiti^l fn»m the dome 
F1h|i|m-i1 nii'UK'e in the mominff air; 
I Htiki.l A iMTilleil MniMipT when? 

The hum.iii briker math* Iuh home. 

For crimf w:w virtu** : Oown an<l Swonl 
Anil I.iw th**ir thn*«>foMMni:tiongave, 
AikI to thi* ({iiHrry of the n\i\t* 

Went luwking mith our s>*iuliol-binl. 

Hn the i>|i]trev*nr'^ ^i«le wm power : 
Arnl yt I ku'-w tliat everk' wrong, 
HowfViT 'jIiI, however Mtrong, ! 

But wdit'-l itihV^ u%'enging hour. 

I knt-w th It tnith wnuM rni^h the lie, — 
Sori)<l|ii\v, %ime tirm*, the end would 

Yf t Hi'.ir«'rly •lan'«l I hope to see 
Tli«* triumph with my mortal eye. 

But now I WN» it • In the sun 
A free flag floats from jondrr doiD^ 

And at the nation's hearth and homa 
The juNtice long delayi'd is dune. 

Not oji we liojietl, in calm of prayer, 
The nieitaage of delivenime eomes. 
But hemhled by roll of drums 

On waves of battle- trouble<l air ! — 

Midst soumls that madden and appall, 
I The scmg that Bethlehem'^ shepheitla 

knew ! 
! The harp of David melting through 

The demon •agiiuit's of Saul ! 

Xot as we hopeil ; — but what are we ? 
AImivc our iiruken dr«>am!< and plans 
(!(m1 layii, itith wi-omt hand tlmu nian's^ 

The corner-stones of liberty. 

I canl not with Ilim : tin' voice 
That frvnlom's blesM^l gONiwl tells 
Is NWi*et to me as Mlvfr In'I1.% 

I(ejoi«-ing ! — yea, 1 mill njuiiv * 

Ih'tiT frien<U still toiling in the ^un, -- 
Ye dean>r ones who. gone )N'r«irf, 
Are wHtehing from the eternal ^h<l^r 

The slow work by your bands U-giin, — 

Keioire with me ! The rha^tening rml 
Blossonia with bi%*e ; the funia(*e heat 
(•rows cool beneath lli!« blesse<l (vri 

Whose form is as the Son of (tod ! 

Rejoice ! Our Marsh's bitter s]«rings 
Are sweetened ; on our ground of grief 
Kiw day by day in strong ndief 

The prophecies of better things. 

Rrjoiee in hope ' The day and niuht 
.\n> one with CSod, anil one with them 
Who nee bv faith the cloud v h«'ni 

Of Judgment fringed with Men*y'K light * 


TiiF. flags of war like storm -binls fly. 
The rharging trumpets blow ; 

Yet ndU no thunder in the ^kv, 
No earthquake strives mow 

And, calm and patient, Nature kee|« 

Her iint'ient prr>mi«e wr]l. 
Though o'er her bloom and grN^neat 

The battle'a UraOh of bell 


2M IH WAR Tiire. y 

Ab<I tm oht «.». in goltl™ h<mn 

The ris!hti,g ur tiMi mmhi a>M 

T!irwi|(h h.r™t-l»|mj' fum*. 
An-1 -lill .Itr » w hor Imlu .nU fluwrn 


Ukxjtwrl* on h»r Ulu*. 

Tlir k~-l> -rf Ml(hri-Ul» rlcn-. 

What mwD tli* kI«1d>m of the l>Uin. 

Thi* joy eJ »»■ «iul mom. 

Th. mirth thi U»k« tb( hflmi of grain 


Anil fdlo- lock! of com 1 

Th. vi.-tor LiiaJ. "to Hravm-i da- 

Ah I vyn niiy »«I1 be fall of Utn, 

ri<i<-k >onr taal iImM bov Iba 

AUd hnrt* ■illl hmU, ur hot : 


Dnt e»™.p».«l couie roon-l ih* j™n. 

Dnin your Lut nip iif CfckK wfaM . 

And Naluri! dwRicm not. 

8Uv» v( yoor tbtn. yv^ domu AtO 
III ('..LhUa mifiaa by DwaU nlllM 

Shi iwirt. Tith *n>llr« nuT l-ltlM (Tirf, 

With MDc* o'lr ufi'K <•( mi" ; 


«w mwki with mil '.r Rawn iikI Uf 

Th. -mt.lidJ-. im,«u .lAin. 


From lb> boar a<»«i>|-a d-iky rmfrnt 

ttiU. in th.. r«nnon'. ^.n-. •» h«r 

Tba MlMa> Mt bw balr a*4 

Hn «-■( ih..ikn;"l"K r-l"' ; 


Twi n™t In <I..t (<■[ .l..ulit .B |.«r, 

"W«.f«.t TW«odi«.d-p- 


ln»«y«l r •— — 1- 

And. <l>aiHd aad HHu«nl. U» .k** 

Sh. kno*. Ihr ind Us .fr hlfw 

«rd««. "^ 

TTi. finNi tJut (.iMl ud bom ; 

Thv lord* of Chloa IM> aOawML 

r°r oil ib> inn <>r bhol «■ WW 

Hh> BUM th* rii li Mum. 

•■ Tin god* at iMt pay mtO.' 

She w« with rJarrr (T» than nun 

(w Hrllia nw bfv tnuHlH •■« 
" Th. ti,ha ia M. nal It ^fft. 

Tb.f«rfof™(I^n|tl»m. - 

Th. (libu. hath Ua MMtatbMi^- : 

A>.d 1.1. (rum Ua, wiib k«riMlb^ 

Took oj. and qtO^ Biotk^[|mU«. 

■n- hwt. thai h)«H«. like hrr fld«n>. 

Ana rl|«) like hn mm. 

a cl'* lo n. hi Uiti** lik* lhM«, 

A»l ma* lit At-hl. »d 6«ited U«m 

Om« mora lb* dow. dash naaa 


Unr <:iHr lawn ahaljW toJi. 
Of uaT4 QWtniuL fwati^MJawBai 


Ta bmk. ^^iSA. lb* »wp m 

Abm lht< ■!««•]> dta. 

•tib tbrif Uog4 aftd IMBL 

W« IM wndd hw tte btbarcfeMT 

Ung pM atid hMilM to. 



aim pAniCTt. ala** to llIIA»«f dM 


Known- tbmi.n (lan-mned land ; 

fimw, vbm tk- llilaii'i rap of ipillt 


Vaa fall In mrHhi*, Ihn* rmtnt 


Ood-* liartk* In th« mttrd of Ikma 
Thai. itJ «ttk rfMgkM to U* kUt, 

Oat Amu lb- lanU of boadMS M< !■ 


Obd aa • mU la H>. *^ >MU* ^^ 

fa«*« "^ 

But. nut oahMid otavM Ma, 

n. »rb iimi-ff •f u* ik» k|h», 



And, wondering, wca ' Yet trouMf Kprinf^ not fnmi tho gronnd. 

Hit priaon o}ieniDg tu tlieir goMen keys. Nor imiii fnuii t-lmiK-f : 

The Ktcrtul 4fplt>n» rin'lf« nmiiil. 
He rum» • idaii who bud him down a Aiitl wuvt* and Mtonn find ui<>te and 

fihook froni }ii« loi-ka the atdi«rs of thi- 
And out want trod 
Into the glorioua lilnTty of God. 

In rnividrn«*e. 

Full lou^ our fet't the flowery ways 

i »r |»-»«-i' h«VH tnwl, 
(Ntnti'Mt uiili rri'itl mid pirhand phrase : 
M«* eaHt the HvnilmU of hist KhanH* aw.iv ; A hunl«T {Mth in tnirlier duvA 

And, inHnin); wht-n* the sleejiing Milrlio 


Tlinii^li Inrk and liinh 
Smarteil with wrung, he prayed, ** Oud 
]nrtlon him ! " 

I^-d up tt» (iiMl. 

Too rheAply tnitht. nmv ]iurrIui!M*il denr. 

An* MiHilf our nwn ; 
Toi> Iniii; thr woilil h:iN HUiilfd to h< 
Our lMia>t iif t'uil i-i>rn in the rar 

Hv i»thrrs hown ; 

fl*> went hi* forth ; but in Ood'a time he 

I'M nil' 
To li^ht on rilline'N hilU a holy flame ; | To wt* us Mir the martyr firea 

And. dyini;, ^»v«* 
The lund ;i saint that lost him a.s n 

Othirk, Mil niillionA, patifntly andduni!» 
Wiiitin;; for (mm), your Imur, at last, hus 

Ami lrri'dnn»*H mim^ 
Rn*ak!« tin* Ii»ni; tilt* utv uf your night of 

wrung : 

Ariit*' and flii* ' shnki' otf the vih* n*- 

Ofagi-M; hut, lik»- lUIlnn-nan saint. 

Till' nppii'Hviir "imrc. 
Heap only mi hi» \ivm\ the eoals of 

Of hui^ iit^ii. 
And wnip unr Miti'^fitil dt'Mn*s 
In thf Hinp-il m.intli*94 that uur sires 

\{,i\v ilrop|Hil U'luw. 

Uut now th«' en>HN our worthif^ liore 

On uh io laiil ; 
IVtfi'NHiiMi'.H ipiirt hhf p is oVr, 
Anil in th*- m-iilf 4if tiiith luuemore 

Our f.iith iM wfiglK-il. 

The IT}' of innoemt hhiotl at last 

N i'iilliitK diiwn 
An nn^wiT in th*- whirl«ind-M.utt, 
Till* thundfi anil lint «h.iilow rii.<«t 

From llfavi*n'<< dark fntwn. 

The 1.1 nd in n-il uith jud^nrntM. Who 

StaniK gnillli'N- furth f 
Iliivf irf Ufu fajtliful ao wr kn*'W, 

Cio forth, like him ! like him retuni 


To hh'x<« tli<- I.ind whi*n-on in hitter ]«in Ti <tiKl and to our hn>thrr tnn*. 

Yi- ttiilfl at t»r«t. To lli^avm and Farth ' 

And IjimI with fi»'fdi»ni what your slav- = 

riy turned. ' How faint, through din of m<-n h.tndisa 

Anil riiiint of piin. 

Havr si'i-nii-d til ui till' iMptivi "h . rii-si .* 

ANNIVKHSAKY TOFM. ■ How fir away th.' t.-ar> ami «gh« 

,^ . . , Of Miulii in iiain ' 

[lti-1.1 trt>ri.n> thf \ I II mill I if thi* Frtrniii' VrarW ' 

M«*tliiic Sr|if«.|. nl t!.- %f>ii«iitl Mrrtln* At N>«* ^i • . .» *• ^ , i 

piirt. K. 1 , l&iii •'•til PI , l««a I liit^ ilay the ii'nrtul m koniiiii: eitmea 

To I'ni'h and nil ; 
0\ir. niori'. di-ar frl•nd^ you nie<*t N-. Wo ht-nr ainiiUt I'Mf ]«*ai-i-ful Imnif^ 
'>*''*(!> Thi' AiiniinonM nf th** LtinM-ript drum*, 

A I luiid.d nkv ■ Th*- bugle' Ji call. 

Not y«'t till* nwiini hiii f«iund ita sheath. 

And on tht- (iwr«-r npring airs the bnanlb Onr path ia plain ; the war-net draw* 
Of war floats hy. \ Bound us in rain. 



Wtlll^ faiUirul to l]u> nichn Cum, 

Tbruu^ l«li('itt [laia. 
Tbr )FTrltf<l gun, the UtUe-hfwid. 



■Q ii jsin I 

WI17 «k f.>r rur vhri 

Hhalt XT ■lonii 
Bp Irft 10 via oiir R.i. 

Wbra ewrr ArTMgwidr 
Till' Iruinp u lilnwn I 

Tu mttin "I'll 1» <"11 lo mm ; 

»alt: in imr Lcr.1 
Tb* ri«i-l llnr* d( b* thall cnrre 
To ^i^rF Di ; frau our Itnuli ihall nterr 

lu oniliagdiDnL 

AjhI tight i> nrineM "itli thr rIoobi, 

Anil jov irilh irrirf ; 
DiWnnt nrnipriiBlioiu came, 

Thmuiih iboni* of JoilgnKtit nuErde 

In mrwt rrJirf. 
Thanks for oat prinlECc to U«^ 

Bj- irottl tui deed. 
Tho Ktdow In hrr llivii dUtJiw. 
Tlw rhll<Itr*ii and Itw fstlinlf^ 

Thr li>«rt> thai blvxl I 

Fn Grlrii nf ilnlr, 'ojvnlnf trij^ 

WlirTT (tl nnr ]«irm 
An raakril ilicr^rr ttrpa ta|«U> 
Of BitlUiiai un • [«lb UDtrital : 

Thi aijirs II uru t 

1 W tndllfaNi* >Imt 


lid »« MT mad ih* Mtbt4 flam 

Whon <tra^[ ami |4mv 
A»4, dmiB UiF eraaniMi •onMo*^ 
FMr baatj tmm vm Ubml rtara 

Thacuaiid «to«. 

Wlw mnrar* thai to tWH^arkilMi 

Cad's tiaiu) witktn t]i<f ihailivv lav* 
TtM alatiei «h>««MI Rfa |Ub« at pnfa* 

^rn and o'crtnra, n oulatntplwl llaad ' 

n* Jir*n bill- acFr ilni|i(>d tMf 

Oa morlal imur Tut and gtand 
A* oan to'Jajf. 

Alrrailv. on lh« lahU gimmA 

In Fimioni'ii Elr.rJiiut idrlnn toaai. 

O. onall ihall -Mn all wrlBoa 

And iialn anil loa*, 
Wb'n Owl ihall wti» ihr vwfing rft^ 
Tot $ittt'rittif fi^T tbr vidin'a pfin, 

Th* crown (ur rraa I 


Titt tmt-llAbU itltHitnaw lb* la»l. 

Til* ahlt>-lu;hl« on Ibf •>• : 
Tim ni(ht-«tnd uMiotlH with drifts 

Tlw ahlt>-: 
1m ni(ht-i 


mm . 


tatf onr mtinf ktrb oatiUd«, 
'hiT sDod Doila foraanl ~~ '~ 

For d«ar(lM boadBwn liaUa Ua fAa 


Tba poww to naka hb lodiiw daji 
And i>on bnw-ranfana Jwa j 

Tho nnaint nilUf if mlnh tlMI aim 
With •omw'* ^M« ka}«. 

AnothuT clow tk 

Haa KITrI tha Vol wllb H 
Wh»n Sold and ^ran, faani 

An Uadng tlmsl) Uw ' 


Tba luU do« Ub ttnMtnvM 

Daiti boa Wwd wfth aMibw : 

Km iMn tfca lamt, bak^ aad tai 



TIm tmlei that hftunt the Brocken 
And whisper dowu thv Rliiue. 

WoodhV and wild ami lonenomr, 
The Kwift Htri>iiiii wciund away, 

Thniiif;!i bin-heii and warl^t iiiaplt« 
Flahliiii^e in foani and itpimy, — 

l)<iwn on till* Nliaq»-horn«*«l letlgMi 

Plunio'iK i't Nt4M*|» 4'iiiM>4idr, 
TtiKHJn^c itH whitf -niunt^l wat4*ni 

A^innt thu lieinluck'a idiade. 

WtHMl.HV and wild and lonfwiiuo, 

VM)»t and W4>Nt anil nurth aud aoutli ; 

Only till* villttj^> (if tishrn 
I>t>wn at tlii* riviT'a muuth ; 

Only hrrt* ami thfre a rlmring, 
With it A fann*hoiii«* rutl<* and ni*w, 

Ami tn'4'>stuiu{iM, nwart aa Indiauii, 
Wlu'iv tin* ik'anty hun'cnt K^^w. 

No Hhout of honip-lKniml n«pi*r% 

N«» vinta^*-M>ii)( h«* hfanl, 
An<l on the f^iMi mi dam-ing fmrt 

Thr nuTry violin Ntim^l. 

" Why should folk Iw f^Iiini/* aaid Kt^- 

** Whrn Nature hiTwdf ia f(lail, 
An<l thi* |Niinti*d wimmU aiv luuKhing 

At the fa«*('a m> mhit and muI f " 

Smnll hi'f'il had thi* randf^i ooM»l*»r 
What N«irniw of heart was thfim 
Who travailftl in |tain with thv hirthsi 

(if IIimI, 

Anil |ilantv«l a ntate with imyeM, - 

Hunting; nf witi*ht>M ami warlnckii, 
Sniitin:^ th*- hfutlu-ii h«tnlt«. — 

Ont* hand on tlin niainn'!* trowel. 
Anil on<* on tin* soldier'ji Hwonl ! 

Hut ji^vf him hiA alt! and eiiler. 

(fi\t* him hii jii|N' ami muxh, 
Littli* hi' lantl (iir <'hun'h or State, 

Or the kiluni.1.* t»f ii>;lit and wron^. 

"Tin work, work, work.'* he niut- 
ten»«l, -- 

" An>l for r^Ht a Nnuflle nf |MaIniN * " 
III* MiHite i»n hi<« IfathiTii a{»n»n 

With hJM bniwu and waxen |ialnia. 

"* O for the imrple hanreiita 
Of the day* when 1 waft young 1 

For the menr giwpe-atatneil maidena, 
And the pleaaant aonga they aung I 

I '* O for the breath uf vineyanla, 
I Of a|i|deit an«l nuta an<l wine ! 

For an oar to mw au«l a hret>2e to Mow 
' I>own tlie gruud old river Khiue ! " 

A tt*ar in hta blue i*ve jdihtened. 

And dro|)|M'd on (li^ U>anl Nf> gray. 
*'Old, ohl am I," iiaid Keezar, 

" And thi! Uhine tluwa far away ! " 


But a running man waa the eobbler ; 
lie oouM rull tlii* liinU fnmi th»* treea, 
, Charm the hlatk Himke out of thu ledgei^ 
Aud bring laurk thv awanning bn*a. 

All the virtuea of herlw and nietala. 
All the lore of the woiMbi, he kiifw, 

Ami the artM of the OM WorM mingled 
With the niarvebi of thv New. 

Well he knew the trii'ki of niagu.*. 
And the laimtone on hia knee 

II ail the gift t»f the Monnon'H girgglet 
Or the Mtuiiv of UtM'tor U«e. 

' F<ir the mighty maater .Igriiiiia 
I Wnmght it vtith h|Mdl ami rhyme 
: Fnim a fragment of mystii* inouoatone 
I In the towrr of Nettehheim. 

To a nibliler Miiineningrr 

The niiirt-elloiiM Molie gave he, — 

Ami he g:ive it, in turn, to Ki 
Who bntught it over the 

He hfjd up that niyntir la|Mtone, 

II*' helil it Ul« like .1 lenn. 
Anil he I'oiinteil the lung yean coming 

Uv twfutii'j* and bv tena. 

••Oni- hunilnil vears" quoth Ki-ezar, 

** And Hfty have I tidd : 
Now ojn-n ih** iii'w iM-fon* iih*. 

And shut me out the old * " 

I.ikf a i*loud of iniat, tli*' bWk 
Kojletl frmii thi* niatfii' '^tom*. 

Ami a niarvidloiiH pit ture mingled 
The unKUown and tin* known. 

Still run the stream t«> the river, 
.\nd river and oeeari join*^! : 

And there W'>iv tb** blulfa and the blaa 
And oold north hilU bahiad. 

Bol tlM mighty fomi w«* tmkvB 
Bj amny t ■tnTjil-fl tuwn. 

B7 uuny ■ chitt-wklli-d fmn-bcm) 
And muijr > gwiipr bn>«n. 

Inning ■ KflR i>r mill -« KmU, 
Th* lUnun no nmre ran (w« j 

Wbllo ail* <m ih> oimlliixriTir, 
Whil« Miik on Uii> CUH^ vb 

Brtinr in the nour rill^a 

The fluti w<tT HoBtiDfi p;. 
And ttuiiii- on • ihnuianil beat 
Tbs Imlit of kh'illiUy. 

Gsldni Ihf gonlwifv'* bnltcr, 
Ktiby brt cUTTsot-vinc : 

Q1W11I werr Uwi (ttntting turkc}^ 
Fat vn* iIm bunm anil nriop^ 

y«Il»« ui<l ml (rnc th* (IiiiIm, 
Anil ibc tiiw [«an nui*t-hni«n. 

And Uw prai-lin liul alulni blakim 
rntn tliB gttla who aluuk Uh 


Kor Md bj IhiaUnib ^ 

1 «IUi 

I U bill I 

TlM ihwDC Ifca toll of an. 

IbcM tbganvoiu bkaaema 

or tha fwdea ■ tii>[^ btmrL 

"VUlbltlaNi" aaMKoar 
"An I hf, or am I than I 

b ll a Rf at Bincn > 
Da I look un Fnakrorl blr * 

" But vliri* arc tlie cloana aMl 

Anil ini|B vith boHH uwi UU I 
A»d •hr>* an ih> Kbntoli fla(i» I 
Antl mhm 1* lb* b 

**8tnn|c thinp, I ki 
p™. - 

BUmac* lUna Um t^ad pfwlti ; 
•bI tfcU diM^ly folk >kaoU l» JoDy 

Vteiki ny pov oM vita. 

B«d b; J 

*' Hrn '• a prisal and thm la a (jaa. 
kCT, — 
Do IhccBt and icf! agirK I 
Ua** tbrf bursnl tb* atocka (or «*«■• 

ItavB lb*; cBt dova d>* jp 
' Would Ibe old talk know ihalr dA- 

Aiiil n>Tn a vllcb to dlwn t " 

Loud UnidiM thn mMvlT Kenr, 
IdolchKl lik* a arhool-liojr gtj ; 

TobIdr hif attiu alvf* him, 
Tlia Uprtone loUnl away. 

It mlM dnvn the roOrd hilladi^ 
It >pnn U1- ■ >bnTlvwll(br4. 

It tdunc^d llinwjth til- Iwilb^ wiOi 
And iolo Ok riicr ptli^HL 

Thm, in Ihr drFp. ilaik vat*^ 
Tb> nuKla tiOHt lln alill, 

L'ndn iha Irmlns w ilium 
In llw ahwlDir of Um> bllL 

And hla d 
Whtn lb* winid'a ^ftkmt mak. 

Out fram the taaft liarf. 
Wann aitli tlw OKhad mm, 

Tb* WHTT mill-olH llMpn 

IMJ> il» rhamU Mnw, 
And Ihi kkr aft.l tba gM*n «M 

na nn riinala A* ; 

II«t lM»Mt2th«k«a frM Ih. d 


You <Mrb • g;Un)[iBi!, tlmogli Upch uid 

Of Bslilr. roof, uiil poreh. 
Tbn Uvcm Killi lu (lainging iitlin, 
Tlw iilur[> Uuru uT tlm i.tiurcb. 

Til* ritpr'o Kti'l-Mdc rn-criit ouriw 

To n>n-t, iu 'lib lud flow. 
Tb« liiuilr linikrD oliaif iW wPTm 

Fut i^p uiil gunddoir. 

With nil «n-*miU aloiiii lu ihorM 

Tlw hr«*y iMVtHaU ri»irl. 
The limit nuwiiiia iif lh«ir oan 

la lu)' riH unl hll. 

AloDg Ihe gny abutiiKDr* Wall 

Tkt tnll-Diui la 1>I> rulil>l<T'* MaU 

Sita iBukln^f vitb vUianl vyoi. 

Ton lust tlw tuiVi luw undrrtoiia 
Of Wftin Ilwl chofr uiil KliBW ; 

Vm Mart, — II kkimwr't horn b bluvn 
Tu nitK lb» irmVinj draw. 

Or ■tur-rnarb oD )[■ •liulj' rvu&Ja 
Wa£a up iJir BUllDg (tiwl. 

A ^ar* for Idir lyr* and aw 

A (vWiibtml iitnik of itrnUM ] 
I^n by tbc ■trratn whoaa vam ■ 

TIm atranilnl vUl^ta Wi^na. 

A»A ihm. Ilk* nthrr mow aad nut, 

Thi iMtito ilorllfr rlbiff^ 
AaH kiTpi, in uniD<|UJrinff Inut, 

Ttu old, dull rwuid of Itditft. 

Tk bbn- dn>|a lib nalimt lin^ 
Tba Umrt Hsa hli irnia, 

Ontlrat ts hnr lli> MBrtnariag piaa 
llulcad at lailnad-tialn. 

Oa wbmi, aloigl thr talvM alHrii 
That iIoiH ((^tMl tlw Wtait, 

Tka banilri't hiuifd kUtn al ~ 
In atltl |il 

nm barh tha locwt'i Bavny filial. 

Thr tanih'i |<al«>-atv* Karf, 
Ami l>nak tka «*b of laW Md Uoon 

FruB aamt aod ipttapb. 

oniDua briMk 

A umpie maalar-ioU of dmtlt, 
Uf tniDii and niiiian» tbum, 

Thr diy, old luim il. 
llaa cbaapentid and 

Yn paua* bjr on* low niDDtid. and { 

Tha wild tIdb v'at it Iwcd. 
And mad the wurda b; nolc art 

lounratr Jtn nan «* 

WUl mrau. tbr nuU- naar </ bv 

Wbo aln-pi Willi t-otuBwa clay. 

An Esilr troin lb* OaHon burf 
Pound nlupi* bcrr uii) nat. 

And luTud, ul all ib» tillafi* lawl, 
lu laimt and lu Imt. 

Uf koBll witb hcT an SolitBlli nun 
lb vnrablpiird thntnjili iua tjm. 

Anil on tbr )iriilr Ibat donbia and ae 
fllotr In lirr taltb* cartolK. 

Hrt aunplc daily lifg ^a aW 
Bt bnnrltnl dutin tiinl. 

Id all tblng* fay an autaoxbt b« 
ttf AtncM JuatlAwl. 

For brT hii rank a^de hit Ud ; 

tin took the hn« and tone 
or lowly life and lail, aiu) mada 

lln Mnipla vara hi* own. 

Vrt atin. In jpf and ouabwa mi^ 

Til barvfai-lbM or •Umw 
Hf bnxiglil th* nmtb martndi^ 

Tlw Daniid'ai px* "t ftanea. 


'bal lin* U ^otdl Ui ban. 

lobknl npwBid tu haf Id 
' t(i brr lodtd iWwH. 

H«w awrvl, wbm an ... . 

lib linlln'. ndttli aad waO. 
Tbr walk «i pIraawU Xrvbuy't 

Tha rirn* iuik«ln tail ■ 

Ah • liE> b Mrf. Ibaoffc baa ba ! 

Thr altar and Ih* Uar, 
Tbr bnrlal hjrma B»d bridal «h^ 

W«ia l«th In <M dul nv I 



Her mt U oniet on the hill. 
Beneath tne ItA^ust's bloom : 

Far off her lovrr ftlet>iM «m still 
Within hijt Moutcheoiiiil tomb. 

The riaitcon lonl, the villiige luuiil, 
111 lifuth Mill rlttK]» their hamln; 

The low thut IfVfiii rank and graile 
UiiitcM their bevered lauda. 

What matter whtMi* the hillhide gra\'e, 
Or wluMM* tilt* bla24>iie«i ntune If 

Kort'ver t«> her wrsteni wave 
Shall wbiii{N'r blue <iuroiiue ! 

O liove I — Ko hallowing; every mn\ 
That ^iveii thy A^^wi rtower ri*uiu, 

When.*ver, iiurtetl by eaj*e or toil. 
The human heart take:i bloom ! — 

Plant of lost Eden, fmm the nod 

Of aiuful earth unriven, 
White blomom of the tn*e» of <tod 

l)roi»{ied down to lu from heaven ! — 

Thi:« tangled waste of mound and stone 

U holy for thy sake ; 
A hwtiftiieMft which is all thy own 

bn^athea out from feni and brake. 

And while ant^cHtral ))ride Hhall twine 
I The OaM'on'h tomb Utth tbiwer^ 
Fall KWcvtly hen-, < ) Mon^ of mine. 
With aummer'tt bloom and khowerat 

And let the liiiesi that m-vewd lecni 

I'liite ai^iii ill the**. 
Ah weateni wavr and (iallic atream 
i Are miiigled in one bea ! 




ur llO!4T«»N. 

I oiVF. thti' joy f - I know to thet* 
Tlie deiip'At siK)t on furtli niiiitt 

Where Mlee|iN thy lo%'e*l one by the sum- 
mer MTH ; 

W Ill-re, near her aweetest jiin't\ 

The t»f Vii^l ^ve thtv nioni 
To lay thy tlower with her iieqietual 


I know that when the aky shut 

IMiiml thi-e on the );b'Mniiii)i; timn. 
On Iiaiie'<% UitliH and r(»Hili]i|K>'>i enmti ; 

Anil, through thy tenn«, the nuhk- 

im; lUy 
ihiiiiiil iM'bia'a mountain line» 

a way. 
And Ca|»ri melted in iti aimnj \mj, — 

Thniiigh thy great farew«rll aorrow 


The hharp fvknfi of a liitter thnuKht 
Thut idaveii munt tread around that holy 


Thou k newest not the huid was 

111 pviii^ thy lielov^l rvKt, 
lloldin>; tlie fiintl lui|ie rloMrr to her 


Tliat eT»»ry sweet and Mintly grare 
W;i«. fretiloin'H ]iro|>lif« y. hmI jjare 
Tlie |iI(h|(*^ uf Hiravvu to aanctify and 

That pletltfi* iAan<were«I. Tt» thyi^r 
The nn('haint*tl eity ftftuU itN eheer. 
Ami, t" .(*<i to joy, the mufflttl U-IU of 

Kim; Virtor in. Tlie land Mt^ free 
.Viid Imppv by tb«- Miinriifr •^ii. 
And liourlHMi Naple't imw in Itiily f 

She itmilfH aUiVf her brnki-n rhuin 
Tlie languid muile tbtit fullnw^ ]iiun. 
Stretching her ciiani|ied limba to the sua 




O, jojr tor >U, who bsu 
And EIdu> * u>««n 

a IMMM bat God-clr^a! 


A Daw 1U> bmtlm uaang lur rina 
And oUna, like Uu) Inoih of vio*» 
Bkwn do-mwrd ftwn tl» \muy £^ i 1 «»■' ""I "«''' ^ '•'*"' "J ry** 
„lam. I Hirtliliiki Ilin nlitlit tpvf Uiin « 

it^y : 
Lrau, <l, my fririxl, U> mrat tlwt I wui uiil watch iLi 

biMtli, , Tu >n- thf 

Ili^oici< M on* who wiUmaFth 
Itiaiirj tmui wb« riae, uil life fmni 

Tit HV thf gDlilrn ipran Qiviie 
Krnalh die ortflklnlni' at daj I 

Thy •> 

. , I hfar the ils*-*miHl* »*il mi gittw, 
.ui Wn •ball [all in malit rain. I AliJ an- ai-raaa tlir l«ili^t gtuur. 
WritUKthvgnvciiiUi lloweta : "Aiiani TTn<i|> iJbT tmip^ !■ nnfl ailmMw^ 

•gatu •. " Tbn aliliilnft am wliJi p lg ui t <f 



' licliU luy laDKuiil rye ; 

1 hrkr IhF wild W« trind hi* born, 

Tb« binl kwinKaooUu rtpuvil who 
Tha Ipn^ glrra imtitr% at ihc aire 
An tilunft m thr wind* uf ntom, 
Tha Inciul *bhll* hi* mtiig nl lirst. 


1 ki».w 

fShmnri U th* hand* iW idlf bU. 

A»d UpB thai wcD lb* >Md'* anrari. 
W1u« UiBwd Tbna ibt Iwvt ha* rolM 
Fw tnv with hlw ud >rw ariili idd 

To fight the (Httlia ij t&g Uird r 


ji haiiiU uuniHl, 
wire of (ifiit lo bn . 
Ibna with nnwvfhy 

Inr unn iball K>a*p aud OD* mign. 
On* ilriiih TiIf > rar, and unr tU wilM. 
Add Dial thall inka Om '-' 1 

O iMwvt ta do ! O MIM «ilt 1 

n ]»*]'«' and arUim ! j* ai» nor. 
Who luaT Dot Mriir, dnf VH tklUl 
TIm hanlPT luk rf Mudtn( itill. 
Aad pHt tiai wtAnl wlik Oo4 ta 

MOtntTAlK PRTms. 

nuMoxu raoH rat rKKinKWAMcr. 
Oxet Mn^ O UsnulM a( th* IC«rtK 



And onw more, ere the 17^ that leek 

yr fiiil, 

r|iUft afcttiiiitt thi> hluf wmlUof the iiky 

Vour iiii>(hty iihii|ii.ii, ami let the nun- 

Nhiiir wt'ttve 

Ita gtilili'f) uet-work in your beltiug 

Smile ilowii in ruin hows fruni vuur 
falling tliMMK 
And on your kin;;iy browxat nKim and «*v«> 
Si't crownK or tin? ! 80 ahall niv wml 

A greenrr earth and faint aky be- 

Blown cryatal-i'lear by Fruedom's 
Northeru wind 1 



I W(ii:li> I werv a puint«T, fni the Mke 
Of a iiwr^t jiii'tun*, iintl nf hrr who lnl« 

H.iply the Hft'n't of your calm ami A littinKfOii'l'** with n>vrrvntial tn-uil, 

Htren^h, Into tlmt nmuntuiu niyatiTy. Finit 

Vour unftir^iitten lieauty interfuM* Uki* 

My eon mil III lifi\ your icloriouH hliafR's Tinteil with Hunnet : next the wary 


Of fur ri'ociling hilhi ; and vet more 
Monad no*'k liftin>( from hii ai>j;ht of 
Ili-^nwy forehrftil to thervmini; junr. 
lii'Mili' 11.1, pur|ili*-zimi'd, WachuM*! l.iiil 
lli» hnid aienin!tt the UV^t, wiicMi* 
wiirm li^ht mml** 
HiM aufrolf ; ami o'it him, nharp 
and (-li')ir. 
Like a Hhaft of lif;htuin»( in mid- launch- 
inn i^tavi'd. 
A Miif^le level i'lond*Iine, nhone U|Min 
IJy the fieri-ejk;lHn«**>i)f the Minkeii Min, 

M*-niieeil the darkness with itA;;old< 
en ff|H'ar ! 

und hiien 
And Hiin>drop|ie«l fi|ilendoni at my 

hiildin^ i-ome, 
Ii4Mmi vait through dn'ams, and 

Mtn'ti'h in hillowy h'nf^th 
Fn>m the iiea-level of uiv lowland home ! 

Thi-y riMp lipfiin* ni<' ! Ijiat night'!* 

ItiUD'd not in %'ain : for where itM 

light ninfT* thnint 
Tlieir toiigueH of tins the great |ieakd 

weni Ml near, 
Ihimeil ol<-:in of mijit, no starkly liold 

and t'lear, 
1 almost |i.iii^> the wiml in the pinc« to 

Tlie liMMe nN'k't fall, the stefis of browii- 

ing iliNT. So twilight de«>|ii>ne«l round lu. 8:111 

The eloiidn th.«t ftliatten^l on yon slide- ! ami blaek 

worn walU The gTe:it wixmN ••limbetl the mountain 

And ;»i)lint<-r«'il mi the nx'ks their ' at our Itaek ; 

!ilienr4 of rain An'l on their Nkirts where yet the linger* 

ILive M't ill idny a thoiimml waterfalN, ing day 

Making theituHk and !iilene«'nf the w^Mult On the!«honi gn^^nneiM nf theelearinglav, 
GUil with the laughter of the ehasiiig Tln' brown oM funn-houir like a 

tl'NHl-*, binl'i-neKt hung. 

And ImninonH with blown apray and With honii-life noiimU the desert air wa* 

.silver gle:im*«, Htirntl : 

Whih\ in the vale^ lielnw, the dr>'* The Meat of sheep along the hill we 

lip|w.l Ntri'.iiiit h**nnl. 

Sing to the trvTthemnl meadow -lands The bueket plashing in the cool, fweet 

Aipftin. well. 

So, let ni" ho{«e, the battle-storm that The paHtiire-ban that clattenfd aft they 

N-iit- fell : 

Th«> la ml with hail ami tire luay ]iaA5 L>og<i barknl, fuwU flutteivtl, cattle 

aw;iy lowetl ; the gite 

WithitH«i|ient thnnder^st thebreakof Of the bam-yanl ereakeil lieneath the 

Like laKt night's clouds and laare, as it 

merr\* weight 
Of sun-iimwn chiMren. liatenia^ 
whila they awun^ 



tolwir; I Tl.. ■ 

AihI Jown Ihv ihwlowj Unr, In A* (■■•■ 
tJQkUun disr, I H- ' 

Tkr [JWliinl curiev of Ibc cow'WIl Alul i- 

rbui Kxjtlinl and iiUaMd, t 

[Klb wi! tunic, 

fnislnx iIm fumo'i hoi 

Unktnj; hits 

"Vt^ tnori rulk* Uiiuk It bu ■ rjmuit 
1 lov* It tor miF good iitdmnthn''f nki% 
Who iirnl ■til] ilitd hcra it) Uic 

C« oi God t " 
un of hU >nnl* ■■ puodrml 

Am MeBtSy wr lamnl the autfrn Aink 
Of tjia mcninuin, whnc ita ihtdow 

divpnl Mok, 
Dooliling llir Distil alsag our nfgtd 

Thf Intrml Itfii lliaD Katuc'i ni- 

Jknd ihf <nrm *kr. tb« nutdinnt-tlntad 
Thfl famt and the lake, Mroiail 
iavrird (Dd din 
Btfor* Ihr MlDlIr loul. «bc« bttmao 
Uwklr in tlM Elvreil fM>tri*{» 


Hakias hn hnftdy tail ud IwomImU 

Aa Mnhlf who «f tlia MOg ttmum 
SwdlltMt 'Vva U|pl Up* aM lai)M at 

roB A nmiini ramvAt at "raa 

W« know tlus w^ U rirh with mnmm 

Rmownal to tomg uid dory, 
WhoN tniudc Bmnnan ihrauj^ •" 

or hnniM lav* ufl ffloir : 
Wi> kiinw that Amn't task* an Ut. 

And Rhinr bai tutlnl aludawi, 
Anil, poft-tunid, tlx Uoon and Ajt 

lio Mngiiig down Uieit amdow^ 

But iihllr, nnplrlnrrd uid nnMnn 

Bj julQtrr nr lijr ivirt, 

II n*n uraita Ibo Isnrfti) loaKor 

And mniiinf; huHl to abow tt, — 
Wb mlr know tbr fond Mm hM 

Ahiva it, warn with hh«A«, 
And the *wHt Mint id am Va&m 

Awakra to out a 

OiKTB man on T<nd*r laanBai hitAt 
Tlw nrnmrr Aoawn ban h«diMi 

Dnn mar* <rilh tanonrr'* foUn llfht 
Th« Tal« (rf h«~ "~ ■--■-■ 

A«d ofKI BMHT. t 
Of rrtr^ nood t 
Wa ataf >r ■ 

■ otHIa 

wa alRf SHM lu nod 

Ko Bdtle ntn-^ bolda tlw flock* 
Tbat gnir ili ibam in fcerping [ 
a It'T kua of Dian nuck* 
Th* fonth Inldi- It aleridBg : 

Our Chriniiui rivrr 1oT«tli Boat 
Tbi< bnuitlAtI and bsman ; 

Thr hfathni atmraa of Naiad* boaal. 
But oota of tnan and w«naa. 

IIm tninar in M* caMn heat* 
Tb* ripfila wc arc baiini i 

It «Uqwn «aft to bomaairk ana 
Around lb* aattkr'a clearing : 

Or ilatrtM'a blnom of ration. 
Our TiT«T by it* nllp7-barB 
Waa wtrt j*t (orgMttn. 

Tha dmn mlla lood, — tbt b«|^ flll i 
~ - ail «1lh daaM- ; 

.bak»lb<*£dUlB ' 
tnad of aiipri 

YooBg *TM that laat year mOad I 



Bat blue aki^ smUe, and flowen bloom < 
on. I 

Ami rivm Ktill k«-e|i flowini;;, — 
Thr ilcar ti'xl Htill hi.t nin Bn<l sun i 

On fi*^f\ Hn«l ill )H*Nt(iwiuf(. { 

If in iiini'-tnvH wbU]K.T, **TniJit tnd 

w:iit : 

Ml!! fliiwern Alt* |iro]ihfiiying 
Tlmt nil we ilnml of rhftngv or fall 
HiH love in untltfrlying. 

Anil thou, O MounUin-born ! — no more : 

Wf a.'»k tliH wis** AllottiT 
Thau for thp lirmn«»s» of thv shore, 

Thf •aluiin'sH of thy watir, 
Thi* rhi'i>rfu1 lif(htN that overlay 

Thy ru;:)pMl h1o|m>h with lioauty. 
To uutrh our HpiritH to our day 

And nuke a juy of duty. 


Aniuif.w Rvkman *a dpa<l and gone ; 

You (Mil <«*•«* hi <f Ic-aning i«late 
In th«* (rnivryjinl, nntl thrrvon 

lU'ad hit name and date. 

•'• Truxf- M trn^r fh'in our f^nr\" 
Runt tht* Ip^^'ud tlirou>(h the inou, 

**f!ttin is n"f i« n»hirtf tffjtr^ 
Xor in tlenth is lass. " 

Still the frrt that thither tro<l. 

All thf frit-ndly ey^s arv dim ; 
Only N:itun\ in>w, and Oo<l 

Haw a rarv for him. 

Tht'fe the «iewH of iiuift fall, 
Sint^in^ hinN and <«oft winds stray ; 

Shall t lif t«'nih-r Hi-art of all 
IW le<s kind than thf-y ? 

What he wax and what he t^ 
They who a.Hk may haply find. 

If th-v r»»«d this prav»-r of his 
Which he left b-hind. 

Pitnlon, Iin^I, the lipM that dare 
Shape in wordr* a mtirtari pmyer' 
Prayer, that. Ahen my day in tlone. 
And I Ml* itt "trtting «un, 
Shorn ami lteanile«i«i, mM and dim. 
Rink beneath the horizon'^ rim, — 
When this ball nf mrk and clay 
Oumbles from my feet away, 

And the nolid Hhores of aenae 
Melt into th«* %'a^ie iiuuienM*, 
Father ! I mav roine to Thee 
Even with the lM');^ir'M plea. 
An the |NKireHt of Thy |""»r. 
With my ncetU, and nothing more. 

Not as one who seeks bin home 

With a step MAtiin'il I eonH' ; 

Still bfhiml the tretul I hear 

Of my liFi>-<*oiiipaiii<in, Kear ; 

Still a ?>hadi»W di>ep and %'ast 

Fnun my we^ti'iiiig fift i»» eiwt, 

Wavi'ring, doubtful. un«b'!iiied. 

Never hhajw'ii n<ir outliiit-d : 

Frr>iii mysi'lf thi* fi*ur ha<« gn»wn. 

And tlie nhadim- is niv nwn. 

Yet, O I^tid. tliMii^fh all a sense 

Of Thy tt'iidt-r pr»ivid»"in*f 

Stays my f.iiliii;; hi'art mi Thee, 

And >-o|ilirill« thr f.rbli* kliei- ; 

And, at tiiiM*>, my woni feet press 

Spaces nf I'tMil •|ni>-tiir<«N, 

Lilird wtiit«'nr%s shone u|>(m 

Not bv liifht «if iiiiMtii iir ^uii. 

l!uun« th«'re Iv nf iiiui>nt ealni, 

Bmken but bv cniti'ful piiim, 

When I !i»vm Thif m*»re than fear "Hie^ 

.\nd Thy )»lfv*fi| rhri«t seems nrmr .ne. 

With fniihviiiK li»iik, an when 

lie bfheld the M;i^<Uleii. 

Well 1 know that ull things morit 

T«» the HphiTil rhvthni of love, — 

Tliat loTh«-. o Unlofall ! 

Nothing I MM nf i;han<'«' N'fiill : 

ChiM Slid sf-raph. niot*> and star. 

Well Tlinii knnw«H«t what we are i 

Tlirtiuirb Thy vnst rn'aiive plan 

l/M>kin&!, from thi* wnnii to man. 

Then* i«« j'ity in Thine iVi-s. 

But no h:itr«"«l nor !»urpriM«. 

Not in blifnl iMfifi* f will. 

Not in cuniiiug sh-ight nf •>kill. 
Not for Oiow of |Mmvr, wsn wrougV 
Nature's mar\-el in Thy thnu^ht. 
Never iMD'Ie^s hsnd anil vain 
Smiti's th»*sf i-bopN i^f joy and pa!r 
No imnmrtal si'l!i*h?i»'*s 
Pl-iys th»* giinii* of 1*11 r«e anil M»*S!« : 
. HiMVt-n and earth art* witne^vi 
That Thy glnry g'KMliji»>s is. 
Nut for sjmrt of mind anil fnn*# 
. Ila-^t Thou ni.iib- Thy universe, 
Uitt ;is atmoipht*re and /one 
Of Thy loving h»*art alme, 
Man. who walketh in a «how. 
Sect before him, to and fro. 



PBBce tliAt de«ivr b th«n Jof ; 
Out of ftplf to love be led 
Anil tu hL>aTen m'oliiiimted, 
Lentil all tliiiiKK Hwiwt and good 
Svem my natural habit u<le. 

So we irad tht* prayer of him 
Who, with Juhn of l^abadie, 

Tr(M|, uf iilil, the oozy rim 
or the Zuvder Zee. 

TliuA dill Andrew Rykman pray. 

An* wf wiMT, ln'ttfr ^n^iwn, 
Thiit we niny not, in our day, 

Make hiH prayer our own f 


In that Mnck forest, where, when day ia 

With A NUiikf'a stillneaa glidt*ii the 

.>ark]y fnun Hunnet to the rising sun, 

A rrv, AH of thi* fmin«il heart of the wimmI, 
Tli«' l«iii^. «li"«|uirinK niftan of Militudi* 
Ami diirkncAN And the aUtenoe of all good. 

iStart]*>!« t1if tniTtrller, with a sound ho 

Si full of liiiiN'ii'Hs agrmy huiI fear, 
lii.'« lieitrt htands still and listens like 

his ear. 

The guide, ha if he heanl a dea«l-}iell toll. 
Starts, «ln»i)!t his oar against the gun- 

wale H thi»lf, 
Crosiw'A hiniM'U, ami whis]ier8, *' A lust 

Miul ! ** 

Tlius to the baiitiied pagan's cruel He, 
I^euding new norrur to that moumfol 

The Toyager listens, making no n*ply. 

Dim bums the boat -la mp : shadows 

diH*iien round, 
Fivni giant trv«'s with snake-like creep* 

era wound. 
And the Mack water glides without ^ 


Hut in the trarellrrs heart a secret acnae 
Of natun' plustir to lienign intents. 
And an I'tenial good in l^rovideuce. 

Lifts to the starry calm of heaven hii 

eyes ; 
And lo ! H'buking all earth's omiuooa 

The C*roM of |«rdon lighta the tropio 

skies ! 

" Father of all ! ** he urges his stnHig 

" Th<»u lovi>st all : thv erring child may 


litMt to himself, but never lost to Thee I 

** All souh an* Thine ; the winga of 

nntniing Imar 
None fnini that Presence which is every- 

Nor hell itself can hide, for Thou art 


**T1inmgh sins of sense, |ienreniitk*« of 

Tlirougli doubt and min, through gntlt 

ami shame snil ill, 
Thv pitving eve is uu Tliv creature 
, still. 

" No, .S.'h.»r, not A binl. 1 know it well,— . „,., , . -. » « 

It iM th.- iMiued S..U1 of M4m- infiilel [ " ^^ »»« ^^^\ n«J «»»''*•. Eternal Source 

Or cup^i hi*n>tic that cries from hell. ' , anil (^oal ! ,...,. 

In thy long yean, life a Imiken cin.'Ie 

••ri»or f.Hd • with hojie still mocking 'whole,' 

hit dojuiir. And change to pimise the cry of a loet 

He wandi'ni, >ihri*-king on the midnight ' m>ui F** 

For human piiy nnd for Christian prayer. ITALY. 

"Saints •'trike him dumb'. Our Holy .%i-Rns.t the sea I heanl the gn«ns 
MothiT hath Of uAtion* in the intervaU 

No prayer for him who, sinning unto Of wind and wave. Their bli*-*! and 
ileAth, Imnes 

Buma always in the fumaot of Ood'a Cried out in tortnre, crashetl bv thn>uc% 
wimth I " I And sucked 1^ pricetly caniiibala. 



1 dmoKd or Fntiam dowit nii.n1 
Anil In 1 «i .thlrivftnnily rt^ioeJ. 

Frrm oot th» d«Tkn*« »»w» •- tnd 

W« «u(d npoD Uw» hill. Df God. 

Wllb ™nlcd um«l« Urtlc-rtminrd. 

VHuMt li^ wnnei] net of buhb ot 


IfhontinK il trota Ihr Itcldi or a«lh 1 

W< q>k<- not. bat oar (hougbt «u a«h _ _ 

t t>Ri mr, •wrHrtniEk. from th« U|[bi, 


t oolt kiin* ti>«l ll«l U nubl. 
And Ibal thr rliitilmi of UU lisht 

W.|«n»d.«irrti»nth.lMK}»*lM-n ^H 

Borbuiiml iRlt Art nan K>»' brtur* : ^^M 

8b>a trnd U» lUrknru atulcr foot. 

An<l Millpd mu bntlog boarta lo har 
Tb« Toioa Int lo norUl car 1 

1 Irunw Uir i*ri fir» hnrai it> mul. 

Th«t .ulity *klr< tlir l»lt frill foim 

To uiiilr tlinn i-bv ; llut Ntlura mul 

Tb* hllU *«>«« »{-.D to th. UctI i 

IV t*UiK< <if ht lourn •■tiait. 

Through thrir gnra ptm iIh- mmAiam 

CM Idffiu. Uld bt Ihr rvlh njoio! 

t bow W(i»n> Hw •r»m-r |>lati, 

Do-o aWI. uid Rim luid bank II mnHi . 

Unmb ■If thf uritiini or my dioint : 

It bridird tb. ttmAM ■!>•«» with rdU : 

Hr mrnkt In WtUr'i iloniijr vdm. 

III. pr>l> i. to th. wtmlh of ii-ii' 

And. bomf onHmoruiOlUfd 

Th> rfudowy «4th thf iiDlil tide 1 ^H 

Trt, Wh-ly u H" Htm. thf <Uy 

Ijf HIT llr nromiiMl .lull (■' nun. 
To faM Uu fli«i dT «ar, nd U( 


■■ So.- pmW •«. ■* -b"" «» (-t dMT^^H 

111 oionl ftod «ww to nut ■•■j, 


Thr tf^Tdwk, vitb i)»raJ (Mr, ^1 

" And th* Difdil murth ddll «ilh Am, 

pRthtf I ht th; light bn«k thnH^ 1 



" Ko M tht hni« of doubt dt'U*. 

So Uri-ns fliMi>d down U» hill. 

So brtdjp wlUi Dtlth thi Mmlna lUi t 

" So Irt thx >*M that Ul 00 fwlli 
Ob thr etfliua blU> look foitb i 

N« ntl* IWn Um' Urdwn tUn, 

No npH> fnxD Uw w«t«r'* brm. 

"Ai.dbtli7t>.ckaal4url>l«>* J^H 

Th. dtiA of t*ili|ilit roona M fww. 

Tbr daar OMi wbom *• Im«4 btbw f^^^l 

W. felt U« bllutc of tb. d«ri 


tot, tmm a*, iw tii» i1«t ww doD*. 


ElM on llx Hnr'i billwr ■!•[■ 


"■^"S^'t^-Jf'jsr^ ^M 

A ta4fr l^aw. omrfiiiK Mr. 
A ilnw >( day «4tWlt> gina. 

WhK m Ih* .la». Um cUn. tW |^o<n : 

In km Mn«^ii« ilMi rf brrthm, 

Wuh tl-m llM MM-* ra? U«m j 


VUk daik. thraa^ «ril]a«Trtrtw«Mn. 

lol. InklaH l-ck •-• Olr •»>« 

Tk KnrnOx) » dMik bfiwvn. 






Onr in nnr f<iith. amt om* our lofifdn^ ' Hut all tliut h mf? ml day of AumiinT 
To ninkc till* Wf»rM within nnr n*Hch My tfurn of uiouriiin)( (iniiiiNil witk 

Sonii'wlmt till* U'tttT for our living. th«'ini. 

Au<l Kia(l<l«*r for our human Nficifh. 

Thdu hrHnl'ht with mi* tht* far-tifr voicni, ; 

Thi* ojfl Uyiiiliii); miufi of faiui*. 
Hut liff tn thc^> WII.H warm am! ]tn'NPnt, 

Ami lovt* was U'tti'r than a iiaiuf. 

All (lay tho M*a-wavi*M miIi1ji«i1 with <t«.ff* 

Thf Mnli* fiir^»t th«'ir niprrj* trilU : 
All iliiv I hfiinl t)if iiiufN lament in k 

Witii thim*uiMin tiiy humciti-uil hilU 

To hiuiM'ly joys an<l h»vi's nn<l frii'mUhiiM (;p.,.n U* thoM' hilKi.l*. |.in<'N fon'ViT, 

Thy fr>'iiisil rinturp fninlly i-lun>( ; 
An<l M) thi* nliiiilow on the ilial 

M/LH hark and h>ft thff always young. 

And who rouM hlani(* thn p'nvrnuH 
\Vhi«h. only to thysi-lf unjuM, 
Si iivirpriziNl the w»»iih ttf iitlnTs 
And ilwarffd thy own with M*lf-diH* 
tru.Nl t 

All h»*artM jttpw wannrr in the ]in'M«nr«» 
Of oiii> who. Mi'kint; not his own, 

llavi* fn*«'ly for tin* h»\v of ^tviu>;, 
Nor rva|N*i| forwlf thf lianvst M»wn. 

Thy >n^^*tinfc Kinilc was ph'il^> and pn-1- 
Of iCfUiToUH diM'dt and kindly wonU ; 
In thy large heart wen* fair guest -I'haui- 

OfN'u to Muiiii** and the hinN * 

The tank wa.H thine to mould nml f.i^hion 
J.ifi*\ plastie newnesH into gnu'e : 

To m:iki' the Imyish heart heniii-. 
And light with thought the maideu'H 

And gni'n thi* miMdow) lowhindt lie. 
And gp-eii the iijil mi'moruil U't-rhi-a, 
NiUne-i ar%*en in t)i«* Wo(n{s uf I^-e ' 

Still h't them gpft thy life I'omiKinions 
Whii tliitliiT turn thi-ir jiilgrim fei't. 

In every mi»H«y jini' n-i-alling 
A tend'T UH-nHtrv sadlv vwift. 

O fni'Uil \ if thought and mm'*' avail not 
To know th***- h''hi-«-fiirth a;* tlmu art. 

That all i»* wi-11 wiih thei- fon-vi-r 
I tnist the in-tiiii-ta of uiv hesrt. 


Thine U* the ipiiet hahilation<s 

Thine the gn*4-n |la^turt*ls hhiw^ro- 

Ami Hmih-H of saintly n^eiignition. 
Am Nwei*t and teuiler a« thy own. 

Thou eom'ot not from the huith and 

To nii'et UK, hut to thee we eonie ; 
With tint* we neviT ran \v i^trangeni, 

Andwheiv thuu art must Mill U* home. 


O'lT all the land, in town am! {tniirie, I 

With Unded heuiU of niuuining. ^^'^'" AT « hkiktmas i:y ihf. kthoi/. 
!«tanil I ■^«-** "' '*f- iiki-kna's isi.wii, k. c. 

The living fi>nnA that owe their bt*autv | 

Ami fitni-HH to thy shaping hand. *^ '^V^'^ *" "** '*"* ^*^^^'^ Wfore 

' Wi-re evi-r ^la«l as wi* ' 

Tliv eall has ronie in riiten'**! manhofnl, W«- 'n* frt^* im t'andina'o •.hi»r»'. 

1*he noondny i-alui o! heart and minit. We 'n* all at home an^l fr**e. 

Whili' I, who dreauh-il of thy remaining 

Til mourn me, lin:;»'r MtiHUdiinil : Thou Krieuil aiiil H«-1|"t »if th« yviur, 

Whi» sufffftil for tiur >aki'. 

Til «i|»-n evi-ry priMin ili»<ir. 

And I'ViTv vokf to hn-ak " 

I j%-e i»n, to own. with «'If-uphniiding, 
A deht of love Htill ilue fri»m me, — 

The rain n*memhnin>*i> uf ot-rasions, 
Korevi-r lo«it, of MT\'ing tliee. 

It WAS not mine among thv kindred 
To join the tilent fune nil prayen, 

I lit-nd low thy pitying fai*e and ni.' I. 
And help us idng and prav ; 
Tlie hand that MeMP«l the litth- . hUd. 
fpon oar forrheadi lay. 


W* |miM tbar in mz omw t< 

To ibw in pt%jn Wb odl, 
Miikr ntift lbs <Bct and atmlght llia «a] 

ur fr«4iHn UDto alL 

Come 0B» Mnia, UfMxil Lmd 1 

And let tbe mrtnUwli luw tlw wtid 

That ■«■ tin ulud* IW t 




TBB notrsenoLD rr DESCEiBcaL 

reta fobh ii »«DiCATBti bt tbi tcTitoB, 


■ ■I.I 1 i^ vlr to lb. DirlM U(l>< •! . , , < 

iTTTi il II ti. "i iiiii"-^^^ Al.»rJ.J . 

■4iw()i.(MMWh»MMUHf4*rt.pMB. That clircknl, n>t>l'(*i». tb* d 
laku tkk iHir fk* .r TTgdI *M tte ir " 


Tni wn Ilka MH THemfarr 4*; 
Ittm ciMnlna ovrr htlb of icnf. 
And, ibrklr rlnW. gtn al Mna 
A MMff lisbi than mIm "m^- 

lla nKir aaJ oniwiu |nm4wT. 
A (lortMii >nninK lm> tkaa tluiM, 
U kMk fnm N(hl hrfor* It hL 

Tlw onuiM td Qt* Nwnr-MinB low. 
TIm wind tin) wl i «« tmri Ibt nv 
OtOcMUi oa hi* wlaUf ifai^ 
Ami (rli Ih* «in>BB poU tkr^Uac On* with lo» riinhm unr totuid air. 

Hranvhilp wr lUil oar nielitljr rk»t^— 
RrnQCbl in tlt« moil tram mil rf 4amim, 
UlbiW tlw Malk nd Inan tb* m««b 
Ui*l ihwa U» bwdVgia> Ik ito 

Hvanl tW btnr>biBBrtM(br bbaonij 
Aad. *h>plT <Wili« Wm aa bMik 
Inpatbnt •!««« Um OaMUMi nwa 
TIm faUk ilMkv tMr mlMI hna [ 
VUb, iMflw hoM bUMrir pnvk 
rtna th> mffiilil'i nab of VrA. 
Tin tark hi* rtnOnl hrlawl b«t 
Asrf dawk hia foaralaiM d 

. -Ill trwlr. 

Ad-1' ...-^^lUUuli 

Anil ti\iiu till' ili4^lu:l. uvi-ihcul 
The xriulnl *4uiml diu)>p>d kU thelL 

Vaii, til* tlHU' Mini, «hoai> imlU of 

tixiiiiliriir of homt, 
Ihond mrmoriM, 
■I'l l)i(i iliiile-lw^ 

An>l •iiiii-l- Uilli .'[ >ii.i-U'nl>uod ; 
Srlulu kn (llil ■ .l<.u.i luid U^ 
Tilt mitaiis IouiuhI ai tum birr fmj -, 
The tnuTuinK iUy. lldl dhn w uMi 
With altiin. gllil'iinl •! Itrr DMm ; 
Tliruuith y«n of toEl uul koil mnd or 
fnmi jchwi irrM (a Ihln fpmj hair, 
All uii|.n>f.nM >b# brM ««n 
Tbc linpii fanriia ot Uk bmt. 
Be ■liWDT lu him (if womaa hani 
VWi hath lot nicti bat thu^kl tt mm 

TUn, too, MIT ptiLfT kUr pIM 
n«r cmiinf luk (h* •towl Iwatd* : 

A rml. rirfa nalBi*, Inv Ui Imt, 
Tnilhful mhI •tmiM ■lenl)' jai^ 
lainUni, euiiMt, pnBn(it tu act. 
And Muki W KOMmiM liM^|bl 

KvidBn wlUi iM*jr a lli^t <U«aU 

An.l 1. 

0, l...k:. 1. Wll. 

l>r tr.>m U,- -Kji.]. r.f ^ii.ily {aliu^ 

(Jt ailvn mrli of riTrr islau, 
L>u Uun.' UrEB t7« tEhoU ur attO I 
With me onr Uitle vw ago : — 
Ttir .-hILI w-ljclil (^'thr innin «k>« 

For luaiitha U|Kni b>r fmf* has kin i 

Anil Du*. whni mmuin HMilli-wtaaw 


And brin aix) hanlvU Umid W^ 
1 ttnd tlw pkanuit uUw m tfwC 
I an tlw tlolrt-nwkltd aid 
Ul»r«n aba bwitrf, !» (Mr m4 mA 
TI>»hilUiilaBa*m*lialo«alloa ' 
V« fullovini; n* okm'cr 1 
WItb daric tjrt tall of Ion * 

The birdiaR nW ; tlw hricrnw , 

Tbr air irith tmtrtarm ( aO th* hlBa 

But ttiil I vkit will) nt and 
For iDHirtiuiig gonr 


A low In >U tanniar tlib^K 
In Soma tluti bbami, and Unt iIhI 

And jrtt, (Lmt bf«n' mnmi>*t1^ IIn^ 
An I uM nrbar than of sJd I 

Bifn Id ihr ininarMliif, 

What ckanipi on reach tike wiahk ] 



IfwC ■ ■ 

XoU I 


What rlunraiM 

Tb]^ Ion- hath Irfl 
And >bUF in lile* 

Wharr rool and lol^ tin 

Iha [-«ri «a4 

I iralk tr> >,.-ri I 

!,im1.i that 



BrU> ^Milor of tK^ birch mkI niW, 
Thf niAAtcr of thf iliHtrict whool 
I It'll 1 at thi* tin' hiH fa%'on*<l |»la«f». 
Its w.inii ^'luw lit a lauKliiiiK fnt-v 
Frtith-hiicil and fiur, when: M.*an*e ap 


Till' iiiii-iTtaiii |ip)ph«»y of b(*anl. 
Hv ti'.i'M'il till' iiiittm-liliiidt^l I'at, , 

IM-ivimI n-i)sH-|iin.N oii my uiit'lf'b Imt, i 
S'lii^ Min^s uii'l tolil iM what iN'falU 
In <'la-«-ii- I>artni(iiith*rt I'oUi'^i* hiilU. 
Iltirn thi* uiM Ntirthi'm hilU unions, 
Fmni uhi-niv \iU vitMnan fathiT wrung 
liy |i.itii'nt toil .Mi)MiHt*'ni.v M'jint, 
Not •-tiniiM'ttMii-f iin<l vi't nut wr.nt, . 

Ill* rarly ^raintnl tlif |MiWfr to (ay . 

His r)ii-i'rful. M>irn*liant way ; 
<'4>ulil «l<iirat iMsi* hin ih'holar'tf Kuwn 
To |H'ililli> wuivH friHu town to town ; 
Or thnmj^h th«' liin>^ %*at*ation*h n*arh 
In loll fly liiwianil tli^t^i^t4 t^aoh, 
Wlim* all till' ilrolt i*xiH'rti'n<-(* ftiunil 
At Mtrui^T hiMrthi in UKirtliiiK nHind, 
Tin* nitNinlit Hkatcr'n ki*«'n di'lifclit. 
Till* slti^h • flrivc through tin* frosty 

Thi' nisti«- |»i»rty, with it* nui^h 
Ai'i'oniPiniinf nt of blind ni.nrH-butr, 
And whiilint; plati', and forf-it'« |hiid, 
His wiiit«'i ta^K a (kiiHtinn* nimli'. 
II:i|ipy till* NnnwdiH-krd li'ttni'H whrn'iu 
U>' tiiii'-«l lii<« int'rry vinlin, 
Or iil.ivi'd till- atlili'ti* in th>> Inni, 
Or iii'M til*' ^hnI dain«'*H win«liii^-yarn, 
< »r niirtliitpiviikin;; vithioiih tolil 
• If • l.f*^ii' l»-;:iiid'» ran* ami oM, 
Wlp'p'in tin* j*i-i-n»'.H «if <ln'«'ri« an*l IIoiim' 
M>m1 iill till* •'••innionplai-f of hmm*. 
An<l littl-' Mf'nittl at i^'Nt tin* inMh 
Twixt«-i' |Millcrs and old ti*An ; 
Wli. n' PindiiH-lNirn Ar:ixi*<4 tiM»k 
Th" >sui«- «if liny ^rist-mill briH»k, 
Aii'i •If.i'I olyntiMiM at lii<« will 
lt<>-anii.' a liu<-klfi»rrv hill. 

A '-an'li'SH Iniv niuht h** wi-nii'd ; 
Hiit at hin li-Hk h ■ hail till' IiNik 

Aii'l air nf nu*- who vii'^ily N'-lifni<-iK 
And }i')«*.i;!i- trnni tlii* fnrun* t*Nik 
In triini'<l tlimi^lit un'l \**tr uf lnHik. 

i«ir;^-liraini-d, •■li'ar-«-v«-d, vt sui-h vl> 

*«h.ill Fp"»''lnni''« vniifiij a|*»%tb"< U', 
Willi. fiilliiUMi;; in'm MiNNly trail. 
Shall %'\^ry linjk^'iin^; unin^ ii'^snil ; I 

All •li.tin-* frtini linil* nhil >|iirit strikr, \ 
l'|>lift the black and white alike ; j 

Si*mtti'r before their Hwift ailvance 
Tlie darkni'HH and the i^ioran«'e. 
The pride, the luht, the M|Ualid nloth, 
Whii-h nurtun-«l Treaaon'a luuiiatroif 

Maili* iniinb'r |iai«tinie, and the hell 
Of prison -torture |MMd4ible ; 

The rniel lie of' refute. 

Old forma renumld, and MilMtitute 
For Slavery 'n la^h the fnt'man'h will. 
For blind mutine, ui<4'diandetl i»kill ; 
A M-lpNiMioUM* plant un every hill, 
Stn-trhinf{ in railiate nerve-lim-ji theoo^ 
Tli«' iiuii-k win'H of intillip'm-i* ; 
Till North and S<iuth tii;;i'ihrr bn Might 
Shall iiwn the tunnr eltitiii thought, 
In iN-aie a conimon tliig wdute. 
Ami. hide by hide in laUir'a fnv 
Am! unn*>4>ntfiil rivalry. 
Ilarveitt the tii'KU wheitin they fought. 

Another pn-M that winter ni^ht 
Flufthnl Inii k from luntron» rveH th« 

I'nmaiki'd by tiuH*, and yet nut voung, 

The linUi'Veil mUhii' of hiT tongue 

And ^lonU of met-kneivs M'ari-flv told 


A nature ihiMsitmate and U*M, 
Stnmg. M'lf-i onifntn-tl. «pnniing guide, 
Its niiMer featnre<« dwarf'vl U-«i«le 
lli-r unU-nt uiU\ nuijiMi*- priile. 
She *iat ani'ing us at thf Um, 
A n*>t unfeap'*!, half- %( eh -nine gut-nt, 
Kf'biiking with her enliup-d phh«^ 
Our ht»mi-lin>*^<i of wopl!« anil waV'«. 
A <*<'r1ain |«apldike, tPMi'lii-runK grace 
Sway til the lithe linilH and ilnipficd 

the liP*h, 

I/t-nt thf uhite teeth their dauling 
flash : 

And uhib-r low broun. bl.ii k with 

ILiyftl iHit at times a il;:n;.'i rmi!* light; 
Thf ''harp heat-lightnings nf Imt fa>-c 
IV^u'ing ill to him whuni Fat^' 
I'linilfninf'l to .shap- hfr Invr or batr. 
A M'iMian tropi>-al. iiitfU-e 
In th'iught and aet, in ^^^nil and M*nw, 
Slir bh-nilfl in a like lii-i^pf 
rhf vi\i-n and thf ih \i't> f. 
I*i-vi-.i!iii^ ^«ith i-a* h fifak nr ffint 

Th- !• iiii»i'r iif !'• trui hiu'. Kitf. 
Tli>- r.iptiiP-s iif Sit na'o hnint. 
Ib-r ta|Mring ttand and rnun-l'd wriit 
Had fai'ile ]«iwer tn furm a ti«t ; 
The wann, tlark lanpiioh .1 h>T i vei 
Was never aafc frum wrath's ituipriMk 


^t witli lur tiv till' bunHstrvl htwtK' I Of ■wwtui*'> u<Ai. Iir Lu.ii>> luit abMK^ 
And •tiHch tilt fauiili of mrniurr Unit \ Au<i, [moiLri, Ukn •iiti tonlnul Ian 
Towum tbcDifttthewiDod-fin'iUucliTlw briMilk-tiuD ul tl» all. 




I wens not dn. In tU« Iu)f-]il>7fnl 

■tnbi, — 

Too b||bt |»Ttu|ia (or ■rritnn fmn. 

ubo^ turn 

Of tlw «ifonW Irban' of »low win, -- 

Apdtnl Ilia pan fiWal obicli hu 

Hj Ewt tu rallow ila (ar-alutiuijt Klnm. 
A liiiiiilr pint U mtn' ■ ligrodi uitl 

Of rrrOaluna 4an, olit bnrir* tlwl ban 

SOeni Avm larbaid ukliu toIw uMb. 
Wmim4 Into Ue him ntr, mn m lh« 

Of lUvn (D^ miMrt* fa; tW aamBKr 

What wntU tra tnrmnt b; • «i)tnt 

Of TmArnininD tinl nator mptir; 
Of >U*)i II b u mbltu I — (till Ih* 

Hrmorj of on* wba nufbt ba*« inofd 


Wkb bm* M of ■ bofilo aiM> 
BamnI til mt tftkml nllrji 

Thrw Mmd«, Um jpwiN rf (aaaaw 
ttlrlW tbfir vliitt mt nhtr* M^ 

Brhlnd tlwlii, IDStilM^ hbbmI M»J 

Witb nuiow cnxk^ and Bi wm w- 
Smlchtd lu dw duk titk wind, vten 

At hn t>f Uib thrfr Wdw d 
or Mn-Undicd «Bd Ik 

At *1>K • «nM 

T1ii7 tuodud n 

JCortlinH • nv 


or Mlt (ni% vltk • rinf vImU^ 

A»d Ml tbt tlxnbr of llw b 
Tin Ih«4 lb UDi W^ wm 

Swtnit, hOm amjr, tMt i 



Abort low icafp and turf-irrown 

T)it*y Mw the fort-tUg rise anil fall ; 
And, th«* ftnt star to itignal twilight's 

The lanip-fin* glimmer down fh>ro the 
tall lighttiuUMe tower. 

Th<»y rentod then*, earapeil awhile 

Fmin can*!! that wt«r the lift* away, 
Ttj wit th«' lotiw of the Nile 

And drink the pn|ipieii of Cathay, -^ 
To tliiitf tht'ir loadsi uf custom doaii, 
like drif^'Wi^il, on the fiaiid>rtloiieH 
And in the wa waves <ln)wn the rentlewt 

Of diitieM, I'lrtinis and needs tliat harked 
uiNMi their tnu'k. 

One, with his beard scarce silrered, \ 
l«»n' I 

A really rre«lenee in hin Imikis 
A letten'il niarniute, lonliug o'er 

An eviT-wi«lening nnilni of iMmks. 
In him brain • currents, near and 

TonvfTgitl as in a Ijeyden jar ; 
The old, di-ad authors throngiil him ! 

round aUnit, 
And Kl/rvir'!4 gniy uhiMts from leathern 
graviii loi»ki*<l out. 

He knt'W eai-li living pumlit wrll, 
I'uuld wt'igh the giftM uf him or 
And wi'Il the market value ti-Il 

( )f iNH't nml )diiliiH<i|ilii*r. 
But if III* liwt, thi- <i't'nt'4 Whind, 
SouM'Vthat of reverence %'ngiie and 
Finding the ni'torn human at the liest. 
No n'aili«'r Ii|M thun hi a the gt^^l he 
■aw (."unfeMed. 

Hi<( ttoyhuo*! fanrit*fl not nutgmwn, 

III" lov»«il hini!M*lf thi* !»ing»»r'«i art ; 
T«*n«l«Tlv, irt'iiilv, by hi.t own 

II'* kiU'W and judged an author'^ 
No Khailiimanthinp brow of doom 
Rfjwnl till* liiizol pt-iUnt fpim hii 
n»oni : 
And banU, w))o«» name U legion, if 
deni*ii, , 

Bore off alike intact their venm and . 
their pride. I 

Pleasant it was to roam about 

The lettered world ax lit* liail done. 
And ser the lonU uf song without 
Tht'ir singing robes and garlands 
With Wofdsworth pwldle Kydal 

Tante rugged Elliott's home-brewed 
And with the ears of Rogers, at four- 

lli'ar tfsrrick's bunkined tn>a<l and 
Wal|iule'H wit once uion*. 

Anil one then* wim, a dreanirr liom, 

Who, with a niiithion tt» fulfil. 
Had left the MuM*it' haunt n to turn 

The crank of an <»iiinion*nnll. 
Making hiji nintic reeil of Mong 
A wfuiNm in the war with wn>ng. 
Yoking hilt fancy to the lirniking- plough 
That U'am-d<<ep tumetl the sutl fur truth 
to iipring ftud grow. 

TiK> iiuiet seem<*<l the man to riile 
The wingeil Hip|iagritr Kefurm; 
Wu!t hifi a voii'f fmm niile to side 

To pii'D'i* the tumult of the sti»mi f 
A nilent, shy, jtcacedimng nisn, 
He Mfnifil no tiery ]«irti!4Ui 
To boll I his way a^^inst the publir 

The ban of I 'hun-h and State, the fierce 
niob'M hounding down. 

For while he wrought with strenuous 
Thi- work his haiuls hail found to 
He heanl the fitful music still 
Of windi that out of tln-am*land 
Tlie din niMlut him couM not ilmwn 
What the strange voires whi«iii*rv>l 
dim'n ; 
Along his task-field weinl processions 


Tlie vimoiiary pomp of stately phantoms 

Thi* rtHnmon air waa thick with 
dn*iiin«. — 

He told them to the tnilins rntwd : 
Smh muftti' a« th«* wnthU iin>l vtrv-anis 

Sang in hii ear he lung s1imi>1 : 
In still, shut liavs on »in>ly •■4iw^ 
He heard the call of beckoning «bs|iea^ 


Anil, M the icnij oU dudom pmntptij 

Ai^ tiviofi on thp ihiftinit «iid> 

A burlnqiir rJ hu p»prr-rr«ft. 

Ilo M» the caMn* WBTis o'^miti 

Hit wi>tiU, u IliDn hcfon bad ilnnr, 

Eacli •I*)''* lula-wmlnr iruhlaK dntn 

LOce tctl«n fron thi* buiJ. Uia wnrlt uf 
And onr, wIiimb Aimli (■« wu tannrd 

ih T>H)tdf l»ft hlin lo vxtiancl. 
In iillifiN motxl liad rinni him builnl 
Hw ponr M|um*'l vmip of thr 

And in Uie trnt aludp, ■> brnnth ■ 

bnekX^^IV^ Ub • Tatk, in 

warn tiuit mnlwd tlw 

Hrlow hlni. Ill had tern bpfon 
WKiti-nhut the SeandlaBTliut Unuid 

And niltry WaurtunUn ■hurr. 
from in-KoiBwd iab^ Ihaa tammrt 

Palnt-fnnced, tlMjr hon hta naiMipB ; 
U« hard !&■ pUstiva NdUm mngt 

IIU mnnai7 nrand tin nttMckml 

Oa Pock'* lo^ llnDc aUd U mm i 
And, Uutanl, to ibe nllvx'* glrtli 
C>r monntalna, apice iaUa of the 

Fallh fSoBvrot In ntnrtrt iImm^ 

d Mnd*. dd «nn ud kept hb lor - 
hiMd-* dnuna in a^hL 

' Inirf wyonmeni in tb i 

SooMllaim alow lb« >b^t-d««» Mad 
htulfaa ' 

llnthn [vrcluiim. and lintm 
And ono w" "" * ' 


toU, ■ 

Than th* trrf lanftup of hrr mn U 
Of Um •till A-tnt rUin oT Iowa - 

With elirrka of maaM-orrharit (l«l. ^ 
Th* li4(ht laofcli (d ihrir Datln ffll^ ^ 
Tb* prrfuBir id thrir gaittm'* ntM, 

Tlw bnrfy hmlimi of tlv hflK 

Thry bon. in unnitniDtd driicirt, 

Th« motto of Ibc G*n>t'a knlMt. 

<'-iV*]aa aa if fraM wntj puiiii TnJHg 

Hill br Ihrlr luuMmc*. aa Or)- - *- 



,t nishUaU fti 
A hMr-iidoc 


Vovnn sliU «vnl Uip{iiaK down tW 
■and ; 
And ynolba and Maldra^ ottlnf ia lli# 

Ar titnn thdr fahinc-llMa tbaj |JWd, 

With an oM Triton at tlta ««. 
8Ut aa Uir a^vind. Ml^ uhI drM 

aOMjp Uba ba mU or trrnk «Md 

Had am tb« M-Mdca'a avfU km, 
And baud tb« RbnaCa w Halrji'a Uk 



And lb**!*, mi brwzy inomii, th«»y mw 
Tti** liHliiiig-w'htHintTM oiitwanl run, 

Thrir liiw-lH'iit MiiU in tai'k Ami tliiw 
Turiiitl uliitc or <liArk to shiidc ami 


SoiiK'tiiiifs, in <'nliii!i of clnsinK <1»y, 
Thi-y l^.iti-h«tl the Hii«^'tiul iiiinigi* 
8aw Idw, far iaUikU looming tall and 

And s1iii»<i, with uptnni«*(l kci'Is, Nail like 
a wa the KKV. 

Sonii'timoa a rloud, with thunder 


8t<M»]ied low u|)on the darkening 
Tirrcin^ tin* wavi*A alonf( its trark 
With th«' slant javflins (»f ruin. 
And when w«*st>winil and HunMhinr 

('hantil out to M*a it!4 wrei-kn of Htomi, 
Dify Miw the priifniy hufn in thin Hpray 

Wheif th<* ^H'l'n htidit of waves bur»t 
into white fruth tlowrn. 

And when alon^ the line of Mhon' 
The niintM iTi-pt upwanl chill and 

Stretrh«'i|, ran'h'NH, on their itandy 
IWn<>utli .ne flaring lanteni Innip. 
Tlit'y talkcil of all thin>rt I'ld and 

R*^l. ftle]it, and dn'anKil an iilleni 
do ; 
And in the iinquestioneil freeiloni of the 

Bodv ami o'er- taxed mind to healthful 
ease unU.-nt. 

Onee, wh**n the NunK< t HjdendorK ilietl. 
And, trampling u)t the tlopin^ Mnd, 
In liiitH outn>ai-hinj{ far and wiile, 
Th»' white-nianiil hillow*i swept to 
Pim wen a<'rrMn the pith**rinp fthade, 
A Viixt an«l jrhostly on va I i-aili*. 
Th« y ««it amnnd thi-ir lifshttnl keni«ene, 
llearin:: tJie ih-ep Im-w* roar their every 

|«UW lirtWi^n. 

Tlinn, urg»'il thi-reto. the Kditor 
Within lii« full iK>rtfnlio dipped, 

FeigninK exrtiv while varehing fnr 
(With wcrrt pride) hit mAnuK-rint 

Ilia fnle fare flushed from eye to 

With n«'n'ous cough hifl throat he 
And, in a voire ro trvmulouait betrayed 
The an.'iiout fondnttw of an cuthor's 
heart, he read : 


KiVFRVnrTil ItoekA an' fair to net*, 
Hy liuwn or sun. set filton** arriKts 

Wh«-n thf ehb uf the sea has U-ft theit 
To dr>' tht-ir fringes uf gtdd-grrvD 

For there the rivrr eonH'« winding down 
Fruui salt M'jk-nieaduwit and uplands 
' And wav'-:« on the outer nn-kft afoani 
Shiiut to its waters, •• Wi-honie htinn- '** 

And fair are the i^unnv \s\vs in view 
' VjAstt i*f the grinlv 1 1 rail uf thf lioar. 
Ami AganH'nticUh lift^ iiN blue 

Disk of a I'liiud the wcKidlands o'rr ; 
' An<l i«outhiTly, whrn the title is ibiwn, 
'Twixt white jiea- waves and Kaml-hilU 

The lieai-h-bii-«ls dance and the gray 

gulN wht-el 
( tver a t1oi»r of buniishcil steel. 

<>n< e, in the old f^donial tlnya. 

Two hundn-<} year* ap> a ml more, 
A l^iat JMiiletl down through the wind- 
im* wttVH 
Of Hampton Itiver to that low bhore. 
Full of a giMMlly rom]iany 
Sailing out un the sunmNT sea, 
Vi**.nng to ratrh the laml-breeze light. 
With till' YViar to left and tbr Koikn !•» 

In Hampton meatlnwa, when* niowi-r^ 
Th«'ir jM-ythej* to the swaths of salted 
'* Ah, well -a- da V ' our hav mu<t I* 
mader' ' 
A young man sighetl, who mw tlit-m 

lytinl lauirhtNi hi^ ft-llow^ to see Iiim 

Whetting his srythe with a li4?l^<<« hand. 
Hearing a roice'in a far*<itf hmi^, 
W'atching a white hand beckoning loig 


" Fie un [lie Bttch ' " crinl ■ melr; 

jU UiFjr nomlcd tb* [oiiil where 
0<i«tir L'tb 
Bu li^ hrr (Idor with hn nbnl atwirl, 

A WD I atiil blrarHrjnl ]iiiuf old wdI. 
"Oliot" thf Riuit#rnl, "yr'ni bt»»» 

Bnl I hrw I he ttlUr wi*nt laugh idiI 

'Th' brnth wilt ba mid that waiti at 

For It'a one lo j^ but uiotbiv to 

"Sb*'* cDfanl." Raid tb* akliitivr ; 
"(|inJE bor fair . 
I 'm (carj alwsTi tii iM \in abak* 
Her Kickra braj. wiUi tla wild gnj 

Till Uiii fauta and Um flakn on 8ur 

•mnrd ni^ 
And tlu-x )<Mt ttia acAt ol Ui* ^dnaa of 

Tbrj dnrppnl llidr Uns hi U>* Ui^ 
Drawinji Up baddudi and tnottlBd 
t Uu ShaOinr thai walknl 


Thrj HV n 
IVf hrard not lh« fort vitb illnin 


BdI tJiirkrr utd Ihirkrr ■ but Mtat 

Bhot br ihc li^minip thnngh ud 

Ummich 1 
And tnttlBxl fnwta, Uk* th* fml «f • 

Tfa*B Ilia Aifjm laofcad fN« tht iaA- 

Vp la ll>* illBinKl aixl wmjiaf WB i 
Bat br aiaka Uk* • brarr imb rbavr- 

" Vrt tlinv ii timr (or 

Tavtiv ""' tx^in& thay tacktwd 
Aad Jnat aa' ■ bnatli hoB tk« «Md« 

The aklpiwr hauled at lh> ha*T m& i 
■■ Oc-1 be oar My 1 " hw iMly crted. 
Aa the raartaa nfa, Ilk* Iha ctrakr «l • 
Sunta tb* boat on ila atarinard aidaL 
Tlia KboalMDcn Wknl, faal w« aluaw 
t>ark<Uiti*of ruD-rlnndalanlviB Mow*. 
Wild fwki Ut up Uj the lltfalalni* 


re and lomeDI of aaa a»d air. 

Ooodf Cole tiwktd wtt Irani bei diair ; 
The lain of Kboati wm drowMii ud 

Soamix alir mm Uur ftmi at tW Ikv 

Tow tlie foair tkuu Inak* of Mnn*. 
She i'ta*]inl her haoda wt(b a j^|> of 

Tb* tnr (III bar rhrek *«a not of rain ; 
"Thifarr li«t." aba mutteml, "laas 

Lord, ToiiiTa nw ! mj votdi «■« 

djr «ai>«rd n«iit tb* hmII ; 
low MUi ■nwla tfatv^ dpadr 

Th> Sboala Mood elaar in tlw Itaht. ul 


Th* trfBd of Uia oout Uy hai4 awd 
Hot br and wida aa ry> maid narh. 
So ltf« waa arvD n]<im war* nt Uacb i 
Tba boat that «aal out ' 

tM«(T, Uan on thy fa«idrd natb, 
Lndt MD tb* ■wd u aa gnn md 
W : 
Tb* wtod «r tlw HI h •««» of dMih. 

Tb> •mna «ra ttagbif • «MV «r ««• I 
ty ril0it rinr, br moaRlng mm, 
l.a«if mmI ndn ab»l) ihf wMdilliit bw i 
Kprer m«1b ahdt tba a«*H Ta4t« ndl, 
!(•>« t£i »hii* hand ti*a and bD 1 

Kvmnonth Evdut, bow mi a rf^t 
Ta wr in lb* Usht at bnU^ 

Dwri hcaa UmUm hi* mU and whit* 
n«B Mod asd w iwid abaaa Umt 


r.-v ■ ■ ■■ 'hju threw 

OurTr -.^Ui. S 

.;':; ::■•'-• 1 

i ■. llbCTtj, 

Sxn^ ' 1 :11 tbnru ■ 

8b .: . .M.|<t;<H|B 

WVf 11. .h,.f„..,l t.-uu-i-i tit«l ihe 

dioioii ^H 

WdrT Una of bum. 

Tu bw oaf poH'. word. Ifc»qi|fc ay ■ 

poor hofrowri »ot,.- "^ -• ™ 

■• B.*y.-.i,.!Tl,.' |.-l-- .*i*t drrun liv>« 


ti ■ ■■■ni-t 

llrr winilow omn to the \mj, 
AaJ^iV™ « dTwB u.d « .fair 


\\ iii.l.iifp«i»«. 

TI ...>.; 

•' Dmt Lord 1 ~ th* adib. » to smbj • 

Tkko in Ibii cniwdfd mU, uid bU hta 


cn-eimw Mmt. 

•■Thtnk.f«ih-fitt...!— .>^il.^"«lii. 

I Ml; » U>^ tKMiiiK bua 
Of rtnuiKtr k«l.. 

K<>rl»f'<[.!. ^.1.- 

Jurlh.f.1,- r 

A. fori!., : 

" Rlnwn AQl anil in Vit iDnnm ffd>^ 
Thr (lalfl; ablnv with nnwilnl mOa, 

r<n what i> in. n;i.. 

For ICMH *hl,th in- int'-t >,. 

A uA nilon kaaiu on Ihdr t>il^ 

. . "T^ . 

Thf r <«iM. Uwjr <<^ t^ nmnMii^ 


I W bl. >vlfl.«^n«I latdon 
Tb« «ana 4iiW 

tasgblns. tli« CHtic bownl •■ 1 

"OTfaoal wilhwbinnUwBlgblbdMr 

Thr pu.i.1 wiUumt inolhw ward ; 

And OM the nni and faraway. 

Wh« twi )« • nu. .(.pnlMl 

I*ok «>l «t> yoo gtay w>m>. Mid aij 

Whm b«iin't jDdKn.n.1 biHl bm 



Altrr. potbaww. en »a» km Imdi 

Axl ym,, lay ««4 fr^f n.1, (n»> I.. >w 

Or UimtT Uk l«T«ul th* nacb 

01 num. be hmn th> mw^ftut wpnA 

A* tm* withal Miinrt. rormroffaHW 

Ot wind and mm. 

Of oWI, kt t». wdTda bi uapl. ncom. 

••O dmd and owl d«fv r«Ml 

■IV arcnd which Ihf waim nMf»L 
And. }•> wild «».U.d>. hUbar «M 

Witb rrtauoa my UmI cnw ukI 

And toU root tal*. 

Ut wioda that UmmA M* ram Wr 

KrTflTriiiK on it> towvr klv. 

A DHMCc fron on lot m« bM. - 


n> Unp AwlH>i dows til **£• M 

"CNnr. with ymiT drruM Iratfa Am 

Da A. h>« WMh of watM. with f-l MMl 


Th* l(W» that hatitit nv Msnd •bn«l ; 

Cod ! 1 caaiMt bar thii ibnbl 


That Milla bcntb- 

ne wont b better than tha diMd ; 

Gin nn bat ban to moan Bj ibad 

Aden tai mat and boM (Mt«^ 



It might hftTe httn the eveniiig bnoe 
Thftt wbia|M*ml in the garJrn trvea, 
It niiKht hiftve Xmeu thr toaod of teM 

That ruM* and fell ; 
Hut, with bi*r hmrt, if not h^ ear, 
Thr uM IiivihI voire iihe teenrd to hear : 
** I wait to meet thee : be of cheer. 

For all U weU ! " 

Tlie nweet voice into aUenoe went, 

A Kilcnee which waa almost pain 
An through it mIImI the long lament. 
The cAilrn<re of the mournful main. 
Olinoing his written poffM o'er, 
TIk* KeAil«T tnetl his ]«rt once more ; 
Leaving the laml of hackmatack and 

For TuHfan valleys glad with olive and 
with vine. 


PiKfio lA'i'A, known of all the town 
As the gray jMirter by the Pitti wall 
Where the noon shadowa of thegaixlens 

Silk and in dolor, waite«l to lay ilown 
1 1 14 IakI NSil bunlen, and beside his mat 
Till* Iwrefuot m<»nk of l^a Certosa saL 

rniti'n. in Sfiuarr and blosKNning 

garlen <lrineil, 
S«ift suiivt lights through green Val 

<r A mo xifttNl ; 
Tnliranl. bflow the living shuttles 

Bot-kwanl anil forth, and wove, in love 

i)r Htrifi', 
In mirth or pain, the mottled web of 

lif.- : 
Hut when at last oam«* upwaid ftom the 

Tinkle nf MX ami tteail of measnrpd fret, 
Thi* lii'k man ftartni, strove to rise in 

Sink in.; twnk heavily with a moan «>f 

And tfi' monk said, "Tis but the 

i H MiTv jfiin;? on somr errand good : 
Their Miii-k matks by the palare^wall 1 

I*ieru au«wer«^ faintiv, '* Woe la me t 
This iay for the lint time ia brtj 

In vain the bell hath acmnded in my 

Calling me with my brethren of the 

Beggar and prince alike, to some new 

Of love or pity, — haidy from the street 
To bear a wivtish plagne-stricken, or» 

with feet 
Hushed to the quickened ear and few 

ish lirain. 
To tjvad the crowded laaretto'a floorii» 
iKiwn the long twilight of the curridurii 
Midst t4Maii^{ anna and laoes full of 

I loved the work : It was its own leward. 
I never counted on it to oflset 
My sins, which are many, or make k«a 

my debt 
To the five grace and merry of onr liord ; 
Hut somehow, father, it has come to be 
In these long yeara so much a |Mrt of me» 
I should not know myself, if la«'king 

But with the work the worker too would 

And in my pb^e aome other self would 

Joyful or sad, — what mattm, if not P 
And now all 's over. Woe is me ! " — 

•• My son," 
The monk nid soothingly. " thy work 

is done ; 
And no morp as a servant* bat the gveil 
Of (tod thou enterest thy eternal rest. 
No toil, no tears, no sorrow for the lost* 
Shall mar thy perfect Uisa. Thou shall 

sit down 
Cla«l in white rvbea, and wear a guides 

Forrvi-r and forever.** - I*iero tMseil 
On his sick- pillow : '* Miserable me ' 
1 am too poor f<tr surh grand eiim|«ny ; 
The crown would be too heavy for this 

Old heail ; and God forgive me if I say 
It wuuM be hard to sit there night and 

Uke an image in the Tribune, doing 

With the«» hanl hands, that all my lift 

have wrought. 
Not for bread only, but for pity's sake. 
I m dull at prayers : I could not keep 

OoQBting ny b«da. Mine *• bat a cimiy 

S(M mz TENT on 

Ktarae noalh Ibv nviac, if all 'Im Ire 

And If oar gon to hniTFa witliout ■ 
Ood know* he IsTca bebind liu Lrltar 


I Imv> ui; tiIlD«-m*n : the wont (know 
I Kfluld diiipwd tu. Will dutli iliuiK* 

That 1 <AuU lil among tlut lay ninta, 
TiiniitiK* 'i'*r Mr to Ihf torr caRi|>Lunt( 
Of Mu1> thai luttrr F Wh;. t omr ;rl 
UA ■ ID ,r iIoR iu llt> «ra^ lun) Inrl, 
Or u* n'l'ilailcii ! Uiut 1 rslr man Inn 
Tban il>iit I't urn, Lu lu>)v irltlslinru * 
H'ttiink. (I/ml. {.idoti. if U» tlHmubl 

tif aauinl plij drwn 
Sum* rnilinK imi*. ' 

Thrrrat til* {lalf BKmk croMcd 
Hia bmir. and, inultariii^ " Mtdwo '. 

tbiiu art l«t ' " 
Tank ay Itii )>fi iDd Ard ; and, IfAaluDd, 
Tho •b'k man cloied hU rjm with * 

Tbat ank inlo ■ prajer, " Tbj >ill In 

Thro *a< h* inaili< *w«i«, liy anul 
Of nawvlut ptar and holjr bmdiiiK nW 

A»d of ■ rulea Uka ihat rf bar »ba bntv 


For famrvn b Idt, aa Ood himvlf w 

Th; wurk Wlaw alial] ta tli; work 

Aod •l.rn h- lunknl. la ! Il> Iba al>n> 

amnk'* pUra 
Hi- «■ Um aUniiig uT an an^l'* tan I 

n* Trvnllar btaka the panaa. " I 'n 

n* Hnttkfn dovn iK* lonf Mlwt 
0bck, dtrnl, Maakad, tb> mnnl W- 

Anil Ml la iMT niT hat an.) kiwi 
With hnai. If nu« with kan^ In nnjvr. 

Th* K«d*T wipMl hi) |Immb : " frWMk 
W>'n t>7 our hiMBit-bmt>a Mil. !■■ 


Ki>8 th* tainvt maid la IlaisptMi 
Tbry Dmlnl out tu Hvriik, 

WTio ■■« jounc Anna Tarur 
Cotpe valkinn lota churdi, — 

At irt u( harml daT. 
Th- frolic ui il« bUikUrd^ 

Mo* Um wniriHl of all tnotbar 
Th' Hil-Ual IKo-jnra hrida, 

Sb* •rnwli in llv tan of hrj hi 
And a|mnu hrr cliild uija. 

For tliw* Uir I'hild ahall Ha. 
TUI iIm 14«rh oibfa <uma to bleh h 
And tiolh op (himnrji Sj. 

" It '• Drtri n}- o«D little dawhta^ 
It '• Drirr mj mni." ah* Mil : 

"Tlif Oitrba ba» itijm H.J AtlUr 
And 1(11 ma an bup butoHL 

->*i -aa MT habr 

"0, biraoil 


But thialanclj 

* I KaU thr touch af hn B«jpn, 
1 haO till- trrlofbrr akin i 

I '• nut th* Rtllk trvm mj; Umwi. 
Bat m; blood, that ahr •ark* In. 

" Mjr fact RRnn aharv vith ihi 
Ijook ! Div anna an ikla aoil Ihm - 

Rak* a|ru lbs rtd raaU. irun>lHiui. 
And lb* trlleh aball han hrr nwn. 

"Shvll tnma whn aba hiwa il srjrti 
In th* aba|a of an owl at hat. 

And aha -II brtac oa OUT ^HW AIM 
liiliUo* of bM- •rraMU^mL* 

ThMi Um roaltnan, Ifia DallMk 
UU hi< hainl ap>m Wr ImmI I 

"ThjaomnriatP— 1.0«M nn t 
I Bomm with th«.- ba a^d. 





** Th^ paths to trouble an many, 
Ami iji'ViT hut oiif NiirK way 

I^skU uiit t<t tilt* li;{ht U'Voiiil it: 
My iKHjr will*, Irl uw i»ruy. ' 

i'lii'ii h<* Miiil to th<* K^*ai All-Fatlirr, 
*'Tl)y (iHn;{htfr i^ weak uml IiHihI; 

Li't Imt >iiiUt rimii* liai'k, uml rlothe her 
Oiho iiiiiiY ill liiT tight mind. 

** I/t»(l h<T(>ut of this I'vil hhuduw. 

Out iif iht'st* fiiinicM wihl ; 
I>i*t ihf htilv lovi* i»f th<* iiiothiT 

Turn uf^aiii tu Iht child. 

" Miiki* her li|i.s liki* th»* li]M uf Mary 

Kis^iiiK iii-r hlfxvd Sun ; 
I.t*t Inr hiimi.H, Uk<' tin* httiids of Jcsua, 

K*!«t i»ii hrr litth* oni*. 

'Tuinfort till* soul ofthv handmaid, 

<>|K'ii lnT |)i'iM»ii-tltH>r, 
Villi tliiiic nli.dl In* iill till' ^lury 

Ami j»r;iist' t'on-vi-niwrv." 

riii'ii into till* fut'i' of itM nHitht*r 
Till' kihy lihikfil up iiikI sniilftl ; 

An«i till' I lou*l <it' IhT Mill! wuHliftrtl, 
And sh«' knew ii»-r littlir I'liild. 

A iN'iiin of th«* .sliiit wi'Nt AunHhini* 
M.i'ji' till' w.iii f.iri* aliiii»st fair. 

Lit lh»* UUw • Vfs' jmtii'iit wondiT, 
.Vii«l tlir riii^iil |kiiii* gold hair. 

She ki<«Hi>d it on iipiiiiil fori'licinl. 
Sill* ki-^M'iJ it nil «-h>-*-k and I'hiii, 

.\n«l -li'- li.iii'd luT "^iHiw-Mhiti- l>«}som 
To tilt* 11 {ii *>«.i |utli' an* I thill. 

I >. fur on hiT I'H' nii>rni!i(; 

\V.i<>tlii- tn.ii<l uliii l>lu>lird and srnihil. 
Mut l.iin-i to I'l/M I>.i)tii!i 

l^Htki-d ()if iiiiitli>-r ••!' his <-hild. 

With riiiirf than a lnv- i'- fiiiiiliii'«.H 

Hi- sti»n|M-il ti» h>-r wiirn viMini; f.ii't\ 
And Th<- iiur-'siiiL' ■ hihi .iml tin' iiioth«T 

Hi- l«ilil«-«l ill nil*" •*. 

•• hl'Hw.l U« <;.mI ' ■• hi- iiiurnninNl. 

'• r.lis..,! ]« i;.h1 ' •■ >||. ^li.i ; 
* Fi»r I ■»•••, \<\\*t »»n. .■ w.iH hhuilrtl, - 

1 liv«-, will I iiii. •• w.iH ih-.iil. 

" Nnw mount ami iid«*, my gi>odmai^ 
A.4 thnU liiVixit thv own Moul ! 


Woe 'h me, if my wicknl faiirif« 
i^ the di'-ath'ul Goody I'ule !* 

HiM home he Haildhil ami hridled. 
And into th<* night nnlf hi*, — 

Now through thf girat hlark woodland, 
Now by ihtf whitr-brachfdM'a. 

He roile through tht* Mlmt clearinga, 

III- i*ami' to thr ft'iry widi*. 
And thrirt* hf i-ttlltil to the boatman 

Asli-*'|i oil till- oihi-r idde. 

Ill' M*t hi.s hofNi' to till- rivfr, 
ill* swiun to Ni*Hliurv town. 

Ami hi' i-ulliil up .lu.-iiif .S*>wiill 
In \iis niglit*-ap and hin g)»wu. 

And the gmre and wifrsliipful jii»tir« 
(riM>n whiiM' Miul Im' |if,iir ') 

i>et hi.4 nanii* to thf JHili-r'n warrant 
For (fiNiilv^ifi* < 'idr'h ri'Ii'^iM*. 

Then thr^>iigh thf night tip' hoof-lirata 
Wrnt hounding likf a flail ; 

And ImmnIv t'olf ut t'lM k«-ro« 
I'aiiH' forth from l]Mwii'h jiiil. 

** Hen* ii a rhyme : 1 liardly darr 
Ti> vfutun* on \\s thfine «orn out i 
What Ki'i'niH ho swift bv I><Kin ami 
SouniU him ply silly lu'rvaUiut ; 
And pi|M*.H by li|M An-adian blown 
An* only tin horiin nt our own. 
Yft still thi' muM* of lia^toml walks 

with u^. 
WhiU* HoM'ii Higliiw »ingM, our new 


In -ky and wavi' ihf whitf i Intidn <«wani, 
AimI ilif bluf hill<« •>( NiiiiingliiUn 

Tlironi*h g:ii»!i of !• aly ;:r*-«*n 

A""n^'» tin- lakf wi-rt- "m-i-h, 

Wh*'ii. in till* >hailiiw of tin' a^h 
Till! dr•■Anl^ itji dnani in AitituMh, 

In ill*' warm Miiiiin*-r wt.iihcr, 

Twii iiMidriiH <iat liigi ih<r. 

ThfV mt and wat« h«*<l in iilli- uum^l 
The glfam and shade uf lake and 
wood, — 

Swkli Swrkii of lllln tlinmntrd IflOA 

In (wi^nrid, nut in inuuli-. dyiug, — 

Hu<ll>«k, «u.t vinrinVlworr, 

Anil whitc-iipikFj drlbn-fli'wrr. 

Wtlh cwvliw fua tlu7 hnnl the pta^ 
Aail bivM} vuh of Attilub, 

Thv «<>«l-liinl'i )iUtnliTc cry, 

Tbt lunut'* iliup rri'ly. 

And low! th« vbilr. vith plaffnl hand. 
Tile At^gj Aug o( Kvwfvundluul. 

Whiar unmitlh CriUf ([rilleil 

Tlwir t)uk«U bmy-tillad. 

TIiMi !»■, tlir bimuty of vhoa* *r«* 
Wm ntcnnoii- ■ KTMt luqirlv, 
Townl lai'k lirr iiurriil; hrail. 
And. li^'lf iKii^iDK. oul. — 

" No liHilrffrooni't hneil W nliM tn bold 
Tbu bi luil Iiur<t villi fvllow goM i 

1 lirwl no cvlU^ flour; 

I ovii ou lorcr pour. 

Nol foul vilh kil'lK^ tminh. 
With ul1o«-dip ft* IottJl" 

TV iiitiiT. cm whria* mod*«t bod 
Ww Inarr •l»w»r uT bMaty dMd. 
Wiib Invk (»r hun^hMJthi nwrt 
And ToiiT exnvding nrivt, 

" I know, tnnlrRl, that wrallh u gDCal ; 
Bm bivlj renf and atinpb tnoi, 

VUli {(•» Ihal halh no dnht. 

Ai* nuc* tban (old vtUMot." 

Hk <ndk ta tkr rn>-Md «nu« 
Tnokiu tlw yruirm plain 
WtUi vjiidnntt of ri|>> |[ndn. 

Ami Mill. MhmrVr hr (■iivd to sbrt 
Hb HTtba, Ihx aiil'lnaa Nlaiin ba DMl 
I'M Utkp dark i?*^ *li>i« War* 
FkUt ivid* and trmt lot*. 

AmI Mill. ohim*'. 
Hu HTtba. Iha al 

tlHUrjrdark r 
FkUt pridaand 

Half H'TTrnnTby Intvn, a atnnKt tnd 
Tlia lunviu «( Uiii pood, 
Wkti'liiu)! tli< gniup bpyoniL 

Tba Niwma hoin oiWiitM) omm t 
Unfalt ibo tmlw lidn oT dooM ; 
>id> bngbnl «n. 

Km faMTw tba Mim ««* DaaUny'i 
Tb>t natM tB t£a Un-Ju« tna^ 

A^ «)lb iMr Una IbrnM, 

ruhw ud Bwww pmmL 

ErFlotiK lij Ukfi and Krakt aid* 
Tba aUDimcT rnaeaJMlHl and dinl. 

And AntuOiD'a nnj;cn abed 

Tbt nuplr'* IcaTM of ml 

Ttiranirli t'>* Uincir'U'hunl ttxtmaan, 
AloDv, but for Ihr di>inK loim. 
The patttKlBT in th« htmkp, 
Thi black duck un tlir Uk*. 

Hrnralli tli> >IwJuw al Ihr uh 

8«l uiiui and maid l-i Attltufa; 

And rarth and air mil* room 

For human hiaiU to bloooL 

And aorW-mk ai 

With Uujdira usd villi OdUm 
Lit up tlir (omt bIkIm. 

The niFJloic liglit th> lakr a^aat. 
Tlir prbbltd ma^n'a rippU-rliMlt 

Al(nn|nnl and Iuh-UhmiL 

The tMidrr niTMrtj ownwl. 

And tbraoxh tbt dtvan Um la«««« 


And |WMid Up ttortdlj 'Wla. 



Her hnu^hty vow in Atill unMid. 

Hut ill I 7<]ir il|ratiii*<l ail<i ruVi'tMl 

WiMis, li.tlf iii hi*r NiiqirJHi*, 
Till- \itiitlit'ijl ftiniuT'ii guiw ! 

With mop' (htiri all Iut oM'tiine prid« 
Sill' wiklkn till' ryt'-fii'ld »t Iuh Hitle, 

<'i(i-fli--«i of i-nt iir Imll, 

Sill -I' liivi* tiuiiMli^utrs «1I. 

\{\r\i \m-\niu\ tlivaius the %'aiiUgi- 

(M' lift* i<i ^uiiHtl ; her hamU havr TuuikI 

Till' lalisnuiii (»r<)Iil •haiip'M all to piM. 

Wliili' sill* w)i<i iiiiilil for h>Vf* rlinpi'iiae 
With :ill itn i;litti'niiK lU'i'iilt'iiu, 
A III I tiiist IiiT hi'iiit ahnif, 
KiihU liivi* ami ^iM her uwn. 

Whit uimIiIi mil huy or art <'«n build 
Au.iit.n hiT ; hilt htT nip is tilled 

Kvi-ii uiiw iiiiti> thi' hrini ; 

Hit wurhl in luvi* and him ! 

Till' uhih- hi' ht'anl, thi* nuok-iiuii 

A I>-n/tli of iiiak«*-1if lirviiig fjnv, 
Witli iiii<ithi>nti iiiiHihii'f Uii>;hiii^ 
tliTuii^h : 
"Whv. Ytiii hhitll ttit ill lUiiiNAv's 


Aii'l. with hiH iti'iitl*' Shf|ih«'nl, ki-vp 
Oil V.iiiki'i* hilU iiiitiiortal Ahi-i'|>. 
Whiif l«ivi-]i>rii Hwuiiis aiiil iiiniiU thr 

•-■.I'* U-yiiii'l 
Hiilil •ip.iiiiy tiynt II round your hiirkl**- 
U-ir_\ -iKiiid." 

Thi" Tniviih'r hiu^hrd ; "Sir fSala- 
Siii::iii;» i»f liivr thi» Tniuvt'r»«'s lav *. 
n<iw ^h'MiM hi- know the hliuilfitld 
Kii»iii iin*' iif Vuli*an*H finjff-lNiv« ? " 
- " N.iy. 
!!•• U TTi-r ■<•■• H who ^taiiiU outfiih* 
Thin tli- V uli.i in |ir<M fi^Hiiiii ridf," 
rh<- \l -.I'i' r .iii-MfTiif . *' M-It-ftiiii'ii Aiiil 

Mi^-. u}i:Ii- t!i<v ni.iki-, tht* t«liuw that 
w ly^iih t"Ik<* .I'liiiinv 

'* H-p' i* :i wiLl t.»li* «»f th«' North, 
(tiir travt'llrtl frirud will own u 

Fit for A XorUnd (''hristmui h^rth 

And liiM of rhrittian Andfneii. 
They tf'll it in the viilli'y.t ^n-i'U 
Of tW fair iJtlaiid h** luut Mfn, 
Low lyiiiK off the pltmhant Swe<liHh 

Waahed hy the lialtic Sea, and wat4.*hrd 
by Ehuiiorv." 


loMimra kiMumrr KId, 
Ok gt'rr diff K«l;rni Homv* oinr iigt IOrri# al l«fv 

'* HiMLii at KallunilNirx hy th*- m'.i 
A I huri'h MM Htati'Iy an i liiin-h nuiy !»•, 
And thrn* ohalt thou wiil my daii^htfr 

Said thf l/t>nl of NfsiVik li> MnU'rn 


And the IWron laughed. Hut K^Um 

"ThmiKli 1 h»se niv ftoul, I will H*-lva 
Wrtl ? •• 
' Ami iiir hi' Mnwli*, in hi* priih- of will. 
To thi* Tn»U who dwrlt in rMmi hir.. 

■ •• Hiiild. O Tndl. a ehunh f..r im* 
At KalliimlUirK hy tin- mighty M-a ; 
HuiM it Htuti'lv. and hniM it iair, 
Huild it <|uiik\v," Kaid tUbiru Snarp. 

Hut th* sly Dwarf Naid. " No work ia 

Hy TrolN nf the IlilK «> man. for 

What «ilt thou pvi' fi»r thv i-hunh ^o 

"St't thy own priif." t|Ui>th KaU'm 


** Whi'n KallunillMirg ehurvh i« huiMed 


Thou nin^t th«* namt* of itj< huiMi-r U'W, 

Or thv Ifart and thv rvim iiiu<'t W mv 
"... • • 


" HuiM. " Niid Kiitiera, ** and huild it 


Hy ni>;ht and )iy day the Tn»Il unni^'ht 

on : 
Hf hrwf*d the timbera, he piled the 
1 ttonc ; 




II* liiU-DKl liy nlsbl, h* Wklrbed bj ilaf. 
Ha •DU|[l>t ■U'l UiuBxht, but lie lUnil 

Dol pr»y : 
In nin tui <>ll«l »a thi' Kllrnyad* Ay. 
Xud the Krrk Uld thi Nil (Cavx DO 


d wfd* 

PmjTHl for UiF auul uT 

And im the vhurvh om nrlluigb dam 
lln* [idlUi it Ui^knL, uuJ uuc lUaDc : 
Aoil Ih' icnm Trail uulimd, " Yw 

ibou ui t 
Ts-nunnw dfta om tlif rjm aiu 

heart r' 

Uiil tuiailow, walknl 
«Dro lUiil tmrj. 

Till. «Dro lUiil tmrj, tb* itnmg 

L'&drr lUr birclw un L'liUui 

At hii bM lUv'* voA hr hnud tb« 

(lunmn ind dalrr In Uir ijhiuit'* bol« ; 
Drfura litiu Ih* rhnrrb ttttxl Uri* ud 


" I hM* teUiM BT tmli^' mU bbna 

And hr rlnvrf kb ajm tlir itfAt Ui hida. 
Whixi h« hiwd ■ UcM nrji at hU (Ida: 
" O R*l«ni Hilar* ! a •«»( *nl>-r mid. 

" Woqlil I uiifiht Aw BDw Id thy lUsd t " 

With a i(nK|> by W* 4nd by faar intd* 

llr hrl,l l.rr fail, and be baU bar Inu I 
W Ith t li" )mlii|ir iMsrt nf ■ Mfd idWd, 
Hie hid Ur (a<* ■ ■ ■ 

In tldaarynmadnrannhibknla' 
Let RM bold tbn du ' - 

En nliw by lb* Tiull U ion a^M 1 

t awb^r 

1{> Ieiww. «■ ha wTonftlil, that • lonriai 

I aoBH-baw hdltDK bb trfl art ; 
iiwn> tbMi 1^1 of Ktt ur TnD 
Uklilan'* laayt* Ibr bar lonr'a atnL 

And Eaben Ibtanad, and caogbt ito 

0( > Tmll-vita tfaxiw Dad«ino<Md ! 
"Tu-tuumisctam Fib*. (aibartUM: 
Un (till aikd hiub Uwa, baby ndn* 1 

>t hot ' qnnUi &>her«, "b tlMt 

your gamaF 
du to tba Tnll-«tb, I kttom U» 

" Too lata. UalfiiT Plott" obd Eabaia 
And Troll mkI p ~ 

Tlial nicbl lb« harvMtan b«Mil tW 

or a imaBui aoUiitig miAarnmpi, 

And tba rpba^tba ItQl.TreU bM4 

Of lb* nnlfs aiaga wbo t^ hk 

(K Hw TroO of tU Ommb tb«T das 1 W 

By tlw KorllwrB S« is Uh bwvwt 

And lb* Um of tmiaa* hmt Um 

flMldiiv bb wih 1> rUioi bm 

And •(■waid ixr>*' il> fivn* of Mnb 
filUl loaka tba toww af 

" Wl>at.- >al») U» TmnOfa. " tnmM 





Of Nun-pravt^ |ii<'tuh*A, ot'win win^, 

\iu\ Miit.>kiii|C4t«*.iiijUiut4uf td-iUy f 
Aiii| till*. U Imly, bv vnur lf*Vf, 
III I alls y«>ur »miiij{ nt y«'*tiT fvi* : 
*r:iv, li't 11 H luvf* \\iikt (.ttblr-hvmn oiico 

" Ufiir. Iiiiir 7 " tlip lt<N>k-nian ori'tl* 
*' th«* liuly liiiM till* l1iM>r. 

•* Th''»«" iioi<ty wavi«M N'low |if*r)iri|M 
Tn sinh .1 •tTr.iiii will I<'ii«) thfir i-ar. 

With S4iflt*r vuii-f :iiiil )i);hti-r lti|»<if 
Ciiiiii* .sfr.iliii^ u|i th«' Miii'U til h'Mr, 

Aii'l wliil iIh'v ihh'i" n-fii-il to tl«» 

Kiir n\.\ Kiii^ Kiiut iirctini ti> yi)ii. 
N.i\. «'Vtii tin- ii^hi"« nliall vulir li^tnirr* 

^-^ iniii', i^ii- Ir;;i'ti«l ruin, thfV hfjinl 
St. Aiitli«iiiv." 

O l.ini'ly b^y of Trinity, 

O •lrf..ry '.hun"*, j'ivi' vat ' 
i.«Mii ilii>»ii unto till* \%tiitf*-li|>|«*il ii'ft 

Till* vi iri" of (mhI t«» h«"«r I 

•■'rifii w.»rM to wnrlil his •■niiiiiT* lly, 
Tli<»iiu'lit \«in^it| iiihl nhiMl with tin' ; 

Til.' .i«i;»-| of II In <»t«inny -ky 
Ui>ti's iliiun thf Minki II «irr. 

A'hit s.iith thi' h'T-.iM of th<' \.**T*\ ' 
" 'I'll-' w-iiM'h li»ii^ itritf ii ihiiM" ; 

»,"l«wi' Mi-il-lfil liv invHiii' ttinl, 
It-* ■'•>ntiiii-iit.i Li!!' oiif. 

** Au'l "Ur in hi-.irt. ikt **u** in lihHMl, 

Sh.iII ill hi r |iii»|th-H U" ; 
Till- hiii'U of hntn.iii hnithiThiNiil 

Ari' I i.i'.|Ni! U'liiMtli till" M-*. 

•■ Thr'iu;:!i iin«'!it '-•rt*, o'«t Afrii'-* plain 

An>i A'^iiii iiii*iirit.iin'« Utni<', i 

ri;- \iiri»r of thf N^rthi-rn hr.»in ; 

Sh.ill iifi\r th<- wtirl'l ontworu. 

" Fri'in ilini'' to • liin*-, fnmi fch«»rt' to 

Shiil l!i:itl th- ii>.iji>- thn-A<l ; 
I'r-- Ti« \\ iVnTiM th'-n-^ "tiMU «in»t' niitr»' 

Th'- ti;«" thit ^^ ik'-- lh«- t|'-.|i|." 

r!i:"'' •■n. -truMt: I'liI'M' i.f thuii<li-r ' 
U .t 

Kr-'Tii .ifiHW»'rinj» )«-.v-h t^i Iwmrh ; 
Ku^- n-iriiin-t in thv kiifllv h^^t. 

Anil uirlt th«* cliAiui of tmch ! I 

Willi t^m»r of thi' skv ■!«▼«•, 
<ilii|i> tunn'il iin«i ilunih U'low * 

lii'ar ^Mitly, (>>-)*.in''« fnrriiT-tlov^*, 
Thv f numU tn unil frxi. 

Wt^vf <»n. Nwift nh ittl«» <if th<* Iionl, 

ItcniMtli thf 4hf|i Ml Itir, 
Thi- hhiUI roU' of rarth'i* lu'runl, 

Thr fuufr«l hhniu«l of waf ! 

Kor lo * ihi* full of <)iTjin*» wall 
SiNiif niiM-ki'il iiiiil tiiiii' outnin ; 

Ami iMuml till' wiirlil th«* thought uf all 
N AH tin- thought of iitn* ! 

Thf I" ill"! unitr. th** zmii'i iijfni', 
Thi- toiijjiii-* of Ntti\ing i-riiw* ; 

At oil thf SfU nf (iilliliV 

Thf t'lirinl i* whiH|M-riii){, IV«»-f *. 

**i'l.iil iini|i)ii-«-N ' to thi« at Uot." 
Thf Hi a<lrr <«i>l. ** hIuiII all thiugt 


Kor^itti-n N' ilif linjrlf*-* Mii«»l, 

Aihl lmtt]i-niii*i< of thf tlruni. 
A littlf whilf thf uorM imiv nin 
lt<» olil niml way. with iiif<l1<- t:iin 
An<l iron « linl, tmt tnith. it U*tt. AM 

n ijni : 
Thf iTnllf -Hiin^ of < 'hhit WM nf Vf r ^ung 
in %*ain ! " 

Shift ini; hit Hi-attinsl |in}HT«, "Ilfr**," 

Iff siiiil. a> iliiil thf luiiit a|i|iUiiw', 

** U "Miiiif thill); that I tonml la^t Vf^r 

l>«iwn on tin- itLiiiil known A^^tirr'ii. 

I hail it from a fair- hail ihI ^irl 

Who. im|iU>. liorf tlif n.iiiif of iVarl, 

(Ah if hy s<iiiif ilmll fn-ak of lin-uui- 

*>tan(f . » 
('Lk^oi*'. or wi Hnit;h mi, in ll«rrirl 
StnWf'ji rmiuiiii-f." 

THK I»KAI> ship oK IIAK1*3- 


Wii \r tliik* thf oiitiT pn%* >M-\iin<l 

Thi- •kUlnlown* (•iilihii trail ' 
Th" wliitf riii«h of a M-.i l-iril* win^, 

I >r ^I'-.iin of oLintiMi; o.ii! ' 
l^t yiiiiri;; t-Vf^ wat'h fpiin N««-k an-l 

An- 1 «--a wiim fMip* pray. 
Thi* shiMt of what wa« onif? ft bIi!}* 

U miling up th* \my ! 








TU£ BEACH. ^^| 

Plvtn giiaj HA-r'iB, llroiD ic]r Jrih, 
From [irril ■udrniai jaiD, 

From Wolf Nmk ind from Finns rnisk ^^| 

IWn itUnd uh] from main. ^^H 

hui»llr<l hvbarHl H>mr 1 

Frott. .helttrd .^> U>J tid«) CMb. ^^1 

Shidl Rlid. tb> fuiimi tmn. ^H 
Tb. 4«a-bgM with tL:^ b.^>.r. tat, ^H 

But mui; ■ k»l tlull hwiitI turn, 

And nuuT * ^1 ouutuid. 

Tlur monnwni M brr ■tern, ~ ^^H 

Whm. Ull uid *hll<-, tlix IVul iihii. 

And one .Ull go th» lil^it «i,r ^^H 


Ulio diall DO BKire trtiun 1 ^^H 

Aj(>iu*t U» iJuik uf Uml. 

Ad.I m«ti >h>U ««b. *n.l «omn> -Mv H 1 

Wh«. dar on« .nd ]4mv 

SIm tlinXb the Ulc Ki W i 

Sat^ir i>f hnriff rnn si*oJ tier an, 

A»d »dlT utru nin»4 »u 

Avut thr Kbottly hIrii- 

Tbry kuiM not tbal lu wil* an filM 

B; piti'i l«uU bnatb, 

Oil . 1 1. .ifOw 

''. i.^tiin. 

111.: 'ivrtywili 

w ■, inma. 

"Chill undtnra-tut bmo ilN-iM 

Whsl <inarT dooai n( b^cti uuat, 

Tb«i-.J-.-cl.«l. UUunrI 
WlMt mtha tr.» In lb* hwnU of 


Tb. Bo<*>Ma .bd. "A|b«dy 



Tb«l>fl»lh«. I-ngkato». 

y™r fljring Y«ik« Int thfDouL " 

Xu foot !• an ihr lUrnl dfdc. 

"W^ hcn> i. ■onrthiiv id lb. 

l-pon thr hdm ». Uod [ 
No riii|>l> l>ub l)» »<ii>dl<» wiad 


Vilurh <»• mblmtMnrr day 1 WMbl 
lo Nsmcatnrti Hay, br la^ of Ml" 

TlM •miM tbM fmn tb* lud t 

For D«»n iMm* tlw abip lo port. 

hot or fold jiw dub.- 

lloveW tlu bivetp bimj br i 

Jul .b>ii ^ Df>n ;St wkitiug .bat. 

Hbc drtn. M>ii> U M. 
Ku t>eh of Hfl. nui turn uf lulm. 


Nor Amt of i-rhnit ild* : 

Lunnu tu-rth, •■ fly tht nil nad 

Mm-roR >h« driTn l« «>■ ui] Dl|dit, 


A^nM Ibc wiaA anil tide 

I>aint Jiiditb Wat<L« «ilh ryr a( ba«b ; 
U-ffu« »ulh. Ihy bs/M iUmm. 11m- 

tn nin oVr [UrT—-n K«k iLe *tu 


lb t*in for br tl.c Imum an- Ul 


Ixnriy and «liid->bnni. vwMMmalra. 

Wttbin tliy tu*M, Sfffuin 1 

With twrt ■ irT« br »ltiam to «ak>M. 
For trytl nt iorm or bnvidb laknk. 

In nin tli- harlior-bu»l dHD bail. 

Ib niu tba vBat call i 

Ku hand >WI r<>f b*t *FMtnl mO. 

VUtM ^tJ -aim that Baw* tn^. 


IhMra by bUlu- aiwl I-*}* by bNM^ 

Hudt*. bfovn old «lT>, wUh dMtrr 


.trt al tha moulh of lh« flooad In koU ^^H 

T«>r naT-liowl hinU of Ul ; 

Tbf n»t ligfau HI. n> iu inm «U. ^^H 

Yalbnr wltb no- a^ wliv »nU. ' ' 

Km.- bniu ■nl.l rm HrA-a trea 
n»U <lnf lU ^MT *Uli «M ( 

Dmit tb. lud «h«. flM Ud abrt 

Al Ita ten nd >ibdo« ImI w4 

And ibwlv wboM Um D>«l aur >Ik 


A«l WlBMr iMgb* at lu in. g| pMi 1 



Hut Hi siiiiiiiirr tiini>, when pool and = Down ■woofN'il the wrrrktTR, liko binU 

J N tin I, I of iin-y 

Mr)il ill thi- lu]n of valleyM fond, Ti*artiiK tii«* hi*art of thi* fihi|i a why, 

An* Mill* a<« tin* ^liin|iM^ of lira lieyoml ; Aiiti the di*«<l had nfvrr a wnni t«i ray. 


Whi'ii thi* hill-H an- HWcM't with thf tihiT* And then, with K^iantly iihiiiiimT and 

n>sf, lihine 

Aiitl, hi«l III thi' wann« Mift dflls uni'luaf ■ Over thf rtM-ka and thf ii**rthiii|; hrin«*, 
Fl'iurr^ thf iiiJiiiihiiitl rundv kiiouM ; , Th«*y hurunl the wn-tk of th«' ral.ititip. 

Whni Ui:itN to th«ir iiiuniinji; ti?ihiii^ ^^*^ ' In th>-ir mirl hfartH, an thi'V honifwanl 
Ami, lii-iil U* thf win<l iind Hluntin^ low, h|M>«l, 

\V)iitriiiiii;iiiid diirkfniii^ tlif iiniiili haiU **Thf m-u nnd th«* rot-kx an- <luniK" 

NJitiu, ■ • I thfy saiil : 

''*Thfn*'U Im.* no n'ckoniiiic with the 
Thf II in hnifly i-^lnntl fair: dfatl. 

But thf y«*ar went round, an^l whrn 

ont'f nion* 
Alonf^ tlifir f«MUii-whitf i-urTf«nf nhniv 



Aii'l till- |kil.« hi'Hlth-Mt-kiT tindfth th«*n' 
Tlif wiiif (if lii'f in it<« ]ilfifant air. 

No j'P'^'tif r viillfyn tin* sun invite, 

till HiiHMitliiT lifjiilif* iii» MM-liinN liijht, ThfV hfanl th** liiif-stonii ruvf huiI mar, 

N<> l>liif wii\fH Nh.ittfr to f«iaiii njon- 

li«'hold ' a^in. with Ahiniinf r an<l •»hinr, 
(^-••r thf MN'ki iinil tli** M'^-thini; hniif. 
Thf tUniiiif; wnik of thf Talatinf ' 

So. hii|ily in fittfr wunU tlun thf*>i*. 
Mf tiding thfir nftj* on thfir |«tifnt 

ThfV tfll tlif Ifp'ud i>f ManiwrH. 

N'lir look 4 nitr tonfn a doiiht U'tmy : 
"It in known to uk all." thfy iiuiftly 

!iay : 
" \Vf tih» liavf art'n it in our ilay." 

N thrn*. thf n. no drath for a wonl on(v 

<>|Mikfn ' 
W.i* iif vf r a *\t^t\ hut h-ft if* tok«'n 
Writtt II on tahlfs iif Vft hnikr n ' 

Tlufi', I inlii)^ tvfr thfir iiarrnw ran|i^. 
i.iii.iiiit iriiditioii :iiitl lfp>iitl Htrin^' 
I.i\i- mi un-halli-iijiffd, and know no 

I Md u i\f •« *>|*iiiniin; thfir Wflw of tow, 

Or riN kin;; H'inllv to iiiid fro 

In and mit **\' thf |ifat'<« liuU ^h'W. 

All 1 iiM iiii-ti iiK'iiilinic thfir nfta of 

Tilk tiiifiili'T iif •In'aiii ainl xi^n, 
T:ilk of t)if I'l^t ^hi|> r.ilatiiif, - 

Thf »«lii[i lit It, A hiiiiilr**d yfam lifforn, 

Kr*-!;:h!i'l d«''-]» with itH^iNMlly ^torf, 

III til- L'lli- iif tlif fiiiiiiiiix wfnt iLNlior^'. ,v . 1 . t .« . - . 

p.i thf fh-nifnt* nuiitlf r>'tlf«'tion!» pre » 

Th.- . .i-fr i,!.iiidfr« ouf hv one '*" P"t"n-^ •'/ «».«»»•* «0-* livf 

I •..tint. .1 il,.- ,l, of hfr Mtfiial ATun. ' *" >»lMn' .* inhnit-- nfpitivf. 

And h. ird thf .mnh whfu .he drove Whi-h. half in «|«irt, in malirf half. 

"^" "" Shf <h<iu4 at tinii**, with »hu«Mfr or 

Infi* tin* ••"i-tli iif di'ath *hf !»n«l : ' iti ,1 ^*i u i — , :. . u . - u t 

., ,. I f • 1 1 1 * L r » riMiitom and iiha«low in iihotiH;ninh » 

• Miv '.••■I f-r^ivf thf hand-J that ffl ' '^ ' 

T!«f^- luht^ ..vrr thf roi-ky Hfa.l ") «.iin. .m manv a mnonlfM nicht. 

Kntfii Kirioton l(rail«nil from Montauk 
Diiit'ii iifl liMthfr*' what !«if(htJi wfrr litrht 

*^-'^'' ' Thf Bjifi-tn* kinillft ami laim* in «ixht. 

WlitTi' ii|i!iinM*<l fa<*f«, hand* atrrtrhf«I 

i!i imivf r ' Now low antl dim. now rl^r and hicher, 

Whfn> Wiir«*!i had pity, eoa*J yt not lirapi un the terrible <»htMt ol Fir. 

■{larv ? . Then, aiowly ainkin^ the flames f xpirv. 


And tkt «W SoudjI ■ki)i|«a, Uumgh 

Rrr/ thrir naila wbaii tbej m tht lign 
tif ihn liLulnK wr«k uf tb* Fkktiu* ^ 

It sp to tb* (wukU* «f lk( 

ex. tl.oi." 

>.Ut<l. ■Jiri.-k it, I 

Stunfonl • 

WUclom anil (im> Is JUwahtM Dn« 


T <ru 00 • ll>7-d«7 «f lb* kf a 

■ I SfTcnIcni ItniHind ti^tj, Uwl Ikr 

0*Ft tli( blogm and nrnrt lib of t 

]• Uiry-lutd : off Nam^ruett ihore 
VTbo 'Tnr M« tliB Uls or heanl It* iuiiti> 

" T U *d(ui ■imip luu) oT Flyawa]!. 
WlioM ilmnif «Iion lb> abip Iw- 

Sl Hnnilan'* In ita m-mitt unr, 

Orinnwt loom of roitiuiatc iJn ?" 
" No RlvHt, hnt aotlil turf anil nek 
U thecoi^ iilaitd knowo u Itlork." 
Tb« KmUr Mhl. " For beanty and for 

1 chov it* IndiaB uuaa, MJt-Bavbi( 

A horror oT gnnt daittu^ Ukr i! 

In ilaj of wbirJi th* Korlaod Ma 

Th* T«Ul«bt of tl» OoJ*. IV }m 

ImoK »ky 
bld'k with oBinuiu uiondi^ «■ 

»hm it» rim 
rrlnxnl Willi a doll fflu". likr ih 

■huh i^llmb 
Th> rratr'n njn mm lb* r*4 Ml I 


ij;, and all tbr )mn 
rani lo*la 

the rattle at tbc putan 

" But Irt It ftm ■ bn« b • Ut 
IH uiihTninl «tatr. wftk a Mat 

or till old'tmuhlnjl uiood In it, 
Tbi lorl at ■Idrluoft OMiml Kinfait 

()or (nnid olyn-ti to, whlrb hM 


Is tlH ^ Jap <> tWtOM Wd Mbk 
mUi UMchoaiMl Mcfced Wu] iIm |«o> 

TbaU «Im( wm le w)» lb* public 


» aT kbw 

AmI «>, ftoM a hron Ihi 

>»wl OTff W tha wimb W BwwMM, 
4 hallo*^ tf pM* b w W in»q«il 

HcD pnyrd, and wu 

To hmt tbc daom-Uait </ tlu tivmft 

Th* black tkj, ttiat Hi* draadful ki* <rf 

Ui«bt luok fratn lb« tcM cl—i^, Mac m 

hr lookil 
A lD(i&fC gaisl at Brthan]', hot Mir 
Aa Jiutin and ii 

1|«U>UU in Iha oU Slaia H-c». 

flat tba Uwjtivtm «f OMnKHnl, 
'Hanbl^^ bonth llirir ln>JMtra 

" II b tlw Ui4-> Gmi Oaf I Lm •• 

BMW «U; ud tkib M If irtlk m* 

B> MM. Uw* alMoi^ «bh U* aii^ 



Tfi<* intdlrralilp liu«ih. " Thu wfll mav t 

Thr l>uy iif .Iinl^iH'tit which the worM . 

Hut 1m* it Ml iir not, 1 only know ' 

My |i|iNiiit •liity, iiihI my Lord's com- .«l I 

Til iii-riipy til! hi' mnir. So at the |Miiit 
Wlh-n* h<> luth lU't lilt* in hifi|ini%*iilrti<f, i 
I r|iiN>H4>, fur lOir, 'o nif*<*t him fHii* to 

N>i fiii(h)>-v« H'n'ttht rrijchtcnrd fr»ni my 

Hut r«-a>ly wlim th«: I»nl f»f the harvr^t 

Anil tlniffori', with all rvvcrfrnt*, I 
^iiiilil Kiy, I 

l^t <:in1 ilii his work, WH will «•<• tii 

Hmm^ ill thi' •'AiKllra." Ami thfy 
l>ri>ii;;ht tht'iu in. 

Then hy thf tlaring lt|;hta the S|iraker 

AlU'it uith liii<»ky voire ami nhuking 

An Hi't t<i .int*'n<l iin act to rrfciilati* 
Tin* sh.i«l .tii-1 lilt-Mivi' tisiitTii-K. Where- 

Wi^'ly ,iifl wfll Hjuke Abniham Pavfn- 

Strai^lif t«> till' <|iir.stion, with nu figurvn ■ 

nf *.|i«-f«'h } 

Save til'* ti'ii .\rali4ipiH. yet not without ! 
Thf sliri'wil ilrv humor natural to the 

man : 
lIiH aMi-strufk f.'iiUea^ieH li!«tenin|{ all 

thf whili*, 
IVtui-i'ii thi* |iiiu!«fK of hi<i ar^^m^nt, 
T«» h'lir th«' thuniler of the wrath of 


Urt'ak fmni the hollow tnimpt't of the 


An>! thern he AtantU in memory to 

thit <lay. 
Kp'-'t, *ilf |-ii«ieil, a nifq^«1 fare, half 

-•■• II 
Ak'ii'>^t tlh* Vmckgnmnd nf unnatural 

A uitrii-'«H to thf i;;f«* a* theT pa.xS 
That sinij'lr (lut\ hath nu \\afX for fear. 

An«]» Nhore-warxl, nVr the wat^n 
From rn>fft to rreat, a line of light, 
Surh ii> ofohl, vkith Milcmn aur, 
Thf tinhi-iH hv fJennfjuin-t hhw, 
Whi'U ilry-hhuil o'er it walktnl the Sot. 

of (f(Ml, 

Trat^kin); the waren with light whert'er 
hiK hamUla trtNl. 

Silently for a »|*re each eye 

l'|Min that NUii<li*n glor}' turned : 
('(Mil fnMn the Und the lnveie blflb 

Th«* trut-rofifa flapiml. the long 
lirai'h ehunird 
\X» waveM til ftwm ; on either haml 
Stretthi'il, far an bight, the hilU of 
hand ; 
With liayH of nmnih, and rafieii of Imnh 

and tn-e. 
The WiMMrn lilark ithore-Iine looiiHtl Iw- 
Vond the m**ailowv Mra. 

The lady nwe to leave. "Our wMig, 
Or hymn," they urg*-«l, ** liefore we 
And nhf, with li(i« to whi«-h U'long 

Swfi't intuition^ of all art, 
CiiVf tu th«* wimU of night a *>train 
Whit-h tliev who heam wuuM hrv 
ajpiin ; 
Anil to her voire the nolemn orean h-nt, 
Tiiuching itn h.irp of nuit], a di*e|i ac- 

He eeaMtl : ju»t then the ocean ; 


To lift a lialf- faced moon in aifht ; 

Tlie harp at Natun'':* advent strung 

Has ni'Vrr o'Sm^iI to play ; 
The mng the Man of moniing sung 

Haa never ilietl awav. 

Anil pmyr is made, and praise is given, 

Ify all thini:^ near and far ; 
Th«- o«'ean liNikrth up to heaven. 

And mimirt evrrv star. 

\\% wav<«4 are kneeling on the strand. 

An kne«'N the human knee, 
Tlifir whitf loi'ks Utwing to thr aand. 

The priest hooil of the sea ! 

Thfv pour their glittering treavum 

Their gifta of pearl f hey bring. 
Ami all the listening hills of earth 

Take up the tung they siog. 

Ttm Um akj la lk« iMaidr'i uck, 
tu InMvM Mflli mhI aif. 


V« altika aw h«t m4 ■■ a«r «nr.~ 
rn nni iiiili iniTrii fhiMltj, "Xmr 


* th* ■tMMk tW Lart CMH MM 

A «T*oM HHl ad^ Aanl. 

bch oa liii lirakm tmm, 
1^1 Mia to Oo4 *Im ndMlk 

DnBB(fl|[ Ua iiiM wiiflii Banlk, 

"Wmt tlds~ Uu Aiupl mU : 
'IUh Ibon. O TTw4am'% priatt. Ha 

Til •&•>, tkf Ua», nd Nd." 

Tha |BlM of Mwn m4 «Mtl* 


Forall B«a unaJ Ua anwl. 

AmI Mill Ilk rlriHiuw lu ; 
Ami dM hoita *7W ud laMI 

Wan la Ua laada m «u. 

At haft, aMtbanid IVea 1%i^ 
Hlabarii WuM-horw ' ' 


Bill, loni l>y 1'iytiiiii hatTH). 

H-T •aiU i» U'tTi hiiiiii : 
Atiil "11 ilii' HiliI Huf^ niil'lirloi^ 

A sliatl-'nil liulk -ilii' Hirtung. 

■''K..M..'.niln . .uriiMi.'lv'i^i : '"' 
O. <i..-kti.l-llx-->l>i|>lli'it U'lu 
ILr ru>M r :iTi.l Wr SHIM 

■■It.-1iiii.|^llir M...riri.'n; 
AI ~.i»--M.k..r'.ln>..t: 


TI>T.-'s.l...ili ihrUn.!: -' 

Tli.'ii<ii<.i>ik.'.r..hii.U Mulha: 

T..k>' ihuii 111.' iiiiiitl.- vlif'h 1 wrar, 
Aiil iii,k-<>rit iiMiil." 

Tli-'v rii>-'<l tt hru-Kniiit-Iil niantlf. 

|<<1.>l.>.I..)ii>>l^ Mattia 

IrforK hi-r. ••■•ni>'t<'» tTnir ; 

Ih'liiii.l. iIm'^ r<>' ; 
'L.' i'l..u.U Br-VliLk 11I..V.' hi-r, 


T1i<'h'.i.'<>riill«)M. MilT-r. 
' T>«.|./ 
SIj.' ilrifo in ilHrkii-v iin-l in •tonn, 
][<.» Iu»|{. 11 l^.r.]- li..H lohKl 

Itut ...Mnw. <»nivm.>rMi-r<- 

I Y.' mIihU K..I M.lT.'l *!■ k. 

'■ Wliili- u|> i-> i;-l ilir rn-i'.liiiati'i prarm 
iii)[ friiii j-.iiir ■I'-i k. 

I ■"■■ " 

I. th.' 


liil...fii..Tvkn-w. - 
i-K fir .iH ir- )i.ilv 'TIM. 
■'.I. II..- nhif. aii'-l^. 

-I- /-in all th' tl'TiiIn 

Wlii.'h<i..l I.).-.! atiiv, 

Thf tiijoill- lIuT {:■ Mnlli.1 H.TT. 

Tliirr.), tli.-«liii-, Ihi'l'liH-i 

]U hii.-. an- .11 .<{ hrav-n. - 
Tl<.'i«l..r'.iiii>.r. <lk<-. 

Th- wtiitrii-i. unii- in'-.r>-lit rlou 
Thr Miir i.f uKintitiK'* -ky. 

Wait .)■.- rilv, t>irii. U nmiti'ti, 
r.T •UvliKlK anil f.T Uii.l -. 

Tli.'I'miili-iril.-li.iii viirMiL 

T>..-ir )-'ii»li.'ti. ion II. 

Taki- hrart rntn Ji>hli ilr )[alha ' — 

I Sail on ' Thr niomint; .-nnii-tli. 
j TV iwrt Vf vit .IhH win ; 
' An.l all tW MU ..fii..! ihall nng 
I Tlir K«al »lii|> bnrrly iii : 


Tkr bird* Muml thr April win.l 
1 FlewDgcUvBrd,aiBginguthfy fl*«| 


"O wilj-lilnja, flliDK (mill itw fi-m' 

WUt ■w ui<l f.r>|.Jy<',){>xi>.K.I..< 

•• Wr HW Ihr inurtsr't u|.tuni-il uic 

" Vi! btard th* Marrtnj jtruoncr'i 

And Mw, ftmi lliM and Umeb, jrour 

7«llo« mr Biriit with bonif-nck ay** 
Barittd Um Datbtjr's Muoklu); gun*." 

" JUid baud uiil aw ti only rtaag 
And pun," 1 crted, "O wiuk-wctii 
•*W« bcud," !!>■; ma^ --lb* fi«t<l- 

Tbt cmh of Slxvaj't brokm lock* I 

" Wa Mw fmn nvw, nftUac 8UitM 
Tb( tw— uu-nnwfag nladiWafnnad, 

Aa, crawdiny F>«*d(ai)'( inpla itaUi^ 
TIm lo^-MtnnffMl anil loM r*urn«d. 


IT 71MU aur-dRipl 

"Anil amn^lac qp tkrosj^ ammda 

A nMtb] mni«n» domb ike air i 
A wUMT tcanalT licanl ai ftnt, 
h flilad lU iManlif kaanm with 

" Ab4 *««rt and 6a; h Itan a ttar. 

fbplM a Tokit wUdi ahall not ow 
Tin, dfowmli^ an iIm noia ofw. 

It iiap tlw h lr w u l Mn| «f fca t" 

So la na. In • danlilftit day 
Ot Mli aad ilewlT gpMh^t q<HBg, 
n uc clnudjr Kiay. 

> UomIu ft«(nUccbt 
riM lAdlM Mng I 


ruusK or ra> ooNwrrrmmai. 
AHurantiim aBousuKQ (utknt. 

It li dtiDi'! 
Claiu at brll aad RNT of e«n 
Srnd the tidiniB ap aod dovR. 
How Um boflna hmL and tid ! 

Bing, O brti* ! 
ETerr itn^c uuhin^ Irtl* 
Of tlw tnuial hour of i-nai*. 

[joud and louRi that all ma; h«W, 

Lrl a» kn«rl : 
Coda own vain i* b that prml. 
And (hb apot ia tuij maod- 
l.Dnl, fofgtra Ba I What ai* >•, 
That ooT (JM Uli* SI0C7 ■>*, 

That oar aa 

I hani hoatd lb* k 

F<ir th( Lord 
On the whirlwinil ia abraad i 

In the nnhqoake Iir baa apohas ; 

H> ha> amltlen with hit ibniadai 

Th* iron walla aMindw, 
And ibp iptea at Ina* arc faivk«* I 

Laail aod Uay 
Lift Uu old cnltjacaong ; 

»n« with Uiriam tv the im 
II* ba* CMl the mWbl7 down ; 
Hoiaa aAd ridw dn* aad diw« ) 

" Ha hath IrtUMpbad (lerlooal) : ' 






Id thin wonilrr of our lUyii, 
Wlifii the i-nii'l iifi of war 
liloNMtiiin uliitf vkith riKhtrouji Isw, 

Ainl till* vkrath of iiimii ih iiraiBe ! 

Hliittrtl out ' 

All uiiiiiii umi (til iilMiut 
Shall 11 fii-xlur lif«' 1m*^ii ; 

Kri'i-r Im'iithe tin* iiiiivrrve 

Ah it mIU itH liriivv ciiriHr 
Oil xUv ili'Hil iiml buritti 9iiii ! 

It U liiinc * 

III till' i-iiriiit iif thi* Niin 
SliiiU ilii- Hiiiiiiil tln-n-of f;o fi»rth. 

It nliall I'i'l tin* sa<i njoi'v. 

It sliiill ;;ivi' tip- liuiiili II Vdicr, 
It hhall U-It with Jiiy tin; earth * 

Uiii^ iiinl •'win;', 
Ii«IU «>f joy ' (hi iiioniin^'M wiiiK 

S«'iiil tli<' smi^ iif pniiHi- dliriiuil ' 
With M Miuiiil of lirtikfii flMiriN 
Till thr imis lit* rfi^ii-«, 

AVhti uloiir ifi liord uinl God ! 


W|;||-ri\ F«»i: IIIK r.KsK.X «*MfNTY 
Aiii:i< ri.nuii. kkmivai^ 1^(>5. 

Th ^nk for r»"»t, wh«'n* ni»ii«'nH»li'-t, 

Ami iii*ii«- •Mil ni.iki' xfraiil. 
Ki»r r»i' •• t! >»its nt* ri'-nty*!* >ni»'J*t 

li<>ri<.ith thi' htitiM*Ht«>iiil ftliAiir ! 

Uriii^ piki* nnil ^in, thi* Hwonrjt rM 

TIm» iif^rni'i hn»kiii <-h.iin!i, 
Ati'l U*At thifii lit tho Mai'kiiiiiith'ii 
To ]ilou>;h.ihAn's for tiur ]»UinA. 

Alikr hin*-i-forth oiir hilU (»f snnw, 
Aii'l viili*!>i Mh«*r** lottdii t1<»Hfrt ; 

All ttr«-iiiiii that flow, nil wiinU that 
Art' Fr hnu's niotivr.|«jw»T!i. 

lltiii*»-f-«rth t«» Lil-if's «'hivalry 

II" kiMi;litly hoiiiir* ]t4ii<l : 
Fur iiiiM«T tliiin thi- ovioni's iihall be 

The !tli-klr's MC-i'iiUil**. 

Build nr %n altar to the Lo^U 
O gntrfttl hearts of ourt ! 

Ami NliaiN* it of tlio cnfn<'Jtt Rwanl 
That I'VtT ilruuk tlH* Hhowrn. 

, I^y all thi' lilooiii ttf pinlrpH tlirr**. 
Ami thfff till* ori-h.ii<l fniits ; 
Hriii^ ^oMfii ^ruiu frtun huii miil air, 
Frifiii rurth Iut pxMlly nNit.s. 

I Tht-rv 1ft our luninTs ilnHtp and flow, 
I Thi' otArs npriM- ami fiiil ; 
Our roll iif iiiMrtvfi. naiI hikI mIow. 
1^'t M^hiii^ lirrt/fit call. 

Thf ir lunirrt h-t hamli of honi ainl taa 
Ariil Mii^h-MlifMl fit-t a]i|ilHU<l. 

Whit ili'-il to llti&ki* thi i»lH\r A lllilll, 

Aiiil link with toil ri*WAnl. 
Th*'r^' h-t thf roniin<»ri h>-art kfw]» tiiiic 

To <«Ur)i nil alithilii ''illif; 

As iit'ViT N««*lliil III! |wwt'«. rliyiiii*. 
Or tlirillfil oil fiiii^i-r'i tiiiiKU<*. 

Siiii|;of our burilt-ii iiml n-liff, 

l)f |N'ao' aii«l loii^ iiriiio) ; 
Tlir |iaiwioii of <iiir iniiclity pi«'f 

Ami our f xt-rrtliii^ joy '. 

A Mni^ <if ]inii«' to Him who filh-il 
Thf hurvfst* wiwii in t^Mr*. 

AikI ipi\** filth lii'M A ilnul'lf yif-M 
T«i fwi| iMir l»attlfyi*Ari ' 

A «on>( of fnith thnt tniitji thr rml 

To uiati'h thf «:;••• m1 N'^in. 
Nor douhtK thf fiowir of I^ivi- to hlciu] 

Tht* hfartJi of iiu-u a* on«- '. 


O rr<»i*i.r.-riioKi.\ • nn* vf not 
I.ikfwi«* thf rh»>*«-n of thf I^.nl, 
To do hit will anil «|v>ak hi* wnnl ' 

Fn^m thf lout! thundfr-Ht<inn of war 
, Not man ahmr huth (-aII'-I v> f^rth. 

Hut hf, thi- (ioil of aU thf rarth * 


' Thf ti'fi'h of vrnp'aniT in ynur h.^ipl* 
Hf ipifni-hf-n ; unto Hint >-1..m;> 
The nolfinn r»coiinw-n'«^ of wroiij^-* 

Enonich of Mood th^ Und hat i^. r:. 
And not by cell or pillo»'«-«tAir 
Shall TC tiw war of Goil prppar*. 



Voiu nuitiaad. bdnil DO mpplUnt 
Nor imIUt with unwortli; plcM. 

Abaft jrnur tuiOM muikI* Um «*U 
Of lUrrinf; iu*d ; ■« uliut io rsin 
Uw vf » to riUuw'i Khutljr •uin. 

Wbu wonU cui itowB titU bitter 

What ttan wuL out tliat aUiu of 

WliBt (Mtlu nm&im ]n>ot binkcn Cutli t 

rran TuQ tiaatt tb> (luranljp 

(>r liulixi, fnv<|uni. \wmi-r, wr oluDi ; 
Wa ui)^ DO cuinjunuri tcnu of 

AIm ! no TlctoT'* ]irid> U oun i 
Wi Vn4 alnvi our Iriuimihn won 
likf I)arid o-«r hi* itIkI wml 

Be mm. not bc^i^ua. f-'UKvl all 
Bj one br»»e, fprarrooM action ; trn. 
Your bntar inKincti, udI ba Jiut I 

Taka haiHla From alTthF ii«gn>'* 1 
(liTr blank and ahitc an niiutl v< 

tLnrp all Tour foif*.l Urra and U 

Uutfrir ■ 


BctIip till- old hrroie will ; 
Be in the rigbt h tnta and ttnmft 
jU ya ban pTotol TcoiMlrai lb wwoii 

And hUa be lora, anil twia far Mcoik 

Thra abatl tl» Tiuoa'a matli*r-l>a 
llrr loai tad Kandrring oaa n 
furxiTlng and rxO'irinx all, — 

And Frcrdom htrtk hn nuU* n 
AlwTr tho ('•pitolUa dotBB. 
Slrrbili handa. Md Ud )« W 



niEViw 1 wilb »ban h^ ^^ ^*** 

Tlir iinlrt al*In of imm, 
OUa w{iti« to your n-l for OW 
Aud Lot* ef nun I bar. 

1 tr*M jnur IbMa ^ aigiuocnt i 
Voar IcKic Imkrd tad atnox 

I w>H|^ aa a«a vbo dnail* diHKt, 
And Irm a dnbt aa ■iia>|, 

But atin mf bonan Uwk ara nak 

To bold pmi tm nwd* i 
Aolwt tl* wa4a ;• lU aw q 

I wmlk vltli b«c htubnl hM ibi 
Y* RraJ «lUi boUMM abad ; 

I dai> net Bi wtik n>t* bimI boa 
Tba IvT* aad powvr o( 0«d. 

Ve pnlM nw JaaHn : **n Nd 

Vf arai a kiiMt i I bin traaU b 
TIm rabr that hath M aam. 

Yt av lb> nii*a «Urh 
\wwld of paia •Bd)««i 

I bw oar Utd-* b-ufta** 
Am) pnj« npn Um craM 



'I'Qo ilark ye ninnot paint the nOt 
Too Niiiull thi? im*nl nbow. 

1 In»w my ron'liruil t<i the duKt, 

1 vi'il mini' fyi-ii for hIiaiih*, 
Aiitl iir>:>', ill tr<-iiil)liiiK wlf-dutnist, 

A {iiMViT vvithuut II cUini. 

1 Hi'v till* wHiiift tliiit nmnd me lies, 

I fi'i'l till' Kuilt within ; 
I hi-ar, uitli ^nuiii mid t rmvuil-crif «, 

Thr utirlil ('oiil'f^H its hill. 

Yrt, ill th<> iiiiKldriiiii); iiiazi* of things, 
Aiiil tits-M^l hy ^t«l^ll aiiil thMMl, 

To oiif lix'>i triiKt my Mpirit clingii ; 
1 know tltiit (i(Ml i» f;uod ! 

Not niim* to l<M)k whrn* rlirrubim 

Aii'l s"i;i|»hM in.iy ii«»l m"**. 
Hut iioihiii;< <'iin 1h* ){imm1 in Iliiii 

Wliirh r\i\ iH in nif. 

Th<- wroii:; that {tninn my mini lN>h>w 

I iliiri- itiit lltroii" ^iInivi' : 

I kiioii not tif IIh hiiti*. 1 know 

II is ^iHhhii-.^4 and His luvr. 

I dimly t^h-^N from hh>ssinf;<« known 

Hf j^iiMti-r -lilt of ^i^iit. 
An i. Miili thi- I li.i<»ti-nMl I*sjihniAt, uwn 

lli'« ju-l^ixntH t^H> un* ri^ht. 

I loii;; houHt-tniM voii-*'<i f^on**, 

Kiir \.i[iith<-il •«niih"« I lon^, 
H'lT (I'-l h.itli It.l my ih-ar «»nrH «in. 

And 1I>' •-.III *\o no wron^. 

I kii«>\\ ifit uhit thi> fiitiin* luitll 

» 'i" III II vi 1 up •.ni|iriH»', 
\<«-<ir< >1 aI'Uv thit hr<- and dfttth 

Ili^ iip-ii \ un<hih'"«. 

Aiil if mv hiMrt aiv\ tlfsli aro W(>ak 

'I* • >iiMi .III iiiiTri*'>l |>.iin. 
Th- J-r :i-i| ti»i| III- vbill not hrvak, 

hn! '•tri-nk'tlti-ii and sustain. 

N*»t 't*T' riiii* of mv ii»n I hiiv«», 
N'-r w-iik"* m\ l.tirh tojirov** ; 

I iMn hut i;iv.« th«' jnft-* 1 1'' piVt», 
And ph^iil Hi^ hive f-jr hivr. 

Arid s-i U-«iih' tl •■ Sili-nt .**••« 
1 Uiiit thi- niurfitl ; 

No harm from Hini rnn come tu 
On fM-ran ur on %hon'. 

I know not wh«r«» Hiii iHlandM lift 
Tli«*ir frun(U*d palmn in air ; 

I onlv know I cannot drift 
IWvtind Hill luve and cart*. 

O ImithrrH ? if my faith ?j vain. 

If hu|H-H likf th«*M' hfimy. 
Pray for nn* that my f)-«*t may ^in 

The hun* and mifrr wuy. 

Anil Thiiu, n I^ihl * hy whom an' neen 

Thv rn-atunii an thrv U\ 
Kurynv*' mr if t'Mi t)«M* I h-an 

My human heart on Thi-v 1 


Immoktal I^ivr, forevi'r full, 

FoD'ViT Ihiwini; fri-«', 
Kon-vrr itliartMl, fun-vi-r whulf, 

A iifViT-tdihin^ M-a ? 

Our outwnnl lipn t-onf«'jM th«' namp 

All othi-r iiaiiit'H alMivc ; 
\jn\r oidv klioMrth wliciiri* it ranir. 

And I'umprflH'udrth h>%*r. 

hlow. wiinN of <;im1. awukr and hluir 

Tilt* liiiHtn of i-arth iiuay ! 
Shim* «iut, O l.i^ht l>iviiif\ ami nhow 

lluw widi* and far Wf siny < 

llu-«h rvi-r}' liji. ilo--' rvfry Uiok. 

Tin* •»triff of ti*ii lull's forlHiir : 
Why fi^rwanl n-arli, or Uu-knanl look. 

Fi>r lo\r tliat I laf*|M like air * 

\Vi> iiiiiv III it I limh th<* hfarrnlv Jit**ftia 
To hrin^ thi* l^^nl ('hli^t doun : 

III \aiii Wf M*an li thi* hiMt^tt d<'i-|is 
For him no depths can tlniwn. 

Nor lioly hrvad, nor hhtod of grape, 

Thf lini*am«'iiti« ivstorv 
(tf him wp kiitiw in outwanl ibape 

Anil in thr tlt*j«h no morv. 

Ill* I oHH-th not n kins to rvifrn ; 

Thi* worM's hmi; hti|a' i^ dim : 
T)m' wcnr>' o'ntiiri«*!i wat4-h in rain 

Tlir cloud.H uf hinivfu ftir him. 

iHatli rumns life p^4 ; the aiikill|; rr9 
An«l far are aiiNWerh-flfi ; 
' The grave* in duniK the hollow aky 
1 Ii Mul with laleiiti 

occasioxju. roaa. 

Tbi IrtUr fkilt. snil ■jrtsnM Ml, 

Ami e*erj •ymbol ««iim ; 
Tbr Spirit utd'bruDcliiig kil 

Etmul l«ii mauu*. 

Aad not (at *l|[n* In hravrn tbo-n 

Or nrtli Ixlow tbry t<wk. 
Wbu kiKi* wltli Jnhu liu Mtille m 

With rXt bit Rbniw. 

In Jnf uf inmui] peaf, or mim 

B«l wnm, awprt. imitcr, nren jct 

I liln't llinaig mml 

Thtou^h liim the Dm Tooil pn^m an 

Inr li|* (if rhiUhoul ftsm*. 

TIm U*t Id* i>lii*|rn iif uur ilMit 

An> btttiknni villi hi* oum. 

Dntk all nuj loiiU 

A«L Mk«d fo tin I 

(W (MM abw «» & I 
Of tbj ihd* tootrt) 


Wa briiiK aur Tuylny )cl(u ta ihM, 

rliu[ aur ri 

I J paM Uw |<uig o( rftt. 

Tn thrr our full hnmaalty, 
lUjiiyr auil fttin^ IiFlciiiit; 

Tlif wRinj dT USD to DUO oa Uim 
lutlicU t der|«T vron^. 

Who hatn, bain Uinr, vbo torn W 

Tbrnrtti to llm allird i 
AU (Wfct acfonlii irf lirsrti tsU Immm 
In thM an iuuli])>ltfd. 

'ithin our aitklj' nl, 
Had human ■od jrt moil dlrnw^ 
Thi Omrcf of nias and God '. 

O LoTifl LUff Onr UlA u4 
Thy iTTwiiffi makrlh on* ; 
Am lhimi|ch tmuficoTBd cloaik M 
Wc tra« tb« Doon-daj mu. 

So. tu OUT DiCTlal rjn Kib<lBi>l, 
t-lrMj->ril»l. hut IhH nKiCMl«4. 

W» kiMW in tb~ Ibn tHhrrboaA 
Ami bcwrt df God rmaM. 

Tbr Uitlit. ■!» Trath, itw Way t 

The hiimaf^ ttu 

1* (till inir TtthffM own ; 
Nor^jinu cUin or ririlrr 

DiTida tlv fiuia iDil "nam 

To 1o lt>y will U 

0«r tmrnaa MiniKlli b w>f^ 4«4lV 
Oar MIm, apart mn tUa*. | 

Apart from th— all |^a b laa^ 

All Uhir Talnlt AoM ; 
Tbi Milraik (baibnt nl Ay CMaa 

la fantn thaa tJM nn. 

Tliy wrimt DHilv i". ifivrtl ; 

To lllIU Kni'lr' ftiHU lliif ia lirll, 

T<i w.ilk witb l)i>v ia hMTen I 

II<iw VRin. v.'iili- in all Uhhi ut. 

< >iir iii4>v •'iMiii|>i'i»«hi|i I ~ 
Til- sikIiimk ■■rill' i-.mtril» lieart 

I* iiuin- liiiti llallTitiX tip. 

N'«( iliiti" ih' l•i^'■•l'1 iMnUl i-Im, 

rii'.iii W.-U .-..ii-l sl-ir.- ■ l..r- .> Ibnt 

Awl th- Hthrr in lili ikilT. 

Aii.i tlif huutrr '•» thr inM, 
ilrw tlirir ell Iron. .-4|>r .u.l .litr. 

Sit llwir luiUdu th<- Unli-lmv™ to 


I Hi^iuljr iDun lUwi IIJ 

VniierA wilh k<>I-I thri 
1 ■>„ j„. »i,.|..„l».-,' 
i lirUo-SuiiH't Uiiil 

UV lirinic tv' Kli'tntiv lioliHvtuit, 
UV |h1' n- Kr.irrii ; 

H..wrv«il^vl-,r Bli.. lomh m. 
Hit l•^>tll•■^t aixl ihy -wn. 

uiiint riiiK lliy 

In il<-K<>M<>r~-ilHiic<Uy ; 

Sltin- llmii Klr4Ui> "l muK "T kail 
Itnlfoti fruui tlir Mii'iui«t gnj. 

(>lim)*«> ufiuniitu] vnuth, 

<ilr■lll^ aiiil cliiii-'- M'iii anil flovn, 

Far-I.r*rl v.4.t« -^i «ith tnnJi. 
Ain fuiiu (ir«l>''* K<1< n Uudu, — 

Rraiitjr Tliai i-lii.l-t »nr i:rw>|>, 

LuvintI liari'l'' «'■ nuv inil •■laJiii, 
Sliiiiiii;: fn-l ihat liui. k rnir liaatr, — 

U-nllr ryrt Tr .-Vh<-I Whw. 
I'hriitmaa . T<nilrr v»i>'H ll■'a^l ••tm- nion^ 
, Suiil.' an'l i-aU no. an tli-y ir- 
on auJ •iiiaanl, klill UTiitv. 


ro-i ..r,ill >liil.|1ik<- .Im 

t tin- K-ii'l -^m* 

rili.'>li.i|-",«li.. nil Wfun 

rh*-^ wr Xitl. «ith liaffl-l r-vt. 

S.oii'lit .iii'i ~>'L^r «>..ti -lull n«f\. 

lont anil fiiUii'I. in Sun-at I^iiJ ! 

Ki.nn til- .l-ft. iif Difimiain nrkii. 

Ttinnieh til- .I.>ik ..nintlanil Kr^ 
ria-li th- rv-. aiKl II..W 111* liH-kl 

Of lilt niviTic Vaniflicn ! 

[ MrnillMAi-K. tlTH 1lr>SII[, \»6i. 

j The ro)1 of dretna atiJ thr Infiir « im 

I Tex Ihcairof oar rain a^ 



Th* *f»hT U txKten to hocA» ed pnn- 
Tba kliara !■ tbft mmi the m 

Sine K'!t. 
SoItlT ni» 


linii hnt. uU' lo*1iuiil riniT, 
livUiiika"! huni >>l<f ■■!> ; 
I •WHrf. If Ili« hour l>r» nDVtil, 
Ihc Hinipi of {Waco auil Id 

Fkll uT Uh> iofloltc tofo and t>li> 

For Ulsn man^r uia d. rkcncd 

Bring ut iliF ain □( lill>> and fcirwt*. 

Tlui iiTMi aninia of bitch tn-l tiliie, 
Gin u B waft n( Um nonbwiDd Uilti 

With iwibtinr odon aiul btvaili u( 

Btintc B* tlifl |iurn)r of 

(Ui>i|..«i at rlouiU Ihal raU lU lillU, 
The (nro rotnaa ot Ih/ fIvinuuUl 

Tha K>'a>>>and rippla of ('amplnn rilit. 

a-th all Ihr nillM. 
llwwludlui; «a,i«of |S-tnl|;n>uvl, 
And WInuliwatuLr*** baodml klok. 

Tha craille-Hing •>( lh> hfllalda fugnulni 
llrt* in 1I15 gtury b»iI •irmith opnU : 

Oi<a ■* • UMr .4 iht aidaiKl >na>ir. 
Nhu« a> tha Oaiir^ iif Ui «l>*r (mi. 

lM>.lh.,4..t>(..1 iir....r »M 

ting on 1 hfins down, O loaUnit riva^, . 
ThB jof of Ui* hUU to tha vidltaa 

Tbe wealtk of Um valta. Dm 
The l>nath of tlia «i 

Utn, ic tha calm «f 1^7 a w ^arf val 

Mirtli and Ubor ibaU 1i<J>J Uwdr tnat 
Ilance ur aatrt and mill of (triiuIbiA 
Ilotli an branty and Urtli at* oac. 

Typ* «f 1I1K NuTlblaarf'i tlwB||t]i aa 
Pride and bopD el onr baM « 

Frmloni ImdlDf tn nwMd itbtm 
Tlnti of Inaijr and Uiica id paoa. 

Oufv again, U Umtifol ttrrr, 

lliar our gmtiiip and taka m 
lllthii «c coiw, M &wl*ni id'ST^' 

■ ■-■ ->3taBta 

Thn>D|| tu Uu Jonlaa'a 

n tbnuftl) t<)r lh> VaMar'i ha 

TlioaBh nnrr hb xird ha> ■ 

And ovil ma; V* en lliT 
(>( hinrT ntlFja tad ilm 

THE roHUON qvtxnov. 


lit (Iwak bia aian anl cifa* 



Anti fp\ to sWp " ; liiit oVr and o'er 
Hi* 'lAkfil till* M )f -5111 nil' thing. 

Thi'ii, Miiilin^, to nivM-If I Miiil : — 
Ifiiw liki' .1(1' iiK'ii iiU'l hinU ! 

\Vi* .ill iiii> viyiii^ «}itit he Kuya, 
111 ttctitiii III' ill uiinlN. 

TIf \niv \Hth w|ii]i lunl toil am! Unini, 
Tlif ;^iil wiili h«Mi|inii<t <li>ll, 

Aiul iii'Mi >»it)i liiint^ himI h<>iiHi*!«, A!«k 
Tlif i|ii' '«tiiiii of I'lHir i*oil. 

ilowrvrr f'll), with fMinH'thiiiKniwre 

\Vi- f'.iin thi- Ui;; witiilit •■mm ; 
\Vi- tjirh JilNivriiiir rTiiUilnl i|>'tJl 

Kiir ti.sli thiit iii-viT iiMum. 

No iMiiinty I if iii<iu]i;i-iit Hi'avpn 

Tin* \.i;riii' «|fsin' run Htay; 
Si-lf liivf ii ^till ,i Tiirtar niill 

Y'itr f;iiiMliii^ {irayfrM alway. 

Thi> •l<-:ir (mhI hiMfs an«l j'itii'H all ; 

III- kiioui-tti :il) iiiir UiiiitM; 
Ami whiT wi- liliii'lly ask nf }iiin 

lll'^ I'lVf MItllllliItU iir p-.iiitN. 

Aii'l -»»» I '''■rii'''* think our jifnyiTs 

.Mi;;ht ui-ll U< iii'-i^i-il in oiii* ; 
Aii'l ii'-^t .iii<l |N-irIi iiiiil hi'nrth anil 

I llH'" li 

l:.l*.it. "Thy uill U-ihini-." 


\Vi prn-i- ii'it iMiw th«" ji«N't*s art, 
'i'li'* I- ii i 1 !■< .intv <»l liii ■^Mif^ ; 

Will \i. i^'l., \i[:n from hin hfi* >i|kiirt 
Mu^t •!>• Ill -I ii>i)>li r n.itiirt' wrun)(. 

N"t f'r 'li'- <■'.•■, f ^>wn 

Ilia liff in now hia nnblMt atrain. 
Ilia manh'KMl better than hia venie t 

Thank (unI ' hia hand on Natim*'a 


! Ita iriinning ke«*|ifl at liff'a full 
hlMii ; 
But, diiiiiiH'tl and dwarfiil, in tini(*)( likf 
Thf iMN*t nt.-itD» Itcfcidt.' the niaii ! 

So ]m* it ! ]i't thi* piilanilH dii\ 

Till* sin^'ir\ wn^ath, the |iaintera 
I*«'t our nanifH iN'rinli. if th»*n*)»y 

Our country uuy lie lavfil ami fn^-d ! 


p«iK niK iiprMMi or iiii»mam ^tjulr 

K I Mi's HiirnK oP HhKnIIII*, IStil. 

.\MII>««r theM* (^lorioiiN workn of thiUf, 
Thr •Mih-niii iiiiiLiP't^ of t}i<* |iin«'. 
And awful Sha^ta'H ii-v *>hniii*, 

Wh<-/f hwell thv hvntn!« fn»in wave and 

AihI oriraii-thuiMlrr* ni'%'iT Tiil. 
Ik-hinil tbi' I'ut.irui't'H !til\rr vi-il, -^ 

<Mir |iuny wallw to Tin-** wf raiit^, 

niir |^H»r r*i*d-ii)ii<tii- Minn<U thy ]>nii!ie : 

Korgivr, O IjhiiI, our •-)iildi'«li Hiivh * 

Ki>r, knt-i-Iiii^ on thfsf «tiiir«, 
Wf Mtiff 'Yhtf not uirh -Iti-'h iirwyrm, 
Nor nmrmur at our tUilv cun'a. 

Ifc-foff Tliiv, in an rvi] «l;iv. 

vi i\n •ti.MMi'i to ciinunoii M;;ht dr. .. ._ • 1 1 i i _« i 

^^ , Our iiMintr)' s liifilin^ h»Mrt w> lay, 

•M ".', ... lit i And dare not a>k thv hanil X** ^t«v ; 

Witli lii'ii m]i<i ualkiiloii ItViIal**>id«* ; 

N"t 1 i|'t liMini iiiir wiM««I lay, 
T'Mi :,'ri'. ■■ l-'T -milts, \*nt KWi-t't for 
T. ir. ; 

\Vt -j»t;iV; !,:, I i.ii^f >k}mi >K>-.ir4 tiMlay 
Th«- t'li'TV t'l hi- •-•v. Titv vi;irM. 

Hut, tliptnch thr war-«Ioud, imiy to 

y**T union, hut a uninti fpf. 
With {■■ai'i- til. It I'oiiii-N III |iurity ! Thou wilt liare thv arm tc 


Whrn PiMi ■■ l-iiiiL-i Kri'doni in hrr'An-l. »>nii*iiig thniut;h thi* Reil S'* 
triiii, I wavi*, 

Ia-I ha|i|>y Ujih hin m>ii^i M'lirtinir ; ' Makf Imiad a |iathwAj for the alave * 


For u*, cnnraung all our D»d, 
W« iniM nar rito mir ■onl imr lU 
Nor ;rt tU« broken italT of creol. 

AflRUnl ilunv llul Tfaou art good 
To tmrli, u to llw maltitudn, 

Ktsntkl Li>« mJ F«Uwrrti«d, — 

V«k. ■infill. bUnd. lo TW w« bu^ 
iSltrtiili dntnMf Tunh uur bunb. ami twl 
Our wMkona u our trvug »^penL 


Tk« (iHt work luid u|>0D bu tvora 
Iidoe*, and weUiIoB*. ITwrdraToi 

anh ran 

Th> oimiine GuUtra Oil* 

BulRrT U now In time tn !■ 
Hull holin alun nw U Uuv. — 
Tlf Cbuirb DOT bnwl boBuniiy t 

Wbita SowMs of ion iU tnlU ihrnll 

Soft hclb of MwV! ■hall rtliK ItaEbinw, 
lU day* thall all tc holy tarn. 

A twr*t^ nna ■ball (bma he biard, — 
Tbf muHii of lltr mrurlil'* arrard 
OwfoBng Chnit, Ut* Iiinrd Wiad ) 

I mil fhan abon to 

Who loTwi him M liw IBM WFtW «T«r 

aouni M Uii^Ud bop- mk fan- 

ken plw 
With him whoa* IU* alMida randa4 

and apfvaml 
In Ui« fall growth aa J aC W raafawiM. 
Uinfflt. O ball*, along th* WaMan 

Wilh yuur lUvp loll a aowul af hUh Ml4 

WaTp chrriiij MW, O banorr, haU-o^ 

rfm ibouMid-MaMad hay Mid Maa- 

nlad lawn I 
Ut Uw itroug M|Hi with iU bftia*; 


That Um btnia an* 

O Eaat and Wrrt ) 

No man ti»*TM:--h<w faa Itnd )■ 

ViTio, priral oT Fnadsn. mada y» e«^ 

and toU 
Yow Wdal mniet turn U» hfu M 









Ai.oN<s till* nMiiUi«l«s likt> tli<* flowm uf 

Tliiit tiiuny Iiii*.i!« for thfir f^rilms 

Hi-.ivy \iith MiiiNliiiK' JnM)|M tin* f^^ililrii- 

Aiitl tlif n-il {ifiinoii.H iif (lit* runliiml- 

ll.iii;: iii<itiiiiilfs<i u]itiii thi-ir U|iri;;ht 

'I'lii- ^ky iH lint mid }i:i/v, uiiit ttir wiml, 
\Vjii;;-M< .try Mitii iis Imif; flight frmii 

tli>' Miiith, 
riifi-lt ; y-t, rl<»<t4<lv M'uiiiK'il, yoil Itiaiilt*" 
Wi:}| f.iiiii*-! mot inn, im uiu* utira in 

( '••iifrxst-s it. Thv Ini'ust !»y thi» wjill 
Si.i)i<« till- n<Miii'^ilriiri< with hi!! Mhar|i 

A ^iii;;!i- lii\-i-.irt <l<iwii thi* tliitty nuiil 
('ii-ik<i tliMily, viitli its ilitVf'rfHHt ilsIii-|» 
Hlitlir IokI'o t«il). At{ttill^t tllM iii-i^h* 

Uiriri;; hill, 
Uu<111*-il .iliiiii^ th«* Mi III*' wall'ii >haily 

Til'- nh*-')! ■>li«iw «hiti-, am if u Miiivkilrift 

P> ti'-'l til*- «iiiL;-Htar. ThrmiKh thf (»|ii'ii 

A i|niu*y Miit-11 of thiwrr^ " >?n»y hrlio- 

Aud whit4' ttwti-t clovvr, and shy miguo- 

nelUr - 

irmiifN fuiitly ill, ttiiil Mih*nti'h(iru!ilrntU 
Tu th«- {NTViiiliiiK M iii|>hoiiy uf |h-««*<*. 

No tiiiii' i.4 til is for hjii<lh hm^; otit- 

T41 tai»k thfir Mrt-n^th : and (unto Iliiu 

W |iniiM- 
Who (HVi'th i|!t the strfM aud 

Mf yi-ar^ did thf W4»rk of rrntiirirsi 
lluvr 1-f.kM'd, ami wi* can dmw our 

hrr.ith onco nion* 
Kiitlv aiiit full. So, a» von harvi-otrrs 
Miikr ^Ud their niNiniiig umlfriii'ath th<» 

With tall' and riihllf and old finat«-h of 

I by tt^iilf ^nnvf thi-m«^. and iillv turn 
Tlh* h-uvi'M i>f iitrnKtrv'a i«kft«'h-lvuk, 

dn-iiinin^; uVr 
Old !iuniii)*T )tirturt'Mt>f th«' i(iiirt hilK 
Anil human lifi*, an i|uift, at thi-ir ffft. 

And Vi't not iillv *]l. A farniiT'*! ^m, 
Troiid of tii'lild«>r*'aiiii hdrvi'^t cnift, and 


All thfir tiiir {NiMihilitifrt, how ri<*h 
And r^Mful i-vi-n |«ivrrty and ti«il 
IV'roiii*' win n iN'aiity, h.iniH*iiy. and litve 
Sit at thiir huiiiMt* luarth ii« au^* '•<• <«4l 
At fvcniiitc in th^' {latriaii h't ti nt, win o 

MakrK lalair nohle. Aiid hi<« fitrtu*-r'i 

Thr iiyniliol of a (*hri!>itian rhivalr}* 
I Teoder and juat and g»-urruua to her 



Anil heart HI 

Who clothra Willi ((ncc nil duty ; itill. 

1 Lnuo 
Too irell ibv |>icttm buanothiiT udr. — 
Hew viuily ibe grind of toil kdf* on 
Wlum love u «Mitia)|, how the rjc uid 

4 uiibUl Uu> I'liiii' 

lOd huw hinl «nil ralutlMc 
U iilf willioul ui ■tm>n]>hrn'. I look 
Acni« Ihr Ikjor of half • ifdliiry. 
And call tu iiitiul aid boniatruU, whm 

Told tbiil tlif ■I'TMil had cunif, hut evil 

5lfhUliadi> uiil raush-lnTi«l Inirdoi'.k 

ill tb* )<Ui-i> 
Of thr nwvrt duurwaj giwtiiig uf Ih« 

And honvjiuckk, when Ibe hoiuE 

will* hviiihI 
nUaUrtnK lii mn, withaul > Uw or vliu> 
To cwl tlic tmrauloiu ibmduw of ila 

ActnM iha curUinlfB wiDdowa ^m 

I1«U>4«1 Uw «i|[na) lafnoftliinirBnnw; 
Vlthiii, Uu! dnttcnid ktldini-lluari ua- 

(Bmob-cImb I think ihr; nllnl It) ; 

^Ht'H with eellar damp, ahut fima tim 

tn bnl uiidiuouDrr, looktak, turtundai 
H»\r thr inrvluyn aampln knim 
0*11 lh> llrrplacr, ur • nunimiox pin*. 
A omO'lialtnl winaan, nniut-rLrrknl, 

ImnacihlF wiUowi ; tht wiJc-thna((il 

Brtallinff irith faded fdnr-bmigba half 

I til* ihlinitrv'i 

Tl* «0*>l-up nildriah 

Urk L 
And. in wl kr>|<tn(t with all tbtiij|a 

about thrm, 
BItfUl. •|Urmlnua wonicn. aaar and tullf n 


TmAm Dm HM-aovwB will) rnxl- 

Sang not. nor vlndi mada mndc ia th> 

Fur Ihrm 111 vain Octohrr'* btdooaiMt 
Humnl, uulil atul crivaoD. over kU Ihv 

Th> aaiTaniFntal n]7it«7 oc lhi> weaik, 
('bunh'pipn, frarfy of thn iiiiiiim 

Hut grunhliDK ovn polpit-tu an) pna- 

Kaviiif;. ■* ahrrwd monomUta. thrtr iwili 
And Kiulcr )>wl[ with the Inat fotdVh 


Of aalt uid aanedt; ; in dalt.V )if« 
Shuwitiii aa li(ti> arlual niBi'|ii*hnuM« 

I lait rnr ■ alnnmar : 
Rich in fanail woadUnda aod ia Uf- 

lillal bbk 
And Jet Ml ]iin<h«l and hu* and cbb«- 

ITiv vrrinl ittajailiT Umpiag on Ua 

Tlir HID and ur hi> *o]» iahrTHaac*, 
L^Uf^bnl at a pamt; thBl|«fclJla(u«>^ 
Atiil baBpd Ilia r»g» in ttU-nnfim 

Vol amrb dxiuM in th* hDWiiti^ «r 

■ UikI 
UThtn whoMi wimJt willa t«d aeM ^ar 

Aa kinfl and laOKim, i« 

With bwiijr. art, Uatc. ollor*, fcook^ 

[til hoar of Irimrr rtihav ihaB ■ Bti 
Of fmmnirr to tha )<anHU sf idd Uow, 
Oar ^nau ahuold U- Hinal to U* Imb* 
Srt m thr fair, gim ndlr;^ V^T^ 

A man lu nialvh hi* 

l)oarf-( aiul alwad Mow tbrm I 

wvoU Cain 
In Ihia li«lit war (<' vhkk I m4« m^ 

Vltk th7kntff.frin.drr ct wfcM Ck». 

"iteu*T. dad Uh yon ' I han aoa* to 

larit*' the IT* lo «n and hfait Is trtl 
Tlw Ivaatr aad iW ^^ wbhia ih* 




I(i>iiit*, mill home loven, and tli«* iNiiti- A mnii tnurp pnt'ioiu than tlic gold f)f 

ttnlcH t Ofihir. 

Mf iMiiir** tii'f t<» a!l Il*piy *ii y**ar« S^n'nil. inviolati*, unto whom h11 thinpi 
Thill wait t<» tuki- t}i4* |ilairfi of our ShuuM niinitttr, at uutwunl typ"! and 

o\%ii, si^iM 

llfiiril wli'Ti' M»iii«> lin^'/v Kih-tinv liM*k^ Hf thi* fti-mal lienntv wliicli riltiN 

down Th«* oin* ^'n*at |iur]iiiM' of rn'iitiiih, I^jtc, 

Oil )ui]iiiy hiiiiH'fi, or uhrn* thi* Ukf in Thf kulf n^i l■<l^ity uf Kurth iinil Ilrtivco ! 

till* ii)<M»n I 

Sli>i-|is dnMiiiin^c iif thi* nioiintuiiiH, fair 

IIS Knth, 

In t)ii' iilil IlidiH'W ]twitoni1, at th<* f«-4t i 

OCItoi/, «<vi>n thin Nini|df liiy iif niiiir Ftin wiikM the (hiiuU h:iit rakt**! t)i« 
M.iv sifin till' hnnlrn ot'u iir«>|ili>-i-y, liilN 

Kiii'liii:; Its ):iti' I'liltilini-nt in a rh:iii;^' Ami vi-xi-il ()i<' v.ili- with Mining. 

Sliiw .In th<' luk's gniwth, liftin^^ man- An I ull th** uimmU wi>n- Miii with niinta 

hiHi.l ii|i Aii'l all till* hpNtk^ riim|ilainiii^. 

Thr«>ii:jh hiiLidi-r t'nlt'in", limT umnnfrs, ! 

\n\*\ At liist, a Middi'n flight -Ntonii t«»r 

And n*vt'irn«'i\ to the 1«'V«>1 of the hilU. 'I'lif mniiiit.tin viil-* iiMtindfr, 

All I ^»l■|lt lln" val!f\s rji-an U-furr 
(> <tiildi-n Ap', w-lhtHi* li>;)it in nf t!i« . T?!'* U-Mim «»f th«' tliiindrr. 

diiwn, I 

Atid iitit lit' siinti't, fitmnnl, n<>t iN-liinil. Thp>n;;h Sandwich note* tht* Wf^t'Wind 
KI'hhI till' ni'w ht'avi>nM and earth. ui:d '**i»^r 

\*i!h lint- hrin^j *ii».Ml nmrrtiw ti» th». •itttir; 

All til'- «il'i virtiK"*, whatMifViT tliin;;^ ' Aii>l ont-i- a;;iiiii < 'h.-**iiriia'A liMm 
\ii- I'lin- an<l lioiM-Ht iiii«lur^HMl rf|iut(', : itf Hh.idnw jiii-M-«l tin- wat**r. 

flllt inld thiTi'tii wIl.ltt'ViT Uuil htlH ««llll^ ' 

Or •..-. r li !-» inM of when in tranri- ami A'-*!*'- hi< hnuul Likr i'^^mj**. 


Tli'-y siiv tli«' II-i|*py Ish«m)f jin»i»h«»ry • 
lilt .lii^ti-i' Imld lnT mmIi', aiHl Tnith 


osii •• iiiiiii* till- Min!«hinf wvarinf^, 
StiHi|*->l. ir.ii iii>; i«n thjit »ilvi*r iihi«dd 
Ills grim iM-aring. 

Id-twii-ii till' riislit ami wmn^; hut ^ivi ('1. .ir dniun a.Min-t tin* liani hln<* nkj 

Till' iMak-* h.i>l uiiit*-r'!>» kfiJint-sN ; 

th' If. lit 

Tin- fiixltiiii of it« f.iir inh<'ritan''i'; 

l.i-t tin- |-i<M |triMini*r, (*rani|«* I Mn*l\<-il •»> \'*mi, 
\* N.ittiii'"* t.iMf f»Mst liift par and »-y.* 
With i<iv .III I wiiiiih'r : h-t all Imniiiini-- A;:ain thr vnihlt^n forrst Ihnirt 

I ill' iMak-* n.iil uiiil*-r!>» kfi'nnt-vi ; 
Aii'l, rlii<»i> i>ii aiituniii's friMt, tin* va]#« 
Had niiin- than Jiini-\ itv>\\ ^'Tveii' 

With ^uldi'll li^htjt Wirt* rlir< ki'Dit. 

On.-.> iiiun* njiiii intc h-avt- in wind 
Ami iiiiu«hin«* ilano'il anil lUiki'n'd. 

Of si»iiiiil, fiiriii. rolitr, 'iHitinn, w.ii* 

Th" priin ''ly pn*st, whrthiTin aoft attin* 
V( lii-iiii- rlail, or tin* «'oar>* fn^k vi 

And, li'n<iin>; lif** to tin* d^ail forni of 

<fivo hiniMii nature n»vi»n*nre for thf 


Of 0|,.. t\hi) Uirf it. making it di%'inf 

Wi'li tli«- iiH'tr.ihli- tt'n'h'rni''** «if Imn| ; 

lit-t •iiinriiiiii ni-i-<l, till' hroth**rhoiii| of Th^Mi^h whirh, my hiMtr^H Ht my aidi^ 

prHMT, I dmve in day's dn'liiiiii^. 

Thi* hi'iriliip t>f an unknown ilmtinr, 
Thr un«Mi|vis| mvHtrry rxiund about oa, Wr iirld our ndi*Unft way ahori* 

inakc The riTcr^a whitening ahallowii 

It wa4 a4 if thf )iunimt*r'<« lat** 

At tnin»; fi>r it.i Mitlni*M« 
Ilml Uirriiwi^l rvi'r>* MiiM«n*Mrhann 

To i-nd itsi lUy^ in gladnnM. 

I imII to mind thi^^* Imnili-d vali»* 
Oi shjiih«w and «if ihinini;. 



Anrl lanJin cUniUng Amxxl 

Tht mounuJii itupn, Biid, or 
Thr gnat puki tuing lUtkljr. 

Yim ii)iuul4 linn Mwn Ihal Umg hill- 

Tbii [mi^iUng UgbU orbnvm. 

>1 tinllo- 

wlrMial fimnUinji, ^ 

ma lUinliiit thnngli tin 

RiTm of g 
Fmm r.. 

Brj-unil tlir nil r>t 

W* I«u»rd Bt lul irhn« luim* boDtiil 

An-l < 

IWt nut ■ bar***! mtuun. 

W» ImnI the nigbt-hiirk'i millm 
The cnm hia tm-maio oiling : 
Tba aliailov* Unfthraiog down lb* 

Alout cnir fwt ir«i« falUn^ 

Awl throng ttwB MMla tbtkml an 

lu bnikm Ibn of nlaHkn; 
Tvodm) Uw gitf maa huI Mtda Uia 

or tba alum gnm mm trntK. 

Tba wuiIm l—iUdj •'wt tlH bIk 
TMr ucb aflMTw jMl Itatad 

Villi fdlom wumtb. Eb> mUm 0am 
or cnaiac HNnan UaiM. 

Km •kiia Ut*«a tk> hna^AooH 

inJ Miitad «a porch n4 trallli, 
Tlv hir ilrmKiaer of llmnn 
Tint f^Mk oot md piltw. 

Anil vnvliw Mthad* fer lUT doft 

Taltt rfatdlUB Uk4 ranMM, 
A hunan «n«r <« dtildlMriii 

On dthrr botid ve ■«« the alsui 
or bDiry atui or atuTvlIneaa, 

Whara Uun* barf wanml tu unu af vti 
Kound IhitTi'i aacumrly rtHUtww. 

Tlis kun-bmtro tannrr in liU frack 
Shook lian.1*. mud calltd to Maty: 

narc-arn>«l. aa Juau might, ulif (voa 
Viliitf-aprcmBj limn her lUxrj. 

lln air, hiT amilr, ht^ BiMians tol4 

Notlkir nkm* in rum aad line. 

But xinirililiiif miin and IkIU», 
Tb* Mrr>t charm ■Inilinji aH, 

lln "iitrit, not lulrtlcr;^ 

An tnboni gran tliat nvthing WkaA 
Of fulnra or ^flianct, ~~ 

The nnutb ol grnU oouttaajr. 
Tbe calm of »If'i*llM>ec. 

How darrd ourliaaleM niter 
Tbu iiallry frraml ef bn vttd 
To bu]t b(r frtah-riiunMi) bnUarl 


1 htwd ha <im|ita ttoiy. 

1h mrijr nkkrta iMit ; tha 
Plaahisl tlimgh aqr Mn 

I«r TMlto taa«k «f tbi hllb 
LroM i> H J ftca trutkltom 

" Fran nlml and Ul and nM ate 

Tbr ritit'i fall. frnV lUoj^la*. 

T« drink tha «ln> n( mountain air 

Baaidf tbt BMnaB|i Wattf. 


" Anil M> th« fartDrr racind a wiTi:, 
IIU niuthrr fniinil a iluDghter : 

Then lookii no hi|-]nrr bomr iban hm 
(>n pi -1 Brarcuu)! Wktcr. 

Thr .-nrxfiil WBjm of lioiy ; 
Our tuirl. atlff Horn of lifr with hor 
An Dowiiig lUTirai of l>caal]r. 

"Our Uana an rhrriirt for biT «k«. 

Tbr >tiU n'fmhniii 

" Ani) DTTiT IrnitrrrT )iuul ibui hen 
IJnkott* iIh' brnw ufiUlllis; 

Hit f;itnn-nt> tu th* ikk man'* nr 
ll*«F muiric Id Ui'ir trailing. 

"And ahrn. tn plnwiinl htrrnii mooiu, 
T)ir fuuthrul biukrni k>i1im, 

Dt ilri|ch-<lrttM oD tlw mmintaiii wifi 
IMj tha wintM wmlkn, — 

*[d mipr-fBini*. «hm iDatb *ail 

Tfai «-lBda of Manh art bkmll^ 

And •■(■rtl* (ran lla Ibawlnc iviaa 

Thr inatil*'* tilnwl U Baw1«^ — 

lu virgin low i* ImLflaf, 
Or « lirn thr mdilj uitiuaK Hm 
l.lfhli Dp thr a|iplr-|ariB^ — 

*■ Thr nanrDTH at a mlrr titor 

Hft flnri mirth iU*i>huH, 
A inbtlrt trOK of plnaun fitia 

Gvh nutic ((nri ahc gT>«L 

" Hrr nmnwM Irada lb wtmtli Hid 


To all who 

" Thrao^ her bto nlric mnkM ibsMi 

A rnrv-tosfd amMtiao : 
Kd dooliU eaat^aamum dmdaa 

Tht man and poUUi^aa. 

" In pany'* dnntitfal vara Im IiiwIb 

Hrr InaUni'U to ilrlrmusa t 
At <hr juud p>lU Iha Umm^ al 

Rcfalb Chriat'* Uooiilalu BirgiMi. 

DMilnl vnnl la m 

" tl« arra with pride bat ikhar Hmm^I, 

Ht [ancv'i mwi taooaa I 
And Wr ihiu ilwjmiM li> nB|atC 

[> pranl imaliMl all chwif««. 

" And if (hf walk* at raa* in raym 

■lii fxrt UT (low to trarrl. 
And if (br rrml* with mllund tfm 

What lui niaj Msrur unrar^ 

« of tb« Utb 

H« dwrlt trvoi chilli 

" And hiober, wannffi witli ■ 

Or ariUet-crownMl and boaty, 
Tha rldjod LoiIbki li(U br Urn 
Ita IntMt VvHa of ftotj. 



Thr alrailj' (orrr nf will whmtnr 
Hrr flpiilf gran trvnu awivtrr ; 
Tbr alnnlr omDIrniaiM wUeh Mlu 
' Hw waaan'alifenmiibMi 

" A htail ftF* of ami wbUt hahi 
Ko hnnlh cf hiv* to fan U t 

And wit. tlat. lOlo hia Mlb« h 
Plaja •< 


" lli>« lif* )>-liiiii| iiR •rriiUnta Thun, whilr aiv Wtnu niuk*, ihna 

Siiiri'l- •Ir'iiiK itii'l H'If-iufilMniiiii, k^* 

Tli>' hiiiiMM f.i. I iMiiv-mlinK ill RrfiT-- ii>r. w^rmn tint--) 

T1i<- liwiiiu mill till- iniiiiuK. Ami outtiiml ailli ■ trii'lrrri ftrmn-, 

" Ami f. in i.'ntl>-ru) inton-hanip- 

I >r t'^j-'hi-r UMil iJ bmrrt, 
Tii<-ir iiv<-« tlirir InlP •iMitiilnnM krrw 

Wliil.- .i,kily .iruwiiiK tinati-r. lll-m u- or-Mllii »r f..^ k)i<«I< IIi>- luillllr.1 III.,.,... V 

thr .tan 
Til.' lalr JT1' "f tW N'.nh.Tii lichm 

ItuM'K.-l 111.- Ulll.llll -llllllllll^ - 

I'nti), It Uit, li-nrslli iti I>ri.lKr, 
W- ]i.-anl th.' Ibai.'iUiii. H.-miiik. 

Th- irrluiiiiir luiiii' llKKl>»•ll.will)t;■ 

Til- M 

■■ W- .,11.1 ih»>>'t"'r"l"*i''n'-nl('"urt, ' iri»>n-iiii.1 mnn- wr f.niii.l tli' Itolh 
II. t..-- . 1.1. .v..i.iia wifr Ihitli-r ; , ,f r*., «„.| f„„.y |,1,«|,|„|, 

N" I'f '"f """ ■■'■■' " '")■ Ati<li'ult>iri-''>.'lMnii«ii.l UUff'i Mmigtb 

|[i.l. - rl.i..ii,;l. tli.' ■.w.viJmi,. .«il...r. i„ ^^i !„,„„, uniinl. - 

■' II.. »'.-. Midi .-v.-- of mniily trust , Thf >iiiiiil.- lif.-. tli- hnin<-ly hranh, 
AM h'lirtn l>< li.r in.-1ininic ; With Ikiiiiv'* )|>tirti> ourmundiui 

N'.i 1>'v r..r liiiii )iH Iuii4i-h..l.l liKbt An.l Iili-uin^ t.<il ■Iirr' tint •Iwuiiila 

Tliai iiili.'r. ■kan- ila nhiiiiiig." | With gisL-n inutr alwuniling. 


THK ri.KAK VlSinS. 

1 mil Init .!r>-.uii. I n^vi-r knrw 

Wl,jt .'kiMUH our it^nnat anann Ranit <-t.t l-rlUon >i].| an<l fWt 

u..r.- Tht-i i.-»f I 

K. V. r y.-t 111- sky an l.lw, Wa. p»r yn a 

Wiw n.-v.-r rarfti m> vhil.. Wf.itr. tin lurtTT a« r»ii laii|ih ' 

Till II..W I a.y-T s,>w th.- ftl.-w 

i>r >uii« t ••II i'..ii lull* lit in.iir, (^ F^nh ' with s1a>li>n* nr>^rauilht, 
Ati'l iifvrilrnmi-l iW liiuKli'adnigu N.ia.M ■i-ind: 

iH Inntv in itn Irtltnii linn. Vithui nivlH - ■•■•atht, 

I lljfooUtr]- ok ! CTuin.l. 

I'i.i rTrr *urb a mDrninc ttcrak Ftoib co«rh of iMin an'! .-iitiut"*! ruuoi 

' ' - ' 1 Fottk t* thr llfkt and ait I ooma. 



tllull blow the wiinn «cit->iD<U of 

To ml ll>e »Dl«<<iti<l H1U 111 tanr, 

AaJ liillirt nr^ tlw l-ln'Unl'i rins. 
Tha Tuln shKU Uiigb in Buwrn, llw 

(•no miity gtrrn »itli Wflns bu'K 

Ok«ah furth. Bijr Uii^ In ptsbe, and 
Tbc wiirT lot >> MTVfnljr kind ; 

Kliln' ibroufb i 
■lonU ; 

Fill, hhrt nr liinp, my gnntHl tarn 
or lifr iiith lotr (u iIr* unl mu [ 
(Hriko whfn tbaa aill tW fauur of n 
Bui let my U*t da;* I* mj bat '. 


?■■ hUK) «■ |»lr «hh haiina 
And nrk*d vltli (p*«>pkUi ; 

Tl» nrth «W>1h« 1m« cnln. 

Mm MW t)i« hodlBf FyutM 
Rrfon tlM«i mar and )(e^ 
And, ikraafth tlvir dnau^ tha Uidvi 

J«l Thoikrtl of TWrm 
At Val'ilnwnwl«ki*T< 

On RTbUl't hn); Ilfan-rio 

And liii lidlf j^M-hatml 
Twk op tlir (ininkUng-niil, 

And oMwed *itli tdogd lli* Irttfih 
And Uw wide lip* of Uw ftod- 

Hnuie b*IoT, III* vtnter wata 

(liwtn'l Its W-hlnrk* nW and n'rt . 

Jcla o( rouu. Iik<! Kh«U of Aad ««*^ 
UoM uiil fi!ll •Jang tlie aban. 

And til* (tatva'i < 

And olnvr rmiad and ptiamn 

Bniratfa it* balrful Mjihl 
Thr Joinii ttiDU* of minnulna 

Caniv rfovdinit ILniajcb tba bI^U. 

Thr imT-liaiml IlrislT tmntilnl 
Ai • 

And ihdi (oltt V 

■■ni' .Cair iblm ! ' 

" The gal* motf 1 
arfof ihr tun *lnU 

Or lull ilull en tbr Bood. 

Thr noulha of iLa atnaig foda «»k« 
for Ibo Onli and bbwd of Mk 7 

" Whom tluD KT gira U» Mmif ^^ < 
Kol «anii»^ a*tiFd tn lU^ i 

Bat kt iti* nnnllnir Inftwt 
AMd hiMd oM BMB dk," 

"So ha it !" eriid 11m foam nan, 
** Than BiwiU nor dsaht nor taHa ~ ; 

Dal, kniitiai hud U> md twvn. 
In rflawa alaal tl» JatL 

At tha Inpl* duur n* ba«4. 
Rot Iha aid turn tia««4 tlMlr < 

ThrM Dia Dnwa-vi'* nf T1iluT«I|k, 

A Vah rrniBff ind (air. 
Sana vAIt. •iitHnR >4lk twt fcimfc 

TL ml «( l>r >w iMir. 



Shi' •»;iii!^ : •'Tin* wimN from Alfhrim 
Kriii;; iK-viT wiiiiiil of iitriff ; 

ThiT jjift'. for Krvy tin* iiicrUiit 
An* not of *l«'aili, liut lift*. 

*• I'.' liiVfH tin- j;ni.sH-gT«vn ni»«*l*»wji. 
Tin- uTi/in^ kiin'\ hwiM't Im'iitli ; 

Ilf lii.ltlirrt ymir MimmIv Ilnl^-Ntolltil, 

YtHir >(iftH t)iat mim'11 of (lr<ith. 

** N'l* wn»n){ )iy wnm^ i« ri^hteil. 

No )Miii in I'lip'il liy ]»uiii : 
'Dii* IiIimhI thnt ••iiiiiki'N fniiii !>ooin-riiipi 

y.i\U tuirk in rcililrr rniii. 

•' Till' pwls nr*» wluit ytiii niaki* th«'iii, 
A<« i-.irtli mIimII A^^^.ipI |inivi' ; 

Ami hitr \iill •■iitiH* of h.itiriK, 
Aii'i lo\»* will I'liirif of Invi'. 

" M:ik" 'l»il«' of ^kyr .iii«l Miu'k hn'ml i'l'l .III! I yoiin;; iiiny liv** ; 

..II'! Iniik to Ff y !«»r favnr 
Whi II lir^t liki* Kn-y ymi fov**. 

** Kvi'fi ijiiw i»'t'r Nji»nl*H si>n-nii-aiIow<i 

Tilt' •«i|liiliiiT liiiwii Ih-^|)h ; 
Th'- tun -'hiili h.ivf its hitrvi-Mt, 

TIk' thii>i its ^liiiii-in^ fin4." 

Tli«ii up nii'l •»wor»» .l«rl Tlpirk^ll • 
** \\\ Ciriili .ukI hy Mi). 

<> of Tlllll>;Villl:l, 

Thmi «<in;:»'>t wiM» iiii«l wt-I! ' 

•• TiM» il-Mr th«* .f.-iir*** Tivurn 

IUiii::ht wi*h luir «-)iil«iri>ii'h 1ivi*<; 

rM-ttt-r 'ill' tli.iii hIiiuiii' ill )iviii}( 
(hir iiiiithfrs iiii«l our Mivi'.*. 

"Till" full Nhill >riv»' his |M>rliiin 
T>i !iiri) wtio hiitli tib>Ht ihtiI : 

< *t • '.ir<ll«>l <«kvr ntiil Mn-'k hninl. 
IW- il.iily i|i»li' i|«'iri'i-il.'* 

!!•• )T>tki' fnmi off hi^ n«'i-ki*)miii 

TliP*' lilikt «if Iw'AlfU pilil ; 

Aii-l • .i>-h iiMTi, lit liis Mililiiift, 
lUitii^ltt ^it<« for yoiin^ An>I olil. 

Tlifn iii'ithiTi nurviNl ihiir -IiiMrvn, 
Aii'l "l.iiiu'htfr* f»«! thiir -in-*, 

A III! II^Mlth •^it •hmii with IMiMity 
iW-fiip' th«' in-xt Yuli' fin*«. 

Thr l!iirfr-«tnnr« %\tkn*\ in RvktUl ; 
The Doom-ring still rrmainft ; 

' Rut th** RnowM of a thounnd winUra 
Huvr «-a-«htMl a WHY tht* AtJUiu. 


(*hri<tt nilfth nitw ; ihf .f^ir 
I llMVf fiiiiiid tht'ir twilight t!im ; 
' Antl, wisf-r than Hhr lin'uiiM'i!, of old 
Thf* Vala tuui^ of Uiui ! 


TiiK lUhhi Nathan, twonoore yran ami 

• W ilkt^l hUnifl**^ thmuich the cril 
' worM, itml then, 

.liiHt »H thf ainionil MoiMoniitl in hii 

Mrt a tfniptutinn all tiiu ntnin^ to Irar. 
An<l niiiMTiihly Miineil. Si, inMinx not 
Ful-whiHul til Kiiilt, hf h'tt hi:* w-at, ami 

N<t nHirv Aiiionf( tho «'MerH, Imt went out 
Kn»ni tht* ^'Mt 4'on^*pitioii prt aUtut 
With NHik cloth, ami with aithfn on hi* 

Making hin ^nny loikii ^cravrr. I^ong h«* 

Sniitiiitf hii« hrea-^t ; then, aa the lUiiik 

he laitl 
0|«'n U'fon* him for th<* Bath •(VI « 


rausin^' to hi'ar that l>aughter u( a 

IWluiM the royal pn^arher'a vonU : *' A 

lioveth at all tiniea, yea, unto the en<! ; 
An- 1 fi)r the evil dav thy hn>ther live* ** 
Mar\ riling, he Haid : *'* It in the Li>nl 

wh'i jfive* 
<'«tiinM-l in iie«'tl. At F^'l«tana ilt-elb 
lU)>hi liiMI Isaae, «ho all ineii exeela 
In ri^hteoiisn<it9i ami wiailoni. a« th« 

of I^|«iton the hniall weeiU that the 

j Bow with their weight. I will ari-i-, 

and lay 
1 My Mn% lieforr him." 

Ami hr went hi« way 
' Barefootril. faKtin^ long, with iiiaiiy 
jinyer* ; 
But even an one who, foMowiNl i)ria> 

Suddenly in the tlarknean ftt-U a hand 
. Thrill «rith its touch hi* own. and hw 
I chcdt fanned 

hisckuaiteol^s poehs. 

(io, *hil>- tb* lUhlii joiimrjrnl, chanting 

Tb« wmil of UsTbr* tvtiitrnlMl «w, 
Bfforr him dill llw old trmptatioii I'UH, 
Aoi] dhkIehI him *ith Ihe motion ux) 

Of mrh dalra that. diQiIdrring, hn «b- 

IllmHlr: anil, rrjiag mightUy to ttw 

TVt five hU nul and nut thr dpnion oat, 
fiowlc wttli hla itall Uu btuikuen round 

At Ir 

ffih, 1b llw loir li|^l of ■ qwBl 

Th» towrrn of KolMtaiiH fur •«»y 

Rom on lliv ilrant'i rim ; M>d NathaD, 

Atid tooiMorr, pnuing whera far Hitile 

AtmA aiDt 
The bith of Ulam frand • AomU tamh, 
Srnw taati one ktuvliDK In Ihr thadow, 

H* gnrtM hin-lljr : •• Mijr lb* Hoi; 

AnmrT ihy pnijn«, O itiaKgiT t " 

rh* ibaii* atood u|> <rith a lond 07, a»d 

ttaai-vl (11 nch otbn'i anal, Um tw« 

fCnji mm 
Wrgit, imiitDg Uini wImm 

Nay |>il>SP WT anvl. 1>d a 

Iftr iktBT. 
rilj Di', It Dot Iwap. I ban aisMdl" 

A«aalni>-k IVb Iiuc tlood- Tbs da*- 

Blnr bia long diuLU hackwvrd, tajiiig 

Tb* Manhl vcM oT Ua aUrt at hrir. 

" I loo. friend, if not in «i.t.~ b« taU. 

" lu liivUKliI bare irrtlj aiiiimj. HmI 

1)1 »u uot mid, 
• Hrtt'-r llw ryt (bould *ft tbu tbat ia- 

Should <rand<fr ' > Bnniiaf witb ■ Ud- 

Um firr 
That Iran anil |rt«yen qncbcb not. I 

For pttjr and fut hrllv ai Ibnti tu IB*. 
Pnj r<t DHs O n,j riinid ; " Bat Na- 
than crivit. 
" Pny Uiuu fur lar. Bm lii- ' ~ 

Kidr I7 lU* 
Id the lorn aunahliw by tb> tuibaa iIb— 
ThiykBclt; nuh niadi hU lin>tk«'*«D» 

PnrRrltlnj^ in thr ffmy atid atii^ 

Of |>iljiii|{ loTT. hi^ I'Uiin of aaUabM^ t 

I'ncf, for hU fnrnil bnoa^ln. Us 0«r« 

And, wbnt at Ual tbajr raw «p U m» 
KKh mm 11h1'» |snl<)B ta bfa bratWf's 

Long aftrt, »hni bia bi 

Traml on ibr targaa-taaiwt ef OabaJM 
In RaUu Nalhan'a baBiT Ibw ««•* 

•• ffifr oof fA> >^r> ^ ate KU A<^ ^ 

/b^M rf in Vow't arrnrn, aaif Uf M< 
Tlum tnmM mat paftl^ afiU dmit Jar- 

Bta—ni gait U tkia M kirn td^ (mmb 


Tni KliUr folka ahc-L band! at k< 
iMwD *al liy •»! tht aijpwl |ia«il. 
To aimpla way* lik>! oura muunl. 
Half aolnniit*^ aod half ajDOHd, 
WItb lakg-dn«« boath aod ahii^ ■ 

BU •anaaaf Blad nlkt immma 
Oiualda Ih* Ub U7 warn Id an i 
Tbr satU* in llw BMda*-raa 
eiMd baU-bg dM|> ; a aii^ bM 



Th*' ^'n'«-ii n'liosf nlwivr us Ktim*il. 
* Wiiiit |i.irt iir l<it luvi* yi»ii," h«' Mii], 
'* In tlii-'M* tliill ritf!4 of ilriiw<tv-iit*a«l ' 
In -iliipi" uiiriliip ' !*ifi-k it whfrr 
It siNitlii-H uitli tlrraiiM thi* miiiiiiht 

\iit in this rliiM* un«I ni<lf-)H-iii'!iiMl hiill, 
Itiit uh'if Mtft lights Hinl hIuiIiihs 

Anil .ill til*- hl(»w. <i!i-i-]i<u:i]kiiiL; Iiomfs 
<Jli<I«' >M»nn«lli-Ns iivt-r ;;ri'»"» .ui'l llowfrn ' 
Kixui tini- aiiii plit'-i* iin-l form .ifkirt, 
lt<« liiily ^;pHiiiil tin* htiniiin liiMit, 
N>»r iiiir t<-iii|ili-vi.iiit 
W.ilks iIh- Im'i- -.piiit .if th- bml ! 
Hiir •-•i'liiiiiin M io*i r ili'l ni*t 1**11 
Hi" ImIIiimi IS Mp fi-iin ••tlii-r nicn ; 
Hit ■». iviir liUrtv iii'I't'l, 
II" liiiih ii'i •liiii' h. In- frini*-<l dd i'n-<'«l ; 
Itiit uhlli- till- H;iiiilly rh.iiisi-i* 
M I'll- lii«».i'liT hi-* |»livl ii-tiTv. 
As t'liiiu tlir -»vii.ii; ■jjiif iii-«-ri 
Th'- 'liisty|:ill«-il N-iAirt-n-' 
rhr-iiiu'h ii|M nin^i-iirnlii-lilt h-nA the way 
I'lHiii thi* :iut'ii1 S.ilili.ith ilix. 
II In '••■rtiii'hs wt-ri' til" h'Mltiit'iil talk 
'I'll it "lioitiT iiiiiii* tli>* niiiuiit.iin-wiilk. 
Ml" w i\ "i'lt- ii'Xts \v«Tf t!iiUi-r-« iiii<l MnU, 
WtM !•■ iiiiiiL:h*'l with His ^r.ii i'liis wiiriU 
Til'- rii"!!" lit" tlif tani.triik-tri-** 
An-l ii|t|«l''-w.i'«h "if <f;ililii'." 

•• Tliv uiirMs .IP" wi'll. n frii-ni|," I Hiiid ; 
" I iiiihi-iii.-il iin<l unliniitfl, 

Witli tPil-'-l'*"-" h1i.|»' of Ntnnt' til St«illi', 

I'rc ni\"ti> I iiiiT) h liMiii-l |»pi\iii. i 
]!i\i"r>ii- .iii-l "il'-nt svmiU 1 

Th' ti firpp- ni-vi-r in.itli- Mitli h.uiils, 

I'lili. .1! I till- Viilii-* -.till :|||i( s|||,il| 

• •: I'" nil ■• I II ■ •iiifi-N'.i.iii.i]. 

II- n-.<l"» ij'i Ni-'iiil |il.i 1- itf priViT 

\\ li'-' IfMtlllLT •■■»r I- i-Vt'lVwll.-li' ; 

II' >';iii.-<« iiot l<.f k tlif I hiMi-h il.iy- 
rill! Mil.' 'l th«' t-arth uith «itiiiii-4 (ff 

}*• • >f> <1 K ti !i ik'o Ii ill «tf (timK. Hint laiil 
'I'll- j.'.itirlis ..t riiil.i-'-. ■••i).iiMi.i<li> 

**•:;■ I- ,-» III ii\\n<4 thi- —-Ili^h il^f-\ 
Viil -1 klv :;T.iwTh -if H.i!iti|i|f. 
rif \% .lit h !••"'. ;:ri I- • out of iti^ht, 
F !m-.\. ji» in :lii- .|fi»irt nui huriti- ; 
lM-"t \.-!i .1 ji-.m ill'- ■.utr-rini; Hliolf. 
{.*'>••• hith ii>i |Mi;iir ?•• *^i\f a •miuI. 

N'li! tilt i»r S. ".t, :) ri.'Mi 

An I nativi- :iir .-mit ^tiil nf <.in, 
Tlu* living w.i!> I" opnnt; diiil llnw, 
Thi' tnv« Mith l«a\i •• nf hmliiig f{r»w. 

•• nnmm imt, O frii'U.l, ln'mui**' I K»»rk 
Till* t\i\\*'\ -AvUt't twii-«' a wi'i'k, 
1 U'tliT ili-*in it^ |iiiii--laiil ll4Mir 
Thiiii l>n-f/y hill <■! H*Ni-i4uii;; short* ; 
lliit ii.itiiri* i- not "iilitiitlf : 
Sli" i-rovil* UN Hith liiT thnMi^iifC winmI; 
ll*T nuiny IlUmIn n-ai li nut ti» un, 
n«'r iiMnv toii^ii«-n :irf ^imilouH ; 
i*cr| ri'Ml'H of -nrpri'*'* 
Sill- nlff-rs tti iiur ••ar* unil ♦•%«•'»; 
Slif will u'lt |ia\i- iitir oi'ii^'ji «itili, 
Ititt ilia;;h thi in i-aiitivi- at ln-r HJll : 
Anil, iiiakin:; ".irth too ^n-ut f'lr hi-<iVi*a 
Shi* hiitiN th«- (iivi-r in iht* pvfii. 

•* Ami «-», I tiii'l it ui'U to nuiH* 
Fi>r il«f]NT i-'t til thiH «till room. 
For Inn- tin- liahit of th«* -ml 
K«'i'l!<« h-^n till- oiit'-r «i>rl>t't i'onttiil ; 
Th<' Htr>*n;;(li of nuiiiial |Mir|a»«4« i*|«-ail« 
MoH' iMtnt-sili iitir roinnioTi iiniK ; 
Ainl fr> in ih*- ^ili m •• iniiltipli'il 
liv thi-st -till I'lini^ nil i-ithi-r '*i»\»\ 
Tin- WoiI'I that tiiiii- uinl MiiM* ha\> 

KalU off mill h'a\f'M lit <»ii<l ulolM'. 

•• Yi-t nnly thrmiuli thf * h:inii»il n-|HM» 
riitiii\«i| thi- -tiiMiii of iiiotiv*- t1ow% 
A llaviir of It-, in.iiiv Niirin/s, 
Th tint* of tarth aiiil ^k) it hriii^ ; 
III till' Htjil i«ati-i>i i)*-i-iU iini'*! )■* 
S»iiii- tliiiili- of hiitii-iii <»viii|iitliy 1 
An-l hi-n-. III Its :it iMiitniiifil |i1ai-t>, 
1 limk on irH-iii'iry's ilf.iri—l la-t- ; 
Tilt- liliiiil hv sitii-r j»ii»-N"i-jh not 
What -hiiihiw li.iiiiit'* t)i It va- ant *']nit : 
N«i ry*-* sjiVf ruin*' ahiin- imii -••• 
Th" lo\.' \%]|i|i-ui*h it »i-|ioiiii-. ?ri" 
An-l -till, with thosi- aloii" iii\ 
Iti iloiili! an>i ui-.ikMi-»N. Maiit .iiiil nji:, 
I U»w my h> i.|, ii.\ hi- lit 1 ^lar- 
A" wlit-ii that fa. I- was liviiii; th'-v, 
Aii'l t'riv" itiio oM. .ilat ' in vaiiii 
Th" |ii-a>-t* of Miniit'- trust to ;r->>ii. 
K-iI'l faiii y's ri-<.tl"si wiiit;s, uii'l lay 
I'll" iiloU of iiiv h"art 4«av. 

•• \V« Ii-oiiif tilt- silt ||.-" nil iinlimki'ii. 
Nor li-"s th" woftls III" iitn"s<. -|Hik<'ii, — 
Stji ]| (;ii)i|ti) W'^nls as }ii im fur whiim 
* Kir aii*iiiiiii tlowi-rs liavf jiis*. ma i^ 

fi^iiii ; 
Whini* h>i|ii-fill uttiTaliri* thro:xi:h .iini 

The frvAhnt'Nii nf thr niitmini; bh-w ; 
Wht> luvinl not ka» the rAith thai lij^h: 


Pad on l( frorn Uie hnriiiu In ugbt. 
Bui WW <i> M tuit (lumi mon (air 
Tt» Xt.mxl l-i»<» loirron-a Ui.ic. 

A-..I :..l,-fl«». — 

Th. . .««y 

• .. l.otiUr. 

W t I "III futih to meet 

Th' .-iiiJLTii; ... i,.r i.-jiiiti(ul ftel t 
Or liiijily liciis mIiuw jjilnhm Urad 
Uln thcfstlnwlvnt Jniulnl^ 
Wbo tliwuna bft cfailtthuvil'i abbatli 

Br JonUti'a villa* -(liadnl ■Irruii. 
JUd, of tliE bfluna (if ho|ir ftiiil lultb. 

Sunn by the liiuttkx ct Nutcvtb, 

Hon pliiiu n'bwa. in ihr wU 

Td pmyrr, from Modrtn nitnarrU fall, 

VrfiMutg whfn tli> work»WBti! wrou^t 

Tb* Inwia tlut b(r Mutrr tangbl. 

Ofwboln ui elder >iH-y\ mrr. 

The {iropbedta nf (.'unai « cava I 

" I uk n» nrskii'i wntlru tirralh 
Tv tlmar tbc lliFmn of life ■nil dntli. 
S<. .ll-r ^.n.ri.' litl.r .U». 
!lB„m.<, ...,r,l.,„„..d,e.oric.pUr. 

No p.iiT.ii ii»iin»ir.i iiT the Gal 

(If lulkl-a«![Usg tlgvnwUrt, 

Who bomnn Inn uw h«M oflov* 

Thfl iw^iag UuuHbrbolto ttlam. 

t law* bm wdltbe BUfccm luutht, 

Wb>t voik the later tebnoliiiea 

I rrnmirr Dl-l-tJiDi> (lilli anil turn, 
But c;v>l b MW iu> Ukv ■* Ibrn ; 
Hit (■<njF of ttnc ia ■ ill itui|]>iit. 

Uw liala ii( li* >■ bn niocnti 
A»d (till Uw BHMta oToor iwHia 
Outpowi tlH cwwfinf bonada of 


Ha mauua pllwml jf awUy 

Alm'lv ■aronif dnwr: 

De«bu la Iba wwU^ dOhUant im- 

Qnntiua lu now Onn Mir ud alaw; 
Too liiile iiT luD Buch ** kmnr. 
An-1 uiit.i i> iwin ui'l billib *W: 
TW j"»ti i, i.«t luHlTtlpRita 
Witli •'ullow funu uTwaba-beUnv- 
W* nib It lOih Bom, aDiI Urn briU 
lUI lo a f^ - ■ 


a. B^ Ik* Huht 

Ii •tnumra Uiaa our ilanlnt rfclit ; 
Tbr Ivttcra uf the ■« n't] llook 
GUlunai an J nwiiu lirntnlb unr Imk; 
SlOl atmoilei in Uil- Jtge't hrrmti 
Willi ilrrivninK *i!<:>ii7 of qui 
Thfl ulilmlrratv: -AflUumHs, 
Or loi^ wv fur tliii C'hrlat to bat' 

"God *houU be iftvit whna aia 

1^ whrrt' U nritlwr church mt pJ K^ 
Auil nvror n^ lit lum or erad 
To oliitlir tliP naknliw* of Mvd, — 
Kliilv fnmii'T'fuIk in lUntra nwvt. — 
I luni n>y U'll-uiimmnannl bal; 
I Uy tl..'<'rili.'>|[luiMidl^ 
I Iniul IT]"'" itiv MfnrH ptU«, 
Au.l, 1- -^'■■■! '"'■'V 

Tbr, I ,j ■ ■ . ' ■■'■'\: 

UrmiX iiiii' T> Ii'-iri . m <i»' itniin 
Tbs blFpding litn uf i>nyri aiidn i 
'AVherr. ID Btf tuna, mrt twv i 

ibfw," . 

Our l«rtl halk aaiJ, '1 tho* «£II b.:- 

"So amaatima* mmm to Mol m 

Tbe fKling wbUi la «vUaaa» 
That Tir7 twur aboM ■• lira 
The rvalni of a|4rUaa1 BJMariaa. 
Tb» ■phrrn of (1h> uijiinMl fovaa 
Iin]>lnfp* on tbl* votM of oon. 
The Id* and daik hotim lift*, 
Tu ll^t Um anMic tniM aUIti i 
Tha btfth of ■ lUMun all 
nioHidnwD the matrtalt |W*r: 
That all o«r imow, wu, and ikmH 

AmI k* ta/tmmiaim, bm and faros 
Al« MdM &I larotd «tan«. 
Tbiai da^ Wna to Ion It* taak, 
Tha bqnr Stlt targUa m aak ; 
With' imlU <f Itual ao.1 r<.IJ»l haul 

Tbn |*Hlt* Mml i'l ■mtknii (UnJ* 

To CM, a« tViam llu- «in auJ dnr, 
Tba Om tma Life it! una 



The myitpry diml^ understood. 

That Ii*v«* of (iud 111 kve of good, 

Aii«l. chii-Hv, iiH iliviui'Ht traiti 

In Iliiu of S'lLzmvth'ii holy (mw. 

That to U* Mivnl U only thin, — 

SHlviUioii fnnu our Helrinhtiewi, 

From iiHtn' (haii fh*nii*iitiil tin*, 

Th«' mhiI'h tinsuiH'titifil (It-hirv, 

Knitii sin itxt'lf, aii«l mtt th<' ftiun 

That wuriiH UN of itH chatili^ cluiiu ; wiir«hi|i'N ili*<*|HT iwaiiiug liia 

In iiHfn^v, auil luit savi-ituf. 

Not |>niu<l }i(iniiIitifsof HfHiie 

Aiiil i>oi«turiiiK of |H-iiitenci*, 

Hut lovf'rt uiif4>rv«'«l olM>«lt«*itce ; 

Thdt litMik and Chunh and Day an* 

For iiirtii. not (tud, — for earth. Dot 

hfHVi'U, — 

Th<' Mfsw-il nirauH to holii*!*t cndis 
Not nin<4t«TH, hut U'uiKnunt fri**ndii; th«- •lf;ir rhriHt dw^IU not afar, 
Thf kin>; of siuuc rvniotrr >tar, 
Ij-tti-nini;. ut ttuifs, with tlatteivil ear 
T«» lioin.i::^* wruiit; from s**lti.<«h fenr, 
Itui h«Tt'. iuui<i'«t thi* {Mioraiid liliud, 
Thf Uiiiinl iiiid rtutfi fin); of our kind, 
In uofk'* wf '111, in i»rny«TH w** i»rmy, 
Lift* uf our lilf, hf livrn to-ilay. * 


Si'AKK III*', ilr»Mil iinj^vl uf n»|»roof. 
And l*'t thf tuinhin** Wfavr to-day 

ItA t^iM thpMiN in thi< waip and woof 
0( Ufi- HO \mMtT awl ^niy. 

S]iarf ntt* iiwhih*; the rif«h i« weak. 

Thr.M' linp'iin^ fe**t, tliat fain would 
Mt ruy 
Ainoin; th*' thtwiTt, Khull imnie day iie<*k 

The At nit anil narrow wav. 


Taki* otf tliy rwr-wuti'hful I've, 
Th<' 4Wi* of tliy n*lHikinf( I'mwn ; 

'I'h'* iliili'-«t '•iiivf jit tiiiH'4 niuat iiif{h 
To thnt; lii.t hnnifni donii ; 

To drop hi«i ^alli-y*-* Mrai*iintf «iiir. 
Ami {»t«-wi, in lunimtT wannth and 

Thf laii of <wi(nf i'n<'h.\ntfil khore 
Of hioHrtoin an«l of l«liu. 

lirutUp not my liff ita hour of Moocn, 
M J heart iti tttit« of long dttm ; 

This day be mine : be thoae to oome 
Aa duty shall retjuiiv. 

Thf df«-|> voire an»wervd to my own. 
Smiting my aeltiJth pnven away ; 

*' To- morrow I* with Uod ulone, 
And mun huth but tu-dav. 


** Siiy not, thy fond, vain heart withiu, 
Thf Futhfr'fi ann »hall ntill In* widf, 

Whi-n from thf.if plfa^ant wayii of sm 
TImiu turu'nt at fv^ntidf. 

** *(*u>t thy.iflf down.' thf tf mptf r aaith* 
' An<l aiigi-U hhall thy ftt-t uitU-ar.' 

Hv hiiN thi-f ntukf a lit- of faith. 
And blaMphfUiv of ]inivrr. 

"Though IiimI Ik* good HUtl free lie 

No fon-f ilivinf «*au lovf ri>ni]M*l ; 
And, though thf ^ngof «in<« forgi%'en 

May M>und thnmgh luwfnt hfll. 

Thf Jiwf«-t iw I 
Hi-siMM tH thv 

rtu.itiiin of HiK voice 
i|ifi tH thy <wini tit> of will. 
Hi* ^nvfth i|jy : thou ha^t thy choiue 
To walk iu darkufM ntiU ; 

'* Ah one who. tuniiiig fioin the tight, 
Wat* hfll UiH OH n gray nhadow fall, 

|)onbtiiig, ii|iiin hi?> |inth of night. 
If tlhTf Iw dav at all ! 


** Nu wonl of dimin may shut thee 
Nil wind of wrath may downward 
No NWohl'* of fire kft'ii watch al^out 
Thf o]if u gatfit of |M*arl ; 

•• A trndfri-r light than moon or sun, 
Tlian Hong of farth a swifter hymn. 

May >hinf and Miund fop'Vfr un. 
And thou l«* dfaf and ilini. 

i '• FnrvviT round thf Mfr-y-M-nt 
j Thf gull ling lights of I^iVf »halt 
! Iiiirn ; 

hut wliiit if. habit -Nmi ml, thy fi-«-t 
Shall lai k thf will to tuin r 

" What if thinf eve refn«' to m^, 
Thiuf far of Heavru'a fnt* WfU-ome 
I fail. 

And thoo a willing captive be, 
Thyaeir thj own dark iail I 


" ilooni litjiuid xhr taiUttt gurm, 

Aud put I.. U.t Lurd". wurk tl» rinn 

At Ui" lun|{ T«>r« of liuU ontvU 

Wbnli nUuU faiM to do it. 

The pfUDD wf > ioiil \ 

Sew rod. to tl« wrong'. ndnMog 

A wortWer p.Udm. 

"To dunbt Uie loTc Ui>t hiD wonU 

fibitll he not I.W Ifac U.«ln|L 1 1 


"(lualuidCiUlliIiil, cnlwlo 1" ^ 

Th* f«ti.n frora Uiv ■-Iflwmi.l Unih; 


And Umni iImi U.>d oui tl>M hnA* 


, A^lbwlMMikMtliiinl" 


WtTU rl»m lixhl, Ci«>or tl»8auk. 

Q. L. S. 

.Uinr t,.nh 

In btu« HmiUwtkW: 

Aud tJi..D. u nv(Y, (Jm^m lalf tb 


W-poTwLim. l^noT-Bn-n. 

UuU? W«Tr> 

Y*^ ■ ;•'• d*y« ((i») nuA. Uum ba It 


U..I >Uvt« 


sun >l»>uc ibf ufUt BO tan*. 
No (rttrrrU f<«t Oif tliMlnl nuglH 

Hot l!uZii ■1x11 Wk fn* 

n«f«-ton«nJ.I.«i!l; _ 

Wbm IhoH. Ilu hl(b.ptMt >( tW «fl- 


llMt Wnldnl M* Id M. 

And Ihvii. KTratbwtfd raUr, rtliiM> 

«hw mouth 


On.^ n««-. "I^l thm: b. li^tl" — 

Kuu of tb- Sotilh. 

Ijit U|> lb| hunutwl bnul. 


l|.n lUu b* Urib tbv own. 


Canlm ot iritch uuA «iH i tbon h« 



B* rmtrfol hiula ■lone. 



nr Man^ -rot. ; 


U\ er<BiU>N<r*-.t*tik>tWRrjlUM 


W« ^<^ k. t*p.« It 

SinudM 1* tbn bu hand. 



Whn, with tho |Wnnl of the Xorthem 


Wmti ti liiiii oil hit liiiit. 

Ainl hf uht»M' ^mvc iH holy by our 
' ilni 
A nil pr.iuii'il Sjiii;;iiriHin, 
Kn»iii hi<« ci'iiit ii-iiiii ithiill (in)]! tht- 
iii.ii'Im'm p.ilin 
T.I jjr.ti ihif uith " Wi-ll ilniii* : ■• 

Ainl thmi. O Kirth, with Hiitili'K thv 

l.l- «• lll.lki" -Wi-rt, 

AikI li't thy u.iil U- ^tilh'il, 
T«» hi'.ii- thi* Slusi' of |iriiiihi-i-v n'|w;it 

lli-i |ir>i!iii<M' h.ilt fiillilhil. 
The Vtiii-i- (hit sp.ik*' at N*uai<'th hImmUi 

N'l Noiiihi thi'n*<if h.itli ilifil ; 
Ahkf thv hi>|N> uikI Ifi-HVi'irn «*ti'rii:il 

Shall >• t U- s.i!i<4rii-<l. 
Thi- \«.ii> .IP- sl«iw. tin* vision turri«'t)i 

Ami til th*' <i)il itiiiy )«• ; 
Hut, ulii- hv olK*. the tit'lulH uf aiirjriit 
CiO itllt illlil \rii\V thtl' ril*!?. 


L(i\«; ojh • , .1 linMiii of h'MVi-n 1 ha<l. 

All! ^Mll till' vitimi haunt t iti«- oft ; 
I •»■■.- th'- viiiiti III uhifi- r'»l»»-^ t l.ul, 

'I'll'- iiMirMs with tht'ir |ki1iii'> aluft ; 

Hiil t.'.lll!..' ^tlll. Ill lll|tl<ll«- Molu;. 

I'll- ■ . t . !■■•.<» •Ii'«'>iin:iii- ■■ uf w null! ; 
Ali'l -ii:Mikiiu\ viith llhl tili-rs. fnilii thi' 

<»f ^-iil, l-'^ i'\t's, full of D'Hiortc 

.i:i<l i«-iiii. 

Th' ^'1 t I --iiij riit'TM to II W;iil, 

I fi- * I'l'i^i.: ■^iiik'> *•• low laincut ; 

II. ! ■: r! . -•ill ui.lift.-.l v.-il 

I ^.- •*.. . r<>uiii>t t'oii-ht-aiiji tti'iit. 

M.iL-.',_-ij .:• .-A.i-t thf h«-.i\i-lil\ liir, I 
\\'\". *■•■ I'r.iiiL'-* "I uhh* Iti-h |»ra\»'r : 

Alii I V. !■ . -.ii!h "<» l!ity whii-h i- 


ti I^iv. !!iir »..|.«. till ii|» my Miiri-riiiiCM 

Vkh:- li r< Id.ilii ' 

*' Shrtll -.iiiS ri'l't Ti!»' i hv Till* n-f«si» 

T«i til IP- my ^i-rriiw iri tln-ir tAim ' | 

Mr, MTifiirtrivfTi. riiv i^ift ahuw | 

Of pMit* with lelfii^ uocoaotni F j 

IlaA Miiitlv omne no pityinjc can* T 

lla-4 fuiifi 111! Work, ttipl luVf im piwyiTl 
Whih' till r>'iiiaiii% nud mjuU in (lurk* 

n* ilwi'li, 
Can lifttvi'i) itti'If 1m< hi-avcn, uuil htuk 

UnilHiVrii oil hill f " 

Tlit'M thruu^h thi'<i:iti'N<it I'.iin. I iln«in, 

A wiiiil of hravf-ii hlowi i-«hi11v in; 
Fuiiitrr thi-autiil ili<MiinU Mini. 

Till' HUi'tk*' of toiiii.-iit ^riiwt npin* thiii, 

Ti'api <|iii-ni-li thf 1iuriiiig{ soil, and 


SjtriiiK twrrt, |»iil«- llowt rt of {4*nitfn<'f ; 

Antf thiiHi^h tin- lin-aiy n*alui of nian'i 

Star-cfow iii-tl an aii;;i 1 walk.t, and k ! 
4(ih1'!* 1io|h- it tli«-ri* ' 

N it a •ilralli ' It 1h:iVi|i Mi lii^h 
That pity laiiiiitt lin-ullif itji air f 

It- hait|iy i'_\i t liiri \fr 'Irx, 
It- holy li)H( without .t |ira\ir * 

My i\>n\ ' iu\ «:o<l : It ihiih'-r lid 
ll\ thy I pi- pjii't* un!iii-iiti>i. 

NorfoMii iiof |Hiliii In- iiiiiif. hut h-t iii^ 

A ht-art that Htill ran ftf], aii<l i-Vi-t that 
still ran wii'p. 


I N>M» not till-*-, fiir my Mike, 

Tti li'ad a Umk whith w«-ll may iiwke 

Itt wa\ hv liiiti\i- lorrt* of wit 

Wirhout my muiiiial timi to it. 

iTt |iii|iMiit wiiti*r iittMN fiiifii mi' 

No L'ia\i-1\ iii.iti-ulliP- ^uaraiitv. 

And w< 11 iiiii:lit laii^h Inr iin rriiAt lau^h 

At hr«iki-ii -^* art in hi r Nhalf; 

Vi't. ^piti- III all iIk* i-iitii-t till, 

1 fniikly own I liki* Iht will. 

It nuy U*tliat »hi- wi^-hU a {M'n 

Tim I shar)>ly nihUil for thin-^kinn«\J 

Tliat hiT kit-n arrows Hfan h and try 
Th*' armor j'liiitt of di;;!iiiy, 
Aii-1. lh<iii;;h iiloiii* for i-iror nii'aht, 
Siii^ through till- ail ii!i'\i-ri-nt 
I hlaiin- hi-r imt. tin- \oiini; athl*-{«* 
Wh'i I'lantt hiT woiiian't tiii\ t<-* t, 
Ainl ilari't th«' i )i.ilii'i'> of ih-liat*- 
Wilt (I- Uahitil mm liiiiiht li«->itate. 
Who. dii*|ily 4'anii*Ht, m-i-ih^ wvU 
The ludii'mui ami laii^hahlf. 
Mingling io elo(|aeDt eX(.fai 



DM*. ' And, 

Of love tbi 

ivw atucMlilKir*. 

n>f pn:k al (bin, 

r.'tU^ tr 

I ".I 

Gi<v mr tbe winit of thoiuht whoac 

ftrarklr* ilmis tlir Itf t md. 
KlKthC worda in vhlrh 1 Aail 
Tlw tunir of tlw nurthwirt wtnd, — 
The •uJoni wlil>-b livlf alllw 
Te iWKt lud purr huinuiitiM, 
Wbm Kvn vl DManiHM, hat* of 

Qnia Ih'Tim vt ihoagfil, u, whm an 

Of ■iimiiiT tim-. thr haniilw Utifl 
<frtt«i>i'lrrlr» h-vMlfihliriii); t'l-»'. 
Ami XT" tnil liill '<>!> mtiiiif >llm 
And ilnulitfnl i<n III' 'kT'' vairu" rtm, 
Tnurhnl hy iliil vin and lamlKiit KUam, 
sun atuuplj ouUinrd (raw Uuiii dnam. 

Ttlk not Ion 

8* doubt, if Iw «*te bm. that Paul 
Wimlil on III* hrrntiin «lio ban Iriit 
Oiua lu tnilh'* (ton arMtrainnit, 

Aad wt tMr «mwh m l>(rtr'« bM i 
lib b«', wba Inr ha tfiou A|ilt«l 
Hada rwbbn warp md Ua«BMm M. 
Wbi, atrifaw MmmoiBnl to wUlutand 
n* ral(ar-ma>liM«a of ihr land. 
Caantnl b*r llf'>-l'«i luwa piln. 
And mwt* fafT own Iut •Mara' nln ; 
Or hn >k>, to bar prrnviKii) diada, 
Bmti IK* ibip okU Ite Tmiam 

m gir\, — DomHUi;'* i 

Or that 7iniiu| prl, — ] 

KpTirtd a nublor ouh 

Khakinji frDOi natniiiK fingpr-lJia 

Tba iltKMD of brr Bna«ly|ac ; 

Ut lirr, wbo worliTwiJa mlmofa gB*a 

To th( Ifw-caMn at tba tlaT*. 

Hade all W wanl and M»T<n> kwvs. 

And all awtb'a buifua(« 111* ovn. 

FtojciTf lilt viiakni«a aad iW pUib 
ir uiimil Ikntfnr am ||in najr bi^ 

For lorr, al leaat, it MOctiArd 
The alUr Uwt n tmt U> Uwa. 

The bnrl and not Ibtband baa wraqgLt 
FriTtn (unlirD tiu> Ik linirr alam 

Til* ima^ iif a imJrt Ibooitbi. 
TLi Uimiiirjr nf a drallilta l«T* I 

And IliiMifih iluNiM BBvn tooad af 

Or oiT^iia n-hii fmjD lla wall, 
III (limn Voubl |iiitai Imbmu IimiJ^ 
Ita ahadi! In LcnnUnUnia UIL 

Hirv abnuld tti* dair* n( pran ba fiaml 
And tilmlui and Mil tanr, pm ; 

Nor tliifr fraUua, oorlalrnd «iniii>l, 
Tlwniinglnlloraurautllaiid lua^au 

Tha dmr una ntrbinc 1? th; cms 
Fnqprtlkl of tl>a faim i/dMlfa 
In imgw foe hn wlihly 1m^ 

U naniarT of <!»■ bsdar tUlm, 
O Hatbo^bara. lb* cdMan t»k% 

Aad Biaka It wanhr c( Unr nr - 
A^Um II far »■-*-* 

wiih d;f^ 






TiiK yt-iirs UP* lURiiy mxh'v, in yiitith uinl Onk SiiM«th lUy my friciid and I 

li«i|ic. Aftt-r tlif iiKN'tiiij;, i|uift!y 

I'lfliT till* rii:irt«'r Oak. mir hupiM-uiie rii.HHi-it fmiii tin- cniwtlttl villni^* Imm'a, 

W'v ilnw tliii k-Htu«l<li><l with all favor- Wliii*- Hith <try «li)tt tm lai'k of r*iiii% 

iui* fttiiiN. .\ii<l ( liiiiUtI tlii* iii-i^hliorinK hIhin*, 
Now, uitli^i.iv InmiiIh, mill fai'i*!* mmiikiI witli t«'ft 

uith stAis Sim kt'iKtl uiiii liruvv froiii tlif ht*«t, 

Kiiiiii li!''\ h.ird Uitll**, iii«'ftiiif( iiiiri- Altiion^h tlit* i).iy wii.t i^illiii^li tluur, 

a^.iiii, Attil till' low uti^li* of till* hiiii 

\Vr sill i If, halt' iuiilly, iivrr iln'aiiu !»>• Ahuii; tin* iiuki'il htlUiih* •iist 

V.I ill ; Hiir >hiiiliiw<t a-t of ^iiiiit«i \ast. 

KiixWMi^. .ii Iiisl, th:it it i^ ii<«t ill iM.m \Vr n-.K h«'il, ut h-n^th, thi* to|iiii<Mt 

Whti W.llkrth (•• ilin-i-t ilin •*tc|»<«. or pl.tll NWrll, 

IliN !•• rtiMihiit hotiM> of Itfi'. .Vlik*' \w WhfiKv. fithor huv, thi* (;r*-fii tuif 

I..\..l f.n 

Tin- iihi^ih' liiiiiiit>, uml all our finn'ii** hi t* rrm'i'H of iLitun* ih»«n 

ioi>\«'4l Ti» fniit-hiiiix on Imnlis »"*! '"*' timn 

To iii«-.i'«iip-> i>f oM ."Miii^. Iluw Miii'f Wi;)i «liit>', iin-tfiii*i-li-sH liiiii<«i-s, tall >l.iy <'hiit*-li-<»t«f|trf<«, uihI. o'l-tshiiiliiuiti^ all, 

<hir fi it h.ivi' |«irt4-%l fnuii th«* |iath tlu! Hup- tnilU whiM* wiinloWA hail tin* 

l.iy look 

So f.iir Uluri' us ! !vi«-li, fn»iii lifi'lon^^ < >f iMj^.r i*yrh that ill conhl hr«Nik 

siMi* h Th*- S.iMinth T^'st. Wi* iruff*! thf* track 

nf tnith, within ihy A«-a>Ii'iiiii* |H>n'h of tin* •M-a-Mfkiii^ riviT Imt-k 

TliiHi -itti-Ht iiww. lonl of a n'aliii of fart. <iiitti-iiiii;; for iiiih'H a)M»vi> it^ iiHUith, 

Tliv -• i\itot<« till- •uii-tii i"« •'X.ii-t ; Thn>u>;h thi* luiiK vallt*y to thr Muith, 

Still li^i'iiiiii; with thy haiul on Na- Aii>l. liHikin^ raMwanl. foiil to vii-w, 

tiii>'« ki'\^, Stn't«'h*il thf illitiittahh' hint* 

T«» h'.tr th«- S.itiii.iii'H ^jihi-ral harniitnicM nf in-i-.iii. fnmi it-* nirvi-^l rii,i.ot Iiii** : 

Anil ihMhiii ••f law. 1 r.illi-il frmii Snuhfil atnl still, thf Harm Miti«hine 

• li> till iii'l ^m^. Kilh-tl with ]ulr piM-«lii<«t all th*- n-ai'h 
Til iiik (••••I ' <^> 'Mih to a Htriff 'Ml loii^, < 't »liiiiiU'roUh hoo.1s from hill to 
That, • ri' It • Iii<ti-il. th** hlark, ahumlatit iKfuh, — 

liiir Shiiitiil on Hall.H of thp>ii;:i-«l fittfat.i 

i>f }«.\h«Ni.l p-<«tt-«l silvi-r-sown anil Himrv Ktnin litv toil anil «lustv •*tr»"iTN 

(Ml ni.iiihiNMi\ tcni|»li-*«, now at Min-M-t- On i^rasoy hUiti, unit ilun*- of !».iim1, 

• hu(i>- Atul riH ky iiiaiiiU niih'Ti frutn Utiil : 
Ti>a>l with lull' I f-*-t th*' |iAth of mi>rn- T«>iii h<-il thi' far-^lantiti}; s.iiU, anJ 

ill:; linii-. show*'il 

Ari.l it']>*i htii'-i- ti*o lati' I limciT whi-M- Whiti' lini"i 4»f f«tum wht-P* lon^ wavra 
Thi- !!••>«•- It h.ivi- I i-a^tl tu hlow. nnil tlnwiil 

till--. .ii> Kin*. Iiiiiiih in th*> •li'^tani-r. In thf f.orth. 

Til 'It, WW I 111 thy <)(oi.«', wilt iii>ar«'*'ly l>im through thrir nii<«ty hair, lookiil 

)«laiiii' forth 

The frii'inl who ahirlda hii fuUjT with Thi* ii|«i*«*-(lirarftni inuu&taiu* tn th* 

thy nanii*. aea, 

' . loa ma^, im t From mjiurj to mystery ! 

So, uliing so thai 


bUl-Uopc I We mo il 

Frt a ibe luli uid air il in 
. Of Ulilu-la lUd Uiunilnriiii 


Aiul lUT rnvuil iiuvilnl iiuw tt aimr 
Tu iw llial tlii-v who ownnl tliK MRt 
....... ... .. rt,p^ 

OwT tht whole ™it 8rld of mu. - 
Ttu Tuyinii funn* ut (oilli kUit Tnii 
Tbu HiniiiHi« Mrrrnl Uii lioldfra' 

'n vhii-lt. au<[U"*li(nint, iimliminl. 
UDCOUDtnl niilUoiu Iirpd uid ilinl ; 
TL« labia ot llie uicimt fblk. 
Tbrootch wliich lli< bnut uf natiaiu 

•put- ; 
Thr old moralitir* whlrh 1«dI 
To !i.iii.r II. .H.-riEi.-.^ iiid ranlnit. 

T.' L. . r.illl.nH«,Mi, n,r\ -liui.' Ir^lj mvV 

la baiKUn lo l)» Mtrr itill. 

W' |CI»> it poni-r !<:■ i-nnp ind Wl. — 

Wr mnh U» Hurld f«t tmtli ; «> nB 

Thr Btwd, Uif imiT. Ill* Intiurnt, 

Frum |[T*Trn moo* and ■'HIIi-h imll, 

Fram all ol.l floofr li.ldi of llv *aal [ 

And, ■PKty arik'n of tbr Int. 

W* iimr hark ImUii tnna ont '[uert. 

To (ind that all thr laga aid 

!■ in th-? Book our nuiheta rail. 

And all ovruamuvof lI' ' 

Id HU h 

Vha gathm in oi 

T1» *nttmd bUika cf O^'a 

and i> 


It nilut he that Mr irilwvra 
Sooirti'iw III all iD'-n Ikal Ut 1* ^ 
That ■■D^tnf nf 11 1> MrlBc fram 
Bmbo* ibf hi>*M ol ihf fais, 
Whi^ thraoidi flnnp ctrvd and rile, 

Th> Mnio of a dhinn k«. 

W> -all h. riimlrt ti(cht ; - Iml U»n, 

l> Hr (K't Hod t - arr Ibf7 iMl nMn I 

An !■<• r'>|<in>llNlltin 

fur m ataof ami noc lac iiuw I 

A»4 I nad" Umw i "Tralk te *« ; 
And. In all Iaa4a bmaath ik* am, 
WboMI tulkiym taarr May «b> 

Tb* ln)i*n* or lu utaT. 

SI* MfoU at ofrX lU ntlaMi wTa|«^ 

II fur I 

■ lUl 

hiu nlmly di^d. 

thr ninr nhilr fingi tmhtfmA 
Tbtf horrml err ihr Uaalfr'i hml I 
I'll fnan umUlrd linir ihrjr nugm, 
Td* marryr snila of hrathrndam, 
AdJ I« If u rriM an.l laaaiiiD brtaf 
Thnr Irllo»iJiip of Minninit. 
t tnn Ilia yntmtr in Uu blioJ 

. In rrMla-1i;niua rf Itfe ihrj' anatti 
l-ju-h, Ift lU MMMiv. Imt • |ian 

' or tlip aiiMi— nd ttuw-Hmn ; 
had «Uh • atrnMrr Ulh n«r«a 
Tha gmUM UmI U nvna thr ba. 
Oaod •WW II U for IhaBhMMS 



That till' ^n^At inJirvfl of If is Jrath 

T(i till* 4»tif <irilf*r witii**siii*th. 

Nil •I'liilit tif 4'liiiii){«*l«'NH pMMlnesA wakeA, 

Nn link <'(' •uiiv II ml Mi|iirii4*e brvmka. 

Hut. oiii* with ii.ittirf, rtMitrd in 

III till' \iTitii'>i ; 

Wlii'ivliy. Hhilf tlitrtTin^ ill tlfgnn* 

Ah tiiiitr tnnii iiitiiiitv. 

Til.' uiiii iiikI I(i**n fur titlicr> iNiriir, 

l^ivi* s I'mwii (if HiiirTiti^ iiHt'kly woni, 

riif lif*' iiiiiii}(ivt>tli for hit frii-ml 

K'-iiiin- vif'uriuii.s ill tip* i'IkI : 

Tlirir lii'aliii); pluiv in ii.itiin.* t«k<'. 

An>l iiiaki' life swrct'T fur llii'tr !«ukt'. 

**Si} wfIiMiiiii> I from I'wrv mmnv 
Tlif titkffiH of thiit iirniLil I'lmt*, 
oi'ltT than hr.iVfii it^-lf. \vt nfw 
As the yniin:; hiMrt it n-arhi*.<i t», 
Iti'iM-iith uht*"!' MiMily inipulv* n>lU 
Thi* u.ivf of hiiin.iii mmiU ; 
<;iiiilf, •■••nifortiT. uinl inw.iril wonl, 
Thi* ••t«Tii il "«|iirit of tin- Linl \ 
Niir l'>:ir 1 iin;!lit that niifiiiv hrin^ 
Kit •III M-ar* hin>( thnuif^h ni.itfridl 
tliiiijLl^ ; 

t'lilltitit III h't ilH ^lanni'H ]in)Ve, 

Ni»t hy till- li'tirr's iiltlii«'!M mow, 

Thi* iiiyri-i'l witrhU on worhU that 

Th«* Hjm-fH of tin* univiTtt* : 
.Siii.i' fViTyuliiT«' tin* S|iirit w.iiki 
Tli«- tT'n'h'ii of the hi'iilt, aii<l tulk.t 
With m.iii. iLH umliT F^h'trn trfi*<«, 
III iill hit v.iiii-il liin;;iiaL^'.H. 
W|i\ iiiiitirii aliiivf* soiiii' hi>|N'Ii'«M flaw 

III l\f <«tiilli- t.lhh'H of til*' liiw-, 

NVh'ii - ii|itiiii' fVfry il.iy .ifrvAli 
U tmi •■*! nil talili'tt ol' till* tli'sit f 
A\\ iiiw.ifl «i iiM*. hy ontwnnl m^iit, 
(nMlH pn.tiir •• ttill thf hfurt •livin«*4 ; 
Throii^rh ili'i-|»-»i joy of llini wi* li*Nni* 
111 Mifi'tt Kfi'f *" (li*i> ^*' tuni. 
Anil rt-.M»n MiuofMi itN jiritl** to iihnn* 
Th<- • hihl-liki' in!«tini't of a prmyiT." 

A till thi*n, iio it my wont, I tnM 
A '»t»»rv of thf iliyt of ol«i, 
N'l't /ouimI ill |iniitf(i boukn, — in 

A f.iii>-v. viith ^1il;l.t hint itf truth. 
Shiiwiiii; liovk ililfi'riiii; fiitht ■fj^nf 
III ••III* <«v»i-«'t law of t'luiritv. 
M'-inuhili' tlir sky hail piMen grown, 
< >iir farm in ilA ^liory ahontf ; 
Hut *hatlowii ilown the Tallry awep!, 
And gray hvhiir the owan ile|iC, 

An time ami *im»rr I wanileml o*fT 
i To,tn*atl tht* Mofful'a niurhlc floor. 
I Ami Hfe a fuirtT nunrn't fall 
' On Juninu'a wuvt* ami A^ra'a wall. 

TiiF. K^Mnl Shah Akbar (iN*af«* be hit 

alway ! ) 
(*am«* fi>rtli from thv Divan at vIom* of 

liowril with the bunlen of his many 

Worn with the htauing of unnum)M*rv«l 

|iniy»TH, — 
Willi rrit'H for jiittiiv, thf itniNirtiinatt* 
A]>|m-uIh of ^••••1 unil jt'aloUNy ami hat<*, 
Anil all till' atrifi- of M-rt and rnfil and 

San ton and (lonnm wa^pnK li<^Iy H^ht : 
For tht> wiac UMinan-h, t'lainiin^: not to 

Allah'M avfnpT, h-fl his* iniiidf fr»v. 
With a faint ho|ie, hi-t t^»**k tv-jrce 

Tliat all thi* fiat hit of faith, though m-t- 

♦•nil wiih", 
O'rr whirh tin* ff«'t «»f |trayi*rful r»*ver- 

«'Ii''t* luisvutl. 

Met At thi* K'at<* of PttradiM* at la^t. 

He aoufcht an alcove nf hit cool 

Where, far U'neath, he heard the 

Juniim*!! Ktrvnm 
IjifiM* Mtft and low along his* |ialace 

And all aU»nt the 4*(m>1 Mxind of the fall 
Of fountain.s anit of water oir^'lintt frvr 
Through nuirhle durtH along the lial- 

i*«»ny ; 
Tlie vitire of wouien in the dittancc 

And, ftwrrter still, of one win*, at hi^ 

Soothe<i his tirvd ear with aongt of a 

far land 
< Wherv Tagut ahatter^ on the aalt nea- 

The mirntr <»f ita cork>grx>wn hill» of 

And vale:! (»f vine, at lishon'a harl»or- 


The date-palm 4 ni»tle«l not : the 
|ieppal laid 
Ita topmoial bougha agAinat the halua- 




1 ^^^^^H 

344 lOBUiL 1 

HotiM.lrH M ibP mimic letrai ud ; And. thttnigh her lift «f *m, tki ■» | 



Tt»t. lj«bt uid xrmcefiil u ill* ihawl- 

And rha.U Idial of lb* dnlaa Dm 


Ourd on hrr with an «7* ih* mUkl mi 

or It'lhi »r I'mriUlr. IwlnnI In Man* : 

^an. - ^ 

And tliv urrd nxiD&nli, whu ■«<1« lu>d 

TV »d. ttiTOMrhrul lu<d( of idty. ban 


IM lo*. that Uth no ]>rt in wnUk ot 

Tbr day'a liud Initdrn. ul rnm rare 


Brgaii. with' hw Tdtt and neU ajta, 

And l»t lL» Qoirt rt<»l into hiJi lirwt 
Prom U.« rtOl hour. [Wow liim Agn 

H.lrU ^" 

Of the *ll-1o.inx Chrtal, ali.1 whU hrfkll 

Wbcn ihs fine* nalot^ IhliMlM §m 

By tlif l>Da light >if luuwi ovrnwrpt : 
Tb« rivrr fl»»Tiut tJimtuh * Invrl Ud.I. 

lirr Mood. 

Unggrd to hia frrt a Ommt U «<»>■■ 



Skirted wbh linx! uid onngF. g-r 



tUch b«an. and ttwjmt Ibt «mt tt 

Vonntiiiu ■! pUj, uU ndiurvU of 



An.) hrr «iTam Hod hia hcf blur*. 

Fair plnnirr-giiTliiii. witti Ihiir Iliiii 

11^ UdT th« poor oo« go (Ml «■ M 

crinx trrcf 

Brlirml igaina Ihr iiioamtiU cTprroin , 

And Akbar laid. aftir ■ ■■a.f a 

And. i>lr-|.nt»l lijtbllj u tli.' Munn 



"Wi- 1. th* lr««>> by thr IMfta 

The tnubl. *oail>Tr of mmt boh ilotiw 

Wof imtoliim' who iii'lgra and KanM* 
H-h.1 hbl'lra a>ll hb own hwt Inrti' 

Udhk . .hue mooorio om tLo Aill 


nUMins >■■ l>*Mt]r in a lUIIer flood. 

In an Ihr >»-t> that •«« kmu Usd ; 

Silmt the Kunsidi nMd. nalil the 

1 would to Allah Iba lh«4rU*aiMn»l 


Hon' nntU with th* Ufom aTtbk 

awift-blliiiK bid Uu nt; fiwn hi. 


■n.«- jtIIow Lamaa who at Mtent fj 

Thn to tli> nomui ■! hit t>«t h* Mid : 
"T'tl Rir. (> UirUm. *..inrll>liiH tliou 

By wind and -al^r poww, ai>d Wt. W 


- tie .To rontifilh not ahall, n*li» 

In (hlUbood of Uu MuUr i>( Ih; (ulh. 
Whom l<Um ai» mm*. Our Pnitdul 

• H> WW • tr»< BrMaii. jTM. k Wort 

Fall ulCT'tHi .>( BiuUba,- umI «ka 

Spai* Ihr >4ack gnat tbm^ ttinca thM, 

Aad «i>lfll .at brfon m* frnn the 

Whh the poor haM and >al>M4ai Ml4 

Thm th* Boilt •iUMrtli i aad wdl 1 

(«>r^ _- 


Hu>d In Ihrir hnm Utm. Ital 

Br vhtt thM art. ilwot. n U >o. 

Of th; own |-«p[(. (ha Ua k«n i*. 

Aa tha !«>-• torn th> onk*/. Inwl ba- 



TKa twM diadpla n>k« Iw HmIi^* 

By Alkk-a Ian ' ) hii hbdt nik« 

or <J«a-» ttmitJlrwt, Un I mi mi 

Thru Ulrfam. jeImI of hawt (tw i« 

Th* «jia« of hii protdMt traa m4 

Rh. ctol^ iB tba HmOmi'* Ul«nl 


aw«1, - 

IV x**^ UadUlMt <rf a Chiiuka 

■U< who l._mer<drDl tMI (MMJ 

dulil ; 


L ^ 



Hut, ni'xt liny, m> it rhanced, u ni^ht ' Thiii nif^lit he waite<l nm 

U-f^iii To fly with nn*. Thi* fault wim mi no 

Tu fall, II iiiuriiiiir thrt>Uf{h thr kan*t*ni «I<>ii«*: 

Mil ■ He kiH-w tht-c iif»t, hr diil hut Mrirk hil 

Til lit oiH', nM-a)liii>( in her <luNky ftuiv ' own ; 

Tlf tiill-li|i|N-<l, niiM-fVi'il )«>A*uty uf m Whu, iu tht* very hha<low of thy thron«*, 
r.ii 4* ! ShiirinK ^'O' iNiunty, knuwin^ all thou 

Kni»wn as tin* hlann'IfM Kthiu}iH of _ art. 

(Iii-rk "^m;^. 

tSr^att^t ami bcHt of ni«*n, an<l in h^r 

riottin^Mo •!•» hrr royal rna-ttrr wron^* i hi-art 

W.itiltiii;;, irpni^K.-hful uf thi* liii^Tin^ Cinitfful to tran for favor un<liw»n'til. 

li;{lit, ' Tuinttl «'Vfr honirwanl, nor one mo- 

Tin* i'V»*nin'^ iihnilow.i 4h*4*|M*ii for ht-r . nn-nt sw*'rAi*«l 

lli;:li:, j From h^r young hive. II«* Imiketl into 

Ii<ivi'-;^iii<)<«l. to htT hiHne in a far lanil, | my **yi'.t, 

Nuw \i:iit<-il ili'ath at tin* i^rvni Sluih't Hi' h»aril my voi<v, anil foiiM not 

roinniaiHl. | othenftlM* 

I Than he hath done ; yi't, ■are one wih^ 
Sha|Mly AH that ilark prin^'enn for { emhrun* 

\«ho-«i' Millie When tir*it we «ftiNNl tiip*ther fai'e to 

A worM h:irt«'n'il, daughter of the faee, 

Nitf .\n<l all that fate hoil ilone Hinoe la^t we 

lliTsi-lf, ami veiling in her larp', Mi(t , nii't 

f\i-s ' Siiiiieil hut a ilream that left uh ihil- 

Tin* |i.iN^iuii anil tin- liiii>*uor of herskien, iln^n yet. 

Tin- Al>\o-«iiii.t!i km It low at the fift . Mr hath not Mfun;;:i'«l th>-«* nor thv r«>V4l 
<»f InT -ttTM lonl : "O kin;{. if it U* ; lir^l ; 

Siianr him, n king * an«l blav uie in hin 
Ht.-a.l ' " 

m«< t. 
Ati'i for thv hoiinr'^ luike/' nhe !iai<l, 

••that 1. j 

\Vhi> am tilt' hiimM<*!<t of thy slaves, Itut over Akhar's hrowa the fru^Mi 

sh«i-il<i ilir. ' hung Mark, 

I will not 1 1\ tliy m«'r<*y to forgive. Auil, turning to tht* eunueh at hi** liai-k, 

F^iopT it jo to <itf than tt» outlive "Take tliem," he niij, **an<l let tin 

All that lift- K.ive nit*, - him who«e I Jumna*!! uavra 

\M>iii;; of thfi* I Hiilr l»i»th my thame and theae ai-i-unw*«| 

Wh-* hut tip" uiit«'omi* of hit love fijr ; >lavf!t •" 

no. Ilia loathly length the unsi'Xed lionii- 

rhi-ri^hfl from ehiMhitoil, when, Ih'* < man U^weil : 

ntaih tlif «»ha»li' I *M')n my heail )»»• it '" 

Of t''iii|<ii><l Axum. M'li* hy wile we i Straightway from a rh»uil 

I'livrl t>f dainty shawls and veils of wuven 

St<>l*'n from hit anus, my lover foUoweil niist 

til*' , Til*" f*hristian Miriam rose, and. ".ti^tp* 

TlirmiK'h ui'ary M*a<mni over land and ing, kissed 

■^ •! : The monareh's hand. Looete donn her 

Au'\ two iLivt Minei*, sitting diM'onso- ^houldl'^«t liar«* 

latf Sw*|>t ail the ri|>|>l**d darkness of her 

NV I till II thi* «ha<low of the hareem gati', hair, 

Siiil<h ii-r. u if ilroitping from the iky, . Vfiling the )K>soin that, with high,i|uii-k 
l><>uii ti-iiii til*- l.ittii-f I if till* lialrony ^uell 

Fell til- -u.t't M.iig hy TigTe\ cow- Of ft-ar and |iity, through it ro<ie and fell. 

h>-iil'« '^nuii 
In tin- 'tM inuoi'- of hi<i native tongue. , "Alas'" she erit-il, ** haj*t th'»u for- 

He knew my voiie, for love ia quick of 
Answeiing in aong. 

gotten imite 
The wonla of llini we spake of vi-ttrr 
night r 


Our iDiimriil ihr iilnnur hame of Akbar 
Wltb III* ipntt «uim of iMMlnn. TbcD 

BonnwJ Id Iwr upliflf^ her, that ttfll 
Plrwlnl lam ittunglj llan ftll nonla, 

lu {iridi' uiil miffet tmnrd liki ovcr- 

9|irnt >'lwuila of tlianiUt ItA to idl 

Of alrifr kii^ ovrTCMnitig. WiUi boWvl 

And uiiiuiic no bU laaosi ■. *' ftod.' be 

Wvll (|Bkr ibf pn>)Art, Uirkm. — be 

Wba bath not dniMij m mett t« «*t ■ 

At nirh u Ibnr, wbn hnv llirlr iloam 

Hdd likf niTwIf In tbr atnicig gnap of 

(air ' 
TImt NtiDiiI Ihroagh torr, m 1 Utroogh 

Tik* tjinn lirrouil m italnu tmt let 

And. lA* • ehunu ta tb« word* of 

Th> .n. IrniVair, rittiu bi hk flaai, 
Motlmlnu ■■■n Uol WU Mcrin 
Ik lh> iBTitinn AbW baflt hr biM 
L'lkdn tlv ni<nt.TWTl Urwa, t^ ha WM 

Knnr Hatn'* Uvi, mJ tbnocli U» 

AiiJ Ibua It m 
CbiH|um bioMBlf ud all iblap riar. 
AboTir thr nacb of wraag n Iwia cr 
('dm lu Ihf gnda, to vbum br la nort 

Two Irafcura ttan A|[ia atiU tW InT- 
TUi! toinh of Akior throuKii IM <n * t— 


AdJ, ti>«r at lianJ, tbo nubk rail* 

that bid* 
Tb« Clirutiui Hnpim abtfing d hte 

And o'«r lirr Tault of baml (*b« Aall 

If It b* cbuin alno* or nlrmrt* t) 
Tb* MiiMon -vM vltb Uidaa ImM 

Tb> «ord> 'of Jmw on iti tttunrf 

K-roll», - 
TiJl*. In all t«(U(*>"*> lb' t*)* *' MULf 

And bidi ihr galUj, " Oe and da ■• 

[| now «aa dn>-r«n : rrrj tm 

Tlw tiixhi lav on tbi Inwly bill, 

l>owD whicb WW bo —• - 

A ad, •ilrnt, thnmf 

Hare that thf tirdni i 
Thrlr loDit monotiUMl 
A jonni nxian, at ila 
r-airrd ibarp i^bIm 

And, muoHntlr, th> h 

Sknr *beiU 

rKMBootU . . 

OtH laMakt attl •fda na w. 

And ikni m; friMMl ^Mk* Mktly 

Tha llMfhl «( hatk: "Y« ilii rt 

L 71 



Send ni**," hf pniy«'<t, "theangfl of my Ti>nnfnt hiin like * Mohawk's captivf 

tlii-iiiii ! htut-k 

NAuhatmht U ri*ry jioor; he cauuot With sliiw-«-iin<inniiiif(8]»Iiiiti*niT Would 

wait." th«* sAiiitN 

And the whit** anf^'la tlam-** and lauf(h 
Kvcii as hi' flpake h** hranl at hiN ban* to Mt* him 

t'i'ft Hurn liki' a jiitrh-pine ton*h ? Ilia 

A low, inftAllii' I'liuk, and, looking; rliri»>tian K"rh 

down, S«vmefl faliinfc fmiu him; with tl^* ffar 

Hi* Niw A dainty ]iurw* with diAk^i of anil Nhttnir 

ptlil Of Adam nitkfti at th*' riMd of day, 

Trowdiiii; itM iiilkrn net. Awhile hi* III* ^ui'«l HMun«l. A )tltti-k !*niiki* hiy tc 

hi-i<l , (-nil 

Thi* tn':i.Hiiri' up fH»fi»re hi^i eyes, alone On the h<it haml, a t*n)w with Mihdong 
With his ^*at m-^l, f*-elinf( the won- j eye 

droui I'oitiH Watchi'il fnmi a d>'ad h<»u^h. All hia 

tSliflr thnni^h hiit en^^er fingi*ra, one hy ! Indian Ion* 

(»nf. i Of f*vil hli'n<lin^ with a e<invert'H faith 

So then the dn*am waN true. The aniO'l ' lit thi* *>u|H*niiiI ti-rTorn nf thr ItiNtk, 

hrou^lit He Miw the Ti'nipter in thf railing 

i)ne hniiiil pii'f'e only; ahnuM he take' «>iiHke 

nil thfM't And omitiiiiiH, Maik-winpil f>ird : and 

Whi) would Im* wiMT, in the blind, dumb uH thi* whih* 

wimmU ' I Thi* Ii>w ndiukini; (if the distant wavr^ 

Thi- Io*>«'r. doubtles.4 rirh, would iK'ant'ly ' Slide in \i\t»m liini like tin* voii-*- i>f 

lllisH I (hmI 

This dn)piN'd fntmh fnmi A ta)de always Among tlie tnvA of K^len. tiiniinj* 

full. I up 

Siill, whilf lie mui«iil, he Nrenie<l to hear llin «»ul n loina with a reMtlute haihl. he 

till* «Ty I thniMt 

of A Ktarvt'd ohild ; the Mok fare of his The Iuim* thou^dit fn»ni him : •* Nat|. 

Wife haught, l«* A lii.iii ! 

Ti-mpteil him. Heart ami flesh in lifr^v Starve, if ni*e«| \w ; Imt. while you live, 

ri'Vidt I Imik out 

rrgiil the wiM liivnM* of his stavage Fmni hon>'!»t eyesi on all men, tin- 

yi>iith I afthaiiHNl. ' 

Actin'^t hit liitrr «4*ni]de4. Hitter toil, Cum\ ht-lp nn* ! I ant deacon of tht- 
rniy<r. i.i'^tiiif;, dn'uil of blame, and pit* rhun'h, 

ili-<«!« fye» A )>apti/»^l, praying In^lian *. Should I 

To WAti-h bis halting, — had he Imt for do 

tlH-*e Tliirt s«Hn«t meanness even the )iarken 

TIh- fp-«M|iini of the woiNlii ; — the hunt- kiMts 

ilig'k'r«»>l»ds Of the idd tret* Wuuld tum t«» fVf* ti- 

Of h.ippy >piritA fur a walliil-in heaven M*e it. 

Of fv.'rl.i<«ting |>*alnis ' One hettleil the Tlu* f>inU would tell of it, and all the 

»i<'k Ii>avcM 

V> rv off thttu^ands of nMonii ago: Whi'(|»'r a)M>ve nie : * N.mli.iiight i^ a 

Hi I hi- ii<»t pr.iy>-<l him night and day to thii-f ' * 

riini'' The fiun would know it, and the otani 

An>l I UP* Ills fH^ld)i>unil wiff T Wax that hide 

tliiip a lull ' IWhiiid hi*i light would watt h m«-. .uhI 

Wrn all hit fathi*rs* |irople writhing at night 

tlitn- Foll'iw nil* with thfir !»har]i. ar ?:-.ii;; 

Lik*- the |HM>r xhi'll'tiih set to boil alive — eyi-^. 

Knrev.»r, dying nrvfrf If he kept Yea, thou, Oml, Mi'st me'" Th«i» 

This gold. t>o needed, would Um dretd- Nanhaiight drew 

ful God ' CloMT hit Mt of ImUmt, dulling thua 


Tkt pain of hnttgn. uti <inlked bn' 
To the l.rown ftihing hunlct b; ttii 


'If Tlie ffairrga) fii 

"Who liiitb Iwt aiighl tn-Uy f" 

"Tm golrlpn pivco, in ■ tilkm nnrM, 
Itj d«u|[htrT'* huuUworiL" llpluoknl, 

Onr (tiHxl Uvfoiv him In ■ ooot of Iriric. 
Anl lh' itUjwJ tuU of « Maifarins uiia. 
^MKil-dunl, tjnMi>l-*hiwl>UTT<l, with 

lUrnUinit. he iLiir>(iT4l <rilhin Ui« 

■tnngcr'* hand 
Tha ailkrn weh. uul tamwd to go bu 


Butthr HI 

' A tilh* at Isul U 
Ood't uma ■> an bumt 

8a ioma thr ilnwt Ihat. lik« a rfrar of 
Kan, vluir in HUufainc, U> tha maataa 
H' wn^ht hi* hon*, alBipnf ■ixi prain- 
And vLm hi* Dn^Umin llwir catrln* 

Tlal tbr ('■»> oimu In lU andr wall - 
U( aaMrmit, with a vW wOla, to Mn 
'• I aw Iba MW>) «hera lW)r M • naa. 

IS 8rnnoi,DAY8- 

Btiu. alta th* •cIkxI hmv tr; thr nail 

A nxenl h«i' maninit; 
AruuuJit (tilt Uir nmarjia gnrw. 

Anil hlacbbrTTj-Tion •» numing. 

Within, thr martrr'i Jnk !■ mw», 
t>rrp vvrml In »)■ oArial ; 

Tb>! varnng Hnvt, thit lalmvil B^]^ 

D nil, betrajtn^ 
ri lIl■^ rnwpl&f nliXK to aohaot, 
il atunuing out la plajj^l 

And low Mvoi' Ir; (n^tiufi. 

It toucbrd thr tanjtln) gnldcB cnri^ 
Aiiri Irrown pir. fnll oticivnu, 
oiu! obu iliU bcT air]!* dclajtJ 
Vhai all Um ichiH'l wnv I«tI(^ 

Piidiliilt wllh rMll'w fnrt Ui* Mim 
To nshi anil Irft. br liMrrmt ; — 

An rraltrMl}' hut linf handi 

Thr blnr-cbeckKl apltm taftrt. 

Ilr «« hn lift ^r.>T»; )» Mt 

And h'-m) t)i» trrmbU of bar vole^ 
At If a fault cunlnidng. 

" I m aon? tlut I «|>lt tha weni: 

I hair lu fU uhllTI JOB, 

Baraiiv." ~ Uia Ixvirtt m* Im 
frIL - 
" tfacaoK, fou aM, t Inrafm t" 


Slfll lOMnoij te a cn>7-l 

That •■•ri rbiliTfan 
Df«r giri ' tba „ 

ilar* hirtjr jmn tn* fniwiag! 

Ha Iffot lo Ian. In lib'* hani >l 
Hon K-« vhn ]iaM aliota Vim 

t«mmt Ibdt triuwih ai 
Uk.her.- ■ 

152 macELLkStom foaa. | 

T>1 oT«rbMd men mu- 


Ttw rtvrnjtl >un apiiBrl 

DivtOBT bat .tiU bninu^ 
S<diii>« tfa. riddU (dd. 

JiBA pn-ot gntitnde 

liha(<iB|C ilu Ap of UoUl 

la*w» U» fBiure'. good. 

Aiul tot \hf Ihuigi 1 « 

Tb. loT.- oTGod uhI MgbW; 

t IniMt tlir Uliup tu lir ; 

The ricbrr Ur^ wbm brntT 
W^Ul* IimmI I> hMd Willi Aaf. 

HmI Ui tLrr |«lha aulmd, 

A&d 111* Lhu) iUti of Ood, 
Mr fnrt ■t»U itill )w M, 


Tb* ior rf <»bm p-pi-t 


dfar on«« BDiie abavo m* 1 
Ckn-iw of oOa bw. 


1 ImtcU) jo« nj MAN. 

rkn<ri.i>dMttor.n, ^H 
1 lupp tb> Cstiiil. ^^M 

Hid' II tnm kU* pniM. 

Forr-Rurb th> Rood la bt. ^H 

fkrc U iTum evil tilirun : 

And ibmiT Ih. Tii-loiy. " ' 

yfhj. wLto Jnr li). Ilut ip^ it 


Are Uuiub. thould i(n>n«>-n w>kv it 1 

AdcI takF.ln bilh. >biV liTiiK 

Lrtllu-lhlrk mrUluftUi 

1 LrlUT kdww iLui >U 

How Utile 1 h*n puiud. 


How TaM tbi uuttAllwiL 


Xol tq l>>« pw »<>nl'r«lat«<l 

U tlM old« myth tU lio>^ 

Il«.f.rr tluu wrinn. -™U 

tnmi^ ^ 


Thr oolvn Ml tl» uuL 

8o btrihlr ftlin. 
UouJu-d b; tb* d»fl-a an ad vtoC 

Socrtn liian »nj luiv 


Xj —HIP tl»t luuud nu tongn*; 

Hw «>i>driinK wlU bM- Mn: 

.Sot-lrr llitumit Wl 

Mf iri>Ji tlut («l-l <<r vl. 



OtLm *h>ll line thr •oufc 
Otlicn ikill Hk^i tlir wninic — 

Ill aft^f lime dn- fart^tbttr Im*i«1 


FthiJ. .I,.l I 1-pn. 

To ■IranXtbFD bia i«IMC kxt. 


And ^I 1 hU ul win. 

D<m1 •Mwd Um bgwd : bti (1 0Nl7 

Vlial DialM, I «r tlwjrt 


Htm Of •iKrtW'i lUr. 


Fk. iL- niiiil wml bi aid 

JtMmtha >p>t«b»aiimn>i:^1n». 


B^vZ itoW t> di^ 

11.11 lull»'»>mlnttriniim< 

mMdiBC M»l tMM fnw FiMika't 

Hall hi Ihr lumt* l)c)ii-lirtiii|m t 

■nuonuOu lowBdi. 

A atelkxl akd «h*1lMMl drwi 


All llwl Oil (lag Uid du*. 

k D<N> Uw hiN wWi^ M iMr ■■■w) 

Tha lin of Iwatm Mow nW met 

Tba wiU h«« p B^ «■» 

A>.rr .Una b«rar* bm 
OfWl muklwl .Ul b^ - 




Along fn^'Hn hillaiiles, town with ihot 

iilnl .nhfll, 
Thniii^li viili'M oinv chukM with war. 
Til'- low ri'vi-illi* of thfir tMittl«*-itniiu 

Iti-^turlKi ipi fiioiiiiiig |iniyvr; 
Wit It •lii'iN-r {M-aix* ill HUiuiurr liofiiiii 
tlicir hum 
KilN :iil thi* <lrowM' air. 

Aii'l S.iiiim>ii'h riilill<* \» our own to- 
of swf»'ti)i'<«t fnifii tht» Mmii^, 
nj itiiiitii, |NMri«, and fn'i*<li>ni |iluckfti 
Fi'un tin- n-nt jjiwh of wnmg. 
Ki«iiii Tnaoon's tlfuth wt* ilruw a |>un*r 
A-*, fiiiiu tlh* l»fii>t h«' jilfw, 
A ".w.-«tiii"»-» swri't'T fi»r lii)t hitter Btrifc 
Till' DM-tniii* iithlt'tc iIh'W ! 


Ki«;iii ill til" trii-k wh<'n' Shenuan 

rii>ii:^'lii •! lilt inl fiirniw, 
Out ••!' til'- D.irniw r.ilijn, 

\'\t ffoiii till' •-••'n lMirri>w, 
(f.iTli* n-'l til" iJttli' lil.ii-k {MMipli*, 

With liti-.|i»m ii»'wlv ildWi'nil, 
Wli'-r.', I- nJiIi- ihi-ir N«irthi'ni (•■achur, 

S!.».»l till- «M»liliiT, ll.ixiiiril. 

II«' ]i<.*> iii-l .tii'l IiimmI thi> r1iiMn*n 

0| tip- |i<Hir illiil |iil|;!-i*llNlaVril 

K'-.i Ii'il; til*- wiiiil^ iif .li>>u<(, 

Siii/i!i^ thf -Min^ nf Daviil. 
li«'h«iM ' till* •liiiiih li|iH i»]K*akingi 

Tli'- I'liii'l ''Vt-H Htt-iiii;! 
liiiii' ■• "t til'- ri'i|ihi-t'4 viniDH 
W.iitii"! iiitii U'ln^? 

Tniitof'iTiii'l h'- <wiw tK<>ni ]MMi«ing 

'I'll' IT n- w lif'"'. ji-iital • 
Alin'">t it '.■t-rni-.I llif intiftal 

I'lit •Ml ill'' 
X«» iii"ti- wi'h tlif ll.■.^^^^ iif finrili*n, 

N'» lil-'l. with ^loHi* illfi i-jml, 

iliit •i>>\\iii->l uitti g\>*iy uimI lionur 

III th'- IIU.I^' lif tiii'l ' 

T!i*-ri' u 14 til'' hiininn ih-itti'l 

It- III iiili--! t.ikiii»; -. 
Th'-n-. Ill •M< h iLirk. hrown iitatOi^ 

A siMtl U.U4 wakin»; ! 
Till- man nf ninny )iattl«4. 

With t'-ars hi^ vyt-IiiU pmaing, 

Stretcheil over thmie dusky forehfltdi 
11 ih uue-armnl bitwiing. 

And hv. uiil : " Who htrant can never 

tVar fur or «lt»uhl you ; 
Wiiat hhull I tt'll th^ i-hililii-n 

\'\t North aUmt you f" 
Thi-n run round a ifthis|M-r, a mumiur^ 

Sfiun* aUhWiT di'vinih):; 
Ami u littlf }iiiy HtoiMi ii|i : ** Maua, 

Ti-ll \-m ur >•• riaing ! " 

O Uai'k U>y of Atlanta ! 

Hut half wa.H !>iiokrn : 
Thr nIuvi*'n rhain ainl tht* nuMtt-r't 

Alikt' an- hmki-n. 
Thi' on** i-ui-M* of till* rni-r* 

lltdil Uith in t«thrr: 
Th('V art' ri<«ing, uli an* rising. 

T)if blark and uhiti- t'^rthrrt 

O hravi' nii-n and fair u'iinii*n ' 

HI I'oiiH'N of hate aiiil M-urning: 
Shall tilt* daik faiv<i only 

!(<* tiinii-«I t4) nioniing t ~ 
Maki- Till I'" your soI»* uvi-ngt-r, 

.\lthi*nlin^, all-n-iln-Atnig; 
Mfv-t Fiiti' lialf-way. and UiAv it 

A joy and hli'iMng ! 


• >N RKAMNii II FR l^iKM IS 



TiiF swf^t !«pring I lay i* glii<I with music. 
Hut thnuigh it SiiiiiiiU a >ad«li*r '<triiin ; 

Th«' »i»rthii-.t of our liaintwiii); lirclr 
Sintcs !>iring'ii <lif^'< o'«-r a^ain. 

O woman jrrvfttly lovtil * I join th»^ 
In ti-iid*'r iii*'mi>ri*'!< of our fri'-nd ; 

With thi"** Ai nK- th«' awful •'Im- ih 
Th<' >;M-<-tiiig of a muiI I M-nd ' rht-«*r hath h** ' lli>w i* it with 
him ' 

Whi-rv liiii:»*p» hf thi* wrorv lahih* • 
Ov>-r what ]d<'i^Miit fu-l'N ol llfavrn 

!>awn!ithi* hWi*i't MiniiM' nt hi<« tiuiU* t 

I>of< h«» not know i^nr fi'«-t .ir» t»>M«liiig 
The rarth hani down *>u .^Livrn's 
gfmvr r 

That, in our rmiming exultations 
We nuM the chanu hin |ii\-M.-UL-tr gave ? 


Wkf IB (^i* ■F'W ■" <™ 
fnaii liim la cdl b* all b 


MU <M lb* Up* of ^ wt qantino 
TIm IncFT uf Ood'i almn U« : 

WlD timl<Mt IuukU in Dun W [oldedf 
WiO tbi (Init cftlMb ercr ri>e F 

O MohIi oopnraf brrond thb<r*Bniiiu[. 

Thit aatnw]i of oDt biart^ «■ dtJ ; 
0«d will DM niuck tha hoi* Ih girrth. 

Ho luT* II* immpu ilull nlnly 

Tlwa )M lu iinctch oar luuiib tn dwh- 

id o>r; 

JUuI dw old rolee* apfkk on« moM. 

irwanl w* go to IImtch'* tlultL*- 
h« hWMt-jptLrrini ol tlw heart 


lUfV frvm tf.f Ilia.-- ' f •ranhl)i]>llix 

N^' ■-'"'- - -■■■■'■■■ tMng: 

Til. -% ttirml 

tv ">*hntnli 

\^ i-v-her nail. 

tkck la llw Blgbl &«■ wfeM 

To uuiBa^ati nirfw ■!>»• ! 
Aaam Um thw JuM rf thrt *■« 

AloM (b* Idt tW wriOMt kmD. 
TW k«>D4 «f • U-MbM bmL — 

I'ua on ) TIh Ifpf cJ dl tbo« Mt, 
tl«] wiUra to thp conBMi b«rt t 
Witli Iter til tril asd m] •■ li|^ 
In muti! atiil Mmwr «<n|Balii*itif» 
Like tW *« waMiT ta aM b% 

iiMB ha wW 

Ab, *bo than injr, 

Ob> wmni prrchaMo hall 

Vrt Uiry libu Make Uwi 
IX otlirn tliaJl twi aik i: 
Ami Ilnriv benila low to bsr U 

Uf Ion fiom Upa of wU'dMiayr : 

Id nin ivawaa B»d bar aad bau 
Beat vftb hnkr* ha»da a^fana a tm 
VTboH *aU> nT im onJj Mora 
Aii>l oiirn In tbe tnixb •( toTa. 
lU <m)T rrrit bb banlrM Ul 
Who, lao^ht liy HalT>rin|t, fMm aO. 

Hi pnyrtb bx «bo Invw n ^ 
Tbc myOiry of auulbrT'* Imnt. 
Wbf rhwka (lua pair, ahj tym ^at> 

Or biada an vhilf, ibea n^fM «■( 

Knoo^ to Bot* W nua; a itea 

Tlia] entr biwt hath aanb MhaHiiafc 




A SIMKirrAL M.VNIFf>iTATIoN. ■ •• How .l.-ft th.- .Inary .ln>ii.' of 

I Till' AhrilltT iti|N.* of wdiiuii. 
Ah <Hirt'>ii Ittl liin naiiiti^ I'lti-t, 
Wliu hi'lil a11 thiiiK» ill o)iiiiiiuu I 

AT iiii; ri:i>ii»i:NTM l.KVr.K^ iiiii>WN 
t'MVI.i:^!! V, '.MM II Cm MdMll, lS7U. 

Ti*ii\\ till' |ilaiit liy Williaiiirt M*t 
Its liiiiiiiiiT MiMiiu iliM-liiM's ; 

Til'" wil'Iirii; •.wi'ttliritT «if hin pr.iV'Ti 
In i-riiwii<->l \iitli ( ultiin*<l |-um*h. 

niifi- MHip* till" Isl.itiil Stall" n'|i»MtJi 

Till* l<---<>ri li<- Iaiiv;ltt liiT, 
Aii'l l>iri<l- lii-^ |MMrl 'if • li.iiity 

rjMill ll<T li|i>UI|-lih-kril iUiI^IiUT. 

Is 't f in<'y li«* wal«-ln"!« •«t»ll 
lli^ I'r'ix I'll h< •' hhilit.itioiiN ' siill tli<- • .iii-tiil FuiiiitiiT taki\s 

A |>.irt Ull tll«*>i> iM-r:L.<»iiiII<t f 

Mi'tliiiiks I si'i- n-vrpMhl f«M"iii, 
Will. 1 1 .ill lit' U'* Ml wi'll kiio'.v : 

Hi- li*^-" u{i t«» sjNMk ; ln" jiJgJi 
Tiiv |>i'-'<i>l< t'lliow 

•*<ii»ihI tli- ll'U," ho 80VJI, *««H| trill, a 

I v,,\\. .| |i| '^ It-iIiMiiiil, 
For til!' I I'Mn li 1-1 ito uhtTs 
Aii'l • !i liity It A 

'M:r>:it ;:ri<«-, u-s •aith S'n Thoiiiiui 
T" liitii tru t iii-»'iU \t»* fl;i*'»*li 
Wli'i li< ir- ill Ih-p-sv iiiiil Wvm 

Til'* l»' !• 11"' tn iliMVi-ll ! 

•'I liiir ij^iiii tin* "huniiil ti*!)!"*, 

I s. . ;;, It' .ir; 111 

I»\'|i.j.T ii. i!u.!H, *<|iiritiia* Imn^s 
All 1 |<i-'|'!i>-(o \%ith A iiii.'^^i'M-. 

* Ki- li /■ i'»* ilifi^t I "-ft III* mv fVi'H 
Ml' > Mj-'iir* .irii)ii. ■!'I . 

AH 'If li \fc. ['■ '^h'liiti'il ill my f.ira 
A^^mHi :lf t<>ii;:>ii<. tit RiU-I. 

•>. .I'lij. -l .it iiTH' i-.irl-t.iil. «-.ii h i!'- 
Ill' >l 
Th»- !i'i{»" -if I'ViTv iitlii-r : 
Kai )i riiiirtyr «-liiNtk hit hmniltil tUt 
At tht' I iiii»ri('iK-e uf kia bruthcr ! 

** Thi'ir ^jy uAh'h truili«l in iliU'h and 


Aiiil ttirii i>v thiini himI thii ki-t. 
Tin- ii.iiti'iii;.;-prU uf Mi-rn Mniiiit 
t'aiii** (li'.i^iiig ttj my wirki't. 

"Shiill AllilUi|lti^t.^ ^thnrii rft-am; 

(fiiiy uit«-hMivi H, holiMifw; Uiiwly ; 
Aifi AiiliiMii-.Miis, fr«<-iit I.IW, 

\Vht):«i- viT\ Mill Win* \u Iv. 

I * * 

**I!>«' miitiTs era/I'll Fifth Mou- 
HI' lii^iH, 
Of Mtii|>« <« .iii«l IniiiiI.!^- Iirk^orurtii, 
I'ali* ( 'liiii> hiii«-ii. uitii siii^*-<l ruhrics 
Mi.iti h*-il 
Frmit l*iiriiiuiii- Ti^iilv 

** Ainl luj«t, not li'aiit, thi- <^ii.ik»*ri>i*jiin**a 
With tiiii;;ii'-» htill >nr*' tMiii luiriiiii^ 
, Tiir Ikiv Mati''> tiu^t fruiii otX ihcif 
lU'furt' my thri-<«hi>Iil H|iuriiiii}; ; 

" A fihttli-y Iii>st, th»* litinl'^^ tithri.*, 
! Faith'.H im|iU ainl i-iiiU In^'thiT; 
Well iiii^iit 1 shrink fntiii pu-Mtd witb 


' Tmi^h at th'-ir 1iniihr.<* h-atht-r : 

**If. Mhi-n th'- haiipu.iii at ihi'ir Ih-vIb 
rani'-. r>i)N- in h.inii t-i i .ili h thriu, 

I tiNik tip- iiuiit<'il iiilti-;L«to it^ 
1 u%\%r M-nt tti r>*t« h llitMii. 

** I fill, )>iit '>uin-il tht-ni ni>t a whit; 

I ^avi- to all whitWAlkiHl in, 
N'lt I'lanit aiiii <«iiri'itta]«h Aliin**, 
I till Ninm^T uirat of Jia-trine. 

*• I iipiviil ihn iiro|ih»'t«s fal-***. I pnrkM 

Till" luiMili* iif |N-ifi-i liiiii. 
AiKi i-Ia|i|«-il u|iiin thi-ir iniirr liirht 

Th>- >iiuilfr> uf fit-riiiiii. 

* Ainl hMikini; )«i*kmil on my tim«*^ 
Tbu cniiil I am Caking' ; 

routs FOR puBuc oocAaom. 

To ti^Htukl cbowdct 

" When- uow tliB blvDiling nigix •>> *Mt 

WoulJ piuilo thuir «iiiorti'r. 
The Urv-thul (jaakcr keyt ths Luid. 

The Ikplirt held llw nmter. 

"A Doininun cuat nnw wrvr* tor both, 
ThD hu '■ a: ruon ■ nature ; 

&ad which wu «H uid wlui:li «u 

Who knowi In lach ■ nuiiarr I 

-VftH! lU .ho t-Uonrf P»l«'. 

To McM tlmm >U la ahlc ; 
*nd hird anil tnut and i-m'|ittij lldng 
BlaJw dv«ii upun Hu ulilu t 

k«I hj mr owi 
Th> fujt al faich d 
Vaa 1 Ui fuTH uinrUUng 1^1 
To Inad Um palh that I did t 

:b« BBnnnit-bi>'u uT truth. 
It all iU ■idrnilor ; 

" Odd Iftft Riiin tir* of cholm, aa >ifa*ii 
IIU Kdrii'tnv* ai'tif fUotnl ; 

Bm«iu» th<7 clMii' anuB, tlnnild 1 
Dtuj MtB gin lis gmutMl I 

** &>, w^th a moiDon whb of u«i]. 
Our rummon vnktm f<*hiijp 

I Ull thrm with luvwlt tu tla) 
Anil ilia all-panoBi dmliii^ ! 

*'l kept Ilia plan wliMr tain and •nil 
To tar* anil whrat arv glim ; 

And if th« ■aji Id Ml "•« frra, 
I left tham hn t(i baa*vn 1 " 

Tak* hwt witli a, O man U old, 
Sinil-frF*doin'* Imn ronb^aDr, 

to loT* iif God and nan <nu nron^ 
Ul aaet and cimI W Imbt. 

n* JanitiK dtaeonb of Ui]r dav 
Id bdh on* hnu an awrillBg ; 

Till wandninff IM. Ik* laVHciriallu, 
AU M*k «tr raltwf'* d»Iln(. 

That ibfy who ilifftr )«h>-iaiJe «t«b 
I'irchancc ih* mluiuuo Uattrr, 

And olhrr allerp He bath than tirif 
Who gtMB one naxn>« pulu"- 1 

For truth** votat foe ia be who rUma 

To art a* <la<ri a>m|Er, 
And <!•*«», bayond hia irulij-bs^ 

Thii cr7«tal walli in dan^iCT '. 

Who atti far ht-mf tain tnna 

Of VFrhol quirk and i|itihUr, 
And «w<U tlio Ardm of tha Lad 

■a Ardm o) 

To-dajr oar hfwla tih* oiptB krjt 
Out UaaUya towh ai» fwKng ; 

The biancbfa of • ooauBon Viat 
Ua*e onlj' hana tt hmMitf^ 

Co-wmiort, r*t fMn tmM MSt, 
Wo ahan thl* mtfttt naoialac ; 

ThK Vuaki-r illh th» HatAUl k - 

Fottcin. dear adlit, tbe fdajM tiM^ 
Too llsbt for Ihj rl«»'^nK ; 

llanka Air thy pam oaa hlui In n^ 
Tbj tniat In Ood uw wy b g. 

II can odd untn 

8tiU echo in tfa* kaarta of mm 
The worila that tlnu Iwt ■ 

No (oin of hrll a 
Thefrtten ll 

Thi< )illxHm Hfwd* a faaa ■• mtm 
Vtum Koman or Oiirtvii ; 

Thm^t-fTrr, no ffuiMj lolbaaa bi 
tienodorth tha nwl to tttmnm I 


Ar -ntM TWKXTiKTB «v» t-a« 

Fanu thtw irild nab I look 1^4^ 

Tbe Ucht «lad Uowlw aff IW iMd 
U burdanad vU oU niiM . i^<«^ 



Shut t-yi-i 1 M*f )iow 1i]» And hanil 
Tin- ^cii*«*tiij^ wf nM ti.iyi» n*nrw. 

t) frifihU ^^hoNt- hiMrtH Ntill ke«*]i their 
\Vliii<<i' |in>;ht fxaiiiiilc warms aiuI 

Vf 1< Ml li liH how ti> Miiih* at Time, 
Ami •^•■t til iiiiiMi' all hu yi'an ! 

1 thiiiik Villi for swift HUiiiiUfr iUva, 
Fur pl'Msaiit Mii'Diiint's liii>^'riiiK l*>ng, 

F«ir j«'\Iul iniitiii)i;.H, fuml ildays 
Ami tii'« of frifiiiUhiii wuvfii ittrung. 

Ai f«»r thf hint tiim*, s'uh' bv j»i'li'. 
Villi tn-ihl thi' ]uiths f:iiiiiliar ^rown, 

1 n'.ii-h .!• Tll-^^ th«' .^rvi-riii^ tiih', 
A Mil Ml- ml my fjii'\i«*lU with your 

Miikf iiHim. o rivi-r of our hiiiiir ! 

K'lr "th'T fii-t III |»1.4«i' of (Mirx, 
A II' I ill till- Hiuiitip-pt \i«i til niiii«*, 

Miiki- ;^l.fl .iii'iihi-r Fi'.LHt uf Flowcri ! 

liiiM ill thy iiiimir, i-alni ainl ilifp. 
Till' |»l'-.iviiit pii turi'% thiiii hibit mvii ; 

Fiir^i-t thy jiivi-is lint, hill kifp 
(Mir iiiiiiiMiy liki' thy laun*U grvfn. 

IiLcs lip .**iiuiL.*, 'th mo , l^?i. 


KOK Tiff.\rh»N nV KMANTIPA- 
IliiN \r M.Wm-KYINiliT. 

N"r uiit'i 11^ uliu 'li'l hut oi'^'k 

Til- UoT-l huilK'i within to RiN'ttk, 

N"t inif'i u^ till-, 'i.iy U'l'in)^; 
Tin- tiiiiih|<li ami • Viiitalit *>«ilig. 

I'Iniii Ho f> II ill tviily yiiuth 
Th»- huril'ti «il' uiiMrlninif tnith, 
Aiil Ii-tt ii->. >A.ak aihi frail ami few, 
Thr i.rii.Mii'n {i.iinful wiirk to tiu. 

Tli'-n- • !'>rrli mir I if- a fmhl Inmmiik*, 
Th' an w- htt-ath'J «as hut with 
blaiui* : 

For not with fcaaonl and HofteiKMl tono 
We iaa<le the Tiuudniaira raUM* oor 



! We iMin*. an Fri'i'doni'ii h«»iie forlorn. 
The iirivate hate, the iiuhli«- M'orii ; 
{ Vet iieM thnui^h all the |iuth» we trud 
j l>ur faith in uian and trust in <i(Ml. 

We preyeil and hojieil ; but Htill, with 

The i-iiuiin^ of the hwunl we ^aw ; 
We henrd the nearin^ Htepn of ihaHn, 
We Mtw thi* (thaile of thiiiKH to ciiine 

In Kn**f whii'h they alone ean fe«d 
Who from a niother*N untn^ atiiHwl, 
With hlenditl line!« of fi'iir ami hii|ic 
We rant uur country's hopRM-ojie. 

For Ntill within her hou!<4* of life 
We niarkeil the lurid Mffii of Mrifr*, 
Ami, iioi<MininK and inihitterini; all. 
We Haw the btar of WorniwiMMl fall. 

Dtvp as our hive for her l*«*ani»' 
(hir hate of all that wniii^ht Ip'r nhamr. 
And if, theirhy, with ton^ii' autl |ien 
We erretl, — We Wen* Imt mortal men. 

We lio|N*«| for jumv ; our eyes Mtrvey 
The hhMMl>nil dawn of Fn^eihtin't day ; 
We |iniye«| for hi\'e ti> liwigw the ehain ; 
T id shorn bv luttle\ axe in twain I 

Nor Ilk ill nor i(tn*n(rth ni»r feal uf oum 
Has mineil and heaved the hoatiU 

ttiwen ; 
Not )iv our hand;! in tuni«*«l the k«*v 
That M-t-* the si^hin^; i-a]itiveH ln*e. 

A riililer "••M than F^^^'iit** wave 

U |ill<'«l tinil |«irte<l for the MliiVe ; 

A darker i-louil nio\*f» on in li^ht ; 
A tiert-er firv in ^liile by ni^ht ! 

The iimiM', n l^ml ' in Thine alone. 
In Thy own way Thy work itdmie ! 
i»nr UMif jrid^ Ml Xhy feet we i-aitt. 
Til w liiini lie glory, tint an^l Uat * 





ul Z^ m. 

4 PWlkdi, nr MjilM, 

...I.. ^1 >K,I — -'- "-"Hjfc'yi^S SSJJwS C 

*1B ■tm ll3|lM,ll» hMM* 

smIM ■■ rnm. ■nfUBl, IiUm*!. «*< tWr I Irfwi^u" naiq irf •lik* h> ms Ib& na 

M|i>/|^>ltoin^ IfllJB lll> nVM- or ■! I ll>llb>ltIlibrBK IIm»I. V a^K i^BK." ^ 

kM ■nib lir • nUaUw hi4f laUHi Ki«m ■!■■• (taMs »!»■■« >■ it fc ia i t w;- _ 

■^>77T ^ ?^ "n ■ ■ '- ; ■ 



Mv him Wrp anil mnvr, \m aI pnwrnt Init « qoalnl 
khl of till* |«^t. ■Iiiiiint a III} III, l«rfl« ivniriii- 
Ivml all' I lit t If i'Mrd fur hy titr kmirr ncv lli»t 
lia# "III I -•■•■• lt^ I 

Tlir I'lltfriiii* lif Phnmuth liavp iml larkr*! 
hiatiinaii aii-l \---t. Jiinfti-f li.t« t4vn dmir U* 
thfir fmth, miirarff*, aiiit ■rlf-futrHArr, aiiil U* 
Ihi* iiti^lii\ kiilluciii*^ iiftlirirrtiijfvviini turwtab- 
Itori ri.;)it*iiii*iir«» vii tlir ivrlti Ttir Quakrr 
I'llrfriiii* iif IViiii«>lvniiU. MvkiiiiC t^iv auiir f»b- 
^t li> •liltrn'iit iiif«ii>, havr iiitt lirrn niUAJljr 
f>iriiiii-itr Tiir |Ki«ifr I if llirir ti«tiuiiiny ftiir 
trill li mi I li'iliiM'-*. |B<«t-«* aii't firnlnni, riifiin-wl 
iiii'.v hi what Miltmi ralU" tliriiiirr*l*lllilr niitflit 
i-f iii*^-kiii-<«. ' lia* lifrfi Iflt tlin>iitrli !■•• rriilii* 
rh-* III trir itiiH'liiiratHMt nf fviial p^rifiitH'*. tlit* 
atM.iklinii III *UviT> , tlir rrfitrui (if ihr frrtiiic. ltH< 
r^'i-if i>f till' i-mr atfl milTi'riiiir. — frit, in )<iirf, 
III I'Vi'M ati'i* iif liiiiiian |«ni|trrM. Hul tif Ihr 
nil II th«-iii« Ivr*. with Ihv Miiiclr r«rr|il|i«n nl 
\liiliiilii I'liili. "rarr«>l,\ aiiWliliit; l» hhnwii 
riditniKii^l. tr<tiii ii|f initM'i. with ihr Htrrn.aiC* 
|{n-4*ti<' l'urUan« nf NVw KiikUii'I, llir« iMTr 
riiiiir !■• tir n-{iri<-<l a* " a fn-hlr fnlk," with a 
l«-r«>iiiiihii a* itiiiihlful a« tlnir uiii*<nirlff^i 
rra«i * Tlii-> «i-n' imt •■lUIIrr*, liki* Milr<i Manil- 
i>h . tlM-\ ti.vt iiii ttitun* wi iMi'tiin-«iiH> a« Vaiir. 
III! li-a<l<T •<• ri*hl« hrivr ainl haiii(iil> a« Kinli- 

r.ift S tl<iii Mniiirr «n>lr ttirir MaiTiialU , 

ilirt ha>l II' I awful ilniiit itf viiiirnuilurali-ni lu 
wtiUh .**tf.iii an I hi« aii^rU wrn* ai'lur*. athl ttir 
miU witrti nil- II rii mill in thi'ir •iiiit»lr aimala wap 

■ )>air •ill «i*i-li*h woiiiitii. whit. iHi riHii|iUitil 
••f li«-r •-••tiii'r> "•iiifii, «*■ lrii-<iahilai-i|uliirt|iif 
• ii-rvitiiiit; l-iii niil»«-ihit an-t fi*il> Nitliilnit hut 
rixiiiiiniiplwr <ii1lt-«>« iif i-hlliit r.imr li* |iiu« \m*- 
tw«fii liifiii ^iii| th» linlian*. tii-k^i. thrlr rnr- 
ini'-^laiin't'*! (h<-iii With Ihr Cbi t that thr itBVaKr* 
Ji>l MM* n-jnrt thi'in a« ('hrt«tlin«, hut Jii«l »urh 
nit-n «• tli'-iii«--l«r« Yi't II Diii*l )ir a|i|iarrnl til 
•■%i-r> t'ln-fiil i'l»*'rTrr tif flir ppiirnit* nf Amrrv 
run i-itiiiK.iMi<n thit it« (wn |inii(t|iai rnrrrntji 

h.vl ihi-ir n-r« III thr riitlrrlt i>|i|HMtlr ilirv«*- 

!i-iii> iif thf I'lirit.iii aii-t Qmkrr iiiliifuni Tn 
ii*r thr WMr>l< (if ■« liir wnttT * " Thr ht-l«thral ' 
f..rtt'«. »i»h «liirh no i»tlirr« niav hr riiiii|«in-«l in 

Ihrir liillilriirr itii t!ir |irii|ilr, haTr Im^ii thiRir i*f 

ihi- l*iin'»ii Kill iMr gimkrr Thr Mrrnitth if 

t'lr i>iii* w i« III til n(i— ■i<m i^f mi tntbihir 

|'r«-«*iii •• .1 Ti«-'iT"iii«. rirnitl Will, whtrh «tHilii 
r*tati.i«h rij itxiiiaiii^* «iii rartli ; aiiil llirnrr 
anw«' th>- ■••ii\i I loll iif a iliivrt iMT^tuial rp«|H>ii- . 
•iNi ii« , M-ii' h ■ • ill t» liiiip<«N| hj iifiri'rmal 

■ |i<ni.|i>' mil •••II I im- •hakrii hy tin iiiU-nial 
B,(i(a'h-ii . Kii I • ••III i ii'<* i* rvaiiftl nr fraii«ft'm'>l 
Thr •trrnjT'i i-f I'lr otiirr wa* thr «itiM-M in the 
huinin •{•in; tuan rtrnial Inorr Vnkr 
whli h "I" Hi !i r-ir'i %l.^iir. whllr )rt II P|M>kr Irt 
rfiTt til III I l.!.:Mt «hH-h t«rh mmn in fii||«iw, 
•III will- ii \r*. ••-14 Ihr liirhi fif thr wiifM : aiid 
all i>r-ii r %■■•■•-• »• rr •! •■tit lirftn' lht«, aiM thr 
»-ilitiiri i>i'ii whiMirr r li^l «a> iimn' «M*rriJ than 
Ihr «i>rit w i«" iif i-jif hi->lr^l-ii>bii " 

It •i.i '■•■ •iiflji n-ii! \ •{•|>«r«'ni tfi Ihr n*ailrr 
tliat. til ff i-M*iii Mill' h fii ;■•«• I havp ■ii«-niptr«l 
ni-lhiii.' l--i>>ril n <iiit\ i.f Ihr lift- mwl rlii»r« ••( 
ttir ri-nit«« :\ mil ntlmii*!. • •liiiiilr i>ti-tiirr nf 
a iMitr«i>?t'ii III1II iilt^l hi* l-iraitli Thr n>|i«r* 
i>f nit >tii-*i h an- all n-rt ac>«T. tinir^t ilntin to 
ttir -jiiii t III I -Ir* mil itiiifM|ihrrr ihniiii(li «hW h 
ItH anhjii I |« il«lhU- Uhrlhrr, in Ihr fftofV 
•o<i tbinult 'if thr (in-Arnt tinir, Murb a ptrlun 

Mutlbnt'i Madoa. p^. V. Mh I 

will flnil fiiTnriiiaj vrll 1w qor*liancl I mily 
kiM>w that it hap tirffuib*! f'lr uir «iiiiir hnun or 
«v«nnrw.anil that, whatrvrr ma) W Ita ntami^ 
urv iif inihlk appivt- Ulkni , it baa 'lit-rn C^i mr lla 
own i«»anl. 

J CI W. 
AaaaatBT. .V* mo, K1 

1 1 All. to |MWiti'nty! 
Iluil, fiitun* liM'ii of (itTinanoimlU* 

l.«-t till* yi III I IX K''ii*'riitiiiii.H vi-t to W 
\jnfk kiiiilly ii|Min thin. 
Tliiiik )iiiu \oiir fiithrpt |r|t tln-ir native 
lainl. — 
I)rur <iiniiuii-l:ifiil ! <i s:i''rr\l 

lii-iirtht iiml hiiiu'"i ' 
Aiiil. mlp-n- thi- wiM l--.iAt hMiii% 
III iMiti'-rii-r pl.iiiiitil 
Ni*w fiin-^l-imitifi U-\iiiiil \Uv ihi^hty 

Thrp* iiiiiii^turU'il an«I fn^* 
To livf UN )iiiitli<-i> ill' uiii' run 1 1 V. fuifih iiiiil i.irri* iN-fi-ll, 
What triaN iiinl*. 
Iti'iiinnU-r, aii'l nhi-n-iii mt* h.ivr ilivne 
Fiilliiw nur fii<it«tf|»^ iiicii iif i-iitiiinn 
yrrtt» * 
Wht'n* «(■ h.ivc f.iilfil til iiti 
Aright, lit dumIv livi«, 
!W» wnninl \*\ us thf U-tti-r way pur- 

Aiul, knowing wi* ui>ir huiuun, rvrn m 


Pitv iiK Ami fi>i>:iv»' • 
Kon-wrll, !*o*ti'rity ' 
FarfWi'II, ih-ur (irnnany ' 
Kon»veniioiv fan* we II ! 

fVvfii tkf lAtm of fft«?irt« P«^tn. r«*ro«in 
IN tkt GrrmoMtotcm Ht'**niM J^M- 

I KiN'ii thf ril>;nin ofn mifiiT t-limr 
An«I niililrr *|ifi'ih th.iii thinr Imre 
ni''li'a Hho liroiif*hl 
T(t till' i<-f ninl i;iiii nf our winiiT tinir 
A Hill .1.4 tinii. a i-n-til a« %\*x\\. And 

With ciii- nmilfl<I. Hn>l «ith th« 
••tiicr (••Uk'ht 
Siiu|>1y, Aa lii^ my th<-iiif, in himi«*ly 
I ling Chr blnr-rycJ Gcruun Sprncr 


Thnu^U «1k«# Viilnl, mjiilu: fniUi ihe 
Slfwlf unil ■till, tn nsjr brigbtiuMi, 

TV girLati.l whlrj) hit mfKknnB DFTn 
I hTiuK bin : ora ficlili of turrist 

With wrnln (if blntlng, now to rip*- 
nn» grown, 
I bid tlir nJWiT ]«« before the mnwr*' 


Kktbk In taulnw quid Upard th( 

frvcD Pmiuflvraijk'* v«Ua «f qning 

Wbrre. romt-wwlkd. tin (csltMad tun- 
IdU U; 

Along tb* wnliM lirrn. One long 

Of furplf douil, DO wiach the ■noing 

Shane tike > jvwd on k tdmitar, 

BeUthtiltv'igoMngUnrar' Thnog^ 

Ratk of lb« •oodi ■ ■nunnni' ■eemod to 

Miu. ranant. 

Tiban jot •jlna 
OfMksn'liiliw U 
Anil Ivnl it^ lUvita 

> fichurUOn wbv 

All >1b ma itill The oxn Inm their 
BMtod M iMt, ud fi«m tMr long ifaj'* 
Cmw the dan <Uta of Rrltbein'* lunw 

And tiM faang dty, round wboie (irgin 
Tht rlrrn Ilka two ml^lv am* wm 
Mirfwd bj- the iBMik* tt madrng flrat 

Her vines uu) ^mpta^ wixli aaigk if !■!*- 
ror fart (be mrak* of rwMrnMrtmM 

Id the nak dcshng, and, n 4k«Ua 

Slow, ovrH^ tba ifaiikj mlghUhii 

Affuli^he looked: U l iiiiw gn^ «ft 

Wiih low-bml had aa ff *Hh wnM 

Ktnlel f>«itoriiu eknrlj wM and mU, 




for the ifamb aUna ih* NattM mmt 

Aa If a atoM iu qidrt TCbn etiind : 

"And, H AaakrtaMwdMdlafr IhM 

A liMb «f dlMort aUeli AonwwA M 
la vUMkni dndo, aa Am HM to MM. 

••Bntvhal wii mU af nMb« WbM 

Of lander (i«r thai MMa iMr gaU* Mt 

TmlbETrflnaL InaHMwlMM 

" Dim liwrt, 

Looknl u)! uiil onitfd. 
•li'wlJ. "if we 
Hut linrfn uf ■ hnrj bnTilm br, 
Chir bo}', liod willing, yirt th> day nhall >« 

" Whfii, from thr pllrrji to thr brlbot 

SLiTe ddJ iiUn<ovn*r ab*!! no lon^r 

Hut all an njual al tho Maalrr'a fort. " 

Ob lb* atonn hrarlh thr blazins walnut 

Bet the low walla a-glitnmct. ahownl tbf 

ItcbukiDK PrtM- on ibc Van Wyrk eWk, 

(than'' un iilil liini-11 ••! law and pb)>ii'. 

By aiil-- with Foi ariJ IVhuivn, piajrnl 

al biilr 
And ovk with Ann*, mtilat brr houar- 

hold pridf 

Of IU»D wrl.^ and iin tbi- tihlf, ban 

<>f matly i-loth or ril'irr mp, but whrw. And p 

Tailing tbv fat ihwia of thr Delaware, 

In Qod'a nuns j vn\ Um bnn • 

Wnnisht tin aftrr In Ifca v^ 

And a dnd conadrnce la JIa | 

I'luthoa atUTed 

Tfa* rourtljr r<-DD had praiani lb« gouj- 

wlf.' . rhrrr. 
And i|Botnl Horac o'lr brr boOK-btvwnl 

TQI ami t[im*T raatorltta amilfd to heat. 

In nu-Ji a home, IwiM* tb> lt<-huflblira 

K« dwFlt tn inn with OoH and nan, 

Food to thr inofHidabdterla tbadkvt^ 

Far all tm annB the S«* VnriiTa mm- 

lUI ahanwd 
Tha Hplttmu* tud« by Pnti and Sldnqr 

And mra aithbdil tha knnuD tt^ta 
Lhry clainird. 

And ilowly wnltb bdtI itation andloD 


And hanlrnnl arailr*, on Ita (cala* Ln- 

Rtllbil Ilir Inaanl whiaiVT sfdiiwat. 

Y«t alt tha whila (h( banlm tm«] ton 
On Iradn haaitL At bwl PaatAnin ban 
Tbdt mtslnf Wf^ to tb* I'bnnb'a 

To troublal lifr, and nrgnl tha viin 

Or«Tp)r raaloriua tfatmrd. nMlb* ka 
IManrrtiinjt IhniugU ll>* daonil S|-^ 

(rttlr {>»ir pin ita akaaref acUaha^ 

One Scripture nda, at IimI, wna «■!>• 

lU Udth'r oultwt. and branjvd Urn 

To apnd the black (BHri mMj^Uam^. 
Yet wbo ahall gOMB Ui bM(* grkf sb 

How Rrlt tha Haatrr wbM Ua •: 

BMOOgM Ua that bit HBik barifc Ui 


lOglrt ■» «a eltW httdt AnOte Ifa 
A atni^Br oil, i 

■M of ibHr daOr *n, 
fdw of Mb tmfc am 



HU fomtt home no hfimit'ii cell he fouml, < Ormeek-eved MennonUt hU lir«nl«d chin 
(fUi'htfi, iiiiillry^iiuniifii, divw liU hrarth Leancil o'er the gati*; or Kaiitfr, purt 

anninil, within, 

Aihl h'*M uriiM'«l tnii'r ujinn itii neutral Aired biit |ierfe4*tiiin in a worM uf iiin. 

f^rnllllii. I 

Or, talking of old home itn-ni^ Op dei 
Thfir Iifliaii A\\^U with luittle-boWK un« Onuf 

htiiiii^, I Teawtl th«r low )ai-k-li>K with hii iihod- 

Stnm^. hfiii-IiiiilNMl, like thone whom dfn HtulF, 

iliiiiiiT Hiiiig, Till the nnl I'nilHTi Imike into a laugh 

iVHtoriuH fniifi<nl, when the world was 

y«iun>!, ■ Ami dniicr nf tliinit>, aji if they f«in wouM 

I rh»^'r 

raiiif with thrir tawny woim'n, lithe and The ni|:;:«'<l fucr, half t«-ntler, half aua- 

Tout'he<l with thi* |iathoa of a hiHiienick 
tear ! 

I.ik«* hn>ii/i>H in liin friend Von K(»il(*4'k'H 

Coini-ly, if bl»i-k. and not iinpleiuiingall. 

Or Sliiyter,^ mintly familiM, whone word 
Tht'P- hiui^n^* fnlk in lionnftpun drahand ' A* law the hn*thrfn i>f tlir Miinor hfani, 

^nty i Announceil the iiiH*«Miy terr^n of the 

I>r*w Muu'l hit iMMird «iu Mi>nthlv Meet- , I»rd, 

in;; «lii\. 
(M>, h;df nn-rry in thrir friemlly way. And tumeil, like Ixit at Soiionj. from 

hi.H niiv. 
Or. haply, pil^riuMfrom the Fatherland, ' AIhivc a wrtrkeil world with coinplarent 
WtMK, tiriiiii. ih»Tii>'«ii'k, rilow to un«I«'r- faiv 

>T iihl I Killing .«vure ufion hi^ plank of grace ! 

Tilt' N'l-u WiiiM't pMini-ie, mnight his! 

hi-lpin:; hand. ' Haply, from Finland'a birrhm groret 


Or iKiinfiil K*'Ipiiio^^ frt>m hithi*rniit den 
\\s \s\'^\\\v kiin, maiidi'Ht of gooil men, 
])n'anii'd o'tT the ('hilia»t dreaiu.« of 

Dtfp in the woiMl«, wh«*re the small 

nvi-r '«li«l 
Snakt'-liki' in hhailf, the H«*lmitadt 

Myntii- hill. 
WrinI OH a wi/ari| over artft forhiil. 

Manlv in thought, in simple wars % 

' ihild. 
His whitf hair floating round hin riflage 

The Swe«li!ih pastor nought the Quaker's 

lleasetl fnnn his neighbor's li|« to hear 

oni*i* more 
His long-dimuc^l anil half* forgotten lort 

KiM'lin^ till* Uiiikx of Daniel and of John, - .. n^^ntt. t- • 

An.l It hn....,^*^!..^ning.R.■dnes^ through ^^ *«*'» ^*'"**' **"** "•'"•*• ""«^ 

thi' Sti'ni 


or \Vi,.l..n.. vou.h«fe,l to hU eyes alone, ;\"<* *jr*>J *" "''*°'" ^.'?*'-.''**' ^^^P^ 

^ (. Icanthe» hymn or \ inol • sounding 

W!nT»'l»v lif ri*ail what man ne'er read vene. 

Ami HHw thf viiiun^ man shall see no And oft PaHtoriusand thi-mefk old maa 

mon*. Argueil an Quaker ami as l«uthf-rsn. 

Till thi- ifnat angel, striiling srs and Knding in Thristian lovf, as th-y l*gaiL 


With letterisl Lloyil on plranant moms 
Shall I'i'l .ill tli*^h await, on land orshi|«, he Ntraye^l 

The waniing trump of the Apocmlynse, j Where aommerhaDien orer rales of shad* 
Shattenmc the hcarcni bdbr* the OMd ! Looked miles awajr, by erery flowtf 

eclipse. I delayed. 


Or Mtng of MrI, happy uul fiw irlik nna 
WboluftO. llkahiiii,tolnt)ii«iD*n)U(;nui 
Ovrr utd Uolila ut Inmin^ and hi ran 

ninurlf iu rUtu'i WW philowi|>liin. 
And iItpiuii wiUi Plitlo ovpT ujalmts 
Wbeiwf tlir di-Hner ncnt Onda llw 

To tow-li all tlwniM of thooghl, bot 

•-■aklv «t»|i 
rw dotilK iiT Itulh, but t«t Urn buckrti 

Ilaqi down and bring Uw Uddra watm 

For th'tr 

llu ■aniBf; 

■ (n-rtluni ill t1i>t wakrnlDH 

il« ; la iliffBr <»* not rriin* : 
"■ mada up UiF ferteei 

Thnafb Um Mined oriel of (■fbhaaaD 

GatlKfnl (Vnra many w«U, tlii Quaker 

HIa i>ld Iwlirf*. ul)o*lln|t t« tha Uuwiilbt 
That DMxnl lili iduI the cnnl hit Eubm 


Om faith aloDo, m bnaJ thai all aran- 

WltUn tlMsnlTwitaBcM vita«MtBl 
The aiRir* nimmuimin oith Iha EtOMl 

TIm BiMt'* k«, Uw Inari Rak awl 

SakalarMHi MHani. Mawl atrf, allM. 
Tte poUahoJ fVnn 

A> Min tn Ranakank* QMkw lUat- 

Br k* la RraiU 4«wll. w« mu mw 
Wm bowoihri bow aa2 IM 

Par toul iMieh^ aanl; tW fffdlnrf 

HMk all mm i~[iul. non* (mU itar 

Nor link bcJow that Icral ^ GaTa Un. 

Tba honiaapuB frock iMida iha itihi'i 

Addod Ike hedm itf (Iw i 

And Irvmdl to love hi 

munda, and annmrhai to Ua wftttl 
Of their own nlm asd imam n hi »■- 

Hla tang of wnleoai to Ik* Wtmtmm 

And Uuebin) honwiMg b<«i iIk <kf 
hi* wing. 

Spake tu kla t»ow Mck klwIM kiA 

Imt made tlH almv^ mm hai^f* 

An4«)ien tSebinnM>rtk«lMl,k«naarf 

8ni|il lh« vhlle atival ni ftbd iha 

doOTTwd drift, 
Ba ntti^iaed, aa Friatala mlchl My. hit 

•Mtai«k»eoalTC<-U-etapt-haatdad Of T«m. Daleh. IngBA. Lalte. ISk* 
ehull. tk> bdl 

amd Dwkrt-dttMt. <m4 rfKpl* aRvtat- ' (M mm aad bMM In ImMmi i j 

RiH IMl. danbil^, km wUh Im< Mi tta» 

■r Am af *llh and i-t4w% in tvl I I • ftwh 


Of wit Aii«l fine I'uui-fit, — the guotl PajftoriiiN AnhWfntI all : whilr wpM and 

rnan'M phiy r(N)t 

Of If II if t taiH-ii-H, iiiii't til while away Sent trmn IiIm new home K^'W to flower 

Tli«- tlow luMirh nii-.i.<iuriii;{ olf an iille day. a ml fruit 

Alon^ the iChiiie anil at the S|'a 
.\t I'Vi-iiiii^. whilf hi."» wifi- |iut on her foot ; 


Of IirVf's eiiiluiaiii-r, fmm ita nii-he he Ami, in retiini, the llowen hiit boyluiod 

tiMik knew 

T)h* >»ntti>ii |i:i^>Ai»f hiniHtnileriHiH ImmiIc. Smiled at hia door, the miue in form 

and hue, 
An>I ri'iid. ill h.ilt the l:iii)C.iup-N uf man. And on hin vinea the Kheniah i-luttea 
lliH " It'll s«A A(>iniii." whirh with In*cji K^'^'- 

Aiiii thiiiii^h the pmiiit of •■n'atii»n nin. No iiller he ; whoever elM- nii^ht i«hirk» 

He wt hii hand tt» i-vi-rv Ikhm-M work, - 

Or, new ;inil th<'ii. tlie mihaivr of stinie Fanner and teacher, luurt and nieeliiiK 

iiiiihi elf-rk. 
Ill i^.iv Al!i»rr t*T htoried NuiiiUtk 

|M>niii d Still on the tow ii m*«1 hi^ devirr Ih found, 

I>ru|i|Md in ii)M»n him like u i^u-hX to <tniiH'N, flax, ami thn-ad-K|MNt'i .m a trr* 

v|>ii.| fill! f^round. 

With *• ViNi'M, LiNTM itTf-xtkintii" 

The nif:ht hciieuth hia ruof-tme. wound. 


The fair Villi MitIuu s|iMke .is wutern One honsr nufl'h'eil f<irf<u*tprl and for Law, 

1 ill When' Taiil and (tnuiu.i, .Ncripture text 

Aii'i vi»ii->'> Kiiiind in iln*<un4, and yet ami saw, 

M i: * Amu ml theKiHMl, and'nrld the^•at in awe. 

nuni.iii aii<l HWii-t, lis if ea^h fur, low Whiitever lepi* nia/e he wandered 

t>>iM-. throuKli* 

o\tr the rnof^ of her uapleiin Mnwn He ke|it the .S*mii>n on the Mtmnt in 

Kroii^lit tite w.iriii >eiis«> of UMtity all view, 

hi-r iiu 11. Anil ju*>tioi* always into ni**n*y grew. 

WJM* S|M-n«'r •pivtioiiHil what his friend No whiiiiiin);-iMif«t he neede<l, Mtuka, nor 

I't'llld IT I'l- jail, 

of iiitliix iir of saving i^iii'e Nor ilnrkin^-Moid ; the on'hanl-thief 

III till* wild n.itur'-o of the lnili.iii race. ^*w |iale 

At hi« n-luike, thi- vixen ivaietl to rail, 
And leanieil S<huniiU*r^, fain, at tiinen, 

to liHik The usnrer'«i f^raM]* r«'lr«%e«| the forlrit 

Kr.iiii T.iliuMil, Koran, VtiU, anil iVnta- hinil : 

t' !i )i. The )iUn>lerer falterv<il at the witn<-!«»- 

Stiii^ht o'tt liii |iu|itl in hi* far-tdf n*Mik, Mniul, 

And all men took hia •'uunsel for txmk 
To i|iiriv \\i:h him of elimatie i-h.inKe. niand 

< >f I'lfil. !-• i«t. itpTilf, in his foiest nii^^-. 
OffliiM<T-« .ind fniit^ and .siin|di'% ne« Wa.« it ''areAsinf; air. the lirooilin;; tore 

.ir.d oti-iiit:i . Of tenderer skies than (ienium \au*^ 

km-w of, 
Auil ilni" th-' o|.| niid New World tlni-ii ■•aim Iwlow, liliir tinieinrxs 

r* .(• hf i tlo ir h.iinU 
Ai rosA tin water, anil the friendly laiMl.1 Still flow of water, dee|i rp|«*sr nf wihnI 
Talkeil with each other from their That, with a aenie of lorinc Fatherhual 

Acveivd ^tnniU. , And rhildllkc tmat in the Eternal Oooii. 

TUK pKssanvAjJU paoEni. 

Bortrnnl m hnrU, ud ilnllod th> <d^ The dnetl UooMtmed nMoil Urn 

or ball. titti* follnl 

niuhcd Ante, and taoght impatlMl (mI RmMtli tbi wiJiu winil 

nco of UiB betUr «t«t* f 
hat gnxllngt in thc'u 

uid ipild i 
Th" iiWitrd cur r 

fin«t vliutRn ripe 

8b it u It ttty : wlDtln Um Ijuid <d Vma 
Tlw Mc-urj' yiflilrd to the tAtutn, 
' 4 ftaettii ilwlt Ihir BMij-civnUd 

Pm» broodti] om »0. H« u<i i u|»t 

TtH *ir <u inwlnMii, and Bo n«r|dr flunn 
Aknun* down (tMn ball* U niidiu({bl 


Tb* land ilral Wl. The Ibdkn ttfaa 

WMhed all hi* «w-{iaitit off, ud In lh» 

Of iMtle^aundiM ipHl the [Muctttl 

Or V noj^t for v^n M lb* white man'i 

Aod vrll (111' .-nrioiu (cboUr birtil Ibr 

Tr^itimi thai hli ■wanli)' nri gl ibBn 

By wlgwBm-fli«a«b(i> Blfbto waitfraw- 

bet nod «Uck tUr 

About «*cli fwtle ponli tW h«BBiaf- 

Trixd iritb U«ht bill, tbal acuis ■ fiM 

Tl>* Old World Btnm la ilisto .d 

Imuhmd i 

And tbe Antrrnita of [w and »rrtt, 

Th« fining UniKb* dmni, ttwir geU ami 

roMPl UpndiDKi 
Mad* ^lad hit tiaut. U 


To the frvah (ngmiin of Ibi bir^ a4 

LUr-evnbutinA h*]r, tod FghaUB^ 
And alltbanUlaMcktitbawaa^MM- 

Fail Fint-Daf mnnitngik M n pd la 

auniinvr ralai 
Wann. ImdfT, mtful, nrwt sUli nad- 

land billn. 

T« tha tJT^ phtiat ■■ tk B^r vbari 
Of labor, wltidiBg nff bom Maaaacr'a (ad 
A ftiiln tbnad of nuik. Witk n p^ 

or Mb to rail IhMn la th» how* «f 

Tb* MUtftnl vtilm dtramh givn k«> 

Walked Mt^^-«*r4. la in ml 

Tb> iMtiaa liaffw mm tbaa, h<^ Ik* 

ShMU ofiW aUm oa tb* rtnlri't tli^ 



There, throtif{h the gathered HtUlnMi 

Anil iiMilt' intfiiac l»y Mym|iAthy, out«<le 
The M]iurn)Wri Muig, unJ the g»M- robin 


A*fiwiiig u]M>n hill elm. A faint per- 

itn*Hthi-il thruii^h the o|ien windowi of 

thi* riMMii 
/''ruiii liM'Ubt-tn*«ii, hirftry with clusteretl 

Thith«T, j"'n*hun»*i*, iM»n*-tri«i ciiiiftMiiMini 

\Vht>>** fiTViir JHil nor iiilltin* roiiM tame, 
Truiitl of thf ri'DpiMHl i'OTH ni4>ant tu lie 

thi'ir xhiini*', 

Mm wtiii hiwl etiton MUvery'i bitter 

In In<li»ii InIcn ; |tale wuinen who hail 

TniliT tli<' han^muin'h lash, and hravfly 


(f(NrH iiirssai:** thniugh thrir priifon'ii iron 

Anil ^r.iy **h\ suMitT-ronvrrtii, MVinml 

with .siapi 
Fmni fv.-ry stricken field uf Kngland'a 

]i<i\ily U'fon* the I'nw^n Pmien«'r knelt 
Kki ii u iitin>; h«*art, till haplv Noine one 

I. It 
On hiH nHiViil li|is the neal of ailener 


()r. uittiiMit HfHikeii wdpIk, low birath* 

Of .i •hvimr lift- fmm !miiiI to fbtiil, 
lUiiti/iiii; ill ont* temler thought the 

Wlii-n s}i:ik''n handa announ(*eil the 

lli>'*-tiri;; n'ff, 

Thf frii-hllv ^niii|» Mill lingen'd at the 

• {'•■•r, 
on-itiii;:. iiHpiiring, !ihariiiga11 theiiton- 

oi uiiklv tiiiiiti^M. Mi-an while youth 

•>Ti'l lll.ll'l 

tViHti til" ;;!•. II viotan of the wooillautl 

•«tr.i\i il, 
Whi<>|"-i«-.l anil smiled and oft their feet 


Did the boy 'a whixtle answer back th« 

thruahea f 
Did light girl laughUrr ripple thruugh 

the iMmheH, 
Aa brook H make merry orer roots and 

rushes f 

Un vexed the sweet air seemed. Without 

a wound 
The car of silence heard, and ercry 

Hound • 

ItJi place in natun**A tine arcordanc' 


And solemn nuTting, summer aky and 


Old kintlly facfH, vnuth ami maidenhood 
Seemed, like (ind'M new rp'tatiim, Very 
giMxl * 

And, grveting all with quiet nmile and 

raatoriuii went his %iay. The uiiscared 

Sang at his iiide; M*jin?e]y the siiuirrel 


At his hushetl footstep on the moasy sod; 
Ami, whfreMOf'er the good man looked 

or tnul. 
He felt the {•fs«*e of nature and of (Sod. 

Hill iMK'ittl life Won- no aiti-etii' form. 
He loved all U-auty, without fear of 

And in his veins hiit Teuton blood ran 


Strict Ut hini«i'If. of i>ther nif n no spy. 
He msile hiH own nocircuit-juilg** to try 
The fnnT ciiiiMiencf of his nWghlinrH by. 

With love rebuking, by hi;* life sbtne. 
(tnu'iou4 anil nwfrt, the U-tter w«v was 

The joy of one, who, neeking not his own. 

Ami faithful to allfti-niplf*, find^ at lojft 
The thorn H anil shsnU i»f duty oViT|iaAt, 
And ilaily I iff, lu'Vimil his hi>iie'B forei-aMt, 

rieassnt snil )ii*sutifiil %iith night and 

And flowrn u|wpringiiig in its ntrrnw 

And all his da\*a with qoiet gladuaia 


9 me peyssiXTASU rocuiL 

He anit nnl : tmt, if KUDFtunra IraipUiI RmmIi 

•PM A T4m ipiU Ik 

Hb Kowl irih mllnl, N»d did not nnmt 
it wrong. 

' well III linvd hh Knhoad'i hnrtlirr 

HIi UraniT. while hf trad the Nv« 

W.>rrJ'. .InuMl. 
A drnMr-ptiKfT w&Ikrd tlir Fwlhr^nrl I 

If, whrn on tnttj Chriitniu irVn tlw 

Sbon* ID liii quiet hrarth, be niuaad 

Of Yu!r-lo«.>rw. Uid Chriin^:hUd tSl 

ill whitp ; 

And doml bb ejna, luid tiatriwd tu tlir 

OU *all-*oa|p MiatHlitii; dowD Ui tutin 

And watrhnl w*!" >'■■ dancvn* ntn- 

Yet DM Ilia leas wbea <>u« ttw viiiui 

n* h'ti) itw pUla and •ohv mulmi faM 
Of lh> d«w FriMtd* Villi wbotn hi* lot 

Aad ihe low bum nt faodw-ivtumiim 

TtM UtMpmid Su, 111* Wtlp-UK 

Da*> lb* Isog *f»«t, tkc boMitjr aut 

Of ■mt^biMghv tb« BJi^Hng ll^t and 

VtUi •Hn-lbmwU) atid lb>> unuir tbr 

Mournftil and iwivt, baa Inm it art*- 

And •■(r«mcin>, l*o«lii ifala oaivud 
And ibnufA lb* evmniott Mqoenw ol 
Ur Ml Ibe naMng bud of rniwUma 

> Ucht oT Life ahaoe niuad 

• wandrting lif;Ma, IbM • 

Tbal U|{ht bri (oUoved, ttrf by tkif^ 

It leil, at In ibr ivdnn of (b* aMr 

Tba «b»da Bwewl ■• tlH ffiiil ik te 

And Kniblr etytui muni, «M M 

Within hiaiMU b fba4 lb* la* ^ 
lU walknl H <Utb ud MM Ibi buw*! 
Aud n^Ut Rible b; tb* lawaid Ufbl 

And If ■MneUnMa tb* Oav* af In aal 

rnjtni in Ifarir owda Ska ith ia «te- 

Trinltb* latie laliiwiua af kk Ubari 

Bai bM( ba VMMd tat letaf* hMwa to ■> 
Hi* (XD dMT FriMda ait by Um bM* 

In»daJ evafvn^fntal. bMA. ami hk 

Thrn aMortiMM «flm«r (M aw* bstd » 

Vho mrnad b An*) «pw lb* dnl* M, 
ilnihed Apm'* borjr abed, wd Ud !■ 

(hi tbr Marb bar «bu pill ii d W iW 


Tu iDlnuaiie hb riUnlnc IbM rf Mvtb i 
ObIt iW M dorb ticb«4 amUm tba 


orhounil ; nor i»vi» wm nUed nor huid N*y. w^n» the pUnt itarlf hat uythical, 

%\HN ritimMl iSft iu th«* fnnHH> iif trail it ton 'h wmU 

111 thHt M>iil.MkhUtb, till ftt Uiit some Uke Jothaui'ii bnuubln, niatt^rvth not 

HomI At till. 

(M ti'iKltT coudkI or luw prayer wu 

hraiil. Knouffh to know that, throu;;h the 

wiiitrr'n fniNt 

riirii fTUi'stH, w)io liiigerml hut fucwell And 8Uiuiii<-r'» beat, no urtnJ of truth U 

ti» sjiy l«»«*t. 

Ami t.iki* lovi*'i» nH-Ki*e^, went their And rvrry duty |Miys «t buit iL^ cimt. 

hiMiH'wnnl way ; 

So |iav»4-d in |M'ucti tbr guih*k*«i» Quaker** For, «tp Pastorius b-ft tb^ nun nnil air, 

(lay. Cwod firiit tbf aniiwt*r lo hut hlv-luug 

His wa-* tb.- rbrwiian * unsung Age of ^^h^ ^.|j||j '^.^ i^j^n liwailf the IVUwuv, 

A tni. r ilyl than tb.- KinU have told ^vho. in the powrr a holy pur| 
Of Arii«» N KiiikH or Arruily uf old. I b'uda, 

tiM .11 .L p • 1 .1 1. ^1 r , (fluidi*d liin I leoplr unto nobler «*nda, 

NVbt-n* Mill th«' Frii-ndK their place of ... ,. .i* * .t • r .i . .7^ ^ 

I ■ I . . ' And b*ft tbt-ni wurtbn-r of tin- n^uie of 

oiiriiil k(i-p, 

Aii'l rinttirv-nHitvil ni«»K8('s oVr it creep, 
Tbu Nwmi)h'I>; M-boLir und hiit helpmeet 

And lu ' the fuliifM <if tbf time haa 


And Aniia'slkbN' f If it llownil at lant And ••vi-r all tbi- exil-** W.-Meni b.mie, 
Jn IWitmm\ KMnbii. di«l J.ibu Wool- ^>"«" ^*^ «<> ** tbr tbrnvr^of frv-edooi 

111.111 .'iU»l *>l»**»« • 

A ^laiii I* ii|)i»n it ns bt* nie<*k]v panai'd f | 

• And joy-WlU rin^. and ^ilvor trunipeta 

Aii>l liid It <«<iT«'t Hyni|mthy iKifuH*«i blow ; 

Tlmt t«-ii«l*r Houl, ami f«>r the alave'* Hut not fur thev, TiwturiuN * Eren 

ii •In-Ns Ml 

Lendbo|>«'. stn'M^tli, ]Nitiem*e r It wen; The world forKeta, but the wiw aageU 

%'aiu to gutrsa. I know. 


THK iVVr.KANT. I Whert*. k.-«-n a^ain^t tb.- walN of «p- 

A •<«>rM» .w if fr.iiii U'll* <»f jiilviT, ' Tb** ^Ifaiiitn^ tref-U»lls i«*-eni- 

< ii- 1 itiii «-\iiiUiU Nniiitcn <'l*«r, Uko«*>tl, 

T!iT.iii;:b tln' fniHt-pit-tunHl {laneji I HoM up tbi*ir chamlflixiN nf fn^t. 


. 1 . I , II ... .1 I tn*ad ill Orit-nt balU •■lu-b.iiiti d. 

\ '•n^'htni'iH uiiii b out>bintH4 tilt* morn- , , .x ^ • i «' 

"'f' 111.11 (n-nilit benmth tb<* North ^ 

A •>}>!« ii. lor bri«ikiii^ no deUy, 
lii'i-kMiin iiiiil tfiiiptM my ft-et away. 




I l**4Vi- th- tTiMl.liii villtti^- bt);b«ay I wnlk tli** Unil of KMorinIo, 

Kur virgin «iiow.|«tlui glimmering j 1 tout*h ita niimii- gHnlm U>wi*nk 

tbnni^'b Ita ailvcr leftTea and diamond flow* 

A jr«-i'll«Hl clm-trer aYnrne ; J an t 




lloH hii*>)i«'il the hl^h of i«rty hat^, 
TU*' riiiiiMir (if till* tlimiiK ■ 

Il<m «iM, litir<«li Voicrn of ilfltttt' 
Flow into rh\t)iiiii<* noiif^' 

Mi-tllillks \\v' S|iilll'?» tf||l|»lT ^ows 

Tihi -^iift ill thin Htill air ; 
S»iiMwli:it tin* n'.nlfiil li^-sirt f«»n*^iw« 
Of ii''<ilril watt'ii ttiid {iriiyiT. 

T)if l)y ti-ni)MM vainly toMM*d 

M.iv tiiiiiidi-r ill tlii' caliii, 
Aii>l Ik' \kIio liruvcit thf i^iiliir front 

Kiiint liv tlic isli'H of iNilni. 

I)«tt«-r th:iTi .si>lfinilti]>;)'nt ycarii 
Till' ••tit tin 11^ Ip'.irt of votitli, pl^M<s.iiit ^i»ii^n in iilli* eftft 
Thf tiiniult of till* truth. 

K*-^t r>r till* wi-.iry liiiniN \* f(i«Ml, 
Aihl li'Vf for hftirtn pint', 

Hut lit thr nuinlv hiihitiiih' 
Of u|>ii;{lit s^miIn Ih< mini*. 

I^t wiii>in tli:it Mow fn»in h*nivi*n n-frmh, 

l>iMi L<inl. the l.inK(it>l 4iir ; 
Aii>l !• ( till' Mc.iknfvi iif th** i\*'%h 

Thy stp-n>{th uf !»|iirit i«)*. 

AikI. if tlh* '-vi' niM-t f.iil of li^ht, 

Tl ir t«n>f-i to h«Mr, 

M ikf • h-.irtT •.till ihf H|»irit*!i ni^^ht, 

Moll' tiiii* the in wan 1 nir * 

IW' ni'.ir IIP* ill mini- hours of wt^X 
To "MHtth'", 'ir •Ip'tT, or w.ini, 

Ali'l iltrWn tlH"M- n|<»|m>H l»f AUIlM't Ifllil 

A^ u|i tlii* hilK of morn * 


" Th*^w lt>>«il<iri« niU^t wtih milk havv liwti 
itfi^nnnl ftif 111 In •iiTrr <iiiia In thr •Innktr of 
SiiiiiA. ' \ i»iii«r», Tr»u«. Ii% M^ Mtuu. 

Till. f.i;:>'t<« t>Ii/<'l. th'- I aMniii'A Kinoke 

I'l* thriMi;;li tip* ^pt-li wtMHi I urlnl ; 
" Itriii;; htiii-y ir^>Tii ih** liollnw onk, 
linn/ iitiik\ "*-*!'• •''*' I'r'-wi-rn ijiiikt*. 
In iht' • hil>lh>H*-l **i thf worM. 

Aii'l hi' W'-l thfv W'll lit hrt-wiil tlify ill. 

Til'' pii'-tti thru<it in th«-ir r\**\s 
Kii-t t:i>i<>l. .iifl tifii ilmnk thrir till, 
An«l '*li>'Utf|, with •hi** voi^'v «nil will, 
** IHioM thr ilrink of ^mU ! *' 

Tht'v ilmiik, Aiid lo' in h«*Art and Inin 

A iirw, ^lail Hfr iM-pin ; 
Thf >:rii\ of hair ht*'v yuuiifc AK^n, 
Tht* !»ii-k uiun Uii^hi-d ttway hi» {iwiii, 

Thf i*rip|>lv h*ji|MMl auil run. 

'* Hriuk, imirul.H, wlut thi* fj^nh havt 

For^cft your loii^ Hiinoy." 
So MfcUK th«* |irir»tH. From ti*nt to tent 
Thf Soinu'tt iiai'n'd mailiifMA wi*nt, 

A i»turiu of drunki'ii jny. 

ThfU ktifw fai'h rm|>t iiifhriatt' 
A wiiiK**d Miiii Kl*>ri<**i't hirth, 
Sturtil U|iWiinl. with ^tnui);!' joy rhit«, 
Ibat, with dM/«-*l hiu^l. Variiim> ^'.t*. 
And, •MiU-rvd, Mink to mrth. 

Tht* land with Smui'fi jtniimvt mng ; 

On ttihun'n Iwiikn oi hhii^lf 
Itn hyinns tlif dii<tky iiiaidfiii hau^; 
In j^'V of lift* or iipiiial 1 11111); 

Alf lUfii tuSiniA |iniyt*il. 

Thf iiioniiii>; twili;;ht of thf n*'^ 

S«-iiil% down thfM- niiitin iimiIiiih; 
And Htill with wnnilfriiiK *'y'^ wf t 
Thf Hiinjilf iirayf r^ to Sinia's f^mot*. 
That V«'«lii* Vf r^M* fmlMlmn. 

An in I'hild-worlil'i farlv vrnr, 

VjhU uftfr ««;•• h<L<« ^trivfti 
liy munii', in«viw, \ipUdn'iir, 
Aii'l tntm-f, to hrini; thf nkii-n niurv nrac 

Of lift nifn u|» to hf4Vfn * 

SiinH* ffVf r of thf IiKmmI iUhl hmin, 

S«inif vlf-f\4ltiii>; "I"'!!. 
Thf M'oun{»"r\ k'Tn ili-liLrht of |iain, 
Thf l>fn't<«h •l.iiii-f. th'- Orphii htnun, 

Thf wtM haip'^I lU>«hint\ yMl. 

Tlif ihiiiTt'^ hiiir-in^iwn hrmiit i^unk 

Thf Hdiifr hnitf U-l»iw ; 
Thi- iiiiktil Srtiitoii. )i.i«hi«h-dnink, 
Thf I hii^ffT ni.iiliif<iH of tlif monk, 

Thf fukir'i* tortun-show ' 

Ainl Vft thf jkkHt foiiii-H piun-I atrtin. 

And ni-w ihitli old fulfil . 
In M>ii<.u.() tnin<i|HirtA wi!*! «.« v.iin 
Wf hivw in UMiiy a t'hri«tiaii fane 

The hi-«thfn Si mm !«till ' 

' Dmr liitixl and F^ithft of mankind, 
I VuigiTe our fuuluh waya ! 


Hcdotlia HI Id our riftblfol mind. 
In imrri liriu Uiy mtvicc find, 
la lU - 

Boriili thn Sxriui h.- 
tht gnKioiu Filling ot llie Lord. 
Lei at, like tlwni, without a want, 

IUh up uid fallow Ibte. 

O SaLIsiIi mt by (laUlKi I 

U .-klu of lillU abiti, 
Whm> Jmiu kurlt tii *twn iritli tliM 
Tbo tilvncc of etcmitj' 

IntrriJivtnl bj laTB I 

With tliKt 4wp htuh nibdaiu til 

Our wonli and work* ttut irvrn 
Tlia IcndFr «hi(|)et of tb; nil, 
A* doLv^Um Ui (by hlnniug Ull 
A* foil tb; mnu down. 

An wnk t U« '• ibiMK- An ImMI 

Wbal lipaballjudgt wIm H* rniMmt 
WbudareUicora tb* cUld ^tjrml 


" I'lT on the ntonl ! " Th« nii«» rf 

Curiat one* mar* 
Spraka. in lb* jaUM* of tb* mwif'i 

O'er ll'I'U of com t^ ftrry tkkW Mi^ 
it Irfl dry aibn i om irmrhM bai^irf 
nwlcaa dead ; nW dtia ^atrnt 

Drop iLy *( 

TiU all oi 

(till lint* of r|uii>tnoai. 

Take fioni oui Hiali th' (tnifi and atnw. 
And Irt out urtlf rnl litn conlcM 
The Uwitj of thy pa«. 

Bnalhr Ihraujth Um brvta of our daaira 

Thy coulnuM aiid thy balm i 
Im wram ba duinli, let flcah rrtlra ; 
Bfmk through tlK authquak^ wtnd, 

Odill, maU TolMc'caln! 

A won AN 

O, owAKrm aiul wrDunoI, and itajsrd 

9AM I thou att a Moun atUI t 
Aad. by that mari nam and d«ar, 
I Md thy UllM Kir aHHar. 
BtUl, Iteooi^ thy fnol diiwnlae, I ■» 

1 loaa, makKa 

Thy Idrtbrlftbt-^taim uf •ooubhund ; 
A »b> tbut iihJrianw. 

, •IfTp, intana* i 

['■ft off lb" im»-t'lallHiB(rflfay ain! 
RlB- fiviii ilir dut thou Ikx in, 
Aa Uary iuk al Jrnii' word. 
tbdMwd and while hrful* th* Uir<l ' 
Rvrlalm iJiy loat ual ! In Ilia iiatw, 
Uh nh and bmk (hy loud* uf 


n at flrr ; thiini(h waida rf 



T>i-wD wbU'h a rranliuc dU|«Mn n 
fnna turtanJ buMrn^ hsah 

or draolatf woirnn in thni fiv-4* Im 
WaitiO)! tu hou tha dap thu i 

O own and brothen I lat tbal v<4i 

W«T lalli, try pran ; pat np tha ■ 

Wltbp»v nipoaaaa la .^ ... 
I ■ill*', un tha nnnda of Ua mmMKf h 
Etuddha, Ihf holy and b ' — ' 

Whwr amtal n4ea tha Ulb ami Ik 

b mW al iMt, Md Ion JmH yfaU w 

Into ilir rortn and (taUoaaf aAn* i 
And whm tha ibVHW •( ba ihb w 



Pirclin^ «h»r<» him tw^tly uog the 

binl : 
" llat«* Imth no hanii for lovi*/' m ran 

1 he M>ni( ; 
" And |M*aci> unwraponed com |Uera ever}' 


I •• 


Mv ol«l Wflih ni'ighltor ori-r ihf way 
Orpt <<Iftwly out in the aun of ii|iring. 

PiiHlii'tl from h»*r vnn tht* h^'kn of ^thv. 
And liHtrnrd to hoiir the ruhin Mn>{. 

I{i-r f^.intl<uin, playing at marblrs 

And. rnif'l in A}Mirt a^ 1»i>\*a will hr, 
To-^'ii'il a Ntoiir at thi* binl, who hopiml 

Fnmi Utugh to Umgh in the applc>trpe. 

•* Niiy ! " said tlie grandmother ; "haTe 

voii not lii'unl. 

My i-Nir, Uul U»y ! of the fiery pit. 

And )i<iw. dri»p hv drop, thui merciful 


(*arrifn the water that quenehea it f 

" He lifingH ciuA dew in hiit little hill. 
And Ii't.H it Till on theMiul^t «if tin : 

Yi>:i (*an a***' the mark cm hin retl hreiwt 
Of tin-rt that ai*on-h an he dmiw it in. 

" My |HHir Hron rhuddyn ! my hft'ftst- 
biinH^l hinl, 

Sint^itg Hii hi^ivtly from limhtn limh, 
V't-ry iliMr iti tin- hi-art of Our l/ml 

U he who pitiea the loat like Him ! '* 

•' Ann-n : " I !»jii«l to the h«*autiful myth ; 

**Sing, hint of <tiHl, in my h(*art an ; 
w.-U : 
Kai-h giHxl thought i* a drop wherrwith 

To •-o>d and leiiM-n the firra of hell. 

•• Pni>vrH of lore like rain-<lmps fall. 

'JVarn of pity an* roiding dew. 
And ilfar to the heart of Our liortl air all 

Wlio Hu(r*T like Him in the good they 

do : '• 


AvviR and RhtMla, fliatm twain, 
Woke in the night to the tooiid of nCSt 

The runh of wind, the ramp and rov 
Of great waves climUng a rocky ahore. 

Annie rone up in her he<l*gDwn white, 
And hooked out into the iftorm and night 

** Huah, and hearken ! " sherrietl in fear» 
** Hearest thou nothing, siater dear f " 

'* I hear the nea, and the planh of raio« 
And roar of the northeast hurrieane. 

** Cet thee Ivhk tr. the be«l an warni. 
No gtMul Liinii'N of watching a Monn. 

** What itit to th»^. 1 would know, 
That wavfN are roaring and wild windi 
hlow f 

*' No hiver of thint' 'h afloat to miaa 
The harhordightft on a night like thia.** 

*• But 1 heanl a voire cry out my name 
rp fn»m the ai>a on the wind it cAine ! 

"Twi4*e antl thrice hare I heanl it call. 
And the voiee is the Toice of tlatwick 


On her pillow the siater tnaaeil her head* 
** Hall of the HeruD U aafe," »he aai<t 

*' In the taute!«t achoftner that ererawuD 
He ridea at anchi»r in Aniwiuam. 

"And, if in peril from awaniping pea 
Or Ire nhore rock a, would he call on 
ther r " 

But the girl heanl only the wind and 

And wringing her aniall white hamla aha 

crie«l : 

**0 aiftter Rhoda, there 'a aomething 

wmng ; 
I hear it again, ao loail and long. 

•• • Annie • Annie * ' I hear it caII. 
An<l the voicf ia the voice of Kntwick 
Hall : " 

rpaprang the elder, with eyea aflame, 
"Thou lit^t r He never would call thy 
name ! 

'* If he did, I would pny the wind and 
To ke«T bin forercr hom the* tnd mt ! " 


111* jaaag girl liwlii^ o 
Bnt Uuouah hirr 

*"ni> w\ni uul Iha *>m thrir wotl 
Wrdisll M lUiD ii()iiKir*l'n«lh tbe bid 

"nowh hwwU ihowld tPi iMi Mid fjm 
A»d ttiuh tor Mt^ ta mj hmn b* mL 


Utmicmvarm ut. ITM. 

tow blBWUfm girw ; 
link «f Immu nmtB Ibt bod* MttJ 1W 

Mck, In u tllrn liwurliolii, tttr poor 
Ft«nrh nrntnl Ur ; 

IBW Iin lutlHinli.i gWTTt'lrll tk I^bl gf 

tW A|<rll >!■;. 

Wlul ti> brr «u lb* bm OI th» i*ta, 

or warm tDstBtof ^^1. 
A< ahi Uj in tfiF tnna W Ik* dyia^ 

btnllo of loMtd w (t|kt t 

I><.D^ «■■ thr «i«k of ber Iwwk, 4» 
had nm brr UUb bnri : 

-Hx- world -if tbi- >Ua pMiOi 1^ iiUtd 
bar dUn aod dad. 

Out hot iinl WTVt buA totoi fca i l lwi; 

ihr ua tW na v'rrilu* 
Wilh goU tb. ImM n( tUtM mM aM 

Tl» low. >■» OaU al tU.tMf, A> ra* 

uf tit* aea al flood, 
Tliivutb l&Ut and ttwA ami rircr, bim 


Tlw sulli ia lb* r*d (f i»W»b^ *■ 

Tb> drift of tbp fas ia mi Mifch^ W 
Uw dark «Mt-«*lL 

wmlhing Ibt wriakM (kM. 
pMriag Into (k* fasv^ * hil|liifc Mrf 

IkriiBi (1> k>-«MU k>t. 

With • «■««• IMMW atanlm bm Wr 

87 «■*<• no iMflrr bmlrd «*d fitj »m 

fit llM Mam iif Um pMM« «Al7 U» M 

W Um ulMfM alvftad, 
LraB(4 onf tb* baul-h«f4, iWMC 
U) (bra wUli kb bank aad nf*. 

alwirly, iritli Wmt •'(Mnt 

■Vkai )«>« r^ tW PifAii, tkihv 

pi; UMtbafpafikataivkl" 


"Di* nhe Pupi.Ht oi U'f^gur who lirs hi*re, ' In merry mootl King Voltner lat, foiw 
I know iirid <Ii>«l known p'tfiil of liu |M)Wrr, 

I love h<T, anil fiiin wmiM go with hrr Asidlir uitli**<;(MMe of Gold tlut brooded 
\* ln'M'Vrr shv i^H-H : on hin tow«r. 

•• i > niotliiT ! I hut iiw«i-t fare «'aine pleiyl- Out ti\mkv the King to Henrik, hiit young 

iuii, for lovi- HO ftthiwl. miU faithful miuiif : 

You k;iw hut thf lowni'harK»* ; I knew *« Ilar'nt tnmt thv little KUie, the maid 

liiT (mhI'm uugi'l ut first." of thy (l«*Nirv ?" 

** <)f all thf nien in Denmark Hhe loTeth 
Sh.ikiii;; h<T ^iv hea^l, tin' mi.HtnfM only nw : 

iiushctl down a hitter cr^' ; As tnie to nie in KLsie an thy Lily ia to 

And aw 111 by the sih-nre and bha«low of thee." 

d»'<ith drawing nigh, 

lioud laughet] the king: **To.iuorrow 
Shr ninnniiriil a fiNJiIm of the Bih]e ; but (»hall bring anothrr day,* 

rlt^'T thi* young girl |in*NMeil, . When I niy*ii'lf will tent her ; she will 
With tlii- l.i«tt Iff litT life in her tingem, : not »ay inv nay." 

thi' I ro<«H t4i htT breast. Thereat the lords and gnllanta, that 

• ruunil about hini stiMul, 

"My-Mi, «'<Mn<' away." i'ri«'4l the UHither, Wagpil all thfir heatU in eoniTrt and 

lii-r Villi -«• vniA grown. | sniilnl oa court ieri should. 

•* Shr in piii'.itl to ht-r idoln, like Kph- 

raiin ; let her alone ! " j The gray lark ainga o'er Viirdinghurg, 

! auil oil the aiK-ifiit town 

Hut hi- kn-lt with his haml on her fore- ; From the tall tower of Vahlt'iiiar the 

h'-ad, his H]iH to her ear, i ^ndden <too«ie liM»k!% ilown 

An<l In* •atli'd Imrk the houI that waapaa*- The yellow grwin ia waving in the |deas- 

iiik' : '• .Marguerite, do you hear f " •nt wind of inoni, 

I The wooil reaoundii with cry of hounds 

Slie juu^d nil th.. thn-shold of Heaven ; . *"'* ****"' ""^ hunterS honi. 

Inv. , iiiiv, «.tir|»riHe, I 

Wistful, t.pd. r*. lit up for an instant the ! '»> *"«' ganbn of her father Httle Elsie 

.lou.l of her eves. ««« *nd iipina. 

And. hinging with the early binls, her 

With hiH hrart on hiH liiM he ktaaeil her, ' « u!"M*'**' **?i"*' . ^- . i 

I . . I - I ' 1, • " •• (,jy tqii|H, MiHim and awe»«t mint cnrU 

but iit-viT her i*he«>k gfvw red. . ' i u i i 

A. I .1 .. I .1 i: : I r 1- artiHud her ganien-Niwer, 

And lb. -Td. lie 1 vnig long for he ' „„, ,j,^ -^ ,we.ter than the nint and 
.|.ik.- in th. ear of tlic dead. | ^^-^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^uwer. 

And thi. nd.i„* Mn« in the orrhanl. ^|^„, ,„., f,.^ ^^^ ^j^le blue oHnn 

Mf .1 V\T II " ^'^TT ^.7 ; l..vinglv, and. white 

t)f the fnldid han.K and the still face ^, ,„^^ ^^^ ,,^' ^,^,.^ „„,^ ,^^ 

nev.r the n,bins knew ! ,,..^ ^^j ^^^^j ^^.^^ ^^-^.^^^ , 

Below the niiMlrat petticoat can only half 
KIS<; VOLMER AND EI-SIE. . The motion of the lightest f.wt that erer 

tumeil a whf^l. 


wisrr.R. The cat sitM purring at her Mile, be«a 

hum in sun«hin«' w.-irni : 
WiiKKK, ov*T heathen d(KMn-ringt and But, look ! ^he ntarta, she lift^ her face^ 

gray stones of the llorg. she shadeA it with her arm. 

In its little (*hri«tian city stands the • ^ Manaa mvlw of Ti 
church of Voidingboi]^ soMfas "' ' 



t Imin of bonrtiim. with 'Then EU« rmianl ImtIhbJ 
ni) iir<lug ind bom, I woorr f*CF lo lita ; 

CooiF li«i<inf( o>r th« ilitrhn, mmii A roguiih Bnilc ijH>nr in b 
tiuupling down the •xra I i bri lip foDDd pWc 

.. ., ,. ,^u, . , _. ''*■'' f"™" •"" '»■ "•''»• 

Hemly rang the bridU-rrine, and »cauf ■ ^^f], „t ~jU ili* Ultrw 

urul pluii.e .tmninl py. | ^nd lin-l nii IiPf ■fr* to bk i 

Aj r«i( n->iilF linr lalnDr ■ gate the Tiilcni ' clncr mkI blue 

h'ld tli-lr iir«y i 
And unr wu bnrp in icarUt cl«k, with 

guldpii spur on hwl. 
And, u till cbcchnl hi* touning aterd, 

thn muden chtdud hrr wbml. 

" All hail vaaag thjr met, the Uirat 

For ■nir7 nvoniha in hctti my Imut 

hM tiinpiHl fur thw ■ " 
What kiiiiiht «» tlilil \Vh*t 

wnnlii fornwlrtt uiuJrn'i rar? 
She AropprA ■ lowljr nmitesy of banhful- 

SLr lUtnl ap brr iiunninx-wheel i ihi! 

fkin would tik the ilmir. 
TiHiifalinfi in tvny UniK hrr r-hcek with 

blluhn crimMinHl oW. 
"Nijr, IrM ma not," thn rfd*r«ld, " I 

offrr hiart and hand, 
Baar wllnna ihne mod Danuh knlgbta 

vbo toQnd aboat ta> itand. 

" 1 grant yoa timr to think of thU, to 

For to-morraw. lfltli> E(«i«, ahall bring 

anotliFr lUv," 
Rs apaki! thK til.I phrav tlvlr •^ rWi- 

rin| nninrl hii train, 
*' " nem foUiiwfni •bt* tu hbU 

unilita tn lain. 

their uniku 

" Th» mow of [warh 1 11 acaltn in jvat 

<nirl* III ^idii hair, 
1 11 lln" a^tb fun th* rrim of the kiitla 

AD pndaaigraiitlwll twine fimaack; 

font ManU of fttj. 

" And b>rpa ihall •ontiit, anil ItutM iball 
play, and brami UiDpiihall|{la«i 

On tnarhlf Itoni yoni frM ahall wean 
the daneea la and Itv. 

It frnt* «nntUa for oa the hlailMt 
hank ahall ahlix^ 


a IovIt nuantt *^ y* ■ p^ 

•vIt naiant, ai 
1 vlll not Irait a low that mmi wmj 

cool and Inm l« digln. 
If you nnlld vrd ma Iwojitt la a 

poiaaot, not a loni ; 
I bid joD haiig npon thr wall joar IrM 
and Imay toord." 

And in tia plan «W i«ing the «c7th* 
and imnr your hlhvr* bay. ~ 

" Nay. bat yuar plkni Mmrbt ckak 
my cyw ran nrvtr bnrj 

A VadiiMl cuat. 

WeU. Vi 

u plain Mid fftj, m iS 

•lU I »*w far ya^" 

Ibe Mrt ffirly ^nka. 
•■ And on the LonT* iSi^lmt 1 11 kf 

my mrlM oloah. 
■■Hot mark." ahe Mid. "MNalalf Ui* 

ny [ aaiiil Un mmI rtdiL 
A ytdif of (lean M«ifv tW flaa^ la «■ 

that h* onat foida." 

No olhn matt 

Ilaitvforth I 'I 
my o»ei 

If only Utile E 

"Voo a 

ti«d ththrn 


M im^. Wr IM*. 1 1 *Wk 
tlmt meaj ■! iMw, 

•ttd drink iha 

■ idar at diuihla, , Dbbm( far p— Mat-wldid aiah rmt 
Mo«d-i«d vbT^ I U^i^teaaMMM. 

pdll n* Aotn foat cutU 

tin TUBU BKU& 
froa tap 

W plough tl 

1 ha with » liiftjr (irUa: 
•rtl U ImI bo Iedcw 
U uf th« aliliiuiujt-BhMl wu 

put full nil : 

I hnuw thftt I mn 

and lu mj oull 

n Tolnwri I il<nU in 


^PToultl ()o.l thai 4U oar matv 
^K^ pi—l umI pan m ;roa I 
^HFd Inr* you (ileMril yvor 
^H Mul ha ilull VbU rrfnf . 
^■M'i pwv t F>nr*«n I Ta-ua 
^H^ viagAiMtharila;!'' 

R« UfM up U( Wdb huHt be ■pomd 

Ul ^m1 llMll ihra, 

A>4 Uka * ahlit-btul a«apt ft>v wtlli 

Tba itacl Uwii bnt tlu rw'kjr patlt; 

■niti on vioili uf moru 
fW wood rcKiunil* with err of bonmk 

uid LUiT ul huDUi'i liutn. 

**rhaa tiUK uwl a»r hithAill' Ifct 

UiHrninK HfnHk rriKl : 
And, iHpliul o'<T the itrrai hailfe, ha 

■tiwaii; EUa'atiik. 
VttM nw Oh fond onbtwiiift ■ 

(hbiliw bom abr, 
n* QoUoi OcMNi UmI ntdwi tl 

f^HB Iha tovu- wt ValllMBM. 

failla« RbUof DMnatk) of Wl llw 

5d tmbi u vonn wt teanhr nwafdt 

Iha ■inpr'i (kill ; 
ThMk OorfTof m-kti Uk* KUa flw knd 

haa identy Mill ! 

nrNrJkTH iha I'lw-liunK ulKfat tkni 

dllp MTtll 


Orcr Ibt awfiil wnn 

Iter 4iK[»] KUIM |ml«J «U. 

Dear GoJl waa iW Ikj aiuwW 
Fran the b«n>I truml •Imull 

A *at«a can>« dmm the wilil «>{iid, 
" Ho I ihlp ahoj- ' ■■ iu pry r 

" Our (brat Thnw tkll* of ULa^ w r 
8h>U lay till Jaylifilii hj : " 

Hoar after hour ciept alowly, 
Vrt on the lirmring (ailla 

Tnw^l ui> anil iliivu iIip tJitli-lislitk 
TliK lifcliLi uf tlir Thiw BrIUI 

Anfl ehip to thill DHilf •tiDula, 
Mau anawanl lark lu nnn, 

And iIm captain Amd hw taRVail 

Alt n^ anaa Uie walm 
Tba teiri^ llithu ahoor Amtf 

All nlcht fmn treHnfl lalTiall 
The Tfciw Bab kiiI her chMb 

or Mm a>d darkMa rMBd. 

Jtut m tha nvrit hnM ndML 

AH Mb ««• and al W*. 

to iisirful nNBory tail 

Binn on, Thn* IWIla of m 

Ahnn tha n** awl pi 

Bowan that tbrou B^Mt the Haabr'a or, 

■«?dai4nl«Btfa*UiM^lriiVfcr| Ai toialiic thtmuth •« doAMv 






• •IM 

(tmUTnl I«n whlU It 

ilipnMtloti tram th* piaix or 

_..._ .. Mr WImI nt cralliaaB. TntlK- 

dnla dT h« tullnuU frionil*, 1 <ledk«U lUa illibt 

m. In till liw* M Dr. K^ 

Tbl* lltlU pom nmdM4 CUb 
IwJ, anJ wi ir* Udd Uat h* mill I sM 


1 un tenit-M U ht man, hot t writ* M bikW lh« if* of bv who. oUb «tt i^ 

iiank vlth mlnfal Jiptvutloti tram th* piaix or mnthia of pvfanMaM* vMA 

w>lii1<rJo«)MrWlMlnt*rall«u». Ti 1l ii i t i liilliiiii lii.lli 1 11 iil 

TitK ■ummnr wMntttli bu UR Uir tky, 
Tlifl Runiinfr wnp hari di«(I an* i 
Ad'I. *tlli-ir<l. In tlie f<Hl|«tlH He 
Tlir filIrD iMHa. bit ruLrnU; 

With rubj- ud villi io|iw gi]-. 

Thi )p*« 1* btvvnlaff (m tfa* bllU : 
No piK lolatnl ttamnn t^-m-W 
Ttw Mlral ftiDBn nf ih* rilU, 
Ad4 drwit; A* <If«l Hi>» r.]|. 
Ptaat-UackniRl, tnm (h* nmdndv >b1L 

Tet diPDOKh tfc» gnf nd wmtit* wooJ, 
AnalnM tb* diuk of Ar and plnr. 
Last at (hfir flomi tialcrlKmi. 
Tb* baarl'* rill* UoMom* afain*. 
Tb* Uvnr g-ild d( AMe'* mine ! 

Sniall tiaiaty h<tlfa nr nnann^ Snver. 
For tprinc In own or uiniinpr hail i 
Bnt, in ih* iiruiin'* aad'tnt bonr. 
To ikin dial worp and wlod* Ihal mil 
Iti Iliad lurrriaal* n"*r bil. 

O lUy* irrrnrn roM '. llh pnvn oU 1 
Xo Mas of Jnn* mtr liliiem m^b j 
ttnt. likr lb* hartl'i twiatnl |p>ld. 

II bint, of I 

Aoat ukd hnw Mia 

And aa within Uw htrnVt bMfh 
A lift of myMlc Ttmw darlK 
Tbal poisu Ed goUm «nB Maw, 
And In drT^diwrt pbcai lalla 
Wbn* floB nnma tlw «mI. wait i 

fb. in tlir «!■ mdotr*! luiid. 
n* minr Ihr bai*ra (ralafal pari 
To rii-l. Wn-alh a Ibtnt; bad. 
Th* living nim ihnll and atari, 
Ttw bcuiag of tha txralafa baafl t 

Wiall aiDK iu pi 

O Lon ' tha luM-l>a«Md anr hO, 
Rnt than «atM land >k» mtw ^aH, 
Thai, |<u>lng arn Hana'i rak 
Xmat* Ih- nU-llM «lfarla. 
Ana RukH th* itertt'Uad • viB. 




" I uni not nnr who haa (1isrra<***(l lirjuty nf iirntliiirnt hy drfiirmltjr nf rnmlurt, or th« mAilm 
nf A fn-rin«ii )■> tin- aftiitiin nf a iilu\i- . Imt. by Uir gn*'* t^Oinl, 1 liftvv kr|it my life uiuuUmhI * 

Mil IiiN'h Ih/tH't o/th* I'ntiJr If/ /'.Mi/Ziliwl 

n MiiriiKi: Sr\ii: ' t)ii* « imlM of Mftn'h 

lilfH i liill o'l-r Anlnini'h Kifl<l of (m^*!, 
Whfp', slow, U-iifiith a l«*n< It'll arch 

<M' sky. tliv in(>iiriiiii>; rhihln'ii trtkl. | Ijftiil like Saul'ii aUkve tlir rmwil. 

Till tlir hanl ft^rvir** pvw. At last. 

AihI no\i-, Mith itll thy MntNln in 1«*af, 
Tliv tic 111. t ill tlowi-r, U-nIiIi' tliv dtMil 

Tlmu sitti-st, in iliy loN-s of jjricf, 
A l!ii« li< 1 >i't unrniiifurtiMl * 

Aitil oiH'i- :ii:.iiii th<- or^:in kwcIK 
iUur iiKiFf thr tl.i^ is Imlf-way hung, 

AikI \*-t .t;;.iin thi* iii«iunifiil M\s 
In all thy !tt('«-itIi'-toMon> nn- ning. 

AikI 1, iihiMlicut to thy will. 

Il.ivf run If a sinipli* «r«'ath to Iav, 
.'iiiM-rtlnoits, Mil a ltivi* that utill 

Is swt'ct with nil thi' tlowt-rx of Miv. 


1 taki", with :iw«*, the t.i-k n«iijcn<*"l '• 
It iri.iy U* my frii'ihl ini^ht niift.**. 

In hjo. n<w ''ph'-n* ot heart aihI inin<l, 
S>itii<- titk* n fmin nty hainl in thi^ 

}\\ inmiy ;i ti-nihT memory nioviil, 
Ah'Tu' thi- pint niy thoni;ht I vml : 

Til'- P< "ril i»i iIh- i-,tii»«' In* IdViil 
N til'- U -t iii-iipl 'if it** frii'ii<l. 

I r}Min his kinf^ly forfht-ml ffll 
Thf first. fhar|i Uilt of Slavt>ry*N rhmd, 
l^unchitl at th** truth hr urgt'd iiuwi*lL 

N" trunn»tt Notniili'l in lii** tiir, 
II*' Mu Tiiit Sin.-ii'n i-hmil .-in<l Haiiir, 

Itiit ii«-\t'r \it t«» Ilrhri'w Mi-r 
A •I'.ipi vitj' «• iifilutv laiiif. 

I Mill *.iil " r»r«:(k thoM thcM' yokes ; tin<io 
Thi'Hi- luMvy I'luilfn-* 1 onhtin 

A «>>rk to li»t thv uholi- lif«> througli, 
A iniiiittiy nf otiifi- uiiil imin. 

** Fofi-p. thv ilTi'iinis i.f lfttrn»*l eaw*. 
Put ih'Mi till' '••■ln'"* pninii""*' hy, 

Thf n;:h!"» 'if III in 'W*' m-iri* than thf^e." 
Ileliianl. .Ill 1 tin<iuir''<l ; **II<TPainl !** 

H<- v-t his f:ir«- .-i;(:iin*kt th** fila'«t. 
Hit feet against the flinty Miarri, 

Ah * nf-viT y»-t, nt nirk nr ntake. 
Was S4)ri-r loss mail** Kmsloni'ii gain, 
[ Than liiH, who sutrfntl for hir wkt* 
The )M<ak-tom Titan'fi lingering |iain* 

; The fixnl Ktar of his faith, through all 
I AIM, ftoiiht. ami ]ii'l il, »hum- the mihip ; 
As thniiigh a ni>:lit of »tonn, some tall. 
Strung light huUM- lifta it> hti-mly flamr. 

|U>von(l the <lu!»t an«l anmke he ftaw 
'l*he sheaven of frrvilum'ii ljrg»' in- 

The holv fanejt uf etpial law. 
The NeH Jcru^alem of |ieat*e. 

The ueuk might fear, the wnrMling 
UHH k. 

The faint and hlin«l of heart regret ; 
All knew nt last th* eternal Mi k 

On whieh hiM forwanl ff»*t mere net 

The si'heme of e\Hni>ronii«« 

W'ah fi»lly t«» his |mr|«i<M' N»hl ; 
■ Tlie stroniP'st nieslt nf |iarty lie* 

Wt .tk t«i the tiiiii|»li-M truth he ti»ht. 

I hie lanf^iAg*' lieM his heart and li|t. 
Straight onwanl tn his pial In- trod. 

Anil |trovihl till' hitfheM MateMiianshifi 
OUiliener t«» the Vnii-e i<f 4i«iil. 

Ni) wail wa.s in hi^ Voiee, lioni- heard. 
When treaM»n*!i stomM-lotid Maiki -i 

Th" weakness itf a douhtful wor^l . 

Hin duty, and the emL he knew 

The firmt to imite, the flr*t to spare : 
When cnct the hostile enugna fell. 



With emitn aiiil brmiitv nyiiilHiliM 
Till- |H**M-r wliii li fiihiiwk liiii^ Hiiiiuy, 

Ami Iriiil our rartli-iii-iii, tiioiiiuing ryra 
S41111C hint of hu iltviiHT juv. 

For Mif<- vMth ri^ht «iiti Inith hi* ia. 
At (iimI livr% h<' mil -ft livi' ikl«iiy ; 

Thrri* i^ iiii mil hii •(•iiN iiki* hiis 
Nil liij{ht liir I hlMlrli ut thr «Uy ! 

Nor cant mT iMxir Miliritiulr^ 

Miitlr wi'Mk \i\s lilf'n ^ifiit unntni''nt : 
Sni.ill l«-iouri' hi^ fur fntinrH and imiuili 

Whit tolluwrtl I>uty »h«*n> nhi* wt-nt. 

Thi- hnu<l, fiiir lirliU uffMul hi* uw 
|i«-vtiiiil thi- lii^ot'f* naiFiiw buuinl ; 

Thf tiiith.<« hi* niiiul<li-«l intii Uw 
hi riirt!»t'.<i U'utituih'.o hi' hmml. 

II in StAtr-rmft WBM tht* (lulilm Kuh*, 
\i^^ ii;;ht i>r viit«- a NiiiTifl tru.Ht ; 

('l« oviT thrrut an«l riJiiulr, 

All h*-unt his r]uilk*nf;i' : **U it jukt '" 

Aii'l wht'n tlir hour flupn'mr liml ifirn**. 
Nut iiir hiin-rir n th<Mi}:ht hf f^wv : 

In thill ImM {iahi; of rniirt>nloni. 

II I « i-.iri- uuh I'nr thf half-frptil slaw. 

Not v.iiiilv ilii«ky haniU (i|ilM»n\ 

hi lu.iyi-r, till' )aA.iing miuI ti» hravm 

< WhiHH* lurn'y tn His Milfrrinf^ imur 
I Waa ML'lvicc tu thv Miutt-f givt-u. 

iA*uii nhiill thi- f{<jiHl Stat«'*i» annaU tfll. 
llrrrhihln-u'nrhiMrvn lou){ U' t«iii^ht. 
How, pmiMii ur bUllinl, hfpiuitinl wrll 
I Till* ini>t hf urithff uliuiiiiiil nu; 

If for onr inonirut ttinnil thv fai'i*, 
n Muthrr, Irotn thy mih, nut lon^ 

III- waitfil i-iilinly in ht« plai-f 
Thi- ftifir tv-murM* vihith lullowa vb rung. 

KilXivrn lir thr StJitf hi* hiVnl 

Till* uni' hnrf U|Rr, thr %in^lf hhit; 
Kor^'otii-n U- till- itani ri'nio«iil, 
lli-r rifthli-*! nH.iiril iUm«B it iiot '. 

Thf lift«ii nwonl aUiVr hf r Kliirhl 

With jfahius i-«rf thall f;iiAril hi^i funii , 

Till- |>in<*trtv on amirnt ln-M 

To all thf Hindji fJuli k|«ak hl.i luinr . 

Thf HMrltlf iiiiAji^* n| )irr anii 

lli-r i<*\inu' h.intln nIiaII \i-4rlv • ri>vin. 
Anil fnun lH*r ]i|i tuntl rantlin«i 

lilt ffninJ, luajfstit- faii- tuok ihi«n. 

n Stntf Ml |^iiik; ii« h lirforp. 

Who now »halli|<Militth> hit;hf«trlHiin' 

Thf World thiit Count o thy jr«rU orr 
Shall Uiii}:«-»t |«iu%f at Si UStii'i* namr ' 



0\- tin- i*l'- «'f iVniki «-, 
l»iiii:>-il .i)«<iit y*\ '^i|t|ihiri- m'.-i«, 
K<«iiiii-<1 ^\ Krif/i-i s.ih nnil «'ooI. 
SttMifl i!ii- Mi-tiT with hi« M'hiMil. 
< >\i r s.)ii« th:it n<>! in vain 
WiMM-tl thf wi-<>t-w Mill's Ktt jily ittraiD. 
I.i;ii- lif •■•itt ]•>« iiiiil i*ir 
STr'-t< h<s| it^ iiiiihilaTiii^ Imif, 
Wiii^'-. .i«i.iitt .il'iiii; thf rim 

of till- W.t\i-- rhi-V oTiMilk-il to nkilll, 

IfiH k anil i«1«- M\'\ cli^ifninc hay. 
Kill till- U-.«itrifnl wliitf il.iv. 
S.iiil thf MjL^trr t>> thf youth : 
** Wv harr couw in March of truth. 

Tr\in»! with iini-i-rtjin kt-y 

pi Nil li\ ill Mir of n»^»tfiy ; 

Wr jin- n-iihin^'. throiii;|i Hi* lawf. 

To thf }r-tnnt-nt ln-m *A < <iiis«-. 

Hint, rh'- rmllfN^ iinU-f^iiv, 

Thf rnii.iniAhlf. thf (hif 

I.icht I if all our lijiht thf Snurvr, 

I.iti- «if Jill-, niiii Fori*- of f>*ru-. 

A" with finp'fs III till- liliii>l, 

W'- in- (froiiiiit; hiTf to tinil 

Wliit till- hifni|*lviiliii-^ uiran 

**f till- rn**"*-!! Ill thf t««-rn, 

Whit thf Thoiiifht whi'li iin«lrrlif» 

N itiir«-'s niNskuii: an<l iliiirui^, 

What it i« that hiiirs U-iifath 

Hligiit amI bltiuui and birth aihI ilfath. 








Doubt <uid •^mi, lua> BnU UUing. 

Whea lilt air w nM *lil> «u» 

Of our w«ikiiM. ii>..1d .W.I., 

Ana tha bUlh- •lUiv-aimnv* un 
Many aa >¥■ witii iiu Mill In 
Shall Ibo lirinx ouw duulac*. 

On tl» Uimhi.l.l of iwr tuk 

Lnl II* It^ht and euiilam-a uk, 
L«t as [iBiiMi in siknl jmyer ! "' 

Many an au Um woid ahaU mA 
Hv alone mold fitly ap«k. 

TU«n Ui^ Alub-r ii< bl« pUce 

liownl 111. Iinj ■ lltUa hwi;*, 

Stull br MUnd oar ud o'ar 

Aiiil tli« Invn by K>n ■»> (ttmd. 

By Uw WKTM tbu kua tb» iham. 

I«pu ut wHvii aijil cry uT blnl 

By tl» <:url««'« vhiitU amt 

Of tli«i wonilo- prayer un.pokpa. 


WUle ii. »uli. on t«th an-id. 

Rom b> 1.hv«i mtirnrvtsl. 

ilUr in Iriomph. half luncnt. 

A>, In Ur»> Wi buun. » lirar 

TyUiw LoT« .liaU U>tfDt un. 

Hy llis ipirit* (ini't mr 

Uia low TDJw witliin ut, ttiiu 

The Ail-FaLlior lieanth lu i 

rroui ttu> Uaatu'i aljMl fcqrw. 

And hi> ludy •« we laun 

Willi uut nouy iiruitla and Tiin. 

Not fur llbniiur violoix'i. 


Hii tha prinikl Unj^iB^ hi* 

Ut thou«:bta wa all In ycmdw Imn, 


The xlmml dluoa 1 

When.. *»irt bjr tiway uwv 
To^y my mothrr. frirod Uy* 4a<nt 

Ercn tkr rmnVam hwl ww mo*«d. 

The bunUn of b«r ymn. 

An<l tba iluablini! R»" uHnt, 

Willi ■ jtntnn nrcmit. 

TniP a. in Uff. m t»ar diwnl» 

Tu ibu UmI'i «ll-Ulo«<l. 


A« ttilu luuu uv nloHIUI 

And on h-r •dmid. oakM Ibi 

U; tl><= lltfbi thvy nniiot hid<v 

No >r>alb of bloun awl ffvm. 

AlUhoKiuwt <i|»Dliin>ai>. 

TbfuII|Elt it> Vrll uf ICIiJm ■<(£, 

0. not tor hn Ih* narial'a art. 

How 111. rwfr »iu Hill aj<Ut 

Tli-niu-lilQ|t*f«d. of*oa. 

By Dip oM i*m look of il, 
Kopeful. tnuKnl, fu]l>Jcl«.T. 
And U.« lov» ih>i <»i, „,ii fw.« Lmnii* «hil* UUa blow. 


Whji tbc Ktn-I tmy Jivluv 
Of that l-rUI, uiiuttnrJ inyerl 

And all ahMl tlu aoftonlax dr 


Dkl Ibr tbult MutT him conu 
llf 111- iMviUble doom. 

Tba linta of «enui dwll*. 

or il« Did of »nh M. Qiiir. 


And KirtKity* UM j'wM 

Tba oU. MrariDg ntmU 


Id 111* Ian of alirltrring mu 
RoU Uh iaifl r>f pFDlkae ; 
Bui thr lor-i of th<- donula 

Abd <»th ukM np IM panU* 
Of Ikf. (ran d«ili OM nHK 


r«n« nM to hi. ...n .gain r 
Whrtr [J,. ^«, that f..n«w (.1). 

Mrthinka 1«t dbinrd •.».- 

I)n • v..i.-rM libHil 

Th. innTnfiil «1«i» oTUmmI 


Driru l.'T.nid mt bnik and haXL 
OUin hi* -lUiiii ita b^nd 

Shall iho Uwa lit lir.- ftpaani i 

No MunJ ihanM te*ak Ibf AKMa^ 

Otbrr ma (mm rork aiiil abell 

Alikx-raarthaMlaky; — 


Rwl liU ><>rl.t'« obi rtddlca «rll : 


Uut ohlt bwn ll|[bt •»! Mud 

BnallMbalaUf-liMnl^^t ._ 


^^ J 



r^iiiK fctiftly, hpriiiff-binl, for hvr mJcc ; 

Ami thiiii lint ilikUiit hra, 
lji\*M' li>;htl\ to li Jf.ttM AiNtki*, 
And tiii'ii Wilt iialllvr ! 

tor all IxT •|Uli-t lift* Hi'Hnl oil 
An iiti-.nloH .otlt-aii.l* t.i llifW, 

W 111 n- III '•iiii ^mtIi ir\i-al.i aloiif 
rill' liulj-rlrv^ Ma\j| tlicV ^u. 

h riitii Iht 1u\i'«1 |ilui'i' ot |iiiiyrr I Mt? 

Tlif i<laili-luUil liiuhllirlt |iii<»% 
\Vi;li *'U*>^ ttct tit-.uliii;; ri'Vi-rviiiJy 

1 In* ]{iuvt-\alir» ^)■llIi^lli|{ f;iikAit. 

Maki- liHiiii, o iiMiuriiiii^ niifik, f«»r lui*, 
\\ ti«ii. Iiki- till- till ii'I.H III raul, 

Tii'it \>tii hti Umir lii-i tuifuliall M*« 
Vtiil >4illu\v lllli^t of all. 

Hi*r |«it}i >liall liii^htt'i) iimrv and niorv 

I'litti till- \** iti-« t *ia\ i 
Slii- i.iliifot lail I'l |"-a<c wliti liure 

Siiih |Nai«- \iitli liif ikHiiy. 

n %uiit, i.iliii fai«* tliat Aiviiirtl to « far 
'1 lit l«N*k 111 '^111% ftiiji:mii ! 

M \ii|ir itt |i|.l\i-| Mfllli'd ti» la'Hf 

< hir tiW ii ii> I ii» up til h«-av«-ii ! 

H«iW ri-viii'iit in out midKt nhr MtHiil, 
<»i kfi»l! ill L;«tiit praiNT • 

Willi ^i:i i rliri-ii.iii vnininnliiHul 

Wii.i< 111 )i>r limiM'liiiId «i-ii\i« ! 

Ki»r Htill lif r Imtv living; in<*ant 

N<> <iMi\ !• ti iiiii|iiiit* : 
Tli<- l.'.ixiiih .md tli«- liiininn Mfiit 

Tiitir ki!i<lrtil htWft ill tint*. 

Aiiii if Ih-t lift*] !• i-tiirt* fniiiid 

Y*'T t""ii-t iiii.' I'lr .Hid •*•', 
All'! ri>-.t-«:iri , nil In I •Lilly nMiiid, 

Slif |i.t«Mil (iii|>.tu<«tiij{ liy, 

Vp! ui'h ),.-r wi-nt n «-*rri-t ■•• ii«»f' 
< 'f il] »l.iii:;t ->*-«-l .iinl t.iir, 

Aii'l I- i-i'\ - .■■.|. i..-i% |iiii\iil» ni'** 
Ki-fi> -li'd lii-i iiiiawari* 

**lif ki pt lit-i liiM- i«f i»i?iliid«* 
\\ |(|| 1>>\>'h iiiirxliHi iiiu« riiiw* ; 

!(• r kiliillv iti'ttiiii t'* Uliilrr^ttJuil 
All p-iitl«- ioiirt>-<*ii-!i. 

An iiiUtrn • tnnii nf ifrarinunnriu 
M.iilr nwrrt lirr Hiiile auJ to'v. 

And gluiilifil li«T fATUi'iftife dreM 
With U*uut> iiui itft o«u. 

Tilt* dmr l^iid'it Ui^t intfrpit-tera 
An* liuniM<- Iniiuiin miuU ; 

Tin- <Mi^|«l ol H lltr llkf lii-ri 
lit liiuii- thati ImkjLi ot fH rulla. 

Fritiii mliftiie ainl i-rv«il the li^lit gin-* 

Tll> KllhtU fHi t Kiirvi\r> ; 
Th«- Mi'K.v-11 Mx-tti r iiiifii- I all duubt 
Ki'\«alrd in hul) ll«t.a. 


A S4 iiKi: of \i*ai^ IiimI Kiiiir and p*litf 
Sinir the ril^iiiiih laijdttl tm I'luiHJUtb 

Will II ( iiptniii rnilt-iliill. Uatint; Marn 
Fr*iti> liiili.iii iitiiliiioli aiii| Mi-itii»h warn, 
I^-fl llin-i liilliil li«>«luii Hanilriwl 


f^itt l'\ ntjrth, to I'm hivo ttinii. 

With Villi** till* \uiiii;:t*r, in •uuii^fl 

lit ) f>Nit at .\iiii4 Iliiti liinMiii't fri-t, 
AihI. \iIi«ii tilt l*>]t i>l Inii.iOiiih lit Ml 

<Ml till' liruil «it lil-« <»ii||il|\ i>ru< \r, 

111 li.iil ohitri il 1p-i ill .!■* In r )k'""'1 r* |^''t. 
Anil l>ra«id tin- wrath nf tlir (•imial 

Ill' i>hiM-k frnni hi;* f«'<'t m» In rixl*- away 

Tin ilu-tiiftln M.i*-.|. 1. ;-. TT- K-iV. 
Tin- »><rli| llilL'l't Mi^o ..l.-l thr World 

niii:lit Kill. 
W| liid It iiialNr tl.i f->f>'t nian. 
!'•• wlii'tii tilt* liii-i|i<ii* -f i-aitli WAJ 

PfiNif airaiiiKt Mil, ami >ut» «if hravi n ' 

||f . hi-*-r«-d lii« liiiirt a« ).*■ r**!** a!<>ii){ 
W';ih «.-ri«<l I'f S«nti(ui< -Mid li><I\ ^'U)i, 
i*T tlniucht h>iW In- n •!•■ wi'li |.i« l.i|i.v« 

lly tin loMfr Khun* and thr /u\il*l 

/.• •', 
Till hi« wiMa|<|Mith Rrrw to a trikldm 

AdJ ililttfii Tuint in th« dUtano* 




H« •" llie •JinrrJi with Ihe HiK^k- 

The twi. r»ir rivrrs ibc fl»k« tbcrrb)-. 
Aui), Uukliig lo wiiidwanl, law «i>l 

Tbn lillle Bhatlup TruRi H[mrbi>rT7 

And ha nw In hU ntlmip and looknl 

Ovdr Uti>l mkI water, aoU inUe*] the 

Gogtllv anil ■Utnlj' and Rnm la t*r, 

Into the lileariiid'n ipain rwlo I"'. 

Witb the lun on iha hilt uf hU aword 

in almlh. 
And hia nilTtr budtlea unl ipan b»- 

Anil Ui* ■rttirn tnlcumed him, on* and 

From (wiTt (juampragan t 



.1.1 1. 

llw rllr 

[j>. I mm* 
lu aerk a Ix'luo. 
It bj 

Aa tUM way xviiinl <wn 
SoiKtthat lh> Lmti] ha 

In the Namtranartt and Ketherluidi. 
And if bi-n ;c have wotfc for a l.liria' 

t will I 

Itan ni 
i"7. ' 


it of gifta, but fain « 

Tha wondi-rful favor Oud liath «ha«b, 
Tb« (iwial tii-vy •niiilinfed one da]r 
On t>» aliuiK of Nanaganvtt Baf, 
Aa t ut, witli my pi[», fren th* camp 

■■Tarty •lib ua," llNartthmnM. 
'■Thuu Mian of (hid. aa oar nla «■! 

And l^ptain trndnhill UMrnI hb b^ 
■ ■ The will of th« I><nl Iw lien* >" be aail 
And the momw behrld him aitiai: doav 
In the nilcr'a leat in Cwbcen t«w«. 

And hr Juil»d thindo aa a Juat bi 

IIU wonls ware WW and bb nit ■ 

He rorrtrd Dot hja neighbor'* U>d. 
Front Die holding of hrihca he aka^ I 

And thningh th« (atDjs of Um both 

A «lii>li*umr frst ot iha raltanl ■■■, 

Rut Ibr Wn U dM-rltful. th*ipMd Bo 

And wk«a lliinkrili he U 

Ala* '■ ere their nund iba araanaa n^ 

Thm waa piH In lb* wd of iIm MiMlf 

The trmplrr'a airowa that nnl; bO 
Had found thf jointa of UaqiililM] MbQ 1 
And men took note nf hU cloaBT ail; 
The ahame b Lb rja, tW ball ta kt 

Thru a whUi»T nf •noulal lfaik(4 im 

With hmken nmrn and a life nf Umt : 
And the inple haiknl ii^Mr aa Un 
A< he wilkrd am-mg tl>nn mDm Mi 



Jrrr •ml munniir nnd *>hakinff of hrail 
('•niwil ii« 111' iiiM- III Iii«i |iliirf hikI fuiiil : 

Ami. how ins lii^nmil tnii^ tt-nilfr rr)»ukr. 
Aft ri-tt-r •iiil t4i tin* Miiittfr'^ Imik, 

"Mill, liM*lliifii, mill lntli«'ns Wfll yr , llr tin'aiiurtit liiii |wth «itli |»niyrni of 

kiliiH ' fMllll 

lliiw I I .iiiii- iiiiiniiK \im a yi*ar apn, j For i^iirf with (iml and iidturr aguiii. 

Stroiit; 111 till- liiitli ttiHt mv miuI «ia« I 

• I 

*"■"* Ami ill ttftpr vmn* t« <*in li^-ifi oam«* 

Kriirii hill <.l I-, liii;/, i.r tli»u^!lit. t.r «lii'i| nj,. \^^^^l „f ; „„..,. f,„„||,m „ft„^ . 

.. , , , , ;. . :.i >; r . I '*"*" «""'»»*! **»•■ l>Ulr|i of Nrw Nftlirr- 

" 1 iiavr •imiinl, I •>»ii It With j^riri una UniU 

And kuioti* thr hintln-ii vkitli tMilttm'* 

i> . ^*'**'";' , ,. , I Kri»iii«ilil l»iin-k.nmrti*MaiiilrniHumU. 
niil not Willi n lif on ni*' li|»* 1 ruitv. ' . ,^ ..;,..., 1 1; i^ . . . i i .i ti- i 
, 111 1 1 '.I I . . '■ A |M-iiitfiit "^mIiIht iiitMiliiil tlif \\f»nl. 
In my li!iin!iii!«« 1 vnily tli(»u|{lit my ^.■| ^ .i.. i. '_.i. . _:.i. ,.:i ._. 


Swi-p! uiid LMrm-hnl jn i«vrry I«rt. 

Ilfcliarpth lli^ .inpU «ith follv; llr 

AntI th<*ht'art of Ibi^toii ua«>;lnil tit lifiir 


Ttir }itMViii« iiiii-lt'an. \Va.H I more than 

thi'M' ' 

lluw liff* li«iriiiil till- fiiT I in thr Iuiik 

And lii*ii|4-«l on thr laiiil aii^iiiHt him 
*' I urp* mi I'h'H. At your fwt 1 lay Iwinil 

Tlif Ini-t \iiii K''>v«- nil*, iiml ^o ni\ »uy. Th^TcwIioi hioir'-ncioii-wMi h and w.inl. 
M.ilr nil ill |'Il\ liir, iiH \ini will, ' ' KfJllfl nlnl |.i,i\i ^t ' tin 1l.i\ Suii Mill 

Thr I^iTii will Uaw mi-p-v on ninmrs . <'*'Ui><*«iih hvi«oithii*Johnriid«-rhill. 

.stitl; ' I 

And I. who aiii i hiffi-ft, K«y to all, 
Watih and pniv. IcHt v«* al^^i fall." 

IN glKJiT. 
No Villi •■ iii:iil«- :in'>wfr : ii Mdi m> low 

Th.»t....lx hi..,«r.-...ildknuw „^^.^ , „„, rovapd. friend MorH. 
Miiiil*' hiH hi .lit with a hillir iMin. ^-ji •!,„." 

A»« into till- I'tii"! hr tiiilt* ai;aiii, . |v^ -i.^ „,^.t ».•... r ti. ... ^.... i i 

. , , ... 1 » % . "n thr i;rrat watm of tn** niiwinnilrtt 

And ihf Mil III Its iMki-n Iiavr< Mint 

.V »■ ', ^" ,. ,,. , . < Motiit-nilv li^trnini; with *iiMN-m|t^l iMir 

On hiH l.iti-".! cliiiiiiM' ill < iK-lin'ii town. l* , ,i i" „ -. . f « .. ..... .i ^ 

'^ I Tor tlif iitw rotf ill wiivi« ii|«iii a •lii>r^ 

< . I 1 .1 r :. ('liniiu**Ii-K« a« h*':t\i-n, «h<-rr nr\ t ff%!- 

i iv^ ]•■ ti I'll tlii- niiin ofmn i i i ■*. ^ 

1 hi' -tn.iiii- n;t'»hid nil. aiiil Ihi* okv .. -.hi ia. 

1 ' Ovrr it< »indli*'>« wimmN, nnr num;;'- lifta 

1 in lii« I lii> k ••! r«vi T thi^ <*ik«ii wind tdrw, *■ i » . 

1M 1 I I I .1 ■ . *^> ii'*n>>t 

lii*ti.t\is •liiittiii'l nil liini thrir trai>i .• ^ - i i i i i 

,1 ' ' •^iiii! to niiM**ad, and r\«-rv dri-am iii*-« 

111 li w, ^ 

AihI iiiiL'< U iif i'f-\, in thr iiurr, s«'«'«-t . ■ *' ■ i in i i • 

' Aiifl llir itnrk ri«t<ili « w hi* li tirriilr\ n« 

Of t!<iw>-r«, liN»kiil on him with 'Wil stur- , . 1'* i . , . , , , , 

In thr <.|i;ii7ii>4d\t ritot ito lu'ht arr . Ii-iif • 

' Tholl klli'U*-*! IriiW \ Jill iilir i|l|rHt . l.iiW, 

W.iH hi-* rir .It fin It liftmk and *"•■" "^ '••<••• 

).,, ,. .. Thi* l«lt11llifc* tld'-* llld • Ifi h-s of th * .if* in !^.J! V.I.M, ,t nf miii-T kry«» Swrpt Un-k mir Ivrk nnti. it-« Mariin); 

Whii x\ I- !? th.- riKiiiinrul wiNKl-thni<ih fl f r. 

^i;.\ Wlirn-. h^ikinc fiirih n|*i>n thr Mank. 

Whnt wh|-.|H f.d ;lif |»ilir-|rif»o1rihrad ITTAV ■•{H' r, 

Ihl !•• !.• r \\i' V. I n hi- liin>-1v W4V And niiiii.|.i»^.i'il nn^r^'inf!. withu I ry^. 

Thit A l.itii I Ml th 1 of diy» ' Tlif tamr ..M difficult hill-> an>l iloud- 

r»iM *kir«. 

Into thr IrM-rt aluni* riMlr h<i. | We Mid : *'Thiiioatwanl nwh avftilrth 

Aluiir with thr Intinitr I*nht7 ; I not 


To Hdi) Hkm. He U rttrthci than we 


Or, tiaiily, nouvr. Tii lUl* rory itpiit 
Whrnon «ri- nit, thb GinDUi>D|iU« ot 

An b> tils osll of Jaoati, lln luajr ivm* 

Aiii] i»ll u> nil thiugfc" Aa I lUtfned 
nglilhx , 
SomewbAt I KTiueil ti 

"Til* ridiilf of tliB »oria U amlBnUwl 
Oulf by Um will FfpU Clut Gwl U (nod. 
A« onlv liK isn t^l irlui nisks hi* lovo 
The laoil'r of bU Fmllh. jud cllmtM ibem 
Ou Ui' niiiiKl* of )iU Iwit iiiaUnrui 


from Th]r mat hi 

n tDPrv huiiAD jpjodiM 

But, judKinit (tod br wlia 
Wilb . Thild'. tl-urt l«li 

ilin hlmiihnt. 
IM on ■ Father'* 

And hnan unmo**d ihi old cnvda bab- 

or kinKlv i«>«nr and dnad capriM uf 


'.'haijF ef binainu. vrodigal vl runt. 
Tbf pitilria dooniintin of the unlvme. 
("«ll lirllUh- 

Tlw vitileia daoniintii 
Out llattrd aak (or li 

Hi* own i,-m>l I** uf rathrrhnnd. romke 
And cane IIm rhildrrnF Not (or earth 

and l>av.-n 
C^ arparate tahlra of the Uw he uiren. 
No nib e»a U&d vhicb lla blnwi'lr d»- 

Th« tmthi o( time an nut almnal Iwa." 

So baanl I ; and tbc diaoa round ma 
flight atid nnlagrvw; and, "Lon),'* 
oor tomiatitorK wont at 

wilt A ' 


Wk *a« the aim tidaa rd mid timm, 

Thm L-umne ■uTf-lkiK* llshUj 4taw, 
Tbc gny tucka toiwUnt •lifi Unbc 

Beneath tha fnah-Uoan ma af d««» 

We «* in ricihf r MiwaU loal 

The unihrp |eniit> n( abmafjr Doa^s 

And ■ixiialUd iixttal aila thai onHsA 
The welid, hiir light of t*ai>« mmk 

On ■tnrTDy ma rnn dilTand h«ad 
We WW the whito aiicajr iomd md 

Whil* urrr ail. In KoU and nal, 
Ita faM of Hrt ih* bxhtbooM taraad 

The rail-rai hranght ila iMily Rnmla. 

Ilalr <^nnana, half iudidmnl. 
like paaains aaila or Aoatinf timiK 

Wo mn them aa tfaay cana and asL 

momlnc, v 
And walrliwl the inlni«i 

■ ih* dnamir b , 
And heaid aCai the puiw* a 



I walk onrp mon* n hauiitnl nlmn*, 
A fetr.iii^'*-!, Vft at litiiiir, 
A Utitl •»! <li«-aiii.H 1 iiMiii. 

Ih tliiH tli«* wiiiil, tlir **>i\ M's-winil 
Til. It «iirri-<i tti\ 1<N ks iif hniHii ' 

Arr tin <^' till- IiM k?* wliuin- liiiiMH-B kurw 
Til*- ti.iil ill t)i\ It^lit ;;tiwit, 
Willi I- Iniv mill ^11 1 kut tiu«u r 

I Ml' tli«- ^t:i> fort'> liiiikt'ii null, 

'Dh' lMi,it'« rink U-!iiu ; 
Aiiil, out ill M ,1, till' |i>ifv«iiii; saii.f 

Wl* MlW Mi loll^ ,1^11 

lC<iM- It'll 111 uii*iiiiiif{'h >;liiW. 

Thr fn slilK'sr* i>| tllf fUllv tlllir 

On i-\i'fy liit-«-/f i.t hliiHii ; 
An i;liiil I til- <x-ii. *Ln Mm- tin* nky, 
Till' « li.dip' i** **\U^ illiiltr ; 

Till* NuiiK-M u my u«u. 

A stnin^iT iiiiw. u wi>rlil<«urii iiiaii, 

N 111' hIiii Uuri iiiv iiiiiiir ; 
Udt th"ii. nil tliiiik's vilioM* mortal lift- 

Iminuitiil viiutli 1m-i-.uih', 

Art <-\i'tnt«iii' tlii* haim*. 

rill 111 art iM't hi ri', tlioii ait not ihvrr, 
Tliy pliii •• I I'll II nut M«* : 

I iiiily kiiiiu tli;it whrri^ tliuii art 
Tli«' M' H^fil .iiipIh )*', 
Ainl Ill-it vi-ii is ({Ijil fi>r thfT. 

Ki'ttfivi- inr if thr «-vil xeun 
Hi\<' l*ft iin nil- tli'-ir Hi^n : 

\V.i<.li iKit. u oiiul iMi Ifiiiitifiil, 
Til'- iii.iiiv %r.tiii« of iiiiiii* 

III tLir-t <•( liiVr illVllli* ' 

1 •(•ii1>l ipit liMik «tii thi'r miil livr. 

It tll'iii ut-rt 1«\ my ^|ilr ; 

Til*' \i-iiiii ••! .1 '^liiiiiii): till**. 
Tin* uhi'f .iipI liiiivi-iily hriih", 
N Will ;•■ IIP- ilfiiiiil. 

ll'it turn Ti- ii.*- th\ ^iil Ijut 

Witli'i .t !l.f .in;;i-r« I riiwii, 
Tli« »• -t-I' -I :•■- • I'f thv lili% 

T)i\ I !..i:i ii|i{>iiii;; ihiwn 

In %i.i\' « i-l ^'<<Mi-ii l>iii\tn. 

On memory *k rrfM*«irtl wall. 
A hlituluw, mill yi't all ! 

Praw n«-ar, iiiun* iirur, forfver drmrl 

Wlu'lr'n 1 tf»t ul It Ml II, 

Hr in (lie I'ity'n i*iiimi1iiI Mrf-rLit, 
*ir hy tlif iiliiwii hrii fiMiii, 
Thr thuught ul ihi-r ift huuic! 

At lirrakfjHt hour tin- Mii)i*rr rrsil 
Thr tjty nrHH, viitli i>>miiiriit wisr, 

lik*' iMlf Vlllii fi'lt thr |iiiIm- iif tPAilr 

lb math hi.« hn^vr lall ami iim*. 

His liM>k, hi» Hir. his curt >|a-i'i h, lold 

Thr mun ft ji tiiin, nut nl UMiks 
Tu vihiiiii thr riiiii*-i)i nkiil«* ill ti*'Ui 
Aiiil itt>" ks Hi-rr uiorr than .t**asiile 

Of lifr U-m-ath thi- lifr rifiifrKsril 
Ills Mitii; hull liint«sl iiiuviaits ; 

Of MiiWfp. in trarti- 's ltil;;rr^ prt-^'w^l, 
Of huniAii hrarta in hulU ami U'ank 

Hut v\t»n in vjiiii wtrt* turn«sl tu watrU 


That (.u-r Mi haril ah«l ^hrvHll ami 
i>triiiiff ; 
Atnl nirk in v.iin pm^ shAqi to rati h 
Thr iiM-aiiing ut that ni*irnin)( Mtiif( 

ill %aiii Mifiir swrrt'Viiiivil i|Ufii-t Miuj^ht 
Tu Miuinl liini, h-.i%in^ us shr lalin*; 

Ilt-r luitril alhuiii mil) iau,:lit 
A ruiiiiiinn, uniiimaiitii. naiiir. 

Xo wiifii Iwtraynl thr m>stirv tmr. 

That trt-niMtsl mi tin- "iiii:'! « t>>n^ur ; 
III* lanir ami unit, aifl !• It iiu ^it;n 
' IW'himi hini »A\f thr wm^ hr suu^. 


Tiir rirrr hrnini»il wi^h !• minp trvri 
Wuunil thntii^h its iiM.fli »* j;r'-«ni 

A l'»w, Mur liiti- of m'>uii!.iirio •!iii»r«| 
Th«" ni^-n jiiii's U-t«i<ii 

l.-K'k ri'!h •■!!••■ iiiitir thmii^h sjnirf au<l (>nv shar]i. T.ill |ir:ik if->vp thrm all 
tiiin-. f'lriir intii *TinhKht sipran^ 

An'l Irt tl,v sni'i-t fall I MW thr nvrt of my Jrranui, 

In trndrirst graru uf «iul and funii > The muunUiua that I moc* 


No iilew of nipmorv I'd nu oa, 
But well tbc wijr* 1 Icnaw ; 

A tiTUiig at fiunilutr thinga 
Wllb cr«ry fnoUU)i gn«. 

Kot oIlMTwimi utiiii* It* cttff 
Coulil IfUi the lilaUnl pinr; 

Not oth>mi» the ampb, Ud 
Aloft its ml FiuigD. 

Ko up thr Iqh): kiiiI nhoni foot'tillU 

The inniiiiuiii roail HhnuM rrrriii 

So, ipmn ui<l l<iw, iIik riyaduw Mi] 

II roail HhnuM r-i 
It* rrd*luin<J kiiir aiJtvp, 

Tlic ri*pr wonn.l u it ibooW «find ; 

Thpir plsrt the inounUiu* took : 
The while torn fniiftr* at tlislr cloud* 

Won no nnaonled took, 

Yrt nv'cr brfare thit rivcr'i Hm 
Wu pminl by fwt of ininr, 

KeVFT brfura mine eyei lud t^raam] 
Thct tnolmi mounlilu Itn*. 

Walkol witi, mc •• my «;ui<l> ; 
Th" nklrt* o1 noiw furf;<iltrii Ufa 
TrallvJ diiUpIm at mj Mr. 

Wu It ■ dlm-nanirRilwml dmur t 
(>r glimpw ihmuRh vonii nM ) 

Thf tter-rrt wliirli thr moutiuini kept 
The rim nrxa toliL 

Bat [rant the rUinn rn it pMMd 

A Imdv ho[w t dnw, 
And. |>1iuu>t u a Jj«>n nr*priiig, 

111* thcHiftht within m* fcmr. 

That love wsnlil fmiier mtrj ehAnm 

And iiiAeii sll aiiriiFiMi, 
Atid, miaty with t>w Jnunt of Mrtli, 

miaty with t! 
>• hilia at Hm 

L'uKnrcTOk, (alwRyi nay bU 
ne Hbl vitli nmna 1} M ttw iwllt 
tolltra in daatli, ■ Enaahed m 

To do IliP utoioat Ihat ■ bn«« mm 

liil li i'f Ifll. II I Tim ■iiBihaaW 

lien itaaped above bin ; wwnrn immi 

lliPir tiMla 
On tlul pout wnck IcxoBd all hofa •> 

l>Ml in tbv aUm^h and gtary it tm 
W liat hMiU ihay r Lo I Uie (haitl]' li|B 

the ai^ala far tb* slk* 

f rorti Up! uf aim or aarlji wrwt nw, 
Klivlnc, ihrvughUiaayiBiMlUiiaoIwM, 

The ■lik-tnj dramaa td iiM iiiiii«ln« 

Our ■ratnal ban of palo a«ad hofaa rf 

Kot ta 
of Utinf totttB* Bad 

That laal Invn 

Frti«hltd Willi Ult U» 

Follnwinx thi> wTwLad «m, w *>«■ M- 
Obryed the w«nii« whkk Iht Jaiad Up 
Otlxn be .T«a. klMrff b <MwU Ml 

Naj. th« loM lift MM M*rd Ha > »( 


Who III hb moid Mill ilv Mtth AiB 

With r.»1-a rJw mtMii AlBllM MMd 

aa in the dnt, villi 
r dwarM tk- Mbl* 



niiu> soNcs. 

Still lin^-r in our iitHin of tinir 

Ainl III! liiir StiXuii ttHif^Uf 
Tlir i-i Ikm-n <i| till- IiwI1ii--IhiIIi li}nill» 

Tlif Arviiii ii>i>thi-tH Mun^. 

Aii'l rhiMltiMMl hint itri Ittanioa 

ill i'\fiy it^i- Mini ( liliif : 
riir iillllr«( ■lililli'Jt of thr tRrr 

\\ I'll- |«H k<->l li» jHM-t"}* rhviiir. 

Nor j«ky. fhir ^avr, nor trtf, iior flowrr, 

Nm ^iii-n raitli'ii viryjin ^m1. 
So movfil tlif KHip-i'i lirurt ot ulil 

Ati t}irN4> sin.ill i'Ut't III (mnI. 

Till' my^Ti-ry of iiiifoMiiiK lift* 
Will nior*- tiinn ilawniii^ tnorii, 

Tiiiin oiicniti^ tlowci or •ii'Mrnt tiiwiu 
Tlif iiuiiun Niui hrw-Uiiii ! 

Anil Ktill to rhil«lh<NMrfi bwrft aiipi'iil 

Tiii' Ittjtl ot p-niiiM turns 
An«l niofi' than nil tin* Mipii trach 

Knmi li-pin^ Viiirf.<i Ivanis — 

Tlif voi.-i% luvi'«l of liiui »Ji« KanfC, 
WIh'm- T«i'ril uml Tfvint gli<lf, hmimmI to.i|,iy on all thi* wind* 
Tliiit Mow Iroiii Hyilal-ftiilf, — 

Hnril in t)t<* T«*ntnn'4 )inii«*lioliI KHift". 

Anil fiilk-liip' iif tin* Kinn, 
Whtii-i-r t.i liolv i'liri«tinM liHirth* 

Tlir i liri^t -chilli rnt«r« in ! 

1 1« flirt* lif«"% ••wri'tt-^t ni\>tiTV *till 
Till' In iri in r^vi-n-mv kntTU ; 
Till- «iiriilit iif till' primal birth 

Till' l.lti-il MiiitlliT ffi-U. 

\Vf iH'f.l |.i\t\ trinli-r li-«Mih* taufcht 

A- "iilv w- .tkn'-<k« ■ah ; 
(^ihI |..i?)i Ki% •^in.ill intfT]irrtt*ni ; 

TIm- I liiM niuM t**ii(-l> thr nmn. 

W- w.iiiil>r niilr tliroiit;h rvil rrar«. 

<)iir i \i <• iif fjith iSTx*^ ilim ; 
It'it )i> !-> tti*lM">t Inmi Mi« hiinil» 

A Mil iimrr^t nnCo Ilim ' 

Ah') linplv. |<Iiii<lint* joiif* with Ilim 
For ^iii'«i- k iii'.irt« .inil iitM, 

Til*' niiL** U of iHir <'|iili|h*4wi atill 
Tlir K.ithrr's facr liphukl. 

Of lui h thr kini^flimi * — Ti*a« h tbou 

n MiL«tfr uiomI ilivin«'. 
To ft-rl thf* ilt^p i»i)i;iiitii am f 

<M tlivM' wiar «uliU of tliilir I 

Tlif liau){lity ryr wlmil lUTk in %aiii 
Wlmt iiiiicM-fni'f lwiiiiM« ; 
' No I'uniiiii^ tiinU tlip k**} of lieHvrn, 
! No nircngtli Itii pitr tin foil In. 

Alonr to KniIi-li''»Mii-<«s Biiil Invr 
That liJkXr Khali ii|h n fall ; 

Tlif iiiiiiii iif I'liili' i« iinthinKncM, 
The ih I Ml ike h«-flrt in ^11 ! 


Wiril fiftV \rdt% In'tWi-rn Tou anil vutir 
Will krilt Wiihlllli; VnW. 

Thr <!iililfn Ap*. o|.l frii-mU of niinr, !• 
I not a fill Iif now. 

Anil, nwtfl &<i ha» liff'k TintA|*r \trrn 
I thioii^h all ymir |>l«*aMnl |ia*t. 

Still, a.H at 1 '.iii.i'h iii.irriA^i--fi-rt*t, thi* 
Ui»t wiur i« the IamI ' 

' Again h^'fon* mr, with vuur nature, fair 
( 'hfAtiT'h laiiii«'a|N' t'oiiifA, 
It» nii-niliiws wimmU, ah'l iitii|ilf* Uirtis 
anil i|UAtnt, utonf^huilili-il h'mirs. 

The iifniH»th**honi valr^ thr whi-ntrn 
ii]o|«^ thr l^^^-Hpf ^rif'H ami «i*f^. 

Of whii h thfir {met Mnp^ »o wril frum 
towi-ntl (\-Uarrruit. 

Anil lo ' fmm all thr i-niinlrT-»i>h- mnir 
nriirhUirs kith aiul k:n , 

Kr\tm city, hainh-t. farm hmiM* oM. thr 
Wfihlin^ ptt^t.« i otiii- in. 

Anil thry wht\ without acrip or punir. 

ninlwhuhtril. travrlworn. 
In Frmliinrt a|^ of nian\r« onm^, a^ 

victors no« rrtiirn. 

<»lilrr anil »h»wi'r, yrt thi- nanir. hl« in 

thi* hill); arrav. 
Anil hr.<irt.H arr ll};lit alul rTf« arv f;1a>l. 

th<iU|;h hraiU arr )«i<ip'r-i;r-.iy. 


Tbr firr-trir*l ntrn of Thirty rii^ht who 

«w with mr till- fall.* 
Midst niaring flainrs ami nhouting mt^ 

of PcnnajrlvAnu Hall ; 

And thvy or Ijinautn who tnmnl Uir 

chrrku of Ijrnmta \f.\r. 
Singing of fimlom thmiiKli tlie gnta 
n( HayuDFJuingjail ! 

And biply with llinn, m\\ anwvn, olil 

comndo, )(oni> bKfon, 
?tm, Mrnl\f U thidoura fan, within 

your uprii door, — 

(•krrrlt'i darinf[ tnti. 
The L'hritlun icne« of Peonook, the 
Kniltwt hvul e( Ni«l. 

All tn* '. bmod kII poirr-r to tunnc. the 
worllilr* trird and true, 

(Inve Dirn, fair womi-n, youth and Diaid. 
fua \xy in hiuhnl rviriiiw. 

or nr7ln)[ faltha, ■ entntnon akUM Ciaei 

*n thvir hxartu In nn* 
God giT> thrm no*, «hat*>T their 

nuiira. the pMCC uf dntj' done t 

How rIuII; would I tmu) again llu old- 

n-nii-mhTwl plan*, 
Sit down Vald* your bnirth ont* mun 

end look In th* il«kr old (aeva t 



And Uiiuik jm 
For hoiiai III 

for the leaaona 7DD( fiftf 

■ tliat louder apeak than 
out>} praaehlnll i 

For ;«ir ■lead]' falib anil MQT^ In 
that 'laik and erll lime. 

When tlw Golden Bale 

to (ted the hungrv, rrime ; 

Xbi mint and «lnn< 

lan; muN of quiet jwwn \» ulM 
lo yiiut ««!, 
ate at laal. in trndenU In*, tlw 
bMkuning M^l oonxb 

Dear hrart* an 

Uiere. alii 

Our Triendi an i 

hera, deM hMftt • 

ow Id eillur wwrU. a 

I SpriDf hn- jirtMi 


A* (WHtly ehall the bmd aaa n< 
Ae if beneeth the wbie|ierl>)]t Hm* 
And maple atwdowa of the WeaL 

Ve mourn, O hrarta of homal br Um, 
Hut. henlr, viaan j* not ■ftaMt 

For Idio atwil (ar-olf ef ei be Am, 
And ]Mj (jwak lo lonpua «»ka^ra 

There need* tu> |p«**n line to siv* 
The alorj of hie blamalea faalk; 

All h-ttita ahall ihmb intuitlre. 
And natnre ^oi^ t^ abn^ tnlk. 

The rerr mmnlnit of hi* nan* 
Hhell man; a tuider tribal* win : 

The itivnitpr own bto aanwd elaii 

lU ah«U be U* klk. 



llrr ftmili* in n<« a liHtrntng rliild'i 
Willi UfAT^ it.H iiMitliiT rail ; 

Thf llln— lit" 'I'liV I'i-llril |wari' 
AImiuI Ikt I'lllou Ull. 

Shi- li-Hii<i fniiii out niir i lui;niiK ^nni 

T'l !• '•I liri-^«ll 111 "riiiiH- . 
Aliiiir (<• 'riii-i', <l«-:ir l^>ni, I'ui) He 

Our wt li Uluvfil if«j^ii : 

O. livs fur hi-r itiai) fur j'linM-lves 
W*' (hiw iiiir lifinN himI pruy ; 

llfr H'ttiii;; >.t.ii. liki' Itcthli-hrrn'ii, 
Tit Thr«* shall |N>iii( thr »a)^ 


That C'mhI IMiy^ti'taii livKh yet 
Thy friniil hiiiI ^uiili- to br; 

Thr lli-ali-r hy <t»'iiiir'..iri-l 

Shall walk the ruumls with thee. 

A flllllSTMAS f'AKMKN. 



Sitt'NH ovrr all watcn, n-ai'h uul fiMn 
nil l.iri'U. 
j The i-hi»rii'« *i| vui''***, th«' t'la.«|iiii;; **f 

hiitiiU ; 
Si 11^ hyMiii<« tlint urrr >ini^ liy th(* *»\Am 

t*\ till- liiiiin. 
Siii|( Miii^ nf thf aiip-N «hi-n Ji*«u*» «.-!• 
}m,ni ' 

With ^ jiihiUtiiin* 
lo A YiTm; l-IIYMriAS, WITH MUlf.* Itllfii: *i"!- to th.- luiti"!!* * 

|-|iHl:l. MK «HI;|ST lltALlM. flit Tin- ilaf k l;ii:ht 1^ flMlllij- aii.l .i.iHfi hii* 
t^U K. Uvitll . 

Uii**-, h«i| • fif tht< at:r%, aiit«> likr tlir «iin. 
So httMiil i.f iiM ththoly rhriiit ,\I1 •«i-i«h fluw to iiiiiMi , all h<-ar1» 

Aiiii'l-i till- Miihiiii^' thr^tiiK: i «*onr: 

With Hhiiiii his li^litt-Ht toiirh hiiffii-eil : 

To iii.tki- till H«-,ikrHt ^trlill^. I lj_ h.-iliii- pft hr IrmU to th-iii *"*»">? **'•■ ^•"'*»* of nations' with rhomU 

Who IIM It ill hi% hiiiiM'; ' of hue 

Th- i-.u. r th It tillr.1 ht<i #:ar!ii.iil» hnn •*^"'*'' ""• th*- war-viilturr ami mii^' in thr 

Is I V« IfijoTi- th** KJIIIM*. 

Fur 111 ' in himiiii h*-art< unAe«-n 

Th' llt.ihi iluilltth Htill, 
Antl tiny who fii.tki' hi« teniplr* ilran 

Tlif UkI vtihor-rvi* hin will. 

Th. Imlif-st task hy Hi'ax>n «lrri^f»]. 

An i-rr:!!!!} .ill ilivirir, 
Th«- hufih n "f oiir '"ofniiion nre<l 

T'» I* t.«l« r h'NS is thill'". 

Til*- p'lths of |iain ar«> thin**. Oo fnrlh 
With |i.i'i»'ni*i'. IniM, ari'l hoi»r ; 

Til- «i:rl< niic** of a Kin-ii'k ^artn 
>h.iil jjivi- thi'*' aniplf* a«'«»|w». 

IU'«i<l. •),. iiTivtil.-il mystrrii'* 

< M .1'' til I 'h.itli t;<> «tanil, 
Wjtli ,;ii.»r'l-'i li]is niii| rrven-nt *>%*■% 

All- 1 |'Mi> of h'Mrt iiiitl hanil. 

S«i •hal? till. I >* nith powrr rni|ii*^l 
Fri>!:i if nil uh** wrrit aliout 

Th*- Svn4ii hiljsiilr^ lining gocMl, 
Anii raiting ilemon* ont. 


, Till tip- hi-.lll*'>f thr jwojilra kii-|i tlHir 
; in an'oiil, 

Antl thi* Viiirr of th" world i% thr voi. r 
of th» I> r«l ' 
riji4|> hmnU fif thr nations 
In «itroni; KratuUtion« 
Thr Jark iii;;ht in riiitini; mml dawn h^* 

l*-in»n : 
, lJi*r, hffM* of thr a^s arisr hkr th* sun. 

All sfi«>r.-h fitiw' to DiUMi*, all h«-ji1« 

U-at as one ' 

Uliiw. hupl*"* of >«ttle, thr mar- h*-* of 

Kast. wr-T, ii-'T^h. ami south Irt th'- 1<<i ^ 

ijIMtT'-! !••■ 

Sitig t)if Mine I if fn^at j«'y that the 

an;r^N l«*ffan, 
Sinjj of plnrv !•■ *!'■! and of gotMl « iV to 
H«rk • j'»iT.in2 in fhtmi* 
Tlir hravf n* !•• n«l "Vr n« " 
The dark niffht i« ending an<l 'lawn ha« 
\*giin ; 


Riw, liopR of tile i{^ iriM like Uw 
All -i-v, li f1.iH iu muuc, *11 heart. 

Am. Uiinffli an Thine : no trift han «c, 
Iy>r>l at >U giltn ! la otlrt Thw ; 
Auil liPiuv will) jnnti'rul brarU lo-ilaj, 
Tbf <>«a bsfura Tlif fivt as lay. 

No lack Tlij {erftL-t fulniB 1uw« ^ 
For liQUiKii uonl* atiil lungUiip pra 
ThU bniuw of iira;n, tliu Iwnia i>( n 
In th> Cilr ganlni wT thi Wiml 

In wnknna and la wuit w* call 
OoTbra tuiwtioailfaeliMVciiiaraMi 
Thy tflorv U Thy chlldrra'* gaoA, 
Tby joy Thy utuhr raUi «r lM»nJ. 

O rathar ! •Ian tbai w«lb to Um 
Fill wiih Thy Ivrw Utrit mapaam» 
And IM Utdr door a gatvny fat 
To lead a * " — ^ ~ 




Eahtrlv aniia no morr ujiholil hlin 
On bia jihmjn'v attiiy Ovot ; 

WailinR ifralh in hia lait ■lumlm'. 
l.liM Ihs dunin«l UarC^liun Hon. 

Awl h» dmiiiw a drvam of WhcMxI ; 

RIor .ttaln hi, braU>ri7 linU. 
Sound uain lL<- tiound'i Ions layinit, 

llj .rfmoOT-f..*!, laugli of rUI«. 

Now ha ttaniU aintdtt hii rlinamrn 
In the luw. long baninrt-hall. 

On>r grim, *n<minil armor 
Sft. thr ruddy firdlitlit rail. 

Down the aim. hrVond the caallp, 
Whrri! th' linn'i -nflft «itm ibini. 

Bound 111' _».nithful heir of Aritj!» 
9\i] fret glidr and trhlU arm* twloa. 

Faiwt 'it ihp nufie daufaTa, 

RluPfyM Kffi- nailrt -ma motr, 

Hrn'li In him lirr annodrd liiiaM, 
Treadi *lth him the fraaay floor 

Nov ha hMTi U» pips la 

Haitian for hii maUii-r iBimrv. 

Slow, ariih mhlt pluin* ami |aii— . 
To bar <!mim of Iwrlal boHM. 

Wild t/rhabrr'a mnaQtaln r^um 
Wail in raaoMt for ihr OmiL 

And Lorh Air>'a darp walvra naniw 
For lh« t'anpbrlr* gHaif lad I 

Fiirr* anil MRm«[ til* gmnn* tpuitt 
Tninpl* tin abatate VmhI. 

Whit, bar roor iBd Uthhl i ■■-■I 
Wait for Om ATraprr-i b^ 

Onra Raaln *l IniTn/7. 

Yrm (if wnrr r^Q» a*ar, 
Am-n.) tn twd lila mttoid 1 t 

flund* th« boU KmCUm Hmi. 

Oorr uoaln U> Utlla caJU»|| 



All U liMt ' Tlip pMllffw ttiiiinph, 
Aitil till* f.iitlitui i>iir« aiiil true 
Kr>iti tilt* »i-ull'<li| .iinl thi- |>n*w>ii 

(.'iiVi ll.llit Mltll (iihI Hlll-«. 

On tin* ilarkiii«*< nf hit iln'Hiiiiii^ 

(licit Hll'l •»lliii|i-|| ){l*iiy thnlii*; 
Over I'lili'U .lli'l •(•■iltll Vlt tiirinlli 

St.iipU III' l>y till* l'':ith«'i'.'« thpiiH*! 

Knuii till' r:i«li.iiit rutikH nf iii.irtvp« 
Si»!i"« "f j'lV iiiiil |»r.iiM' hr hiMr>, 

Siii>:N "f III-* |HNir liUiil\ ili'hvfniiii'e 
S 111 111 i I II j; i pill I thf futun* yrarn. 

1^1, Im' w.iki-s ' luit aim ti>li-.Htittl 
Rttlii- hiiii 111 iiiiiiinrtal rf%t, 

Aiiil li<- '^•■■« uiili iiiitf.i]i>i| vinioii 
Si otl.iihl s I .iiiM* with victury hh*i^t. 

Sliiiiiiii; hiK't'* atti'iiil aiiil pinnl hifii 
A-* III- li.i\t-» hit |>ii.<Miii ili«»r ; 

Ai>>l til •!• .itli 11% ti> a ttiuiiijih 

W.ilkN tip- f; MaH.'alluni Wnrv ' 


wi:inr\ it\ Till* i»Kr\iiTiRr «if ^ 
ji.-^nii «.ni:«.i, AKin: iii'* ^i^ir ' 
til iiiK \n»ii II r«iM*r» «»f thi 
fMirii •*! \if-. 

Fair i«»l.iii.U nf thi* *tiiiTiy !«m • niM«»t 

iill ii'i>iii in;; iliiiipi, 
Ni» iii'iri- till- w.iiliii;* iif till* !»liivr • wilil 

ili-i •■r-l in- 1* )>iiii&;^ ; ■ 

t hi th»' lii!.i| tii>i\i« iif im>nir*n the tnipir 

Til*' liill«i> n -'t tip- hKliiilh;!!!*^ tiiil thf 
l.iii-1 Iill iui»r»' «»hiill kli'iw. 

Iliiu ^will^ f'«ini thii^' jfTi^fii iilanils 

ulpr> I'lrl .iii«l IimI aihl fliturr 
A:i- I'T li^it.j ill r)i«-ir o»ii ^wirt «:iv tht* 

ij.iwii 111' fi« filiiiii'^ h«iur, 
Th'* ,j'"iiii !« If oiirif. timi 41111^ fr<>iii 

li< irT't r> inii'iii;; |«>uritl, 
TIj.ii.k^iriMt:^ Ii»i till- ]iiiif|i%<( tifi, - 

iiirtii''* ii j^mI I Tiimi rr*t«in-il ' 

l|i*w U'.iti*ifiil thri'Uuh nil rhr grvrn ami 
tiAii'(uil )>UTiinifr land, ■ 

l'|i!iftfil. no by iiiinicK*, the aotriuu 
chun-hea' ftUml ' | 

Thv f!T*^^ i» trn«lili-n frnni the patht 
«lii*n* vbaiimx frtiinrn thimi^;. 

Athtmt uii<l fiiihliii;; fur tin* i'U|i uf Iif** 
il«-iii<*<l MI hiii^. 

O, !i|rsMil wr|i- thf fi-ft nf him whnM 

f^i-iit-riiiM rii.iiiil hi'!«' 
Wan tti iiiiliMiM- thr riiiiiivf'i i huiii an<l 

ili\ till iiHMiriii-r'o tfjii ; 
To lift n^iiii tlif fiillni iiiH-!* a hrntlirr'* 

IIikI Ifft ill |«iiii ainl »ri trIii'ilijfM )>y th«* 

«\ii\«lili H III thf l.iii'l. 

Thf inhifpU «if thf i-M n-jiiii-r ; thr lur- 

Vf*t ant In iii<* iim* ; 
Thf Miwi-i of t)if M-nl iiin«t liWii *t is 

tiiurvi llniio ill hii f y«*H ; 
Thf ii'il wiLiitf |>l.iifi» iifr ii-tiiiilt, the 

hliiki II walls rro'itiftl, 
Atiil t!if Hi!il>Tiif<- I* MiM'iiiiii;; likr thr 

^Mfih II «•! tin- l.iir<l ' 

Thatiks;;i\iiit; fitr thf hii|\ fiiiit ' «)iiiuM 

ih'I llif l.iUiifr n'*l, 
Hi^ i-aiiii'^t l.iith Hiii| viiiTk<« i*f liiif harr 

Im-i n »ii ill hly Mrxi ' 
The |i!i«li of iili Iill Kh;;ljii«l shdM her 

!•« « .111 inl.lllilh !■■, 

Anil th^ir lirasanttv \«ith j>>)fiil hfarU 

kf f p iTHM-li H". jlllilht*. 

Hf»t, iHVrr * whilf hi« «-<*uTitryni*n hare 

ttJIIIplnl iHMrtn \*t lil«-«^|. 

The !«tirti>l niunintr nf tlp-ir «i«»ii^ hin 
h^tfliiii); fai iJiall hfi-«l, 

Whfrv Kiiftrl.iinr.^ far •!• |»nilriiiifH her 
Mfiht, ni>t utrrru, klinw. 

T<i all thf rrii»hftl Atiil siitr*riii^ thi re 
lil> pit) in;: i<i%i- shall tluw. 

Tlif frirnil nf fnttlnni «\rr>uh«re, hnw 

iiiiiuri)" h'* fur iMir I.4111I. 
Thf hraTi'l "f wliii^f li\|iiN rity hiini'* on 

hfr ^'11 illy h.ii>>l ' 
llrr thrift a ihtft, thf r»iM«T'* frrf*"*! 4ni| 

I'liiitiiiii; II) hrr f^f, 
Iffr fi\**T\ sli-iiiM', hi-r ttatiiittii^ fixfi on 

all thr uiiiiU a lir * 

Fur u« with I'tf.iily **n n;:th uf hrari ami 

/•«l fiiii-Vfi truf, 
Thr rhaiiipiiiTi i>f thf i«liili>l »Uvr the 

riiTitlii t ilnth r^nrw. 
Mi* UUir lifH- lijth )«-rn ti* imint th* 

rhaii<mi<' fVf 
A way fn4ii rtnpty rtml and fiinn to 

where thr wouinlrd lie. 



Haw bMUtifnl tn lu thoQld wiani Um 

coniins fri-t of nitfh! 
Tbtir gamxtnU oF ■ririaeriSoc bare bad- 

inK In thrir Uiiinh ; 
Their pni-l iniMH.n none imy donbt, 

for lli.'y h«^l tl>^ MuUr-n oil, 
Who lurr wnlknl oilli tlir mii!lllTi<ir. 

uul Hi It mcHt witli all ? 


Hb tciU v-ttli ))iF Immortitlii : tiln Jou 

npj hiu brcn long i 
For hliB uu wkll nr tontM, but ■ pm 

full anil ktmriH ! 
So wril anil tinrrly hu hn ime tl 

work hf- riniii'l to ilo, 
To jiiBtici% frFoiom. July, <}a<J, and iiu 

Strong to Ihi- mil. a man of mrrn, from 

out thp ■ttir-' ha |aa)*<l ; 
Tb* grandnt hour of all liii llfv wi* that 

of >*nb Ihe tait 
Now Rtldht bii tnowT hUla of bom* lo 

III* ipxvr- thrj hear hjm duvn, 
Tha glury tif hi* loartean ynr* mtiog 

on hint likii a erovn. 

Th* n 

Uke towe ^Imi uiirMl f _ 

oQirat'l in a dfram ; 
And bllowiug *ith ths lirin^ to hit 1«t 

and narrow hcl. 
Mrthinka 1 an a iliailowj bud, t tnia 

ot noble dead. 

T b a atnuifip and wHr^l pronoiMi thai 

la ■lowly moving on. 
Tb( phantoui ]iatrliiu gmlhrred to tb* 

fiinrnl of thrlr urn ! 
la ahailowv iruiiw ilii'v ntnvr alonft, bravi 

Otballh 1iii>(i»'l trwil. 
And Warmi walkina tvierrntty by thi 

fathn of ll." .Im-L 

Gliding fnvmoU It 
grntlr fnnii i 

Nm bofi'- 
lndth-]..,N ■ 

•0 thry brat bfan ia Ui fpan h 
the [ulnna of hl> Tfanv 
Truv iisK* anil ]>m|ihi't, loTtng m to < 
tim- or irmnv f^-t* 
rmnrr luiilil lhi> darktixs tl im 
wild aixl cvU .lar 
Shall bia *oira be hnud to dMrr M, 
ahall bla Bngcr paint tba war- 


Bn^hlUland! Irl ihy hmlini air 
lie lo him aa tbn bnalb cf HaiB. 

Til' nwfV'l iif III* <Urln( lt(» — 
Thv wlf-rurgattiiiK laadfir baU — 

Stin. like tlir tniniprii call lo ttrtk, 
A million hoita or imwiut *mIiL 

Ky«* lliu ahall nenr mart U> own 
LLfik Aim with laus nmm Iha tm, 

WlifTv rhim lb* dark and kj Ma*, 
Swwt l^e oT Flowtn t baodlMI IbIWk 

Fold bim In mt, (dlylw dba* ' 
Qln lack hi* aaalwl ■tj«n|[lb a»* ; 

Sonlha, with lliy rwllna aoBmn tHik 
Hi* wiaKr-woriiB) fanrt and Inik- 

Kinj! Kift anil low. Ihoa tKHfU bM, 

From nul lb* rnwnnt, fl n w» iy UMf 
Tha rar that b<«n tliM now Imm b«*d 

Th* lor-hnak of lb* winter hb. 

Pii>yrr> from th* htart* that watrbxl ■ 

Wl.rn"b* dark Soith Bfl n»mm c". 
Riv, imnbllnK. to tb* Fatbrr a lar, 
Thai Mill Hla Id» nr hdp aad ain 


toil} thr handi, thy vgffc h o*w : 
Tool (by mcUim «y«« with tn^: 

t^ thy poor hmt, o> w -Bi f ii< 
KnI alibi- from hi^ia Mul har>. — 



llo|irfs that MW uitli uli-i'iilrjis viMfin | 
Olir hAil |tii liirr raillli;! •>low ; ! 

Ki'nn>, tltut lolliiui'il, ^ii^'Ui* and nanir. 

lifting; liui-k t!ii' vriN ofhiiow. | 

For thy Itmvi* mir, fur t!iy hwt ciiir, 
Tnn'j»t lutirt III w 1 111:111, wifp * 

(iHiiiii^ otill (hi* h»vr tliat ^ntiitttl 
riilii thy U'hiVisl ^h■^■||. 

Not fi>r him th:it hour of terror 

Wllfll, Ihi" IfUii iii'-lnttlr nVr, 

III th«* HUiilfh^ (lay ht> r'iiiiniiU-fi 
Dfuthwurtl tiiHl thf Tohtr nhorr. 

Simn**! the cniil I'oM qihI fAininr, 
S|ian-<1 thr fiiintiii;; hi*.-irt'» tlf»|iiiir, 

\ hut thiit •■udlii iiif-ri y fsniii liiiii T 
\ hut that hiu* Uiii thy |inkyi'r ' 

lU'SkT to tli«'f thnt hist ini'iiMinal 
Front till* 1 .iini l)r>iih* thi* !««a ; 

Kvrlllioif thi' lliollth of rOM'N 

Shall U- iiui'n-<l tilitf to tlm*. 

Sail it i- thr fiiniintftil y^-wtnT 
OVr liiK ••liiiiil*T>» may not wavi* ; 

Sail il i« thf Kn^li«h iltii<*y 

May not hh^Mini on hi^ ^rravr. 

Itiit >ii- tomli ohnll "tonn Hml «inti r 
Sh.iiH .tnil fii-hion yi'iir hy y»Nir, 

Till- hiH tiii^hry iniiu^Mih'inn. 

ItliH'k h\ hh«-k. iiml tii*r on tirr. 

ihunlian of ito ;;liMniini; |«MtHl 

Shall iiio oranih'HM honor \m\ 
V^'hiii* th\ liiVi*. It •iwri'l iniin<irtj(l, 

||«)V«r« ii'cr thi" wmlfr »>•■* 


Tin Htorni-viiiitl i«> houHiit; 

Thii'iiirh "M |»in«-*« afar , 
Tlf ' iii;:lit 1% f.illiii); 

Withiiut iiMHin or Atar. 

Thi niiiM'<l «i-a i^ lA<i>hinc 
Th» l-.j.l Oi-n- fMhimi. 

Aii'i *{ii* iiH'.in iif it« i-hhint: 
Ki • p" tinn- with th*- «iii>1 

On. on through thr tlarknpH« 
A •pn.-trr, I |iaa» 

Whrn*, like in<ianin^ uf Ijftikrn hrailii, 

) !»«• h«T loni* h«'ail-*iton«', — 

'T i-1 whiti* at a tihi<iuil ; 
Like a |imI1, han;;<i aUivr it 

Thr hiw tiit«i|tin}; rloini. 

Wh«i HiH-akt through thi* <lark ni^ht 

Anil lull of thr «inil ' 
'Tin thi- wKiinl tif till* )Miii--I**aM^ 

Aliil M*tt-ua««-*» lii'hiiitl. 

Thr ili-ail jhil i* "ih'nt, — 

I fi»taiiil h\ hi T now ; 
Aiiil hi-r pu)<«** N'.iti iio i|ui«'kfr. 

Nor rti III villi III' r hmw. 

Th«' ^iiall haini rh:it tn-mhlnl, 
Whi-n hit ill my own, 

I jrn |«itliMit Blul fi'hliil. 
Anil tuhliT thdtl ntofif*. 

I.iki' till- whiti- MiAiuiinH falling 

Ti>-iiiu'ht 111 thr f^lr. 
Si »\if in ht-r U-iintv 

Sank nioiiriifiil und \n\r. 

Yi't I |ov«l h<T ' I utt'-r 

Sill h nonU hy |i**r f:raYr, 
Am I wmiM |p»t luvi' i^|nikrn 

Ifi'r lA.»t hn-ath to mvc. 

Of hrr hivi- thi' anp*|]i 

In hfavrn iiii^ht trl), 
Whih- mini* wouhi U* whi<i|irrvd 

With sliiiilili-rs in hi 11 ' 

T «at «rll that thi' «hiti- ont*a 

Who Um* hiT to hlivM 
Shut out friiiii hi-r n*-w lifr 

Thf riiioii of thi". 

Kl«», imrp •-•» I »tan«I hrrr. 

And N|w*ak t*f my lovr, 
Shr wtHihl h-avf fnr my ilarknrf« 

lli»r f;lory aUivi* 


('ii»^r ltf*!kidp thi' nK«*tinK vatrrik 
I/mft I AtoiMl M in a dn-am. 

Watrhinit how thr littlr rivrr 
Pril into the brcMdrr ttrvmm. 


Calm ai»l itill thv iningUil currvnl 

UtiJtfil lu tliv KBiling K> -. 
On lu brMst wrritely wctured 

Kloitiiig cloud Mi (Virting Irw. 

And 1 thuuglil. " hntiKD ipiilt I 

Slronft auil dwp and |>ur« ami Iilvit, 
Let Ihi* atiTBtli otniy Mi»trn*e 

Blend with tbine, and find {u rnt I " 

I could <lif M dii* Iba rlr«r, 

III thiit Giinent deep and wiib ; 

I ituald liri- u lins iti nlrn. 
FUahtn); from a atronger tide 1 

DtAR Anna, whnn I bmixht ber reil, 

And, laugbln^ tumml nw ■■> tlur li^liL 

"8r, Be«ie, aee I jon wear al Unt 
Tbe bridal veil, fomnaru for jreaus t " 

81m mo uir fao-, — b*r Ungb waa 
H*r ha|.|.y iiyH o-re Cllrd with loan 

With kindly haitn and trvmblioK band 

8ha draw amv tba ffaiu)' mlit i 
" ForgivB, deal heorl ! " fanr imaiit voic* 

Iltir luring Up mjt funlmd kioed, 

WclAMnl fcom out the urching liffbt i 
The auuinH-r nix'it ma oilm and fair : 

I did not Hw hrr jiilvlng 'y^ 
I f«lt brt mad liand ■muolh mj hair. 


Hiir Ii^cIt Itm nnlfKked m 
Mid ratling tnuB. at laat I 

■' Funvom iiidml tn ma UmI 
Bei-aiiae I only lo*« Um dnd !" 

Sh« lUrad one moment ^atiw atiTI. 

And. muiinit, ^«lu in nadci' 
" Till-' tlTinic lovt may coldar gi 

Th«d«du - 

nay cobbr grva i 
<rl<ll OodalMal' 

«iig« wbo Um^^^^H 

t kia tfltcklawi^^^l 

Hold* over tlie de«rt kla tfltcklaw 
When- Ibc teiTtbla 

No anuinl of Uh air* hb mnH'i MMik 
Hcan^ at laat, thrniich th« tmnj <f 

Allah to all, 
From Ilia tmt-door U tuning di* fr 

doon't Mil : 
" irbrtB- d« art vtMt bmI i> fn< 
/« tV amm tfOtd, Ott Omaaitbmm 

Shall thr Kann fwfc U 

O Chrulian : — opti iby W«n aad 4Hi; 
t>7 eait and wnt to Ibf iranilnlMt I**: 
" WKonwr Arm ait uAoH M«rf A fM^ 
/>. U« fwiH </ l>ri< «W OMNMiM* 




TiiK IWiitilirtiiif t^^-hanl, Worn liv uainltiiii^ far, 

WhiTt' M.inilN-i}{ M*fH thi' liriiliU 
nf th<- M(><.illr aiitl Sam*. 

Fair with it 4 !«li*|tiii^ vinoynnU 
Aiitl tawny I lii'ottiiit MiMiiii, 

Tilt* hH]i|iy viilr AiiM>iiiiin suii^ 
For Imly Tn-vi » iiiiulc rouui. 

On the h)inri«> llfliii:i builiiiil 
Til ki<|i till* < liriit «-« i»ill, 

(»n iiiiii^tir titwiT mill kl«Ktir «tum. 
The wi-.Hti-iiii^ Mui>'«liiiii* fi-lL 

Tlitn% wluTf till* riNkhrwii i-in-lm 
n'liliftkiil till* lk«iiiMi(*!t ^uiiii\ 

Till- \*i\ of h1i*|i ftll oil him. 

AikI hi^ thoii^lit a «lrrulii U-«'amr. 

Hi- |i It thi" ht'.irt nf Mli"liri» 
Tliroli with 11 MiiiifllixiH irunl, 

Aii'l !•> till- iiiu.inl I .ir :i]iiii(* 
A '»|'Ihi'h viii. i- Uv ht-anl. 

Aii>l tin- *i| II «iiiil iM^'iiic«l writtt'ii 

On .iir iiii'l w.ivt* uihl Nhl, 
Ainl tli<- >- ifliii;;!^ iif yji|i]i|iin> 

IW.t/i-<l with till' tlioiiKbt of (Soil : 

" Wh.t t.i. k I. () my I hililnn r 
All thiii^''< :irf ill my h.iiiil : 

Tli<- \.iot I. mil iiiiil till* awful iktAn 
1 hiiM .it grains uf miihI. 

"N.I.I I \iiur .ilm« ' Th<* »Uvr 
Aii'l ^'>i<l iip- miiif aloiir : 

Til* iriU.H )•• I 'I I II i; Ufiiri' iii*» 
Wi iv i-viiiii«in- iny own, 

•■ M.. -1 I tl.i ui'W itf vioK, 

^'■•ilr i^jniji I'f ni.i>"ji)i* aipI show ' 

ll.t\' I ni*T il.twi.^ .iii>l ••iiiiHi-t« ' 
}|.i\i I if't wiii'li Mow ' 

** 1 *•» 1 oTiii II vi'ur i;!i!ii<» ■•! in '-iim- ' 
I< iiiy rjr with i linntin^^H ff«l t 

••TH»t4» 1 your wini» of wonhipp 
Or rat vmir holv lin*a<l ' 

• • 

**Of muk an*! n<imf ami honon 
Am I vain an y«> an- vain ' 

Whftt ran Fullntiti 
Fruui your li]t-MTvii-f ^d ' 

•* Y«* nukf tin* not your ilt-htor 
Who M-rvi- your*«>lvr^ aloni* ; 

Yr iMiaiit to nil' of honu^i- 
Whoii* icain i^ all y«mr own. 

*' For you I fTJVi* the |irii]ihi*U, 
For you thi' r^almi^t'^ lay : 

For vol! thr law's Ml mi- tahic«. 
Ami littU Imok aii'l lUv. 

• * 

** V>* chnni:!* to w<^ry liunlent 
Thf h«*l|iH that shi'uM u|ilift ; 

Ye Ii»^ in fomi thr fpifit. 
Thr CiviT ill thr fSllt. 

•* Who 1 4ll«l Vi* to ly-If-tonnrnt, 
To flint nml |a'iijiii I* V.I in ' 

Ihvaiii \v F.trriial tiiMiilni-M 
Ha^ joy in mortal |Niiii ' 

" For thi' il#*.ith in liff «if Nitria, 
F<ir y>iur < hartn-UM* rvrr ilunib, l-lTir i"* tin- III ik'hUir. 
Or ha|i]iiiT thr hiiinr f 

*• Who ••oiini* his trothiT*!! wrlf^re 

Ah r.i« r>tl a« hi« own. 
Anil loVi-H, for^ivi-4. iinil |>itii*!i. 

Iif 4«TVflh till* aloiii*. 

" 1 iioti- i-iii'h ^nii ioii« |>Mr|HMf, 
Fj|i-h kiiiillv wiiit) Ainl .li-«-l ; 

Arv >•• ii«it fill mv i liiMnn ' 
Shall imt till- Fjthi-r hir<l ' 

'* No ].ri\rr f.-r Ii;;ht .%n<l >nii Uni-r 

I* hi^t n]a*n mill'- 
Till' • hilil <» i-rv HI till- tUrkiir«« 

Sliall not thv FiithtT lirar ' 


' ' I IiMth« ymir wnnitllna eonncfU. 

I Urail u|xiu vinir i-ii^s ; 
Who maiie jru mint ■VFiigiira, 

Or lolil yr of my nwdii ; 

'■ I bl(s roi-n aod je eant tbtm, 

I lore Uicin und y* hala ; 
Va bile anil Irar <wti ollwr, 

I •QlTcr luni; Mul w*it. 

" Yo bow to ghutly ifniboli. 
To etna ■ud Knnrsn uiil Uioni ; 

Ye aerk bii Syiitn nungn 
Who in tbr btart b boni. 

" ror til* itnJ Chriat, nnt iba tiirmg, 
Ya l>ati?b bU nafitj graTa 

Wboia lirpijone wilmu you 
Haa power to hleaa asil HTe. 

" O blhiil oDs. oalwird gTopiiig, 

Tbe iillK i|uritl fiJT'Rn ; 
Who luirui to bi> inwanl voios 

Alono uT blci abaJl kuu*. 

Th» hf»rt iHUBi iited* rrfall, 

Ita Klt-Mirn>iiilrriii){ rimtoiii, 
Ita Urn Out gaiuath all. 

" Climb not tbr boljr annntuai^ 

I dwell not in tb« M 

" Tbit itod* ar* itna* for •*> 
Frvin Zantkar'a sladn' ai 

"So nion Imn abailnl Itdplna 
Tba «*lnl tvapuUMU cuiua ; 

Dodona'a Haka at* (llanl, 
Tba H>biT> U«tfa-Cal iluab I 

"Ho tnarr from rorkj Horeb 
The amlltao vatrn suah : 

FaUm ia Drthd'a ladder. 
Qnenehed ia Iba barnlnjt boab. 

•■ Tba }ei»e1a o( the I'rim 

Awl Thiimmim nil an dim j 
Tba fin baa lelt ihr altar, 

Tba aign the lenphuu. 

rbanptlrM tr 

■■Tb* njfl (hall fail thM m 
Kor nie the hollov akj ; 

The Ur ia even a> tb* amt. 
The km ia a* the hif^ 

'• What ir (be fwtb ia bidii 
Hm old faitba, blw «it« 

Wliat ia it to the el 
Tbat jtun 

" Wbal If tba a'mUttnrd altar 
l^ya bare tba •Bcioot Ua I 

Wl»t If tba ilmma and Iqrmti 
( H Uia wurid'a rhfldbaJdil I 

"Harejre not atiU my witaaaa 
Witbin Tonnnlra alway. 

My band Ibat on lb> k'va of lib 
for blia or UW 1 Uf ) 

"Still, In iMpetoal jndgntMl, 

I hold aaaiu witbur. 
With aurr rvward «t hollnaBi 

And dmd icbokt i^aia. 

" A liflbt, a fpild*. I 

'*'' infthtft 

■■Uy fleriHnud EU 
An ia a«rb boHaa and 

Tbe atilL amaU Tale* of hi 
And Stnat'a 

A aold and nmile NflMt 
rtovnl d»vn tbt bciad Mm 

On hUla of TtiM and ^mIm t 
Tba |>NKa <f t«fll«bt UL 

tVn ap •«■ Maatrr bhanl. 



"That li'Tf. in iln-aiii ami vihinn. 
Till' I^inl huth Ulk-<1 with iii« '" 

III- Wi-iit h'xn way ; ln-hiiiil him 
T)i<- s)iiiii*-s <it' s.iiiitlv ilfiMl, 

Til'* h'llv rinii aiiil ii.ul lit, 
111* Ii-lt iiiivi»itiil. 

lit- siMi;;ltt tilt' v.ilr (if Klt/lmi'h 
11 i^ liiinli'iit'il Miiil til fn**', 

Wti. n- ihi- tiN.t iiilU I if thi- Kifrl 
Air ^l.l^M1l in Li.ii-lii'iNt*4-. 

Ami, ill hiH nnli-r''' kluMtiT, 

llf <vit. in niL'lit hm;; |«irlc. 
With 'r.iiili-r nt' till' Fl'irlliU «»f (fOtl, 

AihI Nli'ilhL-i lit' lllill*. 

Ami ]•• ' thi* t Will II ni.iilr answer : 
** ^'•■.i. lipitlii-r, I'Vi'ii thus 

Till- Viiii'i- .iIni\i- .ill vujrcA 
ll.illi s|Miki'ii until iiM. 

"Till- wiirM «ill h:ivi' itM iilulu, 
Aiiil th--<li -iiiil si>iiM> thi-ir si;i^i ; 

Itiit tlf Mih'li-il •>!■'> sliall oiM'n, 
Aiiil ill!' ^(••-f IMF U' lint'. 

*' Whit it till- tarry ' 
<ti"r-» tirn-- i^ .ilu.ivi Ik'-I ; 

'I'll- trii>- I.i^iit -lull In* witni'VM^l, 
Tl:i- < liii'>t uithiii Minfi'NMHL 

" In iiii-r< V iir in jiiil}^iii*nt 
II'' "li.ill turn an>l ovi-rtuni. 

Till till' Ih-.irt -hill !■• hit tfiuplr 
WIm'ii' .ill of lliiii hhall l«*ani." 



A I ONI, c'rni,. l;ivir'« Minnv »lopi*<i, 
ItlfW u It'll tlif uiiiiU iif May, 

A nil i>\i I N inniki-i^ <« .iiii ifiit ttak% 
Till' jji'i'ii 'iut^iiw tlii" irruv. 

riii i:r.i-H W.I, ::t.'i n nn l!**itle, 

I'll- • .irl\ liwN It uill 
W iki'l n]i !}..- *i.i]it in tt- ilfll, 

I'll*- %»niil-t1<>M-r i>n itn hill. 

*' Whrn- I'll vmu. ill vonr SumUr ctmi 
Shu Anilfi'M, till nit*, pmy." 

"For fttri|M'il {i^rt'h in WVnhani L«k« 
I f{>i to llsh t«j-<ljy." 

** rn1uniM-«l of thi'i* in Wfiihani Ijikv 

The nioith'il |M'ii h ^luU U* : 
A hlllf-rVitl Witrh Mtt nn tlir Umk 


An<l «cuvi-<i hiT ni-t Un iU*f. 

•• Sli»» weavrH hi-r :;i»l>lrn h.iir ; s\w nin;;* 
lli-r MiN-ll-vin;^ lnw iUrl iaiiit ; 

Thi' wiikiMlf<»t wiiih III Sail-Ill jail 
Ii to that Kirl a ^.lint." 

** Nav, mother, hi>M thy Mini tonj^iie ; 

(io<l kniiw%" tin- \<<iiii^ man rinnl, 
*• Hi* nrvi-r niailr a whit»T •^oiil 

Than hrn hv Wtnhani siilr. 


** Shi* trniU lifr inntlp'r Mi-k aihI hliiul. 

Anil I'Vi'iy W.I lit <»i:p]iii'-i : 
To ht*r aluivi* thi* t-|i"««ii*il Ik Nik 

Shi* li-n-N li«-r Miit l-lni- fytj*. 

** Hrr viiiri* i* ui:h hulv ^inpi, 
Hi-r lipH .III' -«••■ t »i;li ]iMVi'r ; 

<tii whrii- yiiu will, I'l t' II iiiil'-^ riiunJ 
U iioni' niiii>* ^'XmI .iii*l iair " 

**Sin An<ln*w, fur th>' lnvr nf CoJ 

Anil nf thy imithi-r, -».iy * " 
Shi* I Li<»|iim| hi-r li.ii;<lo, ^lii* «f|it alouii« 

llut Amhvw n>il" aw.iy. 

•M» rt'Vrrrnil Mr, my Amln-w*-* *oul 
Tin* Wiiihani \»i?i h ha^ • auu'ht : 

Sip' holiU him with tin' i-inl'-<l ipAd 
Whi'riMif h«-r <»narr i-* wroiiu'lil. 

t **Shi' i h.irnM him with Inr ^rrat IJtt« 

I V- N 

Shi' I'in'U h in with hi r h.iir : 
nh, hTf.ik tilt' H]» M witii Ip'Iv wiipN, 
rnhiml hiin with a ]iriy'r '" 

"Takf hi art," tin* i-iiiiful pn-jihrr kftiU. 

*' Thi^ iiiio: hit I -hill lint U* : 
The will li ihall |"-ii-h III hi-r ttin* 

Anil Aiitln-w '•hall pi t ?•■«■. 

•Mhir |ni*ir Ann rntnam ti*'.tit*n*§ 

Shi* S.IW hi-r Wi-i\.' a <»|-11. 
!kin*-unni->l. I'Nioi ■ lull of nnnni, 

Arouml a •liii*J-iii> wi-ll. 

** * S|irinir ufK O wrll • ' «|ii* tuftly mux 
Thtf Hcbrrw't ukl rvfnun 


" And many a goodwift- hfanl bercfnk 

By W™h«ni w»wr wardi 
That miulc tbv Imtlrcajn Uks vliigR 

AnJ tum Id yritow Lmb. 

"Th«y Miy thai iHimiinK irililbaoiwek 

Th<> liiTF at hpr ruiiiniaiiil : 
Anil flilin awiin U> tiikr thrjr (omI 

From out hfr dainty hand. 

"Hark M the ilta in iDRrtiag-Ilnm, 

ThKgwlly niliiuHvr 
Nnln ntfll 111* aiwll tliat doth conptl 

The jwiag turn'* ryw ti> har. 

■' Tlx mair upon hvT dimplnl dun 

U Sataa'a iral Uid lifPi ; 
H« lllia are ml with i>i) bnad 

And italu of DDbtat riot. 

•• Fnt Tituln. niy tixtian, witli 

At Quniiyciinjt ihr look 
Ths Blai'k Mnri'* gullaa ilcTamellt 

And ai^nl 111* dreailful book. 

" lut nishl my hun'-affllrtrd tliilJ 
AEaiii*! tbi- ynantt vilch <ti«il. 

To Uke har lUnlulH-rriok ridw 
Etcu DOW to Weohaiu aid*." 

Thr nianlial in liU .addli- aal, 

(It* liaujthtin at hi* iau* ; 
" I OH to iKtrh that iimiiit witch. 

Toy Ur tdaymalf," tiiotb Iik. 

" Thry lir, th«y \if. my f*lh>T dfu t 

Ho (oa\ old •rili'li ta •!», 
Ilal (wrvi and Kood and cTTtUl-pum 

A* Wrnham wilen be." 

-* u< s<»l and ilL 
>■■ to 2l wivmr nnia) lotm 
OppoH hia njthtfOiu *iU. 

" H^rawa niia and Uu iwwen el I 
('hnoH ihm, my d.llil. tn-day : 

Nil niartiiti hand, no pltylnit *r>. 
Vrl-u tiod MimnwHli to tlay ! " 

Too wi-ll th»y knew Ihr ^uat pay hi 
Thv anm siich-hunto' ml* — 

The mr* Apaadviitic b«rt 
By grialy OmU bMtnxla 

Oh. fair tha be* of Wvnhra Uk* 
Vf^a tha yoanitBlrTi ahotM^ 

H<^ tr^dvr uoulh, ImdmnUncT 
Hvr yrlluw bait aatbknm. 

Sat (ha|un|i for hn bridal d 
Her mathnr'a KTihlingpr 

tt'h™ Id '■ ilir nanhai, "ri! 
Frail -Ufoid lull mln do< 

I* ba^ with cnirl Uat^ 

'" liiaiilni'* hai *- ' 

>i> uiilv Atlfia (< 

■Oh. l*t inc lo my ai 
Fitrrwall Irfor* I ■< 

U rhMr li.l hrr littb b 
Colo bi* wddl* bMi. 

* trnliand mr," 

■ I 'U krej. 

Iiiaiilm'* haoAlj^^^H 
II Iv Atlfia (W^^^^l 

iaiothttHf ^^^H 

hub bu<b ^^1 
inl ah* nilHNMlv, 

riaiiKhm'i ._ 

(tfalrr at.,- b* Mii 

FimD Ihi vitdi of Wnibus l«h&' 

■ nh. Imn m* (..r m) 
8hg i»r<li my ryi^ 1 

■ThoB* mt. mac 
•ha]) iMilt 
Fnun off Uh i 

Tha ilay died oot. tha vicbl 



Whilr, thnitigli the dark, utruige fmcM 


Tu luiM k liLT OA hhe pnyiil. 

Tin* pp'-n'iii liinnir ili**'!*-!!'**! nil 
Till* liMi« Ih-i riiililliiMMl kiifW ; 

Thi' .iwt' ulii-n-Hiili iii<- uir wu^ lilUtl 
With i'Vii\ Iiivalli blu- (ln*w. 

Ami roiiM it )m\ hill* tn'inliliii;; luknl, 

Soiiii- Ki-i p-t tliuui;lit «ir '•ill Kiiiit ;;inm1 iiii;*!-)- Irmii In-r lii'urt 

Ami li t ilif lu^l tiuc't 111 ' 

H.i<l sill' ill Miim* fiir^^iitti-n «lr«Aiii 

\a'{ >*•» lii-r IimM «»ii llfavrli, ' 

Aii'l Hill. I III r-M ii iiiiMittiu^ly | 

Ti> spnilt iiiiiiir;;ivcu f j 

Oh, w.inl .iml htill the lUrk hourn 

|i.|xM li ; 

Nil liiiiii III viiiii't thi* hr.inU 
Itii! iiji .iii>i •iiiMii tilt' ihiinm'y ntai-k 
Till' MM.tll>>u<i iiiaiiii''il aiiil htirn'd. 

Aii'l (>'<-i lift, ^itli a ilrr.iil KiinutM* 

Of I'Vil -uht aii>l siiiiiiil. 
Till* Miti-i lut- III! tlh-ir l«Mth«-ni witi;;ii 

WiMit uh'ilin^ Muml ainl ruuuil. 

l«<i\v li.iii^iiiL; ill till' iiii'lni^ht oky 
l.iMik'il III a h.ilti.i- 111 iiiiMiii. 

W.i-< It .1 •liiMiii, or ilhl ohi* ht'iir 
11* r I<i\i !•. uhi'»th tl tiiiii- f 

Slif fill ■rtl tl ik'ii •M'littic lui-k ; 

A ulii"]" r t- i> III- I li'T rai 
**>li I- •I'lwii tif riHif til nil'." it Miiil« 

*' Sii s>it*.lv iiiiiii- iiiav lit'ar." 

• • 

Sh>* iji-l .il>>:u' th'' "lulling rmif 

Tiil !i-'iii I'-, iix.s ^hi- liuii^. 
All I f> it t.>< {■•••'Mill .1 hIiiii;»1i'4 yiolil 

To will ii hi T iMi;^' It • lini>; 

IbliW. hi r l'>\ir ttnt' h'-il hi^ h.uiiU 
All 1 1'> I- }i*<i iii-r fi'i t Ml ^iimU ; 

*• I »T««ji il'tw !i til IIP-. hi-art," hi* luid, 
•* My .iiiit> ill It' .ik till- (all." 

||. «■! h« r oil !•*.> ]i!'ii<in Mift. 

M'-i .iliii« i>-<ii; liilii Tuiiitsl ; 
Ati-l. iii:« I*'"'. .!<' i: %ilvft vlifkl, 

Thi-\ 1< i: ih* h<i-:<»*' U liiiiil. 


lint nh'-ii th''V T**v li'-il thr iiiii-l) war 
Kiill till- the niu lit* la^t ; 

Oh, iH*tvr thiviif*1i the mirk mitliii^ht 
ICudv iiiaii lUiii uiaiil luurv fiinL 

AhiUK the wiM w<Miil-|i.iths th^'y n\m'%\, 
Thf liri'l;^!-!!^^ stii'aiiiH thi-y nMaiii; 

At M't (if iiiiHiti thi-y {u^ai-d tiiL* lU^ 
At Mini I'M* A^awaiii. 

At hi:;1i ihmhi mi tin* Mi rriiiiai* 

Till' aiirit'iit fi-ir\iii.iii 
Fiir;;iit, nt tiiii>-% \n-% ill>- *Mt\ 

Si fair a fii'i;;ht tu ••• .in. 

And when fnini ofT hin ;;Tiiiindnl boAt 

III* ikllk- thi-lll niiilMit .lli'l liilr, 

••fiml ki I'll hi-i friiiii till- i-vil ivi', 
Ami harm uf witi h ' " hi- • iir>I. 

Tlie ni.iiih-n laii^lnil, a.^ yoiitli will 
I iiU'h 

At nil it-* fi-aiH until' !iy . 
** III- •h^-'* tint kiiiiW,"<.h«*«hi4|H*nMluW, 

••A li:il.' wit. h Am I." 

All iliy In- iiTjnl hii w»'.iry luir^e, 

All'l. Ill tli> |i-d HlilhluMll. 

l>ii'«i ri-iii U full- H frii ii'lly dinir 
In iliot.iiit It ruii-k tiiwn. 

A frill iw fi'«Iiii}* fur thi* wrnhfi^ril 

Till- «,* ;ik'-i |«'ii|ih> frit ; 
Aiid N.itf la-oi'Ii' till ir kiiidly hrartbt 

The hiintiil niaiil«'n dwi-It, 

riitil fM!ii otT itt hriMHt till' Ijhd 

Tin- liiiiiifiii;; hiiriiir tiir«-i%. 
And liitn-d. Imiiii iif ^lia«tiy dn-amt* 

Til >haiiii' and |iity ^iuw. 

Sad Wfp' tlf Vi-ar'A ^l>rlll^ nmnis and 

lt<» i^ild'-n <kiiniini-r day, 
Ittit I'litii' .Hid t«li-i itH withriv.l til Ids 
And <>kii-n I if ajJirn firay ; 

Ktir '*\»-\\ and I liaini h^d |HiWi*r no iuon\ 
Th»* '•I**' tri-% I •■a«ii-«l til fiMtn. 

And «i.i!t'ri^i Ii-iii^-Ii.iMh kin It ai^in 
Apiiiiiil tl.i- lp arth^ lit hmnf. 

All'l whi-n iiu •■ 1 1 tun- liv iW-avi-r l^om 

Thi' III* j-t'iM I.ifk •I'lt^.iii);, 
And nil- ' i^iiii oil all tht- lnlK 

Till' caily \i>'li tA ••|iran^, 

All'l all thr win<ly ikviturv »Io|iri 
Liy Kivcu « ithiu thi- oxnu 






or cn«k« lli«t bora thr ailtrd m 

Wh>t eyo look tbraai^ «1itf vWi. 


Tn |i|Hvuit iiiUnil t*nxa. 

>iii)[i fan 
What fnmact tna Urn WmIj 

Tho (niith nl«l olT tbc rhtiiu he fonwd. 

The jul-boltii Wkwtnl M[ ; 

height. ^ 

And jroulh iiul bo-irr »gf> dime forth 

To thuM t>r nrlh ilaora >Uvti 1 


Not vainly HtllM dtvnnnl ol rrfi 
On UWamowjtnmn'. 


Slow r.dr'. )1„- vNion </ th« akr. 



Tl' ' ' '■ .. 


A ooLU Wnjp nn Ihn imrrjlnu hem 

..'!' ';,*: 

or hllln th* fivoi run* 


AailowD lU lODK. Rnro VktlvT fall* 

Thr H.,K. r. >rill t>f.>«. D.r litw So*. 

Th* bat »r uimnivr't inni. 

Whrn I no man ntum. 

Alung iu biwny snnl -bnl 

No wblanir fniin tlie mu'inUtn pbv 

■rh-..^..i- ,. - lUMt. 

Th. hurry of th* hill. 

NoiwlM* hri««n lu (.ah. of rtom 

lii.r ;..,{, 

Froia riirm t» ri.rv» ii Klip* ; 

Th* ilniwiv mapli-ohwiuwii nwt 

Tl.. . 1 .'nna 

Uk« rin»n iiD ibt lit*. 

A ■•If from furoll-. wiMot hUU, 

A vi, r^iial 


The unine Wcnil of it* IMtiut 
IVmrli au tu hiu>k» alnna. 

A-U.- . ■.-■' ! :n'llr» 


YrC flnwm M fair It* *lapM *<lon 

Ri'Uif'- ll.H iiivili. ji->i>h»-l< )• 

An ttrt Vnrniw kiww. 

lihall Uwn the l>wn>-lnni flnoi^ 

Or. umln- reioy Iriih ikiM, 

An.l ar<r boruom (hi«h and e>>» 

By Mfnliasr'i HulU gtvfl i 

Wiib (uiwrl hn» -r oun. 


.\m\ tliioiiKh U»- K*!* of IrttiiiiK traa 
lu mrmnUlu cmOit aliairi ; 

FatTWoU ! Ihav ■iiilllnK hilla niuat *ftf 

Th- 1(1)1.) a(!HliiiI lliP innHhy»t, 

T<aiMMnlbnr>>.i.itt limn. 


The Rnvn ax^wl thx loHk 

Anil u<mi-.>|.Ui>.<I. fr..n> .rfl Ih'V ihakf 
Th« niild*'* ml Irstn >l<na. 

To<uh(.l by > liKht thu hith no i>ui», 

A jtlnfT '^"" •""«. 

StiU >rilin« hnad aad hm j 

Aluft ua iky ana iiH.unuiD «>11 

Ar« Unl'i nrrat raitiirw bans. 


H<?w Klutui^Kl the Miiniiiit* raat uul uia - 

Th.™ld«. -Inflow. 

Na lunKFr gnoitF-brnvnt, 

A kiTrr • cUim la min* OB all 

rh»y melt in i«y mUt i tbc ruck 

1 t» U. havg uhI boR — 

I< »fU. than th. don.1 ; 

Tbr T*l1ry bold* iU hn.lh ; u ]ml 

And atuutbi nmr mU I 

or .11 IU .liu. 1. t.iil»l : 

Tl.. .il-n« u( rlfmlty 


S»iiu falling on Ihi worid. 



Tt.^ lu.i^, ^^./.i«. 'U* ^^T>'iULiiuF vkila 




Tnn l-rt thrir hm- of w— uir om 
Th* ituini** oTtlM wimUL 

» ' "'^'..■th.'hUU 


ajin-avl.u[. .luroaaUitl 

I ^ 



Siiinc vii;ni'*i fAiiit minor U* th<* vaIi- 
ll.iil • M-pt |H*ii haiii •■ H litiiitfr'!* uli* 
<M' it<« wiiil niiitli ol w-itfi^ luAt 
On tin- 'iiik wihiiIa thntugb whiih it 

t«INV li. 

S.iM>r\(iti-ri it l.iu;;hfil laiul Haiif( ; Miiiit-- 
Wliiili'il III iiLiil iliii itH misty liiiir ; 

i'Hlt wllii li:i>i rUHltl It.H Veil, III ^»'VU 

i'lii* i.iiitUiM tkirt<i «if thai rinliiir ' 

Till V soii^lit it wh*-n* I In- iiiiuiiit.iiii ImMik 
\l> H>Kift u.iy t«> til*' \.ill<-y tiNiW ; 
Aliifi:; Uii" iii;;:;»il Hlnjn- thi-y «'Iniijli, 
Tliiii ;;iiiili' ii tliif.iii III tiMiii*! aittl t'«iillii. 

Ili-i^ht .iiliT li«'i;{hl tliry nlnwly won ; 
Tit*' liriv j.ivi-litis iif tin* Hiiii 
Srnntr till- kill' li-*!:;*' ; \\iv tan^litl sli.iilr 
Willi n» k .iinl vine tluir stv\r% «li-l.iytil. 

Itut. thiiiii;;1> lfaf-(i|M'ii lie's Ui*vr ainl 


Thi'v H.IW I III- I h<'<Tfiil IninH'"* "if m»-n, 
Aii'l t)if ;;ii-.(t iiiii'iuiiiii*i «ith tlirir w.ill 
4 M' niitt V piMiiN* •{iiiilin;{ 411. 

r)i« Ic.iv* <i thriiii:;h whi>-h tin* ^^I.mI wiihIh 

Sli;ir» «l tin- wiM*' thi-»rs kin-w . 

Alhl wllilr tlif ^Ii.mIiiW'^ i|i'r|»i-'«t fill 
Till- Uii«m1-1I||Uo|i T.lU}i lll.t 4>lv«T U-U. 

Krin;:ini; iIp- srii-.ini. at rvi-ry liirii 
Smnu' !"H !li- w iviii;{ finn>U iif ItTii ; 
Kr<*tii s'liiiv • !• It .iii<l iiiii^iy sinI 
I'dli- unIi ih -tpi til J. •iii-t ;;(>li it'll -i>»tl. 

Ati'l '•Till !!;•' w.lli-r n-llli* till* HWiN't, 
I Mil -'M:; tin! -.tirp-il iU ^li'tiii^ frt't. 
An i t>-i'i 1 in !'•■ k .niit n^it tht> krv^t 

IM'lt<« U-;;iillitl){ IIpUnIii-!!. 

Ii-\iin'l. .iJiiiVf, It, «i;;n iN fl«*w 
• M tox-tii:; t.. till thi- Im- li-tn'*^ throii(;h ; 
Ni» «. ■ n. h.iw l-i^t, luit UitNiiii; Ntill 
Th" »'.i!> -• k- th' i«l.i. ki-niii;; will. 

Kii h <.;1!<1 t>i i.iili- "1^1 )it*rp ! Ia* 

ill. r. ' 
!'"• whitf ■» .irf t1iit!ci'<i ill till' air ' " 
I li<'V • iiiiil--<l .iiii'W ; thr vi^iun llril, 
I'll !-•< k<ih lil;;)i«T i>%i-rlir^l. 

^1 ti'i'i i til* V up tlif niiMintain-iilo|if 
Wild lain: aiitl wt* r fjuiitrr bii|ie ; 

With faint an«l fnintrr vnii-f thr linmk 
Still lutli' tlii'iii liatt'ii, |uiiM-, .iinl ItMik- 


Mf*un while Ivlow tli«> iliy wiia ihniw ; 
Alwi' thi* ImH iMuki "^w thr <«iin 
Sink, U'liiiixthMin, to it>i mihty m-t 
Ik-hinil the liilU «il viuli't. 

'* lfi*n* rinU our i|ii«-nt !" thf Mn-km 

" TliH lifiMfk mill niniur lM>th Imvr Iinl I 
Thf |ih.iiii'iiii i»f a watrrf.ill 
lUi M u^ dl itA Ui k an I r^U." 

Hut iin<', with yi'.ir- ;;riiwii wimt. mi J : 

'*>*>, dlw.l>^ Ultll***!. nut llll«liil, 

Wi> fiiiliiw wlifii* lN-ii»ii' \i% riiu% 
Till* \l^ltin of the nhuiill>; oiifJi. 

" Not wht-n* th*-y mn-iu thrir iit^iuU flj, 
Tlirir voii-t-4 whilf wr littf-n •lir : 
Wf ran hot kl•»•|^ Imwrvrr ih-ri. 
The i[uii-k tiiiiv «*r their win^tl f«wt. 

'• Fnun youth t^i n'*t' iinn^otiiit; Mray 
rh<*M' kiiuily ni«N'kir^ in Mnr wiv ; 

Vet Irjil thi'V lint, th*- iMffllli;* t tvi^ 
To Miiiirthiiig U'tti-r than tht ui-^lvr^ f 

'* \h*rv, thoii;;h uiin'Achitl iht* pul 


Iih own n-w jnl our t«iil )i.i« hn>iii:lit : 
Th'* wiinliiiK wutrr'ti «M>ii>!iiii: ni-li, 
Th« \**H^ liuto ttf tilt* h' mill thrush. 

''Tlif tuniimii^ Ukrs t)i«* xiliniiHM* of 

An«l rivi-r tm-k. «n«l, t.i*1, l-'von-l 
UriMil HHMiliiw^ U'ltiti niiin<l wiih |*int% 
Thf Kniii«l uplift of inotuituiii liii*> * 

" Wh.(t tiTthtMiKh w-i* Vf'k with \mn 
TU*' C4riii>ii of thf i^*U in vaim. 
If Iiirf«l thi'D'Sv wi* «lini*i tt» Kf-^t 
Siiinf wavti'h* hlu<«!i*ini hjilt*n->wvrt 9 

" Tt» ••M'k i* U'ttiT th.wi li» inin. 
Thf foii<l ii<i|H'ilii4 .IH wi* iittain : 
l.ifi'"*. f.iinM lhin^« .in- t!iii*i' whi-h 
Thf* U-tt i« of wiiii h wi* ilrrwm. 

"Th'-n h'l u^ IniHt o»r w.itprftll 
.*<itill rt i-h«*« ilown itH r«kky walk 
With MiiiUiw rrvM-rnt rurvnl 
lt» lunlit •imy fruin nioM to 


" .\iM Kis fiM^trul of our lain. 
til tliuu)-lit ulinll Mvk it oft ^UQ ; 
Slinll Hc lliii ■uler-blauomr<rioil, 

Tlii* luiulune >>[ die gotilen-roil. 

" So fnilari! wini ; thu ■ 

or luu Womaa ila miiiii|iriiK j 
Alid rTDimorr th» rn<l >)iiil1 toll 
Till' uiinuliKl iilenl suiilml <r«ll. 

" Onr *wwt iltniiotin onljt dir 
FainUing Iotb'i •an pniphccjr ; 
Anil etcry wiib For Irlter tliinga 
An uDdmuued Imulf uisier bhnp. 

" For bt» u arrTitur uF bra ; 
Dniiv mil ]ii>iie biiiI lutiipiift fnvTE 


U kiod ■llnnn, wIkIj wnt, 
lilinx with brnl|[ii intent, 
norr 111. tiirouith dmoe nnmtt, 
•k llui lorclitat bdiI tlu> hat ! 

" On aitb n* wh«i onr annlii n fVw>, 
And. in the clw. white twht lu ba. 
Add uiilo HoiVEn'* Imlituilii 
Tb* old ilFlishi of mkiog good : " 

O i>wn.i.>:n» tn the itately towns 

WhM ranw J- nut t.> M t 
Thu nnmnNKi Mrtli, thin coouuoa tkj, 
Tbl* «Kt«r Dowiaii Trw t 

Ai ^yij u tlit!tr kAtmia llowen 
YoBr doDT-jinl blowoni* *|>Hi>(t i 

Aa nratlT M tli«e wild wood binU 
Tear ratti-d mliutrcl* Aag. 

Too ftad Int common 1 

Tb* ri|>|Jing[ rirrr'i r 
Tb* brout; which u *> 
Bmiwtb ttwakiMof Jbm 

Tho lUwknriNid caka, llw 

or olil |.|nu.r«nHl hiBCi, 

And berc an iiictiifMl Arltoliohc. 

I_.t I' >. !__.» n.III . 

You know full a<tl ibna Uuikiolbbw 

1'h* u|>luiJ'ii wBTjr bur. 
And lioM tlir kunabiiw (ij* with fen 

The n«all« of the pine 

Y-t. like Koni* old 

I>| (Unt. Cunlliaf hn, 
Not Itoh lipcMwv of rnntnontiMi 

You lovn iLe da; UhI tdaeai 

AnJ not in Tain in llib iA lir 
Shall bknl-ttmns D*mi rdu, 

Kol .11 iu v^n lb* oeiWMD bote 
Tomgn It* lUllj Iul 

Tlje f lul ol pDWtT. tbe |[>«*d cf ^Ik 
Mute all tlie ytai their own ; 

The li win ting ilemona wvll aaj' ht 
Our ooc bdgbt iby aluM. 

Aildr tJw lr.l»r U* : 
The world will krtfi It* 
Tbouftti we Ul out to^. 

M Uw aiina of U 

FroRi n'itinl roonu, fium atlnl baifci 
From cr<>wd«l m »»1 town. 

Dar Mothn Eanh. utui thf In 
We lay Mil tirtd houU ilows. 

Cool, (unifflrr wind, ma haalil lam 
Bin* rirar, lhn)ii|tb ilw tnnu 

Of i^luHrriuff {'''>'*• "("■•h tb* efn 
WbLcb ■iftoo muidi tiata im. 



OM fH<*ii«1.4 rall**t1 from as by the roioe 
Whi' li tiii'V aImih* f-iiulil hrar, 

I'roiii iiiv-^ti-iv t«» iiivilrrv, 
Kphii lif«' lo lif'', tlniw iii*ar. 

Miiri' •'lit<«i-lv r»r tli<- «Akt* of tlirm 

i>;ii v>iii-it T.ik«* frxiii tiii-iu a Utur 

Uiirjov it thi-iiH. tlifir trust is our% 
Aliki- i" lnw. .iU»\i', 

Or ll*T*- ••! thi-li-, .lU>llt IM fttl<| 

Thi- unii^ lit niif iiivAt lov« ! 

Wi" u^k lii'liv iii> i-«mtiti'pii«^ 

riiliU ll<i|. in<livi> 
Wi' linn*; oiirM-lvi-a alone. rur*-* tin* iiiii-onvi'iitiitiiiNl wood 

Th«' -itun.l iit i.ioliiiin'H ^liililMili-th 
Thf Liu^liiii;^ u.iti-1'4 •Irown. 

H»Ti' «'ant fnr;^*^ lii-' ilriMry tone, 

An«I I an* liin Tn ♦■ lorli'in ; 
Till* liUnl .lir aii<l '•nittliiih- laugh 

Thu big«it'A /fal to iM'iiiii. 

Friitii mniih'Mkirrt wrnry nlioiiMrr fills 

Ml- I'l^i'l *>\' -'Iti-*!! I- in-"* ; 
An 1 woiii.iii t.iki"* hi-r n;;)it4 ai floiren 

Aiil I'pNik- iii'l hinU t.ikf tiK-in. 

Til- li -iiM' iif tliH luppy MDiiils 
'j'lif briMik'n n-lt-A-a' nrr mip* ; 

Tip* rri-t-<l>iiii iif tilts iiii^ImiimiI wiinl 
A I noli;; till* ^l.nt-i'W'd iliivrcrXi 

y.-t )iiTi> till f*vil thnii^ht tifnU I>Ure, 
N«tr f'Wil Itriif.ilii* riiHH'* 111 ; 

O'lr ;;niv<-, lik>* «>f Samothracc^ 
N ^-t iiiMil fniiii till. 

\\'*' wiilk «>ii liiily infill rul ; alwva 

A tkY iiiiin- h^ily ^iiiili'^ ; 
Til'* I hill* ••!" llh' l»Mtitiiili'4 

SwfUt il lUii thi'*M' leafy sinlra. 

Tli.irikH !•• till* i:r.i<-ii>ii« IViviili-noe 
Tint l-rin^'* iH lii-n* nih i» iii«irr ; 

Ki>r n>''tn"ii*-'« nf (h** KimmI U'hiii<l 
Aii'l )iii|"^ nf ^imnI l«-f<irr ! 

A*i<l if. link noun tf> u«. nwrrt tUys 
Ul Juiif likv t)it« must come, 

l*n*m>ti of iM thene UnrrU riot he 
Till* iivrr*l«nks» with hluom ; 

Ami tlp-se KTi-eii Mth^Tiiiiit mmid be trod 

ity otlur fi*ft tluii • lilt's 
Full loii}( hiay miniiAl iiil;;riiiii •uiiia 

To k«:«*i> the Ki*«At of Kli»Ufn ; 

Th^ iiiatnui li« 4 tnrl nii' e iiior^, 

Till* liv.inliil 1 1 lain -^ l«iy, 
Aint wr. 111 liiMwn'o rtr JuHe, 

Ik* glofl fur rarthly jny ! 


Ki^i.irhu KEUAH, ri'iii:\r\, ri.N-\-<»vL- 

VAMl Il7»*) 

ff(!sr»K If ALIA I lll;|o|l\\% <iii7«. 

WaKK, •.f«.t»T!«, » iki" ■ lli»<liy-<itar till IK'S; 
AIkiv**'« '-iiHtfiii pMii*^ 
Till' lUuii M briMkiii^. •■•«>1 •ni'l imImi. 
Wakr, MvterH, wake tu ]ir;ftyi*r itii'l |r«.iltn * 

rrmisnl li^ tb«* lionl fur <i|i.i<l** aiiil lt;;ht. 
For toil hy lUy, fur r*-*\ by iii:;bt ! 
Frsitf^l Ite Hh iiiuii'- «li«» <lfii;ii« ti> Mpsi 
Onr Kt^Ur of the wiltii>riii*x4 ' - 

Our nTii:;i* «rht*ii thf «)«>ili*r'« ImihI 
Was h«Mvv* on mir ii.»tivi* |.iii<l , 
Anil fniiliini. t<i Iht rluMn-n •Im*. 
The wulf ami vultiin* «»iily kin'W. 

Wa prmi!ir«l Kim whfti in |in«iti l**il. 
We 0VDr«l liiui whrii the ^taki* l>l<iXi-<t 

r*tl ; 
We kriftr, «h.itovt*r miirht U-rJl. 
lllS lovi* aiiil |ii>«rrr wrre ov«T .UI 

He hi'.inlour pray^rt ; m*ith «vit%tn>tohc4 

He 1*1 u« forth fmm <-niiI Itiriii : 
Still, «hfn*-«ii- rr mir M«"ji4 wrn« Unt, 
His cloutl aiul hre lirforc us wfiit ' 

Tli«* wat-li of f.u:li And |ipjv«t H*» ^l, 

W'v kryt it til**!!, wr k«Tji it \rX. 
At mi<inii;lit. I r«i« of i-m-k. 'ir lu^ui. 
He ooiurth surv, Hr cuiiii-th mniii. 

He iiinirs to rha.tti'n, n^t il«*Htrov, 
To iniri:i" tlip rartli fnnii *iii« alJoy. 
At lAAt. St Unt ^liall all rutifr^ 
Hu nieri y as Hti right«x>uAiirM. 

IS THE "OLD 800TB." 

Thr deul mh«11 life, the nek U whole. 
T)u! wuli't >in l« wbltfl M wool ; 

Til* uiuxlu of eternal love I 

Soand. wnlrome tninp, the lut alartn ! 
I-onl rial of b«u, nuilcF hera ihiiu ana, 
rulfti thu .luv our lutiK drain, 
Uakeawretaiidcleui» HuHd with Ht»! 

Sweep, llanitn)! iMaiim, iirpep fnmi eight 
The lire of lime : be twin to imile. 
Sliarp iwonl ol Uod, ell idnU down, 
Geuefan creed end Itomen cniwn. 

Uuelc'. mrth, tliroiuth ell thr tonn, till 

The tanre of pride anrl |>tiMtprall fall ; 
And lift tboQ up iu rUco of then 

Thy getra of pearl, Jenuelrin t 

I^ '. riniig fnun l«iitUma) flamvk 
TrMiaK^uml, itlonumi, )-et lUir wiue. 
Within thn hi-avriil; city'* bound 
Our Kluater Kedei eliell Iw foimd. 

He oomath aoon ! et davn or nnon 
Or art of lun, ll' mmrth eoon. 
Uiir prayent ahall meel Him on hia my . 
Wake, aisler*. valu ! krilD u>d pray I 


Bhk came and itood in the Old Sooth 

A woDdet and a nsti. 
With ■ 1n>k the old-timx aibyU iron, 
lUlfH-runl and hBlf.4lTiDa. 

Ben the mournful aaokdoth about her 

ITnidolbrd la the )iTiiiwl mother. 
With ilinha tlial Irrmbtttl end evta that 
With B fite the •land not entother. 

Looae no her alionlden fell her hkir 

And llie mlnialer fmmmi itt Ua aarwei 
And Uie pnple luJil Uicir bnclh. 

" Reficnt > repeat ! en tlu t«eJ ikall 

In thunder and toMhlnu aeak f 
M all mull iiandil|i Him tn lb* ^mj 

Hit li^ht allblB meaU." 

She ahodk tbr rioat fnan hn naked (m 

And hrr lacki'lolh doaef dmr. 
And into the porrb of the a«e-bvkrd 

Abe pauad like a gtwrt ban rirw. 

Tbey *lupped bee away at iW tall * tt* 

Could Inun Kor « 


By B]iul frrt are tro4. 
And the bell that avuga la its Uby 

Frnenlora to voiahlp Gad ! 

And new whrnrvet a wrvng i« doa* 
It tlirilli ihe ronadnoa wall* ; 

The atiin* from the baanarnt erWealeat 
And Ihn bani frooi Ih* tinker eaBa 

There are rte'ide-hoam dd ereij hail 

And pul]dla that Una and ba*. 
And till' Lord will not gmigr tbr O^ 

That u at a]eut for man. 

And the pnuthrta nftder tha awi. 

And Ihr flralla Ua« abd the ha b il 

A&il the twain an renljr t»m. 

Shall (rmlnn Maad In tkt Old > 

And (dead (or the r1(lilB ef aU I 





No iWrsi-ik thiiM of M>mm1 hail th^y. 
No Uittli-jiiv w.ii lli*-ii% nliu M'i 
Air-nii^l iIm- lit- u UiMiiii-t 

Till II limiH -]>iiii l>iiM-ts ill oM l.iy. 

Tliiir f.'t h.i 1 liihlil'ii |>ia«'i'fiil way* ; 
Tln-> liiN-'l not bliifi', thi'y diiM'Ifl 

|iilii ; 
TIic\ ^.i\v lii't, wh:it t«) lit !<• plain, i'»^f>\ xtiiiiM iii.ikf iiuii'^ wratli iii^ 

N»» vi'i-i"4 wvTv tliry, Init <iini|il>' ni«'ii ; 
]t^ \.\^; ii'Milts till' fiitiiif Iiiil : 
Tlii' iiMMiiin;: of till* witik tli«-y «li*l 

W.i<» "ti III::*- .iikI link iunl iloiilitlul tbrii. 

S\t ilt .to llit-M -iiiiiiiitiiiH caint* tlicy li'ft 
Till- y''*\ thi'l-liiinnv »t:iiiiliiii; ^^till. 
Til'- ii.iti '^iiitiifl i-iiMi ^iiHt ill tilt' mill. 

Till- opitl.- Ill f.iitji. lli«' iixi' ill il'ft. 

Tlit'v «• lit wlhTi' iluty si«'iiii'*l to call, 
TlifV o. It i-iv :iHk«il tlif iiM<«iii uliy ; 

Tilt V Klllx klM-XV l]ii*\ l*<MlM lillt «li<% 

AikI iliMtli \viH lint tilt* WdiHt t if all ! 

or III III t<i: null llh* ••.in il'iro. 

All lliii vx.i- tli'ii'* til j:i**i», lli*'y jp**'**. 

Tin- til•»•l^ Muv^tillifil fluiii thi'll 

If I iVi* 

Waw <»<\\ii tlniiioi'lvi*. WiitMlli .ill «ikt>'^ 

Til* II •!• itli sliot «>!iiMik tilt* tonrr. 
Ami ^li.iViii'l '•'.»%i'iv\ fh.iiii .14 w 1*11 : 
Hii tin- -«k\H iloiiii', ;!-• on a lifll, 

Ith ft lii> «tru> k tliv wiiiM'n hour. 

That fit-fill i-fhrt m ni»t ilnnil* : 
Till' II ('WHO li'«t<-iiin:* to it< ]iiiiin<l 
W\iit. ffiii .u'iiittiiy*'«%.«iitn^*gruuuil, 

Tbf lioli'i tiuiniplK yet to anno, — 

Thf lifiiltl tiiip' **( l«iw Riitl liorr. 
Tin- ;;■ I'lii- •*» "I thi' UiirM** r^lMse, 
\V|i»-n. w I'-oi'k. lit flu- f«'t of IVacp 

Thr luiwk "I .11 iir^th- With thr tlove * — 

Till* (jiiM-'ii »jj«- iif lin>thi*!liiiol 
riikiMi«Mi til ntIi«T liv.iliirs 
TliMii ii' Till' iiiiM Iniiiiiinitirs 

Ami giJiii»us iiitrrvhangc of ||ooil. 

Wlim i likvr sti.iii>l ohall Imn tn itLiiiil, 
Till iiHft, U-iiiMih Miliitiii;; tl<i;rs 
Tli«' «m;;1«* iif our iiiiMini.iiii-t-i.i;{% 

Thi* lliili of uur Mtitiiftlainl ' 



Ofi: fithfTH' floil ! fi«iiii out nhtiM* 
Tilt* rf*ntiiri«-« l.ill lik«' ;;i.iiii4 ot <wiii«l, 
Wi* ni«"t tn-'l.i\, iiiiil«-il. In-*', 
A 11*1 hiy.i) tt> oiii l.iiiij .iiiij Thtt*, 
. To Till'*- fi»i till' it I •{•Mil-. 
Ami tint Th<-r fur (In* 'ijioiiiii^ on«*. 

Hi*n\ will*!*' «if iiM, Iiv Thy iI«'*i;'ti, 
Thi' |.ith*-i> *«{Kik*' thil \\'*iil III riiiiie 
\Vh»^* t'i'Iiii M till- ^l<i«l iffi.iin 
of ri-ii<li*<l Uilt .iii'l tilliiu' 4 li.iiii. 
T<i ^lUi't* our fr^tal tiiiir, lioiii .ill 
The <oiii*t uf vdith oui ;;ii'-'«t« u«* •all. 

IW with II* wliili* th'- N«'w \Vi»t1«I nrrrtt 
Till* lM«l Worhl thitiii;*!!!:: nil itit itrtrtia 
rmfilinK all thf triiiiiiiih'i won 
Uv .irt ur toil U-iicith tlir %iin : 
I And iiiitu (-•Miinioii i:tH»| 0111.1111 
i Thin ri\aUhii> «i( haii«l ami hraiii. 


Tlioii, who lia^t hfif in ntnroni furlrvl 
Thr rt.t;^ of A ^therrtl woiM, 
fWni-.ith oiir WpHtfin !»kii'« fiilhl 
Thr Oii.iit\ mission of Ki«iii|.\ti]l, 
An«l, fr^'ichtiilwilh Iovf\<iolilfii Fle«H-^, 
.*V'iiil Uuk itn ArxoiiantA of {icacr. 

! V. 

j For art an^l lil^^r nift in tni'*e, 
; V»ir la-aiity ni.nlr thr hridt* of ii*r, 
I Wr think Tln-r ; hut, nitlml« wr rrmTc 
i Thr aiiitnr viitii«'« Mrotif* t«» mtc, 
Thr htinor |*nN>f to pl.v^ or K"hl, 
Thr uiaiihouil iirver Uui^ht ht»r aohl ' 

Oh make Thou ii«, thr«tiij*h rrntnhfa 

In |*».ii"f Mi'iiTf. in !ii*M''r «tni!iu : 
Arounii «iiir h:itt «>f fivH^hmi ilmir 
Thr Mf'-lpliirU iif TliV lichtrfHl* Uw ; 

Aiitl, nut in nnnie ili%-inrr mouhl. 
Let tlw ucw cycle alumc thr ohl ! 


Fatr nimmnnMl, lii (cnr-limidiad agr, 

A liltlnry ktrmuir lliitii liiawritlm (act. 
Kill! ttlio ivririiynl tlie iiilniilor niul 

OritixlKivnt Lour whrn ttin>nnaDil>1[Br 

Willi lunit iloBlb-fmnii whicli stiU b 

Itr, wlmu anninil Iliv walli uT Tarii 

Thv I'niMinii Inigli' liko the blaat of 

An'l' , - - 

1 Fraui:* Ituu HniiitfTa to 

Dfsth mIIkI blm fmm a nenl ■* bum)' 

A* tint fnrni vlncli tlit Kilml Willian) 

VIh-d {ipiirn dT rril, like tb* iniitiiig 

On HollnnTixlikn. iwiillpaiirrUbnUa. 
Atillj. wIiiIp v"t Iti .IdiiI-iIIiI halitiL-a bun|t 
Th* oral sml «<>■ -iT rnnfv, Uw belli 

TliB oia VDin RIM Um *lr I Hb lut 

Imirc wonl 
Hot *>li>lj Fnum U> all bar boattdartM 

SCToiw iM In lift. l>o itill for frmlom 

A* th> iImJ Ciil Bi twi Toliao feugliL 


AxoKn IbrJr gnrm ■lafn to bLmi 
Thy rivie a-matli* tvbii^ 

O city of 111* lowv inak* nmi 
Kor on* wbo*> gift ma mmf. 

Nor glort nf tbr rir).^kn) IMJ. 

Iti comiiion mn, villi puriDikb Mn. 

lie arrTfU IiU rvc anil IIM* 
Ai«-rlluiriiUeb-ikIj m 

Hail orvar tiaimd t« riifina. 

ir, iu III* llinmsnl anil noia* nmtt, 

T\w Uiun foiina ih^ir ■on. 
tViild aay my liii tnix/al an 

A dnly led ODilMwt 

Ha lollrit aTxl mils I ami year bv nar 
Mra fmind tli'^r honmi wm -^ 

Anil (bniogli a Imilntr atn ua nlii 
Looked dowi] tlia laidt-mdM mm. 

riia Gm-V* wlU OMH Watl Shat 

Tlia KM Kiiuc *alknl I 
.n<l iMiiwirh ['nallr'a m 
Fraiu l>aliawlt« l« Ray. 

LK Qrema Ua Bary lyric bnMha 

AboTD bar Iwni'iirii* i 
Aiul ScotUnU, wltb Im hollr, vim 

Tb« Bomr ba imllal Cm Bbtm. 

Kot laaa thy fnlN oTttada aball ImL 
Nor laaa tky un Iwt-avlai. 

TlMt ahadnl >f nan twl iliMy attsat 
An chMlc poNud Uua^ bte. 


Alivr, )■■' l->v-i^l. :ik<- :itl wliu RinK I T)h- (^iHrniu vi. tiir'> ■{■-"'■'rul lart 

Tl>^ ■■. I.-'- Ml J.I. «.ii(; : ' Til >l>e4tlip ili.- >.»ui.l L.' .Ilo. 

T<» Lit-' tW l.ii'lt '<1 KC l-riiiK. [ 

Tlu- |.i^M- .1. Ijv<-.l -^loiiK. lU'tirli l-jitth. i» if xMi-'jui-. 

' U.>k. 1 ' ' - 

Ti» \»U; iil.i> ■ « )f ull « liii knew 

Hi.r"'.-lll. .rK-ll"! U... 1...B frw 

MaLr UiTu tti-'ir t.> k- «l ]:riy ■ 


IIi> riiii- who I-'>1 !>»■ >>l»niiv v»] 

: i>ri„iii,..,-iiii,.iv.T...''.' 

.lumK But n«>r Oiil hIil I, ._t..»i» iLi 

'■ M.xirn. K*s.-i. ..» ihv -.i-l.l.xn 

Tl>y U'. r.iliiMl i.i..>.-. 

lorviiiKiiuyawrfn, WIm'w ruling; IkikI iIi^ Miiv Iui 

[vt aj^ U III 'lit till- 


ActLfilik' t.>H..iiii.laii.lhML 



Il.'l.,. U|.<1r■ 

Gi>l> ralliNl llir nnx 

•t atip-l^ Blioilircll 

«llli Hiiiinl 

Th* tm.1-.r.i « 

u ISty. Ibr .iMRtt 

1 dli «. I ! 


"Ari--," H-««M, 

my anp-U ■ ■ »ul 

ltl>l -4 

Klnli thniuiili thr pitni uf k-airrn, iihI 
I •■xiiii' Jim |iaiii, I Miljriii all williiii. 

I-ikI.' that luvtlirn ftrl I 

•nil inii^ii. I •■ »T hint iAp lit! th- 111'Minir.iI .inin 

! tlut ln>m a l.xt >.mM .i>.-lk 

Air hu not la.'k«J. ' Tbr im^kr uf Iuitii.iiI . l.<i|.|'. tlir ligbl 
■U-l Uitihla Ilx .is).li.-I< 1% 

"FIT <luwni»nl to tiMt iihl-r nurlJ, 

■ ..1.1 ..I. it« -«iU ..r 

l^t U'lr 'Inili l--> likr siiii>;iiiii', Rtit! 

hly lra« Ilk. Mm : 

Too Ta. pa 1<i><-.) I' tl..' Tlih-lir. Trll«I 
III tlirir iti'lilru liair ; 

Four »kil' «iutr> I'H'iir.l .oiniv .!»<■ 
tliriUrk .).>'.. u( .It. 

Tlir vay vai itnnK-'. ihr flicM «■• 

liifl)t 1^1 lut ttiF Btlp-la I'BIHC 

Wbrrc i<*aui( iIj-- ]«i an'l mlhrr <au>ld. 

Aii.l 1. 1 1 

Tli-fi- I 
iit'tl )■■' 

J. -IP. 

v-t «l.all W : 


Will, ». 


Tl» i.ii.1 


.. Merlin MKT. 
kiiii;lil wa. r..uu<l 
■- K..M-I a«i- 
r Il,.u,l,l ' 

A V... .. tl. 


■*tniniT*t nota-. il. 

t *h\ 

n-ni'ir* : 




Tlwre Pily, ihoJiIfiring, wi-pl ; 1ml 
wLtli Tiiilb loo irtimig fur fi' 
Tuuk brirt Froni Uod'n ■Iniiffbtiuvait anil 

■niilcd a ■mill' of chwr, 

Anil lu ! tlut U-t-r of Tit; qurnchrd tlic 

flutiH- ohfrToo It t*11, 
And, witli i\u< >iiii*htiiii nr that mDr, 

hu|i« Til'cnl taut hull I 

Two uD*pl1nl ttrrM fall of joy looked an- 

«■■>! to ilif Thtone. 
Four wliiU' wings foliW at the feet of 

llliii whuMt tbi- 

And drciHT tlwn Ihn Miinil of wu, u 

" i-g lUkr. 

wine and aong t 

» ULCF biefuvi ftJoVc : 

•■ Waleumii. my anj^Ii I ye h«T» bronghi 

a li<ili<-r Joy lo Imven : 
Ueocefurth ila hwckTwH mtiK >nil1 be tht 

KUig of da forgiTcn I " 


Of nature, life miJ oider came. 

Ptint w« til' llglil Ht flnt that >}iane 
On ffiaiit frni nii-l ninttinlan. 
On l<atrr'>n«r.I iJ.nt und Ixwit of ynj. 
And nun » ruil« tn-\ wilil aa ihiy. 

A»» after ap, liVi irara, a'tsmn 
The earth, iipllftliis hrutr anil mill ; 
And mind, at leiigicih. In nvniboli dark 
Jl* mmiiuKt tn<«<l on mune •nd bark. 

On leaf <•( pilm. nn nedirr-imiigdt rail, 
On liloativ rial and Ipttll'TIt K-roll. 
Han wnilr hlitliou^hti; the ngri u«cd. 
And lo t the IVis wu found ■! tul ! 

Tliradeatt •ntil* wok* ; tht theonliU of 

Wbnw baiiei vm dnal miveil apin ; 

And brrr. to-day, the ■(«■> hnk dva 
I'll!' kiii^i of Blind apiin we ifuva i 
Wa h«al Ihe rttim la>l «■ ^mt. 
The Miyi-'* void, the dbyraaaa^ 

Hrre Oprek and Roman tuti iltnMahw 
Alive alon^ tltnr rntudeil (b'ti**: 
And 8hakei|aini tmdi afnin hia iliv^ 
And Cbaurtr jialnbi an*s Ua ^c 


Mr hdy nika hor t 

My lady'i MRr lin II . „. ^__. 
Uy la'lv* hair the fond vlnda ik.. 
And all the Idrdi make mmgt hr M. 

Htil neVr liki ban, fu IIowt* or MM, 
Waa boBty tea or mMk ba«nL 

The dlrtano) «! lb# tUn la litn i 
Tb« Irait uf all bar <>«nlrki>fM«, 
The dnit IwiirBlIl bfl daiMy bMl, 
8h> kno** DoC that I aw ar (ni 

tirmid and rahn '. — aka eaaiMl tiM 
Whrrv'et the fs« alih bn t (• ; 

f) cnM and fair ' ^ tba rajikat |[«i> 

1 koMl la Amn bet boonTi anM t 



L'nhoard of hrr, bi batag iMfc 
1 en*! bar aitb tba Kaiji of tarda t 
I niaeb kn «tah W man-MMlbM 
1 blnbeTwUbthtilpariMWi. 

The hound and I an •« hiv tmO, 
Tba wind and 1 ariift ' 

~ (h« raliMi eoM 
Ab<I I ih* tUa, I M 

M«MM««« I 


A^ uiirrliukt-il a% thry. I sliarr 
Tbi- li<:<*n>>i* of tin* ttiti uiiil air, 
Ami ill :i i-iiiiiriiiiii hiiiit.i;;*' Iii«lt' 
My Wiir<*!ii|i fimii Iter im i>rii uuil priili*. 

WiirM ^«i<Ii* .i|>irt. .irpl \>-t si iM'tir, 
1 Krr.illii' lii'i ■ liiiiiii-<i .ii iM'«plii'P*, 
Wli-'p-iri !■» liiT my •*• ivi-i* l>riri^ 
The ti'Vi'iiMirc ilili* to li<>ly itilli^t. 

W«T til iil< II |iri<lc. )i«r )i.ii);;iity iiiiiiu*. 
My 4i-iin)i ti«\-iiti<«ti <ili.ill iitit Hiiiini** ; 
Tli«' liivi- tii.i! iHi ri'liifii •l«ill» rmvi* 
To kiii^litly livi'U lift-* ilt«- nlavt*. 

N»» l.ui ■■•• li.ivi- 1, ill jiMist or flight, 
Tti «.|i'.in!iT ill luv\-« '•uht ; 
Itiit, .It h«T fi»*t, h»iw M»'«t wi»rr I 
For any tit*itl nf hen ^> «lii* ! 


On fnnii .T«Tii<i1i*ni 

Tip* kmi; rinit* with liin i^>at ihii-ff. itnil IopIh nf <«tAt(*, 

Anil SIhUi\ i):it>«*!i with thfin. 

Comrly, hilt hi ark withnl. 
To whom, |NT'Iiiiiirt\ U'lotifp* womlroiiH Suri^c 4»f '•uiifps 

S^'iiHiMii^ iin<l nivstii'aL 

• * 

WhiTcto ih*rout »MiN turn 
III TiM't, tN-Htjtii" i|n*arn. 
Ami tlir>i t;:h itit«Mrth Uirti thrmi* 

Thf l^ivi" I if iovr-* (liMvrii. 

IVxi-l i!i th<- Syrian ran. 

In ^xM .iii'l iMirjiIr 8hr>«*n, 

Th» •tu-kv Kthiop i|norn 
Snnh-l fji Kin^ S)Icimon. 

M*i«»rst iif iiMMi. hi' know 
Th'- l.iM};ii(i;rc<« of all 
Tlif ■•r«Mtiiri*< jn^at or «ma]1 

That tP*l thi- r.irth or flrw. 

Ai-rost iiii ;int-hill h**! 
Thf kini!'* I'lMi. Atnl lir hi*ftnl 
It4 ^iii.iil l>>lk. 4il<l thrii wortl 

Hf thii« ihtrr|iri'ti*ii '. 

*' HfTv roiiif*« thf kiiiff mrn jcrvet 
A« wtie anil gnod an J jutt. 

To rniih u« in tlir ilunt 
Cmli-r Ilia hr<'«Jif!i'* ftft." 

Till* ^'at kint; Itownl hi a h4*ad« 
Aii«l i»iiw thi* Willi* Mir]iri«* 
< i( tht* <^Ufi*ii of Shilki'!! rvea 

Ab hf tuhl h*T wlial they &1II1I. 

"«) king !*' ulie w-|iiH|M*ret] Kweet, 
*' Tifi Iiii|tity fate h^Vr tliey 
Who jienili in thy wjy 

Ik>iie4(h thy ^roi ioiu fei*t ! 

•'Thou of the CiHl-Ifiit rniwn. 
Shall til'-"— \ili' • n-Alureii dare 
Muriniir iit;jiii*it ihre where 

The knt't's of kiugi kneel down f " 

•• Nay," Sohmmn n*jilied, . 
*' The wiv and «tion;{ iihuuM 
Tlie welfare nf the wrak,'* 

Anil tunie*! hi 4 hone aiiide. 

IIiH tnin, with •itii>-k alarm* 
Curved with tn*-ir l«*ailer round 
The ant-hill'^ |N'<i]ihil HMiund. 

And left it frrr fnmi bamL 

The jewelhil heail lient low ; 

** 1 1 kink' ' " Oie ^id. ** bencrfortk 
The li'i-n't «if thv worth 
An*I wimI.iiu well I know. 

** Happy mu^t U the State 
WlioM- niliT he«ileth more 
The timnnurH of the poi>r 

Than llaitrries of the fpvat." 


0\- th«* wide lawn the nnow lay i|e^ 
Uiil^pfil ii'er with nisny a dnfti'd heap : 
The wiml that thnm^sh tlie iHne-trpm 

The naketl elm-l«ugha tivi«r«l aad 

•wung ; 
While, thriiuieli the window, fniflKy- 

Affain^t thi* iiin«et piirpl^ )«m^>l. 
We ikAM the villi hr<- ivnW tl4p h\. 
The hawk'b jr*\ Hi^k ali*n|; the tkt. 
The errstf'l Mu»- iiv l1:!!in^ «wtft. 
The «)airrri tui^mg tui the drift, 
Kr^t, alert, hi* brtwil my tail 
Sit to the Mrtb wind like a mU. 




It "Mine to pau. wr littte 14M, 
With JUttcnnl hw i^iiut the glu, 
And eyu in whidi the teodcr dew 
Of fiity shonp, atood eulng through 
The uarrew ajiace hn nu^ Ujm 
Hxl m«ll»ii friMii the fro«i'» KvlipM : 
"Oh, iife,"»hK ctW, "llip ]iour hluw- 

MfH I 

Whut b It that th« bl»:k crow uy* T 
The Kiuirr*! Ufta hi> littl<> lem 
BecBUH' ha hu lio haudi, iDd brg* ; 
He '■ aaklni; Tur mv uutt, I kmiw ^ 
Uny I lint fml tiis'iii un th* inuv I" 

H«lr IrMl wittiin h<rr bvol*. hrr hN>t 
WHmi-BlulliTRd in her hood of rod, 
Hbt plniil ikirt diaa sbutit hrr drawn, 
8h« Aouudirred down the vintrjr Ukd : 
>fo» *Irugt(Ung Ihniugh Ih* niiitj tril 
Muwii ruunil hrr \y iVir thrirking gxU 
No* linkiiu; in • ifiin *a l<i« 
Hrr Karliit IuhhI coulil mrrrlf thnw 
Iti dull of «>lar on thv mow. 

Sbr dmi>rMi for Unl and tout forlorn 

OooiF, bUek old CTDW, — came, poor 

Before your (uiiprr 'a blown any ', 

Don't tm iifnlJ, wn lUI are Eood ; 

Ami I ui nianina'i Ibd Rldin^-Hood 1 " 

O Th<m wtiow rar>- U orer ill. 
Who hvFH».t •'Trn th- tf^my't UI, 
Kop in llir littU maiden'* bre«t 
Thf |iilT " hi. h i> now iu jpieal 1 
Lei i>ot hrr rnlliiml yean make !«• 
T)ir ibiMhood rhartn uf tnlidnnaa, 
Bui Id lirr frel *■ wdl a* know. 
Not liimirr wilh h"! poUnh smw I 
Unmivnl l.y •rnttm-nlal grif< 
That walli aliitig annir itrinCrd laaf. 
Hnt, pTt>ni|>i Hiili kinilly wonl and deed 
To own lhi> claiuu of all who need. 
Let the gniwn woniao* leir make ipMil 
Tbr luumiH of Rnl Rtding-llood I 


A Chr^almaa lokrfi bMip In atghl. 
The wavaide tneellm, u titrj |M, 
Mark the gray diak of doodcd >ta*> 
And thednll blank neaav 
Fully to their win igaot 

Tliey ninnol fwoi Ibrir oirtleok ■• 
The Iierfert (trare it hitlt Idt Im : 
For thrre the Bower, wbna* tntf 

M .'. -r... .A i.raiJtnmnUrw, 

tto frmn tba trod4«« amn af twtK 
twin »Dn>« awcet Mmla wIm ««) ll 

And oflVr tn th* r«nja>i Hisc* 
Thi! rloudiDK gny of 
Thry bhiaiDin beat 1 

To loving eya alona tb«7 tan 
TtM' KowFia of inward pue, thai hi 
Their bnuly frau t^ wntU laiutli 

But da fM- iDcuiiiia cms* la na, 
Uy ball ininmcial flowar, tknm tbaa 
Uan judgri fivni a jartial titw, 
Niiiir rvM yrt hi> blathcl knrw ; 
The Kirrual F.y. tiulaaaa the whali 
May U'titr tiwl tb* datlMKd mti. 
Anil End. In Mtwanl mm* deaM. 
Tba nowar njiM Ua iMMit iUt t 

Tim UimuU on haada ta UisteM (fk 
No •flf-deunttiiwd ^Mi waan* k ; 
Tht ahnttle J Iha nnam piwm 
Work* inil 4 panrm ds4 m imik. 

Ahl amall tbecboiraafllimwkdir 
What HniDd dull laan iha mi»» 

rate hoUla and ipiUm tha hawd c#«t i 
The •infcer'a M i)m waM'a part. 

,- Tha patient arviB a*Mt (P- 

1 the day a hrief H^l, i What kaad lt> fi^rt hap ahaO 


riiiiiu;;li »i-li, n-hiilw, mill art. «»iir will 

Is lll(l\r(l \t\ Ull<li>-illll(il fuKi'S Nttll ; 

Aiitl iio iii.tii iiii-.isiiri's Hi a«lviini (• 

Hi^ »«tirii<;tli vkitli iiiilri«-«l (iuuiH!«laii<r. 

As sticaiiiN take liiii* fioiii sli.iili>aiiil nun. 
As llllis tll«* llti* till' Mill;; IlillJit lUII ; 
Itiil, t:\.i'\ itr s.«il. tn Ills p>u<l fliti 
(;iMi y^iAiii tliv varviiig nutt>» may ttrnd ! 


H'N*. AT Till: ANMVKl-.SAHY OF 7 UK 

Think an- .ill the ;;ifts O (lod ! 

Tlilli*' tlir Imikril lili'4il ; tiic li.ikinl fivt U- hliud, 
Aiiil till.- Murviiig fnl. 

I^-t Tliy « hi III rr II, by Tliy gnw, 

<iivi' as tlp'V uIkhiikI, 
Till tiif iKMir ii.ivv linMiiiiiig'Stpflk'et 

Aii«I tli«> liLsl an* fiMiinl. 

WiM-r till* liiisiT's liaardt 

I" I hi* i;i Vim's i-huiiv ; 
Sv^iift t tli.tii till' s'tii'^iif binls 

Is ilif tiiatikful voin*. 

W* ) iiiiH' siiiilfs oil faerN Mil 

As tlir MnWiTs ors|ilil|<; ; 

I^ t !!••• t*-n>lrr lirjits U- ;;lail 
\Vi:h (III' jiiy tliry liiiii;^. 

M.i)'I'i<-i r<»r tln-ir pity's Hdki> 
M tki- (li<-ir s|hiits aii'l |>Uy% 

All 1 tiiiiii lips 'if I Iiiilliuod take 
Tli\ |i*-iiirti-ti ]iiiii!ie ! 


Ah in tlir KraM-bUilr's wiiiiMiiowii M-cd, 
U lar|;«> lu rttith and ri« h •■« li*-a\i'U. 

Kiii;^*t it not, O man, to whom 
A gift ftliull tall, wliili* >•-! on rnrth ; 
Yea, rvrn t«i thy M'Vi*n -(**!< i birth 

Itit'all it in the livm *.u comi*. 

Who hnxjiU afiovi- a wn>nK in thiui;;ht 
Siiih iiiinh ; but criMtrr «in is Ihh 
Who, lisl ami rliithisl with kinilnrwa^ 

Shall count thf huly alms an nmighL 

Who fUn-H to rurs4* the hatitN that blrai 
Shall know of mn thi* ilfaillifst ront ; 
Till* iMli»-ii«*i' III till" h«'avi"ns is liMt 

ItehuMiug luan'tt untluiiktuin«-M. 

Kur he who bnaks all lawn nuy •ktiU 
In Sivjin'h iiHTi'v l»r fiii);i%i-ii ; 
Uut nmii' i-aii hAM\ in faith or h<*avrn. 

The wretch who aiihwem gix^ with ilL 

T«>«»K MK IN. ' 

'N TAT II ^ikiesi thnt winti-r m vi-r knrv 
Tlir air was full of li;:lit niii) IijIiii, 

And wirni ami soft thi- (inlf wiii>t bl«-w 
Thninf*h oiangi* bh^jni aii<l Ki<fV<*B ol 

A Ktmnirrr from thr fn»/rn North, 

Who sought the fi>unt of health im 
Sank hiMiii-1> ss on tfii* alifti '*aith. 

And birathi'd thr lanj^uid all with 


Ciiurs aii:i 1 ■ aiiM' ' Til*' ti-iidrr Oiade 
Of |iit> iii.iili- h« r bliii* <■>*' •litii , 

A):aiiist hrr woman's brrast sbr laid 
Thr iIt«H>)>iii;*, fainting; li*>.id of him. 

Willi ;rivi-s :i!i<l bj.Ii't thf tiviii:* hand. 

Nor . ...i,.K ..I, f u..,. I. , ,.r pmisr. ,.,„. ,^,^. ,,„„ ^., ^ ,.|,..^,„» »,. 

M..1. iM.-j ins s,„,lI,-M t:,u o.itwrighs . Klo«u-s«,.! .„..|....l «,!h.i:t ..Mail. 

Ihi- I.. I 1- II ..| !l,.- S..I aii.l land. ^,„| ^,,.i„.l u,,,!.- hi. U-l, t-r hIioui 

.... Ill 11 Hii lai-oll sinti'iJi mi>:lit Hot . an*. 

^> ho ;:ivi-« to wliiiiii Ititii naught N^rii 

,,. ^''^■"' ,, . 1 . '"^hr faiiniil his fcTeri»h bn*w ani 

llis;^i:' in th.ju'l' Minll iiidotl i»ni«»th.s! 

Its lines of |ain with trndrrr«t tom-h 


... , ,. 1. I , It* lines of lain with trndrrr«t ton 

I 1 !■ Ill* i1*» ■ii|ifr^l In i>tit III r.iijloli Vrfsr 1 m*'.!^ i. i i. i i .i 

|.MP^ ir*t,sui ..f ^ I— ... 1.^«ii.i%.. • ^*»th holy hvninand nrmyrr »lir>.i.itl 

llii.4<«i i-ict «'( iiir tiiiixl leiiiuri uf uui vi* Tlie tivoiblinK sottl that f«»rBdaumu 


Thmu^Ii !i*r Ih« pMcc that wnrth ligli 

Tbr iiH*Ft[inu. of the )jin<t ol Kliiwrn 
Uj..!! Iiln Iniinly Rmvi- Mb* Itiil : 

Tht jMwi.iiiK •ln<|i|>i'il ilK gulilrii oliowrn, 
TIm uii4Ij)|<' Iwit iU blooui Mul kliailr. 

Anil •anivi1iiug«rliit|irrailiii krt llHioifltt, 
Mun nKTrt tluu luorti)) viiitn Ui -. 

"IV »'iviL.- Iliuu Tui liiiii liut oiuui-lil 
O cUuglilor [ latli Iimu •Iimw bir uu." 


Tim eixl tiu co^l^ u rmnm it mtwl 
ToallUiiai:!! iii tliwinrrct Juneik]'! 

The triclifr iii>l thr uhoUi tnuit 
Tbrii [siliiig fvcl to K|ttral* wnju. 

Thiry iiart : but tu thr yran tii hr 

tlliall |ilMualil m'Un'nni rliii^ totm'li, 

Ai tlirtU liwr inknil (luni tlii- vn 
Til* niunnut of the rbjtlmik' hradi. 

Onr Liirw ll>« jny Ih* iroliitur know* 
Wh'l>. ).l«->llf t» 1.ii Il|il>l«l loiich. 

Hli ■'lay-wiTiiighl niiiilrl njiiwly |p<xi* 
To tliKl btur gracr Ji-nirFil M> niutll. 


Tlir Rrtii (nil hlDiDv hm.l thai •rt 
Hot fwt lu laanib)!:'* iilM««nt w»jf, — 

Th"- Soy of rii.lin* MiiI-pnMMMl. 
Tlw iriilimiiiit •Riar, tbv »lnnit> d»i 

not MH-IM lb> r>HRl fl■tU^'• tlTKUt 

Ami litlr-l ll> rl..iiJr,! ryn •«!• •Inlit ' 

n Youth m-l HaaoKr. linvJ <>f •■■ ' 
r«pM»ftwngirihooJ'»K«|gol. li iwi ; 

Hn lilllr mini tW trwhiv Vmn^ 
Sb.i Link- Iwr waml uf |.>»t a^ut 

Wlitlp. I'lt your low uhI Irmt, 4b> (i*ia 
Tlir vorm tWiliii of i gmtfbl iMMt. 

L'uiitnutnl vitit yuui niiini iif iprfaf . 

Tlir nmiiiie witb llw >k«1u|[ ■. 

TU* lulilnl Willi lit* uolapnwl wi^ 

ActiM thv dbrtanvc vf tlio jii w 
Slw nFtHU brr Gnl-MrJ bade la jtm : 

Hbe ha* no tliuiiotit i« ilaalite m IM* ; 
lie but jouiwlin, Ic l<ur*, W Irac, 

ft* Itmllr : HBlii BHrf* am) mnlt, 
llr trihllil a* Kiiiiin iIihM, 

AikI, >l<il- of alt ll» lira of r»nk 
llolil lul Ibr Inilh tkat Ool bfiat 

(iivr aiiil (Kclva ; go 1Mb aad Him 
TL* <ro(bI that nmla ike haaJ mJ 

Of Maltha'* lialnfal canfttllM 
Nu bw tlian Maij'a t*Uar prt. 

So aliall tbv iiliniu of iiar Ihm |iy 
AnJ Intvo ndi )«r ■ rklmpiid. 

Ami tiiation WcIuh oatrW 

I'lir iiauiflvM rhBrm af MaUmlaail 

Anil. mIk-b tlw wmU riMll HaA joa 

WllU grariow li*n aad — m m faK 
Tba t«*^r ahalt ■■« bM abkn 
Anil i<(ua>l)y «falB|H, "Tk^ MM 


r bout. Y< Mot MllHfr 



] fall to iiiiml the fountain* )iv the war, 
Tliu l> ••! lliiWrit, tiir ))iiil*M>n^ on 
lip- ipr-iy. 

UvAt iriflhlv sHrct huilliill luvm, tlw joy 

III ;;i\lii/ 
Aii'i <>r fill iviit;;. till' UHMt Inmiii of livtii;; 
III i!! iriil lii<«i'irii \i.ti.^ whrii iJUrtv 
II.kI iii> •! ••! uni'l .iii>l wiiik, iiiiii k kyiii- 

Fur .ill uhit t.ill .linl htilli-l. Mtii^^'h TvliiT, 
N.ituff s nil- lii\ iiil; (••\flllif<t.% . mill • hirf. 
Till- kiii>l n Hti.iiiiiii^ h.iiitl of Tiovt- 

li'Il" ••. 

T)l<' lllM.ini uitllt*MS tlic AAMlllllljM'IIM.* 
<tf .III Llrlll.ll <iIMn1 Milidl iiVrihlV^ 

1'hr Miri'iM III till* HorM. Iaivv whirli uut- 


All ^•ill .iii'l wM'ii^. <'uin]iav«iiiii «hiih 

To I hi- urriniitni. .uhI Ju;iti«*r wIiom* dfar 

TlifMi^li I.i|iM> .4U«1 fjilun* Ifiuk to thf 

Aud JiiiIl:*' our fmilty by the life we 




Niir withii'.it fiivy Wraith at tinu** mint 

I hi tlirjr lir.iuii -.tDMi^th who wirM thi* 
iiMpiii:; li'N>k 
Aii<l <^ >:li' . or .11 thf furp'-lin* hhaiM* 

t >r tl.«- -ti'-i li.iiiirvi of thi* stmU of 
"Tf.iiii ; 
Ail wlm. I>\ '^kill .itnl i-.itiiiii-i<. niivhow<- "I ! \ i< • U>it-|i-. .llpi t)i>- « .tltll tt-«l>-c|ll 
Kn'iH '•.IV 1-^. Ill -»-!. Ily klli;:Iv Ji rul.uli* 
Th.iii tliiiit w.ii lu'Vi-i woithii-r kiii^ht* 

Ii'hmI tl|.|i|»*. 

Wtll t'.r tli-iii. if, whilf ilriiuf*iigU(4 

t!f ir \.iiii 
All 1 • m! > ■•nil'" N prntri-i. t!ii-y in:iiii(iiiii 
Til- :i I •<:!• o! liMiili«Ni.i uiiM-<lili III, alnl 

Nil u.ii n I'll I,i>«ir'<* li;»lll to !-lUll\ ^:illl 
I'l ^Ml-i I Ifiiiii' . olllllllt, Ifikt uf luiliil «ll«] 

i i.iiii. 
Aii-1 simIIi I ]>iJlow fur the hosJ uf A^. 


AikI wi'll fur Ciaiii if it (in;;riiil;;i!ij* yicMa 
l^lior it« ju.«t iliriui&iiij ; aini writ lur 

If ill till* u««'^ of itH own, it H****! 
Nu wrwii^ to Iiiiiiwliii tiili IN ii1ra!«aiit 
I t'lil.U 

w\iiil *>|ii*MiU till- t.i^! if iXt Itixiirii'ft. 
Tht- iiit'-ri-Hth uf tin- II ii iiiJii .iihI the 
i' |"Nir 

Ari'iiiH- uifil •iiiiii', iii'i-pii iMf <-vrniHin* ; 
Aiiil, uht'ii !»• .lilt wa^i- 'tt Lii'if fall to 

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